Simeon and Anna were people of faith who spent their days at the Temple. Simeon had a promise from the Spirit that he would see Christ. And one day it happened. Suddenly, Jesus was there in this man’s arms and he and Anna glorified God. The world has other concerns and troubles, but we look to the coming of the Son. Luke 2:25-39; Malachi 3:1-2; Joel 3:3

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steven Scibelli
Sermon 12010
11:00 AM on 12/20/2020

P. Scibelli –

Amen! Joyful Merry Christmas, amen! It’s beyond telling. It’s beyond words. This is the offering. Are you
excited about the offering? A lot of people are excited about the music. We’re very excited
about the Word of God, but I’m also excited abut the offering. You get to give. I had money to
give last time, but I never came on stage, so I have to give double now, right? That’s exactly
what it is? There’s a great verse I was looking at last night, 2 Corinthians 9:15. The Corinthians had their
struggles in the church. They had all kinds of things going on if you read the epistles, 1 Corinthians 1
and 2 Corinthians And all thorough those chapters you’ll see many problems in the Corinthian church.
Paul loved them, always had a vision for them, built them up and never abandoned them. He
said something in 2 Corinthians 9:15. The word is “grace.” Grace be unto God for his unspeakable gift.
This is what Jesus Christ and Christmas is all about.

I was defining that word last night and it’s amazing. Thanks be unto God for his indescribable gift. Who can describe Jesus Christ with words alone. It’s the Word and the Spirit. Indescribable gift – his inexpressible gift. A gift that is
beyond telling. You can’t even tell the gift. It’s incapable of being experienced by the natural
man. Unable to be told. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. No matter what is going
on in my life today and in your life today and there can be all kinds of things happening, but you
know what? We can praise the Lord and thank God for his unspeakable gift. For we have God
the Son living in us. We have the Holy Spirit living in us. God came to us. He was for us. He came
to us. He dwelt with us. He’s living in us. And he’s going to live through us. Thanks be unto God.
Say it. Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. Beyond telling. Beyond words. Somebody
asked me to describe Jesus Christ and my mouth is just like – and I can, and we can certainly
bring people to that place but wow. It’s beyond telling. It’s beyond telling. The life of Jesus. The
life of Jesus. What Christmas is all about.

People are out there, and all kinds of things are going on during these days that are holidays and not holy days. For many people they are holy days but holidays. Many things are going on, but we can say with great assurance in our hearts, thanks be unto God. How do we give thanks? One way is in the offering. We give. Let’s make
this one of the greatest Christmas offerings ever. Thanks be unto God for his what?
Unspeakable gift.

P. Schaller –

We had a great semester in our Bible college. God had given us 50 freshman
students this year which was amazing. Malachi 3, who did I see here just now? P. Dan Lightsey.
Wow! That’s amazing. How are you? Good to see you. We’re in the family. We’re in the Body.
We have a sermon series – do we have a card there? These cards. Anyone have one? Can I look
at that please. Not everyone knows this. You can bring these to work. These are available out
there. We have one left or two more. Today, December 20 th is “Promises, Promises –
Expectation then.” This is Simeon and Anna. That is our message and then what our expectation
now. That’s our message today. I’ll explain it to you. Very simply with our iPad we’ll draw a little
picture. There were two people when Jesus was 8 days old and came into the temple for
circumcision. There were two elderly people that met Mary and Joseph and the baby in the
temple. They prophesied, they recognized and discerned this baby.

They understood anew. That was then. We want to speak about what happened then. What did they see and why. Why did they see it? How did they see it when the world in a way was very occupied with
government and politics and culture and sports and religion and everything happening in the
world then. There was a very small number of people that knew what was really happening
then. Two things going on at the same time. The world as we know it and then us. Simeon and
Anna. Why were they awake? How did they discern it? How did they recognize it? Who were
they? How did this happen? And then now it’s you and I are now in this world recognizing also
in this day and age what God is doing. Where is it going? What is happening in the world we are
living in? What are we looking forward to? What is happening?

That’s our message today. I’d like you to start with Malachi. You can take a pile of these. These are no value after Christmas. Wait a minute. The 27 th . After the 26 th they are of no value. You may take these and give them
to your neighbors, take them to work and invite them out to church and say come and listen to
a Christmas message. Is there New Year’s Eve there? Okay. New Year’s Eve is there, too. Thank
you. New Year’s Eve. Ringing in the New Year’s Eve. Do any of you make New Year’s Eve
resolutions? Lose weight? Save money? Be nicer, kinder? Huh? Well, not anymore! Not
anymore! That’s a good answer. Not anymore! We have something deeper every day our life
and growing and learning. Malachi 3:1. Who is speaking? Always when you read the Bible, you
ask who is speaking and who is he speaking to? What is he saying? The plain literal meaning.
The Lord will suddenly come to his temple! I wonder what the Lord will look like if he would
suddenly come to the temple. The Jews wanted the Messiah.

