God has told to be like children. We are sing with light hearts and rejoice. We were not made to carry the burdens that are being put upon us by life. Matthew 6:30-34; 1 Corinthians 14:26

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12084
7:00 PM on 4/28/2021

P. Schaller –

Alright. Can we have a moment of prayer as we start our service tonight. Beautiful worship. Praise the Lord!
You’ve been busy? How many of you have been working all day? You just pulled into the church
parking lot? God bless you. What an awesome thing. God bless you. Thank you, Lord. How
many of you haven’t been working all day? You just pulled into the church parking lot? God
bless you. God bless you. Alright. This is a short word I think. It’s Leviticus 25. Jubilee. Anybody ever
hear of the year of Jubilee in Israel? Huh? What does that mean to you? The Jubilee is the
canceling of debts, a whole shift in society in Israel where they would take this period, this year
and it would be designated for a whole change. How many of you would like your credit card
debt wiped out tonight! Tonight! I want you to read it. 25:20, the seventh year the land would lay
fallow. No sowing. So what do you eat that year? Then the field the next spring you sow and
then it takes on the 8th

year. vs. 21. In the sixth year – by the way, they didn’t do this in their
history. They didn’t obey this law generally as a nation. They did not do it. So God said I’m going
to take you into captivity for 70 years so you can pay me back for all the cheating that you did
when you were in the land. I’m going to get you. You’re cheating me and how? Listen to this
statement that I wrote down. In our country, the carefree spirit of festivity is absent from
contemporary society. Is that true? I think that people worry a lot, are overworked, burdened. I
think that people are troubled. I think people get worried. I think people are afraid and people
struggle. The church is a place where we are crazy. We are crazy. What do you mean? I’m
talking about the year of Jubilee. This year where it’s all over and done. I wrote down these
things: They canceled all debts. They released slaves. Let’s say I was a slave for three years. I
had to pay somebody back. I became a slave, but on that, – that fourth year lands on the
seventh year and I’m free. Slaves are free. Planting. No crops and returning property that
belonged to other people.

They sold it to me but it goes back to the fathers. Do not remove the
landmarks of your fathers is a Proverb. Very interesting. I would like to suggest to all of us
tonight in our hearts and in our faith that there is something about us that is the Holy Spirit in us
that has called us to be like children. And children have a good time. We are called to have a
good time in life. That’s what I want to speak about tonight a little bit. We are called to a festivity,
a celebration. We are called to a feast. We are called to assemble all the more. We are called to
laughter and joy and spontaneity. Some people have organized God out of their lives and God
is there, hello? Hello? I am God. You’re little world is so filled with anxiety and fear. Matthew. 6:25,
Jesus said that you are not to be worried about what you eat and what you put on for clothing.
My Father is able to clothe you and also feed you. This starts to get interesting because it’s a life
of faith in the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit. We have celebrations of worship and we have love
and sometimes miraculous things that happen.

Let’s go over it as I finish it here. No planting that year. He said I will give you on the sixth year enough food for you to live so you don’t plan on the seventh. You plan on the eighteth but you can’t reap it until the nineth. You’re going to quit
on the sixth but I’m going to give you enough food so you can make it through. Now tell me that
that’s not incredible and that would not be twisting my world. The world we live in is a world
without that. There isn’t any joy in life. Many people live without any joy in their lives. They do
not have joy. It’s misery. Some of it is miserable living. And they think God gave me a miserable
life. And we would like to say yeah, he gave all of us one because we have sinned. He gave us
Christ so we can now be different and live in him in a miserable world. That’s one way to say it.
We live in him in a world that has death and disease and disappointments and confusion and
depression and fear and anxiety and many of these things. God is saying, come on! Listen to
me. I will fill you. I will satisfy you. I will give you a feast. I will visit you. I will anoint you. I will
heal you of your backslidings.

I will not put the diseases of Egypt on you. And by the way, in this covid thing, we’ve had four people hospitalized in the whole year. I told that to somebody in
Europe and they go, that is a miracle. They said, Pastor Schaller, I believe that what has
happened in Baltimore this year is nothing less than a miracle. I said, thank you for saying that.
That’s amazing! I think so too. But I will not put the diseases of Egypt on you. Yes. Did I have
covid? Yes, I did. I’m thankful. I’m not looking down or in any way saying anything about people
that have suffered from a terrible disease and been hospitalized and many of died. So there is
no doubt or question about it. I wanted to say something in what we are teaching tonight. And
that is God is a lot of fun. God is a lot of fun. He is. God is a lot of fun. He did not make us to
bear the burdens that many people are bearing. He did not make us. He said come unto me and learn of me. My yoke is easy; my burden is light. My hope is that some good things will be said
tonight and we will have a lot of rejoicing in this nice service tonight. That’s my prayer. Amen.
Yeah. There we go. There’s singing.

