The Spirit of God says trust Me and believe Me. He wants to fan flames and make us new. Respond in faith. Meet God in faith. God does His work. Learn to seek God n faith. Move in faith. Praise Him. Let’s respond in worship. (Acts 16:19-25; Isaiah 42:1-3)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Paul Andrulonis
Sermon # 11555
6:30 PM on 10/7/2018



P. Schaller

I don’t know all the people involved but the dinner was pasta. Good time and fellowship. Tonight we have Paul Andrulonis. I almost called him pastor. Let’s ordain him right now! What a blessing to have quality people among us. We all are. P. Jason, we said let’s pray for our target areas and Wilmington was on the radar. I went up a couple times and P. Jason and the team. P. Jason took it on and God is with him in that vision.

P. Jason

Yes, it’s something miraculous happened this weekend. About a year ago, we initiated a prayer meeting in the city. It has been growing and networking through the whole state. Different pastors would come, upwards to 40 to 60 leaders on the first Saturday. They have breakfast and pray together. It’s a violent city. Perpetrators are between 14 and 16 years of age. We began to pray specifically and networked with churches. Some city councilmen started coming and an attorney general attended regularly. We celebrated our one-year anniversary of these leader meetings. The mayor was there Saturday and the lieutenant governor. The mayor said we need to discover and get to know people praying for our city. 100 or so leaders and we prayed together. He said this month our crime is down 68%. There hasn’t been a shooting in 28 days. It’s really a miracle. You can’t believe it’s happening. The lieutenant governor invited us to pray for their staff in the senate legislative house. You think it’s a little thing but when God does it, it was incredible. Pray for that as God connects us to more and more people. We meet many pastors who are disconnected. They don’t have the network or support like we do. Some come to Baltimore for the Bible college. God is growing it. Now it’s statewide, 6 cities in Delaware coming faithfully. Imagine that happening in every state of the U.S.

P. Schaller

Isn’t that a great report? We love to hear that. Delaware is a huge state! Not! Let’s reach the whole state of Delaware. Nazareth wasn’t such a great town but who came from it? Jesus. Can anything good come out of Delaware? If God is in it, it’s good. It really is. How is Owings mills, P. Adam? This man and his wife are amazing. You just go in the Lord and love and you are serving and ministering and it’s beautiful. I’m so happy and thankful. I guess that pasta really hit the spot! God is good. What is God doing in your life? How about that? Have you had an answered prayer in the past week? At the end of the service when people come up and want prayer, it’s very touching. These little encounters with people who have broken hearts and needs for jobs. We get answers to prayer. What is God doing? Always look for what God is doing. What is God doing? Ask your neighbor, has God answered a prayer? Has God visited you somehow? Are you encouraged? What has happened in the last week?

Paul Andrulonis

It’s funny how God uses the things we go through and interactions we have with other people. To show us what he’s doing for us. This happened this past week with my son, Isaiah. He might get mad I told the story. We were watching a movie before they went to bed and he had seen the preview. There is a part where there is a fire and someone gets hurts. He made up his idea in his brain what this scene was. We are watching the movie and every time the change of scene he thinks the fire scene is coming up. I don’t want to watch it. Turn it off, dad. Isaiah, it’s okay. I had seen it ahead of time and screened it. Isaiah, it’s not happening yet. He continued to be worried and anxious. I got frustrated with him because he’s not enjoying the movie and doesn’t know if the scene is scary or not. I said go in the other room and I’ll tell you when the scene is over. Isaiah, it’s okay to come back in. Is it really over, dad? I’m getting more and more frustrated with him. He comes back in and is fine. God was showing me it made me think of my relationship with God.

It reminded me of my frustration and God’s interaction with the Israelites. They are walking through the Red Sea and going through the Promised Land. We could have died in Egypt. He brings water from the rock, made the bitter water sweet and Moses goes up to get the Ten Commandments.

