Esau was a naturally inclined man who despised important things. We can be like him, as parasite people who say, “gimme, gimme.” We can dig down walls and lose sight of the way to the city, God’s city. God wants us to be filled with the Spirit and ministers who take up our Cross daily. By this, we will reveal a testimony of life and love. (Genesis 25:27-31; Ecclesiastes 10:8, 14-15; Genesis 49:6)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11795
6:30 PM on 12/1/2019

P. Schaller –

Good evening. Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! What an awesome day today. Praise God for
what we learned this morning. That was great and then tonight on this subject of what it means
to have the Holy Spirit flow out of you. That will be tonight. What it means to have the Holy
Spirit flow out of you. You have a ministry from the Spirit of God. And around the world there
are people that have a ministry from the Spirit of God and then there are people more like the
horseleech. The horseleech had two daughters and they said? Yeah, they got it right. They said
give, give. Give me. Give me.

A horseleech is a parasite. It says, give me, give me. I read out of all living things, 10% are parasites. Turn to your neighbor and say you don’t look like a parasite!I don’t think you are a parasite! If we were to say 10% of all living things are somehow parasitical. They need a host. Give me, give me. Can a human being be this way? How many
have personal experience in that area of life? How many have been the daughter of a
horseleech? I have because the first Adam is something like that. It’s about him and what can
you give me. I need this and I need that. It’s all about meeting my needs. As human beings, we
understand this. We have needs and they need them to be met. When Christ came into the
world, God came into the world and God is not a parasite.

Christ came not to be ministered unto but to minister. He is a minister. When you come here by faith, you step into the flow of ministry. When you take up the cross, you step into the flow of ministry. When you are humble
before God and receiving from God, God is very happy to supply us because he is God. He is the
giver. He is the servant of all. He opens his hand and satisfies every living thing. That will be our
theme tonight. Watch this video from Turkey. Ge 49:6, this is about Levi and Simeon. P. Steve,
stay there. I want to use you.

Their dad is old, Jacob. He’s lying on the bed dying. He has prophecy about each of the sons. He says about each of the sons that they killed those men in the village because of Dina their sister. They dug down a wall in their self- will. When I was studying last night and read that, I understood it like this. Walls are good. They can be used to
keep animals out and snakes and rodents. But they digged down a wall by their self-will. They
made a mistake doing that. Jacob was so concerned there would be retaliation for what they
had done, because walls can be good. Ecclesiastes 10:8, another picture of we could say a strong man, a
smart man. He’s figuring out his life. He digs a pit but falls into it.

He breaks a hedge thinking he’s solving a problem but then a serpent bites him. This is common with us. When we are foolish, we may produce more problems We may solve a problem by digging a pit but produce
a problem by falling into it. This is the idea of Ecclesiastes 10. Ecclesiastes 10:14-15, Go to the previous verse, vs.
14. A fool is full of words. Can people talk? Can they talk a lot? Can people talk a lot about
themselves? Can we talk a real lot? I mean years and years and be foolish. A fool is full of
words. They talk and talk, and you are there quiet.

You are learning. There is knowledge that is learned with love. Love and knowledge go together in Philppians 1:9-10. This is another kind of knowledge, but the fool is talking, and it says a man cannot tell what shall be, vs. 14. God made the world in such a way that I cannot tell what is coming. We don’t know what shall be. That
ignorance is awesome. I don’t want to lose the verses. A man cannot tell what shall be vs. 14.
Very simple but very profound. There are so many things about life we don’t know much about
it. We don’t know what is coming. We don’t know where things are going in our personal life and the big picture. Fortunately, we have God speaking to us. One of the curses in life is for God
not to speak to people.

It’s huge. It’s amazing. When God is speaking to people, what effect it  has. We don’t even know what kind of effect God speaking to us has on our lives. It profoundly affects us. It leads us and enlightens us. It comforts us and teaches us. Even on levels ABC, we don’t know what the Bible does to us. The Bible is forever established in heaven. It’s how God is communicating and always will. Forever and ever he will be speaking through this word. In this life, we are those unusual people. We are different. Something has happened in this regard. Vs.
15. It wearies the people they are with. When you are with a foolish person, it tires you out. It’s
like a parasitical.