Okay. You may be seated. I do think based on 1 Corinthians 14, based on this verse that I have seriously been thinking about how we could have a service where there could be a group of people out there and there and we would actually worship with people there singing and they would have a group and know each other and have a song and
they would sing right out there. We would do this as part of our worship. That based on this
verse, 1 Corinthians 14:26. Now, when we come together do you have a psalm? Do you have a psalm?
I don’t always but I have in my memory and in my heart. Maybe one could come to my mind.
When I come to the assembly, am I actually coming with something to share. Or even an empty
heart and I come in to receive and that is a portion. I’m a humble recipient and worshiper and
we drink the same spirit. Isn’t that true? So look at the verse, vs. 26. You could turn to your
neighbor and ask them. Go ahead. Put their feet to the fire. Do you have a psalm? Do you have
a psalm? What’s the meaning of this? It isn’t just the pulpit in our ministry. This is part. But the
pulpit we listen, we receive a message, it goes into our hearts and then I have it because the
Holy Spirit lives in you.

The Holy Spirit is your teacher and you have it. You take a message that I got a lot from. That was a great message. This other message, that was good but I really got something from that one. That one is sticking with me maybe my whole life. Wow! But the Christian life is more than the pulpit. The Christian life is you. It’s you. You have the Holy Spirit
and you are a member of the Body of Christ. You have a heart. Wow! A heart. God must love us
so much that he gave Christ. He saw what we could be and who we are made to be. How high
that is. I cannot higher, higher be than the Son of God, for I am as He. I am in Him. Wow! You
and the use of your life in faith obedience. In your faith and your obedience and your faith and
your response to God in faith and the Spirit of God fills you. Do not quench him or grieve him by
your words, by your attitude. But be humble before God in faith and he fills you with the Spirit
and you find yourself in the assembly drinking the same Spirit. We are anointed and we are
drinking the Spirit of God, 1 Corinthians 12:14. Then you have as you are growing, you are persuaded,
vs. 26. You also have a doctrine. When you gather you have a doctrine.

Doctrine is at the very core of our faith. What should I believe? The Bible will teach me what I believe. Who is Christ?
The Bible will teach me who is Christ. What do I believe about Christ? The Holy Spirit in the
Bible will teach me who Christ is. This is now in our new life. We are learning this. We have a
doctrine when we are gathered. We have a tongue. That’s in the Corinthian book. It’s not
mentioned in the other epistles but in this book tongues is mentioned. We also have a
revelation. Who has a revelation, a fresh word, a living word. Has an interpretation. Let all things
be done unto edifying. We have also singing. We are filled with the Spirit, speaking to ourselves
with songs, hymns, spiritual songs and we do this as a practice in our assembly. We also are
sensitive in discerning spirits, 1 John. 4:1-2. And recognizing is it of God or not. Is it from God or
not? Is it in the Bible? Is it saying something to me? Is it like food, real food, spiritual food or is it
not? You learn this and you discern it. I did have a thought because I’ve seen it on the mission
field and we’ve done it different places. We have smaller groups of people but singing on a
street like a chorus or choir, four or five and they harmonize. No instruments.

They harmonize and worship. I always remember it and I’ve seen it and it’s a beautiful expression. We used to
on Monday nights in Budapest go down to the square and set up a little pulpit. We folded it up
and had a little pulpit and the church came with a little golf chair. A little chair and we sat by the
statue and there’d be maybe 60 or 80, 100 people from the church and we’d have a service
Monday night out there on the square. Tourists, American, Romanian, Russians were there
watching us worship God in the square. It was a way we did it every week through the summer.
One of the characteristics of our new life is that we don’t worry. Turn with me to Matthew 6. We worry
but not like others. We might be concerned but we take no thought for raiment, vs. 28. Now the
average person does care about these things. We are filled with it. Everything. Insurance.
Payments. Programs. Plans. Retirement. We are filled with it. Everywhere. It’s a way of life. It’s
the American modern man way of life. Result is so much worry and so much fear and so much
concern about things that Jesus is saying, come on! You are kidding me.

