A sinner is a sinner. Let’s believe God for what He’s done. God gave a great gift. People today think they are smarter than those of the past. The Church is accepting some of the foolishness. God gave Abraham Isaac in his old age, a son was given. The Son was given to us. Let us give everything to Him. (Genesis 25:1-6; John 3:16-18)

Speaker(s):  Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11444
7:30 PM on 3/28/2018


P. Schaller

I remember when I was born again and realizing that this is real. That Christ is real. I grew up as a Catholic. I knew the name of J.C. in our prayers. But when I decided, somehow the Spirit convicted me of my sin and where will I go, how does this ever work? I have no solution. I will trust God. I decided to trust him. Then the H.S. coming into my life and the H.S. speaking to my heart. Lying in bed and internally excited. I couldn’t explain it. I’d be lying in bed with a smile, with joy and peace. It went away and came back. I met Dr. Stevens and I said I’m a Catholic and should I be water baptized. He said do as God leads you. That was a great answer. I did it. Lying in bed with amazing smile in my heart and excitement in my spirit.

I’m a no body just like all of us and the people coming to this play. And they are going to go home and they will have the H.S. all over them. They are going to go home and say I don’t know what happened but I believe in Christ. I’m very excited about it.

(Testimonies about the play). Those testimonies were so encouraging and that song with young people. Emily’s testimony about the professor. The reality of the new birth and this is what our focus is on. A lot is happening in our world and then we have our focus on the most important things, the miracle of God’s H.S. work. The H.S. bringing conviction, using the gifts in the Body. I just want you to have this. This will be short. I say that all the time.

Honestly prayer and what we heard and knowing in life I believe people are going home and there is the work of grace. I believe that. This is something human beings can’t do. The Holy Spirit does it. The Holy Spirit is in that bedroom with that person and they are worshipping in their heart and thinking about it and the Spirit is there. There is quiet conviction, persuasion and big decisions made. A lot of fruit of the Spirit. The love, the joy, the peace. This is amazing. This is called the new birth. This is amazing. Unless a human being is born again, they are lost. There is no way. Just like an animal stinks, they stink and they don’t know it. Explain that to your neighbor.

One Bible study I had a Finnish guy with me and we ran over a skunk in the night and we drove home and our eyes started watering. In Europe, they don’t have those. He said what is that! That skunk doesn’t know how bad it stinks. That’s like you and me. As sinners we don’t know how bad we stink, how lost we are. Does a fish know how wet it is? Does a blind man know what he can’t see? Does a deaf man have any idea of what he is missing out on? A sinner is a sinner and he is a sinner and there is no way he cannot be a sinner. He is a sinner through and through and doesn’t know. He doesn’t know.

Jn 3:16 this is to encourage us in what we are doing this week. We will have Easter services Easter day. We are praying for the moving of God, the Spirit of God moving in the church, outside, in the working place, feeling in my heart and deciding I’m going to make big decisions in my heart. I’m going to stop sinning and believe God. I’m going to repent from my ways and believe God by faith. Isn’t that amazing? People wrapped up in pornography have no options hardly. They can morally reform but how long will that last. I can believe God and have more joy than a pornographer. God gives it to us because it’s the Holy Spirit. The reality of God.

Jn 3:16, the biggest, greatest and most incredible gift, the reality, God himself came into this world. Imputed R and sanctifying power of the H.S. So he experiences everlasting life in this life. That’s what is going on. In this life, God’s life.

vs. 17. You stink he could say. You stink like a wild animal. You smell like a wolf. You stink like a skunk. You are slimy like a snake. You are ravenous like a bear. You’re incredibly repulsive to me. You are of no value to me. You are sinners. This world is huge what it means.

vs. 17. We are not condemned. He’s all packaged up in his self, already condemned, under the judgment of his own blindness. You show him a beautiful picture he can’t see it. He lives in his sin from sin to sin.

And it’s amazing sequence in Romans 1. I want to make a point about it. We had the K of God.

