Judgment Day shall come. God is righteous. He is Creator and Lord. Men have invented ways and philosophies to evade reality. One day all shall see this. His City shall stand on the the earth. All will come before His Throne. Hebrews 11:3; Romans 2:14-15; Isaiah 34:113

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis
Sermon 11994
11:00 AM on 11/22/2020

This day, 11/22, means something to us. It means something to a lot of people here. To us, it’s the
birthday of my son, Paul. P. Andrulonis the younger as we call him in our family. He was born a
month early. You can say “happy birthday” to him on the way out. P. John and Nancy Hadley
reminded me it was the graduation day, the welcoming home of their daughter as she went
into eternity a few years ago. That is interesting too for us. Bitter sweet things we think about.
In 1963, three people were called into eternity. One an atheist, Huxley; one a politician, J. F.
Kennedy was assassinated on this day and also a believer and we know him because he has
written so many things that encourage our hearts. That’s C. S. Lewis. They all went into eternity
on the same day. There’s an essay about this by Peter Kreeft. Good writer. He writes about did
they meet in eternity. It’s obviously a fictional kind of thing but what would they say to each

The atheist, the politician and the believer. That would be amazing. C. S. Lewis said
something in Screwtape Letters which is a fictional account about devils and how they tempt
us. It says that mostly that the big thing the devils try to do is get us with selfishness and
pettiness rather than big things. We have to learn how to address that hour by hour. What I
want to say here from Psalm 42 – there is this verse at the end. In Psalm 42 and 43 it says this
exact verse a couple of times. It says, “why are you cast down o my soul and why are you
disquieted within me? Hope thou in God; for I shall yet praise him who is the health of my
countenance and my God.” Why soul are you disquieted within me? I think it’s important – this
is David showing us it’s really good to talk to yourself. There is the spirit of a man which the
proverb tells us is the candle of the Lord. And maybe as pastor talked about at 9:00, there is an
upper floor and a lower floor.

The soul, the natural things about who we are and the way we
look and the kind of personality, kind of things that are a part of us, the natural kind of thing,
the soul part of us can be spoken to and it gets disquieted. There are a lot of things right now
that could get us disquieted, turn us upside down and get us thinking about things. There is the
human spirit that can speak to that part of us and say hope in God. You know your parents and
you’re upstairs and doing something and something strange and noisy is going on downstairs.
Hey, don’t make me come down there! It’s like the upper floor of the house can speak to the
lower floor and say, hope in God. Hope in God. Hope in God. We have some examples of that.
I’ve just got finished teaching Esther, Job and over the last couple of weeks Esther and Job and
Psalms in the Bible Survey class. We have David who wrote this about saying to your soul “hope
in God.” But Esther and Job are also people we can read about and understand that they
listened to God, listened to their spirit speaking to them when they were in moments of quiet

Esther is pretty obvious. You read the story, heard it preached, maybe watched a
movie about it. Esther won the beauty pageant of Persia and that beauty pageant included
months of being anointed with perfumes and bathing and everything and she got a crown. She
captivated the heart of the king and became the queen. That’s amazing, but shortly after that,
there was an evil man that came into the picture and he had a great plan to destroy the people
of God. He had lots of money. He had government authority to do it and Haman was launching
this plan to eradicate the Jewish people from the empire. Mordecai, the uncle, who put this
niece into the pageant to become the queen. That’s a whole other story. You’re the guardian and you put her – hum. The Bible has some strange stories but let’s get to the point of it. Esther
was wound up in a place where she could save her people. She was disquieted about it. She
wasn’t so sure she could do it. She was just a little one.

