We don’t belong to ourselves, we belong to God. Peculiar and members of Christ’s Body are we. We carry with us the precious Gospel into all the world. (Titus 2:14; Acts 20:24)

Speaker(s): Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon # 11523
6:30 PM on 8/12/2018


P. Scibelli

Titus 2:14, He does the purifying. Jesus does the redeeming and the purifying. Say, I’m peculiar. Say it again. I’m peculiar. English doesn’t do it justification. It means I am unique. I am God’s own possession. I belong to God. I am God’s purchased possession. Peculiar people. Precious would be a way of defining it also. I don’t belong to me. You don’t belong to you. You don’t belong to each other. You belong to God.

Acts. 20:24, nothing can move us. None of these things move me. He was just talking about every city he was going to that bonds and afflictions await him. Welcome to this city. You’re going to jail. Welcome to this city. You’ll be beaten. Welcome to this city. You’ll get 39 stripes. Every city. That’s pretty popular, huh? I wonder if his ministry is from God. So many people with their ministries being applauded everywhere. Everywhere he went, beaten in prison, run him out of town. I wonder if he was from God. I don’t count my life dear, precious.

vs. 24. He said he didn’t count his life dear to himself. I can look at that and get a little intimidated by it. We all in some measure count our lives precious and dear to us. Anyone who tries to take that away, we can get pretty upset pretty quickly. God has called him to himself to be a peculiar person, a precious person. When he sees the preciousness of Jesus Christ, he talks about the ministry of the Lord Jesus and the gospel of grace. He’s talking about planting churches. He doesn’t count his life precious to himself. That’s an amazing truth I’d like to grow in and get to know more and more.

We talked about the value of the person of Christ, 1 Pet. 2:4-7, the value of the blood in 1 Pet. 1:19, and the value of the word in Ps. 139:17, 1 Sam 3:1-3, and preciousness of faith. Remember the verses? 2 Pet 1:1, and 1 Pet 1:7.

Tonight I want to think of the value of who you are in Christ. The value of the new man. God has made Jim Markowski a new man. The Markowski’s are precious people. Give them a hand. Value of who I am in Christ. David Livingstone passed away in a small tent in Chitambo, Tanzania. We got a piece of the tree he was buried under. You [Pastor Adam] laminated it, and it’s in my office. They buried him. He said take my body back to Westminster, Abbey as one of the prime ministers. They cut the heart out, buried his heart in Chitambo in a small little case. My heart stays in Africa; England can have my body. If you travel with me and I die, don’t be cutting my heart out! Talk to my wife, and she’ll tell you what to do. Some of you aren’t good with a knife anyway. What a big mess! You can’t travel with that stuff anyway. When they found him dead, they found his Bible on his chest. He was holding onto his Bible to the end. On a small piece of paper he said, “My Jesus, my life, my king, my all. The value of Christ. His life wasn’t precious to himself although precious to many people. They took his body and started to move it and hundreds followed his casket all the way. Something precious to him, valuable to him. The value of Christ, the blood, the word of God and the faith and who I am in Christ. Satan wants to blind people’s minds to the glorious gospel and our value. He wants to blind people’s minds. Show you who Christ is and who you are in Christ. How many don’t know who they are in Christ? Tremendous value of understanding my position in Christ. When you have an identity crisis, you have an ability crisis. Young people try to establish their identity in education or this world system. Even for born again believers, their identity is not in Christ. It is positionally but not experientially.

Paul said though you attack me, I planted a church in Corinth and you are saying I’m not a pastor or apostle or nothing. 1 Cor 15:9-10 he said I am what I am by the grace of God. Say that to yourself. I don’t need human analysis, satanic accusation and the world’s evaluation. Human analysis. Let me analyze you, P. Roger of a psychological…through the psychiatry and psychology of the world. Try to find out what you are doing in Izmir, Turkey. Istanbul. We’ll analyze the music tonight. Don’t live in self- analysis. Self-analysis versus God is. Remember P. Steven’s message. Don’t let the world evaluate who you are and what you are doing. And don’t let Satan accuse you. It’s so precious who I am in Christ. P. Jerry Roberge is not who he is in his job or neighborhood but who he is in Christ. Look at this precious couple, the Arman’s. Say, you’re my hero! On the mission field going for broke with missions. You are what you are by the grace of God. A lot of people would like to analyze you and through it all bring accusation. Our position in Christ is precious.

That’s why Paul spends Eph. 1, 2, and 3 letting you know your position in Christ and the Body before he tells you how to walk. You have to go to all night prayer, soul winning, give, etc. They don’t even know who they are yet. Relax with people. Don’t put things on people even God himself wouldn’t put on them. Someone said to me in 1983 I see your people outside at the Bible study smoking cigarettes. I said last week they were smoking dope. They are making great progress! Smoking will kill you, I know that, but give them a break. Last week someone robbed an armored car.…I am what I am by the grace of God. Jesus puts me in himself. I’m in Christ. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation…behold, behold, behold all things have become new. How many things? Everything about you is new. Say I’m a new person tonight. I don’t need old. Old serpent, old sin nature and old world. Get rid of the old. I like to hang onto old things. My wife says how long are you going to keep that thing? I’ve had some things since I was four years old. To me it’s new. You look at your wife and say she is new in Christ. The Bible says this.

