Hezekiah was awesome king who let an enemy see everything he had. He could boasted in what God had done for him. Let us learn to reckon on God and reveal His glory. Let us have a consciousness of Him and not of ourselves. (2 Kings 20:12-13; 1 Corinthians 1:29-32)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12216
7:00 PM on 12/15/2021

P. Schaller –

Thanks, Avery. What a good – which category do you fall into? Do you want to be here or you don’t want to be
here? It was good, wasn’t it? It was good, wasn’t it? He’s being real honest and transparent.
Precious. Boasting. Boasting is our subject tonight. Honestly I have it in my spirit, but I don’t know my
words yet or how it’s going to go. This is a real faith message. They always are actually and
they’re the best ones. Yeah. Turn to 1 Corinthians 1. Christmas time we have our homes open. We talk
to our neighbors and our relatives and it’s so easy to boast and boasting is a big part of life for
people. Boasting in many different ways.

I want you to – two things. The Afghan Refugee Project. This is Pastor Taggart, Farshad and
Afroos, Gordon Colby, Liam M., myself. We are really interested in the Afghan Christians.
There’s a group of Christians, 275 of them who left Afghanistan when the Taliban took over and
these are Christians whose lives were in jeopardy, and P. Obed in Canada arranged for their

He told us they received a phone call at 1:00 in the morning their time to leave their house
immediately and go to this place ten hours away, an air field, and fly out. They took nothing, you
know. They ended up in the United Arab Emirates and they are there now in holding, and P.
Obed is asking if we would help sponsor them to come to our country. It’s many ways. I would
say it’s obvious what we should do. It may require some money. It does, but that’s not a
problem. Maybe when they land some housing, but the government is going to help them with
that and other things, but there is a need for families in our church to pray about it, think about it,
and see what kind of a commitment you’d like to make to that work.

Because I think it means – I don’t know, but this is our prayer, that Afghans would be here in our
church. Maybe we would have an Afghan service or Afghan church here in Baltimore. Who
knows. I don’t know, but I’m asking the church here to pray about it.
We don’t have a lot of time. By the end of January we have to make our application for each
one. There’s already a church in South Dakota that has picked up a bunch of them, so there’s a
bunch of people in waiting. I would love to be part of the solution. To what degree, I don’t know.
So there will be a meeting in classroom #2 with – you can ask questions. Some of these men
will be there to answer, and we’ll talk about it. I think the big thing for us is just prayer. Would
you be interested?  Would you – I read here that the application is $575 per person.

That’s a humanitarian parole application. There’s some other liabilities, so it would mean individuals in
our church would be interested in sponsoring and some how being a place. I wouldn’t say they
would land in your house, but maybe land in your back yard or garage. I don’t know. Those
questions can be asked tonight in classroom #2. Pray and see what we can do if God is in that.

The second thing is some of the guys with their sons and grandsons are going to go to the
woods Saturday from 10:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon at Binks at Abby Lange’s
house on Glen Arm Road to collect fire wood and to hang out in the woods and be guys in the
woods. If you are a father or grandfather and you want to bring your son or grandson or
granddaughter – actually, ladies, if you want to come just put a mustache on, flannel shirt and

No, I think you are welcome, too. It will be a family time up there with the family. If you
have questions about that you can meet them over here, Isaac Woods and Binks Lange over
here to the left after the service.

Okay. Let’s do our message now after all of that. 1 Cor. 1, I think this will be half the message,
then we will do the offering and we’ll do the other half, okay. 1 Cor. 1:29, I’ve noticed in myself
how I can glory in myself. We all do it. I can glory in the things that I own. I think Craig man back
there. He’s one of the faithful men. He’s got this slick Toyota convertible. I noticed how much he
enjoys it. He pulls in the parking lot. He does a couple spins around the parking lot and parks it!

What could you glory in as a person, you know? What builds up your ego? What gives you
some notification or some value to yourself, to your life? It’s so common how much we do that.
There’s a lot of good reason in a sense because we’ve been treated so good by God, whether
that’s your health or your job or where you live or some other thing. It’s so easy to glory in these
things. We can talk about our past like this, our successes. We can talk about the certain kind of
levels or progress report that might happen in my life. You might say in my heart. I think
Christmas is a bit like that. I love the holiday. I love the fact that people in the world pay
attention at least to some degree to what God has done that God sent Christ, that God came
here; that God is incarnate in Christ.

