John the Baptist leaped as Jesus came near to him as he was in his mother’s womb. May the Spirit also leap in us as we think on the things of God. What happens on the inside is what matters most. Let the evil of the external have its day — God shall triumph. Luke 1:35-49; Psalm 1:1; Psalm 2:1-2

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11389
11:00 AM on 12/24/2017


P. Schaller

Is. 9:6 two different words. Child speaks of the humanity of Christ; a son is given speaks of the deity of Christ. Great names. Is Christ God? Is the child born in Bethlehem God? Is his name mighty God, Everlasting Father? Is he the Prince of Peace and Wonderful Counselor? And is there an increase? vs. 7.

Luke 1, the sermon title is on our card. One important leap leads to another. On the back of your card, there are four sermons in January. The first one the Word, then Work, Wealth, and Whim. We also want to teach these coming months on the subject of Bible prophesy and the end times. Because Bible prophecy is very much a part of our Bible. We have prophesy fulfilled and then those that are not but are coming. The Second Coming of Christ is one of those categories. To know the time we are living in is important to us as born again believers.

We have an internal life in Psalm 1.

Psalm 1 is internal life of the believer. Mental, spiritual meditation. Internal, invisible. Psalm 1.

Psalm 2 is more of the evil, external enemy or opposition to the believer. First of all, the internal.

Luke 1:39, what days?

If go back to 35 the angel answered her. The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you, vs. 35. The angel came and gave a message to Mary that she would be the mother, carrying a child in her womb called the son of God.

The angel also said your relative, Elizabeth in vs. 36 has also conceived a son. If you look at these two women one of them their belly is flat. Mary has just been impregnated by the Holy Spirit and has in her a small fetus called the Son of God. Her relative Elizabeth her belly is more extended. She is six months pregnant. They haven’t seen each other. There isn’t Facebook and other social media. The angel said your relative Elizabeth is six months pregnant and it’s miraculous. In those days Mary makes haste to see her relative, south. Mary is in Nazareth, Galilee territory and her aunt is in Hebron, a walk of a week or ten days. She goes to see her. Angels talking to you is extraordinary. You are told you are pregnant and don’t know a man is extraordinary. Your relative is pregnant and old and that is extraordinary. Nobody really knows about these things. It’s not in the newspaper or in the street. It’s of a spiritual nature.

I’m sure you will follow me, but I want people in Baltimore city and everywhere in the world to have something going on that is spiritual. I want that. That has been at the basis of my life and the very basis of our life and God’s people. Something is going on and you’re not sure what it is exactly. I remember when I first came to this church in 1972 in Maine under Dr. Stevens, the ministry he had, I didn’t know but I was born again month’s earlier. I was praying I would find a church. I was in New York. It happened up in Maine and I found this place. I couldn’t explain it to my friends, my family but I knew.

I think if you interviewed Mary, what are you doing Mary? I can’t explain it to you. I have to see Elizabeth. I’m not saying angels come to us but God comes to us and does something on the inside. We are born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible of the word of God that lives and abides forever.

Lk 1:39 why was she in a hurry? When you want to connect the dots, there is an urgency about it. Passion, interest. I have to find this out.

I remember reading the Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey who wrote about Bible prophecy, the coming of Christ. There was an urgency about it. Anyone know the Bible? I was on a college campus and nobody knew the Bible. I went to a small meeting with Christians and they had a guest speaker. I listened to him and my heart was burning in me. I won’t say I’m in a hurry but was focused on finding out.

She had to find Elizabeth because the angel had told her and she needed some kind of affirmation.

vs. 40-41. The spiritual. It’s hard to explain it. It’s internal. The spiritual life. It’s amazing. The air on your face. When Jesus talked to Nicodemus he said being born of the Spirit is like the wind. You don’t know where it comes from. You walk out here and a light wind touches your cheek. Today it’s coming from, I’m not sure, but I checked on my phone. It touches your cheek. Where is coming from? Maybe from Canada or the Atlantic Ocean east toward Long Island. That wind has been there. After it touches me, where does it go? To Canada, south. Jesus is saying the spiritual life is like that. A lot of it you cannot map it out. The spiritual life is internal and personal. When we are born of the Spirit, there is something God has put in us, a world of joy, rejoicing, faith, love, relationship. The reality is important. I do feel it on my cheek. I can’t say much about it beyond that. In a way I don’t know about it. I need to know a new birth is a very real thing. When believing in Christ you are born again and that spiritual life is in you. When you hear a voice like Mary, Elizabeth said the baby six months of age moves in her. Not a physiological reason but he moved because of joy.