There is no end. They are talking to try and get attention, affection, and
direction. Trying to find out how things are going and where they will end up. They are troubled
by it because they don’t have the capacity. Nobody does. A foolish person can’t get that. They
believe there is an answer and somehow an answer in them or the people they are talking to.
Vs. 15b. That means everybody living in an agricultural community, everybody knows how to go
to the city. Everyone knows where the city is. Usually there is one road. It’s not like today. This
man doesn’t know how to go to the city. He doesn’t know how to do the simplest things. He
hasn’t found it. Ge. 25, I just pray this will minister to our hearts.

This was my meditation last night on Esau. The Spirit, – I got into that zone where my heart and my meditation on people and the experience I have as a pastor with people. I was thinking about Esau. One man said to
me years ago when we had our church problems here and there was an apology given, he said
the apology is too little, too late. What is another way of saying what he is saying by that? I
don’t accept it. It’s not enough. I don’t forgive you. Your apology is low quality. It’s a lousy
apology. You’re giving us to little and it’s too late because I’m gone. Esau was this kind of
person because Esau is really a parasite.

Really. Because he doesn’t appreciate the higher things. He only lives in this world naturally and understands it this way. He is a hunter. A good man in the sense of being the typical guy who could do things and get it done. He’s not dumb. He’s capable. He’s smart, strong. He’s a great example of the average person and the problem
with him is that he lacks what he really needs to live. Really. Because life is not to be lived like a
parasite. It’s to be lived by God and to have the wisdom of God and the mind of God. Jesus
came. When it was time for him to be quiet when he was before his adversaries, he’s quiet.
He's not talking. Does he know what is going to come after?

Yes, he does. Does he know when to tear a wall down and when to leave it standing? Does he know? He does. Does he know my conversation is over with him right now. I said enough. He turns on his heels and walks away.
He’s wise. He’s a minister. Unique. When Jesus comes into the room, you have a sense he’s
there to give something. Be careful because that love is not foolish love or selfish love. That
love could hit you between the eyes and minister to you where you need it. Wow. We are
fascinated by the subject because in the gospels we read Jesus said if you lose your life – what
life? The life of Esau. He sold in Genesis. 25:27, a cunning hunter meaning skillful. I don’t know the
meaning. P. Ben will be with us in January. That would be a good rap session. Describe the
difference between Esau and Jacob.

My thoughts are nothing special about Jacob. He was a plain man but looked for the higher things. The things you can’t see. The things that leave you hanging. The things that we want to believe that I’m in the world for some reason. I don’t know what it is but want to believe the God that made me is the answer for every problem and a
question I have. I want to believe I need God. Psalm 14:1 it says in the Hebrew, no, God. There is no
God. It says no God. If I say it like that, think it, believe it, then I am a fool. A fool is somebody
that will tear down a wall. When bit by a serpent, he is blaming the whole world for it and
talking about it as if he knows something but knows nothing.

He doesn’t even know the way into the city but gives the impression. 1 Tim. 6:4 he is proud and knows nothing. Vs. 29-31. Sometimes wise people know what to ask. Sometimes wise people know the timing. Sometimes
wise people, they would say I don’t know what I’m doing but somehow the Spirit of God is
helping me. This is the time I could ask Esau to sell me his birthright and he’ll say it is for sale. I’ll
sell it for a bowl of soup, leftover turkey soup. I’ll take it. That’s what we are in this world for.
To be gaining by God’s grace and wisdom. We are in this world in order to gain so we can give.
We all have heard people say life is hard but somehow I hear something different in the Bible. I
hear at his right hand are pleasures forevermore in Psalm 36:9

. A tree of life and a tree that bears fruit, Psalm 1 and Jeremiah 17. Some who we read in the Bible, of course we do. If you lose your life you will gain it. What kind of life? This one? This one we celebrate here in our fellowship. This one that is saying what could I give you. How could I help you. How can I pray for you. What do you
need. Not even the words. The words aren’t even as important as the Spirit that flows out of
our belly like rivers of living water. We can learn the words. What can I give you. How can I
serve you. It’s amazing when we have the life of that. The life and the love. When nobody is
watching. When the Spirit in your prayer room is moving in you.

