At the Cross, we died with Jesus. All our sin and corruption was buried with Him. Now, in Him, we have been raised to life. Let us live in this resurrection reality, for we know our Redeemer lives. (Romans 6:3-6; Job 14:14; Job 19;23-26)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11245
11:00 AM on 4/16/2017

P. Schaller

Job 14. We have something to say, very important and wonderful.

vs. 14. Was there a question in the heart of man about eternal life in the O.T.? It’s here in Job 14:14. Good question. My change come. Will my body that’s thrown in the ground, buried in the cemetery and deteriorates in the biosphere, and the atoms of my body return to the biosphere and my bones are in the coffin or bottom of the sea, will my change come?

Job 19:23, he is saying that right now what I’m going to say I wish it was written in a book. Guess what? It is! I wish it was engraved in stone, written across the skies. I wish what I am about to say would be heard by everyone.

vs. 24-25. Who is my redeemer? You could say it is Jesus. The guy that’s going to pay my ransom, redeem my life. Who is my redeemer? Who has the money to redeem my soul? My soul is more valuable than money. What organization? Toyota? Mercedes? My redeemer, the one who will redeem me from death and hell and sin. No wonder he wanted it graven in the stone, written in a book, on the internet, on the highway up in the rocks. The spray paint graffiti, Tom loves Lisa. Oh I wish this was written.

vs. 25. Who is that? Jesus. Who died up here? My Redeemer, and I know that my redeemer liveth and he shall stand in his flesh on the earth. When? Latter day. We are waiting for him to come and stand on the earth in his glorified flesh. I would like these words written with iron pen, written in rock, in a book. We have them here. They are prophetic words about the coming of Christ. First time came he came to do the work. 12 years old in the Scriptures and what did they say? His mother and father looking for him. He said I must be about my father’s business. Redeeming our soul. It is finished is his last words on the Cross. My Father’s work is finished. He died and three days later raised from the dead. What about our bodies?

vs. 26. That’s a good preaching verse. I have a friend, a pastor and a woman came and said I never want to die in a plane crash over the ocean because I don’t want sharks to eat my body. He said your thoughts are strange. Sharks eating my body, worms eating my flesh.

Ps 139 all my members are written in a book. God has my DNA in his book. He knows who you are. A woman said to the preacher will I recognize my husband in heaven? The preacher said in heaven you won’t be any dumber than you are here on the earth! I think she had a good question. He will be who he is. We will be who we are. The real Ed, Nancy, Debbie. The real people we are will be glorified. Our bodies will be changed.

vs. 26. In my flesh shall I see God. A man can’t see God and live. Two or three thoughts about God who is from everlasting to everlasting.

He is Spirit, he is light, and he is love, 1 Jn 4:8. He has no beginning and no end. He is altogether powerful. Is God under my finger? He is under my finger. Is he everywhere? God Almighty, immense, awesome, righteous, holy. God knows all things and is perfect in every sense. He is infinite. He is immense. He is awesome. I have here a rope. It’s going to represent God. Because he is like no beginning. This rope has a beginning but imagine no beginning. It goes all the way. He is in eternity and with no beginning and no end. How can we know him? Who is he? He is beyond our capability. If we are to see him, it’s so easy to misunderstand in our limited capacity. How could a man approach such a perfect, holy, infinite, incredible, awesome God? How could we know him? How would we ever really understand him? The immensity of God. The holiness of God. How different are we from God? It’s so amazing his nature is stamped here in us. In many ways, we are made in his image. Have you ever gone to the bank and you ended up in the line and someone say I was here first. Oh, excuse me. Or in the cafeteria at school. I gave you a piece of my orange, can I have a piece of your clementine? Or that’s not fair or right. In us is a stamp, a nature. Animals are not like that but we are like that. We have the moral law of God written in our hearts.

Rom 2:14-15. Kant said he marveled at the universe on the outside and the moral law of man on the inside. Why do we ask these questions and say these things. Why are we here? When we evangelize, sometimes I say do you think we are an accident or are we here in a plan? Is this an accident I’m talking to you, that we are living? I love on a hot day in Baltimore there is a flash of lightning, a roar of thunder and the water comes pouring down in the hot atmosphere. Thank you, Lord. God exists. Or look at the child born out of a mother’s womb or a face of a person you love or a question about life. These are written in our nature. Where is God? Unfortunately we say too that there is no God. We say there is no resurrection. The scientists will tell you there are no bodies raised from the dead. They deteriorate. The cemeteries are filled with them. I don’t believe it. There we are. Is it true? Job said I wish my words were written in a book for I know my redeemer liveth. Even in his flesh in the latter day will stand upon this earth. I don’t believe God made man to die. God made man to live. Where do we see eternity touch time? In this way. In Bethlehem. God was incarnated in Christ and we see the humility of God, the nature of God, the love of God, the mercy of God, the wisdom of God. We love reading about this period in time, Bethlehem to three days later, after the Cross. I want to devour every sentence and study his parables and discourses. I want to hear the wisdom that comes from eternity. God is holy and we are not. We have a problem with ourselves, our lust, our sin, and our desires. We would even say Christianity would never survive in the pagan Roman empire in the first century.

