The bride in Song of Solomon was led deeper and deeper into love. She was distracted at times and was beaten up by some. But when she thought about Him in all His perfection, she knew where to find Him. (Song of Solomon 3:1-5; 5:1-6:2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11923
6:30 PM on 7/19/2020

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! Amen! Praise the Lord! Just absolutely awesome to be here. Praise God! Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord. The Spirit of God dwells with us and we drink the Spirit. We are anointed of
God. Isn’t that a blessing. Amazing. Before I preach from Song of Solomon tonight, maybe I’ll
ask you to have a few minutes of prayer with your neighbor or by yourself and for God to lead
us as a church and with all the churches in America praying for God to lead and for revival to
happen in our country. A turning to Christ that there would be new people and salvations and a
work of grace that would happen in the hearts of people. After the service, we have praise with
P. Mark and Matt. Inside here, there will be a praise and prayer time later after the service.
Would you do that right now please?

Songs of Solomon 5, but I want you to notice something in chapter 3 just
to start. “D.L.. Moody was the most famous evangelist in the world in the late 1800’s. He had a
Bible conference at his Bible school in Northfield, Massachusetts. One year a large group of
pastors from Europe came to that Bible college conference. They were given rooms in the
dormitory of the Bible school. As was the custom in Europe, the men put their shoes outside
the door of their rooms expecting them to be cleaned and polished by servants during the
night. Of course there were no servants in the American dorm. But as Moody was walking
through the halls praying for his guests, he saw the shoes and realized what had happened. He
mentioned the problem to a few of his students, but none of them offered to help.

So he, the great evangelist, gathered up the shoes, took them back to his room where he began to clean
and polish each pair. Moody told no one what he had done, but a friend who had interrupted
him in the middle of shining the shoes helped him finish and told the story later. Despite the
praise and fame he received because of God’s work in his ministry, Moody remained a humble
man. Jesus Christ the Son of God, king of heaven had the right to honor, praise and worship, yet
to be our Savior he laid all his privileges aside and became a lowly servant. You often hear of
people talk of living as Jesus lived. While he is the model for us to follow, many who speak of
following him are unwilling to give up their rights and reflect his humility” We will never be like
Jesus unless we are humble and lowly.” What is behind our humility but it’s love.

In the Song of Solomon, we have the story of this woman and man who are seeing each other and then losing
sight of each other. Chapter 3:1-2, does that sound familiar? I seek God but I don’t seem to find
him. The love between the man and the woman is a metaphor for the love the believer has with
Christ. We seek him but he disappears and then we find him. We hold him and then he’s gone.
That happens of course because we are called to live by faith not by our feelings, but we have
spiritual discernment and we can recognize his presence even in our mouth. Sometimes when
we are speaking we recognize God is with us in our words and in our hearts and sometimes in
our action.

Polishing the shoes with nobody knowing about it. I feel in this church there is a lot
of people that are serving like D. L. Moody did that night. I sought him but even if I can’t find
him, I know him. Even though I don’t see him, I know him. We spoke about that this morning.
Knowing God is the great gift given to us. I mentioned J. I. Packer, this amazing theologian 93
years old passed away Friday. When he was 7 years old, he ran out in the street. The school
yard bully chased him, and he ran out into the street and a truck hit him. He had brain damage
injury. When he was 11, instead of his parents giving him a bicycle because he was recovering, they gave him a typewriter. He became a scholar and went to Oxford University and wrote I
don’t know how many books, 40 books.

When he was 15 he sat in a meeting like this and the Spirit spoke to him. And he became a believer. He found him. I’m sure if we were to talk to him, he would say – by the way, the reason we love him is he believed in the inerrancy of the Scriptures. That’s important. There are churches not embracing that amazing book that this
book is true through and through, fully inspired, the autographs the originals. These are
translations. Philosophically, it make no sense to me I would become a judge and put the Bible
down here and in my mind evaluate what is true and what isn’t, in distinction to putting the
Bible here and saying I highly regard the Bible. It’s through the Bible I can find God.