Just a small girl when she went into the pageant and now she has a crown on her head, and she has a price on her head because of Haman. And Mordecai, the uncle says maybe you are there for this reason. She allowed the top
floor to speak to her lower floor. She allowed her human spirit to speak to her soul. She got her
court that served her as the queen, and they fasted and prayed. Groups of Jewish people
throughout the city, they fasted and prayed. And then what happened? Esther could go before
the king even though she was unbidden and unsummoned. That was always a risk. She put
herself at risk and threw herself into that situation and the end of the story is there is a triumph
and a celebration there. That’s amazing. The person of Job is kind of different. He doesn’t rise
to a position of wealth. He has a lot of stuff. He’s been an upright man. He’s been a praying
person and he’s got a lot of animals and donkeys and sheep and stuff and ten children. All of
them are wiped out in a day and Job has to deal with this. He’s wondering where God is, how
could God leave me in this situation.

There’s a lot of complaint, complaint, complaint, and demanding an audience with God. But every now and then we hear – it’s kind of interesting when you read the Bible. You notice that there seems to be a lot of complaint, a lot of curse and then blessing. It seems like a little word of blessing goes a long way. It’s like five words of
blessing can chase ten thousand thoughts of cursing and defeat. That’s the way the Bible is
written. We get a lot of complaint, a lot of moaning from Job and then we get these little gems
in the middle of it. “Though he try me,” Job 23:10, “I will come forth as gold.” Job 19:25-26 “I
know my Redeemer lives, and that I will see him in the flesh in the latter days.” It’s like Job, for
all of his complaining, pouring out, venting his spleen, pouring out his heart before the Lord and
to anyone who would listen, all of those complaints he still had these little pieces of reality that
he could call back from the upper floor. He could look up and say oh, that’s right. I will be as
gold. I’m going to be gold after all of this, and I have a Redeemer. And that Redeemer is going
to resurrect me because he’s going to be resurrected.

That’s the whole point of the story. What’s the hope that we have in God. The hope we have in God is like that last song we sang. It’s the resurrected life of Christ. It was the message that started the Christian movement in the
book of Acts. It was the message. There was Jesus. He got killed by Pilate. He got thrown in a
tomb but, but, but the hope is, the reality is, he’s alive and some of us saw it. We ate with him
and he ate with us and he was altogether lovely resurrected and that’s the hope we have in
God. Disquietness. Disquietness. Just take the mask off that thing, will ya? I just threw it in
there. You knew something like that was coming. You know how I do this. Disquietness. We
don’t have to live in that. We don’t have to live in the basement which is below the first floor.
It’s below the first floor where the sump pump is. That’s where the basement is. We live looking
above. We live letting the human spirit speak to us and it says to us the resurrection is real.
Jesus is going to come to the earth again in a white robe as we heard to triumph over
everything, in a city that will be full of his presence. That’s our hope. We can say as David
taught us to, we can speak to our disquietness with this hope. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Am I mistaken or was that good singing? It was, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it good? It hit
those notes like that. That’s amazing. Let’s look at each other for a moment. If you want to
make eye contact. Good to see P. Brian and Paula. Paula lost her dad and is back now. Wow,
great to have you here. Then Scott and Laura. There they are. There is thanksgiving. Isaac and
Becky. Wow! We windsurf now together. He’s a windsurfer but we haven’t been for a long
time. Have you gone lately? No. that’s fun. P. Dan is going to do Thanksgiving in the parking lot
with P. Butch Veader and the motorcycle guys and anybody else. Homeless people can come.
The food will be out there. P. Dan, what time do you meet there? 8:00 in the morning on
Thanksgiving. That’s for Body members and others and people across the street in the
neighborhood. Social distancing and all those things we want to follow out in the parking lot
outside. So that will be Thanksgiving Day.

I want to have eye contact with people and look at you. Why don’t we stand for a moment and have a good attitude and say God loves me. Praise the Lord. My brother and my sister. Kim, good to see you. Okay, are we ready to hear a message? Lord, give us a good message. Amen. Provoke our thinking. Fill us with your Spirit
and show us the eternal. I have a book, the Attributes of God which I read on a regular basis
because I love thinking about God. Spurgeon says here in one of these last chapters, “the
proper study of the Christian is the Godhead. The highest science, the loftiest speculation, the
mightiest philosophy.” Imagine if my mind and my heart is on God and his nature. Who is he?
What does the Bible say about him? What is his character? Then he says, “which can engage
the attention of the child of God is the name, the nature, the person, the doings, and the
existence of the great God which he calls his Father.

