Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11720
7:00 PM on 7/24/2019



P. Gary

Right after Convention, a group of five of us – Bruce Graham, Sophia, Mary and Allison – we went to Budapest. We did evangelism. We didn’t know each other when we left but as a team, we got to know each other. One testimony. P. Kende, it was an amazing time with him. He resurrected a mime team. The first night, I was painting faces. Getting ready for the mime and had white on my fingers. I turned around and looked and there is someone I know from Baltimore, but they live over there and I haven’t seen them for a year. We look at each other and are trying to figure out where are we. We had a great conversation. We did a mime and preaching. I looked over and there was a group of Scandinavian people. They stand out a little bit. I start walking over to them. The first person was Andy Lange. I didn’t say his name. I looked over and right there was Lydia Foekens. We were in some obscure shopping center in Budapest. This is our first night. We prayed for divine appointments and then I see this girl Esther, and this girl is crying next to her. I walk over to her. She is this girl I knew from six years ago from being in the Czech camp. She was finding her way in life. She happened to run into us in that place.

My flight leaving Budapest, my gate is next to P. Yosef Marian and he’s out of the country. It starts with a P. Pakistan. The team we were with, it was so beautiful to have team life. You see into someone’s life and trust God. It was so beautiful the team we had. I was with P. Jack Wheatley one Sunday in Elgin, Illinois and see him believe God for the city of Elgin. He started a prayer meeting for the U.S. pastors. Get on that line and listen. It was so encouraging to hear them pray for their churches and pray for each other. We were in Marlboro and did a mission’s conference. The Hulett’s will be going to the northern part of Albania.

I was with P. Moore. Something I learned from him in terms of ministry. I was trying to figure out who he is. Something slipped out. Maybe he doesn’t want you to know. One secret he has in ministry he says he knows he’s going to love that person to the end. He’s not going to judge them or manipulate them in the middle. I want to love them to the end. He’s sending texts to people while we were there. The way he ministers to people is so beautiful. Nothing interferes with his ability to love people. Love them to the end. That’s the way Christ is. That was a short testimony from summer harvest.

This Friday at 6 p.m. summer harvest continues. We leave on a bus at 6:00 (for Wilmington, DE).


P. Schaller

That was great. I felt he wanted to preach. Did you want to, Nick? You’re not done. Did you enjoy that. Isn’t that awesome. Let’s stand up and have a good attitude about yourself and people and towards God. Good attitude. Amen. Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! Isn’t that good? Tommy Yanosky, was that good? Do you want to do it the next time? Praise God! Amen. Wow. Awesome.

Have a good attitude. Praise the Lord. Say a prayer. Would you stand up one more time. Have a good attitude. Live in faith. We said a prayer. Give your neighbor a good hug. A handshake. I want to get that hug part in there because I know some of you want to unleash a hug on someone!

We’re going to go to a few different verses and draw a simple diagram and ask you to bear with me as we think of a principle tonight about our inner life, our force, and then our inner life. Our influence and our inner life. Our words and inner life. Our physical force with our arms and legs and our activity. Our legal force with the pen and documents. I draw it as a circle like this. And draw into the center a center. Is that clear? If I took a string with weight on the end and swing it around, what is the force that pulls it out? Centrifugal. And the force that pulls in? Centripetal. Two forces. This one is that force we could put here the word “lion.” Jesus was a lion. He had force and he had influence. No body could influence a person like Jesus Christ. If they were of God or not of God, but God could speak to their conscience and perhaps they wouldn’t sleep so well at night because they met Christ. They go away sad or they go away free. The middle one is meekness. The center. I’ll put the word “lamb.” When you are in the center and able to do this, you have a force but it’s a different kind. You have a spirit, meekness. This is where our strength is. When you have an inner life and the Spirit of God dwells in you, then you have a force, but it’s not necessarily seen. It’s a quiet trust, a relationship. We’ll speak about this a couple ways and we’ll be done.

We’ll be glad we are in God’s house. I am a companion of all them that fear thee. Ps 119. I was glad when they said let’s go up unto the house of God. Beautiful. The inner life is where you really live.

Prov. 16:32, you know sometimes it shows people are angry and it’s really close to their throat, right there in their mouth. Their anger is just waiting. They pull on the highway and immediately they are angry. The anger is in the wrong place. It’s a force. But where is the anger that comes from meekness. Jesus was meek but he was also angry. We read that in Jn 2, Mk 3. He had a godly anger because he hated sin and loved righteousness. Vs. 32b. How do you rule your spirit? By meekness. By surrender. By humility. By faith. By prayer. By worship. By seeing the invisible. By knowing there is something bigger than just words. This is another thing to share with you, about words. There are words of force. I can go to someone and with my tongue ream them out. The greater force is meekness. When there are words that come from meekness, they are different.

Prov. 25:28, we have ruling our spirit and then have no rule over my spirit. It’s like a city that is broken down and without walls. You know if a city doesn’t have walls, the enemy comes in easily. I think people are like that. When it’s only external life. Look at our diagram. If it’s only this kind of force, the anger, the throwing, the punch, the madness, it’s like a city without walls. You can overcome that person very easily. They are actually maybe going to destroy themselves. They don’t have any content, any inner force there. There is not a meekness there. They are not strong. They don’t have any walls. That’s the idea. 1 Jn. 3, maybe I should give you a minute to digest it. Why don’t I stop there for a minute and maybe the Spirit has said something to you so far. Maybe now is the time to say a sentence to your neighbor. And digest what we are talking about. I hope it’s not too abstract and you got something to digest in your heart.

