Whose side are you on? The dragon and the enemy seeks to trouble and to destroy the people of God — the Church and Israel. But the Person of peace came to His holy city to die for all. Israel gave the world the Son in the flesh and the Son gave salvation with His visitation. (Luke 19:41-44; Hebrews 4:5-7)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12595
7:00 PM on 10/11/2023

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord. Yes. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord. Praise you. I’d like to have
you think tonight about Israel and what is happening there. I want to share a message about
that subject tonight, because it’s a biblical issue of how we think about Israel. And it’s a spiritual
issue, also. Biblical, spiritual issue. So, I have some thoughts about it that I want to share with
you to help you understand a little bit about it. So, let’s just do an introductory part now. And
then we’ll do the offering.

Have you ever met a Christian who’s backslidden? Kind of turn to your right and your left and
see if you have anybody. Hey! This is a good question. Can a believer backslide? How do you
know that Texas Greg? Because he’s done it! Okay. Hebrews 3:14, our hearts can be hard. Hebrews
3:12, they can be deceived. We could be misguided. We can be – it says in 2 Corinthians 11, false
apostles. Be aware of false apostles that can lead us into complexity and take us from the
simplicity that is in Christ. Because we see it in the Bible. We see King David. We see King
Solomon. We see the disciples forsaking Christ.

We see Peter denying Christ. What do you think of those people? Are they loved? Are they – does God love them? Does God draw them? Does God correct them? If I make my bed in hell, Psalm 139, and takes the wings of the morning and I fly away, even there. I go to the depths of the sea it says. I go to the depths of the see. Let’s look at
that verse. Just put it up on the screen for me. Is it vs. 12 or 14? Psalm 139:9, vs. 8-10. Question: if
you fly away and you try to get away and go to the depths of the sea, who is there? God. Is he
leading? Doesn’t it say even there your hand shall lead me. And your hand shall hold me. Okay.
What’s it mean? It means to me that when God makes a covenant with you and I, then we are
loved. We are – he wants to show. Now, with Israel it’s very similar.

It says in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace that you might have an expected end.” Like God desires peace for Israel, Psalm 122. Let’s put that one up on the screen. Vs. 6.
Now, if you want the destruction of Jerusalem, that’s another spirit. That’s another kingdom. If
you want – when a brother backslides and you want him destroyed, that’s another spirit. God
doesn’t think that way about the guy that makes his bed in hell. God says I will lead you. I will
hold you. I am for you. I love you with an everlasting love.

So, here it says, vs. 6. By the way, our trip is postponed. We’re not going there now as we
planned, but we’re going to watch and wait. And if you are in the group, I’m sorry about that,
but this is the advice that we get and it’s sensible. We don’t need to explain that. So, we pray
for the peace of Jerusalem, vs. 6-7. Now, I have a problem in the world with antisemitism. I
have a problem with it and people accepting it and going along with it and being critical. It’s like
saying to my brother who has fallen away, yeah. He just makes bad decisions.

Yeah, he’s arrogant. Yeah, I know all about my brother who went away. I’ve given up on him and he’s
cursed. And it’s over with him and I don’t mind if he’s gone to be destroyed. What spirit is that?
Is that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Who when Satan was at the high priests right hand was resisting him and God said to the angel, put clean clothes on that priest. I am for him.
I am for him. Wow! What a story that is.

Now, I think you all know what I’m saying. There’s different things here, but I just want you to
think about it, cause you’re going to run into antisemitism more and more, and there’s reason
for it because people are more and more ignorant of Christianity. They’re more and more
ignorant of the Bible. They’re more and more ignorant of the covenant. They’re more and more
ignorant of what this is that we are in.

Now, go to the last part is Revelations 12. We can have prayer tonight for a minute on this subject.
Revelations 12, and this is in the tribulation period how we understand the eschatology here. The
woman gives birth to a baby, a man child, and he’s caught up before the dragon can attack him.
That dragon is the one that fell from heaven with a third of the angels. Vs. 4. The woman is
Israel. The dragon wanted to devour the child. Who is the child but the Christ. Vs. 5-6. This is
when Israel is being sought to be destroyed, and she will flee to Petra. That’s how Bible
teachers understand it.

I’m not speaking about these details. Those are all messages. That’s not my message. My
message is very short and compact and simple. That is that the dragon wants to destroy her.
This is written in chapter 12:13-16. All that I want to say tonight for your thoughtfulness and
meditation is whose side are you on? What spirit are you of? Am I for Israel or not? Am I
antisemitic? Am I against the Jews or am I for them? That’s all I want to ask you. As born again,
Spirit-filled believers, are you on the side of the dragon or are you on the side of God? Think
about it. It’s a very good question. Whose side am I on?