There is something exceedingly improving to the mind.” Imagine my mind is improving in a contemplation of the divinity. “It is a subject so vast that all our thoughts are lost in its immensity; so deep that our pride is drowned in its
infinity. Other subjects we can comprehend and grapple with, and then we feel a kind of self-
contentment (when we study other things). “And go on our way with the thought: I am wise.
But when we come to this master science” – this is Spurgeon saying this – “we are finding that
our plumb line cannot sound its depth, our eagle eye cannot see it’s height. We turn away with
the thought I am but of yesterday and know nothing.” In our church here, we have a very
common and typical diagram that we draw of the universe for us as people as a house and the
first floor of the house is the natural life of people. But up above, there is God, the spiritual, the
transcendent, the reality behind this world from Hebrew 11:3. “We know by faith that the worlds
were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things that
do appear.”

As I was having my mediation on this subject, I was also reading the first part of the
Book of Genesis, chapters 1-3 and Creation. I love “in the beginning God created the heavens
and the earth.” What does the Bible say about Creation? The Creator, by the Word framed the
worlds like on the first floor of the house. This world is framed by the Word of God that you
cannot see but it’s written here for us. This is the Word of God. I also had a meditation. This is a
little side point, but this is what is happening to me. I think maybe P. Brian and some of the
older guys, maybe many of us here, P. Fred and the ladies and so on we learned a doctrine
about God. We learned about salvation, the church, the Body, the Spirit, about sin and so on. Now in life it seems they come together very tightly. They are doctrines that make sense of the
world. The world makes sense when I believe in what sin is. Who is the devil? What is an
unbeliever? What happens to an unbeliever on the first floor of the house?

In a way, what happens you start to learn precept upon precept, here a little and there a little and in time you
see how they fit together, and no one lacks its mate, Isaiah 34:16. The Word of God and not one
word is lacking its mate. Great verse. So we just had an interesting year in the United States.
We had the pandemic, an election. We have the surfacing of ideas from the hearts of people
and organizations that seem to us to be somewhat absurd. There are absurdities or things that
really don’t make sense to us that are strange and are from the first floor of the house. I’m
going to speak about these two things. The world as God sees it and who is God? And then the
world of unbelief. The world of unbelief. The world of – there was a French philosopher Manon
– by the way, we have guys in our church that are so well trained in evolution/creationism,
philosophy, apologetics: P. Philippe Serraji, Jon Sabo, Phil Norman.

This is a great subject of study and interest for us as believers. I want you to notice first that also got my attention. 1
Corinthians 11:8-9. Who was created first? Man was created first. Who was created next? The woman.
Is that evolution? Is that evolution? Does that coincide what evolutionary thought? No, it isn’t.
God framed the world by his Word and made man out of the dust. How could he evolve and how could a woman, how could a man and woman, male and female how can it coincide with
evolution if he made man first and man the woman out of the man’s side? What is this called?
Creationism. Many evangelicals when they read Genesis don’t have the same thought about it.
They try to meet the theory of evolution half way and they try to incorporate the idea of
evolution into their Christianity. If you really read the Bible as it is written with the literal
meaning, with words meaning what they mean, and if man was created first and the woman
second and if you go back to the beginning of the Bible and read what God said there in Genesis 2
that man was made from the dust and he was alone.

