God had given us gifts to serve. The Goliaths show up to speak loud, swelling words. But the Lord shall win the battle. (Judges 3)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Barry Quirk
Sermon 12099
6:30 PM on 5/23/2021

P. Schaller –

Amen, amen. Do you know what I think about when we sang just now, Amen, amen, amen. A period. You know a
period. Like an exclamation point or a period. An end. God said Amen. I agree. No more. It’s
done. Amen. So be it. Amen. When the devil went into the Garden of Eden, he did not have a
statement with a period. What did he have? A question mark. Has God said? Was a question
put to the woman, Eve. Be careful in your life that your life isn’t filled with question marks
because you need an Amen. Where do you get an amen? Christ is the great Amen. He is. The
Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the Amen. And your life needs it. When
you have an Amen from God, you have peace. It’s done. It’s settled. I believe you. Thank you.
Praise you, God. Amen. But be careful because the devil comes with a question to set you into
a tailspin, to trouble you, to provoke you to worry, fear, anxiety. But when God speaks, it’s with
the purpose of leading us in rest. My sheep hear my voice.

They lie down besides still waters. Our first speaker tonight is P. Barry Quirk. I got to just say with the strongest appreciation how much he has done for our schools, the teachers, the students. We had graduation yesterday.
Yeah, give him a hand. Praise the Lord, pastor. You’re awesome. Yesterday I think or Justin
was speaking somewhere and he said – oh, at the little, the GGLC graduation. P. Barry was like
his friend. I remember when we lived in Hungary, Justin and Barry were friends and how much
Barry helped Justin. I think many of us can say that about our family members. When our family
members slip through our fingers, where do they end up? In P. Barry’s lap. When our family
members kind of grow and live and grow up and move, maybe they need somebody other than
mom and dad. Maybe they need you. Maybe you’re there for a young person, a teenager, a
child, but more like in the growing up, young adolescent age.

Anyway, I got to finish here though everything I’m saying is important, so far! I mean, okay. P. Barry has done a great job in the school. We love you P. Barry. And Veronica. You’re a great team. You add a lot to our
church. You add a lot to our vision. You’ve done an amazing job in so many ways. We love you.
Thank you.

P. Barry Quirk –

That’s very humbling. I kind of feel like the steering wheel on the car in the
school. It’s useless without the rest of the car, and that’s the way it is in our school. We have an
incredible team, incredible administrative team and teachers and pastors who come and
volunteer their time to do Bible classes. P. Schaller teaches a class. P. Pete teaches a class
and our athletic department disciples kids more than anything and they end up champions on
the fields. Long before that, they are already champions in the eyes of God. It’s a privilege to be
part of that. I appreciate the accolades but it’s such a Body event, our school. I’m very thankful
for our team. Give them a hand as well. Yesterday, you know when you have the graduation it’s
kind of like a chance to see some of the fruit of the labors for the year. I really enjoy that. Not
just for the year. Some of those students were thirteen year students. They started here and
even some in Greater Grace Learning Center.

Thirteen years, 14 years of Body life investment and being in the schools and then we got to see and hear some of the testimonies yesterday. The thing I walked away from the graduation with is all of the gratitude that was expressed and
all of the testimonies, even the awards winners who won the sports awards, they were great
athletes and they had a great ministry. It’s just incredible to me that they get something that’s
permanent and it’s a foundation that they can grow and build on. It’s not something that we take lightly. We gave a simple illustration about the Space Shuttle and how it crashed. It was little o-
rings, the cheap o-rings, the rubber gaskets that caused the million dollar machine to crumble. It wasn’t even because of the heat. It was because of the cold.

In Florida, they had an exceptionally cold launch. In the world these students might seem like insignificant little parts
but they are the difference really between the whole thing falling apart and success in the
mission. We take great value in being able to minister to them in a way that gives them the
opportunity to be, you know, when the trials and tribulations come, they can stand. Isn’t that
really what the Body of Christ is, the ministry that we have. We have this ministry so we faint not
like the Apostle Paul said. I was thinking of one verse here in John. 12:32. We think of that song in
Sunday school and we think of if I be lifted up – let’s lift Jesus higher. What is it saying? It’s
talking about the cross which is really the thing we hope our students get in their lives is the
cross. At the cross we encounter some pretty awesome things. One is God’s justice. You know
that happens through the judgment of sin. We encounter his love and mercy and forgiveness at the cross. And also we encounter power to overcome the devil at the cross.

