Jesus came and He prayed. He went alone to a solitary place to talk to the Father. He then went out to preach the words that transformed. He sent the Holy Spirit into us so that we could preach and show the world righteousness and judgment. (John 16:8-12; Mark 1:35-39)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12036
7:00 PM on 2/3/2021

P. Schaller –

Hebrews 7, As we were singing, I was thinking about how low people can go in sin, how deep into sin the human race
and also individuals going into very dark places and very dark ways of life, dark thinking. How
low the human race, how low I can go. How low you can go and why Christ came. Why did he
come but for us that go so low. Hebrews 7:16, this is Christ. Wow! Christ came into this world not
for the righteous but for the unrighteous which is everybody. What did he do? He became a
priest in vs. 17. He’s a priest after the order of Melchizedek. What does that mean?
Melchizedek had no beginning of days and no end of life. Christ is this way. He had no
beginning and end and he’s a priest for us. No matter who you are tonight and if you are
listening on the internet or here in the auditorium, the darkest place who have ever been, the
most discouraged, the most empty, the most disgusting, the most shameful, the most darkest
place you have ever been or could ever imagine, this priest in chapter 7:24. He’s always caring
for you.

He’s always caring about you. He’s always washing your feet. He’s always looking for
you. He’s always praying for you. He’s always caring about you. He saves you and me. He brings
conviction in our hearts. This is the thing we are praying today and through the coming months.
We’re fasting and praying today that God by his power would save souls. You cannot save souls
by the flesh of man. It must be by the power of God. It must be that Christ saves a soul. It must
be that Christ changes a life. It must be that Christ changes my heart. Christ changes my mind. It
must be that Christ forgives me of my sin. It’s all about Jesus Christ. He’s the only one that will
make any difference. In our society today, we see how the large talking, the big ideas, the large
organizations, the big tech, government, big movements, and everything do a lot of talking but
very little happens for the good. Many times it’s just another form of flattery, a form of power,
a form of foolishness. When Jesus Christ comes into a heart, he changes us.

When Christ comes into a life, he saves us. He puts our name into the Book of Life. He puts his Spirit in us and now
we can pray. Now we can wait on God. Now we can believe. Now we can anticipate. Now we
can see something really happening on this level, like a personal level, personally with me. I was
reading about mothers and we have a marriage – what’s it called? Marriage weekend, not a
retreat because it is here on our campus. Friday night and Saturday. Thinking about a mother. A
mother has something beautiful in her. A mother has a love and she discerns it in her children.
She sees it in her family. And she wants love. A woman wants love. A woman is different from a
man by the way. How many of you knew that? A woman is different from a man. It’s a very
simple statement but it’s unbelievable that the big organizations on top can’t figure it out. And
they have a message, but we have another one. We have another message.

A woman in her place is such a blessing and she’s different from a man in his place. He also has love. He also has
a blessing, but he is different and his love that comes through him is different from the love
that comes through the mother. We’re going to speak on that a week from Saturday. It’s a
great thought. The world confuses man and woman and the woman wants to be a man and all
of this foolishness because she doesn’t know how beautifully designed she is. When a teenage
girl, a little girl eight years old grows up in a family with a mother that has a love for her family,
that little girl is going to get it right and she’s not going to want to be a man or a boy. It’s
ridiculous even to talk about it. It’s good but – okay. That’s not what I want to say. I wanted to say that just like when you and I are made for a certain role and a certain place as a woman or a
man, so Christ has been made for a certain place in your life. He is eternal but he became a
priest for a certain place in your life.

That’s amazing! That’s amazing! We want to say to the
unsaved and the people that don’t believe in God and the people that are troubled in life and
the lonely people in the world and the people that have things upside down, we want to say to
you that Jesus Christ is real, and he is able to save them. Vs. 25. The darkest corner. He is able
to go to you in the pit. He is able to track you all the way to hell. Not after you die but before
you die. If you live in some kind of hell. He cannot save anybody out of hell once they go to hell.
It is over forever. But in this life, in this life and that’s what our prayers are about. In this life, in
this life people would be saved. In this life, their life would be changed. In this life, they would
be forgiven. In this life, God would call them by name. In this life, their name would go in the
Book of Life. In this life, they would be forgiven of all their sin. Our whole working, our whole
existence in this world is evangelicalism, evangelism.

