Life is a gift. It is precious. Is the government of God at work in you? Remember. Retell. Revive. Send out the Gospel words and defend the Truth. Exodus 13:6-14

Speaker(s): David Stambovsky, Glen Cannon
Sermon 12296
7:00 PM on 5/4/2022

P. Cannon –

Good evening everyone. Wow, there’s the lights. There goes my notes. I probably won’t look at them but
anyways. It’s so good – it’s true Woody. I am. Good to see you all. I don’t know about you but I
love this place. I come here pretty consistently with great needs and sometimes really, really
needy. And God speaks. I love my pastor. I’m amazed at how the Holy Spirit – cause he’s Spirit
taught and Spirit lead – how questions that I have I come to church, prayers that I’m praying
and God uses my pastor. And I just think this is the way that God does it. He speaks through
people that are willing to be broken, honest. At great cost they pay but it’s because of love,
isn’t it?

I mean, I’m teaching here at the Bible college and my favorite part is just getting to know the
students. Just loving them. Learning from them. I learn so much from them. You sort of stand
up there and do your thing but this is a beautiful, beautiful opportunity. Thank you for listening
to me.

If you have your Bibles, I’m going to speak from 1 Kings 19. I was enjoying the band and I used to
be a song leader. I used to play guitar, but when I became a pastor, I put it away! I never really
enjoyed it. It was like filling a need, serving the Body. I did it over in India. I was a song leader.
But then when I became the pastor, I stopped. So, I can’t play the guitar anymore if I tried. My
hands, the fingers they hurt cause they are not exercised, but these musicians – I’m thinking of
Tim Andrulonis. He can just get up alone and play that saxophone and it makes you weep. It
does cause it’s anointed and it ministers. You’re following the tune. You don’t even have the
words, and I woke up today thinking Jesus said a bruised reed I will not break (Isaiah 42:3).
I don’t know about you but I feel sometimes just like a bruised reed. Something that is a dime a
dozen. Something that would just be thrown out.

They would never really – but maybe that bruised reed can become an instrument in God’s hands, with God’s breath. Maybe he could take up our lives and like Tim Andrulonis, God could play us. Think about that. God using you to
be a mouthpiece for him, to speak his heart, to come and to soothe the hurts and to answer the
prayers. Isn’t that amazing. (Prayer).

I remember when I was in high school many, many years ago, we had an art class like most high
schools do. I remember working with at one point maybe before a week or something working
with clay. Have you ever done it? Get your hands all dirty. But it’s fun building it up and
inevitably there was, they called it a blip. Was it a blip? Like a mar, something in the clay. Or
maybe your finger goes right through and the whole thing falls apart.
In Jeremiah 18, it was interesting God brought Jeremiah to a potter’s shed or a potter’s shop and he
caused him to hear. The message that he saw, that he witnessed was that potter taking that
clay, the marred clay and then just remaking it again. It would fall apart and he would remake it
again. Cause he’s an artist.

So, this is what I think about. I think about our lives. God is not a hard taskmaster. God loves us.
He enjoys us and he uses and even with the flaws, the blip – if that is even a word. Is that a
word?! I don’t know. In 1 Kings 9:19, this is that amazing scene of Ahab. Elijah just had an
incredible victory. He had a mountain top experience you could say, literally. But then Jezebel
threatened him. She says you’re going to be dead. Before this time tomorrow, you’re dead. He
ran for his life.

I was thinking I come to church. I’m running for my life. I come here just like Elijah and he’s in
this place it say in vs. 4. Pretty depressing! Have you ever been there? Last night in our class we
were teaching the book of Ecclesiastes and the preacher said I hate my life. We were grappling
with that as students. Is that a Christian thing to say? We were talking about Jesus saying unless
you – you can’t follow me unless you hate your mother, father, your life. So, we were trying to
connect the two. Elijah was in need of – I think he needed to be touched. You know what he
needed? He needed to rest. He needed some sleep. Not only some sleep, but he needed some
angels food cake as P. Stevens used to say! And a little bit of water and really he needed to hear
a word from God. He needed to be touched.

