The people of God failed in an epic way when they asked for the golden calf. But God, in His mercy, stayed with them and stuck with His covenant. His presence went them and He revealed His glory to Moses. (Exodus 24:3-3; Exodus 33:18-19)

Speaker(s):  Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11331
7:30 PM on 9/13/2017


P. Schaller

We are coming here and there is a lot of faith and a lot of good attitude. The Spirit is so faithful to us. It’s Wednesday in the month of September and we are training our ears and hearts to hear. We are not ashamed, putting high priority on this revelation of God through Christ.

Ex. 24 this is when God married Israel. I mentioned it Sunday night. When they came out of Egypt, this portion in Ex. 24, we will go through some chapters and understand some things about the nature and character of God.

We have the union, vs 3. This is the marriage when God brought the Jews out of Egypt. They were down in Egypt 400 years. It shows how patient, longsuffering, how long periods of time can pass and God has a plan. We are also anticipating the coming of Christ. We really anticipate it. We really believe it.

One of our Hungarian brothers went home to be with the Lord. I sent him an email. I use his email address and it said he’d be out of the office from Sept. 3, 2017 until Sept 3, 2057! Apparently he believed, and he knew he was passing so before he passed, he wanted everyone to know he was coming back 40 years from today or from September 3rd of this year. Isn’t that cool! So it bounced back. He would be out of the office for 40 years but he’s coming back! And he is!

We are returning with Christ on white horses. It’s not a fairytale. It really is Bible prophecy. God likes horses and so do we. They have a purpose and we are going to return on them. Our Savior has a name written on his thigh, Faithful and True. Out of his mouth is a sword. He will put away all the injustices that happen in this life, in this world, all the wickedness, the corruption, the abuse. Our God is a R God. He is a right God.

We are teaching on the Prophets tomorrow night in Bible college on Amos, and how God hates injustice. Amos says so. He also hates when people abuse infirm people, orphans, widows, and people disadvantaged. He is a God of anger. I like that. It says in the Bible he is slow to anger but he does get angry. We read in the O.T. he was angry with Uzzah, the people of Israel. There were times he was very angry because of the abuse, the disadvantage, the injustice. If you can’t identify, you should have someone betray you. Someone throw garbage on your lawn, steal your money, cut you off, lie about you and slander. Those are little things compared to what God deals with in this world but he is slow to anger. He talked to Moses at the burning bush and Moses said I can’t do this.

In Ex 4, he said I am slow of speech and that was the fifth complaint. Then it says God was angry with Moses. Because he said I am slow of speech. A lot could be said about that. Maybe someone born with a birthmark on their face, or disability, one hand or leg. They could say God I can’t do this because. God is patient with us, kind, longsuffering. HESED is a word repeated more than 250 times in our O.T. How he loves mercy. He loves to forgive. Remember last Wednesday night, it is still sticking to my spiritual ribs that God does not change, and then he does change. But he doesn’t change his covenant, his character, his R. When it comes to giving mercy, he can change. I will destroy you, Hezekiah, or you will die, Hezekiah. No! Ok. I change. God does change. He loves mercy. He is looking for the Syrophoenician woman. He is shocked she is so filled with faith and so interested in her daughter’s care and healing that Christ said, ok. Crumbs from under the table can go to you, and he was amazed. (Ex. 24:3-6) You see he made a covenant by blood. Israel becomes the wife of God. This is a relationship. This is where the anger comes from God like it does with us when there is adultery, relations outside of the marriage. There are people in prison tonight because they were so angry because of the adultery that they killed or battered or affronted or accosted or beaten the guilty party or parties. God is slow to anger. It takes time. Having made this agreement Moses is up in the mountain in 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, and 32. What are the people doing?

When Moses doesn’t come down from the mountain, Ex. 32:1. You and I should learn how to handle divine delays. When it’s not on my timeframe. When Moses doesn’t show up. He should be here. After all, it’s been a long time he’s been up on the mountain. King Saul could not handle the delay of Samuel. Remember Martha and Mary saying to Jesus, if you had been here, my brother would not have died. We are people of the moment, immediate, wanting it now on our terms. We have good news tonight. The message will get really good, I think.