Bendeguz and I had a talk on the phone, and he said he was going to preach on prayer today. He’s going to say the Spirit is always praying. Jesus is always praying but the Spirit is always praying and the believer steps
into the prayer of the Spirit. Our agenda, our personal stuff, – he didn’t say this but I’m taking
off on this – it’s simple when you die. You are dead. It’s simple. Esau, how are you doing? I hate
my brother. Why? He stole my birthright. He stole my blessing. What are you going to do about
it? Nothing can be done about it. I asked my father and he gave me a blessing, but I can’t have
that one. He can’t give me that one.

He gave it away. You lose. What are you going to do about it? I’ll talk about it all my life till the cows come home. We could say it seems your timing is off. You went to your father to get the blessing and you were late. He already gave it away. Why was that? You’re a fool. All of us are. We’re all fools. We’re parasites. We think life is about us.
We got our whole thing of our hurts and wounds and offenses. We don’t know our right hand
from our left. God said that to Jonah. How can I judge these people? They don’t know their
right hand from their left. Jesus came in the gospels and he’s with us. He says oh fools and slow
of heart to believe the prophets in Luke 24. Lord, are you talking to me? Yeah. You should have
broken down that hedge.

You shouldn’t be talking about what you know nothing about. It generates energy all the time and you don’t even know the way of the city, but you can’t hack that. You can’t humble yourself before me under my mighty hand. I will lift you up. I am the way, the truth, the life. I am the answer for your cross. I am the answer for your life. If you take
up your cross how often? Daily. I took up my cross in the Bible Speaks 40 years ago. How about
40 years later, am I taking up the cross? I say to myself, yes. I do. But I got to go into my room
and get on my knees and let the Lord search me and see if there is anything in me to make me a parasite. Why did this happen to me? Why have they treated me this way? It’s too little. It’s too
late. I’m a hurting person.

I can’t accept your apology. God is bringing me into the closet and saying oh really. I think you are too little and too late. I don’t think much about your sincerity and hypocrisy. I live with you every day in your hypocrisy and insincerity and you can’t forgive them. I don’t forgive you. Have a good life. You’ll break down a wall that will hurt you and dig a
pit and fall into it and won’t know the way into the city. You don’t know what is going on. It’s
coming out strong. It is strong. It’s the word of God. I have so much benefit when I get to be
with God as a servant of God. By the way, this is our home base. This is the church I become
part of. This is where God can challenge my flesh.

This is where I need to be. My wife needs to be here. My kids need to be here. My grandkids need to grow up here. We speak more of the ABC’s of the gospel and the cross. What every family needs is the cross. I’m upset with my
family and go in my prayer room. I have issues and I leave the issues. I want to pray in the Spirit
and bring myself before God. Help me, God. I don’t want to be a fool. I can go to my family and
do business there and mess it up. I might tear down a wall that should stand and dig a pit I
could fall into. I might be a parasite and say give me, give me. I want my family, my friends and
my church to give me.

The Lord says it’s not about you. It’s about me. The Lord says you better
forgive them in your heart. We have work to do but don’t need a fool doing it. We need a man
of God in the fight. A fool will want to correct his problem in 24 hours. God says give me 5
years. That’s a better idea. I know what I am doing, and you trust in me and learn to be a
servant. You show up in your family and become a servant. It’s not sentimental love. It’s a
spiritual love. Of what it is to be a servant and love and pray and care. What it is to have a word
in season, kind, and forgiving. It’s crazy when people get worked up and angry about stuff in
church life. We can be the nastiest people.

I don’t think we’re like that there, but we can be.We get worked up and say things and go on and on. You can find that but it’s something unique about our lives. It’s the cross of Jesus. The personal cross. Closing, it says this in the morning message was this one. We had this diagram. The way of God is right through the middle here.
We can fall off the cliff on the left and on the right. This is from Philippians. 1:9. Our love increases
more and more in knowledge. We grow in it. Here is the difference between these two guys,
Esau and Jacob. Another one is Saul. What are you doing? Hunting for David. For who? David.
Why? He’s your best asset. He’s a blessing. He’s for you.

