Rebellion happened among the angels. Are you vexed by today’s spirits and temptations? God is ready and able to bring us through. (2 Peter 2)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12208
7:00 PM on 12/1/2021

P. Schaller –

I’ll tell you right up front what we are going to teach tonight, so this will be just a short introduction. 2 Peter 1 and
2 – we’re going to look at chapter 2 a little later, but that’s the material. Chapter 1 we read here
starting from vs. 10 and this book flows so nicely in it’s spiritual logic and it’s message.
By the way, the way you and I understand God is not just an intellectual understanding. It is
spiritual, that you understand things the way Jesus did.

By the way, look at Isaiah 11. There’s a very profound verse here. Isaiah 11:2 regarding the
Messiah. Where does the understanding come from? Is it intellectual? No, it is spiritual. What’s
the difference? They go together, but people can intellectually understand the Bible but not
spiritually. They can intellectually understand Christianity but not spiritually.

They may go to a church but do they know God? They might understand things but what do
they know in their Spirit. This is a real thing that you have the Spirit of God in your spirit.
Look at it. It describes Jesus. How was he so effective? How was he so wise? How was he
penetrating? How come they said no man has spoken like this man (Luke 4:42)? Because of the
Spirit. That’s what it was. How come in church history there are some ministries that have just
torn it up like D. L. Moody and Billy Graham and these men of God? How come? The Spirit of
God. Why do we have prayer on Wednesday worldwide for Greater Grace? I talked to Russia
today, Moscow, P. Teplov. He said today’s the day of prayer and fasting for Greater Grace.
Wednesday. The first Wednesday of every month. He goes – he said this – I believe our
churches are doing very well. I like to hear somebody who is on the outside who is on the inside
is saying it like that. I liked it. It was good.

vs. 2. Count these words. Wisdom and understanding. Those are two. Spirit of counsel, #3.
Spirit of might, #4. Spirit of knowledge, #5. And of the fear of the Lord, #6. And his delight is in
the fear of the Lord, #7.

Now look at vs. 3. Imagine not living by what you see. He’s not judging by the sight of his eyes.
It’d be like if he was watching our country, how would he see it? By the sight of his eyes? No, it
would be the Holy Spirit would show him. He would show him what is happening. The Holy
Spirit would show him what’s going on in Israel. He would show him about the Pharisees. He
would show him the disciples. And he would talk to them and they would wonder how does he
know this? How does he know this? So this is a function of your life. I say this to you to
encourage you because this is real. This is real in your life. This is why you and I are here. We
are not judging by what we see nor by what we hear, vs. 3. But instead we have spiritual
intuition. Isn’t that good? Okay.

Go back to 2 Peter 1. Polly Hill went to be with the Lord, and I talked to Brian Hill yesterday for a
few minutes. She was such a sweet believer and very precious person. He said she always
wanted to go to heaven. She was anticipating it. Anticipating going to heaven. I’m thinking this is
normal for us. We anticipate our welcome in heaven. This is chapter 1:11.
I actually believe this is when we die, two angels came to take the poor man and they took him
to heaven and there was an entrance there. It was a big welcome. I wonder who will welcome
us, right, when we go. This is something we live in while we are here. While we are on the earth,
we are part of a kingdom that is right here with us and it’s more than our eyes and more than
our ears in the natural, but it’s spiritual eyes, spiritual ears. And Peter writing in this epistle is
ready to go himself. He said the Lord had showed him that he is going to put off this tabernacle,
vs. 12-14.

What does he mean? As long as I’m in this tent, this physical body. This is my tent. I stir you up
by reminding you. He’s speaking about it. I stir you up by speaking about it. This is as long as
I’m on the earth in this tent, but I will leave my tent, vs. 14.

Peter is writing about leaving, but before he leaves, he wants to encourage them. He’s going to
tell them about the period of time they are living in, because they are heavily persecuted. The
Roman Empire is bearing down ruthlessly on Christians and it’s going to get worse. Peter is
writing this and he’s saying even as the world goes this way, God knows how to deliver the
godly out of temptation as he did just Lot.