God did come at different times. He appeared to Abraham. He appeared to Moses face to face. He was on Mt. Sinai. When Moses built the tabernacle, the Shekinah glory of God came into the tabernacle. If the Lord
came suddenly would he come like an angel? Would he come as a man? Would he come as a
star or the glory of God? How would he come if he suddenly came? If he sent a messenger in
front of him, ahead of him to go before him, what would that messenger be? Would he be an
angel? Would he be a prophet? Then suddenly. Suddenly. What is that word suddenly. Not
gradually but suddenly he comes to the temple. But the prophet did, he knew it would happen
this way, that he would come 8 days old as a baby in the arms of his mother Mary and dad,
Joseph. I don’t think it’s clear those details. We just know he would suddenly come. When Jesus
was 12 years old he came and spoke with the rabbis and was very informed and wise and
listened and spoke.

Later when he was 29 years old, he came and cast people out of the temple. He turned over the tables and drove the moneychangers out and he suddenly came. Does it mean that? Then again at the end of his ministry he did the same thing. He turned over the tables. He did it twice, once at the beginning of his ministry public and once at the end
when he rode into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey. This is so in a way so human. Eight days
old, twelve years old, 29 years old, 33 years old. Who knows? There’s two people up on the
screen there, Simeon and Anna. They knew. Where was everyone else? Maybe they were
studying the Scripture. Maybe they were doing some religious sacrifice. Maybe they were
singing. Maybe, the Roman empire was being ruled. Herod in his castle and Pilate. Pilate wasn’t
there at this time when he was a baby, but. This story – turn with me to Malachi 3:1-2. But who
may abide the day of his coming? You see, when he comes, it’s with out of his mouth goes a  sword. There’s fire. He deals with the Antichrist. He’s cleaning the earth of unrighteousness. He
establishes his kingdom, and nobody can abide the day of his coming. We understand now in
our theology and study that that’s his second coming. Nobody will abide his second coming. But
his first coming he comes as a baby.

You can abide his first coming. You can even crucify him in his first coming. But the spirit of him and the truth is not compromised. I saw a verse yesterday. First time I saw it. I want to show it to you. It’s in Joel. It’s a shocking verse. It reminds me of this story in Chicago. I think it was Mel Trotter was an outcast, alcoholic, homeless in Chicago.
His daughter, little girl died of starvation. He was an alcoholic spending all his money. When she
was being buried, he went to the funeral home and he stole the shoes off of her feet and he
went and sold her shoes so he could buy a bottle of alcohol. It’s an amazing story and his
salvation and how he changed. I was thinking of how I can get so confused about my values that
I would take the shoes off my baby, my little girl in order for me to buy alcohol. That little story
reminds me of this verse Joel 3:3. Is that verse up there? What does this mean? God is crying
out to the Jewish people and saying how hard you are. How cold you are. That you will take a
boy. I don’t know about you, but I think little boys and little girls are the most awesome thing in
the world. A little boy and take him and give him away for a harlot. A few minutes of pleasure,
lust. The potential of something totally wrong.

It’s all wrong but the potentially of a hard heart a diseased body and mind. Something totally wrong for a boy. The potential of a man, a boy becomes a man. A soldier, a leader, a boy. How valuable a boy is. And then sell a girl. It says
sold a girl for wine. Does that remind you of anything you see happening today in our world?
Are families falling apart? Are children expendable? Can babies at 8 months term be ripped out
of a mother and thrown away and such atrocious things that happen. This is in Israel. This is a
prophet Joel who is talking about the Israeli people. The idolatry. The coldness. The arrogance.
The pride. And if we move our world that in the ancient world and actually the time of Joel is
about 700 years before Simeon and Anna, and we move to our world. You and I are in a world
that does sell girls. It does sell boys. It does. There is something really wrong. We have left our
values are changing. When you lose an overarching sense of value for our society, then you
have to invent your own morals. You invent your own.

