The Lord is coming again. We see the signs. His promises are true. A radical transformation of our world is in the future. Believe it and walk in this living hope. (Isaiah 11:6-8; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-8)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12096
7:00 PM on 5/19/2021

P. Schaller –

Okay. For the introductory thought tonight – first of all, we have the graduation on Saturday for the high
school. I think we have a rap tonight with some high schoolers. Is that correct? Oh, that will be
Sunday night. Some visitors. P. Shibley and Zeek. P. Zeek. They’re here. On my right is P. Jim and
P. Gary Witt from Dover Plains. Maybe the message goes in two parts. The first part and then
the second part. The first part and then the offering and the song. This is Luke. Did I say that to
you? I’m searching so I believe it is Luke 12. I’m not doing very well. This is my homiletics class.
I’m now teaching you what you do not do! So, it’s not going to work. Let’s start over. Good
evening! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! God is good! Turn with me in your Bibles to Isaiah 11.
Have we ever wondered what is happening in our future in the big picture where everything is
going. Is our Bible actually true that really Christ is coming again.

When he comes, what will the world look like? We have a little bit of a few verses here in Is. 11:6-7. Now, if you think this is just poetry and the prophet is saying something along those lines, then you are mistaken. We
take this literally that the animal world will change and the serpent and the child at the hole of
the asp. The atmosphere of the world and the putting of Satan in the bottomless pit for 1,000
years that we read about in Revelation 20. These are some of the things I’d like to say tonight in our
message. I’d like you to be awake and realize that we are living in this time, and during this time
we say 2 Peter 3 that all things happen in a regular, predictable way. All the laws of physics. All
the unfolding events in history. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s so easy to say that and
think like that. Where is the promise of his coming? He is not coming. You are dreaming. It’s in
your mind. It’s in your Bible. It’s a fairy tale. It’s not true.

You can’t even imagine that there would be a radical transformation, a huge change in the nature of life as we know it. That is written in 2 Peter 3. I’d like you to think of a couple portions tonight and stir us in our spirit. When we listen to
the Bible, the first coming of Christ predicted and fulfilled incredibly. Born at Bethlehem. Pierced
through his hands and feet. Sold for 30 pieces of silver in Zechariah 11. His garment not parted.
They rolled the dice. The women at the foot of the cross and the incredible atonement. His
blood shed. The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world and that this happened as
the prophet said it would. When Christ was here, he said you are people that can predict the
weather by looking at the sky, but you cannot tell the time you are living in now or he’s saying I
am the Messiah. You know, in John. 4 with the woman at the well, she said we know that the
Messiah will come. She wasn’t even a Jew. She was a Samaritan. He said to her, the first one, I
am He, the Messiah. Amazing. What did God do by giving us the Messiah?

Turn to Hosea 2. I’d like you to read this portion. This is so touching. Hosea 2. On the deck tonight, we can have a
rap and maybe the visiting pastors could join us. We could share more about this message or
what the Spirit says to you tonight in the message. Chapter 2:19, It’s like a man getting engaged
to a woman and taking her under his wing and drawing her to him and giving her engagement. I
will betroth you unto me. God is saying to Israel I will draw you to me and I will betroth you unto
me in righteousness. This is an important word for us in an evil day when we see so much
unrighteousness around us. I think the unrighteousness in the world is working in our favor.
There is a famine, a drought. Who is talking about righteousness. What does it mean to be
morally right? What does it mean to be righteous like Christ? When you see the righteousness,
it draws you to engagement. I want your heart. I’m going to do this to you in righteousness and
judgment at the cross and lovingkindness. That is the word for grace.

And in mercies. vs. 20. This is at this first coming. This is what happened. Christ being all of these words. Count them.
One, two, three, four, five words. Five words that are important to us in a relationship. Five
words when a man will say to a woman I’m a righteous man. What’s the next word. I’m a man of
judgment. That means I have good judgment about things. It means what is right is important. It
means truth is important to me. I want to be a man of integrity. I want truth. When God did this
to Israel, he is saying I will not compromise with you. I am a God of righteousness and judgment
but you can trust me. I got your back. I am for you. I will save you. I will keep you. I will be the
kind of husband you’re looking for. I’m not a liar. I’m not compromising. I’m not afraid of conflict. I
can be engaged and do the right thing. That’s what the world is looking for. When Jesus comes,
he’s in the Gospel like flaming fire and he’s not worried about his reputation or what people are
saying or thinking about him. He’s a man of integrity. That is what drew us to Christ. That’s what
drew the Jewish believers to Christ was that kind of integrity.