In this country, I don’t think I’ve ever preached a message like this before. But in this country,
I’m telling you, if they are confused about a boy and a girl, if they have lost their orientation and
we’re talking about whether this little boy is a girl or not, then I guarantee you that that spirit of
the dragon is going to be against Israel to destroy Israel. It’s hate. It’s powerful. It’s real. And
there’s a war going on now over there. And we are God’s people. I just want to say that I feel
that that’s an indicator for me, a litmus paper test for my life is love. Do I love my wife? Do I
love my country? Do I love the church? Do I love God? Do I love my enemy? Do I love Israel? Is
God heartbroken about Israel?

Turn to Luke 19. As long as we’re going on this, I think I may as well finish my message. Okay.
Luke 19:41, yeah. Where are we at in our geography here, our topography. We were going to
go there in a couple weeks. I’m so sorry you don’t get to go right now. One of our sisters here I
think she’s tried seven times to go. Is that right? Is Kathy Ryan here? Oh, five times.

This is her fifth attempt. By the way, Abraham Lincoln when he was president, this is what he desired
when he was done. He wanted to go to Israel. Isn’t that cool? Yeah. Okay.

The city, north, south, on the east side, there’s a little valley there. A little low ground. And then
you go up Mt. Olives. Jesus is up there somewhere on the side, and you can see the whole city.
When he looked at it, he wept. Because if you are a Bible reader like you are; if you understand
the riches of the Bible, the prophets, the priesthood, the tabernacle, the temple, the sacrifices,
history. When you see the whole history of the world wrapped up with this incredible family,
Abraham. Where did he come from? Whose hand was on him? His family in Egypt coming out
of Egypt.

If you know this, and you know it to the point where the Holy Spirit works it in your blood kind
of. The Holy Spirit just it’s in your mind. The Holy Spirit teaches you. Every day, it just starts to
be in you. You understand it and you read it. And you know that this city is the center of the
universe one day. That’s like a fairytale. No, it isn’t. It isn’t. It’s reality.

It’s unbelievable that there will actually be changes. The city will rise. It will become the center of the whole world,
and the glory of God will be there like the waters cover the sea. And the peace of Jerusalem will
radiate throughout the whole world. And the King of Kings and his sub-king, David, and for a
thousand years, and all of that incredible understanding and richness is wrapped up in this one
verse. When he looked at the city, he wept. Because they are far away. They are so hard, so
deceived, so in love with their money and their lives. So arrogant in their religion and so blind,
but he loves them. He loves them. What spirit is he of? He is for them. He loves them. So, he
wept over them.

I think you could go like through the Bible and just show whether it’s Elijah, Balaam, and Moses,
– you can see the enemy and you can see God. You can see the false religion and you can see
God. You see the emptiness and arrogance like in Amos, and then you see the prophet. You
hear the message. You see God loving them. Sending his prophets over and over again and
speaking to them.

Doesn’t it portray our life, too? That the Lord keeps up, keeps at it. That he loves us and wants
our peace? Look at the vs. 42. “Would that you, even you.” Where has Jesus been in this time?
Where are we in our history? He’s been a couple years in ministry. He’s been on the Sea of
Galilee. He’s done miracles. He’s been in Jerusalem. He has told parables. He’s healed the sick,
the leper. He’s raised the dead. And then he speaks to them as a nation. Vs. 42. If you had know
me. The peace that I would give you.

Can’t we say that to every backslider? Can’t we say that to ourselves when we are prone to
wander? Can’t we say that to ourselves when we just get tired, exhausted, frustrated, angry,
revengeful, hateful? We are also like these people. We are also the same. In this case, we
would say to the Jewish people, the dear Jewish people around us that are in the United States
and of course in Israel and anywhere that they are in the world, that God loves you. We love
you. We are for you. Come to Christ. Come to believe in Jesus as your Messiah. We are for you.
God is for you. Is Jesus for them here? Is he for them? Would he pray for them? Did he, did he
care about them?

That’s what I want to say to us about this war that’s going on in the Middle East, it is not good.
It is evil. It is hateful. It is murderous. It is demonic. Whose side are you on? We are on the side
that God is on. And let God do his work, but it’s not my role to be a judge. It’s my role to
understand that there is a spirit in the world and if it has it’s way, it will destroy and it will
murder like it always has in history. Murder and kill.