He’s translated us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his Son, his dear Son in Col. 1. At the cross,
Christ brings salvation to those who believe and judgment to those who refuse to believe. In
God’s wisdom and holiness, the cross opens the only way for the Father for sinners. At the
cross, Jesus sets us free from the chains of sin. The lifting up of Jesus on the cross is the
captivating influence that pulls our hearts to him. I just say that to say that’s our ministry in the
school is we want to lift him up. We want to show Christ high and lifted up. The cross for us and
it’s not a natural thing to say let’s go celebrate the cross. It’s kind of an ugly thought for a lot of
people. Death. Crucifixion. But to the believer it is the most beautiful thing ever. Because of that,
we have this beautiful life that we have. It’s not without challenges. It’s not without difficulties like
we would be remiss if we told our students you’re going to leave here and you’re going to go
into all the world and you’re going to be successful and you’re never going to have any troubles.

Good luck with that. But we can say, you’re going to go into all the world. You’re going to do
everything you’re going to do. You’re going to face troubles. You’re going to get knocked around
and it’s not going to be anything if you have your stability in Christ because you’re going to be
able to stand in that day. We’ll just be in years to come, we’ll be looking and saying wow, God.
You used us. So I’m thankful. I’m thankful for the Body. This year was a very challenging school
year as you can imagine with all the protocols and all that stuff as we swear we are never going
to speak about again in history! But all those things really just added to the glory that God
shown in our students this year, that they were up for the challenge. Our teachers showed up
every day, up for the challenge. Being asked to do ridiculous things. With the face masks, the
full face mask and trying to teach and feeling insecure and looking tremendous and I see the
value in it. I’m not saying I don’t see the value but how about having to do that on a regular
basis. And they just did it.

If I were to ask them, hey, did you like that? Not really, but they do it
because the end result is the glory of God. Our students got to see the glory of God and learn
about the cross. I’m thankful for that and just wanted to say that tonight corporately. The great
celebration we had yesterday with all the accolades and all the celebration was really just to say
the glory of God. The Glory of God. Thank God for the glory of God. On that note, we have a
couple things we want to do. We have our seniors who are leaving for their class trip. That’s
tomorrow, P. Pete? Tuesday. I knew that. Tuesday. I wonder if there’s any of those seniors that
are going on that trip tonight. If you are here, could you raise your hand? Senior class? Okay, so
there are quite a few of them. We want to have them stand and we can pray for them. So let’s
do that. If you are heading out to that third world country, Miami, Florida! Roughing it. It’s not
really third world. I’m joking.

So we will keep them in prayer. P. Pete, you’re going right? Why don’t you stand too and anybody going with you. Anybody else? Jeremy. Awesome. Great. P. Paul and Kimmy. Both of you. How did that happen? Alright. (Prayer). We want to do one more thing while we are here and that is this year we had several championships. I think we had six
championships in the high school this year. Is that right Coach Lynch? Six. I got it right. As I joke
with them the contract has been extended for another year. You won six championships this
year. I guess that was acceptable! Six attempts by the way. Could we have all of our middle
school and high school varsity soccer players come up on the stage and coaches please.
Allison. You’re staff. Jeremy. Come on up. Is Andrew here? Come up Andrew. Come right on
the other side of the pulpit too you guys. The middle school won their conference championship
which was an awesome feat for them. They won their championship game 4-1. And then the
varsity girls broke a 14 year slump.

We had not won the championship in 14 years and they did it this year. They beat our rival, Perry Hall Christian! Sorry, Chuck Harlan. I know you are a Perry Hall Christian graduate! But this was our year. We just want to be thankful for these ladies. Another point of the glory of God, they were champions in their league at a crazy year
but they had an awesome team. Let’s just give them a big hand. Thank you.

