We need our starting point to be from Him. We shall be more and more unusual as the world grows more evil. Our Light shall shine. Don’t listen to your heart. Speak to your heart. God’s will in this world is the church. (Philippians 3:7-8; Romans 11:33)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11648
7:30 PM on 3/20/2019



P. Schaller

What a good crowd at 7:00. Thanks for your prayers for Poland at Eurocon. We had a great time. God answered prayers. It was deep, loving, and miraculous. When you look at a group of people from China who came. About 40 people. Many of them first time. P. Satellite was here for 5 months and went back to China and a whole group came. We speak a different language and have a different culture and background but the fellowship in the Holy Spirit was awesome. Like Jesus says when we love each other, they will know the Father has sent me because of the love we have for each other. It’s Body life and we saw it and enjoyed it. We were so edified in it.

I was thinking here in the church of P. Lou who is in ICU, and other people I heard about. Remember Bill who had his foot amputated and he was on my heart? Before Poland, I went to his house to see him. His mother said he was sleeping, so I didn’t get to see him. Somehow, yesterday he died. Wow, our brother went to be with the Lord.

I share it with you because we love each other and care about each other. Maybe we don’t have enough footsteps to go to each other’s house and make all the phone calls but God fitly frames us together. I saw Carl with a Bible under his arm walking like Abraham Lincoln! Look a man is going to church. Oh, that’s Carl! He’s coming to our church tonight! I love the Body and we are seeing God working.

We were soul winning in Poland. It’s so much fun once you get over the barrier that happens with people. “I can’t talk to him.” “I don’t want to sound funny or I don’t know what it is.” We don’t soul win. I read 1% of Christians in America share their faith. You think about that when we’ll talk about it tonight. When the Spirit is dwelling in us and we have a message. We care and love people. You just open your mouth and he fills it. And drop a word here and there and share your faith on purpose. Because life is short. We have a message, a mission. We love each other. Remember when the three mighty men broke through the barrier and went to the well of Bethlehem and got the water for David? David said I’m thirsty and they overheard him and went and brought the water to him. He saw what they had done and it touched his heart and he poured it out. I think that happens to us too. When it touches our heart what God has done for us we can’t take it for ourselves. We pour it out too. I’m lost. And three, what does three mean? The Trinity breaks through the walls of hell and gets the water of salvation and brings it to you. You say this is for me. Yes. I cannot just take it for myself. I need to share it with others. I want to share this forgiveness with people, wisdom with people, love with people, and grace that we have and can give out to the guilty. Loving the world, loving our neighbor, loving the people around us. Where is this water? I am thirsty. The Trinity will get it for us. The Trinity will fill us and we will pour it out. We will say I can’t take this just for ourselves. It must be for others too.

We were in Europe with I don’t know the real numbers, say 1,000 people from 40 or 50 countries and we can’t believe what God has done in gathering these people together in the name of Christ to pour out and pour out and we just sensed it and enjoyed it and we’re not stopping. The finished work is so good. The water in the well of Bethlehem is so cool and refreshing. The words of life are so enriching. Our life is at such peace. Let us do all we can by God’s grace to minister that love to each other and to the people out there. Amen.

If you went to Poland, would you stand up for a moment please? What did you think? (Various responses).

Did I see Rene Caron here? Okay. Awesome. And Paul and Laura and Brook. It’s good to have that family.

Stand with me for a moment. And have a halleluiah praise session. Can you do it by faith? Say yes to God. This is all about you.

Thank you for Seth, P. Duke, Debbie, Ryan and the little girl [Abigail] up in York. Amazing family. We thank you God. (Prayer).

Give your neighbor a holy kiss or handshake or a word of encouragement.