Let’s use Jesus to illustrate. Jesus is a lion. What is the nature of him being a lion? His meekness before God. He’s a lamb before God. Some people think if you are a lamb, it’s not a good thing. Life is hard and I got to be tough and strong and live like a lion. They don’t realize we have a secret. Our secret is our inner life and the spirit we have is the Spirit of Christ. God dwells in us and he can afford to lose. He can be last, second, a door mat, a nobody because he is somebody on the inside. Our spirit has a witness with God. A missionary with a lot against you is okay. I can be a missionary and not know the language and have real challenges in my life. I could live with the team and if the spirit of the lamb, the Spirit of God is in us. What can happen is there is a force that comes from that life. There is actually a force but not our physical strength but our words.

We are in 1 Jn 3:18. What does that mean? Let’s make a diagram here. Words. One writer gave insight and said all words spoken can be put into two categories. One category is communication words and the other one is communion words. Communication is what you have on your iPhone. Communion is what you whisper into the ear of your one year old on his first birthday or into the ear of your girlfriend when you say I love you. Communion words. Let us not love in word. Let’s read the verse, vs. 18. We’ll put here deed and truth. Here we will put tongue and words. I love you. We do it a lot around here and my family we are always saying. I like those words and they are important words especially because I believe they mean something. There are a lot of words said and they can tire you out. This is very insightful. In marriage counseling, they have done research and when a couple is having difficulty in their marriage, those have said what is most important is communication. Express yourself. They have found communication doesn’t necessarily heal the problem. They talk and express their views but doesn’t mean they reconcile. Because communication can be force or lion. Strength. I’m a good talker. I’m able to convince you but I can’t touch your heart. Have you ever been with someone that can sell you lake front property in Nevada and they can sell you anything. They are good with words and force but three days later, I want to cancel the contract. In their presence they overwhelm me, but I thought about it in my heart and I didn’t want it.

The key to your life isn’t force. The key to your life and mine is love, is meekness, is faith, is communion. Did you get that? You’re awesome. You’re listening. Do you understand me? I’m always trying to get some idea.

Ec. 12:11, in a marriage conflict it may not be healed by communication. I might be healed by communion. In all of our relationships, we could talk all day and all night for weeks and months and years and still not get any closer. Imagine God in heaven saying I love you and nobody is listening because we are so filled with ourselves. On the other hand, when we are listening, Jesus said if you hear, you will receive more. Mk 4:24 as you hear, more is given. It’s like communion. Oh, that’s good. I want to hear more. Vs. 11. Goads are the prodding rod in husbandry where you are prodding an oxen or animal with a goad. You are sticking them to get them moving in the right direction. The words of the wise are like this instrument a farmer uses to get his cattle going. That’s why you come to church. You’ll get a goad. Hey, knock it off! (moo). Vs. 11. What words are these? These are the communion words, the words of the wise. They are like nails fastened. They are touching you in spirit. I heard something. I can take it home. I can think about it. The Spirit is speaking. The spirit of man. If you don’t have this spirit, we are like a city without walls. We are very vulnerable to what happens outside the city and how it can come in and affect me. If I have an inner life, these words of communion are what I build my life on. And the force I have is actually derived from the spirit of meekness and wisdom.

Vs. 11-12. I don’t think there can be a better title for Jesus Christ than be called, master or masters of assembly is pastor teacher. Paul said he is a wise master builder coming from one shepherd, one God. Vs. 12. He’ saying I got something else to say to you. You get your inner life anchored, but I want to warn you about the other kind of words. All the things being spoken. Vs. 12. Let me put here “books.” Many books. I like books. I love books. I got a library here and at home. I love books. But look at what it says. There is no end and much study is weariness of the flesh. Much knowledge can puff me up but not edify me. Much study but I don’t find God in the study. I do when I study the right kind of material. I know a funny statement. The Walden Pond guy, David Thoreau, someone said do you want a newspaper delivered to your cottage at Walden Pond? He said, no, I’ve already seen a newspaper. I don’t need it. I know what it is. This is my application of it. Communication can be very tiring. It’s wearisome. The amount of talking that can happen and the way we analyze life and look at life. I understand it. It can also be very forceful. We have found Christ and Christ’s force is derived from something very precious to us. We can discern the nature of his words. He said my words are spirit and life. Jn 6:63. My words are settled in heaven. Take heed to my word. I was like a sheep gone astray but quicken me according to your word. The word of God is quick, powerful. I don’t get weary but renewed in my mind in Rom 12:2. We have a fellowship here, but our desire is it won’t be simple communication but communion of the Holy Spirit. We would be built up and edified and the force, the result of that is a real thing.

Remember the parable at the end of Ec. 9 about the wise man that delivered the city. The machinery built around the city to destroy it. That’s a good application of Prov 25:28. The city had walls and was the wisdom of the wise man. The spirit will give your life walls. If you have walls you will be able to handle life better. We find a way we have communion with God. We are protected from the enemy. We find a way that man doesn’t have. It’s the way of God. We have found the answer deep in our heart in communion. We are weary but quickened. Fail but forgiven, troubled and discouraged but built up and edified. We are confused but find God whispers to us and leads us in the way we should go.

I’m encouraged by this message and thinking about it. I feel a lot of young people don’t have walls. They are very vulnerable. We work and care that people would find this inner life. Amen.





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