P. Schaller –

Alright. Would you turn in your Bibles please. This will be a good punch or two.
One or two good punches in the Lord, whatever that means! Okay, so here we go. Judges, I
want you to look at chapter 3. It’s only to point something out in the text here. Just a couple
principles. Uniqueness. Uniqueness. It’s a great word. To be unique. I wonder what that word
really means. Different. Special. Unique. Different from the others. The common and then the
unique. That particular one. You have a thousand of them and then you have one all common
whatever they are and then you have that unique one. They’re all green but that one is purple. They’re all made of wood but that one is special. Unique. All the pianos but that is the piano that
Mozart played on. Unique. People. When you walk with God and the Holy Spirit is in you and
he’s given gifts to you. He has given gifts to you in the Spirit and we are members in the Body
and we are members in particular.

Like many parts and every part has a particular place. You are not replaceable. There is only one of you. You are unique. Though we are billions and billions but all of us are different. I guess if you clone, they are identical but we are not cloned. We are all unique. All our DNA is different. Our eye retina, our finger prints are all unique and
different. In the natural sense we see that, but then spiritually, we have 19 gifts mentioned in the
book of – in the New Testament – but many Bible teachers believe those 19 have many various
combinations. Some have a little bit of wisdom and a lot of knowledge. Somebody has a lot of
mercy and they have the gift of helps. Somebody has an apostolic gift and somebody has a
pastoral counseling gift. Somebody has a lot of faith but somebody has a little faith, but the faith
that they have is a gift. They have a gift of a great magnitude or a gift of a small magnitude. We
are all unique and special, different. Every one of us. We have a calling and a purpose. We said
and we taught here for years about the house with the two stories.

The first story is the natural life and the spiritual life is the life of faith. When we live by faith, then God ministers to us and leads us. Here’s another unique thing. Nobody has the same set of temptations. We all have
categories but your particular makeup, your particular relationship with God, your particular trial
is not the same as mine or the person sitting next to you. We have different temptations,
different histories. Why does somebody live 20 years and somebody lives 80. How come
somebody has many trials and somebody has fewer. How come somebody suffers a lot and
another person suffers very little. It’s all different. We are unique. I want to emphasize
uniqueness in the coming weeks and years because I’m afraid that in the modern age the world
wants to clump us together and tell us who we are. They want to treat us common. We read a
quotation from Winston Churchill saying that.

I have it here. He said the thing that he feared – the thing that he had feared in the modern age is that man would lose his individuality. To be an individual. That’s something fresh in my heart and mind and perhaps with you, too. I am an
individual. In our politics, we have two categories. We have those that are in the government
and direction of the authority in the media in “wokism” and telling us what is a male or female or
saying there is a question about it and many other things. I’m only speaking generally. There is
that group and then those that are against it. But actually, that is the work of the world to tell us
we have to choose between two or that we just have two. You’re either for or against. We spoke
this morning and it was a very good message today. I’ll share with you a fundamental principle
of it. You have Goliath. He’s a giant of a man. And he’s in contest with Israel which is on the
ridge, the hillside there and Goliath is in the valley.

The Philistines are over here on the other side and Goliath is yelling with his big mouth. Where do I get the word “big mouth?” I have it here in the book of Daniel 7. It sounds like a slang. I really believe that’s what this is saying in
Daniel 7:25. By the way, it’s so awesome to be here in front of you tonight. Thank you for coming.
I am so stirred up in my heart about many things, many things. I’m thankful. 7:25 this is the
Antichrist. vs. 26. it speaks about the Antichrist. Later in Revelation 13 because of time I don’t
want to turn there but the Antichrist has a big mouth. It’s like our picture here. Goliath is yelling
out in the valley, “give me a man.” Give me a man. We said this morning that this big power – I
wanted to relate it to our culture today. Big tech. Media. Money. Hollywood. Government. And
they are telling us things with a big mouth. They’re telling us things that we don’t agree with. But
on the hillside, our whole nation of Israelis and they are all afraid.