You know what they did? Look at verse 1. What’s the first commandment they just agreed? You shall have no other gods before you. Now when there is a delay, they say to Aaron, let’s make gods. You just got married to God. We just got married to God but now we are going to do spiritual relations with other gods like the calf god they said that brought us out of Egypt. What a mistake. What? Have you ever heard it in your own heart? Maybe I got what I got because I did it. Maybe I have what I have because of some other god. Maybe it’s because of this or that. There are many gods and our hearts are wicked and deceitful and can almost immediately turn away. We can be Spirit filled and in a revival, and be going off and doing something unusually – right out of our own heart, our own evil heart of unbelief. We say no this is what it is. This is where the doctrine comes in my life to get my heart to have some railroad tracks for this old engine to run upon, this old caboose to chug along.

I need some correction in my heart. I have to say the people of God it is built in us to get corrected many times in many ways. The way you drive your car. You check your mirrors and speedometer and gas tank. It’s not checking with condemnation. It’s checking with the Spirit. How is the Spirit saying? How is he leading? How is the Spirit moving? What does the Spirit have to say to us in these end times? Imagine. End times! It’s excited.

Ancient man once looked at the moon and said wouldn’t it be amazing if we could fly. How far would you like to fly? I’d like to fly to the moon. When they built the tower of Babel, God looked at the human race and said I have to slow this baby down. These people are capable of everything (Ge 11:6). Take an ancient man sitting on a stone thinking I’d like to fly. I’d like to go to the moon. I’d like to have a memory machine. I’d like to calculate how much water is in the earth and how many stars are in the universe. That’s where we are at. God looking at the human race and saying these people are very capable of everything they imagine to do. I walk on the moon. Done it! We have a computer that fits in our hand. That’s incredible! Called the IPhone. Done it! What are we capable of? Flying down a highway 100 miles an hour. Done it! Languages. The whole thing.

God is ignored and overlooked. God is not sought after. God is not understood. God is not appreciated. God is not there for people in their terms and even the believer turns away right at the time of the agreement. Well, where’s this going?

They did but Ex 34 is the last part. We did 32. We didn’t read a lot of it but go to Ex 32:2-3. Where did all that gold come from? Egypt. Before they left, God gave them favor with the people. We got to be careful with this. We can’t figure life out. If you walk with God, God will take care of you. You’re in Egypt and people are coming out with bucket loads of earrings and stuff. Take this. Take this. How did this happen? God is with you. When God is with you, God is with you. When God takes care of you, God takes care of you. When God is blessing you, God is blessing you and no one can figure it out. It’s a thing of God. That’s what we love about this life we are learning to walk in. We are giving a warning tonight. I make an agreement with God and within the same night so to speak, not literally but metaphorically, it’s like a man getting married and his wife has relationships with someone else right away, immediately. I read the word “immediately.” I don’t remember where it is but you can look it up. Immediately.

Ex 32:4. When you go to the hospital and the surgeon does an operation and it’s successful, you say thank you, God. You did this for me. You blessed me with this surgeon who has been used as part of the healing process for my life. But I believe I could not take one breath if it wasn’t for your grace. I wouldn’t exist a second if it wasn’t for you, Almighty God, holding all things together. The surgeon is a tool. Thank you, Lord for his skill, learning, and discipline. I appreciate it but it cannot replace the fact that it is God that gives you life. You can ask these surgeons and they will say the healthy man died on my table and the man I thought I would lose survived. Because it is God that takes life and God that gives life. Keep that in mind as a believer. Get it straight and keep it right.

The funny part here is when Aaron is explaining where the golden calf came from (Ex. 32:21). He comes down from the mountain and they are having a rock and roll drug party. There is dancing naked and the whole thing. He goes what’s going on? vs. 24. Wait a minute. In the previous part, it says you engraved it with a graving tool, but now you are saying you threw the gold in the fire and out came this calf? Does that sound familiar? Just have a teenager and you’ll understand what it is. You know it and I know it. I can put a spin on a story very easily. We all can. Let’s go to who God is. He is so merciful. He is so gracious. He wants to take these people.

