Trouble breaks us. It confronts our pride. We’re weak. We are, however, one Body of Christ and we care for one another. Even the common and ordinary find honor here. (1 Corinthians 12:23-25)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12164
7:00 PM on 9/15/2021

P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. I’ll share with you one simple thing that is on my heart and with the Scripture, we can
use 1 Corinthians 12:25. The reason this is on my heart is because I visited P. Dan Cergione who’s in a
Covid unit down in Laurel. The Body has been awesome. P. Butch, a lot of people. P. Scibelli.
P. Hadley has been down to see him. And sitting on the side of his bed and being with him who
is in serious struggling with this covid. In a way, to be honest, it affected me deeply, like
emotionally feeling sorrow. When I drove home, I also had some crazy things happen. Forget
that! Driving home, I was thinking it over a lot and weeping, being sad and living in the real
world that we are in. Mike Williams, one of our trustees, passed, went to be with the Lord a
month ago or so, and he was a great friend, a great friend to P. Taggart, Dave Stambowski, P.
Scibelli, Springfield people. And we are with Sue Williams tonight in our hearts and prayer and
love. These are real people, real things that happen that we live in a world that does not deny
them. We know what they are if we go through them.

The Body of Christ is unique. There’s nothing like it. I want to say a few things about it tonight. Maybe I should do this a little differently. How do I get rid of that? By pushing that? Is that that one? Okay. Many of us live
and many people think about important things. I want you to rethink this. I want you to think
differently. There are important thing but most people live in common everyday things. Common
things. Everyday things. You go to sleep tonight. You go home. Probably some of you will eat
ice cream before you go to bed. You’ll get up. You’ll be tired maybe or not. You’re hungry. You
go to the refrigerator. You go to work. You drive a car. You stay home. You work from home.
People live life and what I feel has happened in our hearts through the years is that we have
enjoyed God and through God we have observed life this way with the common things. We
have become students of life and people. We have connected with people, loved people, see
people. A woman. A mother. A teenager.

A child. An 8-year old. Somebody walking down the sidewalk. A mother putting her child in our school. Somebody eating lunch. Somebody sitting alone. Somebody sad. Somebody saved. They are newly saved. They are saved and Spirit filled and excited. They are amazing what God has done in their heart and in their life. When I read
the Bible, I look for these common things. I love them and so do you. But it takes some work to
care. It takes some work to sit where people sit. It takes some work to identify a problem or a
situation and care about it. It’s one of the functions of God in our hearts. You see, when people
think about God and the church, sometimes it’s so high and so far removed that it doesn’t touch
my life. Great, there are 700 churches which needs to be said all the time. That’s great. These
people that are missionaries. That is great. I appreciate it. But I am just a common guy. I’m a
guy that might not be noticed when I walk in here.

I’m a guy that I hardly read my Bible. I don’t read my Bible. I’m just a guy that stumbled in here. I’m just a common person with my truck and job and my life and where I live and so on. But when God is in our heart, when God is in your
life, then there is love. When love is in our life, then we live and there is some ministry that
happens because God is in you. God is in you and in 1 Corinthians 12 it says we have these gifts, and
these gifts operate by the Spirit and they function. I’m like celebrating it. I’m not telling you
anything new, nor am I telling you something you don’t know about. That’s why we are here. We
know this. I have friends for life probably. I have friends. Two people that go after God and they
are very common people. Two people and they go after God and they connect for the deep calls
to the deep. Remember when Moses was so busy in his administration in Exodus 18, and his
father-in-law was watching him for one day, and he said I need to talk to you. You can’t do this.
You can’t do this. My words, you’re going to burn out. It can’t happen.

Who was Jethro, his father-in-law? But somebody who understood ministry. He understood it’s not the big important
things. Those are big and important and we do not deny them. They happen and that’s part of
life for sure, but I want to say something else about ministry. I think pastors can be wrong by
always looking for the important thing and not living where people are living and caring about
people that need ministry. It takes effort I think to think about there’s a marriage problem and do
I care? What could happen? What to do? How to think about it? What could God do? That’s a
marriage problem. That cannot happen. The problem can happen but it needs help. It needs
help. What to do, how to think about it. This is the nature of love. Love cares, doesn’t it? Love is
there. Love sits. Love is at Lazarus’ tomb weeping and yet he is the resurrection and the life. He
is the resurrection and the life. No problem.