This is exactly what happens to him. I love the honesty. I love that we can come to God and just
say to God it’s enough. I’m no better than anybody else. And God says yes, that’s true. What
was it? Hudson Taylor said a great thing. He said that God is looking for men and women who
are – I thought about it – who are weak enough for me to use. Isn’t that interesting? We are
always saying that to God. I know I am. Lord, I just can’t. I’m so tired. I don’t have what it takes.
I’m out of my depths. Sort of like Moses in Exodus 3. The Lord says I want you to do this. We say,
Lord, send somebody else. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it. But God doesn’t give up
on us. He doesn’t.

So, what happens here, vs. 5-7. So, this is my word tonight to this precious Body, faithful
servants. You’re instruments in God’s hands. The is truly too great for us, isn’t it? God said that
to him. It’s too great. You come into this place. I want you just to rest, relax. I’m going to feed
you. I love what it says, vs. 8. I was just thinking God’s feeding, his food, is something that so
revives us. It so invigorates us. We need it. We need to be ministered to the Lord. We need to
be touched. Don’t you need to be touched? I need to be touched tonight.
When I heard that P. Stambovsky is preaching, I said I can definitely give an introduction cause
he’s going to clean up all the things afterwards. He’s going to come in. I just love this man. I love
his walk.

Think about our pastor tonight in India. Hundreds and hundreds of people from all over, from
Nepal. They’re all gathered and our precious pastor is there loving people, pouring out his life
and God is giving us the strength that we need to go 40 days and 40 nights; 40 years, 400 years.
I don’t know. We just keep going in the power of the Word that he gives us. Amen.

P. Stambovsky –

Good evening. Good to be here. Good to be home. Ronnie Brooks, what a
hero. Twenty-five years ago in Stephentown, New York, he and Lou Khalenback and Mike
Williams and Mary was there and Jenny and people from our church. We had a Bible study in
the middle of nowhere in Stephentown. Ron was on fire for God. I had the privilege of pastoring
him for 20 some odd years. What a saint. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the going home
party for his saints. Yeah.

And this past Saturday, maybe some of you know, Tom LaCasse when home to be with the
Lord. Tom was born with spinal bifida in the 40s and he was born with no thumbs. Actually,
when he taught in our school in Lee he would scare the kids. My daughter told me. He’d say if
you get in trouble, they’re going to cut your thumbs off! How’s that for behavior modification.
Maybe P. Barry can use that. At 8 years of age, he went in for surgery for spinal bifida and the
doctor made a mistake and severed his spinal cord. He was confined to a wheel chair for the
rest of his life, but that did not stop him. In his wheelchair, he and his wife Barbara took over
the world for Jesus. They were soul winners, Barbara and he. Barbara was writing 30 or 40
letters a month to missionaries all over the world.

Tom was writing tracts. When he lived in Lennoxville, he was so happy he bought himself a tractor and he got on the tractor and he would without the wheel chair, nobody around, he would just plow the fields and he’d get
stuck out there. He’d have to call one of us to come get him. Remarkable man of God. Heaven is
getting fuller, isn’t it? Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

Thank you, P. Glen. Eva just texted me. She said, dad, I can’t believe it. My favorite pastor from
Bible college – please, nobody else get offended – P. Cannon and then you’re speaking. I
appreciate being here and thanks to P. Schaller for inviting me tonight. I got a call from Jen this
morning so it cut my naptime short now that I’m older!

