God works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. In HIs purpose, God works things together in His design and plan. We can be filled with Him and face anything that comes our way. (Philippians 4:9-13; Colossians 3:16-17)

Speaker(s): Pastor Justin Schaller
Sermon 12044
7:00 PM on 2/17/2021

Here are my unofficial notes of this service: P. Justin Schaller – Good
evening. Dropping stuff already. That was beautiful, wasn’t it? Gorgeous. Beautiful. We have a
great church, don’t we? Man, we have a great church! Wooh! Hey, I just wanted to give a shout
out to P. Philippe. P. Philippe is the head of the Bible college. What an amazing Bible college
we have. Amazing Bible college! P. Philippe and the work that he has done and this group of
students the last couple years, they are just top notch. They’re serious about the Lord. They’re a
grace people. They don’t take themselves too serious, but at the same time, they take life
serious and they take their call serious. They’re interested in learning the Word and many of
them have been a part of the church down in Federal Hill and that’s an unbelievable blessing.
Nothing happens in the Body of Christ without the Body of Christ, amen! It’s every member in
particular that forms the Body of Christ and these young Bible college students have jumped in.
They take it wholeheartedly.

They are part of the team and we just have an awesome future.
We have an amazing future and let’s just keep going. Let’s just keep going forward by faith. We
have such great examples in this church, amazing examples. That’s the cool thing about this
church. We have people that have been following the Lord for six months, who have been
following the Lord for 40 years, and we are all fellowshipping and rejoicing with the same spirit.
We’re drinking the same spirit. We’re drinking the same spirit. Cody, I got saved. Cody, I got
saved. Everybody knows Cody? He got saved, right? He was baptized in Puerto Rico, and
when he went down into the water he went down as Cody, and when he came back up, he
came back up with a different name. Cody got saved. That’s his name! Simon has turned into
Peter. Cody, has turned into “Cody got saved!” As believers, what do they do in heaven when
someone gets saved? They rejoice! They rejoice! What do we do in the Body of Christ when
someone gets saved? Cody for a few weeks was like, what’s wrong with these people?! What
just happened? With the Body of Christ it’s the greatest miracle ever happened to us and we are
so excited when it happens in other people’s lives.

Philippians 4, I want to talk just about being content and rejoicing and being thankful. Pray for me as we go through the text tonight. If we get lost, Lord bring us back out of the weeds. No, God’s faithful. Philippians 4:10-13, the Apostle Paul, Philippians 4 context of it as we know this is a Pauline epistle. He’s in prison. He’s in Rome. This is 10 years
after he was in Philippi. This is ten years after he has received any kind of financial gift or any
kind of help from the church. He is sending this letter back to the church with Ephaphroditus,
back to the church in Philippi and he basically says in 4:9 that he has learned something and
that he wants the Philippians to be imitators of what he had learned. We see at the beginning of
chapter 4 that he has learned in an anxious situation to pray and he has learned that God would
give him peace in any situation. He has learned in verse 4 to rejoice in any situation. He has
learned that it doesn’t matter what the situation is, that if his mind is set on God’s thoughts and
he sets his mind on things above, that he has found a supernatural peace in his life. vs. 10. We
see that the care that the Philippian church had given to Paul while he was in prison was this
man Ephaphroditus, vs. 18.

Epaphroditus also comes up in chapter 2 at the end starting in vs.
25. The Apostle Paul said this man Ephaphroditus came from the church in Philippi and
Ephaphroditus was a friend to the Apostle Paul. And he gave to the Apostle Paul – we don’t
know necessarily what he gave to the Apostle Paul financially – but we know that the Apostle
Paul really loved this man. This man was with Paul in prison and in house arrest and this man
was someone that the Apostle Paul regarded in high esteem. Philipppians 2:25, Paul saw
Ephaphroditus as his brother. He saw him as a fellow worker and a fellow soldier. It must have
been great when the Apostle Paul, the great Apostle Paul, views you as a soldier and a fellow
laborer. This is the greatest missionary, the greatest probably human being outside of obviously
Christ and Paul is saying this man Ephaphroditus is along side of me in the work. If we go to
chapter 2 and we look in vs. 14, – chapter 2 is an amazing chapter and it’s basically saying that
we can have the mind of Christ and even in situations that we find hard to bear. If we have the
mind of Christ, we can get through it without complaining and grumbling.