I got it. I am the resurrection and the life. No. I AM the resurrection and the life, but I am also a man that’s touched by this family and this family, I love them. I’m with them. I’m with them. Isn’t that amazing. There was a woman who lost her
husband, 2 Kings 4, and had no money. Her husband was with the school of the prophets. He
died and she is without anything, so she goes to Elijah. Think about it. Elijah cared. Elijah sat
with her so to speak. Elijah felt it. He understood it. And maybe it took some effort but God told
him. This is the key. This is beautiful. God gave a gift. God gave Elijah something. God gave
Elijah. Isn’t that amazing! I pray for P. Scibelli because he is overseeing the work in Africa and a
lot of these things can happen. And he’s that kind of pastor that does. This is a problem. What
could God do? How could we help? Notice something. I want you to understand me the right
way. How many times do you think I hear the phrase, “pray for me.” Pray for this. Pray for this.
How many times do I hear it in a day? What do you think? Ten times.

Fifteen. Maybe more some days. How do I feel? How do I feel about that. It’s kind of like some days I’m right on it.
Every day I understand but it’s beyond my capacity. Can I actually carry your burden before God
and pray a fervent prayer on your behalf. I hope so, right? Do you hear what I am saying. Do I
pray for you? Yes. Do I pray as I ought to? Maybe not. I can’t maybe on that day. I need to
remember your name. I need to write it in a book. I ask maybe to call to the office and say it. Do
you see what I am saying? I am not a machine and you are not a machine that is operating
some kind of thing by human energy and some program. This is not a program. We will burn
out. You don’t come to the church just because it’s your duty. You come cause you are thinking
God can refresh me. God can give me something creative. There’s a great thought. This is a
principle. I’ll jot it down for you. C. S. Lewis said something like this:

Hell is boring. Hell is boring. It’s the same thing over and over and over. Over and over and over. Hell. Sin is boring. It is. It’s– ask a sinner. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you fresh? Is there anything new or is it
just sin? Sin is death. Sin and death and hell go together. Sin is the end of the road. I mean hell
is the end of the road. It’s a crack in the pavement. Hell is nothing. Hell is a big nothing, a zero.
Hell is nothing. Now watch. God is the opposite. There is no end to his creativity. My thoughts
with God are new. His mercies are new every morning. How deep is God. How great is God.
How capable is God. It’s like the ministry – watch. The ministry can be dull and boring because
of me or the ministry can be the most incredible thing in the world because of God. What does
he do? He renews you. He builds you up. He refreshes you. He teaches you. Okay. Let’s go to
the verse now. 1 Corinthians 12:25, this is also why I like small groups, organized or unorganized. I like
friendships. I like two or three people friends. I like carloads of people.

Five in a car or ten in a van. I like it when people are in the cafe at the tables or in a rap session. I like it when we have
people that we are close with and deep with in our spirit and in our heart. I like it when people
can sit with us like P. Tom Sliva with the healing ministry. I like it when P. Ramire and P. Jason
and all these amazing precious people. And many more. All of us. All of us. Let me finish. 1 Corinthians
12:23, less honorable. Let’s go back to this picture. We could even do it this way. Important
things and I’ll put here important people. Important things and then we have very common. I can
put in here unimportant people. There aren’t any with us. That’s the message. How can I be a
student of people if I’m so occupied with, occupied. I feel the Spirit of God helps us learn what
he is saying here. Look at verse 23. We make the effort. We think about it. Many of us when we
have been planting a church somewhere and God brings a young guy, a 16-year old guy comes
in and wants to hang out with you, it’s so much fun.

The guy is an open heart and he’s precious and he’s a believer. He became a believer and just wants to be with you. You have a few more of those and you just have a lot of good time cause there is a connection. The Spirit gives
ministry. The young man starts to realize these people love me. They love me. I haven’t even
talked to an adult before, and now I am talking to adults. And they are not laughing at me or
making fun of me. I feel received. I’m in a group. This is a precious thing. It’s happening in his
life. vs. 24. For our comely parts – by the way, if I am breaking some of your concepts, I don’t
mind. If I break some of your concepts about me or about the ministry, that’s good. Because I
don’t think I’m being misunderstood. We are really saying something that I think is very
important to us. This is the way it is. Do you know that we succeed by being weak. Do you know
that this isn’t about pumping up ourselves and being strong every day and always being
victorious and always winning and nobody dies and we always win and we are always on top
and full of muscle and strength? Do you think that’s what this is? It isn’t. It’s spiritual.

