Many see the Word of God as a collection of do’s and don’ts. It is much more than this. The Word is alive to make us wise unto salvation. The Word revives and restores. It builds in us a sense of honor and value about ourselves and others. (Psalm 19:7-13)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Eugene Davis
Sermon 12058
11:00 AM on 3/14/2021

P. Eugene Davis –

This past week for me was amazing. We had Eurocon. How many in the room you were able to come or
connect online this past week? Awesome. I said it in the 9:00 service, it was my first time being
at Eurocon. I’ll be honest, yeah. Eurocon in Baltimore, yes it was my first time, but it was also
my first time at Eurocon. I normally travel in Africa. It was amazing. Last Sunday, and this was
when for me it was so evident, we had P. Steve Devries here who had been a missionary in
South Korea and Thailand and now is in Kentucky and he said a statement that it had been a
year and a half when he had been here. When he came in service, it was like the presence of
God and he realized how in a year and a half something had came in that had began a little bit
of familiarity in his heart with the Body of Christ. That spoke to me. I was listening and wow.
Here is a missionary, man of God, father, church planter and he is saying that he can become
familiar. So that was like the kick off for Eurocon. It was an amazing week. Every session. Every

The Word. The fellowship. Kathy and the hamburgers. We were using the deck. It
was the buzz. Something was going on. Yesterday, Pastor at the 1:00 session spoke from this
portion of Scripture in Isaiah 56:9-11. You can read it during the break this afternoon. These
words are centered in this portion of Scripture. It mentions the beasts in the field come to
devour. Beasts in the forest, of the watchmen that are blind, ignorant. They are dumb dogs that
cannot bark. They are sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber, greedy dogs. Never having
enough. Shepherds that cannot understand and look to their own gain. Everyone for his gain.
Yesterday afternoon I was just thinking about it and I was sitting right around here in the fourth
row. When P. Schaller was speaking, I was sitting and listening. Has this every happened to you
where all of a sudden you are awake. You hear something and immediately it grabs your
attention. I was like, wow! I found myself going to the edge of my seat and literally in tune and I
realize God is speaking for me personally.

A word for me personally. I was thinking about this how much God has healed my life in the 30 years I have been in this ministry as a believer. The Word of God has come at different times with the Body of Christ, your faces, the exchange, the interaction and there are areas of my soul that has been healed. Maybe I didn’t even know there
were areas that I had issues. I was thinking of Psalm 107:20 God sends his word to heal. This
word means to heal, to restore to sound state. Think about that how the Word of God makes us
sound, makes us whole, makes us healthy, makes us vibrant, makes us alive. The word of God
has the power to do that in each one of our lives. It’s amazing. The second thing the Word does
is deliver us from our destruction. A couple weeks ago, pastor was talking about being stuck in a
trap or snare or a pit. There’s times when you are in a deep pit and you don’t know how to get
out. Maybe you come to a service and you’re like, Lord, I’m just in a fog. I don’t know how to get
out of this. I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know where to go. The Word of God has the
ability in Hebrews 4:12 it’s quick, it’s powerful, sharp. It comes in. It divides. It directs. It leads. It
guides. It restores. It delivers. It brings back.

The Word of God and the Body of Christ. Jeremaih 6:14 speaks about a sad state where people are healed but only slightly, a little bit. Not enough. Not what God’s plan is. You know it’s amazing when you are in the world’s system there are bits of healing but it’s not enough. It’s not enough. You still have pain. You don’t have direction. You
don’t know where you are going. You don’t know if you are coming or going. You are walking by
sight but in a dark place. I was thinking of this. In closing, we are deep people. We have deep
issues in our lives, deep circumstances, deep situations, maybe deep financial problems.
Maybe deep pain. But in Psalm 42:7, the deep things of God meets to the deep things of where
I am at with a purpose to draw me with cords of love in Song of Solomon and setting a banner
of love over me and restoring years that the canker worm has eaten. And it all occurs right here
in these chairs. Right here as we are sitting down with our families, as a single person, a widow.
We are all here and God is doing his strange work. He’s delivering. He’s restoring. He’s building
again. He’s taking a person hat has gone through pain and saying you are still a virgin O Israel.

