Our great need is deeper than the surface. We are liars. Natural man has so many issues. Sin and its power has been defeated at Cross.’Grace has been given to set us free. Enter the adventure of obedience to Him. (Psalm 119:29; Romans 6:14)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis
Sermon # 12652
Time: Sun 11:00 am

P. Steve Andrulonis –

All right. Good morning. I’m here to give you a quick introduction. Introductory thought. I just want to
point you to a couple of Scriptures here. One in Luke 3:6. It says, “all flesh shall see the
salvation of God.” That’s a very comforting verse. “All flesh shall see the salvation of God.” And
the other verse is Proverbs 18:12. It’s amazing.

Now, I think there’s a couple of things that God is communicating to us here that’s very
important. “All flesh shall see the salvation of God.” I come to that verse always when I’m
thinking about like does everyone get an opportunity to see the way, the truth, and the life?
And if that verse is to be believed and it is for us. All flesh shall see the salvation of God.
I could flip that verse and that’s the point here.

I could flip that verse around and say do I see the potential of salvation in all flesh? Is that where my heart is? Do I honor the person no matter who that person is. Wherever I meet that person, there is an honorableness about
them. Why? Because Christ made them alive. God made them alive by the breath, by his very
beath in the first part of the Bible in Genesis. Adam was made a living soul. How? By the breath
of God. And God, every person that I encounter has the breath of God in him and is worthy of
honor. I could be high-minded, haughty, high-minded, hard-hearted, high minded thinking a lot
of myself and where would that lead to? Would it lead to salvation? Not at all.

It would lead to destruction because I need to have humility in order to connect with the honor
that is upon all of us. Every human being is made in the image of God and is worthy of honor.
Do they know it? Do they know it? Do I know it? Do I see the salvation in the person that I’m
sitting next to on the bus? In my office? Are they worthy of honor? Am I humble enough to see
that I have been made by God and that person next to me made by God?

I don’t know if pastor will go there as he did in the 9:00 service. We know that Jesus and the
disciples arrived on a shore, and they were met by a man full of demons. All flesh shall see the
salvation of God. This man full of demons came and fell at Jesus’ feet, and he saw the salvation
of God. There was an honor in him despite the crowd from hell that had gotten inside of him
and made him like a naked, raging tomb dweller. Living among the dead but there was
something, there was something about the breath of God in him. There was something when
Jesus showed up that brought him to his feet. Brought the demon possessed man to the feet of
Jesus. There was an honor there. Like can I see that?

I can have disagreements. I can have disputations. I can have a lot of contention and I can live in
that. Opinions are amazing. You know, God said in Genesis that it wasn’t good for man to be
alone. And then he created whom? Yeah. Woman. That would have been amazing. You know
what else he did? He gave the woman her own mind and a voice to speak that mind because it
wasn’t good for Adam to be alone. There had to be some relationship, some interplay going on
there. That’s an amazing kind of thing to think about. There was honor in Adam and then Eve was a little bit more honorable because she wasn’t made from the dust. She was made from
what Adam already was. And it’s amazing kind of thing to think about that. But honor. Do I have
honor? You can have disagreement but don’t enter into dishonor. It’s like God wants to draw all
people to himself.

They’re all worthy of honor. I think this is the great mystery. A little bit of
insight into the iniquity of Lucifer. Made very wonderful, very talented, but then having
something inside of him that dishonored his origin. He was made by God as we are made by
God. Different. Different kind of being but made just like we are. We should never look on
anyone with dishonor, because even as this legion story should tell us even someone living
among the dead, raging, uncontrollable, has something of honor inside of him. There’s the
potential for salvation to be seen to its end in that. I want to have that honor for everyone that
I’m with.

Every face that we meet has a claim on us. That’s a quote from a novel that I read. Every face.
Because of the Incarnation, because Jesus took on flesh and bone, every face has a claim on us.
We need to see salvation. We need to honor the breath of God because God wants to bring
that person home to who he really is.

Yeah, disagreements are going to happen. It’s not good to be alone. And it’s good for
differences of opinion. It’s amazing. Iron sharpens iron. Knives don’t sharpen if there’s not some
sparks there. It’s good. But don’t enter into – I don’t want to enter into any form of dishonor. I
really want to have like the attitude of Paul I think in 1 Corinthians 2 or 2 Corinthians 2 where he says I’m
purposing to know nothing among anyone except Christ and him crucified. People who have
come to Jesus, recognized his mercy, received him. They are the Body of Christ to me. They are
one with me. Worthy of honor because they are one with me.

