Can we see how much God is with us? The Promised Land is there, if we choose to step into it. The people of Israel were delivered from their bondage in Egypt, but not all entered into the worship of the Lord. Complaining and idolatry and fornication took hold in some hearts. God desires that we be solutions, not problems in life. Let us worship Him and not stall out. (1 Corinthians 10:1-13)

Out of Slavery and Into Promise

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon  11766
11:00 AM on 10/13/2019

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P. Schaller –

Praise God. Praise the Lord. Amen. Praise the Lord. Let’s do it a few times. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise
the Lord. Over here. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Why? Why do we praise
him? Good answer! How about here. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Halleluiah. Cause we
were lost now we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Praise God. Our sins are gone. How
many sins? Count them. One, two, three, million, two million, three.

How many millions? How much? A lot. How many sins? Past, present, and future. How many times did Jesus have to die? Once for all. Isn’t that amazing! Is our name in the Book of life? Do we have the Spirit of God?
We do. Praise God. Hallelujah. Praise God. Wow. Yes. Praise you, Lord

Prayer: Father we want you to visit us here in Jesus name. We have assembled in your name. Maybe someone has someone has a very serious problem of some kind. Please pluck it up by the roots and cast it into the sea. Lord, remove it like you did the stone at the tomb, like the red sea, you rolled the red sea back. Remove it, take it away like cancer. Take it away in the name of your son, Jesus. An emotional problem, a relationship, a broken heart, a great failure, a great collapse, a great catastrophe, a great pain, a great problem, a stubborn habit. Please Lord, minister to us today. You are great, you are great. In Jesus name, Amen.

. Is that? No. I’m sorry. I thought you were another guy. Good to have you here. I don’t know you. You look like

Just a word. I think we have five or six church plants going on this morning. The new
one is Owings Mills. This is their second week having a church there. We have Federal Hill,
Owings Mills, Havre de Grace, Silver Spring, Harold Harbor and P. Love has a group up in
Montreal. They are ministering up there this morning. I’m so thankful for all that work, for all
that is happening. It’s not work. It’s faith.

A faith walk. Faith. Faith. Beautiful. I’d like in the next months or week talk to you about money. Not this morning. Now I am but that’s not the message. But I want to speak to you about money. Not so you give us more money, but to help you because money is a big problem. The second thing is our weight. Anyone have a weight
problem? Okay, move on. Move on. That’s one area I don’t talk about that. That’s too crazy. But
it does relate to money in a way because money is something God gives me that I can manage,
use, control.

I can also bless. It’s a great thing. I need help in it. I don’t pretend to be a guru on
that thing at all. Everyone of us could learn some things about it. God wants us to be somehow
we find God’s hand in that area of our life. We find God’s hand in our personal life, in our
mental life, our health, our emotions, decisions, relationships. Then at work and also with
regards to money. That will be fun.

I said all of that to introduce the person taking the offering, P. Jerry Roberge. Give him a hand. Turn to 1 Cor. 10. Stay standing please. Steve Cincibus is with us. P. Lange also. Praise the Lord! I don’t know who else we got in the crowd but great to be here this morning. Could God speak to us this morning through the text? 1 Cor 10:1-13. Wed. night message we told a brief story about a woman who was very attached to her husband and then
later in life he died and she’s alone.

She had a very hard time, very hard time adjusting. In a little piece, I read the story about how this woman’s life kind of collapsed and went down hill because the question that was raised in the article was, was her husband an idol that she had in her life? That she loved him so much that she couldn’t live without him. Good question. Idolatry
happens in our lives with many things where we love them so much that we forget about God.
it happens to rich people.

Rich people use their money and they have power with their money
and enjoy it so much. They go from one project to another and have power and influence but
then when the money is going, who are they and what life do they have. It’s a good question.
You are in church this morning because I think God wants us to go over this and think about it
in our hearts.

When you were lost and living in Egypt metaphorically, not literally. By the Bible
example of being in Egypt as a slave. He brought us out of slavery, sin, then we found freedom
and danced on the other side of the Red Sea, Exodus 15. We ended up worshiping God and amazed that we are out of Egypt. How easy it was to get out of there when God did it. When God saved
you, you were saved. You can talk back to me.

