The wise men were drawn to a Baby to worship Him. Humble He came. He spoke as the One wiser than Solomon. He died for us on the Cross. He rose and went up and shall return with the clouds. (Matthew 2:1-2; 1 Kings 10:1-3; Revelation 1:7)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Bruce Wright
Sermon 12427
6:30 PM on 12/18/2022

P. Bruce Wright –

Let’s just consider this season. There were two people who found out what we were going to share this
evening. One is my father-in-law. He’s with us now in our home. And he asked me. He said, hey,
what are you speaking on tonight? And so, he knows and I know. But more importantly the Lord
knows what he wants us to share.

Let’s open our Bibles tonight to Matthew 2 please. It’s so good to be with you tonight. Thank you, P.
Schaller. Yeah, amazing. This ministry. This church is astonishing. Yeah. Matthew 2, I’m looking at a
passage we all know. We know it because maybe our children or even our grandchildren have
played this in play form. We read it so many times about the three wise men, the Magi. I
wanted to touch on this because it just plays into the larger picture of Christmas and the
incredible reality, the incredible miracle that has happened. God coming to earth. God coming
to earth.

And what was it that these three Magi or wise men however you want to call them -what
prompted them to leave their home and travel quite some distance, quite some journey that
they embarked on to follow a star, to find a babe? What was it that they knew that was taking
place? They stopped off at Herod’s palace and communicated. They asked a question. So where
is this child, the king of the Jews? And then they said this, that we may come and worship him.
That we may come and we are here to worship.

It’s pretty interesting because evidently Herod had no idea that this was to occur other than the
fact that he then called all of his wise men and they told him exactly what was happening
according to Scripture. But it didn’t move him. He was not moved to the place of what we are
going to see, an attitude of worship. He was busy. Busy doing what? Busy living. Busy engaged
in the things that he was engaged in but for all of his business he would miss the most
important moment, the most important revelation.

The fact that the wise men told him this should have been a wake-up call. Well, this heart
attitude of these three men that were seeking and they found. This is the beautiful thing. They
sought and then they found. In Matthew 2:2, let’s begin in vs. 1-2. Worship. We find in the Word of
God that worship is reserved for God, never for a man. Never for a human being. And I think
that the interesting thought here is that the very expression of that which they were going to
do indicated something.

Because what it was, was a babe that they were going to worship. This word carries the idea of
bowing down. It’s interesting because that’s what they did when they saw the young child. It
says that they fell down and worshipped him. That’s what the devil wanted Jesus to do in the
garden – rather, the wilderness. He said I’ll give you all of these kingdoms if you would simply
fall down and worship me. But Satan was a creature. He was not God. And yet this little babe

who would look like a child would be the object of these three men who would come to
worship and bow down and give specific gifts.
I think that we’ve heard that story so often that we kind of know what it means and we kind of
understand what it means, but I’d like it that during this Advent season that I could be drawn
like these three to worship during Christmas. That as we sang the songs that we did tonight
again and we sang some great Christmas carols up in Havre de Grace. And I was, honestly, I was
stunned at some of the content of those Christmas carols. They were worshipping.

They were exalting. They were magnifying the birth of God becoming a man. That’s a total mystery. I
cannot understand it intellectually. I can’t wrap my head around it to figure it out and I don’t
have to. It’s bigger than me. It’s bigger than us but it’s for us. Christ came. God came. Became a

And then that beautiful, precious, perfect human body he was going to get it nailed to a cross. I
was considering the connection between Christmas and Calvary. Christmas and Calvary. And
the reason is because is Jesus didn’t come just to be a good man. He didn’t grow up just to be
an example of what it would be to be religious or anything like that. He came to give his life. He
came to be the sacrifice and he did. And he did.

And so, there was something that these three Magi knew and there was no Old Testament –
they say that maybe it was from Daniel’s time that they had a revelation. They had an insight.
And that could be true. But they were moved. They got on the move because of what they
heard where all of Jerusalem was intoxicated with daily details.

And I know like you do, I need to guard my heart to not be so caught up in trying to do
Christmas but to be like these men and be drawn into an attitude of worship, an attitude of
adoration. Magnifying what God has done, and the fact that he has done it we are here. We are
the effect of that cause. Christmas is the result of God’s plan being perfectly carried out and in
as much as it was perfectly carried out, we have a perfect salvation. We have a perfect gift
given to us by God. And so now we express that same liberty, that same giving through giving
gifts and we have the liberty to do that. We have the liberty to express that because of what
has been given to us.