In pagan Rome, sex and sexuality and the popular ideas of people were very liberal, very decadent. Thirteen of fourteen Caesars were homosexuals with young boys around them. They even married the little boys and had the sex life with the little boys. Sex was a big and popular part of life. Here comes something from another world.

Here is something not that way. That’s why in the church of today, the clearer our relationship with the living God the more obvious we are different. When Christ is in us and he is, we have a love for holiness, for what is true and right. Pastor, the church will not survive unless it conforms to the culture. No, it came into a culture that was decadent. The church said one man, one woman and men are to be faithful to their wives.

Let not Eph 5 fornication be named among you. To live like a Corinthian was to live in debauchery, like the Mardi gras in New Orleans. Live like a Corinthian. How could this message survive? This is how. What this was, was more than an event in time, it was a phenomenon that has relevance to our life today.

Rom 6 deeply profound for us. We are reconciled to God, sinful people brought into a dynamic, real relationship with no one less than God himself. God in us.

I know my redeemer liveth, Job said it. Even when the worms eat my body, I know in my resurrected flesh we will be with God. How did he know it? It must be the same thing that is happening with us here. If you believe, the Spirit will come into your life and make it clear to you. I am so sure about what I am about to say. As you read this book and think about it and the Spirit teaches you, the very nature of God has come into you. Corruptible seeds, sperm cells, spider, snake eggs, tomato seeds and so on. This seed is incorruptible. This is the seed of God. Born again of incorruptible seed of the Word of God that lives and abides forever. The Word of God has two meanings. These words and this person… in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. This is the mind of Christ, the Word of God. Heaven and earth will pass away but not one jot or tittle of the Word. The world is deteriorating. Entropy is the second law of thermodynamics but Einstein said energy and matter are one or the other. All of those thoughts that are beyond me. Though worms destroy my body or the universe is deteriorating. I know God did not make us to die. He made us to live and live forever. We know we have a capacity for these thoughts. When we teach these things, we are looking for it. We are hungry for it. Looking for the food, to feed from the mother. The new born believer is looking for reality. Not man’s ways and ideas and thoughts. He is looking for clarity, satisfaction, deep peace, and quietness in his heart. Clarity of thought and mind, simplicity. Yes worms will destroy my body but what is that to God.

Ph 3:20, same spirit…make your mortal body alive. We will be changed. We will be with God.

We will fly away in Ps 90:10.

Angels will come and get us in Lk 16. Angels took the beggar to heaven. Rich man lifted up his eyes in hell. Christ told the story with a proper name for the beggar. He’s not saying it’s a parable. Parables are general stories but this one is specific as if and it did actually happen. The angels took Lazarus to heaven. How what happened is relevant to your life now.

Rom 6. I am moved in my life like you, and many of you. We are serious about it. Lord, I am wrong. Help me. Correct me. God tells my wanderings.

In Ps 56. Vagabond, wandering, a person lost, wandering. I was thinking about what that is like. I’ve been there. God knows those wanderings of ours. He puts our tears in a bottle. They are written in a book. When I’m heartbroken, do you care? Yeah, he cares. It’s written in a book. When I’m messed up upside down and don’t know my right from my left and crazy at times. We’re all crazy at times. You’re nuts sometimes in our feelings and emotions. Lord, do you care? You have no idea. When I was here I cared more than you can ever imagine. I cared for the sick, the lost, the stubborn, and the proud. I care for people. God can you hear every prayer ever prayed? Every pain? I know all your pain. I know it all. I know every lie and deception, every trick, every bit of shame. Lord, do you really care? Do you know what I did? The depth of it is beyond your understanding. I took all the sins of the world upon myself. I love you. Lord, I have a sin nature. Let me teach you something.

Rom 6:3, baptism doesn’t mean in every case baptism in water. It’s an identification. Being included in. We say baptized in water. This is baptized in Christ. We were baptized into him and when he died we were baptized into his death. We got a big problem and that’s with Mr. Me. Old number one is the problem in my life. It’s not out there. That’s my problem. It’s me. No, it’s the country, the politics, my mother, wife, children, or where I live. If I had a new house I’d be cooking with gas. I’d be on the road to happiness. This is how we talk. We are not talking about the solution to our problems but knowing this person. Some people want Christianity to be solving their problems.

My mother is 95 years of age. She doesn’t leave home. She doesn’t leave Rome, NY. She’s lived in her house more than 70 years. She comes down and pulls up the car and the usher says your mother is here. Where is she? What is it I don’t say? I don’t think I would say where is she going? Where is she? She is out front. I go out there and say mom. And she says get in. I go, Where we are going? Get in. Does it matter? I’m your mother.