I enjoy that. It’s amazing we are slaves to sin and then feel the freedom and the worship. Then we go into the wilderness and 40 years later in the Promised Land. We’ll explain that in a few minutes. You came to church because you are tired of hearing what everyone is saying on the street. You want to hear what God is saying in
heaven. Amen! I’m tired of the whole thing. Exhausting! Put your arms out and say it’s
exhausting. I need some food. You know what?

I was thinking I could have a whole church service with you guys just talking to each other. That would be fun. Just have a good time. We’re not doing that today. Ready? You may be seated. 1 Corinthians. 10:1 the geography of our
message is important. We’ll draw it. This is Israel and here is Egypt and Cairo. Here is the Sea of
Galilee and the Jordan River. It goes down into the Dead Sea and it runs out. It doesn’t run out.
This is the Red Sea.

We have two places here for the Red Sea and this is Jerusalem. When Abraham left home, he came from this direction. He came over this way and came into this land and walked through the land. Genesis 13 walked all around, and God told him I’ m going to give this to you. There are two things that all the ladies should know. Do you know what they are? Two things about men. Land and a son. To have a son. And to have land. These are two big things and this man doesn’t have either.

He left home and he doesn’t have anything. He doesn’t have any land and he has no son. But God told him and promised him. That’s at the very heart of our Bible. When a nobody, an absolute nobody is called by God and God gives him land and a son and through that son, he would affect the whole world. This is 4000 years ago. This is not going to happen but everyone in this room is gathered in the name of J.C. the son of Abraham.
Everyone of us are reading a book that came from Abraham and his story and his lineage.

It’s amazing. So in our message today, we got three geographical locations. One is Egypt. This is I’ll
put here slaves. The Jews when they went down to Egypt 400 years before they left, they were
70 people. When God brought them out down here to the Red Sea and brought them across,
they were a couple million people. 1) Egypt is slaves. 2) in the wilderness as complainers. They
were complainers and also idolatrous.

They made a golden calf. What did they say about the golden calf? What did they say about the golden calf? What did they say about it? You brought us out of Egypt. What? The golden calf brought you out of Egypt. How long did it take for them to go into idolatry when they got out of Egypt? Not long. This happened at Sinai and they were
there for 1.5 years. We don’t know where it is exactly. It’s down in the wilderness. This is an
example of a believer who gets saved but his life on the inside he is regenerated by the grace of
God, but he is not living in faith.

He’s not experiencing what he has. He’s not possessing his possessions. It’s like a wealthy person with a bank account but doesn’t know about it, doesn’t use it. But he’s got it. It’s his but he lives like he doesn’t have it. He’s in the wilderness and interpreting his wilderness experience very discouraged. He has murmurings or complaining
and there are seven of them. At the 9:00, I said 10 but there are 7. You guys at the 11 service
get the upgraded sermon!

They are, they complain about the way in Numbers 11, the food in Numbers. 11, the giants in 13, leadership in 16 and divine judgments on them in 16:41, the desert in Nu 20 and then about the manna in Nu. 21:5. God led them this way. Look at the picture. You know how long it takes to go from Cairo to Israel by bus today? It’s an 8-hour bus ride. Do you know how long it took the Jews to get there? 40 years. It’s a real slow bus! Under water! Hey, they
went to the Red Sea on dry land. Why did they go that way?

God wanted to bring them out. He didn’t use a chariot. He used their feet and they went in the strength of the lamb that they ate that night in Egypt. When they left, Pharaoh’s army came after them. They got to the Red Sea
and the Lord said to Moses, stand still and see the salvation of God. He stood still and the sea
opened up and they went over. A couple million people. The width of that opening might have
been as wide as 10 miles to get those people over overnight in some hours’ time.

On the other side, they are dancing and rejoicing because they were slaves. By the way, you and I don’t know
this but to be a slave is not fun. You don’t have a right to your own family. You don’t have a
right to your possessions. You don’t have anything. You don’t have a legal right, no
governmental right. You don’t have anything. You don’t own any land. You cannot vote. There
isn’t any voting anyway in the time of Pharaoh.

To be a slave is a bad thing. I was a slave to sin and you were a slave to sin. Christ came to take us and change all that. Now we are on a mission, a calling. We’re called. The destiny is at the third point. They crossed over this way and go up this side to the Red Sea. It’s very mountainous here. Here is where they stop, and Moses
sends 12 spies over to check it out. To go into this land which is heavenly populated by 7 people
groups. They go through the land 40 days looking.