That world is not a good one. I don’t want to invent my morals. I want to go to the Bible and find God and God’s will. I don’t want to accept what the world is saying. I want to find God in God’s world. I find it very strange that we
look at Nazi Germany and bear with me. They made up their own values. They invented them.
They made up their own values. The German people are superior. The Jewish people are
inferior. We could kill Jewish people and get rid of them. They made up their own values. We
are years later and saying how wrong that is but what values do we have? We make up our own
values. Why are the values we make up better than their values? Why are the values that we
have – where do you get our values from? We have left them. We have left the Bible. We have
left the Scripture. We have left what God wants us to believe and do. We want to find him and
know him. Isn’t that true? Okay. Now, go to the main text is Luke 2. What about these two
people, Anna and Simeon? This is Luke 2:25. It’s great to be together.

Praise the Lord. We’re going to have a great year 2021. It’s going to be an awesome year because of what we are studying today. We have a great future because of what we are looking for, what we are
studying and finding. We are finding a treasure. We are finding something superior, something
excellent. Just like this man Simeon. He was looking for it and he found it. And so are you and I.
It’s not in the world that is so enchanting for people. This world is enchanting. It’s a game. I’m
going to ask my wife. She’s going to say, what do you want for Christmas? I’m going to say a
jack-in-the-box. Maybe you remember those toys. It’s like a box and you crank it and the music
plays and then after a while the door swings open, the guy comes up and swings back and forth
and that’s it. What do you do with it? You stuff it back in and do it again. It depends on your
intelligence capability, but I’ll probably be doing it all day! That’s how much I enjoy the game.
The game. Life. That’s what it is. Just crank it and do it again.

Crank it and laugh about it. At the end of the day, what have I gained? Nothing. Just entertainment and diversion. Just some fun till I really get hurt. When I really get hurt, the jack-in-the-box is not enough for me. When I
really get hurt, my wife could say you’re hurt. Here’s your jack-in-the-box. I go ha, ha, ha. Thank
you. And I do it a few times. It sounds ridiculous but it’s tragic. There’s something in this story
that we need to realize. Luke 2:25, he was just, righteous. He had some teeth in him. He had
some fire in his belly. He was a just man. If you did something dishonest, it bothered him. If you
lied, it bothered him. If you deceived and misled people, it bothered him. That’s why the
prophets sometimes were called weeping prophets. Jeremiah. That’s why Jesus was called the
man of sorrows because he was just. When you put a just man in this world the jack in the box
is fine but not enough for you and me. Entertainment will not satisfy my longing heart.
Diversions is not enough for you and me. We got to find something more.

That’s what happened here. He was a just man and devout. Vs. 25. It’s got to be there. I can’t believe that
God would make – I was one time over at the water at Rocky Point. And a head of a fish. You
might think the head of a fish is about this big. This head of a fish was huge. I was shocked. The
body was gone. The head of the fish was there. It was bigger than two basketballs this head. I
went on the internet to find what kind of fish was that that came out of the Chesapeake? I
found it. I was shocked. Wow! Then I worshipped God. I worshipped God. Cause this can’t just
happen. I worshipped God who made the fish and the birds and the sea and every living thing.
I’m living in this world knowing God made me. I know God made me. You know it too. You
know God made you. I know he didn’t make me to die. He made me to live. I know that. You
know that. We are made to live, and I want to find out just like this man is waiting for
something, the consolation of Israel it says in vs. 25.

Has that ever happened to you that the Holy Spirit was on you in such a way that you know it’s there, but you just believe it. When is Jesus coming back? On a horse. I know he is. Revelation 19 says so. I know there is a a city whose
builder and maker is God. I know it’s there. I’m waiting. You know there is a world where there
is no lies, no pain. You know there is a world where there is no hatred and murder. You know
there is a world where the leaders are not bad people. They’re good people, more than good
they are righteous people. You know there is a world where Christ is King. I know there is. It
takes some imagination, but you have an imagination like that. You are able to imagine there is
a new world coming. You are able to believe that there’s a world where there are no cemeteries, no police stations, no ambulances, no draft, no lying and cheating and there’s no elections. You know that! You see Simeon has this heart and mind and so do you. There’s a parallel. Notice in the story how many people are there expecting God to come in the temple as a baby 8 days old. How many could take the baby in their arms, go like this to Mary let me hold
him and take him and he’s holding God in his arms.

