God Is love. God is the Word. We can take great security in these realities. (Joshua 23:15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli, Philippe Serradji
Sermon # 11734
11:00 AM on 8/18/2019





P. Scibelli

Josh 23, Bible school. Wow! Was that me? P. Bob was talking about taste and see, and a thought came to my mind. I didn’t eat a green thing until I was 40 years old. Every time at the meal, my father said don’t leave till you finish everything and there was spinach and green things. They heard the toilet flush and realized the green things were going into the bathroom. Then I started putting them in the legs of the kitchen table. My mother said something smells strange in this house! They realized it was a useless attempt to get me to eat those things. Taste and see the green things.

Vs. 14. Not one thing has failed. No one word of this Bible has ever failed and that means concerning you and me. 2 Cor. 13:8, the word never fails, and charity never fails. This is who God is.

Yesterday, I received some communication from Pakistan which was amazing. Did you now your ministry was in Pakistan along with 75 other countries? P. Josef was there 10 days or two weeks. When we started to enter into Pakistan years ago, we saw some incredible results in (two cities) …For quite a while they had two Bible schools with 30 students in each one. He said there’s 12 Bible schools now. Churches have also grown from 4 to 5 to that many. They have 200 students taking classes. That’s phenomenal. Are you sure that’s phenomenal? It’s 99.99% a certain faith which I wouldn’t call a faith. A certain religion. They watch classes that come from here, same classes you would watch. It takes them hours to translate every class. Say in P. Love’s class there are 28 classes, they have to translate everyone into Urdu. This takes years of translation work. We have faithful people doing it. That is an amazing ministry. They watch five classes and they are growing. I got a communication from one of them and they said my vision is Afghanistan. I said I’ll be praying for you. This is what has happened down through 50 years. Our word on our sign says Greater Grace – what’s the next two words? World Outreach. We have a vision for the world. People group after people group. I was dealing with a wife of a pastor who has been imprisoned by some ungodly people. As we penetrate…in these unusual situations and geographical locations, the enemy is not really happy. Think the enemy is applauding your spiritual growth? Do you think he is saying they are planting another spiritual church? I don’t want to be an accuser of the brethren. Lord help me to guard my mind on that one. Go to your brother without bitterness and love the person. As a minister, we see the growth of the church.

We see two things struck me.

Jn 1:1 we know that verse, but I think I would like to know it all the time. In the beginning. Isn’t there are song about that? In the beginning was the word and the word was God. The word absolutely is God. That is an amazing verse. God is the word. We are talking about Bible school and an opportunity in the classroom to meet God and the Spirit…producing spiritual fruit to send us on a spiritual mission. The word is God. That’s why the enemy does everything he can to get me to neglect the book. Not just me, but the church or Christianity. Someone says I read the Bible once. A man told me yesterday when evangelizing, I’ve been through the Bible. Interesting to me. You’ve been through it, read it and dropped it. Been there and done that. I want to be a Christian, a person, a pastor, an older man who has a desire, desire the sincere milk of the word. This is who God is. It was said of Ezra his knowledge of the Bible was incredible. Jeremiah at 15, God called him. Jer. 1:10-15, He became a man of the book. This is incredible. This is so important. Men and women of God who held on to the word, who believed the word, who trusted in the word. If you say you know God and never read the Bible, that’s an interesting statement.

I was evangelizing on [?] road in Kampala. I gave him a tract and he had a collar on and became very angry with me. Don’t you know who I am? I’m bishop such and such. I have 35 churches I oversee. I’m sure you heard about me. Not really. You could have some fellowship. I said give me three verses on the Trinity. He looked at me. If you don’t know three verses on the Trinity, don’t get funny. I said to him, bishop, you are just a little boy. I know you would say that’s not a nice thing to do but he provoked me. Thirty-five some churches and he doesn’t know the major doctrines he believed in.

The H.S. ministry is to minister to me the word of God. Who wrote the Bible? The Holy Spirit. 2 Pet 1:19-21. 2 Peter 3:16. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. We’re a Bible-based foundational truth ministry. Some are not interested in that, so they come and go. They got it all and know it all. Help us to love the Bible. Help us to love the word of God. “I don’t get really excited like I do in some churches.” Jumping up and down and ranting and raving and climbing these poles. We are going to be a ministry of the word, a person of the word. I want to see GGCA students know the Bible. I want to see MBC&S know the Bible. They’re not going to our classes to get philosophical, are they? You know I know where you live. There is a biblical psychology and a biblical philosophy, but they are not coming in there to learn about Freud and alternative lifestyles. Someone said to me if you let this subject come into your Bible school in Ghana, the government will approve of me. I said when you bury me, try it with someone else. All kinds of evolutionary principles and teach other things. I was in a Christian school and the teacher had two large posters of Ghandi. I said nice and ripped them down in front of her. I said Gandhi is not in this school. Jesus is. He is the word. You say I would not do some of those things you do. There’s something wrong with me. Don’t write me an email telling me I’m unbalanced. I’ll just stand and fall before God. It’s the word of God.