But you know, anyone who has not chosen to receive the salvation of God and seen it and
received his mercy, Christ was lifted up for them. There’s a cross I can show them. I can meet
them at the cross. Christ crucified for the entire world so that all would come to him. He so
loved the world. Gave his Son. Christ crucified. Christ or Christ crucified.

There are only two categories of people. You are Christ to me because you’re a member of the
Body in particular, but Christ crucified for me was also crucified for every person that I meet. I
don’t want to dishonor that thought. I want to live in the humility of what I’ve been made. The
humility of what my repentance brought me to the cross and saved me by his grace through
faith. I want to honor that and live in honor of all people. It could change. This is the way to
change a city. This is the way to change the city. This is the way to change the city is to honor all
the people that we come in contact with. Okay. That’s a word of introduction for you. Thank
you so much for your attention.

P. Schaller –

Okay. Let’s see. We’ll have a moment of rejoicing together before the message, so
let’s – I know what I want to do. Take a minute. Have a word like a Bible verse or word of encouragement. Get ready in your mind cause I might call on you during the message.

Like Avery, and then you can say out loud. Okay. This is one or two minutes. Would you stand with
me, please? Do you have a word in your heart? Do you have a word, Bible verse, or word of
encouragement. Share it with your neighbor right now. You can do 360 degree turnaround.
People behind you and in front of you. Talk. Okay. All right. Great. Thank you. You may be
seated. All right. You may be seated. Thank you.

So, Avery, do you have a word? What? 2 Corinthians 12:9, Christ is made perfect in our weakness.
Okay. Wow. Like we are weak and trust him. Live by faith and he strengthens us. Is our
weakness a good thing? Huh? If it means that his strength is made perfect in my weakness, who
gets glorified? He does. He did it. He did it. So, weakness isn’t necessarily a bad thing cause God
can use it, right? Is that correct? Yeah.

What are some areas of weakness? Hey! That’s a good tie in to have P. Bailey introduce his guys
to us. Do you want to just stand up all the guys from Marlboro? P. Bailey? So, P. Bailey you’re
guys are very talkative this morning. What were they shouting out? You want to represent
them? Okay. Go ahead. I’ll repeat it. Okay. Romans 8:32. Okay. Is that what you guys are saying?
You’re responsible for that group! Hey, go ahead. Yes, we did. Yes we, did. Thank you.

Thank you. Wow. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. How about one more? How about one of the ladies?
Lizzie. Liz Robbins. Do you want to say something, Liz. Do you have a verse or something? 1
Thessalonians 4:13. We do not grieve as others who have no hope regarding the death of loved ones.
We grieve, but not like unbelievers. They have no hope. But we cry too but we have hope,
right? Good word. Thank you. Wow beautiful. Okay. Service ended! Okay. All right.
Turn to Psalm 119:29 for a short outline for the message.

Yeah, we had a men’s seminar and before the seminar in the afternoon, a small group of us got together and talked in my office, and I asked what are some main problems that men have? And they just said we don’t have
any! Then, I met with a group of women, and I asked them the same question. No! Anger and
insecurity. We had a great weekend. P. Ramere put it together. I met with men beforehand. We
talked about it. What problems men have, and anger was one of them and insecurity was
another. So, this morning I want to explore that a little more and I’d like you to look at the
Scripture with me. And also, in your heart make a big deal about Jesus Christ in our hearts.
What God has done for us is extraordinary. It’s beyond anything we could imagine.

Look at Psalm 119:29. So, we have three parts there. Remove from me is #1. The way of lying
which we are, we do in different ways in our own hearts. We don’t have the truth in our inner
man. Psalm 51:6 says that God requires that the truth would be in the inner man in us in our spirit.
This is why God gave us the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit goes to the deepest part of us.
“Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water.” Like deep water. If you could imagine the
ocean. The counsel in the heart of man is like deep water and a man of understanding will draw
it out. Of course, the one that understands you the best is God. And the one that ministers to you is God. The one that will explore our hearts, search our heart in Psalm 139:23-24.

Search my heart. May my meditation be acceptable to God. Hold that for a second.
Have any of you had a meditation and even in your own analysis of the meditation you know
it’s unacceptable. Do you have any self-correction that goes on inside your heart? Is there ever
a time when you kind of realize, wow, this is going nowhere. I’m not thinking right. This is not
good. Not good. So what do we do with that? Maybe we pray like the psalmist. May my
meditation be acceptable. Where do you get the content for the meditation? How can the
meditation go like deep water? How can my meditation go to my spirit but by God?

