Human beings are so open to deception. We cleave to the dust. Lies are so prevalent. But God gave us His statutes and precepts to keep in our hearts and lead us in His way. Psalm 119:1-16

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12276
7:00 PM on 3/30/2022

P. Schaller –

P. Carl – Wow! Amazing, huh? Well, good evening. All the way from Wilmington, Delaware. Glad to see you,
Greater Grace Church! Amazing. Couple great men with me, disciples from Wilmington. My
right hand guys. They actually drive me down every time I come down here. Isn’t that amazing.
The servant heart of God’s people that makes it possible for a pastor just to be here in
Baltimore and to share in the ministry with you. It’s quite an amazing thing when we are
working together. It’s not only just a personal expression but a corporate expression, and I
think about the book of Acts.

When I look at the verses, it’s amazing when I look at these verses I see Wilmington, Delaware. I
see Baltimore. I see a world vision. I see world missions. And then I see Christ behind the whole
thing. He gave us principles so we can look in the Bible and see the principles really work
together for our calls. Our calls are we are seeking those people who need to be found. And the
Bible gives us that road map.

God gave us a map in Wilmington. It’s not a map that the world would give us or a system, but
it’s actually something God gave us through spiritual revelation and it’s eternal life. We lead
people through this system of eternal life. We don’t know how it’s all going to operate and how
it’s going to work. We make plans and we hope that it does but we don’t really know, but God
knows. That’s what he did in the book of Acts. He had something already in mind for
Wilmington, Delaware and it came through a man one day coming to Delaware and praying
that there would be a church in Wilmington. And I didn’t know anything about that whole thing
that was happening behind the scenes, but I do know that prayer is powerful. It’s very

I want to read this verse to you to show you exactly how we operate in Wilmington from a
principle or principles that you really can’t deny the fact that the Bible speaks. The Bible speaks!
To know that the Bible speaks in Wilmington and in Baltimore tonight. It’s the most exciting
thing I could ever have in my life is the Bible. Right? There’s nothing no more satisfying than
knowing the fact is that this Bible is true and it’s living. It’s quick and it’s powerful.
We see this in this principle here when we look in the book of Acts 2:42. #1. In fellowship, #2 in
breaking bread, and in prayers. Vs. 43-44. And that’s amazing. That’s our principle in
Wilmington, Delaware. We break bread together. We pray daily together. We study the Bible,
and then our mission is to go out and reach the lost.

Then we see the work of God working the principles through these principles that the world doesn’t know until we bring it to the world. What we bring to the world is true life, right? And this true life ministers to people in a way
where you know that you know that you know that there’s a place for people in our ministries
that we invite them to come in and be a part of something so amazing. This is the family, right?
And now all of a sudden, we have all things in common, right? And we’re steadfast. We’re not
moving. We’re not backing off.

We have a plan right now in Wilmington. We have a map. I want to invade this whole city. I said
if it takes five years, ten years, we’re here for a lifetime. We’re not here for a quick flash in the
frying pan. We’re here because this is our life and because this is our life, we got all life to reach
every street in Wilmington, Delaware. We started probably it’s been three weeks now. At three
days a week, we just mark that map off and we go every street. You know we’ve seen souls be
saved already. People are waiting for us to bring this message, right?

These are the miracles. These are the signs. It’s not laying hands on. It’s not people falling down
on the carpet. These are the actually miracles to see one salvation. It’s a miracle that people
would listen to you and hear what you say and you hear their stories. Behind their stories, you
have a message. We don’t take that here tonight lightly what God has given us is some small
thing. This is a big thing to God. He’s big. And because he’s big and he's powerful and he’s doing
things and we are a part of that plan, God has a church in mind for Wilmington, Delaware. It’s
not my church. It’s God’s church and he’s building it. Because he’s building it tonight, we can be
here from Wilmington, Delaware to testify that your portion and your prayers and your life
behind what’s going on in Wilmington is not just because we’re doing it. It’s because we are all
together. And we have all things in common. I want to thank you for your prayers. I want to
thank you for just investing in my life here in Baltimore. I don’t take that lightly when I come
down. I’m going to Baltimore again. We look forward to coming here and we thank you so


P. Schaller –

The play is coming up, so who is Jesus in the play? Anybody know? Would the real
Jesus stand up? Where is he? Yes, he disappeared through the wall! There he is. Here we go.
Anu. We’re praying for Anu and the whole – secondly, we have the comfort that we all are
looking for. Comfort and ministry. How important it is.