I’ll close in a minute. vs. 15. After I’m gone, you’ll have a reminder of what I’m teaching you
because false teachers are coming in. They are in the church. They are false teachers. There is
error. There is presumption. There is arrogance. There is ungodliness.
vs. 16. Somebody said to me the world is 40 million, 400 million, whatever the number. 400
million years ago the dinosaurs and so on. 400 million? What is that number mean? 400 million.
Are we talking about fairy tales? 400 million years? I’m going to believe like you know what
happened 400 million years ago? What are you nuts? Okay. That’s my thing. I studied that as
an unbeliever in college. That was my major, biology. I studied that. I only lasted until I got
saved and then I left! I was there two years, so I didn’t study it that intensely but I’m not totally
naive about what the world teaches about our world and what this is about. I’m not totally naive
about it. I know what they are saying.

And I would say Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, born of a virgin. The Son of God. Jesus
Christ said, “let there be light” and there was light. He made out of the dust Adam. He put him to
sleep. By the way, where did language come from? Nobody can figure that out. I was reading
about it yesterday. Do you know that some of the most sophisticated language that is known by
man and it’s all scientifically documented and analyzed and so on is from the North American
Indians? The Hopi Indians and the Comanche Indians. Their vocabulary and the way their
language – we use them in World War I and World War II for our code in the military. I think we
had 375 Comanche Indians that were working for the U. S. military.

Where did the language come from? Why is the language the way it is? Well, I know this: when
God made Adam, Adam gave names to the animals and he did it because God gave him the gift
of language. Now, you might say, Pastor Schaller, you’re out of your mind! I’ll say back to you,
we have not followed cunningly devised fables. We are not out of our minds. It’s just that people
don’t know the Bible. It’ proves itself over and over again. It is so clear. If you stand in the land
of Israel in the city of David and you go through the documentation and the archeology, if you go
through the Scripture, you’re shocked. It’s amazing. You go through the history, it’s
unbelievable. There’s so many evidences regarding the existence of God and the work of God.
It is unbelievable. It is shocking, but people don’t want it. They would rather talk about 400
million years ago.

400 million what? Grains of sand? No, years. I don’t even know what that
looks like. I don’t know what 400 million grains of sand looks like. I don’t understand it. I’m kind
of worked up! I wasn’t this way a few minutes ago.
Okay. Wait a minute. This is important because my main message tonight what we are going to
study is the world is going in a bad way. The world is on a bad track and we read it in 2 Peter 2.
But that doesn’t have much to do with me except the fact that it encourages me to stay on the
right track. It encourages me. I have not followed a lie but they have. I have not followed a way
of life that is destructive. I have followed God, and God again and again delivers the godly, the
righteous. He delivers the upright. Again and again he delivers us. And that’s a very good thing,
because in a wicked day these people need to see somebody. A group of people that are
having a really good time.

Do you know during the covid time, we had one of the best times of our lives. Woopie! If we
didn’t die, and if you did die, then you went to be with God. You win. It’s a win-win. We had a
great attitude because we think like this. If you think like this in covid, can you think like this in
prison, can you think like this at work, can you think like this when you are sick or when you are
old? Yeah, because we have followed a way of thinking that is spiritually imparted to us and
able to build us up and give us an inheritance that is undefiled, that does not pass away. That is
real food. It is able to establish you in your faith. So like we saw in a challenging time that we did not fear.

Why didn’t you fear death? Because we have Christ. Why aren’t you afraid, confused,
worried, anxious? Why aren’t you empty? Well we are sometimes. We are sometimes, but we
have learned to walk with God. And as we walk with God, he picks us up again. When we
stumble, we don’t utterly fall in Psalm 145. When we are kind of confused or upset or something
like this, we settle down. We wait upon God. Be still and know that I am God he says. Come
unto me and learn of me. I am meek and lowly. My yoke is easy; my burden is light.
But I want to say and this is our main message, it’s not that way in the world. I want to kind of
describe that tonight. What is going on in the world and then what is going on in your life. There
should be a difference between what is going on in the world as we know it.