We have Grace Hour. We had some strange person call this week trying to refute the Bible. I said get off the program. Get your own program. Our Grace Hour is about the word. Our mission is about taking the word where? To the world. God is the word. Someone said to me one time in a certain foreign country, what does Greater Grace do about feeding the poor? Really antagonistic. We have orphans and food programs and things in our church. What does Greater Grace do about feeding the poor? I said the poor you will have with you always. He said I’ll never talk to you again. That saved me a lot. There is a doctor over there and you’re a doctor of the word first, right Dr. Chung? This is who God is. He is his word. We have a perfect balance.

God is love. Amen. When you have the word without love, you have legalism and a letter than kills. When you have the word of God and the love of God and this is who God is, you got it all. You got the Holy Spirit. That’s his ministry. The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible and sheds the love of God abroad in my heart and your heart. We got it all. With God being the word and we have the word. And God being love and he loves me. God loves me. Say that. God wants to teach me and give me his thoughts. Now I have incredible security. The word is eternal, and love is eternal, and I now have an incredible security in this insecure world because the word never fails and love never fails. I’m secure. You don’t like me, I’m secure because the word never fails and love never fails. This world will fail. Education will fail. Doctors will fail. Human beings will fail you. Did you notice that? Thank God he doesn’t fail. What did I do? I got peanuts all over the chair. You don’t crack the shells. You put them in a bowl. I’m a failure because of peanut shells! Education will fail. Government will fail. All kinds of people with addictions find out they will fail. Finances will fail. Jobs will fail. Relatives can fail you. We are not asking for that to happen, but it happens.

When I was arrested at 13, my mother was crying, and my father said put him in jail. My father at that point failed me. Fail. It’s all around us. Think this earth is going to be around us forever? That’s going, too. He’s going to deal with it with what we call fervent heat. All the nature lovers all that nice stuff is going, too. God never fails. Peter, you failed and denied the Lord, but I’ll never fail you. Never fail is an interesting word in the Greek. The word and love never stop, never cease, never give up on you. The word is who God is and love is who God is and he will never give up on us. God will never give up on you and me. Great message for the George’s. He’ll never give up on me. Never fail me. He’s always there.

I met two people on evangelism there who were older than me, 80 something. I’m not 80 yet. They said wow you are evangelizing. We have been evangelizing for years and thought nobody did this. They were passing out tracts in the North East market. Tony, I don’t know if you met them. He does it, too. I was in shock meeting them and they were in shock meeting us. They said thanks for your church being out here. You can take the worst section of the worst cities in America and God is in there. How did Salvation Army begin? William Booth. One of his first evangelists was a man convicted of murder. He turned himself in. Then he went to prison and became a prison evangelist. God never fails. Never, not one time, ever, no never. What a security that puts in us. I can come out of a boat and know I will sink for a few steps. He grabs my hand. What eternal security there is in that. The word cannot fail, and love cannot fail. I have a ministry that is towards me on a daily basis to give me his thoughts and his word. It never fails. You can look at children or teenagers or young adults and say where are they going? It’s all over. They are saved and maybe they are not walking with God, but one day they will on streets of gold. I know that’s not easy to take. Jesus never fails.

A man with 6000 demons. A woman with an issue of blood healed by Jesus. A woman in Luke 7, a notorious prostitute. …David, Moses and Paul are all murderers. Hello? Just in case you think you did something you can’t forgive. He never fails. Solomon writes so much of Proverbs and what happens to him? He uses the word for vanity 86 times. Life is vain. Solomon failed. A writer of the Bible failed. He was more interested in women than the word. Set me on your arm for love is stronger than death. Love never fails. The word never fails. All the promises will never fail. I walk by sight. I want it now. Really? God says I happen to be the One with the eternal plan. You can wait a bit. Isn’t longsuffering a good thing? My patience is like – where is the pilot? The pilot is in the bar room. I get off that plane. Ever get up in an airplane and it starts to shake. Even the atheists are saying God help us. I was in a plane one time and it was almost upside down. Remember that flight to Uganda? It was booked by P. Eugene. I love you and the word never fails but that United Airline wasn’t united. I got on the plane; it was united alright. United in chaos! Where is the bathroom? The hole in the back. About ten passengers. I was shaking on the inside and the outside. P. Renaldo was sweating. Another guy was vomiting. P. Duane was there. He’ll be singing I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back. He was with me once in Sudan and I said why two cows in front of our vehicle? This road is mined. He said don’t worry. The cows will hit it first. What if the cow doesn’t and the car does? He said, you’re a Christian, right? You’ll go to heaven. P. Duane is singing, I have decided to follow Jesus. He’s smiling when he’s singing it. Those cows and this car.

The word never fails. Love never fails. We have God’s word and God’s love never fails. We have incredible security. I don’t care if it’s tumbling down all around you. We have this incredible unfailing love and unfailing word.






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