God puts it in you. You are deep. You are deep. Everybody here. We are deep. We may live on
the surface. We may live on the surface but actually our great need is deeper than the surface
and we see that all the time. We can talk and talk and talk but who can draw it out. Who can go
down there and draw out with understanding who we are and what we are thinking because I
am a liar. So, that’s true. All men are liars. Romans 3 teaches us. Who never lied? Never lied?
Who? Jesus. Never lied. Never lied. There wasn’t any lie in him.

1 John 1 says he is light and no darkness at all. When Christ was on the earth – this is amazing –
that everything about him, everything. The surface and the deep was true. I am the way, the
truth, the life. Thank you, Lord. The person. The person that changes us.

Now, go back to the text here. Psalm 119:29, way of lying. That’s one of our problems. #2. Grant
me your law. Grant me your law. So, there’s two different things. They are different from each
other. The law and another word for the law could be doctrine. Truth. It’s not the letter of the
law. There is the letter of the law. I hope you understand the idea. There is the letter of the law
and then there is the spirit of the law. Let me give an example.

“Thou shalt not steal.” Letter of the law. You shall not steal on the surface. Don’t steal. That’s
clear. Don’t steal. What’s the meaning of it? When you steal, you violate your own character,
your own nature. When you steal, you hurt another person. You’re taking from them something
important. You are not loving your neighbor. I’m stealing from my neighbor. What is the law? It
is love. When we love, we will not steal. We will give. We will give.

The bicycle is on the back porch somewhere in someone’s neighborhood and the bicycle is stolen. Did that thief care
about me? Did he care about me? He stole my bicycle. Did that thief love me. Did he care about
me? No, he didn’t. What’s the law. The law’s got both on the surface and deeper is love.
So, remove from me lying and I will lie about it. I need a bicycle. The guy’s got four bicycles. He
doesn’t need four bicycles. I need a bicycle. It’s his problem. He makes a lot of money. He drives
a nice car. He should give me the bicycle, but I have to steal it. And I love, – I’m a liar. I’m a liar.
This is how people live. They live – but remove from me Lord my way of lying, rationalizing,
defending, deflecting, blaming, and accusing people. And you God. I blame you. I’m lying.

I’m a liar. So, remove it and grant me your doctrine. Grant me your doctrine. Go to the deep part of
my heart. Teach me truth. Put truth inside me that I would be free because you said you will
know the truth and it will set you free. I will find you. I will know you as God. You will love me.
This is just a short outline, and we’ll look at it in a minute here.
#3 is grant me your law. #3 is graciously. What’s the meaning of that word? Just please give it to
me as a gift. Invest in me. Love me. Please visit me. Visit me. Please be with me. Do this for me.
Cause I get in trouble with my lying.

Let’s look at it this way. It’s many of us – here’s the natural man and this is how he lives. He has,
I can make a list of things. He has his pride. He has to protect himself. He protects himself from
getting hurt. He protects himself from shame and this is what happened to Adam and Eve.
When they sinned, they hid behind some vegetation. Where are you? God said, where are you?
God knows everything. What does he mean? Of course he knows where they are
geographically. But where are you? It’s kind of like being with your teenage daughter and
suddenly like who are you? Who are you? I raised you. You little angel. And at the breakfast
table you notice there’s like two little horns that come out like this! Your children are changing
and growing up and you wonder who are you?

How about amongst us. Maybe I know you, but do I know you, right? Jesus is there but do we
know Jesus. Maybe he’s the gardener. No, that’s Jesus but I don’t see it. That happens to us.
Jacob had a dream and when he woke up he said God was here and I didn’t know it in Ge. 28.
When they went back fishing and the man from the shore yelled out, cast your net on the right
side and they did and Peter said to John, who is that? Like Peter. Duh? You don’t know who that
is? That’s the Lord, John said.

And so this picture of not recognizing and knowing is a common thing amongst us as people.
Because on the surface, we can fool people. But we can’t fool God. We can live with the law on
the surface, but is the law in the depth of my heart? That’s what happens when you are filled
with the Holy Spirit. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit it goes into your spirit and you start
to enjoy it and the truth it sets you free and you actually end up ministering from inside. Like
John 7 says the Holy Spirit will fill you and out of your belly will flow rivers of living water. Okay.
But go back to the natural man. This is just a sketch of the natural man. That’s who he is. He has
a career. Maybe that means a lot to him. He has money. He has a wife. He has children. He has
friends. He has his reputation. He has his successes. He has his failures. He’s just a natural man.
All of us. All of it. In all ways there’s so much there.

