Jesus went to Gethsemane and did what His Father purposed to do through Him. God leads us into deeper life and we are tested. Peace might not always be part of our picture. Do what the prophet says and prosper, Avoid foolish, unlearned questions, these bring strife. (2 Chronicles 20:20-21)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Tom Reinhart
Sermon # 11651
6:30 PM on 3/24/2019



P. Schaller

How about Tom sitting here in the second row. What? What did I do? I would like to have a little different service tonight.

Is P. Mark M. here? The way we can do it is have our worship, do the offering and then we will have a message. What I’m sharing now and maybe P. Scibelli.

And then a microphone down here and have some of the pastors come up and pray while we worship. Tonight is prayer and worship but we will bring it into the main service and dismiss you at 7:40. If you want to stay on, stay in there.

I do this because 2 Chron. 20. Tom down here means a lot to me. He does. 2 Chron. 20:20. Now I don‘t know if I should hand you the microphone. Do you know his testimony? You want to stand for a moment? How many don’t know what happened to him? In the world and living with guys backslidden, GGCA guys that went to our school, and he knew these guys. He was into all kinds of trouble: drugs, whatever. He’ll tell you in a minute. He had demons attacking him. He felt he was going to hell. He drove here in the parking lot at 7:00 in the morning waiting for the church doors to open because he was in a lot of trouble. He felt it and experienced it and knew this is where he had to come. He was in the back. It’s his story but I’m telling it! He was sweating and we met after the service and went into the café and he told me the story.
Tom Reinhart

Two and a half years ago. I was an atheist my whole life. I was in the world system. You couldn’t talk to me without arguing evolution. That was the way I was trained. I had a disdain for Christianity. How could you believe someone walked on water? Evolution is like a fact, 99%. Then I was living in Colorado and God took the scales off of my eyes and I could see Satan’s deception in action. I got that way by listening to movies, TV, music. Red Hot Chile Peppers [a music group] had a song “Give It Away Now.” A voice in my head was saying, what are they asking you to give away? My soul. I said it. As soon as I said that, I could see deception in the world in movies and music. You’re constantly under attack for your mind. Then I started to see it. Ozzie Osborne and Marilyn Manson is obvious but to get high up in the world system you have to sell your soul to Satan….Mick Jagger says I souled my soul to Satan. I moved back to Maryland. Every time I went to sleep, I was bombarded with demonic dreams. I was in hell and feeling the fire. It’s hard to argue evolution when you are afraid to go to sleep. It kept getting more intense. I woke up at 3 in the morning drenched in sweat and I thought I have to go to church. I remember I had friends who were members of this ministry way back in the day. I remember GG. I used to drive past that hill and think that’s where the crazy people go. When does church start? So I drove here at 7 a.m. There was nobody out front. I waited in the truck and people started to show up. Yafez was the first person the bus dropped off. He said church started at 9:00. I walked in the front door and as soon as I stepped into the threshold, tears started pouring out. I though I have to get out of here. People will think I’m crazy. As soon as a stepped in again, uncontrollable weeping. I don’t know where I’m going because I’m not going back to the apartment. God let me walk in the door and I sat in the back row next to the door in case I wanted to run. I thought nobody would recognize me and everyone is, hey! You are new. Maybe I stuck out a little blubbering intensely. They asked does anyone want to accept Jesus. Me! I kept coming back and every time they said do you want to accept Jesus, I kept raising my hand. No, you’re good. I knew nothing about the Bible. I knew some guy built a boat. Mat Hadley gave me a Bible. When P. Schaller said turn to the book of Jeremiah, I thought, I don’t have a book Jeremiah! They just gave me a bible! I met P. Schaller and P. Gary Groenewold in the cafeteria. What brings you to church? Their eyes got very big. I just wanted it to stop. Go home and read the book of John. Here I am two and a half years later, and I’m in Bible college now. Everyone here is so great and nice. Why did I waste so many years of my life not coming here? I just love it here. Everyone is awesome.
P. Schaller

2 Chron 20:20-21, You know a lot has happened in the last six months. We can take a night like tonight and praise God. What has happened to Tom two and a half years ago and none of us know what God is doing everywhere and in every life. God is working. When God gives a message, I find sometimes in my life within a couple days that message is on the line. Do I believe it or not? I’m tested. Maybe in a couple weeks I’m tested. Or I have opportunity to apply what I’ve heard. When Jesus went to Gethsemane, I’m sure he didn’t feel too good about it. He was burdened and felt the sorrow. He was obedient and did what the Father wanted him to do. It’s one of the things we want to say. All of us are here because we heard and believe and we prosper.

This morning we had a piece in the message and we had Jason Moore lying on the floor. He’s the [example of a] bad influence in my life and I’m walking with God. I try to pull Jason more up, but it’s easier for him to pull me down. He can pull me down very easily. I’m here trying to pull him up which is harder to do. The meaning of that is don’t be unequally yoked. Not every relationship with have with people is edifying. Not everything we hear or see is going to encourage me. I need to be able to say to that influence, sorry, I love you but I can’t hold hands with you. I have something I’m doing. What I’m believing. I’m on a mission. I’m Spirit-filled. I’m thinking with God.

