Deception remains a very real problem. Only those who knew the Scriptures and how they spoke of Him recognized who Jesus was when He came to earth. Only by the Word can we be free from the false things. John 1:10-11; 2 Peter 3:3-4

Speaker: Steven Scibelli
Date: December 29, 2019
Time: Sun 11 am

P. Scibelli –

(John. 1:10-11, 2 Peter 3:3-4), What we need is a good snow that will kill all the germs. That’s why there is so much
disease in Africa. They’ve never had snow. We pray for a foot of snow and 20 degrees below
zero. That kills everything, I think. I don’t know.

I want to welcome the Langes. Great couple. I just love them. From Budapest. Then the Plunkett family. Would you all stand. Wow. Look at that. That’s amazing. When I think about Christian schools, there are two groups of people
instrumental in ministering to our young people in GGCA. P. Brian and Paula did an amazing job
all those years here investing in people and we see the fruit of it. I was a headmaster of a
Christian school. I don’t know if that’s the right title.

Pastor or something. I don’t know what I was. I was just there! Paul and Jean Plunkett were overseeing the high school and the elementary school, and they did a phenomenal job. They have a great family, very spiritual.
Thank God for these amazing people. Amen. It’s really great. There family has been in ___ how
many years? About 30 years. Is that good? 20? Man. I’m losing track of time. 20 years. I was
thinking about this will be decade #10 I will be alive.

Thank you, God. As we think of what P. Eugene read as an introduction to this message, I want to focus on the promises of God. I studied the Bible for a long time last night and yesterday and then I was talking to P. Schaller
and he said, the sermon, the four sermons for the month of December and I forgot about it. I
had to get up and start all over. The subject of deception and who saw his coming. Who saw the
coming of the Lord? Who understood he was coming for the first time.

He came to his own. He’s coming back for his own. That’s called the Rapture in 1 Thessalonians. 4:16-17 and then coming back with his own in Revelation 19. Who knew he was coming? The same thing that was going on
then is going on now. It talks about scoffers that say “where is the promise of his coming?”. I was
talking to someone at Aldi as we were evangelizing, and he said who needs a church? Jesus.
Jesus is the head of the Body.

He was a 21-year-old veteran in the armed services and served in Iraq and different places. Who needs an army I said? He said “I get you”. I said a church is very important. How many people say we always hear about the return of Jesus Christ and everything is going the way it’s always been going. Just as it was not seen or not understood in
those days. There were certain people that knew because of the influence of all the people that
were deported to Babylon for 70 years.

These three wise men that came from the East had some understanding of the Scriptures and there were people during this time that understood the Scriptures. They understood the Scriptures. Not a lot but people like Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Simeon, that understood Jesus was coming and would be born. They understood the
promises of God. When I have God’s word and I have God’s promises, I am delivered, I can be
delivered from deception. Are you with me? I would think at times or we would think at times
I’m not deceived or could never be deceived.

Just saying you can’t be deceived or would never be deceived means you probably already are. Sorry to tell you that. I’m telling myself the same thing. To be deceived, the word in the Scriptures is to be led astray and wander away from the Word of God. It can be through no teaching, wrong teaching, false prophets, wrong
interpretations. All that goes on in this Christianity today is so vital for me to understand I could
easily be led astray and go the wrong way.

Imagine when those people got to Jonestown and they realized, guess what, something happened here. We look at it like that’s crazy. That man used the Bible. And then put the Bible away one day and said there is no need for this because I am the voice of God. These words and this eternal, spiritual Word and the promises of God are
so vitally important for each and every one of us to know. Why does the Bible say study to
show yourself approved unto God.

I want to know when Jesus Christ is initiating to me and coming into my life not just salvation but speaking to me and guiding me because I can easily find myself being deceived and wandering away and going astray. How important this was. They didn’t know. They didn’t even know. No one knew. A few people knew about his coming.
Yet I read 30 prophecies this morning from the Old Testament about the birth of the Son of
God. Thirty different prophecies in the Bible about the birth of the Son of God.

