Jesus was a man of sorrows. He cared and had compassion. He sets us on the Rock of Truth. We are taken above self and we are sent to tell of Him who has written our names in the Book of Life. Ask, seek, and knock — He will answer and give. (Luke 10:1-22; Psalm 61:1-2)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12557
11:00 AM on 08/6/2023

P. Schaller –

Morning. I have one verse I want to share just to introduce our morning. Hey! Praise the Lord! Wow! Hey! Praise
God! Amen. Wow! Beautiful. Psalm 40. We’ll have communion this morning. Also, our church
picnic at Rocky Point every year. So, that’s coming up. You order your food online or you bring
your own food. And we do some swimming, baptism, games, talking, short message. Good time
together. So you’re welcome here.

Here’s a great concept. Psalm 40:2. “He brought me up also out of a horrible pit.” Turn to your
neighbor and just say, I came out of a horrible pit. I came out of a cellar. I came out of a horrible
pit. I’ve got Todd and Emily over here. Wow! Give them a hand. Praise the Lord! Yeah. We got
Valerie right here and Jordana. Beautiful family. Praise the Lord! Great to see you. I love you
guys. I love you. I’m starting to weep. I love you.

Hey, wait a minute. I came out of a horrible pit. Did you? Maybe not. Maybe not materially, but
maybe some way. Bad habits. Somehow. Bad thoughts. Bad environments. Somehow. A bad,
horrible pit. I was lost. I was without Christ.

Look at vs. 2. Out of a rock. Up on a rock. Up on a rock. That’s what I want you to memorize.
So, set my feet upon a rock. Just memorize that part. Psalm 40:2. Ready. One, two, three. Set my
feet upon a rock. Three times. Set my feet upon a rock. Set my feet upon a rock. And he
established my goings. Yeah. He set me up. He helped me. Out he brought me. Up he put me
on a rock. I was in a swamp, but I got up on a rock. I was in an ocean, and then I got up on a
rock. I was in a horrible pit, and he set me up upon a rock.

Our message today is on that subject. That you and I have been elevated. We’ve been brought
up to a place. We’ve been put on a rock. Our lives, we now have, we have ups and downs in
life, but in our ups and downs we have a rock. And he has established our goings. We have
suffering in life. Suffering. But we have hope. We have a rock. We have suffering, but then we
have a rock. How about death. Yeah. Death is coming. But I got a rock. I’m on a rock. You
established my goings. I have hope. I have a life. That happens to everybody. You know, life
happens to us but I got, I got up on it and God put me up on a rock higher. His thoughts are

Look at Psalm 40:5. God’s thoughts towards you are more than the sand by the sea. God’s
thoughts to you are more than can be numbered. In another verse, more than the sand by the
seashore. Is that Psalm 139? Maybe. The thoughts that he has he’s established our goings. We
have another way. We have another life. Hallelujah! Amen! God bless you. Welcome, Antonio.
Two parts of one message. The first part is from Isaiah 53. The emotions of Jesus Christ. The
emotions of Christ. That sub point to our message.

So, I’m wondering if I should have you stand? No, we already did that, didn’t we? Good. Right. Are we ready to listen? All right. You’re concentrating. Great. Bible school starts in a couple weeks, and I ask you to pray about it and
take one class or all of them or the whole program. Study the Word. Why not? I’m going to meet
Christ one day. Why not get as much of his thoughts in my heart and in my mind? Why not be
really focused on the Word and learn the Word? Like really put a lot into it for some years.
Really put a lot into it, and study it. If that’s in your heart, that’s the, you know, that’s your call.
That’s between you and God.

I want you to see here that Jesus had emotions. So, we have Jesus Christ and his emotions.
Where do we read about them? In the Gospels. In the Gospels you have Christ weeping. He
wept. Three times we have it written that he wept, because he could see people in trouble. He
could understand what was going on around him in the world. Then, we have Christ’s most
common emotion in the Gospels is compassion. And again, why did he have compassion?
Because he could connect with people. You could feel their emptiness, their loneliness. He
could feel their physical suffering, their pain. He could understand a broken heart.