The Apostle Paul says this in 2:12-14. A good barometer, a good test for a person’s spiritual life is what is coming out
of their mouth. We see that, we know the story of the Jews leaving Egypt. They left Egypt with a
song in their mouth and very shortly they began to grumble and complain. It’s a human
condition. We feel we have many needs that are not being met; therefore, we can grumble and
we can complain. But God wants a people that are satisfied. God wants a people that have a
testimony that is not one filled with grumbling and complaining. Paul basically says this is the mind of God. The mind of God that is given to you is a mind that does not complain or grumble.
He uses Ephaphroditus as an example of that, because you have to think Ephaphroditus we
see in these few verses in chapter 2, that Ephaphroditus left Philippi and he risked his life to go
be with a prisoner in Rome that had the possibility of losing his life. And Ephaphroditus was
going to risk his own life and show allegiance with the Apostle Paul so he gave up a lot to be
with Paul. And also it says that Ephaphroditus fought sickness in vs. 27.

So Ephaphroditus was leaving probably his job, leaving his family, maybe leaving his kids, and definitely leaving his
home church for the sake of the Apostle Paul. He was going to be living in Rome under house
arrest with Paul and he was there to serve Paul. It must be that Paul is using him as an example
here as a person who didn’t mumble, grumble and complain. But something happened. It says
that in vs. 26, here’s the story. When Ephaphroditus left Philippi, he got sick. And the word got
back to the church in Philippi that Ephaphroditus was sick unto death. Then the word got back
to Ephaphroditus in Rome when he was with Paul that the Philippians were worried about him.
So his response was that he was worried about the Philippians. And he was worried about the
Philippians because the Philippians were worried about him. And then we see that the Apostle
Paul in vs. 28, or actually vs. 27, the Apostle Paul is saying if he died I would be distressed. So
now we have a situation where Ephaphroditus is concerned about the Philippians. The
Philippians are concerned about Ephaphroditus, and the Apostle Paul is concerned about both
of them. Do we see in any of this picture anybody concerned about themselves? No. No one is
concerned about themselves.

Even the Apostle Paul says in vs. 28, I’m going to have him leave
me although it’s to my own hurt, but I’m going to rejoice in that because it’s going to be a
blessing to you. vs. 29. That’s the mind of Christ. Do you see anybody in this situation mumbling
and grumbling? None of them. Why? Because they have the mind of Christ. Paul in Php. 4 if we
go back there in vs. 10. he says that he has a secret. The thing I love about this and the thing I
get excited about this is that this is a learned behavior. When Jesus said come unto me
everyone who is burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Learn of Me. I will teach
you. When you are a disciple of Christ, he is teaching you. You know what he is teaching you?
He’s teaching you to be content in all situations. Philippians 4:11, I just want to go over – the main
point of my message tonight is that I want to go over a few points about this that I get from this
passage and make a few applications. Okay? Are you with me? Okay.

A few applications:

1) The Apostle Paul in vs. 10, we see that the Apostle Paul is not blaming them for not supporting
him in his mission, but rather he is saying they never had an opportunity to be able to support
him in his mission. The Apostle Paul had an understanding of the providence of God. The
providence of God. What is the providence of God? There’s two ways that God can interact with
the world. First, is a miracle, that God takes the Jews out of Egypt and brings them into the
Promised Land and he parts the Red Sea. That was a miracle. A miracle is something that is
outside of the natural course of life. So the waters are flowing and God steps in and intervenes
and stops the water so they can part. That’s a miracle. Providence is God actually controlling
everything that is going on in the universe to have an intended end. Romans 8:28, we know that
verse. God works all things together for good to those who are called.

The Apostle Paul knows that maybe there’s a thousand things that are in place and God is working through to provide
whatever he needs, but he knows that it’s going to happen when God wants it to happen. So he
has trust and faith in the providence of God. Because of that, he can be content. People that are
uncontent are people that feel like they need to control everything. Do you know that we live –
here’s something interesting. We live in a generation and a time in human history that we have
more than any other person has ever had in human history, but it says in 2 Timothy 3 that this
generation is unthankful and uncontent. You know the reason why? Because in humanism –
this is a little off track – but in humanism, man is the end of all things. Man, the purpose of man
is to be satisfied. Man is needing things to be satisfied. The only problem with that is man
doesn’t actually know what he needs. So who tells him? The world tells him. The world tells him
what he needs. Have you ever noticed with TV? The whole idea with TV is just to tell you what
you need. Wants and needs are too different things.