If some of these people were so much into the Word and so much into the Bible to become a  rabbi you had to
memorize much of the O.T. One way they tested rabbis was to take a nail and put it through the
Bible and then wherever they opened it up where the hole was, you had to be able to know
that verse. If they said Jeremiah 31:2, you had to know the verse. They were supposed to know the
Scriptures. Jesus even said it.

You search the Scriptures, John 5:39, and in them you think you have eternal life, but you won’t come to me. You know the Bible. We know many groups out there that are not saved. They know the Bible. I meet some of them all the time on the street with their magazines and they say can I talk to you? No, the Bible says I’m not to receive anything you have to say. If you don’t believe it read 2 and 3 John. I don’t let them in my door. One time
in Holyoake, Massachusetts we had this whole apartment complex about 35-40 people coming
to a Bible study in the 90 something.

They were coming up the stairs, four of them. I said you can’t go on this floor. They said, what do you mean? Do you own this? I said I do. This belongs to God and you’re not from God. They said you can’t stop us from going. That’s illegal. I said I’m going to stand here with both hands on the railing and you have to walk over me. They left. You
say that’s not a tactic I would use. I wasn’t a pastor then. I can get a little bit rough if I had to at
times. Would I do that today? I’m not going to give you the answer to that. The promise.

The promises of his Word. How vitally important. I want to know not just as a holiday but as a holy
day. I want to receive the initiations that God brings into my life. It’s easy for me to find myself
going astray. I thought for sure, and some people from Springfield can remember this, I’m going
to Italy as a missionary. I had everything. I had a visa, a team, a great desire for pizza. I was
Italian. I’m going to Italy to be a missionary for three years.

I had it all planned out. Visa. House. Milan. Everything. One day God said this is over. It’s a good try but it’s not me. Can you imagine how much spaghetti I would have eaten by now, what it would be like in my life. I might be
standing here 400 pounds. My wife said I’m making you spaghetti and meatballs when you go
home. That would have been being led astray and wandering out of God’s way and from his
promises, even as a missionary. In the wrong place! One day God spoke to me. It happened in
1985, the Holy Spirit really spoke to me and then I got a confirmation from P. Stevens.

I went to him and I said how long have you known it wasn’t for me to go to Italy? He said quite a while. I
said, why didn’t you tell me? He said I didn’t want to violate your believer priesthood. I wanted
you to hear from God. Of all places I ended up in Africa. Of all place. I can’t even believe it. That
was 33 years ago. It’s incredible. God gives us his Word and his promises, so we be delivered
from deception and how quickly deception came in even around the birth and life and death and resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Deception, being led astray from God’s Word and God’s promises. I was thinking about the promises of God this morning. Remember us living at 37 Madison avenue. 27? 38! What a memory she has. 38! I was thinking about that
and how it all began. I had all these great ideas about how many homes I was going to open for
heroin addicts. I had a vision for a Christian prison. I went to the guy that owns the Best Inn and
I said, I’d like you to give me that building. He said for what? I want to have a Christian prison

I’m only joking. Don’t go to another church because I said that. He said it’s not for sale. I
said yes, it is. You are right in one aspect because I think you should give us that hotel. We
could use it for dormitories. Who knows what we could use it for. A restaurant. There I was and
God had it be his will for me to do that. But there came a time when I had to make a step out of
that. And there are times in all of our lives when we are walking in God – remember that
message years ago, it was good, it was God, but now it’s gone.

Anyone remember that? It was good. It was God. But now God is moving on. The promises of God. No one really understood those promises. They had 30 of them related to the birth of Christ alone. Did they read the
Scriptures. If you look at the last days which I believe we are in – I’m not a predictor of what is
happening. I have no idea of what is going on. I think about me going before his coming. 1 Timothy.
4:1 seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

That’s why it’s so important to be people that know God and know the truth and know doctrine. How God thinks. We thank you, P. Schaller, for decade after decade, you have been giving us the way God thinks. Thank you. You’ve been revealing to us how God thinks. It says seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. What do those
seducing PLANEO spirits want to do? If you read 11-16, is to take Timothy away from doctrine.
Paul said I want you to command and teach these things.