We’re going to look at a few verses in Psalm 119 tonight. This is not a long sermon, but I pray that
it will minister to your hearts and encourage you. I read about a cow. By the way, Paivi Rasanen
in Finland was brought charges by the state against her for hate speech because of publications
on the Christian view of marriage and homosexuality and so on. So, hate speech charges were
brought against her, but the court case went on in January. Today the court decided all charges
are dropped! Yeah, for freedom! Yeah, for freedom! Hallelujah! Freedom of speech. Freedom
of religion.

I read about a cow in Switzerland and in Switzerland the cows are a certain species. Special
cows that make very good milk. That’s why the best milk chocolate is from? [sound of a cow].
Switzerland! But I think the Dutch would say it’s from Holland. Belgium. Okay. Why is the milk
good? Because the grass they eat and the kind of cow and anyway, they bring the cows up into
the mountains to feed on alpine grass and bring them down. This cow couldn’t make it down, so they brought a helicopter and they brought the cow down by helicopter! Turn to your
neighbor and just say, that sounds like me! Why do I say that but because I think we all have
challenges in many ways. We get hurt. We stumble. We fall. We get discouraged. We are
human. God pities us, Psalm 103. He pities us like children.

I read this beautiful little story about this four year old girl. Actually, I wanted to bring it to read
it tonight, but I forgot to photocopy it. It’s in my office. This four year old girl was so cute
because her daddy was coming. She had an embarrassing problem. She said papa is coming.
Papa is coming. And when he came she was just jumping around and so happy about it. And it
touched my heart the way it was written, because I like to think that’s how we love God. God
will take care of us. God is coming. The helicopter is coming to deliver me and take me off this
mountain. We need it.

But where do you go when you have these troubles? Where do you go and how do you handle
the loneliness or the disappointment or the boredom of life? How do you live your life? Many
people turn to other things. My heart is prone to wander. Psalm 119, I’m going to just read these. I
don’t have a lot of study behind these words, but they speak for themselves.

Psalm 119:1, “undefiled” means the clean. Those not contaminated. We could say with the new
heart who walk in the law of the Lord. You are a blessed person tonight. You really are. You are
a blessed person. You are an undefiled person walking in the way, who walk in the law of the

Later in the psalm, it says my soul cleaves to the dust in vs. 25. I read about dust on the earth
and then moon dust, because I had heard that moon dust sticks. It’s electrostatic. It’s also a
sharp triangular and very fine. Ulla looked it up, googled it for me. And it is like fine powder,
sharp like grass. “The low gravity of the moon, one sixth of what we have on earth, allows tiny
particles to stay suspended longer and penetrate more deeply into the lung.” I just say that to
say that I think the dust on the earth sticks to us also. My soul cleaves to the dust. And the dust
cleaves to me. How can we get rid of it? This is what the psalm is about. It’s about the Word.
Christ is the Word. The Word that you learn to love. The Word that cleanses us. The Word that
takes the dust away even the tiny particles or the sticky stuff that comes in life. Go to the psalm
again. Psalm 119:2, that’s you.

There are times when you will kind of drift and then you’ll kind of snap out of it and say, I will seek God with my whole heart. I will be before God in quietness. I will focus on God in my life. I will make a big thing about God. Today, it was clear to me that one of human being’s greatest faults is their tendency to be deceived. Realize lies. We talked
about it in the high school. The lies that are told over and over again. How easily we are
deceived or begin to believe lies that are repeated and repeated and repeated. It’s like that
dust that cleaves or the heart that is prone to wander. So, what is the answer? It’s these verses
here that teach us.