The whole thing about our lives is I was lost and now I’m saved, and that living God is the one that fits in perfectly and makes sense out of a world that is in a lot of trouble. We are seeking. We are looking. We are evangelizing. We
are caring. We are listening. We are talking. We are praying. We are believing God to do this
work because he saves them to the uttermost. Vs. 25. That’s what I was thinking when we were
singing tonight and praying and wanting you, for us to get that laser focus and say Lord I will
fast. I will pray. I will pray hours even. I will believe. I’m going to laser in. I’m going to believe
this is a new era, a period of revival, a work of grace where the sinner is saved and forgiven, and
he knows it. And he is filled with the Spirit and he gets hungry and excited about his faith. I’m
saying that now is the time. Now is the time and Jesus Christ is the answer. He really is. He is
only spiritually discerned. Only by the power of God could I believe it and see it and experience
it, but it happens. It happens over and over and over again around the world. God is saving
souls. The greatest miracle of all is a salvation of a a soul.

The greatest thing God is doing in the world is forgiving us, saving us. The most important thing we are part of is that mission and that work. That’s what our prayers are about. I know many of you prayed today and we did have a
day of prayer. We’re going to do it on every Wednesday indefinitely. It’s just like dedicated in
our chapel. We were in here today. And we’re going to ask God. We’re going to believe God.
Much of my prayer is in silence. I just sit and wait on God or I kneel. I wait on God. Much of the
prayer is just silence and hearing and waiting on God and believing God and praying. The flesh
doesn’t like it, doesn’t believe so much in it, doesn’t appreciate it. God told us to pray. Jesus
prayed at his baptism in Matthew 3. Before he appointed the disciples, he prayed all night in Luke
6:12. Up on the Mt. of Transfiguration he went up there to pray and turned all white when he
was praying up there in Luke 9. When he was in Gethsemane, the greatest trial of his life, he
said could you pray with me? Pray you do not fall into temptation.

Did the Son of God believe in prayer? Did the Son of God teach us to pray. Did the Son of God pray? Yes, he did. Our whole ministry is based on people like you and I living by faith and believing that prayer can move
mountains and change things. Isn’t that good? Amen on that word and would you have a few
minutes of prayer before we continue. Well, that was so good. wasn’t that good? You know, I’m
not a musician, really. Trying to hide that! But that was sweet. Wasn’t that beautiful? Very good sound. What is on my heart is what we started with in our introduction and I just want to
repeat it. It’s really amazing that we are living in this world and we see so much of the pain and
troubles and sin that is in the world. I really believe if we saw it as God sees it, it’s a lot worse
than what we see. You could say many things about that, but he so loved the world that he
gave his only begotten Son. His unique Son. His only one. Saving us. John. 16, it cannot happen,
this salvation cannot happen unless the Holy Spirit does it. John. 16:8 referring to the Comforter,
the Holy Spirit.

You know what is going to happen is that we in our society tolerate sin. We
tolerate sin. We have no real choice actually, but we do in a way to make some things illegal.
But we tolerate sin and then when sin is tolerated, then they don’t tolerate us. They don’t
tolerate us because we are saying we don’t agree with that. You are free to do it, but we don’t
agree with that. Abortion is an example. We tolerate it in our society. Abortion clinics are
everywhere. There are pregnancies terminated all the time. They are tolerated in our country,
but we that are against it are not going to be tolerated and that’s where persecution comes.
Persecution comes when ungodliness no longer tolerates us. That could be troubling to you, but
you should learn about it, think about it. The reaction we should have is not that they are our
enemies but that they are enemies that are to be loved. Enemies that are to be understood.
Enemies that are to be ministered to, preached to and some of them saved.

The world, the pagan world that Paul lived in was a very wicked and evil world, but he did not fight that world
with human weapons. He fought it spiritually and that is what we are called to do. We are
called to live in a world that will not tolerate us maybe one day very much or anymore. But
that’s okay because we read it here. We see it with Jesus. Jesus said love your enemies. Pagan
religions say hate your enemies. The secular world would say don’t like. Hate. Hate. We can’t
talk like that because we have another spirit. We don’t hate. We love. We learn love. We learn
kindness. We learn longsuffering. We learn prayer. We learn seeking God. We have a family. It’s
a family of love. Jesus said I’m leaving but love one another. Love one another and when you
are persecuted, love one another, and bless those that persecute you. This is all different
because the natural man doesn’t understand, nor does he have the power. We do.