They make a golden calf and Ex 32:4 they say this is your god, O Israel that brought you out of the land of Egypt. God’s wrath came against them and he wants to destroy Israel. Not in the same sense I wanted to destroy my son! I had the frustration and God was showing me I trust you but do I trust you. Do you really love me? Is this okay God or do I need to take care of it myself. God that’s true and maybe there is a familiarity with the Israelites. Maybe I have that in my heart. I know you will take care of me. After the movie is over, I put my son in his room and I said I’m not going to let you watch something that makes you scared or bad happen to you. I was thinking can I make that claim to my son that nothing bad will happen to him? God can and backed it by sending Jesus to die on the cross. The familiarity we can have in our church. GGWO has been around a long time and I was born into the church. Maybe there is that familiarity or idea that I haven’t seen God do these things. They saw him part the Red Sea and walked through himself. A lot of people were in Lenox and saw what God was doing there and we went into the world, moved to Baltimore and continued to go into all the world. Maybe I grew up here and didn’t have that point in my life. God really did something yesterday and that message spoke to me and I want to go at it with God. That’s sometimes hard for people who have grown up in the church and have that capacity to be in the church and know God is there. He’s changing lives and maybe not feeling you experience those things. You see your friends go on the mission field and you are here coming to church every Sunday. Where are you God? Are you real to me? I haven’t had that renewed life maybe. A lot of our pastors talk about going one way and then met someone who told you about God. You’re going to college and drinking and then you met God and going this way. What if you are going this way with God and not having that transformation? Maybe you don’t feel you had one.

2 Cor 3:18, is what gives the transformation when we don’t feel we have it. It talks about the glory of God. In the same sense when Moses came down from Mt. Sinai, he had the glory of the Lord shining off his face. We can be transformed by reading his word, being in the Body. That is encouraging to me. You are walking with God and think I need this transformation…we can feel who God is and the transformation by being in his word and being in the Body and being consistent. We’ll have the transformation by beholding God’s glory.

P. Schaller

Beautiful picnic at P. Hadley’s home. Nancy. Thank you. P. Sliva had surgery on his face. We visited him yesterday. Bev is here. He’s an amazing soldier. He looks great. The swelling is going down and it looks great. We are family. Paul A. said GG has been around for a long time. I don’t think I ever heard those words before! Those are good words. Wasn’t it a good message! I know the fire is coming dad. Isaiah, it’s okay.

Let’s do a short message from Acts 16. Let’s do two short ones. Three short messages! One time I went up to Slovakia from Budapest and we drew people in the area together. We had this place for a couple hours. I didn’t know the people. But I couldn’t speak a long time. I said I’ll speak for seven minutes and then we’ll talk and seven more minutes and we’ll talk. It was a great time. It was beautiful. Let’s hope tonight 7 minutes is really 7 minutes and then we’ll do another one.

Is. 42:1, God loves Christ so much. He is my elect. I put my spirit on him. There is the trinity. What kind of person will he be? He will not cry, meaning scream in the streets. He won’t be with a megaphone making a lot of noise. He will not do it that way.

vs. 2. He’ll not be like a politician looking for time on the radio or a billboard or some message like that. He will be anointed. My Spirit will be on him. He will be satisfied internally. He will be built up and in fellowship with God. Being God won’t be his target. Being a man will be his target. He called himself Son of Man much more than Son of God.

vs. 3. Bruised reed – the meaning is it’s already damaged, already fragile. It’s ready to bend over, collapse. It’s ready to fall over. It’s ready to be destroyed. It’s at the teetering point. Right at the fragile place of standing but easily could be blown over.

One of the things I remember from Dr. Stevens when we had our raps, he said when he was in 8th grade this was when he quit school. He said the principal looked at me and I felt that he loved me. The principal of the school had compassion on me. He knew I was fragile. When his dad had pneumonia and packed his nose, the blood ran into his lungs and he died. He lost his dad when he was three. He was the youngest in the family. I think there were four. His brothers went to World War II and had a hard scrabble farm with a cow and a horse. The horse died when he was 10 and the brothers blamed him for it. These family things that were part of his childhood in a small farm up in Maine. He had to learn to fight and survive and try to make it. His heart was for people because he had been there. A bruised reed. He knew what it was like to be a bruised reed.