vs 41-42. How many women were in Israel at the time? Maybe 2 or 3 million at the time of Christ in Israel. Let’s say half were women. Mary is the one that God chose. When Elizabeth said this, how pregnant was Mary? Flat. She’s days pregnant. Elizabeth prophesied. The spiritual life is like that. God will speak to you. The Word of God is preached and you can hear it and realize this is true. The Second Coming of Christ. Christ is coming. First time. Second time. He’s coming back. The first time he came as a servant. Meek, humble, persecuted, attacked, crucified. The second time as the King of Kings. Does it bear witness to you and you believe those words? Yes, the Holy Spirit bears witness. This is communication and connection.

vs 43. That must have knocked Mary off her feet spiritually speaking. You know that I am pregnant? Say it again. I need to hear that. The angel said it. I came here to meet you and now you are telling me it’s true. How much this is happening in the life of the Spirit. How much the Holy Spirit is saying to us in many ways, stay on track. I will uphold you and keep you. You are increasing with me. I have a message not a message in the flesh. A message from God that is unique and others don’t know about it. Elizabeth knows and Mary knows for they are filled with the Spirit.

vs. 43. This is out of the ball park, out of the box. This is words a human being would never say…the mother of my Lord would come to me? She is a young girl looking like a young girl would look, not married and so on. So we speak things not spoken by men. We are speaking from God’s word. We are believing things others are not believing. They are part of our spiritual DNA. He is risen and he is coming again. Our sins are forgiven. The blood has washed them away. We have been raised with him. We are seated in heavenly places. We are living by faith. Our prayers are hear by our heavenly Father. The new covenant is a covenant of grace and not law. There are things we hear that resonate on the inside. This is how it works.

vs. 44. I could imagine some brother in trouble today in a prison cell or some other kind of trouble. Maybe he lost his money or friend or a child or a wife… Trouble. I can imagine on the outside. Later in the message we will speak about the book of Esther. You can imagine on the outside that can happen in life. It doesn’t mean I’m being punished by God. It doesn’t mean I’ve done something wrong.

1 Pet 4:12 says don’t marvel at the fiery trial that comes upon you suddenly. In the words of Christ, these words speak to you…in the world you shall have tribulation but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. Man is born unto trouble like sparks go up and water comes down. Man is in the world where the laws of life happen and trouble is part of life. Be of good cheer. Here comes the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. I have overcome the world. The Comforter. The body of Christ. This is the day before Christmas and in the last couple weeks we have been celebrating in many ways with parties, family get together with family and friends. World does business buying and selling and we do business in our faith. We assemble and should do it all the more as we see the day coming. I don’t want to leave you with negative feelings but we are in troublesome times. There is talk of war on the streets. There is threats and dangers. There is a human who has planned a genocide and uses the instruments of the king who is oblivious what is happening in his empire.

Haman has this evil design for the extermination of the Jewish people. Haman is on the external. There are two characters that have something going on internally and they are Mordecai, the uncle of Esther. They both are Jews that understand. They represent another way. A way different from the world of Haman. I have some material here on the Nazi party and what they thought about the Book of Esther. You can google it and read it. Google PURIM and read it and find it fascinating. The demons are against the Jews. The demons from the devil contest God. They defy him. Anything God does the devil is there in defiance. Haman is a man who dies but where do the demons go? They don’t die. They go to another man who also has power and influence. Demons are looking for a way for men to murder, lie, kill, and destroy the holy seed. The promises of God are based on this seed which is Christ. Before Christ the seed that goes back to the promise of Abraham. There was an attempt to exterminate all the seed of David and a nurse hid one of the children in the temple. He was six years old. Christ born and wise men came. Herod came. He said when you find him, tell me and I’ll come and worship him. They left. He woke up one day angry and ordered the killing of children two years and younger. Out in the world externally is the work not only of ignorant people, naïve people but there is a spirit of evil against what God is doing.

The internal Psalm 1 is challenged externally in Psalm 2:1. Why the kings of the earth are against that Lord and his seed and God’s anointed. Why is there externally a design and a program for the obliteration, extermination, destruction of God’s people? Two things.

First one the internal. vs. 46. Do you see the two words, soul and spirit? We believe there are three parts to people, spirit, soul and body. Internal life, the deepest part of a man is his spirit. She said my spirit rejoices. The spirit in a person in communion with God and there is joy. The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord.

Spirit rejoicing, soul magnifies in vs. 46. My soul magnifies.

