The Bible doesn’t explain everything to us. Instead, its pages reveal God to us. Jesus came to tell the Truth. He wept over Jerusalem because He knew the people would reject the pure counsel that makes wise the simple and enlightens the eyes. (Isaiah 9:6; Psalm 19:7-8; Luke 19:41-43)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11807
6:30 PM on 12/22/2019

P. Schaller –

Thank you so much. It’s great. Give them a hand, the choir. Before we share a message tonight, I was thinking
Mark is here from the U.K. I’m not going to ask you to speak. I just wanted everyone to
recognize you and love you. That’s good. God bless you. P. Gary G. you want to stand up? P.
Fred Ellis from India. Diane Post. Is she here? Is my grandson here? John John Odahara. He’s a Marine in Hawaii. Yea, you want to stand? Kyle, do you want to stand up for a second? He studies in PA and is home
for Christmas. Jemma is here from Ireland.

Gordon from Maine. The Healy family from New Hampshire. Anyone else? Marty Veader is right here! Very good. Beautiful.

So we’re going to start our New Year’s pretty soon. How many days? Nine days. What’s that mean? Ending this year and going into the next year. It doesn’t matter. It’s just in time, right? But we are marking the time when the earth has gone around the sun once from last year, about the same location. Is that correct?
Then we do in our year we go into our Marriage Getaway, Bible college starts, Eurocon, then
graduation, then Convention. It seems like six months ago or so we had our Convention here
and people came and gathered.

We heard from God, Rejoice in the Lord Always. I think that
was our theme. We went into the summer and had a picnic and many things. Women’s
Seminar, pastor’s retreat, Thanksgiving potluck, then our Christmas season and here we are.
Then the next year again the same maybe. Maybe. God knows. All this time, we kind of are
amazed God can put our life together and lead us in righteousness. The Spirit of God dwelling in
us and teaching us how to live and how to think.

This morning our message was Isaiah 9:6. Turn there with me and we will get the iPad and speak about it again. P. Scibelli, love that guy. Isn’t he amazing, and Linda! P. Hadley, P. Cannon, Serradji, P. Love, P. Steve. Amazing people. Incredible what God has put together. P. Butch. All the ushers. Teachers at GGCA. The staff. P. Aedan’s dad passed away last week, so he flew to Ireland. He’ll be back soon. Bernadette and Marleen and Tom. P. Bob
Colban and Chris. Doug Brooks, Mike Williams, P. Taggart. The ladies in this church, amazing, quality
people. Scotty Dubay and his family.

Our past. You know. Our troubled past. You could say that about life. Man is born unto trouble in Job 5:7. These words have I spoken unto you that in me you might have peace. In the world, trouble. But be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. Where will we go, Lord? You have the words of eternal life. Where could I get this counsel? One writer said the evangelical church has sold their Bible teaching for psychological pottage like
Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil soup. The evangelical church has left the Bible. Not
just the letter but the spirit of the Bible.

The Spirit of God is in you and me and he speaks. I mentioned I had a little sadness this past week. It doesn’t matter where it came from, but it was real. I took a few hours and prayed. I love that when I’m sad I can turn to God. When I’m in trouble, I got an answer from the counselor. His name is called mighty Counselor. Isaiah 9:6, we
said this morning that’s the hypostatic union of man and God together. Child, human. A son is
given. God gave his son. God became a child.

Together they are one. God died on the cross. You can say God can’t die. Yes, he died on the cross. In the book of Acts we read that. How do you explain that? I can’t. It’s a mystery. God came here in humility and that was God on the cross that died for us. The government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called
Wonderful Counselor. Wonderful Counselor. Do you think that people are made to get counsel,
to be talked to? Or can you live alone in the woods as a hermit, a recluse and not talk to anyone?

Yes, you can but you will be insane. You won’t be normal. Yes, you can but you’ll never
be who you are supposed to be without talking. God made us and he is a talking God. This
whole book is counsel. I don’t want you to get religious about it. I like you to think of it in a real
and deep way. These thoughts go into your spirit and soul. My soul rejoices in him and my
spirit. Elizabeth said “soul” and Mary said “spirit.” I might have gotten that backwards. Or
maybe it’s altogether mixed up but it’s true in any case.

Who said it. My spirit. The spirit of a person. If a man has a spirit and he controls his spirit, he’s greater than a man who can take a city. Proverbs 16:33. If the Spirit can speak counsel into your spirit, he that is joined of the Lord is
one spirit. It’s in the context of a man. When a man takes a prostitute, it says they are one flesh.
The parallel word is a man who is joined unto the Lord is one spirit. That’s amazing. He’s
comparing sexuality with spirituality.

