The Spirit fills us when we do the will of God. The devil and his world want us to be in the pit. Jesus makes us new creations to walk in wisdom and thanksgiving. Let’s talk to ourselves in praises and hymns. (Ephesians 5:14-20; Genesis 37:20-22)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Peter Westera
Sermon # 11738
11:00 AM on 8/25/2019





P Schaller

Halleluiah! Let’s speak highly about God for a few minutes. Praise you, God. You love us, God. Who are you, Lord. You are an Almighty God. Thank you. We worship you Lord. Praise you, Lord. You are God. God. God Almighty. Thank you, God. Father, we are not able to minister. We are able but we are not able. We are able because you empower. You have called us to drink your Spirit. You have saved us through your Son and his blood. You have sent your Spirit into our spirit. We are filled with your Spirit and drinking your Spirit and praise you as God. Show us something this morning from your Spirit, God. Teach us your ways and your thoughts, Lord. May we put away and recognize what our old sin nature is and put on the Lord Jesus Christ and respond to you. Praise him! Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Lord God. Halleluiah! Thank you, God. Restore our soul and lead us and heal us and bless us God. Speak to us, Lord. Praise you God. Thank you, Lord.

One [a baby] in the audience cried out, identifying [with the baby dedication]. They know each other! Birds of a feather flock together. This past week our ministry had a camp for young people in PA. It’s called Camp Life. We as a ministry consider it to be a highlight for our year in our youth ministry. I asked P. Pete Westera to share with us what happened this week. God answers prayer. We’re not a ministry that just entertained kids. We are looking for the Spirit to move and go deep into their hearts and minds. This happened. God answered our prayers. It’s a big thing to be living in an age we are living in and challenged by the lies in the world. For our young people to grow up as Spirit- filled and Spirit taught believers. No matter what chapter they are on in their process, there is a ministry for them…there is something we want to help them with. God the H.S. is the teacher and the one that reveals to them who God is. There is a great number in the world for God, but people don’t know how to find him. They don’t know where he is or who he is. Our whole interest is to bring in the message and the person of Christ.

Tonight, P. Love will share a message with us on the youth ministry and what happened this week. Welcome, P. Pete Westera.


P. Peter

It’s so good to be back. We did have an amazing week. We had people here from Belgium and France. Stand up, boys. Someone came from Romania just for camp. And someone from Finland and we ended up with two people from New Zealand. Awesome week. We had fun, of course. Last year, I came back proud of myself because I pranked one of the cabins. So we drove high very satisfied. What I didn’t think is we would have to come back to camp one year and this year I got destroyed every day with a prank! I woke up seeing Bella Weir’s face in a cold sweat, scared. I lost out. I vowed to never prank a teen again the rest of my life.

Ps. 40 this was a verse that came to me for camp. I believe God does these things. I was studying a little and went over my notes from Eurocon. P. Schaller said there is a spirit in this world that wants to keep us in the pit. To live there, to make my life there, for my mind to be there. For me to keep holding onto it. To be a victim. To live the rest of my life with a pit mentality. I often think about it. It’s a great message for teens. I was speaking to a young man. We had on average 30 kids come out to early morning prayer. ..getting up early isn’t their favorite thing. We had amazing prayer and taught them about prayer and worshipped God together by the lake. I am on a quest. I’m a youth leader on a quest to have little moments with teenagers. The entire spectrum of our youth ministry is to create an atmosphere where we can have little moments. A message that sticks, a prayer meeting, a little conversation. We had one with some boys. God was helping us. It was a line of boys that wanted to talk to me and throughout the week we kept talking these real conversations. Things that really matter. One boy told me I have a problem and need help. Another one came to me. For four years, I’ve been trying to have a conversation with this kid. At camp, I had one of those conversations. We will continue to have real conversation. One young man I asked him to come to prayer with me and he came. He’s from the city. We broke up in groups and… I asked him if he wanted to pray. He said something to me. He said I don’t know if I should be here. I don’t know if he meant the prayer meeting or camp. He said because of my past. He’s probably an 18-year old teen that has had a rough growing up like many inner-city kids in trouble. Not aware of something. He is ignorant.