Vs. 3. These are the people that are walking and seeking and believing and embracing. Vs. 4.
Passionately. Fervently. On purpose. Vs. 5. There’s a beautiful prayer. Oh, I wish I was directed
to tell the truth. I wish I was directed not to fear man. I wish I was directed to seek you with all
my heart. Direct me, Lord, to relate to you. Vs. 6.

There’s an authority that comes to us from God. Sometimes I think my normal life, everybody
lives this way. The normal life we have. It’s a feeling of authority in your heart. Authority. And it
was taken away from me at a time in my Christian life. I remember when I had the authority for
life taken away from me, and I was drawn to temptations. I was drawn to different sinful lust
patterns that I had in my soul. I was drawn to temptations. I remember the fight. I was thinking,
oh, no! Maybe I can’t overcome my temptation. This fight is so clear to me that I can’t do this. I
will get tired of it. I’m fighting my temptation for weeks or I fight the temptation for months,
but one day it will get me. I have no authority. This is how I was feeling.

It may happen to you, but this is what he is saying. He’s saying in this verse, vs. 6. I won’t be
little. I won’t be ashamed. I won’t be overcome. I won’t be berated. I won’t be belittled. I will
have honor. Where does the honor come from? It comes from the Holy Spirit that dwells in you
who gives you the sense of honoring – Christ is honored by the Holy Spirit. How did you
overcome your temptation? Christ overcame. How have you walked with authority in life?
Christ did that. That’s the filling of the Spirit.

Vs. 7. Our Sunday night worship which was online, they said it was amazing online. By the way,
P. Brent and Lucy are here from Columbia, South America. Good to have them. Thank you for
coming. Vs. 7-8. This man has found God. Loves God. Loves the truth from God, and he’s
separated or he’s different from the world that does not have God. The world does not have
God. They’re like the cow up on the mountain and they have no way down. They have the
sentence of death on themselves and they have no answer. They have temptations every day
and they try to manage life, but they have no authority. There’s no helicopter in their life.
There’s no Savior. There’s no redemption. There’s no answer. There’s no Holy Spirit. There’s no
Word of God. There’s no new heart. There’s no answer. There’s no authority. They don’t have
it, but when you find it like we have found that, then this is what we read.

Vs. 9. How will a young man cleanse his way? Very difficult to answer that. The world is trying
to find. How will a young man cleanse his way? It’s not going to work I think. By taking heed
thereto according to your Word. How could a young man in Baltimore city change? How could a
young man who has started with bad habits, how can he change? I heard a testimony from one
of our people. She said my neighbor got saved out of the blue. There’s no way. Just by herself
she came to Christ. I said, tell me about it. She said she told me details. She said it was amazing.
She came over and told me. She said, Meaghan, I know you are a Christian. I have become a
believer also, and she told this amazing story. Beautiful story.

Vs. 9. How will somebody change? By taking heed according to your Word. vs. 10-11. What a
beautiful, beautiful – I could not say that strongly enough that taking the Word and being quiet,
being quiet and just concentrating and praying and seeking God with all our hearts. Focusing on
the Word. “Great peace have they that love your Word” and that cleansing and the authority
and the clarity of thought and the understanding of who God is and what he has said to us. He’s
our Father. He's our loving Father. “None do I desire upon earth but you; none in heaven but
only you” in Psalm 73.

Vs. 11. It will keep us from – that saying “it is written.” The Apostle Paul in the storm on the
ship that an angel of God appeared unto me and he said and we are to stay on board and he
told me that none will perish if we stay on board. The Word of God and how he lived and how
he thought. We have a big summer ahead of us but may it be governed by his Word in our
heart. Maybe you have big decisions to make sometime. May God minister. Maybe little things.
Little things. Many little things. Maybe the little, finite, dust particles of life that might stick to
you. All that also that can take you down and discourage you and so on.