The Body of Christ is a mystery and it’s amazing. But there is an attack to be familiar with the
Body of Christ. I think this past week for Eurocon, I just want to give a shout out to everyone
who labored, who co-labored, whether you cooked, you greeted, you built, you showed up.
Thank you. Thank you for your labor of love. Ryan, the cafe. Thank you. Security, thank you.
Ushers, thank you. Pastors from Europe that connected in online, thank you. Why? This is the
work of God. This is not a work of man. This is a work of God and it’s amazing. So with you, I’m
excited this morning to hear the Word of God because every time I hear the Word of God, a healing happens in my life. A healing happens in my life. I don’t know about you, but I guarantee
in my life every time I hear the Word, God is healing me and delivering me. He’s giving me an
eternal value system for my life. Stay tuned. Stay connected. Come again. You may have one
foot out the door. Put that foot back in. Stay here. If the message hits you a certain way, it’s
okay. God still loves you as he loves me. We are his children and he’s perfecting that which
concerns him.

P. Schaller –

Wow, that is so fun. Awesome. Fun. Joy. Wow. Thank you. Visitors here today, we
welcome you. Are there any? Do you want to be noticed? Just stand. Raise your hand and say
hallelujah. You’re welcome. So happy to have you here today. I have a good message I believe.
Are we ready. Always. Wow. Yes, we had an excellent week with Eurocon as was said by P.
Eugene. It was the first time he was in Eurocon. Where did he go? He went to Europe! First time
he has been in Eurocon without being in Europe and that happened to all of us I think. Normally
this week, right now, we would be getting on planes flying back from Hungary or back from
Poland and we would have had 1400 people coming from about 40 different countries to Europe
for Eurocon. Because of covid and the lock downs in Europe, we couldn’t do it. So instead of
canceling it, we had it here and the American pastors came: Chicago, Miami, Tampa,
Massachusetts, New York City and we had a great time. We had a Zoom, big screen down at
the fellowship hall with 80 pastors from different parts of the world joining us in our pastor’s
meeting in the morning.

Kathy Ryan the group made us breakfast sandwiches. We talked bout
the Modesto Manifesto. Say that with me. Modesto, California. Modesto Manifesto. And that’s all
I’m going to say about it. You got to google it and read about it if you like. The message starts
now. What has happened in our lives that has changed us so much but Christ came into our
lives and he is real. We may feel it strongly for a period of time or may not. But it’s true
regardless of how we feel about it. When he teaches us and we begin to understand, this
changes our life. He is in the teaching. He wants to instruct us. Today I want to speak about the
real deep changes that happen in life through Christ. Proverbs 6:22 It’s about the Word being bound
on your heart, vs. 21. Have you ever seen the Orthodox Jews with that box and then they wrap
the leather around the arm and they also have a box on their forehead fastened to their head.
Anybody seen that? The Bible is in the box. The Word of God is in that box on their hand and on
their forehead. Well, the principle is fantastic and that is that this Word that is bound on our
hearts in vs. 21. I got to turn my mic off for a minute.

Okay, I’m back on. vs. 22. Now lay me down to sleep – how does the prayer go? I prayed the Lord my soul to keep. And if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. I never saw that prayer in the Bible! What happens when
you sleep? It keeps you. What keeps you? The Word of God keeps you. When you wake, it
shall talk with you. What will talk with you? The Word of God will talk with you. Has anyone
heard God speak to you through the Bible? Has anyone memorized some part of the Bible and
the Bible comes fresh to you heart and mind? Has that happened to you? That is behind
everything we do around here by way of instruction. You see instruction is a way of life. vs. 23.
Instruction is the way of life. The way to live is to be taught. That’s what I need. I need a
teacher, Acts 8:20, Ephesians 4:11. He gave. What did the Lord do? He descended and he ascended
and he gave gifts unto men. What gifts? Prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastor-teachers. What
are those? Communication gifts. I need teaching. Why do I need teaching? Because instruction
is a way of life. Everything we do is somehow connected with instruction.