That word “world” is an important word in our theology, so I think that’s enough for now. Amen. (Prayer). Wow! That
was sweet, wasn’t it? (the song). You know Esther – I was saying to Jesse, I knew her dad
when he was like a teenager. We were living in Finland and he was a cello player at the Sibelius
Academy. His girlfriend who became his wife, her mother also musicians and very – there was a
dorm…we had a revival in our church at this music academy. Our church services were like an
orchestra. We had cellists, violinists, pianists, flutists, wow! They’re playing these simple little –
you know. Godly people. And Esther is a precious believer. And this is not so well known about
her. She is a trapeze artist in a circus in Finland and travels around the world as a trapeze artist,
swinging, and the elephants down below and she swings and spins and falls and is caught and
survives so she can sing to us tonight.

And uh, and when she came here she came by faith. Because of covid, there weren’t a lot of circuses going on because of covid, so she came for another year of Bible school or until December. And then when she decided to stay another
semester, the offers came in to be in the circus or Sweden or wherever it was. She goes that’s
just like the devil, you know! I have no work until I make a big decision for God and then, you
know. The devil is at the door. But um, God is there, too. So thank you, Esther. Great job.
I have one annoucement to ask for prayer for P. Obed. He wrote an email to me November 18th
, a couple weeks ago. Many of you know him. Miracle story. His salvation from the Taliban. He’s
an Afghani. He was a fighter at the age of 17 in wars in Afghanistan. A Muslim, a Communist,
an atheist. He’s a really interesting person.

A book should be written about him. He miraculously became a believer in Christ. His life was threatened. He flew out of Afghanistan to New Delhi, India. He met P. Narg. He met P. Carl. P. Carl discipled him. He became a GG pastor. Two
churches in Delhi with Afghanis. Great stories. He was 6 years in India and then immigrated to
Toronto, and he’s a pastor there reaching the Aghanis by all means.
He wrote, “by God’s grace I was able to rescue about 275 Aghan Christians from Afghanistan as
they are staying in a refugee camp in Abu Dhabi. Their lives are safe in the camp. The camp
authorities are asking them to find a third country where they can be settled. A church in the
USA agreed to sponsor 14 families through the parole refugee application which is open for all
refugees if they have a church sponsor in the U.S.” I believe that church is in South Dakota or
North Dakota.

There are around 40 Christian families in the camp and there are still 26 families
that have no sponsor and they need our help. Therefore, after prayer, I decided to write this
email to you to see if our church, Greater Grace, can sponsor some of these families through
the parole application so they can come to the U.S. And join us. So I kindly request you to
please pray for them, and if it is possible for the Greater Grace Baltimore or other branches in
the U.S. to sponsor these families, that would be a great blessing. They need to inform the
camp authorities that they have an application by the end of January, 2022. I will be waiting for
your reply. Thanks and kindly please keep us in your prayers.”

So this is a question to you folks: should we do this? Should we receive – the Taliban took over
Aghanistan. Christians fled for their lives. We are supporting five families in Pakistan from
Aghanistan to do something about it, and now we have this opportunity in front of us. So I ask
for your prayers and we are going to work on it and find out more. We’ll have a rap not tonight
but in the coming weeks in classroom #2 or in here about the information that we gather.
Probably it means some kind of guarantee, some kind of support. So I could imagine in my mind
a couple families, three or ten or more, twenty, living in Baltimore, coming to our church, having an Aghan Bible study, teaching them English, helping them get adjusted, living in our country
and being a part of our church. I could see some of them going to Bible college, getting training
and going out on the mission field one day.

Who knows? But why not think a dream? Why not believe God for these things as I know you do. So that’s what I’m thinking. Okay. Would you turn in your Bibles and I’ll get my Ipad here to 2 Peter 2. Chapter 2 we have Peter
very concerned about the church. vs. 1. Know who your teachers are. Are they teaching the
truth? Know your doctrine. Study it. Be persuaded that the Spirit would teach you. When you sit
in the assembly, the Holy Spirit is faithful to guide us in the truth and to know that Jesus Christ is
indeed God, that he rose from the dead, that his blood atones for our sin. We are baptized into
him, into the Body. We have eternal life now. We have a new birth and new heart and the Holy
Spirit in us. These doctrines are critical.

But there will be false teachers and we see that happening with rainbow flags that are – by the
way, immoral living is a number one indicator. Immoral living or lying or deceitfulness is an
indicator of falsehood, false teaching. Because the teaching must affect our character. Our
character is holy (1 Peter 1:16). When you are holy in the Holy Spirit, that’s the only holiness we
have is to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that affects our character and that affects our
teaching. I mean the influence or persuasion that we have in the teaching. We are able to
persuade people in godliness. So this is happening amongst us for decades and we are thankful
for it. And it can continue on and on.