I want you to know that in studying the Bible and having doctrine you will save yourself and those that hear you. I need the Word. If I’m in the Word and believing the Word and mixing faith with the Word and receiving that
Word on a daily basis all of my life in our lives, and that’s quite a great task if I am trying to
perform that in the energy of the flesh. But with God it’s so simple. It’s so easy. He wants us to
take it in. Mary has chosen the good part which shall not be taken from her.

Martha is running around the house like a mad woman getting everything ready for Jesus: the food, the drink,
whatever is going on, cleaning up after the disciples that maybe walked into the house and left
dirt there. But Mary has chosen the good part. Don’t take it from her. In the last days demon
spirits, seducing spirits will come teaching doctrines of devils. Sometimes we think of doctrines
of devils maybe on a higher plane – wrong teaching, churches that are anti-Trinity, anti-born

They don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God. But even in Christianity, there is some
teaching out there that is interestingly wrong. We need the Word. The Word will deliver me
from deception. Are you with me? How many of you, don’t raise your hand, want to be
delivered from deception? Self-deception, through my own self and old sin nature. Following
traditions rather than the Word.

Traditions are a handing down rather than the Word. 2 Timothy 3:1
says pretty much the same thing again. It says in the last days perilous times shall come. Does
anyone know that is in the Bible? Ever read 2 Timothy. 3:1? It says dangerous times shall come. The
word is CHALEPOS. It’s the same word used for the Mark. 5 man with 6,000 demons. Perilous
times shall come. What’s the answer?

Continue in the things you have learned, knowing whom you have learned them from, vs. 14. That from a child you have known the Scriptures which are able to make you wise unto salvation. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable. He’s talking about the Scriptures. My way of getting in the fight and always having
experiential victory is by being a Christian of the Bible. Of the what? Of the what? The Bible.
Not dead letter but the Bible. So many things have tried to replace the Bible that are good
things. Professional counseling.

This is really professional counseling [he’s holding up the Bible). This Book. Magazines, Novels. Don’t take me wrong. Read whatever you want. I don’t read anything. I read the Bible and missionary biographies and doctrine booklets. Why? Because I fear with a holy fear of finding myself being led astray, wandering out of the way even just a little bit. When they are coming back from outer space, what happens if they are ½ of a ½ of a
degree off the orbit? Burn up. Over.

They die. I don’t want to be a little bit in the wrong direction. I don’t want to be that way. Deception is so powerful. It’s not getting less or less. Evil in 2 Timothy 3:13 waxes worse and worse. Are you listening? That means in 2020 I need to be in my – did I say 10 th decade – I want to be a man of the Bible. I pray God help me to understand your
Word. Help me to understand your Word. Help me to have a desire for your Word. Help me to
have a love for your Word. It’s not the way it is in Christianity today for the most part.

There are so many other options given to the believer by the other kingdom. So many other options. So
many options. It’s so sad. People can find themselves doing so much else. I’m not saying there
is anything wrong with TV preachers, but I know where I am fed. Hello? I know where I am fed.
There is a perfect horizontal in the church and a perfect vertical. Me and my Bible. My Bible and
I. We travel together.

There’s a little poem like that but I don’t know what it is because I’m not a poet. P. Lange, I’m not a poet. Cretans are poets. This Word, this Word is so important. You say we know that. I know that. I have to keep telling myself that. This morning as a said before I was studying about today the message in the morning. I was studying this topic for two hours on being blessed by God. Then it was like it shifted into a whole other topic completely. Then I
looked at the monthly card, the sermon card and it said, deception.

Who saw his coming? I thought, I have to start all over again! I’d like to hit the target that was presented to us as
people who heard the Spirit and wrote it down. So I started all over again. Here we go. God,
when I studied those other topics was I deceived last night? Why was I studying those topics? I
should have looked at the card. I’m not legalistic where I have to be submitted to the card and
nobody demands that. I thought this is really what is on the mind of the Holy Spirit. Who saw
his coming? They didn’t know.

Imagine killing every child under 2 years old just to get at the Son of God. Can you imagine? In Jeremiah. 31, it was predicted. It was spoken of, Micah 5:2. Every aspect of his birth was there in the Scriptures, but you got to look at the Scriptures. You might think because these are professional religious people walking around with their robes on and being like honored and adhered to by many people and they didn’t know the Bible. They didn’t
see his coming. Who saw it?