Does anybody here know how to drive a car? How did you learn? You were instructed. Anybody know how to use a
computer? How did you learn? You were instructed. Play baseball, basketball, turn on the TV.
How did you learn how to cook? By chance by just guessing? Perhaps. But you watch. You saw
something. You read something. You learned something. Instruction is a way of life. It is. It is a
way of life. Who teaches me what? Jesus said it will be given to you according to your ear. Be
careful what? Be careful how you hear. He also said be careful what you hear. What you hear.
This is important what I am hearing. Now comes this portion. Self worth is a fundamental part of
our being, our value. It controls the way we see ourselves. Everything we think about, all the
emotions we feel, even the way we act is a product of what value we place on ourselves. We
sometimes care about young people because we maybe see how important it is for them to be
loved. Their self worth, their value. And we get many models that we follow to find our self
worth. Unfortunately they are guiding fictions. If I am beautiful, then I will be valuable. If I have
money, then I will have respect and so on.

But God is deeper than man. God is deeper than the guiding fictions that govern our life. I need instruction from God about who I am. Luke 12:6-7, Romans 12:3, think the right way about myself is a ministry of God to you. When you begin to understand you are loved, you are an object of God’s love. When the Spirit shows this to you.
This is not a psychology class. This is a spiritual encounter when God speaks to you by the Holy
Spirit about how valuable you are. Who am I? Not in the eyes of people but in the eyes of God.
This is amazing. This is a game changer. This is valuable. When you and I find out who we are.
Joshua 1:9, Joshua could be – you see, Moses was so great. Moses brought them out from the
Red Sea. Moses led them for 40 years in the wilderness. Joshua could come in and say, I could
never be like Moses. Moses is amazing. He could be feeling inferior by comparing. But this is
what God said to Joshua. 1:9, We must shift from a natural way of thinking to a new way and
this has happened. We have a capacity for it. I’ll show you that in a minute. We have a capacity
for a new way of life and an amazing way of thinking.

A new identity. A new sense of value from the Spirit to your spirit. Jeremiah 17:7, Psalm 27:3, Psalm 139:13, listen to this part. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. I know that full well.”
You see sometimes in the church, people reduce our message to do this and don’t do this. Do
this. Do this. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. But this is something much more wonderful. This is
deeper. This is Jesus is with you. God sent the Holy Spirit into you. Do this and don’t do this. It
would be like in a marriage the husband is saying to his wife make sure you fry the eggs this
way or the toothpaste should be put here. Be sure to put the cap on the toothpaste. When we
buy fresh milk, rotate the older milk in the front and the fresh in the back and different ways of
thinking. A man could say this is how I want my wife to behave and run the house. Do this. Do
not do this. Do not do this. That relationship rings hollow. The woman would say okay, but do
you love me? Do you love? Could we talk? Could I feel?

Is it a program and behavior or is it deeper than behavior? Is it something in our heart. This is what God wants to say to us. He taught the Jews law and these are behaviors but he also taught them to love him with all their
heart, with all their mind and with all their soul and they really couldn’t nor could we without the
new birth. By the new birth – this is where we are going with that. Psalm 19, a most amazing
psalm for us. I’m going to draw a diagram. It’s going to be a little bit of a funny diagram because
I’ve done this before but repeating it is awesome. It’s a way of instruction. So my soul I could
liken it to a box like this and God changes my soul and just the change I’ll make it a circle. It’s
like a face is there. The circle is changing in this psalm. My life is changing in the psalm and the
change happens by the Bible, by the Word, by the living Word, not only the letters but the Spirit
of the Bible. Everything in the Bible written in the Bible has behind every word is Spirit. My
words they are Spirit and they are life, John. 6:63. There were things that Jesus knew – the Jewish
people knew the Bible very well but then he would say to them, Matthew 12:3, 5, 7, have you never
read? He said to them, have you never read? Then he tells that part.

Have you read this? Have you read this? He’s saying you think you know but you don’t have any change. Your caring
about the toothpaste and the milk and right behaviors but you don’t know me. You don’t know
my love. You don’t know my nature. You don’t know who I am. So the Bible does this for us.
Look at vs. 7-14. vs. 7 means complete in the idea of completion, all comprehensive. I really
don’t need anything more than the Bible. The law of the Lord is perfect. You have the idea in our
world that I have the Bible and then many other sources of information. Of course we do. We
have a lot of knowledge. But the essential life changing, the essence of the Bible is enough. The
Bible is able to what? vs. 7. convert the soul. There are Christians that are born again but they
also need, follow it with me now. They are regenerated once. Regeneration. New birth. Once in
your life. And that continues. You are regenerated. It isn’t taken away from you. You have it. But
then there are areas of my life I need to be converted in. I need a change that happens from the
ministry. Example would be I’m saved, born again, but I have a habit of jealousy.