One story that really I loved it was a widow leaving the city to bury her only son in Luke 7. You
know, a widow in the ancient world. No social security. No guarantees. No man in the family.
Yeah. She’s a widow. I mean she lost her husband. Now, her only son is dead. And they’re
leaving the city and Jesus comes upon it and you know what he did?Raised him from the dead.
Why? Compassion. Identification. He understood the world that we live in.

He wept a lot. Here in Isaiah 53, it says in vs. 3 he is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows. That
phrase, “man of sorrows” is loaded, isn’t it? Does it mean that he went around crying every day?
Crying and weeping every day? No, he did rejoice. We have one time, one time in the Scripture
and these are, you know, counting verses isn’t the best way, but it is an indicator. And that one
time he rejoices in Luke 10. And we’ll look at that story in a minute, but I want to teach
something about this. About you and me.

In this world that we live in and it’s the subject of caring and compassion. This one time he
rejoiced, so he’s a man of reality. He’s a reality guy. Reality guy like nobody has ever been. A
reality guy. Like Christ was, means he saw the world in reality. He knew what heaven was. He
came from heaven. He knew what hell was. He knows, he knows what it is to be lost. I mean he
knew what lost people were, and what they were facing. That they would die one day and go to
hell. He knew that in Luke 16. He was a reality guy. He saw broken families. He saw sickness.
He knew what pride was. Arrogance. He knew the real world. Nobody knew the world like he
did. Like he saw a widow with a broken heart. My only son is dead. He saw. He knew. He also
saw people that were seeking him.

So, Zacchaeus in a tree, he doesn’t go unnoticed by Christ. He’s walking out of the city, stops.
Zacchaeus, come down. We’re going to eat together. He was a reality guy like no one else who
knew what was going on around him. And he wept about it. He was broken about it.

Now, here’s the diagram for us. Here’s you and I, and we have our selfishness. Okay. We are
selfish. There’s like maybe you could have a spectrum of selfishness from one to ten, you know.
I know in my heart, in my life when I am hurt, I turn inward. And it’s all about me. When you are
sick, it’s all about you, and the people that care for you. You welcome them, and you want them
to care for you. You know. I have a fever. I’m in bed. I am sick. I need somebody to have
sympathy or care about me.

But then, there’s somebody nearby who has it worse than you. But you can’t connect with them,
because you are occupied with yourself. We are occupied with ourselves. So, this is selfishness
is a blockage from compassion. The more I’m occupied with myself, the less I care about others.
It’s simple, and you know that’s how it goes. The more I care about myself and my stuff, the
more I care about me and my reputation or me and my comfort or me and my life and me and
my family, the more I care about that and the more I’m occupied with myself, the less I see the
guy across the street that doesn’t have anything.

Jesus was different. He didn’t have this selfishness. Jesus was the Christ, and he did always
what the Father, the Father – he did always what the Father wanted. The Father and the Son.
Jesus, whenever it was appropriate in the leading of God, the guidance of God, the heart of
God, the care of God, Jesus was there for somebody else. What do you need?

Well, I can’t – he saw the whole crowd that had been – let me explain the 5,000. The food, the
feeding of the 5,000. So, there’s a family, a Jewish family. Jacob and Sarah let’s say. And they
have a couple little kids, and they’re listening to Jesus. They travel let’s say five hours walking.
They want to hear the prophet or they want to hear the Christ or the Messiah. They, the word is
out on the street. Hey, he’s up there. Let’s go see him. So, they gathered a little family together.
And they bring some food. They walk five hours, seven hours maybe a day. And they listened to
him for one day, and they say to each other, I never heard a guy like this. This is amazing. We
have to stay here tomorrow.

Guys, he’s here. Is he going to stay another day? We’ll stay another day. Our food is running
out. They stay another day, and Jesus – so, Jesus knows this, of course. He knows this. He
says to the disciples if we send them home, they’re going to faint on the way. We can’t do that.
We’ve got to feed them. You feed them right now. Are we going to feed? Yeah, you guys feed
them. You are my disciples. You feed them. This is how the kingdom of God goes. You guys
have to learn how to live in reality, the reality of God, and the reality of compassion and the
reality of caring about the world, because this world is upside down.

I’m telling you God is here. So, they can’t feed – they say to Jesus, we don’t have the 300
denari. It’s like a whole year’s wage. We don’t have the food. We cannot do it.