They come out and ten of them say not going to happen. We can’t go over that land. They are big people. The cities have big walls. There are fortresses there. There is no way. As a nation as a group of people we can go into that land. There’s no way we can do it. Two of the spies said we can. They were? Caleb and Joshua. They
quieted the people. No, no, wait. We can go. We can go now. We can go. God is with us. We
can go into that land.

This is the third geographical location of our message. To go into the Promised Land. Deuteronomy 7:22 I brought you out of Egypt to bring you in to the Promised Land. I brought you out of here in order to get you into here. But you stalled in the middle. You stalled in the wilderness because of unbelief. Because of the flesh. It’s typified by Moses in the wilderness because it says the glory of God was on Moses. It says it was on his face. He was
talking to God face to face.

The glory of God was on Moses. When he was in the camp, there was a veil on Moses. They didn’t see the glory. It’s a picture of how God is with them, but they can’t see it. The veil is over Moses face and so they are wandering around. They were traveling from location to location in the desert of Sinai. This is very dry. I think it’s a quarter of an inch of rain in a year that falls in that desert. Very, very dry. You know. When we were there we were
on a bus there.

We were traveling through there. I asked a tour guide. There was a little tree about that big around. I said how old do you think that tree is. He said about maybe 40 years old. It’s this tall and that big around because there is so little water. They don’t grow but they live. These people had reason to say we got a bad deal. We came out of Egypt and we’re going to die here. And they did. That generation that came out of Egypt died here in the wilderness.
Only two of them and then the children and the two guys that came out.

Out of the 600,000 men that came out of Egypt, there were only two that made it into the Promised Land. Not
good odds but a message. Many believers stall in the middle. Many of us there is a veil even
when we read the Bible. There is a veil over the Bible. When the Jewish people read the Bible,
they have many insights but without the Holy Spirit, they are going to be wrong. Not wrong in every area of course, but wrong essentially because they don’t see the glory of it.

They see the history and the morality and some other principles there, but did they see the Messiah? Did
they see the Christ? They didn’t. Isaiah 6 says their eyes are blinded. Their ears are dull of
hearing. Messiah is in their presence talking. Sometimes his wisdom was so powerful they just
remained silent. They had nothing to say. He hit the target and if they could be humble, they
could hear. This illustration is used in 2 Corinthians. 3.

It says this veil remains on their hearts. Christ takes the veil away so we can see the glory of God in our everyday life. I want to emphasize that. In our everyday life we get to see the glory of God. This is amazing. We can read
understanding those points. We can look a t the text in 1 Cor. 10:1. What does it mean? When
the Jews were coming down this way being led, there was a cloud behind them. The cloud was
light for them, and the cloud was darkness for the Egyptians.

What an amazing illustration. The Egyptians are saying, where are they? Where are they? It’s like darkness for them. But the Jews had light. This is the way. This is the way. This is the way. Isn’t that amazing. Be careful in life as
you follow Christ that you would not fear those that are behind you that are after you because
it might be that they are in darkness and can not see. Our life is hiding with Christ in God. We
have died and now we live. We live in a mystery. Colossians 3:3.

We don’t have to worry. He is our stay the psalmist said in Psalms. 18:14. He is our solution. He is our guide. He is our comforter, our father. He is God. vs. 1. That’s the Red Sea. Vs. 2. Meaning God used a man. God used a man of
God. I’m reading the prophet Jeremiah and getting a lot out of it. Jeremiah is the man. Read
chapter 23, 24, 25, and 26 if you want to and follow that line there. Jeremiah is in a midst of a
world like the US of America.

I compare Israel with America today and the immoral living and the dishonesty and the sexuality problems we are seeing in our public forums and everyday life and on TV and the internet. This is like Israel at the time of Jeremiah. Jeremiah is saying you leaders are not finding the answers to our problems. God is speaking to me. God is speaking to Jeremiah. That’s another message but a very good one. Vs. 2-3. I think there was spiritual food
in the wilderness.

There was… There was spiritual food. Today with you and me there is spiritual
food here. Everyday life for you and me. Here now in our life. Be careful not to interpret your
life only by your circumstances because life is more than that. It’s spiritual. There is spiritual
food for us. One doctor said to me, I said it recently, two or three patients a day come to me
asking for anti-anxiety medication.