When the wise men came to see him and then they left, what do you think they gloried in when
they left the manger and they saw him but they could say, we saw him. We saw him. Him. We
saw him. When we see the work of God like many of us have, it sticks to us in our hearts and
we just say and many of you have heard us say it. The early days or the days in Maine or in
Lenox or on the mission field or the Spirit of God that moved with some people and they just
couldn’t get enough of God. They talked about God in the late night.

Remember P. Steve Duff who was the pastor in Baltimore before we came down. He was in
Russia, St. Petersburg. I remember the spirit of revival and the Spirit of God on the raps that he
did. He would talk about it today like it was yesterday, because it was something God did. “The
works of the Lord are sought out by all them that have pleasure therein (Psalm 111:2).” We
have seen it. We talk about it. Actually, when we come here, our whole heart and mind is
geared to him. Like when we are worshiping tonight and we have a long day. Some of you are
coming right from work or home and making dinner and throwing the dishes in the sink and
getting in the car and coming. Why? We want to glory in him. I want to see him. I want to speak
about him. I need something. Because Christmas is coming.

Of course, it applies to every time of year. But when our neighbors come, do they want to see
our bathroom or swimming pool, our living room, our new deck? When neighbors come, do they
want to know what your best soup is or your best cake? They want to know how good you look
or how sweet you smell? Yes. Yes, that’s what happens. How good your kids are or maybe not.
We really glory in our flesh. We really do. And so we’re going to speak about that tonight.
I think it’s the Holy Spirit that wants to say something to us tonight. We are very – oh, in America
we are very social status and conscious of who has what and also how are you doing and all of
these things, but we have been delivered. We are different. We don’t need to talk about

ourselves. We don’t need to boast in those things. Much of the boasting is actually not honest.
It’s taking a thing and putting a spin on it the best we can to make the best impression or to lead
people to believe a certain way. I would say many of you in this auditorium in a way you don’t
really need to hear the message, but you do. Cause whether it’s in a big degree or a small
degree, it’s in us. Consciousness of people. What people think. Consciousness of our selves
and what we think and how we may present ourselves.

Again I say, I see Spirit-filled people. I see people loving Jesus and they are so ready in their
heart on those levels and as soon as possible say to their neighbor, you know, this is a beautiful
place and I’m very thankful for it. But may I share with you the deepest thing, the most important
thing in my life. The thing that changed my life. That person. Nobody less than God himself, the
God of the universe who loves you and is real. This conversation is for some people ackward
because we are more prone to these things in our society and in our world. I would guess in
time you are going to become a communicator or what is in your heart very naturally and very
easily and when you look at your words and what you say, you are boasting in the Lord. You are
really boasting in the Lord because it’s in you. You love God. It’s in you. You boast in him. You
look for it. You can do it. You say it. It might not be a big sounding trumpet. It’s just a whisper
that comes from your heart. Listen, believe me. Believe me. If I have anything, you know, and
on and on it goes. You see what I’m trying to say.

Go to the next verse, 1 Corinthians 1:30. You are in Christ Jesus. This is big. This is big potatoes right
there. That’s huge. This is a huge statement. You are in Christ Jesus. When I came to church
this morning to teach the high school at 10:00, I parked in the parking lot and just spend the
hour with my Bible in the front seat with prayer and just crying out to the Lord in my heart.
Jesus, help me with this class. Help me teach the kids. Help me speak from your heart. Give me
a message. Help me minister and then for the whole day. I actually feel people are praying for
me. I also feel that the Holy Spirit is the only one that could ever do any of this, that could speak
to a heart, comfort a soul.

You know Sandy Lightsey and P. Dan who passed on the other day. I talked to her on the
phone and I think about her and called Sue Williams last night and talked with her. These are
precious people and I just think there’s not much time for any of us. Ten years we’re passing on.
In this life, we are boasting in God. Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s read vs. 30. These four words. I always wondered why he had these four words, but it
sounds like these are the words that have really changed our lives. These are the words that
have set us apart. These are the words that mark us different from the world. These are the
words that the world cannot get their hands on them. They don’t care about them. But these are
the words that we boast in. These are the words that give us understanding. These are the
words that help us in humility and realize who we are and what we have that has come from

vs. 31. I think I’ll do the whole message. That’s part 1. Now, turn to 2 Kings 19 and we have a
good example of this in Hezekiah. Hezekiah was an awesome king of Judah and he overcame
an amazing army of Assyrians. I’ll draw a little map here. Here is Israel. This is Jordan River,
Dead Sea, Jerusalem. And the Assyrians come down from the north and they take the northern
kingdom away into captivity and they never return. The Assyrians come back later to take
Jerusalem. They surround Jerusalem and they say we are going to take you. Huge army.
Hezekiah prayed and they left. The army was destroyed one night. The people left. They went
back to Assyria. They went back up here.