This message is really about the unseen world we live in. Are we living in a world that is spiritual? That’s the question. If you don’t want to talk back to me, I don’t want to talk to you either! This meeting is over! We are living in a world that is spiritual. The material world is real but the spirit world. While we look not at the things that are seen. We are looking at the things that are not seen. We are looking at God, but I can’t see him. We are looking at the church and we see the church but it’s more than what we see. We are living by faith. We have our struggles in life in the natural world we live in. Give me some examples of struggles we have as people. Turn to your neighbor and give a list of 13. How about parking ticket, food, water, electricity, children, teenagers, gardening that goes bad, bacteria, disease, cancer, broken relationships, broken hearts, politics, globalism, and world dominion by the antichrist, the world we see and then there is the world of Jesus Christ that we can’t see but we know because the Holy Spirit is in us. He’s our teacher. He tells us to praise God. Sometimes like this morning for me my devotional was I sat in a chair and decided to sit and stare and wait on God and concentrate on the presence of God and love him and receive him and believe in him and trust in him. I was refreshed because the just shall live by faith. We are looking at the world of God by faith. God is with you but sometimes we don’t believe it. God is faithful but we want to see the stuff, the proof, and the good things but sometimes in our life of faith the good things don’t happen. Bad things happen. When bad things happen, we have to decide to live by faith. It’s not what I expected, but I will live by faith. It’s not what I wanted, but I will live by faith because we have another starting point. The problem we can draw in a simple diagram.

Rom. 11:33, can you say that with me. How unsearchable are his judgments. You get a parking ticket or cancer or lose your job. Can you say how unsearchable are his judgments, his ways, and his method. He’s a lot bigger than us. His ways are not our ways. We have to live by faith in him.

vs. 33. I love to read in the Bible the direction is like this and it takes a turn and you find yourself – woe! That was amazing. That was God. Jesus Messiah is coming and bringing the kingdom – woe! He is murdered. He’s a poor traveling preacher. We thought he was a mighty Messiah. Even when it’s written in the Bible, it may be hard to find it and understand it.

It says in vs. 34 who has been his counselor.

vs. 35-36. I’ll put a man on the line. Look at where he starts. He is starting here with God. For of him, through God and to God are all things. It’s like a big circle. It’s a big wheel like from him and through him and to him to the glory of God are all things. I want to use this to compare to the natural life of a man or woman, the typical way that we are. It starts with him, from him, through him and to him are all things. It’s like that with a baby, a child. When I was a child I thought as a child, I understood as a child and I spoke as a child. We said in Poland the children are very much needy. They have these impulses that are strong in their bodies. They need milk. They need their diaper changed. They need their toy. They need attention. They need to go asleep. Their world is small. Paul said when I became a man. We were thinking this way. When we become a man in the natural sense, you have to have a bigger thing. If you go into the military, it’s about your country. I will lose my life for my country. The military people pledge an allegiance. You get married and say my life is about my partner and I being together. My world is not about me alone. It’s about us. When you work for a company, they want to know is it just about you or the company. When we come to God, we shift our starting point for life from this one to this one. You are suffering? Yes, I am. But what is my starting point? God’s purpose, God’s plan, grace, promises, kingdom. What is God doing? Are you suffering? Don’t you realize what it is? Doesn’t my suffering have something to do with the plan, the ways of God, the mind of God, and the purpose of God? That’s why we show up and we come here. It’s a way by which I’m not living my life just for me. I know you’re not doing that and we’re not generally doing that as people. We come to the church and say if the starting point is God and his glory, then I can step into that and live in that and sit in it and abide in it and walk in it and I’ll be part of something bigger than just the natural world that people live in. We expect the Holy Spirit to do this. It is from God and from Christ, through Christ. Those that are believing and walking with this other starting point find themselves living to the glory of God. In Poland it was that way. It was. People are saying in effect, these are my words, we have another starting point. This is what God is doing. This is why we are here on the earth. This is a mission from the heart and mind of God. Christ came into the world that we would be one with him and see it. No way could I step into the bigger cycle or wheel without faith. The one mark, the differences between the two is faith. We step into it with faith. Everything we do we are doing unto the glory of God. I can only declare it, walk in it. Only see the result of it. I can only bear witness to what the Spirit is saying. Every one of us is anointed and we know these things in our hearts. It is true he is risen. We are seated in heavenly places. We’ve been delivered from the power of sin in ourselves so we can now live to the glory of God. I’m enjoying it so much. I can’t believe it.