But there is a kid here with five loaves and two fish. Kind of ridiculous, but that means a lot to
me. Guys, when you are with Jesus, it’s like you might think it’s ridiculous. But he’s inviting you
to be engaged, and he’s saying kind of like you’ve ever been – just answer me. No answer
could be too stupid. Just give me an answer. Do your best just to interact with me. Just llike
there’s liberty with Christ.

You are not a fool. You are with Christ. You can’t make a mistake. You are with Christ. What do
you got? Five loaves and two fish. What a joke! And Jesus said, bring it to me. You see the
story. God is – so, he feeds them, because of compassion. That’s the first point of our message
today. He is not selfish but he is a minister. And you have a ministry. You have the same, you
and I have the Holy Spirit. You might say I am not Christ. I know. We are not, but we have his
name. We have his Spirit. We have his love. We have his compassion. We have his reality in
our hearts and minds. We are in a world that has a lot of need. And we’re rejoicing in the fact
that God is here and answering prayer. And God is here and he cares about the world that we
are in. So, I see it in my own heart like we all do.

I got my world that I live in, and then I just say, Lord, I’m getting really tired of my world. You got
anything going on? And he goes, I say I already set you on a rock, Psalm 61:2. It says I set you on
a rock higher than yourself, so here’s, you know, the picture. If we want to just say it like maybe
this one. I’m selfish, but you lead me to the Rock that is higher than myself, and I start to
discover the joy. I start to discover the faith. I started to discover that God is in it, that God cares
about the people, that God cares about our neighbors.

That God cares about poor people. That God cares about the people that are troubled in their lives with all the struggles that they have. Unfortunately, this morning I heard about a man who came here some months ago. God a Bible.
I signed his Bible, and then I just found out this morning that he took his life. Fifty-seven years
old. Problems with addictions and depression and so on. You know what happens, what
happens to people and like Jesus in this world weeping as a man of sorrows seeing the world,
the people’s lives torn apart, and you and I cannot afford to live our life selfishly. Because life is
a lot more fun when we live outside of ourselves. Just like this diagram up on the Rock that is
higher than ourselves. That’s a lot of fun. That’s satisfying.

By the way, it cuts out a lot of the chatter and the problems that people have generally in life that
are small-minded, you know. He doesn’t talk to me anymore or she doesn’t even look in my
direction or why is she buying such nice clothes? Or why is that guy always, like he’s walking
around with his nice car and he walks around the car three times before he comes into the
church. Like what’s his problem?

Like this small mindedness of us where we are blind to the world around us and realizing that
somebody two cars over from where I am parked, that guy needs a friend. Or if somebody at
work who is struggling and nobody pays any attention to them. They’re struggling in life, and
Jesus is here in this world, and he’s telling us that we are here in his place. And that he has
commissioned us to be here in a ministry that is not small potatoes, small mindedness, little
chatter, little jealousies, little conflicts, little problems. When the world is on fire and Jesus is
here weeping and saying to us, go.

Let’s go to the second part. Go to Luke 10, please. Luke 10:1. I think you got the idea. Just to
help you see it, we have Europe here. Italy. Croatia. Greece. We have Turkey. We have down
here to Jerusalem. We have Africa. This is the map. The Sea of Galilee. The Jordan River.
Jerusalem. Is that, that makes sense to you? Okay. Where’s Jesus now in the story in Luke 10.
He’s in Israel and where does he send them to ? Every place where he would come. How many
people went out? How many disciples? When they went out, how many places? Everywhere
you would come.

There were 70, and they went two by two. Thirty-five groups of twos. Where did they go?
Throughout the countryside, villages, and towns. They went out, and what did they do out
there? Jesus sent them, because this is preparation for what’s going to happen a few years later
at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is going to come upon 120 people, and they’re going to speak in
tongues and do healings in the city of Jerusalem, because this is God’s Spirit. This is his will
that he cares about the country of Israel. And he sends them and he tells them, vs. 2, the
harvest is great. The laborers are few. Pray the Lord of the harvest that he would send laborers
into the harvest.

Behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves. You could be victimized, but I’m going to
protect you. You could be robbed, but actually you’re not carrying anything. Verse 4 says don’t
take any money with you, a purse or script or shoes or anything. Don’t even say hello to peoople
along the way. Go on your mission. Go at it. Yeah, I’m sending you on a mission, and I’m going
to take care of you. Your housing, your food, your clothing. Everything. I’m going to take care of
you, because you’re on a mission. I’m sending you on a mission. I’m commissioning you to go in
my name, and you’re going to have authority. They came back. When they came back, they had
joy. They were amazed. That’s in Luke 10:17.

What did they do? They healed people. They preached the gospel. They said Christ is here. He
is coming to your town, your city. Christ is coming. Prepare the way of the Lord. Come on. God
is here. God is moving. God is working. The word doesn’t say that but we do. We are of the Holy
Spirit. Not the spirit of the world. We are of the Holy Spirit, and we say the things that are
coming from the Word of God, the Bible. And this is our memory in our heart is something we
believe that Christ is raised from the dead. Walk around saying it everywhere. You go to the
department store, the shop, the grocery store, Giant Food market. Go ahead. Get in the habit of
saying, hey, have you heard a good word?

I haven’t heard a good word today. Let me share it with you. Christ is risen from the dead. Christ is risen from the dead. Christ loves you. God is for you. That’s all. That’s what they did, and they came back. It was like how did that happen? How did it happen?

This is the one time when Jesus rejoices. It’s in Luke 10:21. This is like – I’m going to act it out
here – like Christ, these 70 come back. They’re like, you know, just filled with joy. They’re saying
it works. Like Jesus, this is amazing. We have so much authority. When we walked into a town
or a village, it seemed like you were with us. And there was healing and casting out demons and
some amazing, oh God!

And Jesus said, Oh, yes. The reality of my heavenly Father on this earth. To save, to break the
chains of darkness. To bring the gospel to the poor. To heal the sick. Father, thank you that you
have done this work, and much more can be done. But thank you. I see it. I see it. That this is
the Holy Spirit that is in me. That I am doing now. I am doing in this world and the reality of the
darkness is there. The reality of the devil is there. The reality of death is there. He wept at
Lazarus’ tomb. He had compassion on people, and so he does today.

He rejoiced. And one of the things he rejoiced about was it wasn’t for everybody. Not everybody could see it. Not the
wealthy and the rich and the powerful and the professors and the politicians and the CEO’s and
the big smart people, people that are running the world. People that are running big things and
have a real authority and prestige and have a lot. These are babes. Father, thank you that these
babes – look at vs. 21.

Sometimes on the news, I see a picture of a billionaire. Or I hear about a famous president in
another country or I hear about somebody that’s very big and famous. And I go, wow. That guy
must be really a smart guy. I’m not like that. I’m not gifted like that. That’s for sure. It’s clear to
me. I wonder how he does it? He must be so clever and so smart.

That is quite a thing. But thank you, God, that you didn’t make me this. That I’m just a common guy. You wouldn’t believe
the things that I have goofed up, the tihngs that I have messed up, the things that I stumbled
over, the stupid decisions. That you would not believe how silly and foolish and messed up I am
as a person. Not totally maybe. Just maybe a little below average. Like average people, and
then I’m a little bit below. I’m pretty serious about it. I am. But I got something, and so do you.
He has set me on a Rock higher than myself.

Do you hear me? He sat me on a Rock higher than myself. Do you get that? There’s something about you and I that’s beyond us. And he said,
Father, thank you that you have shown these guys. You know whatever you call them. I don’t
know what the slang would be. You know what it is. It doesn’t need to say it. I guess these guys,
these farmers, bumpkins, hillbillies, rednecks. Whatever the name. I don’t know. Uneducated,
illiterate. Mess-ups. Whatever. Jerks. I don’t know.

There’s all kinds of words for people like us. All right. You might say, well, that’s not very honorable. I know. That’s my point. My point is that Jesus is saying, Father, the smart guys don’t get it, but these people. I thank you for that. I
praise you, because these things are so sacred. They are not given to proud people. They are
given to broken people. That these things are so sacred and that they went out and they come
back saying it’s all about Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. Jesus did it. God is doing it. God is able.
Let me make a caveat here. Here’s an important point.