I have a habit of competing with people. I have a carnal habit of comparing myself with other people and
looking for attention for example. I am immature. I need a conversion, a change in my soul. I
need a change in my life. I need to learn something. I need instruction from God that will change
my soul. I can imagine a man having a man having a problem with lying or dishonesty. I can
imagine a man has a problem with women. Fascinated by them. Looking at them. Attracted to
them. Maybe flirtatious with them. But is he saved? Yes, he’s saved. He’s born again but there
isn’t much change in his life. There’s not the change. He has a stubborn habit, a way of thinking.
His mind is not changed. How will it change? The Bible will change me. That’s the instruction
binded on your head and your forehead. The way of life is instruction and it’s more than do’s and don’t’s. It’s love. It’s God loving me. Let me give you an example. Jesus is with his disciples
for three years. And just be with Jesus. He’s quiet. He gets up from sleeping. He’s walking. They
follow him. He’s talking. He’s walking and he’s very loving, very connected. He’s very wise.
Amazing things are happening. They are following him. Now he says I’m going to go away, the
Last Supper. And they don’t want him to go away.

Why? Have you ever been with somebody and they have imparted to you and you don’t want to lose that because it’s like a game changer. This man it is fun to be with him. It is edifying. It is interesting. It’s an adventure. He’s so wise.
He’s out there. Things are happening when you are with Jesus. I like it. It’s like my soul has
been affected in such a way that I am drawn to God. I want God. I love God. I’m interested. I’m
looking for God. Isn’t that good? vs. 7. the Law of the Lord is very capable of converting the
soul. I feel I should say it again. The Bible is what has changed our lives and many of us are
way into this, 40 years, 50 years. One more year and I’ll be in my 50th year in the ministry. I feel
fresh. I feel encouraged. You are loving me. We are with God. God is loving us. There is
something wonderful that we are part of. Where did it come from? The Bible is the one that
converts the soul. Let’s go to the next piece. vs. 7b. There are different parts to these verses but
I’m making an emphasis only on how the Bible, which is defined different ways – the law of the
Lord, the testimonies of the Lord, the statutes of the Lord – but basically it means the Bible has
this effect. We are looking at the effect. Makes wise the simple.

Let’s go to the circle. This is a converted soul and I want to put on here a graduation cap like that! What happened? He has become wise. What else does the Bible do? We got a wise man and then it’s the next one. vs. 8.
it’s made me wise unto salvation. There are men that have doctorate degrees and education
and they don’t know anything about salvation. They are not wise concerning salvation. They
don’t believe there is. They don’t know. They never heard about it. Will you go to heaven? I don’t
know. I hope so. I don’t know if there is a place. Is there hell? I don’t know. Maybe there is.
Maybe there isn’t. I don’t know anything about it but I got a doctorate degree. I’ve succeeded in
many ways in life. But in that area, salvation, they don’t know anything. Why wouldn’t you know?
Because if you don’t have the Bible, the Bible is the only thing that makes you wise regarding
salvation. It also makes me wise concerning dangerous things. We just saw our whole society
get frightened abut a pandemic. And we all put on masks. Why did we all wear masks? Millions,
billions of people wearing masks? Why did we all put on a mask? Cause we are warned we
could die. We could die. So there is a warning. If I have no Bible, how am I warned?

The medicine cabinet is filled with medicine and the children are down here and we need to child
proof the medical cabinet lest they eat medicine that would harm them. The electrical box has a
skeleton skull and bones on it to warn me. A cigarette package has a warning about cancer.
How many warnings are there in life and how many people live without any warning regarding
the important things about life? Like love, forgiveness, faith. We don’t have it. We don’t have.
We are canceling out more and more things. Now I guess the Dr. Seuss books are done. Dr.
Seuss is done. Whatever. They’ll be canceling the Ten Commandments, canceling out. Okay.
You cancel whatever it is you want but for me, I have something happening here. This thing that
his happening is giving me joy. You see what I’m saying? vs. 8. Because of space I have to go
over this way. We have a face. We have big eyes. We have a big happy guy and he’s also a
really smart guy! How is this happening? How is his life changing? By the instruction.