What are you doing? Yeah, but. We all heard that. David, how are you doing? Any issues? No, I’m writing psalms in the cave and a bunch of guys around me. We’re doing awesome. How can you be doing awesome in the cave?
I take up the cross and out of my belly flows rivers of living water. When you find God, you find
the meaning of life. You find the wisdom of God. You find the Bible is an open book. You find
the Body of Christ. Saul, how are you doing? Never satisfied. I don’t have any friends and I got
real issues. You have no idea what I’m going through. What are you going through? This kind of
ministry and I want to praise the Lord for the kind of ministry he has put us in and leading us in.
It’s a ministry that is unique because the way we walk this way is with love that is not
sentimental but true.

Above the cares. I might fail you and might not be there when you are moving out of your apartment and moving to another place and P. Schaller is supposed to be there and Jason Moore and the whole group of people, but the church might let you down. You might not get a birthday card in the mail. If we don’t see you for a month or two and nobody calls you and you say, see! Nobody cares about me. The church has let me down. That’s the way
it is. If we are all a group of hurting people because we’re not enough, then we are missing. I
always think of ten chairs. Ten people and two go and we sit around talking about the two
empty chairs. Where are they? We used to be ten. Now eight. For the next weeks, we talk
about the two empty chairs.

What are we missing in that picture? God. There’s eight people in
this verse. When two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in your midst. We are
talking about God. God is in our midst. Where God is, there is enough. Where God is, there is a
message. Where God is, there is a ministry. He flows out of our belly. We have the answer for
life. Change the numbers. Seven gone and three remain. What do we talk about? God is here.
The ministry can’t be destroyed because it’s rooted on God. If rooted on us, I’ll talk about the
two missing and what can we do to get them back and then two more will be gone because
they will be sick and tired of the foolishness… man by nature always he misses the important

He sells his birthright for a bowl of soup and takes down a walk that should be there. He
digs a pit and gets in trouble. He says things he regrets later. When we take up the cross, what
does it mean? Do a little test all the time in your heart. Maybe tomorrow I will die or not have a
house or be with a disease or hear the most terrible news on the telephone. I don’t wish that
on anyone. I don’t encourage anyone to say these things. Though you slay me, I want to know
you. I’m so disappointed with other people. I want to know you. Though I get hurt and taken
advantage of, I believe you are my healer. I want to know you. If I could have the knowledge of
the Holy and the Spirit of God healing me and blessing me.

You come into a room and don’t make a big show. It’s not about being extroverted or charismatic. Where you are, there is a ministry. There is something about you. You have a ministry. You’re all beat up and scared and
dismembered and all kinds of stuff happening in your life but when you are there, there is a
ministry. If the ministry produces ministers, look out devil. The thing he loves is the foolishness
of the human race. He goes, go for it. Saul, go get David and kill him. Take him out. He’s the
cause of our troubles. No, he isn’t. Saul, you are the problem. If you would humble yourself.
David is a great man. God bless him. How can I help David?.

Maybe his mighty men need some armor. Guys, take some camels down and feed them. Let’s figure out how we can build a place for David and his mighty men. How can I think in those terms but by being a minister because
God is a minister. When God is a minister, you and I will show up and God will be there. God
will say, not praise the Lord! God will say, wow. I got my people. I have to say every time we
assemble it’s a testimony of ministry. Every time we open this book by his grace and he gives us
a slice of pie, a slice of holy bread, a portion that comes from the Spirit of God to make us able

I am sure there are dads in this church that are amazing dads because they are not
parasites but ministers. I believe there are moms and wives and women of God that are
awesome incredible people because this is what God is doing in our lives. Some of us older
folks. I do not know if I am in that group yet. I would never belong to a group that would ever
accept me as a member! That’s Groucho Marks joke. I never belong to a club that would accept
me as a member. Side joke. Moving on. I’m convinced of it. When Dr. Stevens got sick in the
later years of his life, I walked in his bedroom and many times I was amazed. Am I going to be in

bed the rest of my life? The answer was, yes. I knew what he was saying. I hate it. I don’t want
to die like this. I can’t believe this is happening. Those are my words. Often times he had this joy
and he would care about you. How are you doing? what is happening? What is going on?
Weakness, sure. Not a hero like none of us. I don’t care and it’s not an issue of discussion only a
simply comment. When you become a minister, it stays with you. You taste it and that’s what I
want. I want to be someone who gives, cares, loves, someone who has something to impart. I
need something to impart. You and I are learning it and growing in it. That’s the nature of God.
When you and I learn it and go to the cross as a way of life and it happens in our life. Body life is
that way.


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