The Apostle Paul is saying here that he knows he can live content because he has lived in poverty and he has lived flourishing. He has had little to eat and he’s had a lot to eat and because of that, he can be content. But in our
generation, the world is telling us and it says in Leviticus 18, when the Jews left Egypt, the Lord
commanded them and said do not be like the Egyptians. Do not complain like them. Do not take
on what you think you need. I will tell you what you need. It’s amazing in our culture today, people really didn’t need to know that they needed to be liberated, even sexually liberated. They
didn’t even know until it was told to them. You need that. Have you ever found that? You don’t
really know and then all of a sudden you have this thing that rises up and you think that you
actually need that? I need that to be happy. And if we live our life that way, the end result of it is
that we are always unthankful and we are always discontented.

So Paul is saying to the Philippians, hey, you guys could have supported me but guess what? It was all part of God’s
plan. Part of God’s plan was I was going to go through times of poverty, but in those times of
poverty, I was going to realize that he supplies all of my needs. And that my wants are not my
needs. So because of that, I can be content. I feel like if we look at this in vs. 11, “for I have
learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content.” 1 Timothy 6, godliness with contentment
is great gain. And then he says in vs. 12, I know how to be abased and I know how to be
abound. He’s talking about physical things. He’s saying I know how to eat a good meal, and I
know how to be poor. The Apostle Paul, and we know this as well, that the chief end of man
was not to meet his needs or his wants but that the chief end of man was to worship God and to
enjoy him forever. This world is discontented. This world is always looking for more and they are
not content. God is saying to us as Christians, don’t take on that same attitude. Don’t mumble
and grumble. You have a God that is in heaven and it’s rooted in Romans 8:28 that he is
providentially going to give you everything that you need because his plan is not your plan.

It’s his plan. He’ll orchestrate all of those things for your good. You know what is interesting? I was
thinking about this afternoon. What’s harder? A miracle or the providence of God to
happen? I would say the providence of God because there’s five million things that need to
happen for it to actually be accomplished, where a miracle he can just step in and bam, he can
do it. But with the providence of God, he’s showing that he’s in control of all of these things.
Situations can take away our contentment, but you know what? Even in that, we heard in our
Bible study last night in Federal Hill – my father was down there – and he said with trees, this is
an awesome illustration, with trees that are in an environment that get a lot of water have
shallow roots. But if you take a tree that is in the tropics, they have that tap root. And it’s
because they can go through periods of very dry times. If you have dry times the roots have to
go deep. He was saying there is a specie of tree over in England that gets a lot of water, but
when the wind blows, the trees just flap over.

But you go down to the Bahamas and you see those palm trees and they are kind of bent like this because they have roots that go deep, deep down searching for a reservoir, searching for water. That’s like us. Even in times where you feel like there is nothing to be thankful for or you feel discontented, this is what we need to learn and
this is what we are learning. This church is filled with this example. People that have gone
through amazing things of difficulty but there is no murmuring or complaining but they are
learning to be Spirit filled. This is my next point:

2) 1 Thessalonians 5:16, this is a command. vs. 17-18. Rejoice. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Impossible, right? Come on. Be happy all the time? Rejoice all the time? Paul says it in Philippians. He says that I rejoice in the Lord. Paul is in prison and he is saying it’s a decision. I
think that’s the secret. When he says in Philippians 4 that I found a secret, he uses a pagan word, that
it was the mysteries of pagan religions that you enter in and you found a secret. He actually
used that word there. He said as a believer I have found a secret, that that secret is I have a
different mind in the situation and it’s a decision. Did the Apostle Paul suffer? Unbelievably.
Probably more than any of us will ever suffer. Did he go through times of trial? Was he
weeping? Was he crying? Absolutely? Do we weep and do we cry? Absolutely. Do we struggle?
Do we have deep times of discouragement and depression? Absolutely.