The Spirit of God that wrote the Bible and the Spirit of God that reveals the meaning of the Bible to my heart
so we can know him. In obedience, this is another lesson for the believer. Obedience. Where
did he go? I don’t know but I sought him. Look at the next part. Vs. 3 who are the watchmen
who found me? The watchmen found me. The people that approach our faith just by tradition
not embracing with their heart through the new birth. Through the new birth, we embrace God
in our devotion. Tradition is important, water baptism and holy communion. In our fellowship,
we have the constant preaching of the Bible and rap sessions and meetings on a regular basis.
These are traditions we embrace but it has to be more. It has to be him.

He has to be here. He has to manifest himself to us. We have to drink his Spirit and know his thought and be moved
to obedience. The problem in the Garden of Eden was God gave so much to Adam and Eve. He
gave so much to them and empowered them and asked them one thing not to do and so their
disobedience resulted in this curse that came. So Jesus came and in a similar sense was tested
in this world. He did not disobey. He obeyed and therefore was empowered and seated at the
right hand and given authority to give that authority to us to whomever believers in him. We
are born again and empowered with that same spirit of humility that he had. That love and
trust and obedience with no conditions. Sometimes when you hear your own heart, you make
deals with God. You say if, and if this happens, then.

Think of an obedience that is without any conditions. If I perish, I perish Esther said. Think of an obedience like Jesus. Take this cup from me but not my will. Your will be done. Think of an obedience where there is love in the heart and you say I delight in doing your will. I love it. 2 Corinthians 10 it says there is a readiness to do his
will when our obedience is fulfilled. It sounds to me when obedience happens, it kind of
reinforces more obedience. When there is obedience, it reinforces more obedience. It becomes
a way of life. We are feeding in a sense; we are relating to God in holy communion and finding
God in the obedience. We are delighting in it and fellowshipping in the Spirit of God. This is
what she is like growing.

The relationship is growing in chapter 1 – 8. She is maturing and understanding love. This part in the story she is passing from the watchmen. She passes by them a little bit. Vs. 6. Sometimes you can’t talk to everybody about the one you love. Have you seen the one I love? They don’t know. Look at the next verse. Songs of Solomon 3:4. She didn’t have much to say to them and they didn’t really have much to say to her. That’s like the world. The world
can’t help you in your relationship with God. The world has no advice for us in our relationship
with God. The world doesn’t contribute to us in our search for God. I took a philosophy class in
the college I went to and the philosophy teacher had us read a book, In Search of the Miraculous. And I was searching for the miraculous. I was searching for God. The whole course
was a joke. I think he was on drugs. He didn’t care about finding the miraculous.

I was serious and he was not. It was a little when I passed the watchmen, have you found the one I love?
They don’t know what we’re talking about. I found him because I was willing to live by faith and
they are not. I was radical enough in my heart to lose my life and say I want Jesus. I want Jesus.
That’s it. There are exchanges here and then we come to chapter 5 and there is a similar
portion. She’s gone to bed. 5:2. I sleep but my heart is awake. He gives his beloved sleep in
Psalm 3. Jesus was sleeping on the boat but was his heart awake? We don’t know. Peter was
sleeping in prison but was his heart awake? I think it was. The disciples were sleeping in
Gethsemane but was their heart awake? I don’t think so. Psalm 113 lighten my eyes lest I sleep
the sleep of death. There is a sleep of death and then a sleep where your heart is contented
and refreshed. Your heart is stirred.

Your heart is on fire. You heart is hungry. You are thirsty. This happened to her. 5:2, he’s talking to her. She’s listening and in her heart he is saying like, come. Come. But she is slow to come. We understand that. Because she explains it. There is a barrier between my obedience in coming and my practical life. There is a practical life that is
like a barrier from me coming. There is a world of reason. There is a world of practical living. C.
S. Lewis wrote an essay. I think it’s entitled, Man or Rabbit. We say “you are chicken” in
America meaning you are coward. But in Russia, they say you are a rabbit. You run away. In
eastern Europe too. C. S. Lewis said man or rabbit. He is saying there is something cowardly
about us. When Jesus comes into our life, he reaches in and pulls rabbit fur out of us.