The Creator of the universe is in my arms right now. How many could believe it? How many could understand it? How many could imagine it? how many people would God give that privilege to? It wasn’t Herod that held the
baby. It wasn’t the Roman emperor. It wasn’t the Pharisees and Sadducees. It was somebody
like you and me. And is the same thing happening in our lives? It is. Let’s look at it. vs. 26-29. He
took the baby in his arms. What kind of morning was this? What kind of afternoon was it? It
was a regular day in the ancient world where this all could be overlooked, never recorded and
never recognized. But God talks to us through these things. He wanted it written down so we
would read it today and we would recognize that God is caring about common people. God is
visiting us. This birth is not just a birth. It’s an orchestrated phenomenal orchestration of
heaven with people in detail. I heard recently of Jewish people that have come to Christ and
they have said on the YouTube in their testimonies I got saved by reading the Gospel of
Matthew. I never knew that Jesus was Jewish.

When they read his genealogy, his lineage, they are shocked because they are so much about that. They become believers in Christ because of the lineage. God is wise. He’s good. he’s gracious. He’s given us an historical chronicle. If you would learn the Bible. If you would study the Bible, you are learning God. If you would study
the Bible and learn the Bible, it would change your life. If you would read the Bible as a habit,
read Isaiah 59. I asked the 9:00 service to read the whole chapter a couple times today for your
Sunday afternoon Bible reading. Isaiah 59. See that truth has fallen in the street and there is no
intercessor. God breathes on the Messiah and raises him up so he could come into this world
and be a preacher. That Christ would come into this world and be a preacher. That he would
teach the parables. He would heal the sick and show himself merciful and compassionate. That
we would touch God and it would be God’s gentleness and humility and compassion that would
touch our hard hearts. We would find him. Go to the next verse. Vs. 29-32. I wonder what was
going through his mind as he’s Holy Spirit anointed and holding the baby and he’s prophesying
and saying he is the light for the Gentiles.

Would he have any idea that 2,000 years later we would be in North America and he is the light of the Gentiles here? He is the light of the Gentiles in Russia, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Argentina, Africa. Would Simeon have any idea the
size of the world and what the word Gentiles means in the world? I don’t think Simeon knew
those details, but Simeon knew when he was holding that a baby that this is God’s work, God’s
way. This is what the prophets said in Isaiah 11 that this baby in Isaiah 9:6 his name is
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace and the government
is on his shoulder and the increase of the government will have no end. Did Simeon know that?
We don’t know. We know it. We also know that this little baby grew up, was crucified,
ascended into the clouds and he said, you will see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of
power coming in the clouds of heaven. Revelations 19 he comes on a horse.

Colossians 3 we are coming with him. He will return and establish his kingdom on the earth. Israel will become the center of the whole universe. All the nations will go into it but even more, God will dwell here. God will dwell
in the new heaven and the new earth. The city of God will be on the earth. That all will happen.
Simeon, aren’t you believing in something incredible? I am. Christians in the 21 st century, are
you believing in something incredible? Yes, we are. It’s amazingly incredible. Vs. 33. They were
amazed. They had reason to be amazed. Mary knew. She didn’t know a man. This is impossible
for her to be pregnant. That’s impossible but she is. The angel Gabriel told her. The Holy Spirit
came upon her and it happened. It was incredible that the shepherds came. They had seen
angels and heard them singing and told them to come, that this was peace on earth good will
toward men. They knew that. Then the wise man came sometime in this short history before
they went to Egypt. Wise men came and they had that in their hearts and now they have this,
Simeon. They marveled. They carried it all their lives like us.

We carry this in our lives. That’s why we gather. I want to hear it again. I want to hear it again. Did you ever meet someone, you are evangelism and they said, I already know that. I already know that. Jesus came. I already
know that. What’s the difference between them and us? I already know that, but I want to hear
it again. I ate pizza once. Two years ago! But I want to eat it again. I had a nap yesterday. I want
to have another one. Why? It’s my life. I eat pizza. I sleep. I get up. I go to work. I live my life.
Many things are repeated. But this thing is so precious to us because it is eternal. It is spiritual.
We feed on it. We think about it. I’ve been to church. That reminds me of David Thoreau up in
Walden Pond. When he went into isolation they said, do you want to have a newspaper
delivered? He said, no. I read one once. I know what it is. I read a newspaper. I know what it is.
One nation rises against another one.