We often think we know sin is a horrible thing. Even worse is to not know, to be ignorant about your sin. What is much worse or 1,000 times worse is not know the answer to your sin. To have no solution and not know where to turn. To not know at your fingertips is grace. We had a message for him. Who knows? I think it touched him. We’re going to make sure he knows. Our kids are ignorant. I am ignorant. I said it at the 9:00 service. I don’t know why God insisted on having a 1,000-year reign. I’d skip over it and go to the new heaven and earth. We need 1,000 years to get rid of our ignorance. I’ve had the craziest summer talking to kids and hearing things. You name it. I’ve had the conversation. They are ignorant. Our job is to educate them. To give them what Jesus has. He has so much. It’s unbelievable how much is there for us. It’s only potentially beneficial. Unless we teach him about eternal life and grace and a clear conscience. How they can continue and deal with an issue. Many that went to camp did so well. We are there for these little moments to teach them. Satan wants them to stay in the pit. He wants them to make their life that way. Ps. 40 that’s not God’s way. He has brought us out of a pit. He has brought us out of the clay. We are not to be crawling around in that darkness. He wants us out. He wants to heal us and love us and set us on a rock. He wants to stabilize us with his truth.

We had an incredible week, an incredible summer with this in our mind for real moments with kids. We went to Costa Rica with 12 teens and then convention where we spent all day with teens. We came back and had a little break, and then went to Camp Life Europe looking for moments, teaching and educating. And then came back and went to camp. I woke up this morning and I was so tired. My back is destroyed. When you start off, the mattress is this thick but by the morning it’s like this. My back is killing me, and my body is tired. That burden inside despite all our hard work and efforts, the burden inside is no less. It was unsatisfied. It’s the same. I think it’s growing because of the problems and need. Our bodies have to recover quickly and go at it again. We need more people to love these kids and help them out of their problems and ignorance and show them Jesus Christ and show them a new way and a new spirit. I’m so happy to be involved in that. It’s amazing to be involved in that, and I’m very grateful.


P. Schaller

Ge. 37:20 the brothers are talking and thinking of killing Joseph. Vs. 21-22, P. Peter mentioned about how young people are sometimes cast into a pit. But the pit is their thoughts, discouragement and putting them down. That the real author of this is the devil. He would like to take something precious and throw it away or destroy it. When a young person is in a pit, they need help to get out. After they get out, they might want to go back. The pit might be in them. Something like Lot’s wife. Jesus said remember Lot’s wife. Three words. Remember Lot’s wife. When we read the text in Ge. 19, she was living in Sodom and Gomorrah and married to a godly man. Though he was saved, he wasn’t a great example of a spiritual man. The Spirit delivered the family out of Sodom and Gomorrah and they were told, don’t look back but she did. Why? She wanted it. She wanted to go back. That’s usually how we understand it. She was out of it and wanted to go back to it. Some habits are stubborn, and we go back. Some thoughts we have about life even if we are corrected. The Spirit teaches us, and we learn from the word. It might be that I drift back or slip back. So let’s speak for a few minutes about change.