When they could know God in vs. 21, Romans 1, God’s presence was there. They couldn’t tell. Didn’t know how bad they were. They were proud. They were built up in their self-esteem and own value. Slapping each other on the back. Reinforcing in each other their own ideas. They did not glorify him as God.

vs. 21. Their ideas, vain speculations, aliens in other planets, evolution…no planning, no intelligence transferred that could be explained by God, only their own speculations. They invented it in their own minds.

vs. 21. These are the people coming to our play. These are the people that are lost like we have been. Our own ideas about life and arrogantly going out of the room or leaving the church. End of the day the Spirit bringing it back to me. Maybe it is true. Maybe these people aren’t crazy? Maybe there is a reality I cannot see. Ridiculous when a man says I’m an atheist. Are you kidding me? You know all things? Are you ridiculous? Any idea what that means that there is no God! You know all there is about this complicated universe and can say there is no God? It’s a foolish speculation and a blindness.

vs. 22. They lose common sense. Common sense. How to live. How to raise a family, keep a job, have friends, live for a purpose. They lost their sense. They became fools. They turn to something that is ridiculous. You can put it in their face. If you do this, you will get a disease. But they lose their ability to make common sense decisions and they profess to be wise but have become foolish. I want to show you something here. Here is the ancient world, here is Jesus. Do you know people today think they are smarter than people in the past? We think we are smarter. You got to check that. Man is proud so of course he will say the people before me were stupid or more stupid than I am. Do you believe that? That’s a great question to ask modern man. Do you actually think we are smarter? This is a present day sequence happening in our country. There is a degradation, a moving down the line to corrupt thoughts, uncontrolled lust and perverted sex. Any questions? It’s a message in itself. It’s right there.

vs. 24-26. A woman by nature and having some sex change or a man by nature having his body mutilated. It’s mutilation. Where did that come from? Real smart people living in 2018. That profess to be wise but they lost common sense. There is perversion that is accepted by the church, God forbid, but it’s incredible. That’s how ridiculous the whole picture is. You can’t understand these things unless you are born again. You won’t hear the gospel unless it is preached to you. You are I am like smelly animals that don’t know we smell. Fish that don’t know we’re wet. Sinners that don’t realize how sinful we are. That’s why we are praying through the years and decades. God has answered our prayers.

We were in Poland with 1000 people born again through the gospel. In Africa with thousands born again because of the gospel. In India, thousands born again and can say Jesus Christ save me and the Holy Spirit is teaching me something very real.

Ge. 25, I want to show you a verse that hit me like a hammer. In your life and in my life we really have two of us. If you allow me to say it like this. There is two of us. The old man the osn and the new man and we are in our body. Abraham couldn’t have any children by Sarah so what happened. Hagar. Then he had Ishmael. Then he had faith and God told Sarah you’ll have a baby and Abraham and they believed. They were very old and Abraham had a son by promise, by faith. He’s an example for the people who come in to see the play and by faith they believe in Christ. The same kind of faith Abraham had. They are born again with Isaac. Abraham had that son. Abraham had many more sons.

Ge 25:1-4 what does this mean? He had a big family, extended family. That’s what happens in our lives, too. We are not saying it’s sinful it’s just the life we live.

But, vs. 5. Abraham gave all he had unto Isaac. That’s the verse that got me again today. When you have Isaac in your life, you’ll never forget it. Isaac, I was 100 years old and God gave me Isaac. There is something about him. Isaac is in my life. Everything about my life has to do with him. Abraham didn’t you have other sons?

He had concubines, vs. 6-7. You and I are living a life and there is chaff in our life. There is stuff that will be burned up. You might think it matters but it doesn’t. Give everything to Isaac. The only thing that matters is we have believed. Anything that has any value is his Son. His Son is in your life. The Son of God means everything, the Son of promise. All these things God will sort that out.

The thing we have found is the life of the Spirit, the life of faith, the life that means everything. Your calling and purpose. Walking in your calling. Maybe you have a job at a gas station and studying this and that but we give everything to Isaac in principle. He is the Alpha and Omega. The thing that matters is Christ came into my life. I believe in him. The big game here is the salvation of souls. That they would turn from darkness to light and go to bed thinking Jesus is real and find this book speaks to us. God is the God that gave us Isaac by promise. That relationship where God will never fail us. God so loved the world he gave his Son. The Son is alive today working in the lives of people. Our prayers are people will come in this spring and the coming years. I got a big family over there and I got something nobody could ever explain. I got Isaac and I give everything I got to him. All the clever people in this world looking back at the past and thinking they are so brilliant and the former generations are dumb and stupid are people who lost their way. They need to hear the gospel. They need to be ministered to and led in faith. They will pass into this amazing kingdom that has no end that glorifies our heavenly Father.


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