A neighboring kingdom, Babylon, which at that time was smaller. They heard about it. They
heard about #1. The military victory of Hezekiah, and #2. They heard that Hezekiah was sick
and was going to die but he was healed. Two things that Hezekiah could say in his heart. #1. I am a great man. I am a great king. God has given me great deliverance. A great empire could not defeat us. God is with us. God
delivered us. #2. He could say I was sick. I was going to die and then I prayed to God. He heard
me. He told me I would have 15 more years. That’s a great thing to think. I’m going to live 15
more years. He was strong. He was confident and he was also ready to boast. He was ready to
say this is what God did for me and actually I have a lot to show for it.

I have treasure. When the Babylonians came, they sent a delegation to check it out to see who Hezekiah really
was and to check out his treasure. Hezekiah showed him all the treasure. This is 2 Kings 20:12-
13. I think Hezekiah was a man of God, and he is under the eyesight of God. God is listening to
Hezekiah and watching Hezekiah. Hezekiah is boasting. Hezekiah is saying look at what I have.
Look at my kingdom. We defeated the Assyrians. The Babylonians are very interested in that
because they are going to attack Assyria in the near future. But they are also going to
remember what they saw and they are going to attack Judah and take everything away to
Babylon in a matter of time.

But that’s not the point as much as Hezekiah’s spirit or mind. Babylonians come to check it out
and what would you say if you were Hezekiah to the Babylonians? First of all, the Babylonians
are pagans. They’re idolators. You could say to the Babylonians what are the names of your
gods? They would give the names. You would say what? Well, the Assyrians came with those
gods, but our God, the God of the Jews, overcame the Assyrians. All your gods are nothing in the light of our God. For our God created heaven and earth. Would you say that? Somebody
would say that would be rude, impolite. Be hospitable. Identify with them. Be like them. Be like
the Babylonians. Be like them and then you can also brag about things or boast. No, I want to
boast in God. I want to talk about him. I want to say he did it.

They could say, Hezekiah, we heard you were sick. He would say, yes I was. But I prayed to
God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and he heard me. He gave me 15 more years to
live. What do you mean? Yes, he told me by the prophet Isaiah who is a man of God. He told
me I will live 15 more years. It will happen because God said it.

If you and I have a message where we can boast in God then we should say it. We should
share it. Because I’ll tell you something. It’s one way to be protected in an evil world. If you give
your message out and you are boasting in God, Jesus said I will profess you before the angels.
If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the angels. Of course, we have wondered
what does that mean but I kind of think in my life angels help me because I do not deny him. I
think if I boast in him, there is some spiritual blessing, maybe protection. I will not be like the
Babylonians because I already made it clear. They are different. We are different. We are Jews.
Our God is the God of Abraham. Our God delivered us from the Assyrians. Our God made us
wealthy. How did you get wealthy? Our God made us wealthy. How come you are physically fit?
God made us physically fit. We have followed God. How come I don’t smoke cigarettes? How
come you don’t smoke? Because God said or however you would say it.

I don’t know how you would say it, but please think about what I’m saying. I honestly think
without sounding weird, in your heart when you go to bed at night, I honestly believe that you
know God is helping you and that God has given you a lot in your life. Why not, why not boast in
the Lord all the day long in Psalm 32:1. Boast in the Lord all day long.

How do you love your church? I love my church. Why do you love your church? Because of
God. God is in the church. God is with us. Isn’t it beautiful. It’s mingled with humility of course.
It’s rooted in humility. Our boasting in the Lord is rooted in our spirit, in our hearts. Because in
prayer, this is where we live. In prayer, we come before God without much at all, with empty
hands and we say in our prayer, Lord, you have given me life. You have taken care of me. You
have covered me with your wings. You have put your Spirit in me. You help me. You fill me with
the Spirit when I was tempted. You delivered me from sin. You forgiven me of my sins. You’ve
given me friends. You’ve given me fellowship. I have a word in season. Sometimes there’s a
word of wisdom or a word in season that is just fresh, that is for us. You are the living God that
talks to us and gives us words of life. Holding forth the word of life Paul said. Contrarily, maybe
because we boast in ourselves, then we don’t see the glory of God. We see the glory of Tom.
The glory of Tom. The glory of me or the glory of this, you know.