Those of us knew him when he walked in the room he was believing that Jesus Christ really came and really cares about people. So do we. We can feel the care for people because the H.S. is that kind of Spirit that looks at a bruised reed and says he can make it. He’s not going to be crushed when he’s around us. He will not be broken, destroyed, stepped on or walked on. It does happen and people do get hurt and leave churches. Sometimes tough leadership is too tough on some people. That can happen in life.

vs. 3. This is the candle that has been blown out and the wick is smoking. You can take your thumb and index finger and wet them and there’s no more smoke. No more amber. Light, small, little, little small red orange glowing. Not quenched.

vs. 3. Not quench. Halleluiah. After you got done talking with Jesus you felt encouraged, even though you are a smoking flax. When God entered into the life of any broken person in this world and God is done with them, they feel encouraged and refreshed. Sometimes people go around looking for who they can crush or quench out or break further. Not the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God loves people and cares about them.

vs. 4. He will not be discouraged. What a big word. It means whatever the goal is, it would happen. He would never be discouraged. If he’s on the cross, he’s not discouraged. If everyone forsakes him, he’s not discouraged by people rejecting him. He will not fail or be discouraged. This Spirit of God working in us is not discouraged and he does not fail. He is a minister of kindness, joy and love and faith. Having a conversation with Jesus would definitely encourage us and build us up in our faith. Amen. Praise the Lord. Halleluiah. That’s it.

The second seven minutes go to Acts 16. We had a beautiful service this morning on wisdom from above and below on Apostle Paul and the mission. You can see it on the internet if you were not here. Wisdom from above and wisdom from below. Wisdom from below we can fall into pettiness and get side tracked from the big picture that happens to all of us. Wisdom from below is so easy to happen.

Acts 16:18-20, by the way, be sure to make it clear in your heart never to be anti-Semitic. It’s not of God. We go to Israel soon in two weeks or so. Forty people or so. I think it’s worthwhile saying. These people are fulfilling a purpose and we have been brought into that great blessing, we gentiles. We have received a new covenant and have been grafted in with it. We are inheritors with this covenant.

We are spiritual Jews in Rom. 2:29 circumcised not in our flesh but in our lips. Set apart. Made holy and separated. Teach customs which are not lawful for us to receive.

vs. 21-22, didn’t we see recently a lot of emotion in our country in the hallways of the capital building and demonstrators. Didn’t we see a lot of emotion? Man!

These people said we are going to beat them in vs. 22, 23, what would wisdom from below say? What would Paul say about that? It’s not fair what has happened to us. Why have they done that to us? I have to get my lawyer on the phone and deal with this problem. I am a Roman citizen. You are doing this to a Roman citizen. That can’t happen.

vs. 24. Thrust them into the inner prison. Way down deep in the bowels of the prison house, right on the inside. You have a jail and a prison. This is where they ended up. They made their feet fast in the stocks. Turn lights out and you are whipped and beat. Sometimes it’s good to live there and think about it. How unfair it is and wrong it is. Wisdom from below is earthly, sensual and devilish. I start cursing God and get upset about it. All that could happen to a believer. That’s what we need to realize.

vs. 25. Where did that come from? Paul and Silas prayed. Where did that come from? I see this in my life. I see this happening. I want to say to the Bible college students, we are so glad you are here and go by faith. But I want to say to the international students, when you go to another country, it’s kind of exciting. The culture is different and the people. Then after a couple months, you miss home. Where is the Swedish pula? Where is my friends? I want to see my mom and dad. Then you get negative about the country you live in. This is a normal thing. Culture shock and all those kinds of things. I know about it because I lived in it. I also learned this amazing thing, Paul and Silas prayed. There is a wisdom that comes from above. You are able to see not the petty things that happen in life. Petty means the small things that people might say and do. Maybe some of it is real struggle.