Jesus deals with us and pulls all that novice traits and that cowardly nature and that fear of losing
something. I’m going to lose something with my family. I’m going to lose something with my
finances. I’m going to lose something with my future. I’m going to lose something with my
relationships. Vs. 4. Jesus is out in the street and it’s night. There is dew and he’s there in the
real world. She is in the bedroom. Vs. 3. She’s saying in another way I’m in my pajamas. I put off
my robe. I washed my feet. I am comfortable and I’m just there. I’m supposed to get up out of
the bed. What? What? I’m to get up out of the bed and go out there? Am I to go out there?
Okay. That’s what’s happening here. I love the ministry because like Spurgeon said, messages
are doctrinal. Messages are to be experienced. Messages are to be practical. That’s how we find
him. That’s how it becomes real for us.

Get moving. Do you want to see him? He’s out there. No, it’s okay. I got the doctrine. I’m a believer. It’s okay. But are you missing intimacy? Are you missing an adventure? Are you missing some power, some fellowship, some walking on the water when he calls you? Following him into the market place when the whole city is against
you, but you’ll hang tight with Jesus because you know who he is. This is what motivates us.
This is what we are hungry for. It doesn’t matter what form it takes. Is there love? The greatest
commandment is love. God loves you. God is here for us. God does all things. God is able. God
is almighty. God cares for us. In our lowest estate, he reaches. He saves to the uttermost. We
say uttermost in Hebrews 7:25. Isn’t this great poetry? Great language. It’s like a beautiful poem
and filled with meaning for us. He put his hand by the latch of the door.

I don’t know in the ancient world what that would look like, but a door is a door anytime you are alive, and the
latch probably you can see on the inside and outside and it moves. That’s all she needed. That latch moved. Maybe I can’t see Jesus, but I saw the latch move. Maybe I haven’t seen God for a
while, but I hear his voice in my heart. I’m sleeping but it’s a good sleep. It’s a sleep of
contentment. It’s a sleep of doctrinal relationship with God. It’s a sleep in the finished work. It’s
a sleep where I say Jesus finished it and I’m resting in him the rest of my life. It’s not a burden.
It’s not a curse. It’s a blessing. We are blessed. I sleep but my heart is awake and the latch
moves. Vs. 4-5. You cannot tell people to get out of bed and go meet people. You can’t tell
people to do that. You can’t tell people to be a missionary or be a pastor or polish the shoes out
in the hallway.

You can’t tell people to do the things that. God does in our hearts. He affects our
hearts and we start to think outside the box. We start to think in faith. We start to think God is
here and I want to meet him. One time I told the story I was on an airplane and witnessing to
the guy next to me. He wasn’t a believer and he wasn’t really interested. I said I’ll leave you
alone. That’s fine. We don’t need to talk about this. I’ll just ask you one question. There was a
curtain in the aisle. I said if God was behind that curtain and he said for me to come here and
get you and say he wants to meet you, would you go? He kind of glanced off and thought about
it. And he goes, no, I don’t think so. You can say maybe he’ll change but there is a parable about
it. A certain man had two sons.

He said to the one son, would you work in my garden and the son said no. Then he said to the other son, would you work in my garden and he said yes but he didn’t do it. Which one did the will of the father? The one that said no. Why did he change? Because when we are born again, the man that said yes was too easy. Yes, I will work in the
garden. Words people say. Jesus said people worship me with their lips, but their heart is far
from me. When you are born again, your heart is his heart and that heart is a heart that has this
capacity to get up and go to the latch and when she couldn’t find him because he disappeared,
it says there her hands dripped with myrrh. My fingers with liquid myrrh on the handles of the
lock. I can’t help but think of the Holy Spirit. This beautiful fragrance in the Middle East and
they burn it. It’s like incense. She is alive. She is alive. Have you ever smelled something and
woke up and it was a beautiful fragrance? You kind of woke up.