Cause this man is huge. He’s 9 feet tall. He wears an armor weighing 125 pounds. The tip of his spear is 15 pounds. He’s a huge monster of a man. He’s yelling out, give me a man. You don’t have a man. You cannot
take me on. There’s no way. You people are small. Let me fight a man. If I win, you serve us. If
you win, we serve you. Give me a man. There came a man. He was small and you know his
name. And he was unique. He was an individual. He was a man of God. He had the Spirit of
God. He had the mind of God. He heard give me a man and he’s waiting for 40 days. Forty days
pass. This big mouth is out there for 40 days. The big mouth is intimidating. The big mouth has
a lot of authority and he has control and he can shame you. He can put you in your place. Have
you ever felt it? Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever felt the shame, intimidation, the
fear. Have you wanted to go back into your hole with everybody else there?

Everybody else is there. That’s amazing. But it’s okay. Long before David sees this he already has a history.
That’s what we were saying this morning that you have to have a personal history. We said there are three things that I need in that history. I need thought. I need thought that doesn’t
come from men. I need thought that comes from God. I need God’s Word. I need meditation. I
need to give myself to this book and I mean it. Every page over the years and for me, praise
God, and I don’t take credit for it. I’m just thankful to God for it. But 45 plus years and just saying
when I started, I’ll take it as a brick. One brick at a time. One brick one day. One paragraph one
day. In one year, that’s 365 bricks and do the math. You have thousands of bricks and you can
build a wall, a road, a city with all the bricks that you get from the Word of God. It’s in your mind.
The second thing that David had was humility.

He believed that life was bigger than this giant. He believed that the world was not about the giant. That it’s not about social media or Hollywood or anybody else. He believed that this world was about God or is about God. He believed
that the big bully, the big bully down in the valley doesn’t determine for us our life. He doesn’t
have that authority. That’s a famous Brian Lange sentence. He doesn’t have the authority. He
has the authority if you believe what he is saying. But the thought of God is bigger than him and
this is important. I’m concerned that the modern day Christian living in the 21st century wouldn’t
have the ability to be different from the common, the people on the hillside. Where are the
unique – and we turned to Judges but we really didn’t think about it. In the book of Judges, you
can read the book in the coming weeks. You see every judge is kind of from a worn and tattered
piece of cloth, like some misfit or somebody out of the blue.

Somebody that just made a homemade dagger and put it on his left side and went to the king’s house and many great
stories about a woman, Deborah, who had the courage. She didn’t sit back and say a woman
can’t do this. No, because when you are prepared by God in the thoughts of God, the humility
and the third thing David had was fellowship. And we see it with his mighty men in the cave of
Adullam, even though in this point in history we don’t see it. But it was in his nature. I’m in the
Body. I’m part of the Body of Christ. I’m learning in the church. I’m growing in grace. This makes
you unique. The common people are saying oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. David is saying what?
What’s going on? That guy’s nothing. That guy is not a problem. Barnes and Noble bookstore
with all their set up, their paraphanelia and literature on “wokism”, and what’s coming out of
Hollywood and what’s on the TV and all of this stuff.

We got to teach our people to think because this is a world of propaganda, of teaching. It’s teaching from Goliath. It’s teaching from a giant. It’s teaching from power. It’s teaching from the natural man. He doesn’t care about you.
These people that are in power – I don’t mean all of the government. I’m talking about Goliath.
And of course, people of Goliath’s nature are in government, but in many places there is a
David. He’s saying you want to put me in a – you want to shame me. You want to put me in a
category, but let me tell you there is something more in this world than your message. I have a
message. I have a Gospel message. I have a message about a new life, about a transcendental
life, about gifts and grace. And forgiveness. A message that goes real deep and low and goes to
where these people are and goes into their hearts. This is the message of Christ. I care about
you. I made you not to be common. I made you to be unique. I save you. I forgive you. I care
about you. I love you. Who will say these things but you and I. So, Goliath could say to David,
who are you? Go back to your hole.