Have you ever been with people who talk all day long about their cars? The cars or the
machines or computers or covid or whatever. All day long. All day long. What is the point of it?
Is there something boasting in my heart to get attention? Do you know who I am, what I am
saying, where I got this information, what I know and so on. Yes, of course. We’ve all done it.
I’m not saying it’s like. I’m not saying. I just think this is a good thought for us tonight that we
could be aware of it and then just maybe stop the boasting in me and just shift in my heart to

Lastly, in the Christmas story it seems like that’s what it’s about. The angels are singing. They
can’t believe it. Peace on earth, good will toward men. This is it. You guys are so fortunate. The
angels could say to the world, you guys are so, it’s unbelievable what God has done for you to
redeem you. Who is God that he would do such a thing.

Then you have the shepherds. They’re excited not about their sheep but about him. And they
are talking to everybody about it. Then there’s Mary and Joseph who are pulled into this, led into
it and all the time Mary is pondering, thinking about it and her boast is what God has done. The
wise men, Anna, Simeon in the temple and then you and I.

It is Christmas season and we have an opportunity to boast a lot in God. We’ll have it all year
round. All of our lives. I want to say this. This is a great thought. What if – this is just a question
– what if all my life I was boasting in what Jesus has done, what Jesus has said, what Jesus is
doing, what Jesus has promised, what Jesus has taught. What if all my life it was like Jesus is in
my heart by the Holy Spirit. I might be a quiet person but in my heart I know who Jesus is and
what he has done for me and my family and my friends and what he’s done for my church.
What if all my life, it seems to me no flesh can glory in his presence. That’s what we do here.
We boast in our flesh. Where’s his presence. Where’s his presence? It’s not here. What if we
know him in faith and boast in him and we talk about him, we think about him.

Here’s a good thought, too: How about you and your Bible and taking some time and having
those personal times and really feeding and really digging into the Word and being quiet and
trusting and just being light -hearted and thankful and simple and some revival to happen in your
spirit and in your heart. Then you meet others that have the same thing happening and we have
a revival that is happening in the Spirit in the church. We’re boasting all day long. We’re
boasting in him. That becomes our way of life. No glory, no flesh can glory in his presence but
we do a lot of it. Glorying in him and he is given us his presence. His angels are there. The
anointing is there. That’s what it is the anointing. It’s about him. The anointing is there. The
freedom is there. The eating is there. Eating spiritual food. That’s what satisfies us.

Lastly, this is the last one. Somebody mentioned it to me the other night. He said, when we are
filled with the Spirit, we will not fulfill the desires of our flesh. And that stuck to him and as he
said it, it stuck to me. I thought about it. If I am Spirit filled, I lose those desires of boasting in my
flesh or the desires of my flesh to make a big deal out of myself. You lose that. Now, it’s more
where is he? What is he saying? How much does he love us? Then when you go to the
homeless or the needy or you’re in your house in prayer and you think about a relative far away,
you haven’t written to them for years. Maybe you shoot off a letter and say a word to them to
reach out. That’s Christmas. Not an ordinary Christmas of like the same patterns and routines
and busyness of it. That’s part of life maybe for you. I’m not saying anything against it only
adding to this thought and that is reaching with love and boasting in him. Put yourself away. It
doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. Let’s boast in him all the day long. Okay. Amen.

Before we close, that song and then the message was something I really want to stick with you
some how. Not just we close and then go off to the next thing. Just for a few minutes, kind of
think about it and what that means. I wonder if maybe you would talk for a few minutes if you
want to or just sit for a minute. We’re finishing in a few minutes, but just say three things that
you boast in in the flesh and that’s very easy for you when you are talking to people. It’s kind of
like a mechanism where we are protecting ourselves and boasting in the flesh or promoting
ourselves. Maybe three things that it’s very easy for you to do, and you want to change that.
You want to be able to stop doing that and you want to just like bring people to the reality that all
that I have is come from him.

Much more than I don’t know about that I have from him and that
we are not, we are not in the world to talk about ourselves and the things of the world and want
to be like the world but instead we are people of spirit and we love to promote and magnify God
in our hearts. If it’s in our heart, it will come out of our mouth. I really think there is power in it.
One little funny story. Years ago, when Dr. Stevens was the pastor here, we did street ministry
at those high rises and we did Sunday school. We had two people out there on the street of
Baltimore at 11:00 in the morning. A man comes up with a gun and wants to rob our two people
who are doing Sunday school. Our Sunday school people go, we’re out here talking about
Jesus. We’re looking for children. The guy puts the gun away and says, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. God
bless you. God bless you!

You know, you know what? Maybe in some way, if we would reckon on God in life like this by
the work and the help of the Spirit, there will be a blessing for you. Okay. So for a minute or two,
talk to your neighbor about it and then we’ll say a benediction.


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