I remember P. Matti when we lived in Lenox, he said he had no money and food and people drove in with big cars and families and he is starving and starts to get an attitude. If you know him, you know that can happen! And to me and all of us.

Don’t think Paul and Silas having been beaten and thrown away into the bowels of the prison could be sitting there with a lot of wounded feelings and thoughts. Somehow it’s true. It’s amazing. This Spirit of God. This Holy Spirit of God our Comforter. He says, come on. Trust me and believe me. I don’t want to crush you. I don’t want to quench you, but I want to fan the flame. You are worthy of my visitation. I have forgiven you of your sin and anointed you with my Spirit. I called you by grace. Respond to me in faith. They started to pray and sometimes when moving in faith, we meet God in that faith.

Like the Wilmington testimony. God is there and does his work there. In missions work, this is a joy. Living in Baltimore is also a challenge because we all have busy lives and could be saying in our particular prison cell it isn’t right. I’m tired of it or bored with it. Look at what they did. At midnight Paul and Silas prayed. Learn to get on your knees at midnight. Learn to seek God in faith. At midnight. Learn to believe that God is at work and all we have to do is move in faith. God is there. God is there. God is with us in it. Zane Turk is in India and I’m excited he is living with P. Fred Ellis and gets to be with P. Carl and different ones and have this experience. In a couple months, this whole pattern and I will be at midnight and that’s where I need to find God. India isn’t the point. God is. Baltimore isn’t the point. God is the point. This is amazing. The Spirit of God, the moving of God.

vs. 25. And they sang praises unto God. Maybe we should do more of that. Our worship songs. Our praises to God. Our praises in our hearts. Our body language. Even if you are healthy, you can move around a lot and do the body language. I’m breaking out of this thing. I’m free. They were in chains. We can move our arms and legs. We can do everything in God consciousness. We can praise God and respond to God and he is greater than what we are facing. Sometimes we magnify the problem with wisdom from below and the wisdom from above is releasing to us and we respond in worship. The doors are going to swing open.

vs. 25. -26. Couldn’t that happen to us? Isn’t there a message in that? Isn’t there something there we can work on and relate to? Maybe I limit my life by what is really happening instead of responding in worship and prayer in who God really is. Who God really is. He wants to show himself to us. He wants to reveal to us in the Spirit who he is and who we are.

When we lived in Hungary, there was a missionary meeting with foreign missionaries. I couldn’t make it, so I sent someone there. They said it was like we were living in different countries. They were saying how hard it was in Hungary and 87% of Hungarians are atheist. They said they can’t do anything and people are not believing and they share the message and they are atheist. I’m saying are we living in a different country? We don’t see them on the street. Sometimes we are surrounded by 100 people. I remember this woman came with tears and said I grew up under Communism. My little boy died. How old? Seven. She starts weeping. She said will I ever see him again? Another man is angry. He said I was here in World War II when the Russians came. I was in the revolution. I am poor and have nothing. He is angry and a wounded person. It was an amazing ministry in those years in the 90’s. I don’t know why God in his grace allowed us to go.

We found the H.S. moving. It’s the same thing today. There will be a day when your feet are in prison and in the inner prison and you’ll be attracted to the wisdom from below. It will be petty and small. We will live in our small world. God has written the story for us. At midnight, you can pray to me and start singing.

I will show you something. I can heal your body. I can help you in your soul. I can take a little guy like Dr. Stevens in 8th grade and say there are people who care about you. They will not crush you. He was 24 when he got a tract and when into an outhouse and read it and gave his life to Christ. He started going to meetings and memorizing the Bible and preaching and caring about people. His small church grew to 800. He said we have to start a Bible college and send out teams and go into the world.

We say, daddy, did the fire come yet? We say God, I don’t want to get sick. You are going to make me sick. God will say I’m not going to do this or maybe I am. Get the wisdom from above and I’ll guide you and you’ll become mature and I’ll lead and guide you and use you.


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