He said to Moses in Ex 33:5 put off thy ornaments. It’s not party time. The party is over. Put off your ornaments that I may know what to do.

vs. 6-7. So the tabernacle goes away from the people, and now there is a meeting with God. God is saying to Moses, I can take them out. I can give you a new people. Moses goes no, no. Then you would not be the unique God that you are. You would be like other pagan gods, but I know who you are. You are the longsuffering, gracious, HESED, merciful God (Ex 34:6). These are great titles. The LORD God merciful and gracious, longsuffering, abundant in goodness and truth. Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin. We have another portion where it is the same text where it says for thousands of generations, 30,000 years. Amazing text. You see what I want to say tonight is that we are very sinful people, but God is not like other gods. God is a gracious God and a merciful God. God is a forgiving God and he forgives iniquity for thousands of generations. He is a God that gives us the Spirit of God. We can sense the holiness of God, the uniqueness of God. Dancing is nothing compared to being deeply anointed of God or in our communion with God loving him and sensing our authority.

Ex 33 Moses is saying this to God.

Ex 33:12 Moses wants someone to go with him. Aaron turned out to be a dud. Aaron is not the guy to do the job, but Moses is saying I thought somebody would go with me and I could bring out these people.

vs. 13-14. There it is. I remember an experience I had when I was living in Hungary, and my family came over. Kyle was a little baby, newly born…I remember the pressure. I remember one of those days where you are distraught with a lot of details and I felt kind of discouraged in my heart. I remember the Lord said to me Exodus 33. My presence shall go with you. I didn’t remember the verse so I go to Exodus 33 and I looked it up. My presence shall go with you. That was all I needed. Everything changed. No problem. God is with you. That’s all. A rhema. The Spirit speaking to you.

Through your life you will  have those times where God will say I understand it’s all upside down, all messed up. You have failed.

I read Chuck Swindoll said he got a phone call. A friend called him in the morning and said I am God. The friend said I am God. I have given you a gift today. It is the gift of failure. Click. Chuck Swindoll sat there staring at the wall. I could fail today? Yes, God is saying.

The fact you could fail today is a gift. In a way, God doesn’t want us to but in another sense isn’t that, God is saying you fail but I never do. You are sinners but I will not let you go. You have failed me many times in one day but I cannot stop loving you with my everlasting love. I gave you my Son to prove it to you. What could take away the blood of Jesus? Nothing. It is in heaven. What covers all of our sin? The blood of Jesus. Who is praying for us tonight but our Messiah, up at the right hand of the Father making intercession? We are secure.

No wonder Moses is saying, I like this. All the foolishness has just happened and they’re like, they take their ornaments off and oops! Moses is with God talking it out, hammering it out. He’s getting to know him. He said I will not go unless your presence goes with me.

vs. 15-16. You got to be in this Lord. You got to be in it. You can’t leave us. It’s like getting in a boat. You’re either in the boat or out of the boat. God, we can’t go unless you’re in. I’m in all the way. God is saying all the way. I’m in. I’m with you.

vs. 17. I know you by name. Where do we read that? I know my sheep by name. You have found grace in my sight. I am with you. I will never fail you or forsake you. Then he said, now it’s upping the ante [idiom for increasing the importance or value of something]. I can’t go. My presence will go. I know you by name. My grace is with you. Then Moses said I got the best idea ever. Show me your glory. There it is. The greatest prayer in the Bible. Show me thy glory.

vs. 18-20. Christ came and we see the face of God. We see the glory of God.

Let’s shift for a second. Think of this. Sometimes we do live in the flesh. And in our flesh we get tired and cranky. You know how it is. I don’t think you should get used to the idea that I can live in the flesh or have a mental attitude that is rooted in my shame, guilt, or fear. Don’t get used to that idea. Say to God. I’m sick of the flesh. Show me your glory. Give it to me, God. I’m sick of myself. There’s nothing there. An empty old shoe. Nothing. Dust and dirt and whining and crying. Show me your glory. I can see your glory, God. Show me your glory. Show me what you are doing, Father. Help me. Encourage me, Father. I want to have this life, this fire.