We have the power. We have a ministry. We have power in prayer. We have power in our hearts. We have
power to serve. It’s amazing to be a servant. John. 16:8 Historically, what happened Jesus died
and was raised, ascended. Ten days later, 40 days he came back and was with them. Ten days
after the 40, the Holy Spirit came. And the very people that crucified him now said what must
we do to be saved. The very people that were his enemies are now under conviction and saying
what must we do? We have made a great mistake. Who changed their mind? The Holy Spirit
did. The Holy Spirit did that. How do people in your community get touched? The Holy Spirit.
How does the church operate? The Holy Spirit. Isn’t that beautiful. How could America change?
A revival. A spiritual moving of God. That could happen. It has happened. 1857, two years in
New York City. Prayer in the afternoon. It really happened. I read about it today. 1904 Welsh
Revival. Welsh miners.

There was one young Welshmen, Evan Roberts. The miners would come
out of their mines and the black coal on their faces and white streaks were down their cheeks
because of the tears that they had from the conviction of the Spirit that was bringing them to
salvation. It had a huge impact. It’s really very, really an actual phenomena that happened. Vs. 8. This is at Pentecost. They will feel those things. We have made a mistake. He is right. We are
going to be judged. I am afraid. I’m afraid I’m going to be judged. What must I do. I’m in
trouble. I’ve been doing bad things and now I’m under conviction. This is what happens. Vs. 9-
11. What did I want to say? I want to say that we’re going to come across people at work – this
is our prayer – we’re going to come across people at work that want to talk to us, talk to you.
You have to make time for that. There’s going to be people that invite you to their home.
There’s going to be a phone call. There’s going to be new people coming in through these
doors. They’re searching. They don’t even know what they are looking for.

They heard. They heard something and they came. There’s going to be salvations. Why? Because we are praying.
Because we are asking God for that. That’s what we believe that this will happen, is happening,
will happen and we are learning love. We are learning love. Not politics. Not politics. We are
learning God. We’re learning God. We’re learning waiting on God. We’re learning faith. We’re
learning the Spirit. What is the Spirit saying? What is the Spirit doing? We are learning to love
each other as a family, and it has great impact on children and grandchildren as we said in the
beginning. A young lady learns about her womanhood when she is around godly women and
loving people. A young man learns about being a man because he is around Spirit filled men.
Men that are wise. Men that are kind. Men that are listening. Men that care. Men that are
patient. Men that are quiet. Men that are godly. It’s amazing.

Teenagers need it. It’s a different kind of society. It’s a spiritual one. And it’s critically important. The world is not determining for me how I live. Jesus Christ is determining for us how we live, how we think, how we love, how
we pray. How we give. How we serve. We are learning this, and this goes to the world by the
way. We go to other countries with a ministry, with a message. In those countries they are
praying. They are waiting on God. They are anticipating. And in those countries there is a Lydia
or a centurion. What was his name in Acts? Cornelius in Acts 10. And they are there on the
island of Cyprus. There was the governor of the island and he never heard such things and he
was so interested in them. In Athens on Mars Hill, Paul is so wisely presenting the message.
There are people that are out there that it said some cleave to Paul after they heard about the
resurrection of the dead. This is the work in the book of Acts.

This is the work that we are called to as believers. I’m so happy to be part of it and believe God with you for things. There is a paradox because we are generally very active people and we think of maybe activity and work
and we think of maybe programs and things to do and how to reach people. But on the other
end of that, something most importantly is that godliness, that quietness and that ability to
sacrifice. I sacrifice my project for God. I sacrifice God for time. I sacrifice my ideas for God. I will
get there wherever he wants me to be in the work of the ministry, we will get there by God. We
don’t need more people talking. We need people that are talking from God’s presence, Psalm 17:2.
We don’t need more activity. God order my footsteps according to your Word. I think you are
following me in what I am saying. There is a very sacred aspect to the work of the ministry, and
to be honest, let me say it this way, megachurches in the last 20 years are huge.