Two groups of people are hated by Satan. Two groups. Who are they? The Jews and the
Christians. By the way, who is getting martyred today in huge numbers? Christians. They are
martyred. They are murdered. That’s the spirit that is in this world. And it’s not – we are safe
tonight. We are thankful tonight. We are in the Spirit of God. We are in the Body of Christ and
we’re growing. And we’re not afraid of evil, Proverbs 1:33. We are not afraid of evil. It is around
us, but it is not controlling us. We are not afraid of it. We fear God and respect him, so that we
don’t live in the fear of evil. We live in the peace of God. God’s peace.

Let’s look at it, vs. 42. Forgiveness. Love. Worship. I think I’ll finish right there. I’ll say a few
more words in a few minutes. I think you got enough for now. (Prayer). Have a prayer with your
neighbor for a moment and then P. Hadley will come up.

Okay. Turn to Luke 19 with me. We have two words that we’re looking at. So, we have the
trouble. The trouble that we read about here, and then we have the word peace. We have
trouble on one hand and peace on the other. It kind of sounds like our life, too. That we have
one hand, trouble, and then how real that is, and that trouble has many aspects to it. And
sometimes it’s hard for people to believe that there could be peace. But Jesus looking at this
situation said if you had known the peace that I have for you. It’s hidden from your eyes. But
now they are hidden from your eyes, vs. 42. That is also a very real thing for us.

So, I’m doing a parallel here between Israel and Jesus looking, and it parallels the lives of
people. Believers and unbelievers. But then there are people like you and I and we would like to
think we are standing next to Jesus as he’s looking at the city and saying, yes, Lord. We
understand you. We understand what you’re thinking. We understand your life, your power.
We understand that we agree with you that this peace is a real thing. And that there is a kingdom coming on this earth one day. It’s coming. Many of us are feeling it every day and
thinking about it. And understand that it is real.

So, we have vs. 43-44. They will. That was the Roman Empire he’s talking about. The Roman
general. The Caesar that ordered it. The general that surrounded the city. There was according
to the wars of Jerusalem by Josephus when he wrote about it, there were 5,000 crucifixes
surrounding the city of Jerusalem where people were being besieged without food and water.
They would run for their lives in the night to escape. Captured by Romans and crucified.
Eventually, they ran out of trees to crucify people.

They would also according to Josephus take the person, kill them, open their guts to look for precious stones or valuable metals that they swallowed. Believing that when they escaped, they might get caught, but they would not have
anything valuable. They would have ingested it. So, the Romans would do that. Horrible. Jesus

I don’t think he saw only Roman times. He saw Inquisition in Europe with the Spanish. He saw
the Hitler holocaust. He saw today perhaps. He saw. He could see what would happen and love
them. But what could he do?

That’s kind of like us, too. Dr. Bing yesterday said that when we frustrate the grace of God, it’s
like a little boy having trouble with his math, and his father is a math teacher. He says to the
little boy, can I help you? I see you are having trouble. He says, no. No. Leave me alone. I don’t
want it. I want to do it myself. But he can’t get it. He can’t get it. And his dad is there, but he
doesn’t want to hear it.

In a way, we can be that way, too. We can say I don’t want it. I don’t know how it works. I don’t
know what it’s about. But we are learning that it’s so good to be humble as much as possible.
When we are angry, like slow down. Think about it. When we are frustrated, okay. Let it go.
When we can’t forgive, give it up. Forgive. When you have no compassion, start to think of
others. Compassion is blocked by selfishness. When it’s all about me, all about me, I get blind to
others. I have no compassion. I have no compassion. So, this happens to us.

Jesus is saying here in vs. 44. The time of your visitation. I wonder what time that is? It’s when
Jesus came. It was the time of the visitation of God in the temple. It was the time of the
miracles. It was the time of the parables and multiplying food. It was a visitation of God. But
Jesus said a greater than Solomon is here but you don’t come. I’d like to add just my little
dramatic piece. You won’t even walk across the street to meet me, but the Queen of Sheba
traveled 800 miles. But you won’t even get off your couch and come and say hello to me or look
at me or listen to me. No, Lord. We are like that. We are actually your enemies. We are actually
blind. We are actually suffering. We are suffering, Lord. And the Lord says, I know you are. And
I’m weeping over it. You’re frustrating my grace. If you knew the peace I had for you.