God said it was not good for him to be alone, so he put him asleep and out of his side came a woman. That’s not evolution. Either that is historically what happened with it reinforced with the words of Jesus for Jesus said the same
thing. He referred to Adam and Eve as historical people, as he did Noah, as he did Jonah who
was in a fish for three days and as he did Sodom and Gomorrah and as he did Egypt and the fall
of angels from heaven in Luke 10:19. What are we talking about? We’re talking about a natural
world that is only a part of the whole thing. That a natural world that is fallen and that man has
invented in his own heart and mind what he wants to believe. Here’s a big point. God is the
Creator according to our Bible and he is the sustainer of the universe, Colossians 1. He is also the
Savior. He is the Judge. That last one hurts. It hurts. There are people that follow what’s called

They say the universe – Carl Sagan is one of the proponents of it. Matter, chance
and time. This is how man came into being. Matter over a long period of time and just by
chance man evolved and we are here miraculously by these three elements matter and just a
long period of time, billions and billions of years and just by chance this is how we came. What
is removed from that idea? God. Why do you went to remove God? Because I don’t want to be
judged. I don’t want to be judged. I don’t want to be accountable to God. I don’t want to be responsible to God. Don’t tell me there is a God. If there is a God, don’t tell me he is a person.
Don’t tell me I am accountable. Don’t tell me one day I will be judged. Where is this written? John.
3:18-19 Jesus said this. He didn’t come into the world to judge the world but to save it. But man
loves darkness more than light and this is his condemnation that he will not come to the light. I
don’t want God, so I have evolution.

These men could do a good job explaining it. There are many details and aspects of it, but I am only approaching it in a principled way, and you follow it with me. C. S. Lewis said this and it’s very profound. “if the solar system was brought about by an accidental collision, then the appearance of organic life on this planet was also an accident
and the whole evolution of man was an accident too. Then all our present thoughts are
accidents. The accidental byproduct of the movement of atoms. And this holds for the thoughts
of the materialists and astronomers as well as anyone else’s thoughts. But if their thoughts are
merely accidental byproducts, why should we believe them to be true? I see no reason for
believing that one accident should be able to give me a correct account of all the other
accidents.” So I was in the locker room one time in the health club and I just said I’m an
accident. The guy said, what do you mean? I’m an accident.

This whole thing, evolution. We’re all here by accident. I just walked out of the locker room and went swimming. He can figure it out. Can you believe it? Of course. Why does man believe this? Because he doesn’t want God.
He’s invented something with his great intellect and his ability to invent this whole idea that
there is only one floor to the house, and it’s called naturalism. I have another piece here. What
is naturalism? “The naturalist, if he is true to his principles, must ultimately conclude that
humanity is a freak accident without any purpose or real importance. Naturalism is therefore a
formula for futility and meaninglessness, erasing the image of God from our race’s collective
self-image. Depreciating the value of human life, undermining human dignity and subverting
morality.” Now this is interesting because the naturalist who is saying this is all an accident,
have you ever noticed that they are also very judgmental? Man without God is very self-
righteous and very judgmental.

Have you noticed that? I have an example here of an organization. It’s called Ethical Treatment of Animals. “Naturally, all animal rights advocates are evolutionists. Their belief system is an inevitable byproduct of the evolutionary theory. They maintain that killing any animal for food is a moral equivalent of murder. Eating meat is virtually cannibalism. Man is a tyrant species. The founder says there is no rational basis for saying a
human being has special rights. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy [?] told the Washington Post. She
also said 6 million Jews died in concentration camps, but 6 billion broiler chickens will die this
year in slaughterhouses.” She is comparing killing chickens to killing human beings. That’s very
bad. Where is this judgment coming from? Where is this moral self-righteousness coming from
from people? Their nature. Romans 2:14-15. What is it really? It’s actually a cry for God. It’s built in
us, what is right and wrong. Isn’t it funny we are all accidents based on the theory of evolution
and then we have this moral self-righteousness written in our hearts but we’re trying to evade
judgment. We’re very quick to judge other people but very slow to have ourselves judged.
You’ve offended me.

You have no right to say that. Don’t you respect me and all these ideas that are so prevalent today. So Jesus came. Jesus came because the human race is lost, confused, hurting, troubled without God. What did he do? He told us that we are wrong. We need God. God loves us. God forgives us. In doing this, he is saying to us come to me. I have the means and the vehicle, the cross, salvation, resurrection. I have the grace. You must come to
God. But people that don’t want to. They don’t come because really it takes some measure of
introspection and humility and some admission I need God. Why do you need God? Because I
will be judged one day. That’s another good one liner in the locker room. We’ll be judged one
day. I’ll be judged one day. Judgment day is coming. The books will be open. NO! NO! Don’t talk
like that. There is no place for people like you in this world. You are dangerous. You are narrow
minded and so on. This is how it is.