He said they don’t need medication. They need a pastor. They need a pastor. Wow! Where are the pastors. Where is the message. Where is the comfort? Where is the freedom? When we come through the Red sea and out of Egypt and free, where is the instruction? Where is the counsel? Where is the guidance? Where is the
grace? Where is the message? Vs. 4. There is a mix of metaphors there. The cloud, the rock
followed them.

They have spiritual drink, spiritual food. That rock was Christ. It sounds to me
like God is taking care of them even though they are in a wilderness. When I went to Bible
college up in Maine, I didn’t know really where I was. It was a faith decision. I went up to
Maine. I was up there that summer and went to Bible college and didn’t know – I was by
myself. I met the church.

I didn’t know who they were. I didn’t know what was going on. There was many unfamiliar things with me but there was some spiritual food. There was a spiritual Rock. That was Christ. There was something in my heart saying this is the way; lets walk in it. I’d like the same thing to be happening in your life. I don’t know you. I don’t know what you’re facing, but I’m telling you the same God brought them out of Egypt is your God. He will take
care of you.

You might say I’m in a wilderness. I didn’t bank on that. I didn’t sign up for that. Have you ever heard people say that? I didn’t sign up for that. I didn’t know anyone had any right to sign up for anything! You’re born into the world and you got this life to live. Instead of complaining about it, you follow him, and he will lead you. He didn’t lead you out to destroy you. He led you out to bring you in. He’s got a place for you. He wants you to get there. He’s
going to take care of you all the way.

However, look at the next part. Vs. 5. I thought he brought them out and they are his people and he loves them. Yes, but sometimes God’s chosen people are God’s frozen people. Sometimes, God’s holy people are unholy people. Sometimes God’s people he calls by name and they don’t know God’s name. They don’t know who he is. They
don’t pay any attention. They don’t have any focus. They don’t have anything in the game. They
don’t want to lose anything. They want their life to be their way.

They’re not putting any skin in the game. I’m not making any investments. The best thing we can do is hear what he says and say I’m all in. I’m in. I’m all in. I’m going for it. I’ll pay the price. I don’t know what it is but I want
to trust him. I don’t want this veil over my life all my life where I can’t see the glory of God, the
ways of God, the Spirit of God. I want the veil taken away so I can see What? Well, if you talk to
Joseph in the Bible, he’d say I went down to Egypt.

I couldn’t see. I was so hurt. My brothers sold me down the river. I ended up in prison. I was so hurt by the whole thing, but I decided instead of me being a problem, maybe God would use me to be a solution. What do you mean
Joseph? you were in prison. In prison I could have become a problem, but I decided God is God
and he could use me, and I could be a solution. One day, two prisoners had dreams and I
interpreted the dreams from God.

I told the one that is going to survive when you get out, tell them I did this. He forget. He eventually told him and so on. Vs. 5. It doesn’t say God overthrew them. You kind of get the feeling that they overthrew themselves. Have you ever gotten so negative you end up collapsing by your own gravity. Your own negativity brings you down. We
get buried by our own sin nature. I don’t need much to go negative to get heavy and
discouraged. It doesn’t take much for that to happen. Vs. 6.

All that we have said this morning are our examples. From Egypt to the wildness up to the Promised Land. It’s speaking to us about our lives. We came out and we’re stalled in the middle. I don’t want to stall in the middle.
I want to move on and learn and see and believe. I made my husband an idol and when he was
gone, my life collapsed. Maybe that was good for me so I could find God. Maybe I lost my wife
in a sad divorce.

My life is upside down but maybe in the wilderness is where I would also discover God’s faithfulness. If he could show me. The Lord could say, have you noticed your shoes? They are not worn out. Your clothes are the same that came out of Egypt and they haven’t worn out. Have you gotten to see that time with you. Actually, I’m taking care of you. I had one of the ah hah moments the other day when realized how much God has blessed our
lives. How much God takes care of us.

How much God is with us. How much prayer he answers. How much that is happening that is good stuff with us and around the world. We have the day school and little learning center. We have people across the street in dorms and private and single moms. We have good things going on. It’s in different parts of the world even that it’s happening. This is really, my shoes are not worn out. My clothes are not wearing out. I shared
that with my wife. You don’t need to be clothes shopping.