Does that mean anything to us? Does it hit home? It does. You might be a Christian for 40 or 50
years, but there’s always that wandering or that attitude. There’s always that stubbornness that
surfaces in me. And be aware of that. And just say I’ve done that. I’ve been like the little boy
struggling with the math and I just yielded. I said, dad, help me. And he taught me. I enjoyed
being with my dad. I enjoyed what he said. I’m still struggling but I got a dad. My dad is with
me. The grace of God is able to teach us and to show us our peace.

That’s the second word. The first word is trouble. The second word is peace. Turn with me to
Heb. 4 and we’ll finish with that. Hebrews 4. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, church. You’re amazing. I
love you guys. You are so amazing. You can’t believe how easy it is to be here with you because
you are praying. You are loving. You are awake. You are learning. You are engaged. You care
about each other. You love each other. You pray for each other. We are part of something going
on in a world that needs to happen. Your portion is important. Your life is important. Your love
is important. Your joy is important. It’s God with us.

Okay. Look at Hebrews 4. For times sake, I’m just going to jump to vs. 6. Verse 5 would have been
better to start with. Vs. 5. They will not enter my rest. Vs. 7. Today if you will hear his voice.
That’s why we assemble for church. We take a word with us. A word for the day or the rest of
the week. A few days. We have a word. I came to church. I got a word. I was with my brother. I
got a word. I was in prayer, I heard a word. God gave me a word. That’s how it works.

Vs. 8-10. What kind of works? Anxiety is like a work. Have you ever been anxious? Can’t sleep
so well. Have you ever been anxious? Blood pressure goes up a little bit. Have you ever been
anxious? You don’t even know where the anxiety comes from. People live with anxiety. Not
peace but anxiety. This is a rest. You are not literally not worried. You are not afraid. You’re not
worried. You’re at rest. The world is – there is a war now. Another war.

The world has fears and anxieties. Do you? Do you? You might have. I understand it. Yes, we
can have. But look at this. Look at this word that the Lord is saying. I have a rest for you. Vs. 10.
He’s sleeping. He’s at rest. He’s good. It’s good. vs. 11. Let us strive to enter the rest. That
sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? I’m working at entering into rest? Yes, but it’s a different
kind of work. It’s heart work. The Puritans called it “heart work.” On the Sabbath, in the Puritan
days, the seventh day, the Sabbath day, was no labor, no work. They didn’t work but they had
heart work they called it. It was in their hearts. That’s kind of like for us every day. I want to be
corrected or instructed. I will go to the church. I will listen. I will be quiet. I will enter into his
rest. There’s some things I won’t touch them.

I don’t know how you handle social media, but if it provokes you in the wrong way, then stop it.
Just get off it. It’s not helping you. If you’re watching the news and it’s bothering you, strive to enter his rest. I’m not telling you want to do. I’m just thinking about what it means. Enjoying
life. Enjoying love. Enjoying love. Enjoying quietness.

The Finns, and there are a few here today. Praise the Lord. You guys are awesome. They go for
walks in the forest. I mean, maybe all day. They’ll go for a walk in the forest. You can ask any
Finn. They love the quietness. It can’t be too quiet for them. Just absolute silence. Absolute. I’m
sure they think we are loud, right? We are loud. We are totally loud. Our speech.

Anyway, what Jesus is saying when he’s looking at these people and he’s weeping and what he
has for them is this rest where it is you are loved. You are provided for. You are cared for. You
are encouraged. You are counseled. You are infused with his love and life and truth in your
inner man. We actually go to sleep and you’re at peace in the midst of a troubled world. That’s
the finished work. That’s what it means to us.

Our religion is not a problem. People think what kind of religion? It’s not stressful. It’s not a
problem. My religion is awesome. It’s awesome. I’ve told you before and I say to people when
they ask you at work, what did you do this last weekend? I went to church, and it was
awesome. They look at you. What? You went where? It’s awesome. I enjoy it. It’s my place. It’s
my rest. It’s my food and my friends. It’s my vision and my future in the Lord. It’s connected. It’s
not the whole thing, but it’s part of it. It’s like we have found a rest for the people of God.
I love it. At home, I might have trouble. At work, I might have some trouble. But when I come to
the church, I have a clarity of heart, clarity of thought, the grace of God, the wisdom of God,
and the peace of God. That’s what he promised us. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love and joy
and peace. So, we’re making a big deal about it tonight. We’re boasting in the Lord. Finish the
rest of the verse. All the day long. Psalm 44:8. Boast in the Lord all the day long. Amen. (Prayer).


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