This psalm is about something amazing. It seems to be a secret. It’s Psalm 119 right in the
middle of the Bible, the longest chapter in the Bible. Why is it the longest chapter? What is God
saying? It’s the Word of God. It’s the meditation on it. It’s the reading of it. It’s the embracing it.
It’s the obedience to it. It’s the authority of it. It is quick. It is living. It is powerful. It searches
our hearts. It sees if there is any evil way in us. And it replaces it. It takes and replaces it. The
authority of the Word is greater than the words of men. These are the words of God. By which
the world was created by the Word of God. It has shown in our hearts just as God said “let their
be light” in the beginning and there was, so he has said it in our hearts. Let there be light and
there is in us.

Lastly, vs. 12. Teach me how to think. Teach me how to process disappointments. Teach me
how to think about death. Teach me how to think about failure. Teach me how to think about
success. Teach me how to think about money and that it isn’t mine. It’s a tool used by God and
God owns it all. Teach me about humility. Teach me who we are. Teach me that we are prone
to being deceived. We are prone to deception. Let me finish with that thought. In heaven, there
were all these angels and one angel went bad. God – I like to think of it this way – he let it go.
The bad angel he let him go around heaven. He went around heaven telling the angels his lie
and God let it go. And a third of them fell. He let it go. So, now, here we are on the earth.
Human beings prone to being deceived and the devil is saying a little boy is a little girl. What?
Crazy! Crazy things. There is a war in Europe. There are lies of all kinds. We are prone to
deception. But your Word.

You see that? That’s the thing that keeps us on track that we would think and process life
through God. Will God protect me from being deceived by the devil when he deceived the
angels? Yes. Jesus said it at the Last Supper. The problem with the church is that they have left the Word of God as a major diet for thought and for worship. Worshiping God with the Word
of God. Worshiping in prayer with the Bible. The Word of God. Living by the Word of God.
How did we go to the mission field through the years as a ministry? It’s the Word of God. The
missionaries come back saying it’s real. It’s real. God gave us fruit. God gave us a building. God
healed a soul. God saved somebody. God changed a teenager. A teenager is a disciple. A
disciple is now a pastor. Did it really happen? It did because it is God’s mind. He takes the cow
off the mountain by a helicopter metaphorically speaking. He saves the wounded. He doesn’t
quench the smoking flax. He redeems a soul. He saves a sinner.

He forgives a murderer. He anoints a child. Out of the mouth of babes comes forth praise to God in Psalm 8:2. Okay.
Go to the next verse. Vs. 13. We have judgments about things. I cannot lie. I cannot lie. Why
can’t you lie? Everybody is lying. I cannot lie. I cannot lie. Because God is not a liar. You are a
man of God. You are woman of God. You are a child of God and you cannot bear false witness.
You cannot lie. It’s not in you to lie. You cannot lie. You don’t have the spirit of a liar. You have
the spirit of truth and the truth will set you free. The truth will be aggressive – not aggressive,
but the truth will be bold. The truth will be there. It will stand. It will not retreat. So that’s it.
That’s what I wanted to say.

Let’s finish a couple verses more. Vs. 14. I have found it. I rejoice in it like I have found a
treasure. I have found it. I have found it. I have found it. This is what he is saying. I have found
it. I have found the way of life. I have found it. I have found the joy. I have found my friends. I
have found my purpose. I have found Christ. I have found peace. I found a message. I found the
way of God, the ways of God taking us out of Egypt. We have found his testimonies. Vs. 15. I
will think about it at night. I will meditate. I will rehearse what I saw in Poland, what we saw in
Poland. It will be rehearsing quietly just thinking about our sisters and brothers and the work of
God and what it means. If we were not soul winning, we would not go to Poland. If we were not
soul winning, we would not have met those Polish people. They would not have gotten saved or
they would have another way. We learned to be evangelical. We learned to love people. We
learned to share our message.

Vs. 16. Can’t you forget it? I cannot forget it. Can’t you forget it? I cannot forget it. Can you
forget it? No. Can you go on and move on? Go on. Move on. Go do your thing whatever you do.
I cannot find it. I’m not looking for it. I’m only looking for him. We have found him and this new
way. Isn’t that true? Amen. Would you pray with me please?


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