A leader steals a bunch of money. There’s another scandal. I know what a newspaper is. I know about it, but this, the value of this. You ask Simeon and Anna who are meeting Christ in the temple suddenly and God is opening their hearts and minds to things that we carry forever and forever. That’s what it means to have fellowship. We
don’t fellowship as people in society or a football team or a soccer team or in the academic
world. We are fellowshipping in spiritual realties revealed to us by nothing less than the Word
of God, the mind of God, the heart of God. I read about a saint who was hanged the day before
Christmas in Scotland. I got the story here. 1684 the day before Christmas he was to be hanged
at the market cross in Edinburgh, Scotland at 2 in the afternoon on Christmas eve. His head was
to be cut off and nailed to a public place. His body was to be stretched out and cut in four
places to be fixed to other sites. The reason he was to be martyred was because he was a
believer and the government at that time was killing these people. He said he thought about it
and he knew what they would be doing to his body. But he had a promise, Phillippians 3:21, that he
would be raised like all of us have.

That his mortal body would be glorified. We’ll be raised. And
he said, “in a few hours I shall be beyond all of this. They may hack my body as they please, but
I know assuredly nothing shall be lost, but all of these members shall be wonderfully gathered
and made like Christ’s glorious body. I’ve had sharp sufferings for a considerable time, he said,
and I must say my suffering time has been my best time. When my sufferings have been
sharpest, my spiritual joys and consolations have been the greatest. Let none be afraid of the cross of Christ. His cross is our greatest glory.” You see through history what Simeon and Anna
saw is what we see. We have to see. My body may be gone, but it will be glorified. We have
seen that the world is like going to hell but actually we’re going to heaven and we’re coming
back. This world is only somehow not really real. This is what they say is reality, but the reality is
something other. They give a boy for a harlot and sell a girl for a bottle of wine. That’s their
world. That’s not ours. We have seen what a boy is. A boy that becomes a man. A man that
becomes a man of God.

A girl that becomes a lady, a precious woman, a woman of God, an
eternal person. What a gift that is! A society in trouble but then we see the church. We discern
the church. We recognize the church and we know who we are. That’s why our assemblies are
sacred, and it says do it all the more as you see the day approaching. Do you know what the
message of the world is at this particular moment. Do not assemble and do it less and less until
you all go away. But do it all the more not as the manner of some but assemble all the more as
you see the day approaching. Which day? The day of the second coming. The day of his coming.
Th day of the Rapture. Do it all the more for the days are evil. We are children of light like these
two people. Let’s finish it and go to those part. Vs. 34. I don’t want to fly by that verse because
it’s very profound. This child, this child, your life will be down. You will fall. Let me go down. I
tripped over. I fell. How did I fall? Jesus Christ put me down?

How did Jesus Christ put me down? I stumbled over him. I was again him. Who did this happen to in the Bible? Caiaphas. How about Pilate? Pilate is put down. How many people stumble over Christ. How many people
reject him? I read a story about a story about a Mafia boss in Los Vegas, Los Angeles. His name
was – Jewish mafia. He was a little guy…what? Cohen. What’s his first name? Micky Cohen. You
can look him up. Micky Cohen was a killer. He was smart. He ran a lot of money. Billy Graham
was preaching, and Hollywood people are getting saved and this criminal guy got saved and it
changed his life. He told Mickey Cohen you have to meet Billy Graham. You have to go to his
meeting. He came under conviction and it touched him. It touched him but he couldn’t leave
the world that he was in. He couldn’t leave it, so the story is so interesting about what
happened to this guy because he came and then he reacted against it. He said you never told
me that I had to leave my ways.

You never told me. He wanted the world that he was living in
so much. He couldn’t change or it didn’t happen from what I understood. And then what
happens? Your friends get murdered or you lose your money. His wife divorces him and then he
dies of cancer. I don’t know where he is tonight, today. I don’t know where he is. I’m just saying
Christ is the key now to either your rise or your fall. There is no middle ground. Look at the
verse. This baby is set for the fall and rising. What about the rising? Fisherman, Peter, James
and John. They would have gone into oblivion. We would have never known their names. They
were fisherman, poor simple men gone in history. But this child is set for the rise of Peter and
Paul. In the first century they used to say there will be a time when people will call their dogs
Nero and Caesar and their sons Paul and Peter because this baby will raise a nation if they come
and honor Christ like the British people used to say, Queen Victoria. She said the only reason
why we and the British people have done anything of any value is because of this book.