That’s all. It’s huge. It’s a way of life. You may learn how to drive a car or build a cybernetwork of some
kind. You may know a lot but do you know how to live? Do you know how to live? Remember
man walked on the moon and some of us were saying man can walk on the moon but will he
ever learn how to walk on the earth? Can he learn how to keep his family together. Can he learn
how to love an enemy? Can he learn to live by faith. Can he learn to look at the invisible? Can
he learn to grow in his faith and become mature? Can he learn to be a good counselor to a
sister or brother who has fallen? Do you know when somebody falls, not only do they have to be
picked up, but after they are picked up they have to be restored. After they are restored, they
need to be built up and have this happening in their life. Let me give an example. A woman, a
Christian woman, sleep with a man and is pregnant. She comes to the church and says I have
fallen. And I’m going to have a baby. We restore her with the spirit of meekness and love. Not
only do we pick her up and she is forgiven and loved, but she needs help to handle the problem
which is she’s pregnant. And she has to explain it to her family or to the church or her friends
and then she’s going to give birth to a baby. Then she has to handle that.

She’s got a big thing ahead of her that she has to handle. How can we help that woman? How does she now live the
Christian life and how do we do this? This is called Body life. This is not do’s and don’t’s. Like
don’t do this or I can’t believe you did that. It’s over. There’s no place for you. That’s not God.
This is God. This is God. Taking somebody who has failed and giving them wisdom,
enlightening their eyes, giving them joy and look at the next part. vs. 9. That is something to be
clean for the Bible is clean and pure and it makes you clean and pure. It encourages you. What
is your self worth? It’s clear to me. I have it in my heart. It’s simple. He loves me. I respect him.
The fear of God. There is a bad fear that has torment and then there is fear that is cultivated
and important in life. You have to fear in a good way. Honor your father and mother. Respect
them. Honor your teachers. Honor the authority. Honor people for the right reasons. Honor on a
homeless person like there is an honor. There is a fear of God. I am like him. But by your grace
you have helped me in my life.

May I use my strength to help my weak brother. This is beautiful. It’s Body life. What does that mean Body life? It’s organic fellowship of the gifts of the Spirit that operate amongst us so that we are communicating and counseling each other, directly and indirectly. We are helping each other. We are counselors, helpers, encouragers. Beautiful.
Where did it come from? The Bible. The Word of God. This is what we call in Greater Grace a
Word of God revival. It’s when the basis of my faith is just the still small voice, the ministry of the
Bible to my heart that helps me in this way. You can see it. We are not done yet. These
changes are really making us healthy. What is the end game here? A wise, enlightened, happy
man or woman who has been changed and look at the next part. vs. 9. Judgments. Judgments.
You know the society of today has a lot to do with judging. Social injustice that we know is
happening throughout history everywhere in all different ways and so on but it’s amazing how
quick people are to judge and never talk about forgiving. I judge. I make a judgment and I’m in
the place of the scornful. I’m a judge of how things are wrong. We are not followers of that
mindset but we are followers of him who on the cross said Father, forgive them.

They know not what they do. Let’s instruct them. If there is racism, let us instruct people from the Word of God
that they would be enlightened and understand that is sinful. That is wrong. That is not in my
heart. Thank you, God. I love my neighbor. I love my sister. I love my brother. I love my enemy.
I love people period. This is a beautiful effect of God’s Word. Judgments are righteous
altogether. But not hypocrisy is judged by God. That’s a message in itself. vs. 9. There are many
of them. We look for them. I was thinking about Deuteronomy 23. Maybe you can read that this afternoon.
Deuteronomy 23, reading the law about family life. Deuteronomy 22 and 23, those chapters. Family life. A little boy
is never to see his mother or sister naked. Why? Because of honor. There is something
beautiful about respecting people and honoring them and never seeing them in a shameful way.
This is a judgment from God. This is in my Bible. I would like to understand behind the law is
love. I would like to understand the love. Adultery is a terrible sin because it breaks up a family.
It violates people that are not supposed to be together.