There’s so much there and you can easily get discouraged in this life. You can easily say what
am I missing? What am I missing? I may be hitting all the big ones. I’m doing really good in my
life, but why am I lonely? I’m hitting it. I’m making it. But why do I struggle in my relationships with people? I’m doing well but I’m somehow guilty about how bad a Christian I am. I’m not
really that good of a Christian. On the surface I am, but deep down inside I don’t have it. I wish I
had more. I’m glad you came to church today this morning so you can listen to this. I want to
speak about that. I really believe that your faith is simple and it’s real and it’s deep. That’s why
Jesus came for all of us. It would be real, and it would be simple, and it would be really deep in
our lives. Thank you, God. I really do.

Let’s turn to the text then. Romans 6. We’ll read it. In the context of what I just said, we want to
read these Scriptures. It’s chapter 6 and we’ll go from verse 14 as far as we can to verse 23. We
might not make it but the text is chapter 6:14-23 to the end of the chapter.

Vs. 14. There’s some authority over sin. This is an important word in our minds. This one here.
Sin. It’s defined different ways. There’s about 13 different words in our Bible for sin. Like from
rebellion, wickedness, defilement. There are many words and it’s another message. I think you
understand what I mean about I need help deep inside in my heart. I want Jesus to be truthful
to me deep inside in my heart.

And if it’s not, then I’m going to live like a sinner. I will control it. I will manage it and people will
maybe think good of me, but my sin will kill me cause that’s what sin does. At the end of sin is
death. It begins with lust. Lust. There’s two births by the way. If you think of pregnancy. A
woman pregnant, the first is the sin nature, the lust of my sin nature. That produces – the lust
produces sin. Outside of God’s will. Missing the mark. Transgressing. Going beyond a limit.
Doing the wrong thing. Thinking the wrong way. Then, when sin is finished with another
pregnancy, it produces death. But it takes time. It’s a process. Lust. It kind of cooks. Produces
sin. The sin cooks. Produces death.

So, all of this have to agree on this. Sin is not my friend. It’s not my friend. You might enjoy it
but it kills you. It’s like playing around with the wrong stuff or eating a chocolate covered
poison or just being plain with something that’s going to kill me. So, we understand this. But
here’s the good news. It doesn’t control me. It doesn’t have dominion over me. How come?
Jesus. Jesus on the cross was crucified and my sin nature was crucified with him. He died to
take the sin nature, crucify it, and it was buried. And that nature that controls you, that nature
that you give the right to it. You have the right. You have the right to work your life by lying and
being the way you are in the natural way. You can do that. But God loves us so much that he
gave us power over sin. He paid for the penalty of the sin and then he gave us the power over
it. That’s the meaning of it.

Look at vs. 14. This is a new economy. It’s not law. When you live by law with your sin nature, it
produces more sin. When you live by law with the sin nature, then it’s a bondage. That’s why a
lot of people don’t like religion. I don’t like it myself. I’m not a religious person in my mind and the context of what I am saying. I’m not a particularly religious person. I’m not interested in it.
But I love Jesus Christ and the authority we have over sin is incredible. So, you don’t live in sin,
but you live in grace. You live in the Spirit of God. You have the relationship with God as your
Father, and you love him. And he loves you and I. We are loved by God and then we love God.
Wow! What a way to live.

Look at vs. 15. This is a misunderstanding of grace. Grace has been given to teach us to live a
godly life, Titus 2:12-13. Grace is given so that the depth of the Spirit of God going to the depth
of your heart. That depth is what sets us free, so we realize that living a sinful life is not the way
to live and that we have another way to live and that’s grace.

Here's something I want – we’re Americans and we’re kind of western thinkers. What we often
do is we have a problem. We analyze the problem. We get the solution. Step 1, 2, 3. We apply
the solution to the problem to fix it and that’s it. That’s how we relate. But I want to introduce
something else to you. When you have a problem that’s deep down inside and Christ is in your
life, life is a lot more than step 1, 2, 3.

It’s like a father has a problem with his teenager, and the teenager has a problem with the dad.
The dad just says to his son, I just want you to be with me. Hang out with me. Let’s go. Would
you go with me? Dad, I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. He jumps in the car, and you drive to the
Chesapeake. You get in a row boat and you’re out there on the water talking a little bit. That’s
all. That’s all that is done. Is that like step 1, 2, 3? No, there’s something else. It’s called

And when God has a relationship with you, that’s what happens. It’s like all the time every day
he’s like with you in the boat. He actually goes with us in the boat, and we get in the boat like in
Luke 8:22 to go to the other side. And the disciples are learning things. And Jesus is sleeping on
the boat and then there is a storm, and they wake him up and then they have this experience.
They start to realize that this man, this is God on our boat. This man is real. This man invited
me. This man is with me in my life. This is God is in my life.