Moses has a miserable situation and he’s in with God at the tabernacle doing business with God saying get it done. You got to be in. You got to do it. You got to take us with your presence. Give us your grace. Know us by name and I want to see your glory in it. Cause I know who you are. You are an awesome God.

That’s what church is about. Church is about us people with a sin nature that may live in it and have a mentality but I want to get exposed to something that will upgrade my life. That will say to me in my heart, knock it off. Get with it. But I got a birthmark on my face. Here’s what the Lord said to Moses, who made your mouth? Who made your mouth? When he said I’m slow of speech. I’m not rejoicing in anyone’s infirmity but I have to get ahold of this in my heart. If I have some kind of defect I got to say who made me. If I have a skin color that I like or don’t like, whatever the case may be, I got to get with God and say God made me. If part of my hair is gone, I got to say God made me.

I got a broken tooth the other day. I ate a piece of bread and felt a stone in my mouth. I said did the baker drop some dirt in my bread? Then I think maybe it’s part of my tooth? I did my tongue search and sure enough! Part of my tooth is gone. I got to say God made us to get older.

God made us to find infirmity. God made us with our trouble. Calling up in the morning and saying here’s a good devotional for you. This is God talking. I’ve given you a gift. Failure. Click. You fill in the rest of it. Failure happens, but God is God. You see who he is and walk in the Spirit of God. Learn the grace of God and walk in the Holy Spirit authority of God in life. Don’t worry about it. If your wife is sick, God is in it. Don’t worry about it if your children are in trouble. God is here with us. All things are of God.

Let’s use it to get to know him and worship him and ask for prayer and get the prayers answered. Live in the Spirit and God can turn it around. Humpty Dumpty, no man can put him back together again. And that’s our sin nature. That’s what the meaning of it is. The sin nature is broken and nobody can put it back together again.

Nobody in this world can put man back together again but our God is loving, and patient and kind. And when we find him and know him. We are born again. We are saved by God’s grace. It is Jesus who has done it and given us a brand new life. That’s the end of the message.

Praise the Lord! Praise God.

(He’s advertising the Good News Club, a need for workers, as well as a need for workers in the Sunday school). A Call. If you give someone money to run a gas station, they are going to show up because of money. You get a pay check. That’s called getting a job! For some of you it’s a brand new concept! You get a job. You get paid money and do the job. The other thing is volunteers. You volunteer. But volunteers come and go. Often in this church they are very faithful and committed because something else happens. They have a calling.

No money can pay me to do what I do because I have a calling. That’s amazing. You are amazing. It’s deeper. It’s not money. Money comes and goes. Do you know that? Maybe you have a lot of it and you’ll be in a lot of trouble. Consume your life. It’s better to have a calling lead and guide you. God will take care of us at our jobs and we can volunteer, but this is deeper than being a volunteer. This is living in something that is in your heart.

Pray about it. Think about it, but we need your help because we have Sunday school without enough quality workers. Everyone there is quality but we need to see that happen.

There was even a discussion about stopping our two Sunday morning services, 9 and 11 and having one again. And I said, no. We cannot do that. No. We got to fill up the 9 and fill up the 11. But, Pastor, you’ve been saying that for years. Yes, I have. And I’ll say it for many more! Yes. We got to fill up the 9 and fill up the 11 and work harder. And do more work in what God has called us to do because in your calling you got the authority of Christ to make a difference and bring people off the street into the church and bring people into the faith and lead and guide them in rap sessions and service and go on. That’s how to live and do great things for God because he is with us in it. We work hard anyway. If there was one service in the morning on Sunday it would be beautiful. It would be packed out. But guess what happens when it’s packed out? We’re going to say we should go back to two services because it’s packed out. So here is the answer. Pack them both out.


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