They’re very good. They’re ten years old and holding up very nicely. Very nicely! Vs. 6 Keep yourself away from the evil things that we lust for as they also lusted. Vs. 7. I’ll add when they made the golden calf, they danced and
played and said this is the God that brought us out of Egypt. I think we can get it upside down.
Oh no, pastor. I’m a Christian. I don’t have it upside down. That’s the problem. These are Jews
that came through the Red Sea and they saw it.

Believe me there wasn’t any golden calf that did that. No golden calf when they came out of Egypt. It was in their heart but no golden calf carrying into the Red Sea. How can I get it wrong? I start to look at life with a veil over my face and over my heart and I start to interpret life through my narrative. I always need to come back
with a holy relationship with this word to correct me. To go to my heart and be a worshiper of
Jesus Christ.

You know a good indicator of our doctrine is how high regard we have for Jesus
Christ. You know what a good indicator is of worship? How much we love him, rely on him,
relate to him. How much Jesus Christ is responsible for everything living and moving and going
on in our hearts of holiness. It’s Christ that does it. It’s Christ that started it and Christ that
finishes it. There’s nothing here in any of this.

Nothing about getting out of Egypt that is nothing other than Jesus Christ. In the wilderness, it was Christ that got them through and going up into the land without any weapons or ropes or grappling hooks to climb walls. Without any swords or military equipment or catapults. No military force to get into that land and conquer it. It was
God. Vs. 8. Neither let us commit fornication. There is a big word. What is fornication? Sexual
sins, relations with the opposite sex.

Now it’s with the same as well. We have to say that nowadays I guess. It’s sexual sin. Do you think any of that is happening in our world here? Do you think that is the nature of man? Does he get educated to the point where he gets out of that or wants to get out of that? No, it’s here continually, bubbling up and surfacing out of our
hearts and out of our minds and behavior. Can I put the Boy Scout oath here. Here’s Boy Scout
law. This is not a church.

This is Boy Scouts. This is what I learned when I was a Boy Scout years
ago. You had three fingers like this and said this oath to being trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent. I say this because
the last few months I thought about it. I don’t hear those words anymore. I don’t hear them
from young people on the street.

I don’t think they are being taught at all in public schools or university campuses. That’s like ridiculous these words and yet we need it. We need it. You want to buy a used car from someone who isn’t trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, kind? Do you want to rent an apartment with someone who is dishonest? Who is going to rip you off and
break the contract and hurt you? Do you want to meet a policeman in the street who isn’t
these words? Do you want your mother or your father to be this way?

Or do you want them another way? You can get angry about it. I’m not angry about it in one sense. I want you to
understand something. This world gravitates to fornication not to loyalty. This world gravitates
to dishonesty not my word is my bond. Even if it hurts me, I will be honest with you. This is
about God. I can’t do these things without God. Of course I can’t do them unless I hear the
gospel and God says to me, you cannot keep the Ten Commandments.

This is really like a reflection of the Ten Commandments in a way, one modified message of it. I’m not preaching the Ten commandments. I’m trying to say something. Life has a moral part to it and it’s very
important. When I don’t have God, I’m here in the wilderness complaining. When I’m in the
wilderness here complaining and angry, what did they do? They fornicated. What did they do?
When you complain about your world you got this flesh interpreting for you your world then
you don’t have any power.

Sexual sin is part of life. You don’t have any power. Life is bad. You talk on a natural level. Vs. 8 in one day 23,000 people died because of a plague that came upon them. I don’t think I need to say this. We love all people. We love people. We love people that have fallen into the sin of adultery and homosexuality. We have a message and a ministry for them to change. We love all people. We love people. We care about them. We invite them in.
We are not knowing people after the flesh.

We are ministering Christ to people. God does beautiful things. He saves them and forgives them and gives them new life. But it is strange that in the homosexual lifestyle, on the average they live 20 years shorter time. 30,000 new cases of HIV a year with people living that lifestyle. What am I supposed to do? Sing its virtues or
something. What am I supposed to do? Acknowledge it and accept it as these churches that are
apostate that put out the rainbow flag and whatever else they do and give the right hand of

That is ridiculous. That contradicts everything that is good for people. Everything
that would result in their growth and their benefit and their transformation comes through
Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has told us clearly in Leviticus. 18:22 and other places in the Scripture. This
isn’t to condemn. We come into a spiritual doctor’s office where we say doctor, I need help. Put
me under the cat scan and God puts me in the cat scan and says there is an issue here.