1 Cor 12:13. By one Spirit this is the Holy Spirit. We are all baptized into the Body of Christ. When Abraham believed God, he was not baptized into the Body because there wasn’t any. There were the Jewish people to believe, the congregation but not defined as the Body as in the New Testament. Paul said the ministry of the Body was hidden in the past but now it is revealed. We are in him. The metaphor for this spiritual reality is a physical body and the head is Christ. Christ is the head of the Body. We are the members and we’ve been baptized into it. We are connected with the Body and the head. One of the marks of being in the Body is we get our signals from the head. When I’m in a pit, it maybe I get the signals from the pit and the lies that put me there. There are people that live in the pit, go back to the pit and it seems so hard to get out. Jesus came to take us out and baptized us in the Body. The Body is connected with the thoughts of the Spirit, the words of God and the mind of God. The mind of God is not the pit life. It is the throne life. He said in Ps 40 that God has set me on a rock higher than myself. Eph 2 we were dead in our sin and now we are raised and seated in heavenly places now. We are seated in Baltimore and also seated in heavenly places. The Body is connected with the head and this part of it is here in the world. We are not part of the world. We are part of him. We have been changed. We have been born again. We are indwelt by the Spirit. 1 Cor. 12:13 we have the subject of race, Jews or Gentiles. It’s not an issue of race. Whether we be bond or free. It’s not an issue of social status. Whether or not you make a lot of money or little, employed or not employed, educated or not educated, it’s not an issue here. We have been baptized into the Body and all made to drink into one Spirit. We are drinking the same Spirit. If you have just confessed your sin before God, you are forgiven and walking in the light and drinking the Spirit of God. We come to church and may take a moment and say I have sinned if you know you have and confess it in 1 Jn 1:9. You have fellowship one with another in the light and we are changed. 2 Cor. 3:14, Until this day remains the same veil. There is a veil untaken away. Some kind of invisible veil over them. When they read the Bible, they don’t see Christ there. There is a veil over their eyes. The same can happen to you and me. We can be reading something and some lack of understanding of what we are reading. Just like what I’m saying about the Body of Christ. Have you seen the Body of Christ? Do you know you are part of it?

I was in Montreal Thursday night preaching in P. James’ church, P. David Moore, Friday and Saturday Lance in upstate New York and we had a beautiful time. P. Jeff Loren came. It was a rich time of fellowship. We are drinking the same Spirit. We are members of the Body. We are not called to be in a pit. We are called to be seeing and understanding. Vs. 15. I feel it happens to believers, too. They could be in the pit and they can’t see. They are so disappointed with themselves and discouraged in life. I am here. This is me. We say that’s not you. The Bible says that’s not you. You have died and you’ve been raised. You have a new identity. You don’t know how bad I am. God knows how bad you are but decided to save you. He decided to show you his glory and his grace. To show you who he is as God. You are not your sin. You are who he says you are. You are a new creation. You are what he did on that cross. It is a lot bigger than what any of us could ever imagine.

Last Saturday, I called one of our pastors on the phone and said how was your service? There was a 50-year old man that came, and I talked to him after and he said I messed up my life. I fell in love with another woman and went off with her in an affair. I ruined my marriage and my family. I haven’t been to church for years. I haven’t had any desire to come. I’m so guilty. I’m so disappointed with myself. I’ve messed up my life. What did the pastor say? Yes, but it isn’t over. Is your life to stay in the pit? Is that what God made you? Is that why he sent Christ for you to be labeled with your sin and so disappointed with yourself? Did Christ come for you to get you out of there. That he would speak to you? When you are baptized into the Body, you are connected with the head and the head says who you are. He doesn’t say you are your sin. He says you are washed by the blood. God the Father has saved you by his grace and called you by his name. You might have a problem with this. We hate the sin and the potential I have to mess up my life is a real thing. There is another reality. Jesus comes walking on the water and says hello. Look at me. He is raised from the dead and the tomb is empty. I am God and I became a man so you can get out of the pit. I did. That’s why I came. There is another thing that happens. We are baptized into the Body, but we may not be filled with the Spirit. This is an important teaching. We are filled with the Spirit of God; the Spirit fills us, and we walk in the Spirit but then I grieve the Spirit and quench the Spirit. I live in unbelief and live based on my sin nature like this man does. I don’t know the end story. I understand it. I’m in a depression. I’m disappointed. Many examples in the Bible. Jonah was angry. We never see the end. We don’t see him getting out of his depression. Elijah was discouraged and ran from Jezebel and said I want to die. This is good for our learning because it can happen to you and me. It might be I’m not drinking the Spirit but drinking my sorrow. I’m drinking the lies of the enemy that puts me there and wants to keep me there. You have no future. God has forgotten you. You don’t have anything. You should die. You are thinking you should die. You are thinking I do want to die.