By the way, D. L. Moody’s church is at least 150 years old and they are on their seventh pastor
and they are rock solid. I understand they are doing the work and they are spiritually minded
people and growing in grace. This can happen to us, too. We’re not stopping. We just go day by
day in Christ and learn and grow. But unfortunately liberal theology, departure from the Bible,
different forms of the faith, various denominations are many times dominated by power
structures, not godliness. They are empowered by their traditions, not the Holy Spirit. And the
man that is in front of you teaching, he could be a man of God. He could be Spirit filled and he
could be anointed of God to help the brothers and sisters in the faith, and we are thankful for
that. But not everybody and the same with us.

You could have a Greater Grace pastor who also
has departed somehow in his heart and in his teaching and in his mind. So you and I are to be
students of this book and to be persuaded in our own minds how to live and how you want to be
godly. I want to be godly. That’s what’s happened to us. You love God because he loves you.
You love God.

So what is happening in the world? We have here this is in the second century happening. First
century as well but it really takes us more, there’s more persecution. There’s persecution but
theological heresy in the second century and so this is what this chapter is about. We have – let
me see if I can find this one, right? Okay. This one. These are the words I want you to notice in
this chapter: #1. false teachers, vs. 2. “pernicious or destructive ways.” vs. 3. “covetousness and
deceptive words.” vs. 8. “lawless deeds.” This is Sodom and Gomorrah in vs. 6.

Now, what would it be like to live in Sodom and Gomorrah? We have no real record except what
we have in Ge. 19 of course which is a great record of it. But I’m saying it’s just homosexuality is
what it’s known for, sexual perversion and so on. It’s rampant in the society and so that’s how
we think of Sodom and Gomorrah and where the word “sodomy” comes from. Okay, so what
are some other words that would characterize these people? What was it like for Lot when he
lived in Sodom and Gomorrah? What kind of conversations would there be on the street? What
kind of attitudes would people have? And then where else do we see this point being made in
the Scripture about the times when there is – 2 Timothy 3 described of the end times.

That in the end days there will be perilous times on the earth. So we have a few periods in history where it
is marked by this ungodliness and they are Noah’s day, in the time of Jonah and 2 Peter brings
that out. In the time of Noah. What was it like then? What were the people, what did they like
say? How arrogant were they or deceived or hypocritical? Was it dangerous when Noah was
there and he finds himself very different from the society.

When Lot was in Sodom and Gomorrah we have the story there but then I’d like to feel it more
like practically. What was it like to live in Sodom and Gomorrah? And it bothered Lot. It says it
vexed him. It troubled him when he lived in that society.
Here’s a very good point. Does it trouble me when I live today in our society where you see
leaders pushing an ungodly agenda and the educational system promoting also ungodliness.
What is ungodliness? Look at this list: lust of uncleanness, unlawful deeds, filthy conversation,
covetousness. What is this? Pernicious and destructive ways, false teachers. It’s amazing.
False teachers.

Theologically? Yes, but in all ways. In various misleading ideas. Very moral or
illogical or nonsensical ideas. What? What? And you can fill it in and think about it. This is in this
chapter. But in the heart of the chapter is a word here that I want you to notice. It’s chapter 2:9. He is
saying I want you to live there at the time of Noah, but actually listen to this. This is incredible.
Another time used to reference this whole moral, this whole spirit is in heaven when Lucifer
rebelled against God and went through heaven. Before he was thrown out, he led a rebellion in
heaven against God and a third of the angels fell. So this example of evil in heaven. Cause it
says and there was war in heaven. I can see war on earth, but I don’t see war in heaven. But
there was war in heaven. What kind of war? This same thing that we see, that we should see. If
you don’t see it or feel it, then you should go before God and say God help me because I want
to have a spiritual mind in the days I’m living in.