Look at the next words. vs. I will give grace. I will give mercy. I will understand you. I will lean down and listen to you. I like that idea. Leaning down. There’s two times. When Peter came to the tomb, John came to the tomb
and it says John leaned down to look inside and Peter came running up and he went inside. But
John was leaning down. I like that. Angels lean down. 1 Peter 1. To listen to what we are saying,
human beings, anointed of God are saying about Christ tonight in our meeting. Angels are – it
says they are leaning down. The same word for when John leaned down to look in. The angels
are leaning into our world to listen to what we have to say. So therefore, we have the awakening
of the human beings, individually, to this kind of integrity, this kind of message and spirit. And
God’s faithfulness. His faithfulness is drawing us to him at the cross. When Jesus came the first
time, what did he do? He brought people to himself and he does it today. He’s doing more and
more today. There’s more to be done.

There are many people coming to Christ in these days. We believe it and we are in the field to labor with that in mind cause there is a day when we will be raptured. We’ll be taken out of the world and we’ll go into that after the offering. Pray with me for the offering. Okay. You may be seated. Wow. It was really great that we have called the
Conference this June, “Let’s Go to the House of God.” that’s the name of our conference. I think
we are all ready for that, because we are a big family blessed by grace. Amen. Blessed by
grace. So the message tonight is very simply we are anticipating the fulfillment of Scripture.
What God has said is going to happen. In a way, some of it is hard to believe. But if you take the
whole record of the Word of God, it is all, every part of it incredible. That in the beginning God
created the heavens and the earth, – fish, birds, animals, planets, atmosphere, cosmic
phenomena we don’t know anything about. Laws. It’s incredible. That we are here is incredible.
What is man that you would even be thinking of him? We are made in his image, loved by him.
There are so many incredible things in life just in nature.

Incredible documentaries about planets and birds and all kinds of things, and we just say wow! Wow! What is that beatle that is the bombing beatle? Bombardier beatle. It has fire in his belly. The chemical reaction. That spits out
fire. Where did that come from? God. The world we live in, come on! What is happening? Who
are we? What is going on? Come on! 1 Corinthians 15 that which is planted is natural and the little
seed takes on a body that is different from the seed. The seed is a little speck of dirt and the
body is a green bush. Different body. So is the resurrection that we are sown a natural body but
we will be raised a body like unto Christ’s body. Will that happen? It’s going to happen, and
many other things. Like our personal sense of joy and peace and even our mind being
somehow stable, rock solid in truth and worship and that we have found God. This new heart
and new spirit that has come into us has changed us on the inside. Did that happen? Is that
real? Yes, it is. We see in church history incredible works of grace.

We see miracles. When I first became a believer, I was largely an unbeliever, but when I first became a believer, I wanted to read about miracles. I got a stack of magazines from a Pentecostal church. They gave them
to me or I stole them! I started to read about miracles. I go, I believe that that could happen!
Cause it’s written in the Gospels. Miracles. Changed lives. Promises. The Spirit anointing us
and giving us comfort and peace and us loving each other. I mean really loving God, loving
ourselves, loving each other and loving God. This is a family, God’s family. Is it real? Where did
it come from? How did it happen? Is it really Christ? Is it really Christ? Is Christ alive? Is it Christ
in the Body. Is it real? Is it really true that the Apostle Paul wrote and he said it very clearly that
there would be a day – we don’t know when. Let’s turn and read it. 1 Thessalonians 4. He’s speaking
about the people who have died and gone on before us and the Christians in this city were
concerned about these people who have gone before. vs. 12.

Which means they have passed on before us. Many of us in this room know people that have passed on and what about them? vs. 13. When we lose somebody, we have sorrow but not like others who are not sure about the
future. But we have a living hope. We know we are going to see them again. There’s going to be
a rendezvous. We are going to meet them. Just as sure that Christ was born in Bethlehem, sold
for 30 pieces of silver, died on the cross, and the tomb was empty – all those realities are
actually at the basis of our living hope about our future. vs. 14. God will bring with him. God will
bring Jesus and with Jesus will be these people. These people are alive today. They’re in the
heavenly Jerusalem. There’s a north gate, south, east, west gate. There’s four corners. Four
walls. There are three and three and three. There are 12 gates. There is an angel at each gate.
The gates are named by the 12 sons of Jacob. The foundations of the city are named by the 12
apostles. The 12 apostles is the foundation of the heavenly Jerusalem. vs. 15.