But in that time, can we learn to make a decision by faith, and that decision by faith is that I’m going to learn to put my
trust in the providence of God, that my life is not in my own hands but he is working all of the
different elements in my life for an ultimate good. And can I also learn that even when I have
very little I can learn to be content just the same way as when I have a lot. He says here in 1
Thessalonians 5:16-18, if you look in Ephesians 5 and we know this very well but I just want to point something
out here. Ephesians 5:18, be filled with the Spirit. This is our motor in our spiritual life, being filled with
the Spirit, being filled with the Word of God, being filled with the thoughts of God, having the
mind of Christ. This is our inheritance and it’s yours and it’s mine. It’s a command. Be filled with
the Spirit. He doesn’t give us a recipe how to be filled with the Spirit. It’s just a command. Be filled with the Spirit. Then he says this is the example of what it looks like when you see a Spirit-
filled believer:

1) vs. 19, what does that mean “speaking to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs?” That’s rejoicing. I speak joy to another person. By faith, I speak joy to another person. And then what happens? I make a melody in my heart unto the Lord. That’s prayer. So Paul says in 1 Thessalonis 5 rejoice evermore; pray without ceasing. What is he talking about? He’stalking about being Spirit filled. By faith, I say by faith I’m going to speak words of life to another
person and then

2) I’m going to worship the Lord in my heart and 3) he says in vs. 20, “giving
thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Spirit-filled life. It’s the normal Christian life. It’s not abnormal. When a person in the flesh reads
that: “rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks” impossible! Exactly, but
not when you are Spirit-filled. When you’re Spirit-filled, that’s the normal reaction. You know
what happens when you have joy and you’re giving thanks and you’re praying without ceasing,
you don’t grumble. You don’t mumble. You’re putting your trust in the fact that when times are
tough, even then you can exercise your faith. You say this is hard but God has grace for me. He
has a Spirit that will fill me and I am going to be able to get through this period of time and
nothing is going to come off my lips that is going to be mumbling or grumbling. Here’s the thing:
do any of us do that all the time? Do any of us do it? Maybe Greater Grace people do. Maybe
we do.

But guess what? We struggle with our flesh, don’t we? Do we struggle, mumble and
grumble and complain? I wish I had it better. Better for that person, or my life always. They
always do that. Whatever it is. Have you noticed how discontented your flesh is? Have you
noticed that your flesh responds to the impulses of the needs that are being told you by the
world. You should be happy you don’t have– You shouldn’t be content, you don’t have–. God is
saying I have given you everything, even my Spirit, so in all things, you can be content. Have
you noticed your flesh is ready to go? Have you noticed that you kind of want to defend
yourselves sometimes? Have you noticed that you want to give an excuse to why you act the
way you act? I love this, Roman 6. You know what the Lord says to my flesh? I’m going to crucify
it. That’s what I think about it. Your flesh is nothing. There’s nothing twitching in your flesh that is
redeemable. None whatsoever. Here’s some things that I find in my own personal life that I find
when this happens in my life, I know I’m struggling with my flesh.

1) Doubt. I doubt God. I doubt God’s wisdom. I question him. I say yeah, he’s up there. He’s all powerful but does he really have the ability to orchestrate my life because I feel like I could do a little bit of a better job. My
self-will takes place of his will and I start to doubt him. All the things that I have done for the last
decade and he’s going to do this to me? I doubt him. We all have that in us. We doubt God is
going to actually come through. We doubt he’s going to come through with our family, with our
kid, in our relationship. He’s going to come through with a job. He’s going to come through with
a place to live. All the material things in life we can doubt him and he is in heaven saying I have
a trillion things in my hand that I am just turning around right now orchestrating and you’re going
to doubt me? You’re going to doubt me? That this whole solar system is moving to the perfect
degree finely tuned and you’re going to doubt me about a job? Really? You think that you know
better. That’s our flesh because in our flesh what are we? We’re proud. Self-will. I want is in
place of God.

2) Worldliness. When my life becomes filled with the world. It becomes filled with
pursuits and prosperity and it’s filled with people and who I am. Worldliness. Have you seen that
that can stick to my flesh? I wake up and – I have to save for retirement! I have to get moving!
The world, possessions, things, people, places, pursuits. All those things. Those things come in
and it’s my flesh. We should be as born again, Spirit filled, mind of Christ believers the most
relaxed people on the planet. We should just be enjoying God now. But my flesh is always,
always striving and filled with unrest. If you find unrest in your soul, you’re fighting with your
flesh. That’s just what it is because this says rejoice evermore. Impossible! It’s a command in
the Scripture. How do I do it? Be filled with the Spirit.