And so, my prayer I guess for all of us is that we would enter into an experience and continue
through this season with a heart of worship, with being drawn out from ourselves and drawn
out from situations and details and drawn into this precious, precious relationship given to us
by grace, experienced by faith, so that we can then look at this season and say, Halleluiah! God
came to earth, became a man. He became one of us so that we could get to know him. That’s a
mystery of our faith but we celebrate it within the bounds of Christmas. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Okay. Here we go. That’s a good idea. Isn’t that a good idea we get presents and
hand them out to folks and have a good time. We started that in Hungary. When we were living
in Hungary we got the idea and I never did that before. We would bring our small gift to church
and give it to somebody. It was a lot of fun. Sweet time. P. Wright’s message was sweet, wasn’t
it? That was good. I enjoyed it a lot.

What’s one of the most important things that could happen to a Christian? What do you think?
What’s one of the most important things that could happen to a Christian? Do you know what it
is? It’s seeing Jesus Christ. Seeing him. That is life changing. That is so powerful, so important
that we would actually see him.

I want you to turn to one portion, 1 Kings 10. The Queen of Sheba went to see Solomon. P. Wright
mentioned the Magi. I’ll put down here we got four expressions of Christ. The Magi went to see
Christ and he was a baby in Bethlehem. When they went to see Christ in Bethlehem, could they
ask him any questions? When they went to see him, could they see a mature child or an
adolescent? No. They saw a baby.

I went on my phone and looked up on YouTube a baby crying. Cause I thought I could play that
here for you today. After listening, I go, no! We don’t want to hear a baby crying. You can do it
if you want on your own after. What about a crying baby?

You know if I was a terrible sinner – I’ll put here “terrible sinner.” And in one sense we all are.
But I mean a real bad guy. And we said to that guy, I want you to meet God? What do you think
he would think? I want you to meet God. You need to meet God. Come with me. Follow me to
Bethlehem. And he’s nervous. He’s worried. He’s guilty. He’s afraid. God will take my head off.
God will pierce me through with one glance of the eye. With one word, he would take me out.
But when that sinner comes into Bethlehem and meets God as a baby, he starts to smile. He’s
released. He is actually unbelieving. He’s amazed.

God is a baby. Wow! I wish every sinner in the world could see that tonight. I wish every sinner in the world could come to Bethlehem and hear a baby crying or sleeping. Or just making the baby sounds. Gurgling. Sleeping. Crying.
Moving around. This is God. No, this isn’t God. This is God. God is humble. God is weak. God
came for you. God is vulnerable. This is God, your Savior. It’s amazing, isn’t it? That’s a beautiful

What if every sinner in the world could see God as a baby? How weak he is. How vulnerable he
is. And then just say, sir, you need him. You need this humble God, this loving God. You need
him to save you. To shed his blood. You may not understand that but there will be a day when
he will shed his blood. And he’ll still be humble and vulnerable. And he'll be weak and he is your
Savior. That’s what you need.

And the sinner will say, really? Like come on. Are you kidding me? He’s not here to destroy me?
No, he’s not here to destroy you. He’s here to save you. Do you see it? What a good picture
that is.

The second one is here with the Queen of Sheba, 1 Kings 10. And I’d like you to read it. vs. 1-2.
Like a big caravan. Camels. Maybe 10 or 30 or 100 camels. Huge. A lot of gold. She brought gold
and spices. Look at vs. 2. When did that happen with Christ? But in the Gospels. In the Gospels,
we see Christ as a grown man and wiser than Solomon. He understood life. He understood the
Father. He understood the heart of man. He understood how lost we are. He understood how
intelligent we are, how emotional we are, how confused we are, and how sinful we are. He was
so good to teach and search the hearts of people.

In a way, I believe that the church is like this also. The church is something like that baby in the
manger. The church is in a way we are like sheep, lambs. We are harmless. We are not hurting
people. we are not stealing from people, confusing people. we are actually like very fragile in a
way. But God is our Father and he takes care of us.

But if you look again, you see that the church is actually like King Solomon. And he is wise. I’ll
put that word here. Talk to Christ. You will find that he is wise. He will tell you what is in your
heart. The queen of Sheba could spend months with Solomon. There was a connection where
she understood that he understood her. And you know the timing of it is interesting. Maybe if
she had delayed her visit, she would have missed him. The timing of it was important. If I don’t
get this done, it’s not going to happen. I got to go see King Solomon. I’ve heard about him.

When Christ was in his public ministry for three years, maybe many of the people in Israel
should have thought the same way. I better go see him. I don’t know how long he will be here
for. I better get this done. In a way, life is like that. We can tell. We go through chapters in life.
Periods of time. Opportunities that may be gone. It’s not the same now. God has been good to
us because we have a good run. We have a period of time where we are finding the fellowship
of the Spirit on a regular way consistently.