You got to be kidding me? Your lives are so miserable. Really? You’re kidding me. It’s amazing. These are my words.
You know what I’m saying. Look at it with me. Chapter 6:29-30. I want to kind of spiritualize a
little bit. It means literally give us clothing, literally take care of us. But there is another way of
taking care of us also. And that’s like by my attitude, my joy, my freedom. A lot of things that people worry about – maybe you could say that here are the things and you’re with God in the
Spirit of God and you have the mind and you are as a habit learning to sing, rejoice. You have
doctrine. You have thoughts of faith. You have a ministry. You’re spontaneous in life. Church life
is. We’re organized obviously but after the end of the service there is the spirit of freedom.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty and there’s also a spirit of spontaneity.
Spontaneity. I’m not planning anything. I don’t have any agenda. I’m just moving. I’m in love. I’m
in faith. I’m celebrating. That is an amazing way of life.

That is amazing. Modern man is organized, spontaneity and joy out of their lives. So then they drink because they have to get happy somehow. And we’re like the other way. We’re not in that like that but we’re learning God
and walking in faith and we’re rejoicing and this is a healthy mental attitude. When I deal with
the realities of these things, they’re not going to destroy me. They can’t. I don’t want them to.
They can’t. And the suffering that you and I might have in life by the way, it could happen in
some way. We know that. Proverbs 28:1, but the preparation for everything in life has to do with
faith obedience to what God is saying to our hearts. And he’s saying really come on. I want you
to be like a child. I want you to enjoy the dog, the ice cream cone. You see, you know, ice
cream could be something I worry about. The dog could be something I worry about. But a child
isn’t worried about it, the dog or the ice cream. It’s a whole thing. Like it’s life. It’s a celebration.
Psalm 122 is our theme in June. “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of
the Lord.” Let’s go to the house of the Lord cause it’s a place of festivity, freedom and joy,
peace. Yeah. Matthew 6:31, one time I traveled to India.

This is probably 20 years ago. I didn’t have a credit card. I got to India, and I realized I didn’t have any money. I went through my pockets and I had seven dollars. That’s how well prepared I was! Because I didn’t think about it. I’m not
saying we should be that way but I wanted to let you know I have lived an incredible life like
many of you. We have lived an incredible life. I don’t even know how that happened. How have
we done so much with so little? Did our heavenly Father take care of us? Did our heavenly
Father take care of us? Has our heavenly Father taken care of us or has he not taken care of
us? He is taking care of us. It’s like the happiest people in the world are to be the people that
are sitting around you. Do we have tears? Yeah. But it’s different. Because we have the Spirit of
God. This is the key. I don’t know how to emphasize it. Not everybody that goes to church has
the Spirit of God. Not everybody that was baptized has the Spirit of God. Not everybody that
says they are Christian has the Spirit of God. “If I do not have the Spirit of God, I am none of his
(Romans 8:9).” Many will say in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not – and he says I never knew you.
Matthew 7:26.

Why? They didn’t have the Spirit of God but you have which means God is in us.
Which means we are going to be different. We will be different. If we walk in the Spirit of God,
we will be different. We will interpret things differently. Our perspective will be different. Hey,
wait a minute. Didn’t Herod like John the Baptist? Herod liked John the Baptist, but then he
killed him. Hey, didn’t Felix tremble and wasn’t Festus saying I’ll hear you again? And didn’t
Agrippa say you almost make me a Christian? But they did not have the Spirit of God. Close.
Trembling. I’ll hear you again. You almost make me a Christian. Yeah, but have you believed in
Christ? If you have, then you have the Spirit of God. To be honest, I have all kinds of
opportunity now to walk in the Spirit and to be taught things that this world knows nothing about.
They don’t know about it. They don’t know about the Heavenly Jerusalem. They don’t know
about the blood of the Lamb. They don’t know about a free spirit and a free soul. They are afraid
and they are worried and they go to bed with anxiety.