The beginning of the church wasn’t made up of people that were slaves on the lower level. History, it proves it. I made the reference to the book, “Rise of Christianity” by Rodney Stark. Incredible book I think, and a lot of good
stuff in there. It was middle class people and higher level people that came to Christ, because it
made so much sense. It just harmonizes internally. He has an impact. But I must be humble.
But remember the rich man, when Christ talked to the rich man. And he said that the rich man
got to give up, sell everything and give it away. And the rich man couldn’t do it. And it says that
Jesus loved him. Of course, he did. It’s hard, butyou can do it. And I can do it through you. I can
fill you with the Spirit, and you find me. And your riches are not that important. You find me, and
your life is not that important.

Voice of the Martyrs Magazine this month, Yemeni Christians. Incredible. I want to bring it to you
to read the article, the paragraph. I didn’t do it, but I can tell it to you. There was about 20 or 30
people in a Christian group in Yemen. Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula. The Islamic stronghold
for radical Islam. And these Christians were there with the pastor and ISIS came in. Twenty guys
came in, terrorists with machine guns. Held guns to the heads of the Christians, and said we’re
going to kill you. And then they’re screaming and yelling and crying and everything.

And then the pastor, it says in the article, he had a vision of heaven opening up. And the pastor
just said to everybody in the room, we are going to heaven. God is showing me we are going to
heaven. And it was like when Stephen was being stoned. He saw Jesus standing. He said the
pastor saw heaven opening up. And so he told everybody in the room everything is okay. We
are, today we are going to heaven. And all the Christians got real quiet, and then the ISIS
people got nervous. And they left the room. And then they said as they left and threatened them,
they said no one, if anybody comes back here next week, we’ll kill you. We’ll kill every one of
you. The next week, more people came. Christian people. More people came out. It’s a great
article. I recommend it to you.

I’m trying to say something here. We are on a Rock higher than us. We’re in a mission that is
beyond us. When Jesus was rejoicing, he saw what the church could do. He saw who we are
when the Father sends us. Jesus understood that we are capable of selfishness. And I don’t see
an orphan. I don’t see a teenager. I don’t see a child. I don’t see an elderly person. I don’t see a
broken marriage. I don’t see somebody as suicidal. We are all capable of that.

I live in my house my way, my life and by the way, I’m not again that. I’m just trying to say
something about this. I can live a good life, and there’s no guilt in it, but as I live a good life, I
want to always relate to this. We are on a Rock higher than us. It doesn’t matter what I lose. It’s
a matter of how God cares about people around me. That God cares about the world we live in.
That God cares about the mission that we are on. And that God has sent us into the world for
this, and he’s rejoicing today. I believe that Jesus is rejoicing.

That this is being revealed to us. That people are understanding it. He is rejoicing, because he knows that the Heavenly Father cares about the world that we live in. And the brokenness that we see all around us. And I
believe that the brokenness that is happening psychologically with mental health in the United
States is the product of a very foolish counsel and foolish upbringing and foolish orientation and
foolish knowledge that cannot deliver somebody from their primary problem which is their sin.
The problem with us is our sin. And the answer to us is Christ. And when we have Christ and the
Holy Spirit fills us, then we’re set up to have a better life, a better life delivered from ourselves.
So, that’s our message today.

Let’s read the last part, vs. 22. And that’s what happened with those in that mission, and that’s
what happened to you. Years ago, I was up in Maine. I was a new believer hitchhiking. I lived in
Boothbay Harbor. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know about my future. I was there
that summer 1972. I remember to this day hitchhiking one place to another. I was looking for
work. I was praying and reading my Bible by myself. I had no church. I was in another state. I’m
from New York.

When I was up there on my own, no car, anything like that. Just a, I don’t know what I was
doing, but I was trusting God. And God answered my prayers. I needed a church. I said, God,
give me a church. I need a church. I went to a few of them, but nobody shook my hand. Nobody
cared about me it seemed. There was some program, you know, talking and a service and
dismissal and everybody went away. And not touching me; nothing was going on. I was looking
for God. I believed in Christ. I was a new Christian, but I was seeking. And Christ said in the
next chapter, he said if you ask, you’ll receive. If you seek, you will find. And if you knock, it will
be opened to you.

And I was sitting on the front porch of the house, and somebody walked by and said, what are
you reading? I said, the Bible. And they said, I know where there’s a church on fire for God.
Yeah? I go really? Where? They said, we’ll pick you up Wednesday night. That girl didn’t know
me. I didn’t know her. I didn’t. We’re yelling from the porch to the sidewalk. We’ll pick you up
Wednesday night. I said, okay. What time? Six o’clock.