I wanted to talk tonight about – we’ll call it RE, R-E. RE- is a prefix. You know that word? RE. It
has no meaning but it has direction in it. If it’s on a legal document, it obviously refers to when
it says “RE: or RE;” it refers to what is being spoken about. We’re going to talk about a little re-
time tonight and let’s put this together and let’s pray. Exodus 13, the Bible says in Psalm 90:9 our lives
are a tale that is told. The word HAGAH in the Hebrew is the fleeting thought, the tale. It’s kind
of like a vapor like we find in James. Our life is but a vapor. It appears for a time and then gone.
That’s your byline. That’s your story that you and I instead of being – we’re vapor heads. We’re
vaporized. We are vapor people and as people of God, we have something to say. We have an
opportunity to tell a story. Each one of us is an able minister of a New Covenant. Are we not?
Each one of you has a portion to share, to tell.

And in this world, in this life, wherever it is that you travel, whomever it is you may have as
your contact list on your phone, your computer, and in your life itself. These are important
visits that you and I are a part of to reveal exactly who we are in the faith. Moses had this great commission as well. Here in Exodus 13, I’ll read it from this verse. Vs. 1-8. The word “explain” in the
Hebrew is the same word where the Jews get the word “HAGADAH”. HAGA is a Hebrew word
that says the telling of the story. The telling of the story of the Passover was so important for
God to communicate to Moses, that he told Moses I want you to tell your son this story. It’s
interesting he would use that word. He didn’t say I want you to teach your son. He said I want
you to tell your son the story. And today we are retelling the story and telling it over and over
again. And telling the same story, if you will, of how faithful our God is. What he has done for
us. The telling of a story.

Today in Judaism all over the world, any Jew is welcome at any Passover Seder celebration. It
happened last night. Wherever it is, wherever they go, you can feel at home there. Because the
story of your redemption is told. There is singing at this telling. There is eating. There is
celebration. There are all kinds of remembrances being brought up through the singing of
psalms, through the explaining of the Old Testament. Through the categorical understanding of
these very difficult but very real promises that God made to his people. This telling is part of our
history and our heritage.

Do you know when you got saved, when God had a story to tell he sent his Son. The story, tell
me the story of Jesus, the song goes. And as we think about the telling of what is on our hearts,
how do we communicate this story? I want to think about a few things what it really means to
tell the story because our experience and our understanding of something, maybe even our
prejudice, has a different expectation. Because over the years, we tend to – I’ll say I tend to
embellish some things about stories, about things that happen. But doctrine keeps me
grounded enough so I can’t embellish the Scripture cause it can be checked. All my people in
the church say they can Google check me for all my history and everything else I might say.
By the way, please pray for the church in Lee.

We have a young Italian pastor, Tony Casello, who we are rearing up and he’s enrolled online in Bible college here and he’s been a faithful servant and gifted in teaching and ministering. He told us last Sunday that the Italian race is the
chosen race not the Jews! And the Casello family is part of that! I had to repent in front of
everyone. I didn’t know but I think we’ll still allow him to continue his pastoring! This telling.
What can we say about something that is so vital. Our lives is the same telling.

The story of Ron Brooks. The story of Tom LaCasse. The story of people that have gone before
us, men and women. Our lives are this tale. This little bit of time. This little vapor if you will. This
little essence of being that has been born and then born again into a kingdom that cannot be
moved. And the telling of this story from Moses to his son is an interesting thing. It goes on for
generation after generation. It’s powerful. The Word of God is forever. We know that. It’s
forever settled in heaven. Within the telling, God allows the personality of the individual who is
telling the story, who is the story, who is the byline of the story to get involved in the story. This
is not some impersonal tale that you find on some dusty shelf somewhere that you dust off and read. You go, I wonder if that’s actually true? It’ s true cause it’s you. As you retell and relive and
reinvigorate and reestimate what it means in the RE business, RE business, it means that we
can enjoy our perspective as believers.

You know that prefix is funny because you can go back to sleep so many times but you never
say I re-sleep. Or I re-wake and go back to sleep. Also, I like the idea now that I’m re-tired! I
know what that means. It means I’m working for my wife now! I would rather work in the
prison sometimes cause I had more time to sleep than I do working for my precious wife, Karen.
She’s got lists that are just wonderful. Thank you. I know you are watching, honey hun. But it’s
so unique that you and I are living in a world where truth is fallen in the street, and we can’t do
anything against the truth. How do we pick it up and tell the story of it? How do we do it
without so much as alienating or ticking off people who are of another spectrum, another belief
system? How is it possible?