We find God’s hand is with us in the things that we do with joy and peace. Whether it is in
India, a concert in Istanbul, Turkey packed out in a Catholic cathedral with hundreds of people
listening to our Erhan preach. Roger, P. Roger and Elwira’s Erhan. The Turkish disciple preaching
now. When the Queen of Sheba met him, it was what she needed. She needed philosophy,
good philosophy that comes from good theology. She needed to understand. Solomon, your
God is the God of the Jews. Tell me about him. Tell me a proverb. Tell me about your history.
Who is God? How did you come out of Egypt? How did that happen? Tell me about it. And
Solomon talked to her and spoke to here.

The same happened with Jesus Christ in the Gospels. People were drawn to him at night. They
were drawn to him during the day. In the market. In the synagogue. He cast demons out of
people. He healed the sick. The blind. Raised the dead. There was no one like him. He could
read your heart a mile away. He knew what was happening in the country. And he cried about
it. O, Jerusalem, O Jerusalem if you only knew the peace I have for you. I would gather you as
chicks to the hen, to cover. Brooding, carrying, covering. I love you. I care for you. I am your
God but you have forsaken me.

So, then of course, let’s look at vs. 3. Wouldn’t it be great to talk to somebody and all you have
to do is listen to them because they will tell you what your question is. Even you don’t have to
talk. I know what you are thinking. I know what is in your heart. I know what is on your mind. I
know what you need. Listen to me. Please, if you could listen to me. I could help you. That’s like
God with us. That’s what God did in the Gospels and that’s what God wants to do with us today.
He is like that. He wants to have us awake and with him. He wants us to live a wise life with
passion. And also, this force. This unction. He wants us to have some fight. He wants our
prayers to be prayers where we are meaning it.

I thought of it today in Luke 18 about the woman that went to the unjust judge. I won’t go into
it now but just to say the unjust judge did not fear God and he did not fear man. Jesus said that
two times in eight verses. That judge did not fear God. He could care less about God. He did not
fear man. He could care less about man. But there was one thing that moved him: that woman
that kept coming. That means to me that there are sometimes things that are swinging on
something very fragile, very weak and it can move. It can move it this way. In the story, I can’t, I
don’t want to take the time to explain what I mean. Just bear with me. Just say that prayers are
powerful. Prayers change things. Please, do not give up on it. Don’t be mechanical in your
prayers. Be persuasive. Be persuaded.

Elijah was a man of like passion, but he prayed that it would not rain. It will not rain. He prayed
it will not rain. I wonder what his prayer sounded like. It will not rain, God. No rain in Israel,
God. No rain. I mean it, God. No rain in Israel. Do you hear the prayer? Do you see what I
mean? And it didn’t rain for three and a half years. And then he said rain! Rain! God, we need
rain! Send the rain! In Jesus’ name, send the rain! God I pray rain! We need rain! And it rained,

What are we saying? Your life – our theme for New Years this year in a week is Answered
Prayer. I want to encourage all of us. When you have a family problem, do not give up. Pray
with passion. Pray with unction. Pray because our King told us to pray. The wise Christ told us to
pray. And do not give up. Pray. Be serious about it. Pray and say, Amen! Do not waffle in it. Say
yes, Lord. Amen! I believe you and walk away in faith and believe God for it.

So, let’s go to the third expression of Christ. On the cross, we see him. Is this your Savior? Yes,
that’s my Savior. The third one on the cross. What is he saying? Nothing. He’s groaning. He’s
suffering. What’s his teaching? You cannot hear it on the cross. He’s teaching ended. It goes on
but he cannot teach on the cross but he can die for our sins. He can bleed and shed his blood
and say forgive them. But he’s on the cross suffering as our Messiah. He is our God. This is our
God. There is no God like him.

Remember this morning and I want to do it some time, the Egyptian gods were challenging –
the Egyptian gods were challenging the living God. It’s true. It was a contest between Egypt and
the Jews. In a way, this is just something I read but I like the thought of it. When Joseph and his
family went down to Egypt, and Egyptians started to see that their God was different than their
god and they started to fear them. They said we must kill the men. We must kill the baby men.
We are afraid of the Jews. And then not only that but we must enslave them because we are
afraid of their God. We are afraid of the Jew’s. We are afraid of their God. We have Egyptian
gods and not their God. We have our gods and our gods are different from their God. And
Moses said that in Deuteronomy 32. He said, our Rock is not like their rock. Amen.