3) I find in my flesh that I’m critical. I criticize everything. Everything is wrong: my life, my work, my family, my wife. I become bitter. I become a person that is so – the ego is something that, that’s another thing the world has
taught us about, the ego. But the ego gets so filled up with itself. It becomes so big that it can’t
have a conversation with anything less than it. It gets so deflated and feels so sorry for itself.
But the devil was filled with the same pity that our flesh has for our self. When you love yourself
improperly, the result is when things aren’t going good and you’re not recognized the way you
think you should be recognized, you’re deflated and you can’t pick your flesh up off the floor.
You’re thinking little old me. What does the Holy Spirit say? That Christ came into the world. He
became a man. He took on flesh and he was nailed to a cross for you. That God in heaven is
orchestrated everything in your life for your ultimate good and ultimate glory. He has given you promise after promise that has been given to you and he’s faithful to come through with
everyone of those promises and we still feel sorry for our self.

I don’t get recognized. My wife doesn’t recognize me. She doesn’t do this for me or my boss or my friends or whatever it might be, my pastor or my church. When I find myself become critical the number one solution is to
turn the finger away from where I am criticizing and turn it on my flesh. That’s not to say there’s
not problems and there can be solutions for the problems, but they’re not your solutions. It’s the
mind of Christ. His ways are much different than your ways. If we were God, we would come in
here and try to correct all the problems and the result of it would be there wouldn’t be anybody
in the church. Because we are terrible at it. We’re terrible judges at it, at trying to predict what
God’s plan should be. But our flesh thinks I can take the seat of God and I know what is going
on. The Scripture verse, and I’ve preached on it before, but the Scripture verse that blows my
mind and has spoken to me the most this year is where the Apostle Paul says that God used
the church in Corinth to bring him to a place of humility in his flesh.

He allowed the church to be affected by false teachers that were demonized to bring the Apostle Paul to a place where he would be humble enough because of all the revelations he had received to receive grace. I think
what would God do in my life to bring me to a point to crucify my flesh once again so I can be
filled with the Spirit and have the mind of Christ. That’s scary. Negativity, insecurity, immaturity,
unrenewed mind. Ephesians 4:27, don’t give place to the devil. Your flesh gives place to the devil. We
all have it and we all live in it, right? And the devil wants us to think that we do a really good job
in our flesh. Keep going living the Christian life in your flesh. Keep doing it. But you deny – you
have a form of godliness but you deny the power thereof. Impatience, coldness. I’m just
impatient for God to work. Coldness. The last one is rebellion. I’m not thankful because I’m mad
at how God is shaping my life. That’s all out rebellion. Last point, Philippians 2. Now, that’s our flesh.
We all know it very well. Philippians 2:13 if we can go back there. How do you live your life without
complaining and murmuring and disputing?

It’s God that is going to do it in your life. It’s God who has done it in your life. It’s God who is going to continue to do it in your life. You can be in a situation that is so hard, and you do find yourself complaining and mumbling and grumbling like all of us. I’m number one. There’s no question. We can all be that way, but this is our
inheritance. Is that true Paul that I can be filled with the Spirit, rejoice evermore, pray without
ceasing and give thanks in everything? Is that possible? Not in the flesh but in the Holy Spirit it’s
possible. My question is how am I filled with the Spirit? Really the only answer is to be filled with
the Word of God. If you are filled with the Word of God, you’re filled with the Spirit. Peter is the
perfect example because he was a coward in his flesh but he had authority when he was close
to Jesus. It’s the same thing. If you’re standing side by side with Jesus like the disciples were,
Peter is pulling out a sword and going for a head. Or Peter is standing up and preaching a
sermon. But when he’s far removed from Jesus and Jesus is there and he’s before the counsel
and Peer is there and he denies Jesus three times, Peter was far away from him. But when
Jesus restored him in John 21, Peter was the first one to jump out of the boat, swim and get as
close as possible as he could to Jesus.

Because he knew who he was. He was that guy all night catching no fish, cowardly, sticking his foot in his mouth all the time, but when he was with Jesus he spoke words like “you are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” He was the man that would stand up before the same counsel that he was so afraid of, but now he was filled with the
Spirit, the same as being side by side with Jesus, and he’s preaching the Gospel with full
authority. He’s saying that’s the way I want to live my life. I would say as Christians, we get tired
of our flesh, don’t we? We know who we are in our flesh because people tell us about it all the
time. But you go, time out! Time out! My flesh died 2,000 years ago. It went into the ground. It
was risen with Christ. When I was risen with Christ, I walk in the newness of life. There is a new
way to live, and that new way of living is not grumbling or complaining or criticizing or doubting
or being critical. It’s rather that I am rejoicing evermore. I’m praying without ceasing and I’m
being thankful in every situation. Ephaphroditus, you left your family. You left your wife. You left
your church. You came with the Apostle Paul who is going to lose his head pretty soon. Aren’t
you complaining? No. I’m not really worried about myself.