It’s possible because it’s powerful. God told Moses to tell his son what was going on. How was
Moses describing it? You know when Pentecost came, there was nothing like that in the Old
Testament or the New. No event that was like that because it came from outside of us and it
visited us. We were all affected by it inside in Acts. 2. We know the story. When something
comes from above or outside of us, it’s very difficult to understand but we can grasp ahold of it
and it becomes much more powerful because it becomes inside of us. They started to speak the
languages that each other knew. There was witness. There was authority. There was a
brokenness. There was a rejoicing. They loved each other and didn’t know each other.
Pentecost was like that.

When something is on the inside of us festering and maybe it’s real or maybe it isn’t real, it’s
not really a remarkable expression of truth all the time. I love the Word of God but I also love
the story of the Word of God. I’m not saying that lightly and I’m not saying that irreverently. I’m
saying that because you and I have a perspective to tell the story that is not out there in this

As Karen and I have a place in Florida and we’ve been going church hopping if you will just
checking out other churches. I’m meeting wonderful believers all over the west coast of Florida.
I’m so thankful with a broken heart with what we have been taught in this ministry to give me a
perspective that we’ve got a story, a byline that cannot be denied, even cannot be understood
unless there’s love as P. Glen said. I’d rather be in a feast of herbs than eating a stalled ox with

We did go to a church the other day in Florida. The people were so loving. Actually, somebody
we didn’t know met us out in the parking lot and escorted us right to seats. She was Spirit filled,
lovely. We were amongst believers. The music was wonderful. The pastor got up and he was
talking about the law. He said you know did you ever think about it if you break the speed limit, you’re sinning and sinners go to hell? I sat there so condemned I couldn’t even believe it. I
mean I understood what he was saying but my foot never understood that. I mean I don’t know
what that’s going to be like to stand before Jesus one day and say you know, on the thousand
plus miles a week that you drive, maybe 90% of it is over the speed limit. Can I still get in Lord?
Am I really saved? And so afterwards, Karen said don’t say anything to the guy.

Let’s just go. And the lady that brought us to this church, we were following her. She was going 80 miles an
hour up the highway and I had to keep up with her. Obviously, the message – interesting!
My point is that I think in 2007 I remember this quote that P. Stevens had told us that the
strength of this ministry is in its understanding and the teaching and the telling of the finished
work message. And that’s your gift. That’s your story. It’s not just you have to quote the
Scriptures to impress people. But you live by every Word of God so that your life becomes this
unbelievable testimony of what is real, what is true. Whatsoever things are true and lovely and
pure, Philippians 4. You think, re-think on those things.

How do you retell a story? You just tell it over and over again. So, the RE is actually just pointing
to the telling. So, the prefix RE- reimagining something has to do so much not only with the
truth of the story but Moses, what was he telling his kid? You know where we were? I
remember being in Pharoah’s court. Boy, you wouldn’t believe the food there and this and that.
So, his experience mattered to his son cause his son told it and his son told it and his son told it
so much so that they continued through the years and years and years and here we are 2000
plus A.D. and the story of the Exodus is still very vital, real and absolutely true. How do you
prove something is true? Tell the story over and over again. Tell the story. Read the book over
and over again.