G. K. Chesterton says every time a man knocks on a door of a brothel or prostitution house, he’s knocking on the door for God. What does he mean?The hunger people have that is met in sexuality is so far inferior. What he is really looking for is the union with God. When united with God, he is spirit. God is the Father of spirits. No wonder he is called Wonderful Counselor. His counsel is not the counsel of men but the counsel of God. Would if
God right now this moment every human being, 7.5 billion on this planet, – what would happen
if God spoke to every human being on the earth and they would hear him speak to them. What
would happen if his name is called Wonderful Counselor.

How much emotion would be healed. How much conscience would be cleansed. How much fear would disappear. How much love would be manifested. How much counsel would be received. How much transformation would
happen. This is written in Psalm 19 in principle.

1) People need counsel.

2) They get wrong counsel.

3) They get no counsel.

They don’t get any counsel. Nobody talks to them. They don’t get any
counsel except bad counsel from the movies, from the secular world we live in, from literature, from their friends in the bar room, wherever they go. Remember when people listened to Jesus, they stayed. Though they ran out of food, they stayed. At the Sermon on the Mount, we have to stay. He’s talking. Luke 2:42 no man spoke like
this man.

He does not speak like the scribes do but he speaks with power. This is amazing. In your quiet life, in
your meditation life, when it’s acceptable, when God is your Counselor, when you weep in the
night but have joy in the morning in Psalm 30; when you seek God and find him in Isaiah 55, in your quiet time
under the shadow of the Almighty and the secret place of the Most High Psalm 91:1. Though a thousand on
my right hand and ten thousand on my left, the Lord will hold me.

The pestilence will not get me by day and the arrow flying by night, unless I dash my foot upon the stone, the angels will uphold and keep me. These are great promises and great counsel. But i feel we have forfeited the Bible, the bible is something we have added to our message The Bible is the message. Somehow in the church who hears about being born again. Why is that one of the first things that leaves when Jesus said you must be born again to enter the kingdom of God in John. 3:5. The Spirit does it. Men and women of God get on their knees with God and start to read it.

Rhemas, living words come off the page. You get fed. You and I as believers when you get fed from God, it makes things simple and clear and pure and wise. It’s amazing. Jesus must be heartbroken. Luke 19, the diagram this
morning of a house. It’s a house of counsel. How do I get into the house? Jesus says I want to be
your Counselor. You got to come into the house and receive counsel from me. It’s a place of wisdom and
insight and understanding. Psalm 19 describes this place of fellowship and joy and peace and eyes
being opened up and understanding. Like sitting in the presence of a very wise old man and

listening to his soft speech speaking to your heart. This is like God speaking to us in like. but God is also angry sometimes. It’s Matthew. 23. He’s firm, turning over the tables in Luke 19. He was very broken. Remember, He’s called Mighty Counselor. Luke 19:41, have you ever wept over a person’s life? Have you ever wept over a tragic situation, a loss? These opioids in the country. Husband and wife in a McDonald’s slumped over. The baby in the back seat and two parents are dead in the McDonald’s parking lot and a baby crying in the back seat.

The police come and bodies are taken away and the baby goes to a foster home. Could you weep over
that? Yeah. What a tragic loss. What do you say about it? You say words like stupid, sad, tragic,
devastating, unbelievable. You can’t believe it. You put that story in a magnitude of God and he
looks at Jerusalem and weeps over it. They are rejecting him. He is the Wonderful Counselor
who is rejected by a sinful world.

He came unto his own and his own received him not. To get into this house, Jesus cuts the door down short. The house is something like a little door to get into the house. Why? Because we are big, proud, people and to get in you got to become a little guy. He is Almighty Counselor but can’t do much with proud people. What can he do with
Jerusalem that is rejecting him but weep. You’re going to be destroyed. If you knew what I have
for you. Vs. 42. Put here a huge word, PEACE. Where is it? I think you have felt it in the traffic in
the Christmas season.

Greatest holiday for American people. You’ve been in the long lines maybe. Oftentimes, I end up Christmas Eve 11 at night in Dicks Sporting Goods with guys in line my age! Twenty-nine or thirty of us standing and we know what’s going on! It’s our time to shop before Christmas. A lot of money, a lot of business. A lot of work. Moms and dads. Thanks ladies for all the work you do to make this a holiday. Precious. Beautiful. I know. One of the
characteristics of Christmas is when we as a family gather around and there is no fighting. We
make the effort for one day, a few hours for one day.