Those who knew the Scriptures. And who will see Jesus coming back the second time? Those who know the Scriptures. Let’s take it a third way. How will I see Jesus Christ making initiations into my life? Hello? The Scriptures. The Scriptures speak to us. The Scriptures are God’s Holy Word. The Scriptures in John 1 in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Imagine having a Christian school with no Scriptures. I’ve been around some of them.

I went to a Christian school conference one time 29 churches, 29 schools and I sat there aghast that nobody even talked about the Bible in the whole two-day conference. No one even mentioned the Scriptures, the Bible. Imagine that. The what? The Bible. I thought to myself, what is happening here? Is there something wrong with
me? Is something wrong with us? What is going on here? I realized these are the last days.
Deception is so powerful. What do I want to bring to Africa, myself or the Bible? I want to bring
the Bible to Africa.

What do I want to bring to Asia? The Bible. What do I want to bring to Aldi? I also go in there and got a Three Musketeer bar yesterday. I had so much candy and coke yesterday, I know I can’t get sick. I’m just joking. I’m only playing with ya. You know I have that reputation. You not going to believe this, I got three Hershey Kisses in my pocket. Right after I’m done preaching, I get to eat these Hershey Kisses. Don’t buy me any. I love Hershey Kisses. I
love being kissed by my wife too, but I love Hershey Kisses.

The promises of God. The Word of God. That’s what we want to bring to our family, to our children, to the next generation. What are we going to leave the next generation? For some of you that don’t think about that, I think
about that. Why? Because I’m not 40 anymore. I’m not 50. I’m not 60. I’m not 70. Stop it. Don’t
go there! I said to God, my mother lived to be 93. Couldn’t you give me 103? But I want it with
the same mind. I don’t want to be 103 sitting in some rocking chair somewhere in Sicily just
eating my way into oblivion.

No! I want to be a man of the Book. We want children of the Bible. This is so important. Our Bible colleges. As I told you before, we have 240 students in Pakistan. In the city of Islamabad and Lahore and…there’s 240 students watching 5 classes. Can you imagine? Some of them I talked with recently and were conversing and they are going to be hitting Afghanistan. They are being trained by this ministry and they are going to be going into
Afghanistan and they said to me we can do it and you can’t.

Thank you that you are willing to do it. The Scriptures. Become men of the Book, children of the Book, women of the Book. You know when a woman of the Book is initiated to by a carnal man, she can shove the Bible right in
his face. Get away from me. No, I’m not going on a date with you. I know what you are looking
for. And it’s the wrong thing. Hello? No, I’m not going to drink because the Bible says it. Wine is
a mocker and strong drink is raging.

I don’t care about what law they pass about marijuana. You smoke marijuana, you are brain dead already before you start. You say I don’t like you this morning. I don’t really care. I had homeless addicts and I saw every single person THC marijuana addicts with more problems in their mind than anybody you can think of. It’s very
sad that people take it as a recreational drug. Yeah, recreation with Satan. How’s that one? You
say I’ve been experimenting a lot.

Well, stop experimenting before your head blows up. The Bible says it. The Scripture tells us how to live. Man shall not live by? Bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. How many promises do we have! And as they miss the promises. Some saw it. The wise man understood it. Mary understood it. Joseph
understood it after a few initiations from God. Shepherds understood it. Simeon, Elizabeth,
John the Baptist understood it, but they were just a remnant of people.

The overall congregation or the assembly of Jews and the Jewish people were very troubled, and they
didn’t understand it. They had the Bible all their lives, trained in it. They missed rhemas from
God. Rhemas about his coming. They were very good about the letter. I don’t want to miss the Scriptures in my life. I don’t want to miss the Word of God. There is a danger that can happen
so easily because there are masses amounts of deception out there all engineered by the father
of all lies. Let me ask you a question.

Don’t raise your hand. How many believe in the devil? A lot of people say they do but do they really? Do they really? I said that to a guy Saturday. I said how about the devil. Maybe he is the reason why you are doing what you are doing. I can smell it drugs all over you. I can look at your pinned eyeballs and tell you you have been getting high
for a long time. He said, so. God loves you but this is destroying you. You can’t think. We need
the Scriptures. Amen.