But once they are shut down and they are shut down because of covid and the pastors deciding and so on,
and now where are all those people? Are they able to live a godly life? Isn’t that the big
question. Can I live a godly life? Can I stay away from sin? Can I live a righteous life? Can the Holy Spirit fill me? Have I found how sometimes it’s a sacrifice to pray. Sometimes it’s a sacrifice
to put away a book or a video or put away something and I can’t do this. I may put it away. It’s a
sacrifice. It’s a sacrifice of our heart and our life to God to seek him whom I cannot see. I seek
him and I cannot see him, but I believe in him and I know him. This is a whole way of life that
we are learning and growing in as believers. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about.
Be still and know that I am God. “I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me.”
There is a temptation. A young lady wants to get married. I understand that. That’s a beautiful
thing in the plan of God, the way of God however it works. We don’t know how that works.
That’s an important thing in her heart and life.

A big deal. To be able to bring that concern if I don’t worry to bring that concern before God and actually be in the presence of God as my Comforter, as my teacher. Maybe I am married to Jesus. Married to Jesus. Married to Jesus
Christ as the one who is going to be my covering and take care of me and fill me and satisfy me.
That’s radical. Yes. It is. That’s what I’m talking about. There is something that the Holy Spirit
does in your life and my life, and you remember it. You say that drew me to God with such a
passion and a longing and a desire that has set the pace for the rest of my life. I always relate
back to that. That wasn’t made up. That was the presence of God. That was peace and holiness.
That was God in my heart. That’s the way to live and though there are dark hours and there is
sacrifice and various pains that happen. Pain. It happens in life. That’s life. Love. I want to learn
love. Love bears all things. All the pain. Love endures. Love bears. Love never fails. We are
learning love by the Spirit, not by the flesh of men.

Flesh of men talk about love all day long and marriages are exploding, and kids are without dads and moms and problems happen in life and so on. We understand that. We are also saying something. It is in a way incredible. Can I live a Spirit filled life as a habit, as a way of life? Can I be satisfied as a way of life or is my flesh in
control? Can I actually find and enjoy love that is real love, relationships that are deep,
friendships that are lasting? Can I really find a satisfying community where Christ is the head
and we are members of the body? The answer is yes. There must be. And if we don’t have then
it’s just like the megachurch that disappears. And where are those people. They can say,
however that works. I’m just suggesting. There has to be the roots. There has to be a sacrifice.
There has to be an understanding that I will give my life, my heart, my soul, my strength. The
first commandment and that ability has been given you through Jesus Christ. And now through
Jesus Christ you are able to love God with all your heart, mind, and strength. You are also able
to stand. His ways are not ours. And you are able to not blame him, not blame God for my life.
Blame God and be – you know that kind of thing – but loving him.

Though he slay me, I will trust him. Though it doesn’t work out, I will follow him. Though I am a bit disappointed and
discouraged in my heart, I will run. I will run to him. Draw me and we will run after you. Though
my church is a little bit of a disappointment, yet I want Jesus and I’ll pray for my church. I want
to seek him and be a blessing and not something else. Mark 1:35. This will be the closing part of
our thoughts here. What a great thought. He was being, he became popular. People were
pursuing him, and people were coming from all over. He just had to get alone. He had to get
quiet. He had to get alone. He just had to. Remember that mother with a lot of children, she
used to throw the apron over her head, like turn it around and throw it over her head for her quiet time in the kitchen with all the noise and the activity. Jesus went to a solitary place and
prayed. It meant a lot to him. It meant a lot. It was the – he had a relationship that he would
never give up. A relationship that was not for sale.

A relationship you could not tear it away from him. That relationship meant a lot to him. You have found it. You cry, Abba, Father. You have it. That relationship sets us apart. I makes us different. It affects our whole life. You
wonder sometimes after living a few years, wow, look at that happened. How did that happen?
It was God that did it. God answered your prayer. God did it. he answered your prayer. How
many millions and millions of prayers God has answered. Jesus said, “men ought always to pray
and not to faint.” Prayer. He went to a solitary place. He had a big day ahead of him. A lot of
people are going to be coming around him. He came to love them, and he came to serve them,
but he had to pray. He went to pray but he is the Son of God without sin. Yeh, but doesn’t that
speak even more loudly. The Son of God without sin could have rolled out of bed and gone on
his way and ministered to the whole world but he didn’t. He went to prayer in a solitary place.
So something to think about there. Vs. 36-37. He didn’t tell them where he was going. They had
to find him. They found him and they told him the news.