Php. 3:7 Paul is talking about his natural credentials in the first few verses of this chapter. He is a high quality Jew of the tribe of Benjamin. Touching the law a Pharisee. He was touching the righteousness of the law and he was without blame. All of that had the wrong starting point. I was high quality by birth. My genetics, my background, my portfolio but all of it is nothing.

vs. 7. I could give up everything about my self-life. I could give it all up. It wasn’t anything. Have you come to that place in your heart and life? I’ve thought of my life and thought I have so much pity for people who have so much but there is nothing to it. It’s my life. It’s a small world of a child. That’s all. There is nothing there. It isn’t anything that is lasting. It’s like a mirage, a vapor, a dream, a wooden house in a storm or hurricane or tornado. Ever walk in the cemetery and look at the names on the stones and think no one alive knows anything about them. They are blown away. There is nothing there. There is no record of them, no photo. It’s gone.

A friend of mine living in Baltimore went to the mission field and in their house they had a photo album of their wedding. And someone said they found it in the dumpster and thought they would like it. They were angry someone had thrown it away in the dumpster.

I can understand how that would hurt but isn’t it true on the other hand, all our stuff ends up in a dumpster. What is the meaning of it if it starts with my self-life? I did it for me and my glory and purpose. It was my life. It was about me. We build foolishly. Paul said I understood this. I got it and all of that is lost. It’s nothing. I have a new starting point. God. Trust in God. Faith in God. God. Everything we do now is to the glory of God and it will last forever. All our words to the glory of God. Or life of faith to the glory of God. Our prayers to the glory of God. Our assembly to the glory of God.

We gather in Mal. 3:16 and its recorded in a book. I have high priority when we assemble together. Let’s assemble together and do it by faith and do it all the more as we see the day approaching. We are the unusual people. We become more and more unusual as the world becomes more and more evil and promoting evil as we see happen. The world is not only doing evil things and hiding it but now doing evil things and it’s gay pride and murdering new born children in your face. They are doing things and promoting it. Come on devil. Bring it on. Just as you are so foolish in your acts and your work, so the darker the night the brighter the light shines. Let us be seen as the unusual people that get married instead of sleeping with your girlfriend. You get married. Getting married is the best thing going. The other is cheap and common and easy, no commitment and convenient and popular. They are ripping off people and promoting the idea. When you have God as your starting point, going through him you can do this. Through his glory we can do it. How did you live? Of him and to him and through him goes the glory. What kind of life did you live? I believe your neighbors and relatives and people at work say it’s about you. They say, how did you do it? Carl walking like Abraham Lincoln. How do you do that? We know if God is our starting point, we are able to do it from him and to him and through him. Believe me, believe me this is happening because I believe this is the kind of God we worship. I believe he is able to do exceeding above all we ask or think. God is able to keep us off drugs and alcoholism and drunken driving and crime…. God is able to keep us and do this because it’s from him and to him and through him. Let’s finish. If you start at the wrong place here tomorrow morning.

I flew back from Poland and on the plane, I felt like I was in hell. I preached the last message in Poland saying don’t listen to your heart but speak to your heart. I was doing that on the plane and taking naps and eating anything I could find! I was crawling through the carpet looking for crumbs and asking for a drop of water on my tongue! I was in the bowels of hell coming back!

If you have the wrong starting point and it’s your life, you’re asking for trouble. Trouble is produced from my own selfishness, my own fear and anxiety and jealousies and possessiveness and covetousness. If we can by God’s grace submit ourselves. God help me today and lead me. It will be from him and through him and to him is the big wheel you are part of. All things work together for good. Glorifying God.

He said in vs. 8. You can’t win Christ without faith. You have to live by faith. Most of life is common living. You drive a car, cook, take a shower, toast some toast, put jam on it, and drop it on the floor and pick it up with the three second rule! Most of life is that way. It’s a life of faith and knowing that my life and your life one day we will see your life glorifying God. You believed him. You believed him and trusted in him and lived like that in everyday life. You gain the knowledge of Christ.

We saw the Chinese and we’re looking at them and them at us. We know Christ. We know Christ. We really can’t explain it in a way. God’s will in this world is the church and that the people would know life. You can’t lose your small, my life, my world. You can’t get a bigger wheel. It’s boring and empty ultimately for a small world. I’m looking for something big. I want his plan and purpose in my life. I want his Spirit to anoint me. I want to glorify him in a divine propose. I want to be an
apart of the people of God who are doing something in this world. In a modest way, they have the right starting point that is ending up with great results. This is good.


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