That’s what we think tonight, that Jesus is coming in our lifetime. Every Spirit-filled believer believed that Jesus
would come in his life time. Why? Because we are told to watch and wait and anticipate that coming. We are told to anticipate the coming in the first century, the second century, the third
century – all those believers they believed. Cause the Spirit has given us a hope and an
anticipation and an understanding that he can come at any time. Nobody knows the day or the
hour but the Father knows. And there will be a time when the Father will say it is time and the
Son of God will come back. We’ll read that in a second. Go to verse 15. Meaning that there
won’t be any restraint on those bodies that are buried in the graves but we that are alive and at
the coming of Christ, those bodies will be not prevented or hindered from rising for whatever
reason they would think that. But those bodies will go first. vs. 16. They go up. Those bodies.
Why? Is the body important? Yes it is.

The body is important. We will have this body in a glorified form. Praise God. P. Ron and I have talked about it. He has a picture of him when he was 18 years old and he goes man I look so good when I was 18. I hope when I go to heaven
that will be the age I’ll be at. I’m looking sharp when I was 18. That’s the way I want it to be.
Some lady said to the preacher, when I go to heaven will I recognize my husband? He said,
well, I don’t think you’ll be anymore dumb in heaven than you are on earth! That was a Greater
Grace pastor that said that! No! We will know each other more than ever. We’ll have glorified
bodies. When will this happen? vs. 17. They are in heaven. They are absent from the body.
That’s a key verse. Absent from the body and then does your spirit drift around and roam
around on planet Earth? What does it say? Absent from the body and what does it say? Present
with the Lord. We go to be with the Lord. The angels take us away in Luke 16. The poor man
died, Lazarus, and the angels took him to Abraham’s bosom. There’s no vacuity, no sleeping in
the grave. There’s no floating around in Gettsyburg, PA where all the dead bodies in the
Gettysburg battle died and the spirits were released.

No. It’s – maybe that’s demons but it’s not the spirits of dead men. That’s demons. That’s why seances are demonic and deceitful and trickery from the devil. No. No. A human being goes to hell or they go to be with the Lord. We
are those by his grace, we were called, we were drawn by some reason of grace and by our
faith and our choice. Our choice is part of it. Our believing. It’s our choice. We can talk about it
sometime in the future, but we decide. Whoever believes. “Whosoever will let him come and
drink of the water of life freely” (Revelation 22). It’s our choosing. Being saved you have this
assurance, vs. 17. I’ve read in Kenneth Wuest this word air has two words in the Greek. One is
the air lower than the mountains and then the air above, the stratosphere, the higher air. So
when we meet the Lord, which air do we meet him in? We meet him in the lower level. He
comes closer to the earth. And we meet him there. How will that work? Our bodies will be
changed in the twinkling of an eye (1 Corinthians 15). We will disappear. We will disappear. The bodies
will be gone and we will go up. They go first. We come with them and we meet Jesus Christ in
the air and as he comes as a thief.

What’s the idea of a thief? You can’t see him. A robber, you see a robber. He has a gun in front of you. You see a robber, but a thief steals your bicycle off your back porch in the middle of the night and you never see him. Christ comes like this way. He comes to take us. He comes to take his bride. He comes to take us. It is a big deal. It is a big
deal in heaven. Do you know that in heaven they are anticipating this. Cause it’s like the next
phase. They want it. Oh, God, how long? Oh, God, how long? That idea. They’re on the edge.
They are wanting righteousness to come to the earth because they are saturated with
righteousness in heaven. They are saturated with the lovingkindness, the mercy, the
faithfulness of God. They’ve been betrothed to God, like engaged by these great five words we
mentioned. These are big words. They love it. They love God. They are in heaven in the love
and the righteousness of God and they say, we say in our prayer, “Our Father, who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, right? On earth. I want it here. I want it here. I’m sick and tired of the filth and evil and wickedness and the pride and arrogance that is in this world and in me. I’m tired of it. I want it to be gone. We got it. We got a good message. We are free from it. We have tasted the kingdom. We can feel it in the Spirit. We can taste it.
We love it. We agree with heaven. We’re like saying it to the folks up in heaven, Amen! Amen!
We’re with you. We’re in the same Body. We have the same Spirit, same Christ, same
anticipation. Come Lord Jesus! Come Lord Jesus, right? But what – have you ever also felt or
sense that you could also sleep, huh? Hello?! Hey, wait a minute! Ever felt you could be so
distracted? Ever felt you could just sleep and go, same old, same old and go through the
motions of life? Of course, this is why this is written to tell us something. If this got in our spirit,
in our blood so to speak, we got this kind of realized it. If we realized that this is actually reality.
This is actually where things are going. This is going to happen one day.