Where is it in the last book of John, the last verse of that great book, the books of this world,
the libraries of this world could not hold them. There are so many of them. Use your sanctified
imagination when it comes to finding and expressing and re-visiting those things. Reliving your
salvation but not as a milky Christian. Get over the milk and eat the meat of the Word so that
you can serve that in a variety of settings. This is our lives. This is important for us. This is the
moments we have to share while we are on earth. Life is a gift. It’s precious. It’s short and here
we are. This is not some evaluation or it could be a reevaluation but I like a reexamination
better where I would say examine myself to see how the government of God is operating within

That’s pretty spiritually honest. I can do that. I can be honest enough to say this telling of this
story of the gospel, how’s it going David Stambovsky? It’s well in my life. It is well with my soul.
When you’re called upon, of course, I’m a preacher. I can preach. How about in the setting
when you are with your Mennonite relatives and they’re asking you how did you figure this
out? Where did this come from? This is in the Bible? And with a sense of godly brokenness and
pride, I can say I’ve been taught well. Somebody rediscovered the beauty and the joy of what it meant to live by every Word of God, and it wasn’t legalism. It wasn’t bondage. It was exciting. It
was a time we could look at our lives and say my God. It’s so true. We could consider these
things. The true apologetic folks of the next generation, of the next century if you will if God
does not come back soon.

Who are those? Those are the truth tellers who tell the truth defining it clearly, defending it really, and expressing it genuinely. I just express this is who I am.

We come this far by faith. I’m not going back to that place or that place. I could revisit them.
You know, it’s interesting when I go back through my old neighborhood in Springfield. I drive up
and down the streets and I still have family there. It’s interesting to see how things have
changed and what hasn’t changed. As Orthodox Jews when my brother and I, my sister, when
we made a mistake in my mother’s kitchen by taking her good china out and mixing the milk
with the meat. So, my mother found out. She had to take that very expensive china and the
silverware and bury it in her backyard and never use it again. I have gone down my street in
Forest Park and tried to get in the backyard to dig up some of those old pieces of china! It’s a
good fundraiser, isn’t it? I didn’t get arrested yet! It’s amazing when we think about we got this.
This is our heritage. This is our legacy.

Let’s close in Hebrews 10 please. So, we can either reexamine or examine. We can either reread or
keep reading. We can either reinforce or just enforce. How about “the secret things belong to
God but the revealed things belong to us and our children forever.” God wants to reveal, unveil
something for you and I and I’ll never forget here when Spiro Zodhiates came years ago, and he
would tell us that if you remember those cans of sardines and you put a little key in it and turn
it and open it. I’ll never forget that illustration cause it stuck. He said that’s like the tribulation.
That’s like the revealing of something you and God share and it opens slowly and it’s not
overwhelming and overpowering cause remember the Hittites and the Perizzites and the
Jebusites are all around and they’re not so impressed with your life and your ministry. But
everybody has a story and they got one too.

A wise man can draw the story out of someone. How does a guy like Tom LaCasse live his life with such joy? I don’t think I’ve ever saw him negative once. Never mad at God. Never mad at the world. And in that wheelchair what a
remarkable human being. We can still be precise with who we are and what God’s given us
because we’re so in love with the call of God on our lives. Why do we do the great exploits that
we do? Because we have a story to tell. It’s not just the gospel story that is so intriguing to me. I
love it. There’s nothing like it, but it’s how you mix in with it. How you mix faith with it. How
this great salvation is right there. It’s remarkable.

And the older you get, the more mature you become the more vital it is to live a prepared life
without beating yourself up. Blessed is the man or the woman that does not beat himself up for
the thing he allows. I don’t have time to beat myself up. I just want to get up again and again
and again and again and enjoy the process because whether or not somebody else is watching
or you don’t think somebody else is watching, they really are. They’re watching and it’s a remarkable joy. We get this, we get this joy and sometimes within our families things happen
and they’re not quite the gospel idea of living a born again life that we would expect from all
our family members; but you know what? I got a story and that’s not changing my byline. It’s
not changing the editor’s deadline.

Here it is in Hebrews 10:25. What day is that? That’s the day when you put the paper to bed. I’m
sure it speaks about another day but for this application, that’s the day when your story is
finalized. The last dot, the last exclamation, the last question mark. Whatever it is your last
expressed story is on your death bed and on my death bed we will have that. Until that day
approaches, we have the opportunity to continue, to continue to express ourselves. To keep
coming. To do what we’ve been taught to do. To express ourselves how we have been taught.
To “study to show ourselves approved workman who needeth not be ashamed rightly dividing
the word of truth.”