Go back to where you came from. I’ll feed you to the birds. Read the chapter. David is saying, I’ll feed you to the birds. It says David ran at him. I like that. David is not afraid of him because he’s got God. When you and I know God, we have something to do in this world. That’s to say, you can’t put us in your box. We’re different. You can’t file us
away. You can’t intimidate us into a hole. We have something in our hearts. And this is our
calling. That was the calling of those people in the book of Judges. Gideon said, my family is so
poor. I am the least in my father’s house. Our family is like a nobody family. I can’t do it. The
angel said, oh valiant man. Oh thou valiant man, man of valour. Oh you great man. It’s almost
the opposite of Peter. Peter is like, I will go with you. I will fight with you. I will go with you. I am
able. I am able. Gideon is the other way. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. And both are wrong. You can’t
do it. I can’t do it and you can’t do it. You say you can but you can’t. But David has it right. And it
is this is the time to tell you.

This is it. Oh, Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer you in
this matter. Our God is able to deliver us. But if he does not, we will not bow down and worship
your idol. Our God is able but if he doesn’t, that’s okay because we know him. That’s our
uniqueness. I read a story about a Chinese Christian who was going to be beheaded because
she was a Christian and by a king in China he proclaimed a sentence on her. The henchmen
lead her away and she was full of joy. She was shining. She was so happy. They stopped. They said why are you so happy? Because I’m going to meet Jesus now. And they said, the king said,
if you are going to act like that, I’m not going to do it? Whose in charge? Whose in charge?
What is the meaning of life? What is this about? I will not be kicked around by Goliath. We are
not in this world to be pushed into the group and say this is what everybody is doing. This is
what we have no choice.

The guys a monster. What are we going to do? Even the king is baffled by it, King Saul. He has no answer. Then it took this little shepherd boy to say I know what we can do. Saul said here, try on this armor. Have you ever put it on? The armor given to us in our average education? The armor given to you maybe by the good intentions of your
mom and dad or maybe the society in general? Maybe the armor of our past history or
reference or identity or strength. The armor of the world. Have you put it on and said, I’m not
doing this. I’m not doing it like that. I’m not doing that. I’m not doing it. Yeah, but everybody puts
the armor on. I know but I’m unique. I got something going on that I believe. I’m not doing that.
I’m not fighting like others. I’m not believing in a dull, empty Christianity. Let me say one thing
about that. We said this morning that sometimes people hang out with dull Christians and they
fall asleep. They fall asleep as a dull Christian. There is nothing going on. They have no
challenge. They don’t have the leadership.

They don’t have the provocation. They’re not rebuked. You cannot be a dull boring Christian. If you are, we need to know what to do with that. Yes, we take a rest. We get refreshed. But when we come out of the holy of holies, we have the glory of God. We have the ministry of God. We have the Apostle Paul’s counsel. We have the
wisdom of God, the nature of God. Homosexuality is a sin, by the way. Get that straight in your
heart, not because I said it but God wants you to know that. How will you be unique if you live in
the world, act like the world, and embrace the world, believe like the world. How will you have
any authority from a holy, living God when I embrace sin as a way of life? Where is the power?
There isn’t any. What kind of Christian are you? “Well, we’re nice people.” Nice people don’t kill
Goliath. Nice people there’s nothing there. They’re on the hillside. Look at all the nice people on
the hillside. Very nice people.

There’s a nice barbeque going on up on the hillside. Very nice
people. But uniqueness of David is he had his ear to the ground, like the American Indians
listening to the iron horse railway. Spiritually Elijah the heart, the ear to God. John on the
bosom of Jesus. Who is it, Lord? Who is it, Lord? Our face in the Book to say God, I have big
questions. I don’t believe anymore. I have unbelief in my heart. You have to teach me. Answer
my question. Help me. Build me up. Cause I’m going to live not like the crowd on the hillside and
I’m definitely not going to embrace the monster in the valley. I need you God. Maybe that day
doesn’t come every day of your life but it’s coming. There’s a day when the day is coming. There
is a day coming when you will sleep and it’s time to move. There’s a day coming when you need
to act but you can’t. There is a day coming when you put on the armor of Saul and you’re a little
guy and the weight of it, you’re leaning.