That Wednesday, the car pulled up. I jumped in. I didn’t know the people. I didn’t need to know.
They’re Spirit filled people like you. They’re serving. They drove me 40 minutes to the church.
Dr. Stevens was the pastor. I felt like home. They said anybody new here? Stand up. So, I stood
up. Where are you from? New York. Welcome. They welcomed me. Afterwards, people gathered
around me to talk to me, because this church is on fire for God.

You know, the pastor has a vision. Did you see the movie, The Jesus Revolution? It was it.
Jesus Revolution movie and that happened in the West coast. So, this happened on the East
coast. Like God is moving. There’s a pastor is on fire. The church, the pastor has a vision to go
into all the world with the gospel. And he’s going to start a Bible school this fall. And I go, really?
Like that’s exactly what I wanted. Really?

Yes. So, school started. Make a long story short, 50 years ago, 51 years ago it started. And we are in 80 countries and so on with great people. Where did P. Matti come from? Where did P. Yuhaw and Risto cme from? Where did pastor
Gromov and Satellite come from? Where did Pastor Carl and Pastor Binu come from? Where
did Pastor Henry and how about the pastors in Africa. Where did they come from? Are they from
God? Does Jesus say thank you, Father. This is an underground movement that the world does
not know aout. But we shouted from the rooftop. They don’t get it, but we shout it from the
rooftop and we say it’s true. And God has set us on a Rock higher than ourselves.

That’s how we are talking about something nobody humanly could do it. But God has done it, and continues
to do it. And he hides it from the proud and the arrogant and the strong and the successful. But
they have their failures in their lives and their problems, and they are looking for an answer, too.
And Christ has compassion on them. And they come to him.

We have a mission. You are a part of it. Your life, your attendance in church his part of it. Your
prayers, your family, your heart. You are not selfish. You are alert and awake and thinking about
the people across the street or that people at work or how about that family member that you
gave up on. And you made a judgment on them and they are blind. And maybe they are
arrogant and they are worldly and they are woke and they are this and they are that. It’s like
whatever it is that they are. I don’t pray for them anymore.

And God could say to my heart, are you sure? Don’t you know that if you pray, don’t you know
that if you ask and keep asking; don’t you now that if you seek you will find? If you knock, it will
be open, right? You know that God is not giving up on them as long as they are breathing. Don’t
you know that God is there with them in their dream or in their nightmare or in their horrible night
in prison or jail or their horrible night in an addiction and they’re saying like the Christians don’t
care about me. I am lost. I am lost. I am lost. And we are saying, no. Like we are on a mission.
We care about you. And we can pray for you. And you can turn and come to Christ and believe
in him. Maybe now is the time they turn and come. The prodigal comes home. And because
God cares about you.

Now, let me finish with this one. The world is filled with so many needs that if I was to see it in a
second, I’d collapse. I’m not made to carry that. You and I are not made to carry all the woes
that people have in this world. We’re not made to be the man of sorrows. Christ was the man of
sorrows. We have joy. The joy of the Lord is our strength. But our joy isn’t in the absence of
reality. Our joy is in the presence of reality. And sometimes the Lord will bring it in front of your
face. And you’ll say, I care. And it’s in prayer where it’s really proven if I care or not. It’s in prayer.
It’s in the closet. Do I care? We care.

And so, we say our prayer. And say, Lord, please keep me open in my heart. Keep me soft and
pliable. Keep me compassionate and then also make me tough. Make me tough in this world,
because I cannot handle, I cannot handle it it it’s overwhelming to me. Make us strong on the
inside. Like steel on the inside and real kind and soft on the outside. Make us broken and
capable to handle the world that we live in like you did. You are a man of sorrows, but you
rejoice in the work that the Father did, because that’s why you came. So, that’s our message
today. Amen.


Please enjoy these sermon notes from the messages preached at Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. These notes are provided to aid in your study and understanding of the Word. Note that these notes do not represent complete, word-for-word transcriptions. Also, they may contain omissions as well as some errors in spelling and structure, etc., as we attempt to provide them as soon as possible. Our hope is that these notes serve as a way to help you search and connect with messages on related subjects and passages. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Greater Grace.