The good news is that we can be saved which is a miracle. We can be convicted, corrected. We can have a changed mind and a changed heart because of God. I find it interesting when we read about God – this is the other side of the picture here – when we read about God like Spurgeon said, it enlightened the mind and I become really small. I don’t have the pride. What do I know about this world? What do I really know. I was with my
granddaughter yesterday. She came to lunch, two of my granddaughters and we just talked. I
said the whole parking lot is like the knowledge of God and how much knowledge do I have.
One of them pointed to a little speck of paper on the pavement. That’s what we know, and this
is what God knows. He is immense in every way. To be a worshiper of God is safe. It’s wise. It’s
right. To be a worshiper of God. Not to be arrogant and saying these foolish things that come
from the heart of man. Something about broiler chickens and the Holocaust and comparing the
slaughter of 6 billion broiler chickens this year and comparing it to human beings.

Professing to be wise they become fools. For all of us to believe that we are just accidents and yet we are so
self-righteous walking around the earth making judgments on things. We don’t have love. We
don’t have wisdom. We don’t know what we are talking about. We don’t care about each
other. We are self-righteous and narrow and foolish. The answer here is if God made man out
of dust and he formed a woman out of his side, I’m going that way. That’s what I believe that
that happened. There are many things that are happening, and many things have happened.
God is taking us somewhere. There is a city whose builder and maker is God. You’re crazy. It is
pretty crazy. It is. What do you believe? What is your belief? Where does your belief take you?
Where is this going? Is there a judgment one day? Are you accountable? Jesus said in Matthew 12:36
every idle word will be brought before the judgment and you’ll be accountable for every idle
word that you have ever spoken.

That every politician that is lying. I go to bed sometimes and wake up thinking about these people and are they lying? Not every politician but some. And businessmen and Christians like you and I. Are we lying? Are we cheating? Are we arrogant? Are we broken? Are we Spirit filled? If I am lying, the Bible is saying I am accountable and one day I will be caught in the trap. Nobody gets away with anything. Do people get away with
murder? Yes. There are 300 murders in Baltimore city. How many are solved? Do you know
what that means? There is some kid or some adult somewhere in some house and they go to
bed every night they murdered somebody, and they get away with murder. Maybe we say to
them and everyone of us, you don’t get away with it. Nobody gets away with anything unless
we come to Jesus. That’s the only way our sin is taken away. There is a day when we stand before God in Revelation 20 and the books will be open, and the book of life will be opened. If your
name is in the book of life, you will not be at that judgment. You’ll be there as a spectator. The
books will be open, and you murdered, and you will be on that day accountable for murder on
that day.

Today is a day of mercy. God is talking to you. Come to me that your sin will be
forgiven. In that city there is no murderer no adulterer, no liar. Those that are afraid cannot
enter that city. Who goes to that city? They that are born again. They that believe that God
framed the world by the words of his mouth. They believe that Jesus Christ came into the world
not simply as the Creator – he is the Creator, but he came into the world as the Savior and he
said the Father has given to me to judge, John 5:22. He has given all the judgment to me. Then he
said in John. 12:47 that I will not judge you, but my Word will judge you in that day. We’ll be
judged. The Christian is judged in a different way. He’s not accountable to God for his sin. It’s all
forgiven and gone. But I’m talking about the people on the first floor, the naturalist. It says
death and hell gave up them and they stood in their flesh before God. And it said as the small
and the great. Great people will be there.