Why does the human heart want this? Give gifts. Be nice. Be kind to each other. Get a long together. We want to reach for that. We want to believe that is possible. Even humanly speaking this world is looking for and wanting
love and peace. Why don’t we have it? It’s in that house. The angel said it to the shepherds,
peace on earth. Where is there peace on earth? It’s there with the Wonderful Counselor. It’s
weeping when he looks over the city. If you only knew what peace I had for you, but you would
not hear me. You will not get really little and humble yourself. Don’t worry about
understanding the Bible.

Be concerned about being humble before God and he’ll teach you the
Bible. Sometimes you sit and it will fly off the pages…. here God will speak to you little by little
for a long period of time. Give yourself a long period of time and it will happen. It will stick in
you. You are made for the Bible to speak to you. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. And that spirit is the spirit of the bible. That Spirit is a mind. That Spirit will give you comfort. You might say I don’t deserve it. No. God gives
grace. You might say I’m not smart enough.

You don’t have to be. God gives you Grace. God gives you the mind of his Son. Fear God, that’s the beginning of wisdom. That’s how you get into the house. When you are in that house, God gives you the peace he promises you. Luke 19:42-43 he’s talking about the future. The Roman Empire circles the city, 5,000 crucifixes around Jerusalem according to Josephus. No Jew could get in or out. They would catch you and slice you open to look for
jewels you swallowed. They would go through your bowels and then hang you on a cross. At
one time, there were 5,000 crucifixes around the city. Jesus is looking at it 30 or 40 years before
that would happen and he’s crying. I am the Wonderful Counselor, but you don’t hear me. You

don’t know what peace I have for you. Shame on the church or any man of God that would not
be teaching or proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Shame on us if we departed from this
book that has the power to change a person’s life, save a soul, give wisdom, discernment, put
some fire in them and say no to the things of the world we live in. Psalm 19.

When Jason Moore when to the Ukraine with Chris Moore and the team and P. Gary. They preached there years ago, 25 or 30 years ago. I was part of that living in Hungary. They went to the Ukraine and opened up the Bible. Those Ukrainians have it today in their spirit. Martha, Martha, Mary has chosen the good thing that will not be taken away. You can go around the world and say thank you Jesus. There is P. Mark Knowles who lived in Moldova and there’s Oleg, in France somewhere and  Tony M, Mark there from the U.K. These are not special people but special in that we hear and proclaim this powerful word of God. It’s amazing.

Psalm 19:7, I’m not in any hurry but I want you to follow it with me. This word perfect, It means comprehensive,
complete. It’s perfect in the sense of entirety. It has this total, complete sufficiency. The Bible is completely sufficient in itself. It has all the means to do anything. It has the means to create the universe, to convert a soul, to change an attitude, to put a life in order. When I see someone who’s life is kind of falling apart. Vance Havner said ever seen a person with a Bible falling

apart. Then probably they are not falling apart. If you see a person whose life is falling apart,
you may not see any Bible around anywhere. It’s the Bible, the Spirit of God that holds my life
together. Psychologically, mentally the peace that passes understanding. We have seen people
who have gone through terrible things: car accidents, death of loved ones, broken families,
aching hearts for children and all kinds of things that happen, but do not fear. Job is our gold standard for
this living God. If I could hold Job’s life together.

If I could be his counselor. If I am God and the God of Job. I know what I’m doing. I will not explain it to you. That’s about the book of Job. He never explains it to him. Job, I want you to know the devil came to me one day and we had a talk and I allowed the devil to do it. God never said that to Job. He doesn’t need to. The Bible isn’t
about explaining life to you but revealing God to you. It’s not about giving you a satisfactory
answer for all your questions and problems.

The Bible is about a fellowship with a living God. vs. 7. “Sure” means unmistakable, trustworthy unwavering and reliable. I love it when David in 2 Samuel 5, he was going to go fight the Philistines and he said Lord, should I go out? The Lord answered and said yes, go. My immediate response was Lord, I don’t have a relationship like
that with you. I know you have a few times. All David had to do is ask you and you answered
him and it’s that simple. Lord could say, do I do that all the time?