Everybody understand this? And as we think about it tonight, I think about a moment in our
history. Here we are. What can quench the fiery darts of the devil? Mark the perfect man, the
one who can mature. His end is peace. How about we resist the devil and he flees from us. Have
you ever been in a good book or a good thought or having a good heavy revie and nothing can
interrupt that. That’s what I’m talking about. This is God speaking to you, so he can use you to
speak to others. It’s remarkable. This is your life.

Your life, Jeremiah 45:5 says “seek thou great things for yourself?” Don’t seek them. The Lord’s going
to give your life as a prize everywhere you go. That’s what’s spoken about you. My father-in-law
recently went home to be with the Lord in November and he used to take me to Gideons
meetings up in Lancaster county. I went after he had passed to one of the meetings and a guy
came up to me at one of the meetings and he said about 40 years ago, your father-in-law gave
me $10,000 and didn’t tell anyone. I was just out of prison and I didn’t know what to do with
life. I’m a millionaire today because your father-in-law said, go. You’re a saved man now. Go
and make a life for yourself.

In his death, I think about how he affected people in his life. I’m hearing stories about his
generosity, about his character that he would not lie. He would not change. He was investing in
people his whole life. He even had a problem with his Mennonite background because he was
in a group that the church was against. It was a social group and all his buddies were in it. He
was just there because it was the thing to do back in the 30s or 40s. His pastor came to him and
said you’ve lost your calling in our church because of that unless you quit that organization. He
said I can’t quit. So, he came and he became a kitchen cleaner in the church and he stayed in
the church, but he did not fulfill that call to preach.

And one day before he died he said to me, David. I want to tell you something. Thank you for
fulfilling my call in your ministry. And he supported us. See, the end of the matter is better than the beginning. The last chapter of your story, Ron Brooks, is more impressive than the first
chapter. Tom LaCasse. The last chapter you write is how well you maintain through your pain.
How well you worship. How well on your dying day that you expressed the confidence that you
had that you knew where you were going. I know that he did that. I wasn’t there but I have to
be there. I know the man. Character is being formed as you write your story.

“Of the making of books there is no end.” That’s not the books out there. That’s you and me.
We’re books. And the library of heaven is going to be filled. In the library of heaven, Jesus is one
day going to open up the Lamb’s book of life and see your name in there, the day you were
born again. And then he’s going to open up the book of remembrance when you died to
yourself in the details of life and then he’s going to open up the book of rewards. The Jews
believe in three books in heaven. Interesting. In heaven’s library, that third book will determine
your degree of glory, your rank in heaven forever and ever based upon how you lived the story
of the gospel of grace in your life. (Prayer).

What a great understanding we have of the things of God because God so loved us that he
decided to make a legal document with a RE on it that said consider my Son paying for
everything so that you could be part of my family forever. We thank you for it. Anyone here if
you don’t know Christ, this is a good time as any just to initiate that relationship based on who
he is and what he has done. Everywhere we travel up and down the coast, I find people who
have no clue on how to be saved, what it means to stay saved, and how to live a joyous life.
You’re needed. Your story is needed. Get those pens out. Get that paper out and rewrite your
story with some retime given to you by the God of all grace. (Prayer).

Bless P. Schaller in India. We’re so thankful for the churches there. We’ve been there many
times. We’re so thankful for the fragrance of the memory there and the determination of those
precious people to live this very life. What a story we can tell about the church in India, the
church in Nepal. What corporate stories our lives revolve around. Amazing. And may you leave
here reinvigorated with your own telling. May this HAGGADAH, this story book be filled with
song and praise. Be filled with the great things that God has put on your table. He’s brought you
to his banqueting table. His banner over you and I is love. And we thank you for it. We praise
you. All God’s people said, Amen and Amen.

Thank you.


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