You’re leaning to the side. It doesn’t fit. There is a day coming. Your biology class will not get you through that trial. You’re good intentions of your mom’s kisses in the morning as a young person. Your dad’s good intentions. Your sleeping church cannot get us to where we need to be. I don’t know, we don’t know how it happened but
somehow David was alive with God. He killed a lion and a bear. He didn’t talk about it. He didn’t
have to. He just knew about it. You might say, pastor, really tell me. I’d just say some morning
you wake up and God is in the room and he’s speaking to you. You say, yes, Lord, here I am.
And he talks to you. And nobody is there. That’s where David got it. David was awake. David
was right there. David had it. David knew when to move. David knew what was going on. David
knew how to handle it. Where did he get it? He got it from God and so do you. You got it from
God. The devil will come and tempt you like he did Jesus in Matthew. 4. He will deceive the world and
he’s doing it now, day and night.

Our country is a victim of that deception and we are blinded by our pride. And we have forgotten God. We don’t have God. We don’t have a Bible. We have a president on the National Day of Prayer did not mention God one time. We have left God. We don’t care about God. We don’t need God. Well, Goliath is in the valley and without God, you
are a slave to him. You are a slave. I want to finish. When I lived in Hungary, I met this man, a
little older. I don’t know maybe in his late 50s or 60s. He must have been older now that I think
about it. This was years ago. 1991 maybe 90. He said I came to your meeting to repent. I said,
what are you repenting for? He said when the Communists came here, the Communists came
and it became out of fashion to go to church because if you wanted a job in the Communist
party, you didn’t go to church. He said it was – I stopped going.

I think he said it was 1948 I stopped going. I came here and I heard your message. I’m here with you Christians and I want to say to you I repent for what I did. What is he saying? Something very, very relevant to us. If
you want to be with the group on the hillside, don’t care about your Bible. Do not care about
church life. Do not care about prayer. Do not care. Just care about whatever is going on
horizontally and we’ll just be like the world, conformed to the world, afraid like the world. Are you
afraid? Are you afraid of anything? Love casts out fear. Are you worried? Are you worried about
anything? We are all humans and we can worry about a lot. But every time that happens to me,
it stirs me up and I say to God, thank you for this Body, this church that is not afraid. Thank you
for your Word that gives us guidance. Thank you for leading us in our faith and also having
some sense of what you are doing in these incredible days we are living in.

There will be Christians that disappear one by one when the pressure comes. Their job is too important. Their
401K is too important. Their reputation is too important. What they say in the hallway at work is
important. They are not unique. They have conformed to the world. I don’t want to sound – I’m
just saying it as exhortation to me and all of us. I don’t want to sound – I just want to say this
because it relates. That is it could get pretty dicy in the coming years. We’re expecting Jesus to
come back. I had a thought. It was Peter that shared it from Federal Hill. He made an interesting
observation. He said in 1945 in Japan, there were two nuclear bombs that dropped on Japan at
the end of World War II. When was the last one – where are we 2021. I would have said there is
another one coming some time in ten years, in twenty, in thirty years. Somebody is going to
drop a nuclear bomb on somebody somewhere but it hasn’t happened. Goliath is yelling in the
valley and he says he is in charge.

But maybe he isn’t. Maybe he isn’t. Maybe he is a lot of hot air. Maybe his days are numbered. Maybe there is going to be a revival. Maybe there is going to be a new thing. And the mark of the beast that everybody is talking about and I understand it but when is that coming? Oh, it’s coming very soon. Jesus is coming very soon, but you don’t know
how God can hold back the evil, how God can hold back a nuclear bomb, that it hasn’t been
dropped in this crazy world. Why hasn’t it been? God’s time. God’s work. What are we doing? I
just got to be awake. I got to be watching. I got to realize the time. I need help. We need that.
So, Jesus is coming and Goliath is there. Yep. Maybe we can take him out. If it’s God’s time,
God’s way, God can do that. If he doesn’t and he takes us out, okay. God can deliver. If he
doesn’t do it, and we get burned up in the fiery furnace that’s fine. We go to be with God. Many
of our sisters and brothers have been martryed.

Many of our sisters and brothers have been destroyed. Christian communities have been wiped out. Many evil things have happened in our history. That’s definitely possible. The Antichrist will have authority over the saints in the
Tribulation time. But ultimately the victory is ours. That will happen. So those are some thoughts
for tonight. I think maybe some good things were said.



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