Why do you feel that? Because of love. The Word of God does this to you. It helps you understand who God is and respecting a sisterand a brother like in the Body in the church to have respect for each other and see each other
the right way. This is God in our midst. It says that here. vs. 10. What is “they”? The Word. The
Law. The histories. The psalms. The proverbs. More to be desired are they. I desire the
proverbs, the book of Esther, the Chronicles, The Kings, the history, the Gospels, the Book of
Acts, The Epistles. I really desire them because in them I find gold. I find treasure there.
Thoughts. Thoughts. The wicked, Psalm 10:4 their thoughts are wicked continually but the
righteous, their thoughts are as the sand by the sea. So great in number. Our meditations
increase in time. Our way of thinking. Our way of reading the Bible. Reading it and enjoying it.
This has affected my life so much the psalms is saying that I can feel the value of it in my life
through time in my life and as we grow older and go through trials we are embracing it and
seeing the effect of it. He says gold in vs. 10.

The California Gold Rush 300,000 Americans went to California in a few months time looking for gold. The gold hunger. Gold digger. A person looking for gold. The Alaskan Gold. Wasn’t there a TV show? The Alaskan Gold. Big machines
looking for gold. Well, that’s what he’s saying. Then it goes to another metaphor. Sweeter than
honey, than the honey comb. Honey. The sweetness of it. The way it affects me immediately.
Gold maybe affects my life in the long term. Honey affects me in the immediate. I love it in the
immediate and it has value that will carry me a long way. vs. 11. I’m warned by the Bible. I need
the Bible. I need to be warned. I need to understand the enemy. I need to know false teacher
when I hear him. There are sometimes, I have heard one man I remember and right away, in a

minute, no. I don’t know who that guy is. He’s on TV. He’s not anymore I don’t think. He’s after
money. It’s a business. I can’t believe it but a man could say I could start a restaurant. I could
have a used car lot. I guess I’ll start a church. You mean instead of a restaurant or used car lot,
you’re starting a church for your way of life? That can’t happen. We discern or recognize the
hearts and what is the ministry of the Word. It’s through death. It’s by losing my life. It’s by hours
of study. It’s by prayer. It’s by learning through the cross. It’s by faith. It’s by nobody knows the
pain I have. Only God. Nobody knows how I am trusting, only God. I’m trusting only God. I have
nobody else to turn to. I can’t turn to the church for the answer or a person or bank account. I’m
utterly brought down to zero like Jonah in the fish. All I can do is call out to him. That’s all. When
we have found that way of life and God ministering to us and delivering to us, we have found
gold. We have found a new way, something different. Well, I guess we can end. It keeps going. I
want to point out one more thing to you.

This is long. I know. vs. 11. I want to tell you something. Who can understand his own errors. That’s what it means. How can I understand my own
mistakes, my own misjudgments? How can I understand my own errors, my own unbelief? How
can I understand these things unless somebody is instructing me from outside of me? How can I
understand own errors unless somebody would tell me? And the Holy Spirit is our teacher by
the Bible. I get corrected. Oh, yes. Nobody knows but I have been corrected. I don’t need to talk
about it but I know it. The Lord knows it. He cleanses me of my secret error. My own error. vs.
12. There are secret sins here this morning. The secret sins are brought into the light of his
countenance. He knows. It’s like the finger of the preacher only goes this far. Behind the finger
of the preacher is the finger of the Lord that goes to the back pew and speaks to you lovingly.
And says I’m talking to you. I’m helping you. I’m correcting you. You say I want you. You don’t
condemn me. You are deeper than don’t do this and don’t do that. No, I know. You talk to me.
Who can do this? Nobody but God through is Word. vs. 13. Presumptuous sins could be things I
project into my life that are not correct. I project into my life God doesn’t really love me. If he
loved me, this would not happen to me.

That’s a presumption. I’m projecting into my life things that are not there. I can go into my past presumption and assume things about my past that are not real. They are not from God. You can live in your past and drum up all kinds of stuff. And the thing that will cleanse me from it is his Word. Because it doesn’t matter. When this is happening,
look at the box there, this is not life about the box. You’re living this way without any change and
it’s just the box and you’re putting presumptuous thoughts in your life. You have no change, no
real answer. “My father abused me.” I’m very sorrow for that and understand the pain of it, the
criminality of it of abusing a child. That’s a horrible thing and somebody has that in their past
but I have to believe that God is greater than anything I could ever go through. I believe God will
heal me of secret faults. God could heal me of my pain, my wound and my trouble. I believe
God will do what he said that we drew up here on the board. That’s it.



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