Vs. 47-48. …his mercy from…55. If we were to reduce these words into a simple phrase, Mary is saying Elizabeth and me, God has visited the humble and exalted us. Mary could say me? She knows it is me. But where are the proud? The proud are not involved. They are sent away empty. Where are the rich? They can’t get enough gifts to satisfy their hunger and desire. I read the rich can’t find the things to give. The things valuable enough or maybe tired or exhausted. I have sent the rich empty away but the humble. These two women are saying we see it. Blessed are the meek. They shall inherit the earth. We got it. It is in us. We are leaping and rejoicing in something God has done that has transcended this world.

Don’t be envious of the rich in Ps 73. Rejoicing that God has spoken to us and is for us. Rejoice in this our world is an everlasting one. The Spirit of God is our joy and our peace.

I have a poem about the day after Christmas. You know the poem the poem the Night before Christmas? This was the day after. “When all through the place there were arguments and depression.  Even mom had a long face. Twas the day after Christmas. The stockings hung empty and the house was a mess. The new clothes didn’t fit and dad was under stress. The family was irritable and the children no one could please, because the instructions for this swing set were written in Chinese. The bells no longer jingled and no carolers came around; the sink was stacked with dishes and the tree was turning brown.   The stores were filled with people returning things that fizzled and failed, and the shoppers were discouraged because everything they bought was now on half-price sale. The day after Christmas the spirit of joy had disappeared; the only hope on the horizon was twelve bowl games the first of the New Year.”

Mary and Elizabeth have something going on. I want you to have it. Something going on with the books we read. When you can’t get moving after reading a book for 15 minutes, put it down. Maybe it’s not the book for you. Read your Bible back and forth every way you can. Read different translations.

You have an internal life of Psalm 1.

You can read Psalm 1 and 2 and compare them. Psalm 1 is the meditation of a man or woman of God, the internal life.

vs. 1. You have to discern the counsel of the wicked. You have to recognize it. Ignore it, block it out. Recognize the nature of it. And say no. Say it quietly. Say it three times. Say it loud! Not going to happen. Learn how to say no. No! It can’t happen. I don’t want it. Never going to happen. Not in my house. Turn it off. Don’t talk like that. Be encouraging and edifying. The wicked are down our throats every day externally but they can’t find a handle internally because we have another way of thinking internally. Mary and Elizabeth have a party over what God is saying and they are convinced. They are encouraged in it though nobody would believe them. This has to be in our life too. When the wicked say what they say, many means and facets of communication and all of their influence, all means. Even in the church it can happen. You have to discern it and recognize it. I don’t want to live by the counsel of the wicked. I want to learn another way. I need this book in my spirit and heart. I want to say yes. Amen. Halleluiah. That’s how I’m going to live. I was thinking of preaching a barn burning message. The barn is on fire and no way to put it out. That kind of preaching is important in our life. We need to realize what is wrong and what arrogance is. No, can’t do it. The internal life is where this comes from.

Ps 2:1, I want to say anti-Semitism is not from God, not the Holy Spirit. Being against the Jewish people in any way. I may disagree about some issue but generally when you find a whole country that is anti-Semitic then in the leadership there is a Haman. It’s demonic. I can only say it in general terms. You have to say God has a plan. God is for Israel. God is for the Jewish people. In this country there can be anti-Semitism. You are to recognize it and say that is not of God. In Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Russia, and other countries there can be a policy and words and action that is anti-Semitic. That’s on the external. Internally, I love these people. I pray for Israel. I pray for their salvation to realize who Christ is. We love everybody. This kind of demonic spirit which is externally not in our hearts internally. It cannot be. When John the Baptist leaped in his mother’s womb, one important leap leads to another. He was filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb. He had a calling on his life. He walked in it and brought revival to Israel to prepare for the coming of Messiah. Let’s get serious. Follow God. Look for God. One is coming who is greater than I. That was his mission. It was over in 1.5 years. Herod beheaded him. The external powers of evil are very real. If you are an upright person, you will find the opposition on the outside is a real thing. They will target the upright.

2 Tim 2 we will suffer persecution. The upright, the godly will. Bring it on. Out of us, will come forth honey. Out of the dead lion comes honey Samson said. We died but live a different way. We lost our life but now honey comes out of the carcass of the lion. The whole kingdom on the earth is based on him because it’s a spiritual kingdom that has no end. No lie can dethrone it. No action can take it apart. God’s work, God’s way in this world. Elizabeth and Mary were singing about it and recognizing it in the very early beginning. Right there. It’s an example for us.


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