Not every conversation I have with people like in 2. Timothy 2 babbling and questions, foolish and unlearned questions avoid. I’m in the church and I hear and I’m being instructed and the Spirit speaks to us. Foolish and unlearned questions I avoid knowing they gender strife. Flee youthful lusts. Grow up and go to Gethsemane. I don’t feel peace about going to it. The Father led Jesus to Gethsemane. God the Father leads the believer in a deeper life. We are tested on it. We can say in a way we stop and think I have a lot to be thankful for. That’s what I want to say. Joseph sent out the singers.

2 Chron 20:21, I would like to do that tonight in our service. Maybe we sit or stand but we have the leaders and the singing. I want to put things on pause and say God, you did this to Tom Reinhart and many names we could mention. You sent us to Poland. We had Eurocon. We had a marriage getaway which was phenomenal. You led people off the street into our assembly. People have been healed or still alive because of our prayers.

We are praying for P. Lou, Rene Caron, and Steve Merullo. God, we are not moving too fast. You have taught us. We have practiced it. Gethsemane, I don’t like it, but I go to Gethsemane in your will. I don’t like it, but I go to the cross and three days later I have this anointing and power in my life because I obeyed God. I don’t like it, but I obeyed God.

We say I don’t have peace about that. Did Jesus have peace when he went to the cross? Yes, on the other hand, but many times I don’t have peace about it. I might not like it. I don’t really have a lot of joy. The point is, is it right? Is it God’s will? Do I live by faith in what God has said? His visitation, his presence, praise.

The singers come out. The singers are there. They are saying our army is a mighty army. There is no nation on earth that can run over us if we are prospering by obeying what the prophet says. I don’t want you to listen to the pulpit with a legalistic spirit. I don’t want you condemned by what is said and introspective about your life but enjoy your life and be filled with peace and joy and praise and thanksgiving.

The theme of our Convention [in June] is Rejoice in the Lord Always and Again I say Rejoice. It’s the new thing in my heart, rejoicing and being goofy. Having a good time all the time. Being happy in a spiritual meaning and blessed abundantly…There’s nothing you could do tonight that would cause God to love you more. The love he has for you is infinite and guaranteed through his Son. Praise God my sins are forgiven. Praise God my name is in the book of life. Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah. I feel like dancing. Praise you God. Obey the prophets and you will prosper.

You’ll step back and say how did that happen? I started doing things I didn’t like but I did them because it was God’s will. As I did God’s will, I found it to be a blessing.

I wish I could have a guy lying down there. How about Brian. We said this morning, a woman with a boyfriend and he’s not a believer. She says I’ll make him a believer. I got to walk away. He’s my boyfriend. I sleep with him. I come to GG church. I listen to the message. I’m with my boyfriend. I’m a believer and I believe in Jesus. What does that mean? Go to the verse before.

vs. 20. The prophet says no idols. No boyfriends or girlfriends that you sleep with. I don’t feel led to break up with my boyfriend. Then have your boyfriend but do you have God? Do you have the presence of God? Do you have Almighty God in your life? You got your boyfriend. When God says you’re ready, I’m ready to do business with you. If you get serious with me, I’ll get serious with you. I don’t feel led. I could care less about you and me feeling led. It’s hard. It’s Gethsemane, obedience, faith, God Almighty. Halleluiah! Don’t you want to have a real God that doesn’t fool around? Come on. Test me. I’m Almighty God. Check it out and see who I am. I will cause you to prosper. I will be with you. You’ll end up singing, praising, believing and being persuaded.

Thousands if not millions of people in churches today get away with sin and don’t find God. They have a form of Christianity but no power. They have a message that Jesus will make you rich and comfortable and he loves you so much and can do anything you want but no righteousness and authority. I’m talking about Jesus and at the same time living a sinful life.

I don’t know why I have the right to say these things. I am a guilty man except I’m called to do it. I’ve lived it. I’ve walked away from stuff that was important to me and very precious: my family, my mom and dad, my sisters and brothers, my wife and children. My education and many other things just like you and I have to deal with before God.

Thank you, Brian. You’re wondering can I go now!

Not everyone lives like this person or that person but you must have something going on where you are obedient to God and it hurts you. It costs something. You’re obedient to God with regard to your past and future and God visits you by his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came down on Jesus and he heard a voice saying, behold my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. The Son of God heard the voice and the other people too.

Have you heard the voice from God saying you are accepted in the beloved? You are my child by the Holy Spirit. You are highly favored in my eyes. You are the disciple that Jesus loved, like he said about John. God has that love for you and me. We have this great assurance that it is so and this experience of his holiness in our lives.


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