That if we kind of went to bed thinking and anticipating, no. I watch the news and it makes me so sick. No, I have seen
the corruption. I see the money. I see the weirdness, the perversion. I see the deceit, the
trickery, the treachery. It must be that I’m getting old. I’m just an old, cranky, old bitter man that’s
fed up with the whole thing. I never was like that before. But that’s a good thing, because even
though I believe that is a lot of what is happening, I also believe there is an amazing work of
grace that is happening in the hearts. There is a Matthew that follows Jesus. There is a Peter
that is restored. There is a John with his head on the bosom of Christ. Is it I? Who is it, Lord?
There’s a work of grace like in the book of Acts. There’s a spirit of encouragement and revival
and truth and wisdom and an opportunity for us to be like lions in a world where there’s a lot of
hyenas! Somebody said that recently. There’s an opportunity to have conviction and stand and
disagree and say, no. I don’t believe that.

Everybody is saying that. I don’t care what they are all saying. I have something going on in my heart. I’m growing in an understanding of the way Jesus is thinking. I want to follow Jesus. I want to believe in Jesus. I want Jesus’ word in my
spirit and my heart. I want to believe in God. I want to believe that Jesus is coming back one
day. You may laugh at it, but to me it’s very sacred and very real. Because if he came the first
time, you can be sure he’s coming the second time. He really is. And you know, it’s going to
happen this way. We will disappear. Look at what it says. We will meet the Lord in the air and so
shall we ever be with the Lord. Ever be with the Lord. What does that mean? We’ll ever be with
the Lord. The Lord has the spirit of fire. I want to be with that. The Lord has the kindness, the
patience. I want to be with that. He could be quiet and loving and deep. There’s a voice like
many waters. I was thinking of Niagara Falls.

Actually, I was thinking of turning the bathtub on like loud and then audio-ing it. Recording the bathtub running (noise). And this is a voice of many waters in heaven and they’re going to be saying something about the Christ. That’s in
heaven. And when Babylon falls, hallelujah! When Babylon falls, the church will be saying,
hallelujah, hallelujah. Babylon is fallen! Do you know what that means? You’re learning it. Ha ha
ha! It’s over. It’s over. The devil is put with a chain in the bottomless pit. The wolf and the rabbit
or the child and the snake and there’s peace on earth. Animals and who knows all of these
things. They’re in the Scripture. We do know some, but a change. A change. A change. I always
wondered if animals were intended to speak like in the Garden of Eden it says the serpent
spoke to Eve. We read that Balaam’s ass spoke. And that was the only good thing he said! I
was wondering and it doesn’t matter. I’m just provoking your imagination. I am saying the world
that we know is this way.

Anybody that would believe in a very big transformation is believing in a fairy tale. But no, we’re not. We’re just thinking that yes, we are made for righteousness and we’re looking for it. We cannot find it in this world without Jesus Christ, and he’s coming. It says here, “wherefore comfort one another with these words.” Is it comforting? That we will one day
disappear off the earth and be with Jesus. When you have a big BG&E bill it is! Is it comforting
to hear that? If you got a cancer or a broken heart, broken family, broken life, addictions,
problems, troubles, depression, fears. And you hear that that could happen one day? Yes, it is
comforting. Where can I get this comfort? Is it from making it up? Dreaming in la la land. No, this
is not la la land. This is the Word that created heaven and earth and holds it together. This is the
word that said he’s coming and he’s coming again. This is the Word that says you are free from
your sin through the cross. And that the tomb is empty and our tomb also will one day be empty.
Won’t that be amazing! It will be empty if we go that way.