Turn with me to Eph 5:14. If you know the Jonah story, he went to sleep in the boat. He was running away from God and left the presence of God. He was a prophet of God and left God’s presence. He went into the boat on the way to Tarshish and went into the belly of the boat and fell asleep. I think that can happen to us too. God says awake thou that sleepest. Get to church. Change your attitude. I love to change my attitude. Could anyone give me a message? You need encouragement. Be around people who have a ministry of the Spirit, a ministry of truth and grace. Get in a place like taking a shower and get under the water. Get in it and it comes upon you. Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and Christ shall give you light. What kind of light? Spiritual light. You start to think about it. I’m in the pit. I’m hungry for a better life. The view down there isn’t very good. I’d like to be up high and see the mountains, ocean, sky. Ps. 122.

Vs. 15. See you walk circumspectly means accurately. AKROS is the Greek root where we get the word accurate and acrobat. He has to walk accurately, carefully. So a Christian needs to be careful how he is living in a world where there are many ways we can go and find ourselves needing God’s help, his instruction, his counsel. Vs. 15. Fools. You don’t have to look very far to see in our country we have leaders on many levels in schools and universities and classrooms. We have politicians legalizing marijuana. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. People aren’t warning others of the sin of homosexuality. 30,000 new cases of AIDS every year and a life span of a homosexual is much less than a heterosexual. It’s unhealthy, not right, dangerous. We are feeding this whole thing about sexuality in some strange way. It lacks common sense. There are more and more car accidents in Colorado with marijuana induced highs than they ever calculated on according to the statistics…it seems we are lost somehow in our world. There are other messages and we are foolishly walking and following the advice that is foolish. It says walk carefully, not as fools but as wise. Wise people that are kind of healthy in spirit and mind and soul. Wise people with their friends and decisions. Not rich people. Not highly sophisticated. Just wise. Where can I get wisdom? The H.S. has baptized us into the Body and these are the people who have the gifts of the Spirit. The wisdom of God. God’s mercy and love and understanding and conviction and wisdom. Vs. 17. God’s will. Understanding God’s will. When we are baptized into the Body, we know it’s his will to drink the same spirit. We know it’s his will to preach the gospel and share our faith. We know it’s God’s will to care about others and love and pray for them. Raising a family can be very challenging. If I live in a pit, it’s hard to raise my family while I live in a pit. I might bring my family into the pit with me. Pull them down and destroy them also because of the spirit I have and where I’m at.

Vs. 18-20. The Spirit fills you when you do his will. That’s a good word. The Spirit fills you when you come to the cross and say not my will but yours be done. You say Lord, here I am. What is your will? My will is that you are out of there. How do I get out of there? I fill you with my Spirit. Do you trust me? Your mind is renewed and now you gravitate to truth and the lie becomes obvious. I’m not my sin. Jesus has made me a new creation. The Spirit renews the mind, so we have an increasing capacity for truth. The truth will set you free. You are free indeed. Stephen was filled with the Spirit when he was stoned. They dragged him out of the city and stoned him. He was filled with the Spirit and saw Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father. Zechariah was in the temple; the father of John the Baptist and it says he was filled with the Spirit. Hannah was filled with the Spirit when offered her son to God. Deborah was filled with the Spirit and sang a song about the Jews overcoming their enemies. John the Baptist was in his mother as a fetus and it says he was filled with the Spirit from his mother’s womb. Christ on his mother’s breast in Ps. 22 was in communion with his Father. Christ filled with the Spirit was taken out to the desert to be tempted 40 days. He was filled with the Spirit as he was tempted. It says we are to be filled with the Spirit. That’s why you come here. We are a Spirit-filled assembly but not always. There are times I am not. I know my flesh and my heart and my attitude and maybe I want to quit and give up or don’t care or in darkness of some kind in my heart. That happens to us. Here it says but know the will of God and be filled with the Spirit. Not with wine. People take alcohol to get the edge off their fear or anxiety.