Are you listening? Know no man after the flesh. We don’t even know J.C. after the flesh. Isn’t that good. We don’t see it. Righteous Lot. 2 Pet. 2:7, righteous Lot? He had sex with his children and produced Moab and Ammon, the enemies of God together. God says he is righteous. Why?

He confessed his sin, 1 Jn 1:9. Those are big sins. It’s all the same. Liar is no different than a murderer. When I know who I am in Christ, it is so precious. I understand who I am in the Son of God and that’s my identity. I don’t walk around insecure satanically projected at. What do you think a shield of faith is for? To go after the projections of the enemy. Two big problems. Satanic rejections and human reflections.

2 Cor. 10:4-5, the Greek says you put a spear through it. Ever put a spear through something? I have. I won’t tell you what it was. It wasn’t a “who” but a “what.” Reflections and projections. You are not who people say you are, who people think you are, or what the devil says. The family says I’m the no good of the family. I’m the white sheep of the family! I don’t care what they say about me. I’ve been put in Christ.

I used to have 6,000 demons and now I’m a preacher in Mk. 5. I’m winning all of Samaria. Philip went there and everyone got saved in the whole city. This woman was an evangelist. They knew who they were in Christ. Mary of Magdala out of whom came seven devils. Some claim she was a prostitute. She went all the way with God, at the tomb, at the cross and with the church in Acts 1 and 2. What an amazing woman of God. All the women of God, stand up. We are amazing. We are in Christ; we are women of God. Some of you are too tired to stand up and you are still amazing. What do you do for a living? “You just raise kids.” That’s wicked evil. That’s the greatest calling on planet earth. Raising children. Are you listening, Melinda? Posts. A mother who spends her life with people. “You don’t work in a tech industry.” You’re not a —-. Take your conversation back to hell where it came from. The devil wants to attack and evaluate me. I’m not interested what people say about me. I’m not looking for a popularity poll. I don’t say the right things about myself. I want conviction. We are who we are by the grace of God. People knew me by my last name and my family. I was always categorized by one of those. Will this ever step?

One time I went to Switzerland because everyone knew me the wrong way in Massachusetts. It felt so free there and some guy goes, hey Scibelli! I can’t get away from this. God took me away by crucifying the old man.

Your last name is your genetics and God killed it. No last name in the Bible except for Iscariot. Don’t say Zebedee. They were the sons of Zebedee. I am amazing, Nicky Cooper. She’s awesome. If it wasn’t for her, who would be her husband?! She’s amazing. She’s precious. Just talk to P. Cooper about that. The preciousness of who we are in Christ. We understand we might fail and be like Abraham. Abraham, walk before me and be perfect. Positional truth is so precious. Next, the Body is precious.

Ps. 133.

Paul names 35 people in Romans 16. Why? They were precious. To him they were what? Precious. He sees the Body as valuable. Some people can take or leave church. This is the soma of God. The Body of Christ. His own Body. He calls us his own Body. That means we are precious. We are connected to the head. Gideon got his 300. I know the Body isn’t till the New Testament. Paul names 10 men who traveled with him. Luke, Timothy were valuable. Aquila and Priscila were valuable to him. I know our families have value but if my family is not born again, they are not my family. They are my genetical relatives. You are my family. I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God. We are family. We are not just a church, right P. Sturge? This is the family of God. I don’t want to talk negative of my family and avoid them and only see them once in a while.

1 Cor. 15:15 they were addicted to the ministry of the saints. We need more fellowship addicts. We don’t need heroin addicts and alcohol addicts. I need a spiritual fix. I’m coming to the church! We have all these organizations and God uses them, but they are not the church, the ecclesia of God. The Body is precious. Your family is precious. The Body is precious. We don’t know anything negative about someone in the church. You come to me with a problem and we’ll talk about it and I’ll believe who you are in Christ and who you are in the Body. This is key. That is precious. Then we have this precious gospel. He that goes forth bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again bringing his sheaves with him. The gospel is so precious. I love telling people about the gospel. We tell people about Jesus who loves them and cares for them. This is the greatest news going. What is a Fox News or NCC News? Or whatever they call it! They don’t tell you the truth. I’ve seen stories about countries I’ve been to. What are they talking about? Where did they get that from? The prince of the power of the air. That offends me. Good, you news buff! You spend 20 hours a day watching something on TV. Two out of 2000 did something and you think all 2,000 in that city are like that. We have a precious gospel. We’re going to Haiti in a few weeks. Me and David Smithson. Pastor Dave I call him. We’ll tell people who they are in Christ and in the Body. Nothing like telling people Jesus loves them. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. All people hear is nothing but trouble and bad news. They hear the news about themselves which isn’t good and the world and the big mess it’s in. Nothing is going to get better. Don’t walk around thinking things get better. Evil waxes worse and worse. It gets more intense and developed.

Rom. 13 the night is far spent. It’s advancing and progressing. Jesus gets better and better. The Bible, the gospel, life in Christ gets better and better. Yeah, God. That’s precious to me. Let’s be people who understand what is precious: The person of Christ, the word of God, the blood, the faith of God, your position in Christ and in the Body and this gospel we have.

God’s eyes see every precious thing in Job 28:10. Don’t let your eyes go in another direction to send your thoughts in another direction. Let’s see and remember how precious God is.


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