It’s Jesus on the cross and he ministers on the cross to a common thief and brings him to heaven and he’s
weak and it’s God that is loving him. This is where we are living. We are living in something
beautiful. My point earlier was you stay refreshed this way. You could ask an old saint of God how do you continue decade after decade and don’t wear out? Here’s the answer. It’s God. And
he teaches us how to minister. He teaches us how to be caring about everybody in the heart.
We challenge our pride. He’s another little insight, a personal testimony. How many times do
you think people say to me, great message. Great message. Beautiful. Amazing. You are
amazing. How many times? That happens a lot. That happens a lot. Do you know what happens
to a man? Do you know what happens to all of us men anyway? Leave us alone and what
happens? We’re proud. We’re proud. The pride comes in. It’s in the heart. We are proud. We
are proud. We are proud. This is a danger.

This is a terrible thing. It’s contrary to God. We are not to be proud. We are able to walk way. We are able to be nothing. We are nothing. We are able to say one day I will lose my ability to speak. Then who am I? And one day maybe other
things happen. Then who am I? Then one day maybe I’m on a hospital bed. Then who am I?
Who are we? Oh, it’s amazing who we are. I don’t want you to stop telling me it’s a good
message! I think I need it! I like it and I enjoy it and I agree with you. It is an amazing ministry
that God has given us. But I don’t want anybody to think that any one of us would ever be
removed from the possibility of being proud and blind. Proud and blind. We walk around as
something great and we think we do great and important things. Great important things are
done but that’s not what the Scripture is saying. It’s saying the uncomely, the weak, the people
in need, the unsaved, the people that can’t read, the people that don’t know what to read, the
people that don’t know hardly a thing about their right hand from their left. There are many of
those people.

They know very little. They need you. They do. Let’s read it and we will finish. vs.
24. You can turn to your neighbor and say you don’t look like you have any need. Fully satisfied
and contented today. vs. 24-25. No party spirits. No party group. If you go to a Presbyterian
church and by the way, I respect everywhere they preach the Word and Christ. There can be an
economical. There can be a racial thing. There can be everybody in one group, but the Body
isn’t that way. The Body is a mystery and there isn’t any groups. There aren’t any groups. It’s
multi-racial, multi-denominational, multi-ethnic, multi-economic, multi-educational. There are all
kinds of groups with us and we do not mark each other based on the group cause the group
isn’t here. We are the Body. That’s the idea. It’s beautiful. vs. 25. Care one for another. That’s
all. Sometimes I feel that, you know, we have an amazing group of people that are caring for so
many unspoken, unknown about just caring.

They are caring. We can’t meet needs. We don’t run around trying to meet people’s needs. No. We don’t mean that. We are Spirit-filled and the Lord in an unscheduled, off the calendar moment in a certain – the Spirit of God uses you to
care for somebody. And check your heart. Care for teenagers. Do you care for teenagers?
Care. Do I care for marriages? Do I care for the newborn babies? Do I care for the elderly? Do I
care? Okay. Do we care for the – I don’t know. Lord, I don’t care. Do I care? What do I have to
do. I show you a more excellent way and that’s love and what love is. That’s another message.
That’s this slide here. What love is and what love is not. I want to finish this. Do I care? God
cares so I love it. Off. On schedule. It can be scheduled, like going into a counseling session
and having a prayer by yourself. Lord, please help me. It can be scheduled. Can be
spontaneous. It’s our joy. It’s our phone call. It’s Body life. I was heart broken when I was with P.
Dan. I’m hurting from losing P. Mike Williams.

I think we all have somebody in our heart. We weep with those who weep and we understand it. But even as we have our sorrow, we have our joy and our world is continually filled with creativity, with honesty, with trust, with worship, and
the reality of his love and this love never fails. No matter what you put it through, it will never
stop and it will never fail. Never. Okay. Amen.


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