Everybody is looking for you. Vs. 38. That’s a mission. The next town. Preach. He didn’t say that I may administrate. That I might be like King David. That I might be like the high priest Aaron. I’ll perform sacrifices and incense and
various religious exercises. He said no, I came to preach. That’s why I came to preach. The
preacher, Jesus. I came to preach. What does it mean? Prayer and then preaching. Prayer and
then ministering and how important is preaching. Preaching is very important. Pray for
preachers. Pray that preachers would have power. Pray for all of us that we who are preaching
we would have power and desire and passion and focus and desire for it and do it and go to the
towns. He said that’s why I came to be a prophet, Deuteronomy 18. A prophet. A preacher. That’s why I
came. Because words change people. Words and messages change people. Words drive out the
devil. Words convict people of sin. Words bring people to Christ. Words are powerful.
Preaching. That’s why I came to preach cause after I’m gone, I need you guys to be preachers. I
need you guys to go to the next towns and preach the Gospel.

That’s summer harvest. That’s these outreaches in the state of Maryland. That’s going to a town and we don’t have much of an audience. We honestly don’t have much of an audience, but we are anticipating our sketch
board in the Inner Harbor and getting back on track with our street preaching and that type of
thing. And out of the back of the pickup truck as crazy as it might seem. But I don’t care about
craziness. I care about God. We are not trying to be different to be different. We are just trying
to walk with God and do what he says. And preaching is really in the work of God cause it’s
through preaching that people are saved by the power of God. I’m finishing. Vs. 38. I’ll tell you
and I know you know this, there’s nothing greater in the world than a good Spirit filled
message. It’s like candy. It’s like steak. It’s like food. It’s like gas in the tank.

It’s like heavenlyfood. It’s like godly edification. How do I stay out of sin? Godly edification. How do we have a
changed life? Godly edification. How is our life changed? By love. God is loving us every time we
meet. God is washing our feet every time we meet. God is speaking to our hearts every time we
meet. God by the Holy Spirit is saying don’t give up. Be steadfast, immoveable, always
abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as you know your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Don’t give up with the way the world is wanting us to go to sleep. We’re not going to sleep.
We’re Spirit filled. We got work to do. We’ve got things to do. We’ve got the poor to preach to.
We got the homeless to meet their need. We’ve got people troubled in life and they need to
come and be in our small groups. Let me say that last part. Small groups. Clusters. Ever been in
a little group of five people on the second floor of a house in Worchester, Mass, on fire. We had
prayer. We had the Bible. We had the Word. We go down the stairs. We say goodbye. We walk
to the bus stop. We say goodbye again. We get in the car. We stop the car. We back up. We say
goodbye again.

Twenty times later we say goodbye. Wow! Have you ever been in a little group
of people that you know that you love that they love you. That they encourage you. You talk
about faith. Jesus is in your midst. We are the saints of God. We are the holy people of God.
Ever been in a small group and that small group attracts seven other people. And then you are
at the bus waving and saying let’s go to Puerto Rico next weekend! Let’s go to Tennessee with
the message. Let’s preach in New York City with Randy Rollins. Well that’s crazy. I’ve never
been in New York. No, nor have I. But maybe God sends us to New York. That kind of
conversation. Jesus is introducing us to something. I believe the Spirit is in it.

I believe we could have a new work in Westminster and Thurmont and Mt. Airy. I believe we could have
something new in Easton and Waldorf and up in Havre de Grace with Pastor Wright who is
doing a great job. Cecil County and have clusters of five and seven and Bible studies and
ministry happening because this is God’s way. This is what he does. He preached in the
synagogues and all of Galilee and he cast out devils. There was something going on. Before
Jesus came, John the Baptist came just to get things stirred up. Get people to look to God and
when Jesus came, God was there. That work was a great work.

Wow. Amen.


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