I need the Scriptures to have a marriage – I can’t make it, I want to say I
can’t make it with her, but she can’t make it with me without the Bible. She said who could live
with you without knowing God. I agree. I agree. I’m walking around drinking orange juice at 1,
2, 3:00 in the morning. That’s not a good thing to drink. The stomach and this. I drank a whole
thing of orange juice. Is there sugar in orange juice? No wonder! I’ll probably sleep this
afternoon maybe! I should go to the Bible for my diet.

I should eat locust and honey. Ever eat locusts? They’re good. I used to eat them in Botswana all the time. They fry them. The best part is the eyeball. They are crunchy. They are. I’m sorry! When we talk to people overseas, they say
you people eat some strange things. Some of the things you eat are very strange. Snails. What
is that? We want to live by every Word of God. I want to eat the Word, Jeremiah 15:16. We’re called
by the name of God, amen. Who is Jesus? The Word. In the beginning was the Word and the
Word was with God and the Word was God.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We beheld his glory, full of grace and truth. This is who God is for me in 2020, decade #10. I don’t want to stray from it. I don’t want to be a 90-year-old imbecile. I heard people say this to me. That Bible stuff. That was good when I was younger. I’ve gone beyond that now. No, you’ve
gone below that now. You haven’t going beyond that. You’ve gone below that. Look at all the
promises we have from God. All the promises are in him what?

In Him yes and in Him amen unto the glory of God. Here’s some promises from God just as we prepare to close. God promises to love you forever. Say halleluiah. Love me, forever! God promises to forgive me
when I fail. Amen. God promises to lead me and guide me in my life. God promises to protect
me from evil. God promises to provide for me. I got 14 people I wanted to help out and another
4, 17 people I was thinking of over Christmas time and I had these figures in my mind and
someone sent me $17,000.

They said specifically these are the names. Unbelievable. God provides. Are you with me. God will get you a job. God will pay your bills. I told P. Gary I had a 30-year old van that cost me $400. You know that guy that was on the screen? Take your Expedition some place. Nothing wrong with your Ford Expedition but I had a 30-year old van
that cost me $400. Figure out that per year! What is it? Ten dollars a year or something like
that! And I sold it for $500! Imagine that.

I made a profit on a 30-year old hunk of junk that everyone got out of the way of because you didn’t want to get hit by this steel old van from 1984. I got it at P. Shibley’s father’s car lot. Halleluiah! Listen. We got the Word. We’ve got theperson of Christ. It’s not just dead letter. It’s the life of God. And he’s given us so many
promises. He’s given us exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might
partakers, as we read, of the divine nature having escaped the corruption that is in the world
through lust.

There is corruption out there through wrong thinking. I got exceeding, great and what? Precious promises. He promises to keep me and bear fruit in old age. I’m not even old yet. Bear fruit in old age. Right, Billy Alexson? We’re not old. We’re just coming around now. Just because we’re in our 70s and approaching mid-70s, what’s that? That’s nothing. We’ll bear fruit in old age. God promises to give me an eternal purpose on a daily basis. Amen! God
promises to bless children and grandchildren.

God promises to use us as we preach the gospel. We bring the gospel. We now have 768 churches in 76 countries. Can you imagine that? From here. From Wiscasset. From Wiscasset, Maine. From some little place that if you sneezed in driving, you missed the town. From Wiscasset, 768 churches, 3,400 Bible college students.
Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! It’s God. It’s definitely not us. Unto you, O Lord. Unto you be the
glory and the honor. But thank you God that you gave us this precious Word. We can run with
the Word. We can jump with the Word.

We can hop with the Word. We can go with the Word.
Bible school could be waiting for some of you in February. Is it February 3 rd ? Look at that. You
say, “I’ve been to Bible school already.” That was then. That was 25 years ago. Come again.
Hello? Do you think the devil has gotten more sophisticated in the last 20 years. I need to know
the Word. I need to stay in the Word, be in the Word, love the Word, know the Word, be the
Word. Be the Word.


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