I want to be enlightened. I want to have a
spiritual I.Q. When I realize like what is happening in the world, I’m not afraid of it because the Lord knows
how to deliver. This is a good verse. He knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation. He
has put us here just like the angels were in heaven when Lucifer did his campaign. There’s no
understanding of how long he had or how it happened but he connected. He connected with a
third of the angels and God gave him that time whatever we would call it. That opportunity. And
he did it. He did it because he’s good at it cause he’s effective. He came here and he’s been
doing it ever since. He has. He has. He can deceive the whole world (Rev. 12:9) but not you.
Wow! Come on! Really? Yeah, not me.

Come on! How could you say that? I can because that’s what we read in the Scripture that he sent Christ. Christ was not deceived. Christ was not misled. He was tempted but he was delivered out of it. He was not deceived. He was not wrong. He is the way, the truth and the life. That same Christ dwells in you and that bugs the devil to no
end. That messes his head up. That messes him up. That people like you and I could be
humble enough and simple enough and be given grace so that we with the Holy Spirit would
have an I.Q. where we would say that’s wrong. I don’t accept that. That’s okay. You do your
thing. I do my thing. That’s important. You do your thing. I do my thing. That’s the key. That’s
big. You do what you got to do. I do what I got to do.

You do your thing. You can go on the road to hell; I’m on the road to heaven. You go in your pernicious, deceitful way. I have found another way. Narrow is the way. Few that be that find it, but when you find it, you find abundant life. You
are encouraged. You are loved, and you are edified. By the way, you are way beyond other
people in a certain sense. Nobody is better, but we have the Holy Spirit helping us live a fruitful
and abundant life in an evil time.

Okay. So that’s really the message for tonight. Let’s just let it sit there and cook for a few
minutes. We have another slide here. Go to the next part of the chapter, vs. 12. That phrase
could kind of catch you off guard. It would be like people are like this. They can be like this.
They are just like angry, violent, not reasonable, emotional, and they can act impulsively and we
have people that just could go out the door, murder somebody and go back home and eat
lunch. It’s like they don’t have – maybe they have a conscience about it. They’re like an animal.
They’re like a wild animal without mercy. Animals don’t give mercy. Animals are violent,

The animals that we’re talking about.  Natural brute beasts. They’re just made to be
caught and destroyed. How could he compare people to these beasts. How could people be
compared? Because he’s saying if you have ever spent any time in a prison, then you would say
you understand that verse. If anybody has had any time in a prison with people who do not have
a sense of conscience. They do not think the way you do. They are more like an animal. And where are they living? They are living in Sodom and Gomorrah and in the time of Noah. They
became demons. They were cast out of heaven and they became demons. And virtually it’s the
same thing. They’re in this world and they are doing things.
It has a terrible, vulgar, violent sound to it.

But I just wanted to make a point about it cause it’s
written there in the Scriptures. It says in vs. 12. they speak evil about us because they don’t
understand us. They don’t understand us.
This one thing bugs me. This is interesting. This is your church, right? Is this your church?
Okay, this is my church. Do we know each other? How many years have we been together?
Let’s say we’ve been together two years, four years, six years. This is your church. Do you know
us? Do you know our nature? Do you know how we live? Do you know what we teach? Do you
know us? Is this your family? You should know. You should discern. You can ask questions.
You can ask questions about money. Talk to the trustees. It’s totally open. Integrity is important
to us because we build trust and transparency is part of that.

So what if you go out on the street four miles that way. You meet somebody and they go,
Greater Grace. Oh, I’ve been to Greater Grace. I know how bad it is. I go to Greater Grace. You
do? Oh, I need to talk to you. What are you going to talk to me? I got to talk to you. I got a lot of
things to tell you about Greater Grace. I don’t want to hear. Come with me to Greater Grace and
we can talk over there. Okay. It’s similar to my wife and I being married. I go out on the street
four miles that way. I met a guy who knows my wife and he says I know this person, Lisa
Schaller, and I got to talk to you about her. What? What do you know about her? What do you
know about her? I’m married to her. What? You don’t know? You don’t know about her? What
do you know about her that I don’t know? That would be ridiculous. Why would I listen to people
who are – what are they doing? Why, what do they want to say to me? What am I giving my ear
to? What am I listening to?