I’m more worried about the church in Philippi, because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. And it’s far better to be with the Lord. Like Peter said, I want to be side by side with Jesus and that was why Peter
was so afraid of Jesus leaving. Because if Jesus left, the power left and Peter was left with his
flesh. Jesus said, Peter don’t be afraid. If I leave, I’m going to send another and that other one is
the same Spirit that I have. And when he indwells you, you will have the same authority. You will have the same power. You will have the same words, and you will be able to live a life that you
can rejoice, you can be thankful and you can pray without ceasing and you can live a Spirit-filled
life. This is what we are learning. Paul, what is the secret to being content in every situation. Be
filled with the Spirit. Be filled with the Spirit. It’s as simple as that. And if we are filled with the
Spirit, amazing things happen. All of a sudden, I can be okay with myself, can’t I? Have you
noticed how your flesh is kind of always lobbying for position? Like Pastor Mati said, the famous
quote, a guy said I don’t mind being humble but nobody takes notice of it! Have you noticed how
your flesh likes that? It likes to be the center of the world.

Cause that’s in us. That is in us. Colossians 3:16, the last word. Colossians 3:16, Let the words of Christ dwell in you richly. Yes, Lord. It’s a parallel verse of Ephesians 5. The results of letting the Word dwell in your richly is the same as being filled with the Spirit. You admonish with songs and hymns and you’ll sing unto the Lord and whatever
you do, you’ll give thanks in vs. 17. Same thing. You’re filled with the words of Christ. You’re
filled with the Spirit and the result is that’s what you do. Don’t we want to live our life that way?
That’s yours. That’s mine. The devil is the thief. He’s the liar. He’s the deceiver. He’s going to lie
to your flesh every day. The only difference between a new believer and a spiritually mature
believer is recognizing being spiritually discerned and rebounding. Understanding man, I don’t
want to live there any more. Last verse. I lied! I confess that! Matthew 11:29. You want to find rest for
your soul? Vs. 28. come to me if you’re weary. Your flesh is weary. You labor so hard. If you
have parents and you never lived up to their expectations and that labor is on your shoulder.
You have a boss who is always critical to you, and that labor is on your shoulder. You have real
hurts and you have real pains.

The flesh is filled with hurts and pains, putrefying sores and they are heavy to bear. And through the law, you try to fix yourself, but you are just trying to fix a mess that can never be unfixed. It can only die. vs. 28. How do you do it? vs. 29. What is his yoke? His yoke is his teaching. His yoke is the Gospel. The yoke will come on your shoulders
and you will learn from Me. Jesus will teach us how to live a Spirit-filled life because we are
yoked up to him. Just like Peter learned to be right next to the shoulder of Christ. Peter was
always there. Wherever Christ was, Peter was always there because he knew that is Spirit-filled
living. For us as believers, we are sheep that go astray. Our flesh draws us away. We go, you
got me again! But then there is the Great Shepherd and I’m side by side with him
instantaneously. I find myself, my mind changes. The complaints and the grumbling, I don’t even
know what it was about anymore because now I am filled with the Spirit and now I have the
mind of God and I am close to Christ. Jesus is saying, be yoked with me. Be filled with the Spirit
and I’m going to teach you. You’re going to know when you have very little.

You’re going to know when you have a lot. And when you realize in poverty, you can rejoice and pray and be
thankful, if you have that up your sleeve, there’s nothing you are afraid of. What is everyone
afraid of in the world? Losing everything. If I lose my __, I won’t be happy anymore. Paul is
saying, come on. Your life is so much greater than things. My God will supply every need of
yours according to the riches of his grace. He’s going to take care of every need. Maybe not the
wants, but the needs to accomplish his purpose. But we when we are yoked with Christ, it is so
refreshing. It is so refreshing. And this is what we want people to understand and for people to
learn, being Spirit- filled. Being Spirit-filled. It’s not some sort of magical thing that happens. It’s
your inheritance. And when it happens, it is God who wills for you to rejoice evermore, and it is
God who will do it. You’ll see your life change, and we have. That’s our testimony. Amen. Our
life changes because of the filling of the Spirit.



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