Chemically they are called esters, a triple bonded molecule that has this fragrance but you can’t see it but God made us so we can smell it. He is invisible but I smell him. I know he’s here. God has made himself known to
us and he’s here on our behalf with an abundance of grace for us constantly never failing. Be
strong in the grace that is in Christ. Let’s go to the last part. Vs. 6. Again he is gone. Does that
sound familiar? I called him, but he gave me no answer. But I know him. Those worldly people
that are guarding the city and don’t know about the ministry of the fellowship in you and me.
They found me and beat me. Vs. 7. This is like a kind of a rape. She has a veil and she has a
covering and they strip it from her. It is defiling her. You and I have what is so sacred, but the
world is not invited into it. Only Jesus Christ and you and me.

We are understanding these things. We have a teacher, the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is sent to teach us who he is. When we walk and look for him and someone finds out you are looking for him, they may beat you,
strip your faith away. I had a teacher in Bible school. Some of you know my memory isn’t as
good. Stan Ashby. He went to Harvard University to study theology. In his first year, he had a
little faith and after his first year, he had no faith. They stripped him of it. It was gone so he left
Harvard. He’s in Maine and met Dr. Stevens, a meeting like this with the Body. You know how it goes. It’s the same all the time all through history. Magnify Jesus whatever denomination or
pastor or messenger. There is a voice behind the voice.

There is the Spirit of God working. God got ahold of Stan Ashby and he became a born again Christian and had a passion and love for God. Vs. 7-8. When Mary went to the tomb, it was like that. She just loved him. Mary
Magdalene. Many Mary’s in the New Testament. I think there were four. That’s how we feel too
sometimes. If you get physically tired, if you get burdened, if Pharaoh puts you to make
bricks….if you are working day and night and day and night, then you should step back and
think about that. You aren’t a dog. You are not made to be a slave. You are not an animal. You
are like an angel of God. You are a servant of God. You are to be Spirit filled, to be wise, to
make decisions. There is a proverb that the wise man sees evil when it’s coming and hides
himself. They meet here and this is what they say.

What is your beloved more than another beloved? vs. 9. Have you ever met someone like that? I was soul winning down in Baltimore city at Federal Hill and I met this Indian man on the street. We talked. I said I believe in Jesus. I’m
just talking to people. Are you a Hindu? Yes, and there are many gods. We had a little talk. He
said it’s all the same. You can worship whatever God you want. I said, may I ask you a question?
I said, how many mothers do you have? Obviously one. Any woman could be your mother.
Right? Just pick one. Just go down the street. They’re all the same. You can have many mothers.
Isn’t it all the same? Or is your mother jealous of you and your relationship with her? Does she
love you? Your mother loves you and you love your mother and there isn’t any other.

Why would it be any less with God? When they said, what is your beloved more than any other
beloved? She goes at it. She describes him. She tells them who he is. He is the fairest of ten
thousand. He is different. He is unique. He’s the only wise God. He’s the God that saved me,
visited me. He’s the God that humbled himself…he melts us and molds us and fills us and uses
us. He’s the living God that will never leave us or forsake us….though I go through the valley of
the shadow of death, I fear no evil; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. God, you are God
and we love you. When she finished talking about him, she knew where he was. She said, he’s
in the garden. He’s in the garden. I couldn’t find him. When they said, who is he?

Then I started to describe him. Chapter 6:1-2. The point is simple: if you are finding that your Christian faith is
only doctrinal, and we encourage you to practice obedience by faith. Find things in the Bible to
obey and do them from your heart by faith. If you find that it’s not practical enough, wait on
God and ask him to bring it in your life in a practical way. That he would open your mouth and
have a song to sing or a word in season. Maybe you will polish someone’s shoes or as Jesus did
wash your feet. We’ll find him. We’ll know him. That’s the message tonight.

Amen. God bless


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