But wait a minute. Is that in history? The Nazi gods are challenging the Christian god. The
Communist gods are challenging the Christian God, the real God, the living God. Yes, it happens
all the time. The world is against Christ but Christ overcame the world. The world will put Christ
on the cross but don’t worry cause our God is not like their gods. You cannot kill God. You
cannot go against the truth. You cannot destroy it. Our God is greater than any god. Our God is
the only wise God. Our God is the one they are afraid of. Shut it down. Shut down the Christian.
Shut her down. Thes people cannot be free. They cannot be preaching. They cannot be
evangelizing. They cannot be sharing. They cannot be teaching their children. They cannot be in
control. They cannot. Make them slaves and shut them down. Yeah.

The fourth one we see Christ resurrected and he’s walking around for forty days teaching the
disciples. And he’s telling them for forty days he’s appearing and disappearing. They are greatly
encouraged but not enough. They are greatly encouraged. They’ve touched him. They’ve put
the hand in the side. Perhaps Thomas did that. He put his hand in his –. They knew who he was.
There was not a doubt. He was with them appearing and disappearing but still it was not
enough. They needed Pentecost. They needed the risen Christ, for Christ to go to the right hand
and send down the Holy Spirit so that we would be a living church, a church with connection,
content, fellowship, love, forgiveness, mercy, fervent prayer. We are not backing off. Our God is
leading us. He’s going to help us. He’ll help us all through. He’ll show up all the time. He’ll never
leave us, never forsake us. He’ll always be there with you in your quiet.

I need to see God right now. But I’m so broken, I need to see him as a baby. So come on to
Bethlehem. Let’s look at him weak like that. That ministers to me. I can sit with him and look at
him. And I know he loves me. He’s not talking. He’s not saying anything. I’m not asking him a

hard question. I just need him like that. I need to see him like that and I will worship him. I will
worship him for being like that because that’s who he is. Isn’t that amazing. That’s who he is.
He is so much like that. Thank you, Lord. Is that who you are? The King of Kings and the Lord of
Lords. Yes. Jesus says yes. That is who I am. I am the Lamb of God. Thank you, God. That’s

The fifth and last one is when he returns and every eye will see him, Revelation 1:7. It says they will
wail. They will wail when they see him come in the clouds. It’s over. There is no hiding place
anymore. There is no way out. There is no salvation anymore. It’s over. There is now a new era,
a new period. All the time of grace has been, all the time of church history, all the hundreds of
years, the Millennium.

Everything that has happened in history it is all and now we are guilty. We that pierced him. We
that did not believe in him. We that did not humble ourselves before him and come to him by
faith. We that did not go to him with hard questions and asked. We that did not cross the street
to go to the church to hear a message that would challenge my heart and my way of life.
No, I didn’t want that. I wanted the state of Maryland to vote in gambling so gambling would be
everywhere. I wanted the state the Maryland to vote in marijuana, legalizing it so that I could
smoke dope all through my whole life. I wanted to go to the barroom.

I wanted to run around and live my own life. All my life that’s all that I wanted. God would say, shame on you. I came to
give you new life. I came to answer your questions and satisfy your heart. I came. I am the
resurrected Christ. I am the answer for death. I overcame your sin nature. I give you satisfaction
and peace. I came for you to save you.And now it is too late. When he returns, there is wailing. They are wailing. I want to read it.

Put it up on the screen please and we’ll finish with this. Revelation 1:7, I want him to be a baby. Yeah, he
is a baby but now he is the Christ on a throne. Yes. No, not him! Anybody but not him! Anybody
but him. No, not him. No not him. I don’t want him. No, not him. Yes, him! Yes, him! He is the
way, the truth, the life. It’s too late. And it says at the White Throne Judgment, heaven and
earth flew away and all of them stood before God, right? Revelation 20:11, no, there’s got to be a
place to hide. A place in the sea. A turtle shell to coil up inside. A hiding place somewhere. A
star. Mars. Let’s go to Mars. We got to go hide somewhere. Where can I go? There is no place.
So that’s it.

I know you know this. I know it’s in your heart. I know you’re hearing it. You’re hearing it from
the Holy Spirit say something to your heart about it. I know we are here only for a handful of
years. Only for a short time. And I am not ashamed of what it is that we do. Cause even in our
frailty, our stammering lips, our stumbling footsteps, even in our kind of foolish way. Preaching
is foolishness to those that are in unbelief. Even in our way of how we live, we are so thankful
that we have a message of great value. And we are pointing everybody to him, Jesus.

He’s the answer. And we are not apologizing to say that God is real and that he loves you. God is real
and he forgives you. God is real and he cares for you. Be serious about it. Get really serious
about it before God in your heart. We’re free. I feel like we’re young hearted, light hearted, free
and everything but we are dead serious about some things that are non-negotiable that are
written, that are true. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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