No. There is something about being in this house and being submitted to the counsel of God and many manifestations. Sometimes there was silence. When Ruth followed Naomi, Naomi said to Orpha and Ruth, you
go back home. You don’t follow me. I’m a loser. I’m bitter. Naomi turned on her heels and starts
walking and then Ruth just started following her and walking and there is silence. That silence
caught my attention one day reading it. Ever follow Jesus silently? Ever said I’m going to follow
you. And he’s silent.

That’s all. He’s silent. He’s silent. Maybe it happens for weeks or months or
even years. I do not know. I know if you and I can be humble enough to come before him and
trust him, he will take care of us. He will put our life together. Ruth got there and the counsel
was Boaz has this field and Ruth has the idea. Why? The Holy Spirit gave her the idea. I will
work in his field. I don’t know who he is exactly. Naomi says he’s a relative. There is no way we

can put this in a box. No way we can explain it to the natural man. They are spiritually
discerned. God is throwing a curve ball at the human race. With me, you’ll be okay. If you resist
me and can’t hear me. You’ll have counsel. The blind will lead the blind and both fall into the
ditch. Some of you are too worried about politics in our country…. pray for the people in power that
righteousness will reign. What we pray for is salvation, wisdom. We pray for peace and blessing…and for

But there is a lot of arrogance in life amongst all of us and don’t judge people. Wherein you
judge, you do the same thing, Romans 2:1. You judge someone and you are guilty of the same thing. Who
are you? Some Almighty, righteous, great person. No. We ought to be humble before God, Shh. Even the archangel would not accuse the devil, Lucifer. Even Michael the archangel would not accuse the devil. Who are we to judge each other. You have done the same thing! You are as wicked potentially as anybody that has ever lived! It’s just that God has delivered you from a place where you’d make a damn fool of yourself….Did I really say that? Yes! Remember the prayer: Our Father who are in heaven – what does he say? Lead us not into temptation. And He has answered our prayers many times.

Psalm 19:7, “simple” is the root of openness or open door. Simple people have an open door. Open heart to everything. Open mind and open mouth. You know how in our country you put on plastic gloves all the time and we are very antiseptic…we don’t want to eat any food that we would get sick. We are very antiseptic and careful about all of this. A simple person isn’t that way. They can have anything in their house. Any bacteria in
the frig, any movie on TV. No filters. When you get the Bible and it starts speaking to you, you
start automatically thinking about things. I know what that is.

That’s a big electrical box with a skull and bones on it. That’s poison over there. I’m not afraid. I’m just aware. I grow up learning. We become wise for when I was simple, I now become more aware and wiser in life. Then we’ll finish with this one. Vs. 8. “Pure” means clear, easy to see, lucid. It’s not mixed. It’s pure. Can you imagine
something of a little bit. I want to say this, vulgar. So we’ll get through it. It’s repulsive but
someone spits in your soup. What did they do? They spit in my soup. I don’t want to eat that.
That’s repulsive, vulgar.

Proverbs 30:5 I think, in this world there is nothing pure except this. I honestly think
that way. I’m holding something that this book is pure, unmixed, never passing away. I can have
one of these books. I can read this book and it is from my Counselor who is a Wonderful
Counselor and he will take me in my life. I can’t figure it out. At the end of the whole thing,
maybe all beat up and shattered and busted up and limping along, but inside me I am
connected with the Almighty God whose word is pure, makes right the heart, converts the soul,
rejoices the heart, enlightens the eyes and gives wisdom to the simple.

How can you have anything greater than this with God speaking it? You know what, if God can speak that, wow.
What will happen to me if God can speak it. Don’t misunderstand me. This isn’t spiritual pride. I
don’t care about any pride in this message. It just glorifies God. God needs people on the earth living this way. The angels can say heavenly Father, I see what your word is doing with those people and by your grace. I don’t
think the angels call God “father.” I just realized that. They can say holy, holy, holy in Isaiah 6.
We say “Father.”

I don’t think the angels do. They could say God, those people are walking on the devil’s high places. Those people are loving each other, and all busted up. Why are they praising you? They have lived a full life. How did that happen? Jesus could say they give heed to my word. He gives his beloved sleep. They sleep at night. They are not so worried so much…they have divine view point, they have something going on in their spirit, they have fellowship, they have some goals and things getting done in life, but beyond anything they’re doing is you, God

that is manifesting yourself, your heart and mind in them and making them healthy in their spirit and
fellowship with you and they love you. Jesus is saying yes. He’s looking at others and crying.
He’s saying it’s for you too, but you won’t hear me.

Let’s pray this year that the Lord will do great things in the lives of people and save them and touch them and minister.


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