It’s Christ that raises a nation. It’s Christ that changes a generation. It’s Christ that motivates us to have a hospital, a WMCA, the Boy Scouts, a university campus – all the things that had
happened in history. James Kennedy wrote a book called “What if Christ has never been born?”
He goes through history and shows it so well. It’s so beautiful. This little baby is the key to
human history. That’s what he said. Vs. 34 the cross is the sign that is spoken against. Vs. 35.
That’s the sword, the pain that Mary would feel when she saw her son rejected and crucified.
The sword that goes through a mother’s heart when she loses a child. The sword that goes
through somebody’s life when you see something horrible and tragic that happens and that will
happen to Mary. That will happen at the cross where our hearts are revealed. Are we for him or
against him? Vs. 36. So she was married seven years apparently her husband died, and she was
a widow and now she’s 84 years old.

Many years without husband. She used those years to draw near to God and served God with fasting and prayers night and day. She came in at that moment when Simeon was prophesying, and she bore witness. We really have two witnesses there at this time. Vs. 38. She shared it and told them. Everybody who looked for redemption I
saw him. I held him. It doesn’t say I held him but maybe she did. I met the Savior. Where did
you met him? I met him in the temple? He was a little baby. How do you know that? I know he
was the Messiah. He’s the Savior. How do you know it? Simeon Maybe there was more to the
story. Maybe she talked to Mary and Joseph. We don’t read that. Where are you coming from?
How did this happen? And all of the things about it but Anna was a believer and so it is with us
today, too. That’s the message today. I think maybe for us we stay sharp. We stay sharp. We
want to be alert. Where is Jesus today? Where are the poor? Where is Jesus today?

We had caroling through the week. I heard good reports. I haven’t been but I’ve heard about our people
and even a nursing home they couldn’t go inside but they were outside. The people in the
windows were weeping. Somebody told me they saw some people weeping behind the
windows as they sang Christmas carols. It is a time when we are looking for him and we see him
in the local church. We see him when we evangelize. We see him when we get in a car with a
bunch of folks and we go with purpose to share the message. This summer we want to go to
the mission field differ places. P. Scibelli just came back from the Dominican and about a
hundred people gathered and they had a whole best conference ever. These two people on the
left the Spirit of God is there. That’s what he is doing. The same with us in our lives. This is what
we want to think about and what we are anticipating and the message that we have in our
hearts. One day we will see Him.

Let’s pray that God would raise up these months coming men and women of God. What is our future? I don’t know but we are not distracted. If you ask Simeon, what is going on in the Roman empire? Well, you know, there’s all this stuff going on, but I have my eyes on this baby. I know what God is doing? What do you think about what is
going on? Do you follow the news? No, I haven’t watched the news for quite a while. I’m happy.
I’m joyful. I got a ministry. I want to follow God. I’m after God. Where is the lost? What can I
share. Go to young people and share with them. Let’s do God’s will. I’m not worried about
anything. I don’t know about you guys. Who is going to be the president? I don’t know.
However that goes I will be praying for him. We are in the Roman Empire. Life is happening.
Pharisees are upset and the Sadducees they got their opinion. There’s all kinds of stuff happening, and the Roman soldiers are here in Israel. We don’t have our freedom. Israel
doesn’t have a king. And it looks pretty crazy but wait a minute.

There is a baby there. I got my eye on the ball. I got my eye like playing basketball, fade away jump shot. I got my eye on – I’m busy. I’m busy in the important things. I got my eye and my heart on the things that give me joy
and life and love. Listen to me. This world will sell a boy for a harlot and sell a girl for a bottle of
wine. If you get you heart anywhere near there, you should wake up and say this isn’t life. I’m
looking for something more. I need to go down to Greater Grace world outreach. I heard they
are open up down there. They are a bunch of crazy people down there. I heard they are open
down there and preaching down there and having fellowship. I want to go down there. I’m
saying it because this is our world. This is our world. It’s our world. Whatever world you are
living in let’s keep our eye on the ball and hit the right target in this thing called life. Don’t get
angry at me. Get angry with the devil. Don’t get angry with each other. Get angry with the devil
and the world that is lying to them day and night.

Let’s do the will of God with tender hearts and a lot of love in the family of God and share the message of grace all around us. Isn’t that beautiful. What they did is what we are doing and want to do and there are not a lot of people
on the left side of this picture. Where are they? There’s not a lot of people on the left side of
this picture. Where are they? To be honest, I wonder how many are on the other side of the
picture today. Where are they? I’m saying I don’t know but pray for me because I want to hit
the target. I want to have a lot of joy. I want to have faith. We want to recognize that Jesus is
with us in our conversations in our prayers and in our hearts. We are not selling any boy or girl
for nothing. They are precious in the eyes of God. That’s where we are living.



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