I want you to humble yourself. I bought you out of Egypt and I want you to get out of your stalled state
and into the Promised Land. I want you to make progress in a spiritual way. I want you to be
changed from glory to glory. That’s what he is saying. Okay. Look at 10:9. That’s a pretty strong
statement. I read one of those temptations.

I read it yesterday. Jesus is on the cross. This is arrogance. He’s on the cross and the Pharisees are looking at him. They said, he said if he is of God, let God come down and take him off the cross. This is Mattew. 27 or 26. He said he’s of God Let God come down. Woe! Do you hear yourself talking. Woe! What are you saying? Wow! You
don’t even know how proud, how arrogant you are. How could you talk about God like that. He
said it’s of God, let God come down.

You know, the pride that is in me and in you is a very real thing. I need someone to check it. I need the Lord to check my pride. I want God in my life. I want God to help me. These people are in the wilderness and there is no limit what can come out of their heart and mouths. They are able to be like just not recognizing the arrogance that is
there. They tempt Christ. Vs. 9-10. It seems to me that this story could be part of my meditation
all my life. This is for me for all my life.

It seems to me that we have a tendency to get into the wilderness and stay there and complain about what God did to me. Go did this to me and I don’t have any joy. I don’t have any life, any freedom, any power. I don’t have any persuasion in my spirit. I’m kind of in the doldrums, stuck in my way in my life and it’s written here for our
learning. Vs. 12. There’s a good word for us. Let us that think we stand, let’s be cautious and say
wait. I don’t just want to make it.

I want to go into the Promised Land. I want to see the hand of God. I want to take on the enemy. I want demons to flee from me in many directions. I want to see people get saved. I want to see people helped. I want to see people changed. I want to see answers. I want to see my kids make it. I want to see my wife blessed. I want to see my church on fire. I want to see answers. I want to see God. I may stay in the wilderness, but I want to see
God in the wilderness the way Moses did.

I want to see that the manna came. I can say the manna came. Mom, the manna came this morning. The manna came. We’re okay. God is with us. Mom, my shoes are the same. Mom we are in good shape. Praise the Lord. God brought us out of Egypt. Mom, do you remember Psalm 104, 105, 106, 107. They came out of Egypt and were
to never forget it that they didn’t do it. God did it. Vs. 13. You say I can’t make it. Are you sure?
Be careful with that. Yes, you can. I can’t make it.

I don’t know. Nobody can presume here. It could be very, very tough for some people. We have a family in the church and their son is having a very, very, very, hard time on many levels and they are a great family. There are folks who have lost children. There are folks here that have had major huge things. Family members
have passed away and so on. There is no presumption here. I’m not able, but if I think I am able,
then I need to stand not like this but it’s better to stand like this.

Lord, help me. I can stand if you are with me. It’s better to be insecure and find my security in God. That’s how I will get into the Promised Land. That’s how I make progress. Not saying I got it. I got it covered. What are
you seeing? What are you seeing when you say I got it covered. With that woman at the
beginning of the sermon, she had her husband. When she had her husband, she was fine. When
she lost him, what did she have? It’s over.

We got it. We have it. We have it. And we got to make the effort to walk in it and God will maintain it and help us in it. We’ll grow in it and mature and we’ll be able to handle what God is going to put in front of us in our life. Please
don’t be a person that says when life is good, I’m good. I’m in the church and everything is fine.
Be a person like this. I’m fine, maybe praise God I’m good. I can see God’s grace. I know who
God is. When my world falls apart, when my world is not the way I like it to be.

A young man 25 years lost his wife. He got married and two years his wife left him. He collapsed. He collapsed. It
was devastating. When my life is devastated or my world is upside down, don’t panic. God did
not bring you out of Egypt and save you so your life will be destroyed. He brought you into the
wilderness to teach you how to live with God. As you walk with God you will know him. You will
know him something like this.

You lose something and it hurts me a lot, but I got God. I’m walking with God and I’m okay. He’ll bring me into the Promised Land. Stay away from the sex stuff and stealing and being dishonest. I’m staying away from my old man and all that he is. I’m learning how to walk in the Spirit and walk with God. That’s an amazing thing to get done with
life. If you end up finishing life that way, you are winner. If you end up living life that way and
finding who Christ is in the short time of 70 years. You find out who Christ is in your life, you are
a winner. You gained a lot eternally. That’s amazing. Amen.


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