They take pills and do what they can to manage a miserable life. And they wonder why don’t you have a miserable life? I would say I do. I have it like everybody else except my attitude and the God that I life with and the Lord is
my shepherd and I shall not lack. And he makes me to lie down besides the still waters. I got a
miserable life like everybody else. But your miserable life is the one you live in. We are the ones
living in Him and growing in Him and learning of Him. Our misery could be the same except we
have a choice and we have the Spirit of God. The living God that dwells in you. The living God
that makes you a child. Rejoicing in the dog and the ice cream and daddy, are we going to go
fishing? What else do children do? They mess up their room and laugh and talk and eat
chocolate and crackers in their bed and everything and they mess up the whole – and they trust
in you and they have love and freedom and they dance a lot. They jump up and down on the
bed and they dance a lot and fool around and they won the game and they’re chugging around
out in the field and having a good time.

Kids are amazing. I love them, and you do too. Hey, Jesus is saying this. Why are you worried about this stuff. Let’s read it and finish up. Matthew 6:31 “Take no thought.” Anxiety. Anxiety. vs. 31. There are people that are wounded and suffered in life because of things that have happened to them. I remember one woman in Hungary when
we got there, they came into our church. They were drawn to Christ, and they invited us to their
house. This woman had an obsession. She grew up in World War II and they had no food. And
as a little girl, she was very hungry all the time and in her family house – now she’s older of
course. But in the cellar, it was packed with food. She was always worried about not having food
because of her past. I understand that. Why don’t you take thought about these things? I
understand that but let’s go to what the Spirit wants to teach me. Maybe the fears that I have
could control my life to such a degree that I miss the whole point of life. That I miss the
presence of God, the mind of God, the plan of God. He can deliver me from those things. We
believe that, don’t we? So, what shall we eat?

We’re thinking about it. vs. 31b-32. He does know that. If we could get close to the heart of God, then our fears will disappear. We get close to the heart of God and know how much he is taking care of us and how much he will take care of us and lead us unto death where we will then meet him and see him. We will be celebrating in
heaven with the amazing victory and nature of this life that he has prepared for us. Remember
Jesus said, “I go and prepare a place for you.” Then I read in Revelation tonight, Revelations 21 I
believe, it says there is a city prepared and it descended from heaven to the earth. And on the
earth the city will be on the earth with God in the city and they’ll be no sun and no moon. No
light like that. There will be a different kind of light. This light is a certain kind and the sun light is
a certain kind but there will be different kind of light. God will be the light of the temple and of the
city and that is coming. We look for a city whose builder and maker is God. Then we know that
God. That God is saying I don’t want you to be burdened by the world that you live in. I want
you to be lighthearted, carefree, rejoice always.

I want you to be thankful in everything. I want you to get close to me and learn of me. Come unto me. Draw near unto me and I will draw nigh unto you in James 4. I want to teach you that you are not your sin. And when you sin, just
confess it and get up and walk with me. Cause my way is the highway of holiness. My way is
the way of freedom. My way is the way that I have prepared for you a way and it’s not the way of
man. Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils in Is. 2:22. Come unto me and walk
with me. This is what I want to say tonight. We’ll read vs. 33-34. That’s what happened in
America We’re not seeking God. We have lost God and then we become these mechanical
people with fears and worries. We live in these processes and programs and education and
what the experts say. You can’t do this and do this. We live in this world and am I okay? And
what did I do wrong? And many kind of things that happen. We all know about it. Jesus is
saying, come on! Walk with me. I am God. And if you follow me, you might end up walking on
water. You might end up feeding 5,000. You might end up being a disciple that turns the world
upside down. You might be someone that opens your mouth and they get saved. You might be
somebody that says a prayer and moves a mountain.

Come on! Trust me! Then when we gather together, we rejoice in what we have found. Our heavenly Father is not an abstract concept of some kind or a religious formality that is kind of packaged in some place. No, our heavenly
Father made whales and the planets and the solar system and bacteria. And our Heavenly
Father made kangaroos. How weird! And elephants. And he made animals and fish. And our
Heavenly Father made us in his image. And our Heavenly Father is for us and not against us
and gave us his Son so we can know God and walk by faith in Him. Loosen up. Lighten up.
Learn to dance. Learn to sing. I know it’s tough. Learn to sing. Learn to pray and trust and
believe and you become a worshiper and you will say God is taking care of me. vs. 34. There’s
plenty to worry about if you want to. Plenty for tomorrow. Plenty for the next day. But what
about the Jubilee here? What about that? No sowing the seed. Turn everything back. All debts
are given. The whole thing is over. Whole new slate. Let’s move on. And you know what we
would all do right now if that happened? We would all just say wow! That’s a huge change. Let’s
have a celebration for the joy of the Lord is our strength and we will see a hand of God in our




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