Look at the verse. Where is it. Did it move there or was it always there? They speak evil without
understanding. What am I encouraging you to do? Understand. Understand. And to speak with
love and truth cause the world is filled with discord. They can slander you. Take you out. Speak
evil of you and they can divide a church. They can spread discord. They can sow discord. It’s
the nature of the world system. They spoke evil of Christ. They called him Beelzebub. They
said he has a demon, that he has no father. That’s what they said in John. He has no father.
They didn’t know what they were talking about. He had a father for sure. Our God, Father God.
So, look at vs. 13. They feast with you? Yes, they are in our presence. They are feasting with
us. What do you mean? We go to coffee together. They are sowing. They will take you away
from the faith. How can they take me away? Because I’m weak. Cause they are false teachers.
Cause they are liars and they are deceitful.

My son Justin told me a funny story about a guru from India who came here from the West and
he had his message that he didn’t need to eat food. He had a big following. He said he had this
big following and people were following him because he didn’t eat food and then they caught
him one night at the 7Eleven at 2:00 in the morning. And his ministry collapsed. Or his
movement or whatever it was called.

Do you know who these people are that you are sitting with tonight? Do you know what our
motivation is, our hearts, our attitudes, our works. A good tree bears good fruit. None of us are
talking about perfection, but we are talking about God delivering the godly. God raising up a
standard. God filling us with his Spirit. God leading us in where we are at and what we are doing
and what we are thinking. We are promoting Jesus Christ. We are not promoting Greater Grace.
We’re not promoting the City of Baltimore or the ministry in Baltimore. We are promoting Jesus
Christ. That’s always been my message.
When I went to Finland as a missionary, they said what is your message? Jesus Christ. Who is
your pastor? Dr. Stevens. Come and meet him, but he’s not my message.

My message is Jesus Christ and who Jesus Christ is in the Bible. That’s what my pastor taught me. Magnifying Christ.
That’s the nature of the ministry. You see we’re on a good road and God is able to deliver us, so
we are not worried about Sodom and Gomorrah. The world goes this way. God has told it to us
already. This is the way it’s going. Go to the next one.
vs. 15. All we can say to the people we are living amongst that are amongst us today is it is so
possible for you, it is so possible for you to have a different life. To be a Spirit filled person and
satisfied. To be wise. It’s so possible for you to be happy in this age we are living in. It’s so
possible for you to be finding Christ in little things and doing little things in faith.
I read on the radio recently that this wealthy woman had these Waldorf Astoria hotel towels in
her house, and then she found one of her maids was stealing them.

So she fired the maid. The thief fired the other thief. What should she have done before God? I have these towels that I
have taken from the hotel and I should return them because I live before God. Search my heart,
right? And have a talk with the maid. Maybe talk to the maid about it, too. Let’s do the right
thing. The world has hypocrisy. No searching of the heart. Christians have an asset. We have a
benefit. We can search our hearts. We have the Holy Spirit who searches us and leads us in
love. And we have the wisdom to understand it.

And if you and I live like this in our life of faith, we will come home rejoicing and the people in
Sodom and Gomorrah will say, who are you? What are you doing? What is going on? And they
may have no capacity and they may have no interest. That may be what it is but it doesn’t
bother me. I’m sorry for it. We have found Christ and enjoy him and that’s it.
Lastly, one last thing. How does God deliver the godly out of this? How does he deliver us?
There’s four things I could think of. Angels. He knows how to deliver the godly by angels. #2.
People. He can send somebody to you that could deliver you. A person or a ministry that could
be used by God to help you. Pastors. Teachers. He can send people.

#3. He can do circumstances that are miraculous. He can move a mountain. He can lift you up in the sea. He
can catch you from falling out of the sky. He can do miracles that are extraordinary. He can
deliver you by the still small voice by the Holy Spirit in your heart and he’ll say, don’t go that
way. Go this way. My still small voice will lead you. I know how to deliver the godly out of
temptation. Then when you are living in this world that we are living in, we are able to say God
did it. I talk about God. I think about God.

I praise God day and night. I rejoice with God. I sing
about God. God has given me friends. I have godly friends. I have a godly life. My life has been
changed by God. God is real and God loves you. You have followed cunningly devised fables
but I have not. I have followed the resurrected Christ and the Word of God and that’s what my
testimony is about. We can say that. Amen. Would you pray with me,  please.


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