I talked to a medical doctor in New York. He’s a friend. He said I have two or three come to me every day asking for anxiety medication. He said they don’t need anxiety medication. They need a pastor. Where are the pastors? Where are the teachers of the Bible?…We are not much at all but you sent your Son so we could give you the praises and declare the greatness of your grace and manifest the reality of your person in a dark world. God is saying I have them. I’m calling them. I’m speaking to them. Lord, please send them to MBC&S Bible school. We would love to be teaching them and help them understand what it means to have an effective Spirit-filled lifestyle and ministry. Fill us, Lord. We drink your Spirit because we are filled with your Spirit. Vs. 19. Speaking to yourselves. Be careful what you say to yourselves. How many ever said under your breath I am fat. I am disappointed. I’m discouraged. I am undisciplined or many other things about myself that are not edifying statements. I am in a pit and I’m not getting out. My brothers put me here. My life is over. How many have said that? We all have. Here it says be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves other things. Psalms in the heart. Words. It’s not mechanical. It has to be in my heart. Organic. Where will I get that? I get it in my prayer closet. I also get it in the church and in my service. As I walk by faith and in obedience, the Spirit ministers to me and builds me up as I live in faith obedience as he fills us with the Spirit.

We had a great time in the car as we were fellowshipping on the way to Montreal 12 hours. We were in the Bible talking, fellowshipping, talking about world missions, on the phone with people and feeling what a beautiful thing to rest in his grace and be encouraged and speaking to ourselves. What you will say to yourself is probably what you will say to another. It is edifying or the word God puts in your spirit or heart. These are words that should be in our home. One brother said, I swear at home. I get angry at home. I have an anger problem with my family. It happens to people. We get frustrated and angry. Why? Why is our anger so close to our throat ready to be fired off? It should be our anger is in the cellar. I’m going to get angry. Wait a minute. I’m going to go get my anger. I go looking for my anger and bring it up. It’s the right kind. Not a quick emotional. There should be an anger in every believer about unrighteousness. God is angry with the wicked every day. I hate lies. Ps. 101. I hate lying. I hate the lies that destroy people. I hate the lies that put people in a pit and keep them there. You don’t belong there. God made you to be out of that thing. You need to fly like a bird. You need to be up and above ground level. You are called by God. God needs you in this world. You have a message for the world. You have a ministry.

Vs. 19-20. I envy these people that sing good. There are parts of the world where people sing. Naples, Italy is one of them. The people sing as they work. I’m not talking about believers but the Italian people that live in Naples and they sing where they work. What about us? I don’t sing very well but it shouldn’t stop me. We have a song, phrases, verses. We have stories. I’m learning the stories Lincoln told. He was so wise. He’s one of my heroes in life. He had something in him he believed in. He had something in his bones. He understood justice. He said this isn’t right. God brought him to that place of great importance so he could make it clear what was right and wrong. I’m hungry for that. I’m not going with the crowd. I don’t care what the world says. I’m going with God. What is the world talking about? I’ve lost my respect for many of the leaders that talk foolishly about life and family life and people. It used to be I would respect them, but I lost it. I don’t want to, but I look for the people I can love and respect for the right reasons. I’m not a judge of people. I’m a discerner of the spirit and thoughts of God. There is a real devil in the world. The world is not neutral. It’s spiritual and it’s moving. You pretend to be neutral and you’ll go with the flow and be surprised where you end up one day. You need God’s heart and mind. You come here to get your tank filled and get ready to be living in a world that contradicts our sense of right and wrong. There are a lot of young people that need you and I to be there. We are not religious people talking about what is right and wrong and proud about it. We are loving and looking for opportunities to be helpful and tell them the truth and minister to them in love. You don’t belong in the pit. Jesus didn’t make you to be there. He loves you and cares for you. You have a future. God is for you and not against you. Let’s believe him. One of the marks of being Spirit-filled is thanksgiving. No matter what state, you have something to be thankful for. You are a worshipper of God. God will show you who he is. We are many times goal oriented in life. Be careful with that. However, I’m okay where I am at as long as I’m not in that pit. I’m with Jesus. I’m not a great man but can bring someone a cup of water in the name of a disciple.

I might not ever be this way or that way but can be clean and holy and think with God. I can have prayers that move mountains. I can be on the par with angels. I can let God lead me and order my footsteps and he will do that because he is God.






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