When you’re born again, you have a relationship that is satisfying with the greatest person in the universe. You have a relationship with the living God. Life gets real simple. Get in the car. Do you want me to drive?

vs. 3-4. Buried now. He’s dead, they take him down, and what do they do with his body? Joseph of Arimathea requests can I give him my tomb. He died with the wicked and buried with the rich. Prophesy. Who is buried with him? Raise your hand.

vs. 4. Raised up from the dead. Baptized into his person, baptized into his death, buried with him and raised with him. Is that true? That’s what it says. You might say sounds great but what does it mean? It means a lot.

vs. 4. We have resurrection and newness of life.

vs. 5. Together, all of us. All Christians throughout history planted together in the same kind of glorified body he had. He met the disciples on that resurrection day and said I’m not a spirit, I’m flesh and bones. He ate the food in front of them to see the teeth are real teeth. A body that was dead but raised up and they could handle him and see him for 40 days. He was coming and going for 40 days. Ten days after is Pentecost and the H.S. comes in a mighty way, in the sound of a rushing, mighty wind. Different languages saying he is risen. Job got it right from the Holy Spirit. I wish it was written in a book that my redeemer lives. In his flesh. Though worms eat my flesh I know in my flesh I will stand and see God. What about today? We are in the likeness of his resurrection. Now there is resurrection life in you. I love reading the psalms. They comfort me. I‘ve given you my ways and my ideas in my flesh for the sake of faith. I have a sin nature but it doesn’t have authority over me like it used to. My sin nature used to give me small impulses and suggest things to me. It still does. It challenges this reality. My sin nature is saying because we are in a flux between the reality of his victory and the possibility of me continuing in my flesh or sin nature. The love the Holy Spirit puts in your heart is greater than the love for sin. My desire for sin is like this but my desire for God is like this. The fun of sin. The pleasures. Moses endured suffering rather than the pleasures of sin for a season. It’s a season of fun, but eventually it bites you like a viper and deteriorates your health. Lust, the word is stretching. I want another one. What is the answer for my lust? God. He is the answer for my lust. My mother is here. Get in the car. As long as I can be with mom. You get the idea. If I can have God in my life. Love of God is greater than love for sin. I have a new love for God cause of the new birth. You have to process this in your everyday life. You can’t let the impulses of your sin nature control your everyday life. They are suggesting to me and leading me. I can stop it. I can go to God in my heart and say I am tempted but I trust you. Though you slay me, I will trust you. My sin nature tempts me not God. I have something I didn’t know about here. I have an answer for my sin, for those provocations. I died with him and was raised with him and living by faith with him and the nature of God is connected to the nature of man. We are now living in the hand fit in the glove. Man becomes who he has been made to be.

vs. 5. Old man. Old humanity. This is the new humanity, the new man, the resurrected one. The old ways, the love for sin, my life my way. I like to say the problem with my life is out there. No, the problem with your life is you. What you need is me. I crucified him. You died with him and now you are free. He has a spiritual life now. He is living here and is ok. He is satisfied. How did you get the peace? My neighbor one day said how do you do it? He said I see you take the garbage cans out to the street. Why are you happy? We had a talk and he said I take Prozac. I don’t have anything. I don’t have any motivation, no spark. I don’t have life. I would be the same as you. I’m no better. Jesus is the answer for you. I mean it too. This is a true story.

Jim Hadley was hired by my neighbor and he asked questions and my neighbor was talking to him and Jim Hadley led him to the Lord.

We all have reasons to be unhappy and hurt and guilty and afraid and condemn ourselves. Some, not many go to church only once or twice a year…this is a lot of fun. It is life. Where do you get the life? Where do you get the joy? Where do you find the spark, the sense of humor, the freedom, the peace? Nobody in this room has got it. He’s got it. You’re not smart enough, you’re not the alpha male you think you are. You got an Achilles tendon. They took him by the heel and dipped him in gold and his weak point was where they were holding him there. Every human being has some weak point and it will get you.

God says hello? Anyone interested. I’ll show you who I am. You will be so satisfied. I will be satisfied when I awake with your likeness. Jesus is the answer for the whole human race. Someone said all religions are basically the same. I said except Jesus is raised from the dead. Where is Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius and everyone else and you and me? Nobody got it except the Messiah, this one, the one who fulfilled the Scriptures. I said one time on a plane that the Egyptians built pyramids, the mathematics and all. Then the Jews. He said what did they do? They sent prophets. God sent prophets by the Jews. Do you know any of the prophets? I said that’s much greater than the Egyptian pyramids. The institution, the sacrifices, the Scriptures, the prophets, the predictions, the fulfillment. Most of all the Messiah. “Can I have one more water, please?” That’s the end of our conversation! It’s fun. Love, the answer for life and this word for Job. There is no other answer for death.

In the Soviet Union, true story in Moscow is where Lenin’s mausoleum is. People go there and bring flowers when people die. You walk in and see his body in a mausoleum. One Russian brother said I have cried and heard wailing there when someone dies and no hope. There is no resurrection. The crying when someone dies and there is no hope. No God. The human nature is no, we can’t handle it. It’s not right.

Glory be to God we know like Job said, our Redeemer lives.

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