People like Albert Einstein or Julius Caesar or a great writer, an actor or a great man or a religious leader, whoever he may be. Small and great and the books will be open. They will be judged out of those books. In that judgment, they will be found wanting and cast into the lake of fire. No wonder people don’t want to hear that. They
believe in matter, chance and time. There is no God. There is no judgment. That’s it. Yet they
walk around judging everybody and everything. But they themselves are not accountable to
God. Jesus is saying come unto me and learn of me. Come unto me and be saved. Come unto
me and trust me. Lastly, this thought I had recently. It kind of taught me, touched me very
much. It goes like this: when God created the universe and we don’t know – he created the
universe. The angels were created first. He created the universe as we can see it and time and
space and matter and the galaxies and the whole universe. Then there was the fall. The angels
fell and he cast them out of heaven in Luke 10:19.

There is the whole, like a catastrophe. It’s tragic. In a way wrong. It shouldn’t have happened. Why not be obedient to God? Why not trust God? How could that happened? But God gave freedom to these creatures and it happened. So then he made man, Adam and Eve. I don’t know if the fall came before their creation, during
their creation or after their creation but we know that Satan existed after their creation away.
The point is that they fell and then he made man. Then man fell. God could have said that’s it.
I’m done. They’re gone. They go to hell. Adam and Eve go to hell. The angels that fell go to hell.
The angels that fell they go to hell. Hell is prepared for the devil and his angels. It wasn’t for us.
It was made for the devil and his angels. But because of our fall, it could have been over. But he
didn’t do that. Basically he said man is fallen but I can show my nature. I am who I am. He didn’t
have to show anything, but he could say I can save them. I can save some of them. I can save
them. I will give them their freedom.

They can fall. I can save them. I can love them. I can save some of them. That is essentially what has happened. He came into a world, a lost world with a whole world of wrong ideas. A whole world of religious ideas and moral ideas and feelings and a lot of who we are as people. This whole world of lost people but he could say, I can save
them. They can know me. They can come to me. They can believe in me. They can put their trust in me. I will send the Holy Spirit and they can know me as the Creator, as the Sustainer, as
the Savior and as the Judge. Aren’t we somehow being judged by the Word of God if we listen
to it? Aren’t we somehow realizing – yes, pastor. Tell me who God is because I get too big for
my britches. I have this arrogance in me by nature. I feel I could go around making judgment
calls and evaluations on things when actually you are love. I want to know you as the God of
love and wisdom. You are the God of wisdom. You are the God of love. You are the God that
cares. You are the God that goes the extra mile. You are the God that visits us in our failure and
says I forgive you.

Peter, do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me? Yes, you know I do.
Yes, you know I do. This is God reaching to us in the first floor of the house. Isn’t the Almighty
God able to live in our mud in us. Live in our failure and our troubled selves. Isn’t God, Almighty
God, the great God we worship and cry, Abba, Father and show me Lord. Show me. I don’t want
to run into you in a way. I don’t want to run into you, but I do. I want to meet you. I want you to
correct me. I want you to be the way for me. I want you to be my living God. Tell me whatever
you have to say to me. Lead me in the way everlasting. Help me and guide me, and he does.
That’s what the church is. In the world, there are two categories of people. There are those that
have the Spirit of God and they are in the family of God and they are able to take the truth even
if it hurts me and grow in it and know him and get offended by him. Does this offend you? John. 6.
Will you leave also? We say no. I know it sounds crazy. I’m going with you because actually it
makes the most sense. You are the answer.

Then as we live here in a world where they don’t want God and they don’t want to think about it. We are in this world dropping little words that are really real and true. We are saying things like in the locker room, we are going to meet God one day. We will meet God one day. We will. And walk about of the locker room and walk back
in. I went in the same room one day and the guy said, I know who you are. Because I have been
doing that. He’s like my father is sick. He has a need. My father is sick, but he wants to hear
something. I think our faith is precious. I think we are living in a world they need to hear about
us and what we think and what we believe. I think our biblical view of life, to be able to share a
Bible verse out of love with someone that is needy. It’s a beautiful thing. May God breathe on
that word and give a new birth and save a soul. And draw someone to Christ because it’s crazy
out there and it’s going to get crazier. But it’s holier in here and it can get holier and more



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