We’re gone and there will be some clothing on the sidewalk maybe and prosthetics and implants and other things. It will be scattered on the sidewalks. Car keys and everything. Will there be any car keys in heaven? Will
there be any medications in heaven? Will there be any bandages or duct tape in heaven? Will
there be any – what will there be? There will be a glorified state. Listen. He’s coming and after
that happens seven years of hell is on the earth. Oh, can you see it happening? Globalism.
World power. Global warming. Big government. Bureaucracy. One world government. Bitcoin or
whatever. Can you see it all happening? Global identification and I.D. Card. All of it happening
with the control of a world leader that is called in the Scriptures the Antichrist? Can you see it
happening? Same God that wrote that in the Bible is the same God that said we will go up, and
they will go up first and we will meet Christ in the air! That’s it! But wait a minute. It gets better.

We got to finish up and go to 2 Thessalonians 2. It says when he comes, he’s talking to them in 2
Thessalonians on the same subject on the Second Coming. 2 Thessalonians 3:2, I believe we are in a
time of amazing deception, great lies that are being said. Great mouth of the Antichrist of Rev.
13 and in the Book of Daniel chapter 7 he has a big mouth. Meaning propaganda, a lot of influence. But don’t let any man deceive you. vs. 3. that’s the Antichrist. There will be a falling
away from the faith. It will be less and less. They say 41% of millennials say there is no God or I
don’t care about God or I don’t need God. It’s some kind of a poll. I can see it. There’s a
remnant in every generation. There are people that are seeking. People that are called. People
that are looking for something like what we are saying and we are believing. What the Spirit is
doing and drawing people to Christ. That Christ is the answer. Anybody drawn to him could see
it and believe in it. Then it says here there will be amazing deception, vs. 4. He is such an
enemy of God.

He doesn’t care about God, doesn’t talk about God, is mocking people that believe in God. This is is our spirit, in our country. It’s a spirit in our government. They oppose and exalt themselves against God. They are opposed to God. They are enemies of God. They don’t care about God. I’m just saying that. I think it’s clear and it’s something to think about. You can take what I’m saying and digest it. I believe it in my heart and spirit. vs. 4-5. This will be in
the Tribulation period. He said I told you when I was with you in person at our seminar that we
had there in Thessalonica. I told you about these things. vs. 6. Mystery of iniquity. We are
preventing – the Spirit and the church is preventing the full manifestation of the mystery of
iniquity. Then we will be taken out of the way, vs. 7. This is when he returns. He will have a
sword coming out of his mouth. I’m sure that is not literal but it is in the meaning – the sword of
course. What does it mean? Whether it is literal or not is not my point.

The point is the authority and there is no discussion. There is nothing except a judgment that comes on him. He will be
thrown in to the lake of fire. The devil will be thrown into the bottomless pit, and he will put
things in order. I want to finish my message with this thought tonight: these verses are
absolutely incredible. Allow yourself to meditate on them and imagine it. God, when are you
going to deal with it? When are you going to deal with it? God, come on! Bring it. Come and
bring it. We could say what do you mean? Oh, no. This will be something you could ever
imagine how it will be, how it will be dealt with, how it will be over. Lies are over. The whole
thing changes. How the spirits are gone. How the devil is in the bottomless pit. How the world
changes. You cannot imagine but it will happen. It will happen. It will happen. Thank you, Lord.
Come and do it. We want it. Yes, the teenagers want to graduate on Saturday. Yes, someone
wants to get married or have a child. Yes, we understand that.

Life is great and I’m all about it. I’m all about it. I believe in it. We live a great life. You know, so that’s true. That’s true. We know that. But if that is all I have in my life, there is something missing. If all I have are the hopes of
this world, there is something missing. It’s called the Blessed Hope. The whole thing behind.
The greatest tragedy we could ever experience and this is when we have this living hope, we
have comfort. We have a living hope that is a comfort to us in the anticipation of a coming
kingdom. Get it in your heart and imagination and think about it. He’s coming in the clouds of the
heavens. He’s coming from the right hand of his Father. He’s coming with all authority in heaven
and earth. He’s going to put away evil and every lie and everything that is hateful to God and it’s
going to be dealt with. That’s the message tonight.



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