And why would he love me? Why would he care about me? Why is he with me? Because he
loves you. That’s called grace. You don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve it. Why does it happen to us.
Because he is a person. He is the way. It’s not like 1, 2, 3. There’s a solution. You got a problem
with addiction. Do these things and come on. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. We got problems
with lying. We got problems with defending ourselves. We got problems with accusing people
as a way of life. We are people that easily do that.

But he said remove from me the way of lying and grant to me your law graciously. Like maybe I
could hang out. Lord you would be with me. In that Luke 8 portion where Jesus is sleeping on
the boat, we said to the men the other night maybe he’s sleeping because nobody’s really interested in talking with him at the moment. Everything is fine on the boat, and we don’t know
why he’s sleeping. I’m reading into it. I’m just saying something to provoke your thought. I’m
not saying this happened. I’m not saying it was this way, but I want you to think of it this way.
Is Jesus on your boat and you’ve been sleeping for about 10 years? Is he on your boat and he’s
been sleeping for 20 years? Maybe more – if you use the car, is he in the back seat snoozing?
Cause you’re not interested.

You’re not talking. You’re not interacting. You’re not praying and
saying God help me. Maybe he’s not in the back seat. Maybe he’s in the trunk. Maybe you put
him in the trunk. You put Jesus in the trunk because you really don’t need him right now. But
when you get a flat tire, you pull him out just like the tire is in the trunk.

Christ might be that way to you, but the result is you live on the surface of things and then you
wonder why you’re not happy. Why you don’t have something going on in your heart. Then we
wonder why does sin have dominion over me? Why do I do these bad things and then I enjoy
them and then I start to get sick? Why do I live like maybe going from one girlfriend to another
and I never really get it right. I don’t figure it out. I just think about life a certain way. The way I
grew up. And God is saying oh, no. There’s a better life for you. A much better life for you
where sin will not have dominion over you because you’re not under law but under grace.

I just want to speak to your heart. I don’t want you to feel guilty about this. I want you to
understand what I’m saying and help you. We’re going to finish up here. Look at vs. 16. You’re
hanging out with Jesus and he’s talking to you, and you’re inclined in your heart to obey him.
It’s an adventure when you obey him. It’s an adventure when you obey Christ. It’s an adventure
when you start to hear from him and obey him. It’s an adventure when you start to say there’s
got to be more in my life. There has to be the reality of God in my heart.

I don’t have it because I obey my sin instead of obeying him, right? So, we start to obey him in
our hearts. I don’t think you’d be here this morning unless that was in your heart and you’re
doing it. You’re obeying Christ and that’s our joy that you’re finding Jesus to be real for you in
your heart.

I want to say I know sometimes things don’t move as fast as I would like them to as a Christian
maybe. In the beginning of my Christian life, I really wanted it to – come on! Let’s get going
here. Come on! Change my life, Jesus! Go ahead. Deliver me and help me. Show up in the
morning. Lord, when I wake up in the morning, I want you to be standing at the end of my bed
and I want you to be talking to me and I want to see you and many other great things. It didn’t
happen. Didn’t happen.

Something greater happened. I just started to hear. I just started to understand his nature. I
started to hear in the church. It started to work in my heart. It started to happen in my life and
the same for you. Keep at it. Don’t withdraw. Keep at it. Pay attention. Concentrate on his person. He is with you. He won’t forsake you. He’s there. He answers you. He gives you his
doctrine graciously. Okay.

Vs. 17. Okay. You obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine. That teaching of grace. You
obeyed it from the heart. You kind of got a little hope. Hope kind of bubbled up from deep
inside. You kind of started to believe. Jesus will take care of me. He will fill me. I believe that. I
started to obey from my heart that doctrine that was teaching me that Christ overcame.
You know, our sin sometimes – have you ever seen a chicken with its head cut off? I have seen
it in Africa. To prepare lunch, they grab a chicken and they cut the head off and let it run. And it
does run around without a head. That’s like your sin nature. It looks like it’s alive but just ignore
it. It’s going to drop. It will drop over. It will tumble. It’s going down.

How did it die? Christ at the cross took the power of sin and it was crucified. But when you see it running around, you
think it’s alive. It’s going to control me. I don’t have control over my appetites. I don’t have
control over my lusts. I don’t have control over my passions and those things. Just ignore them.
They’re going to drop because they don’t have power over you. By faith in Christ, obey Christ.
Trust in Christ and you’re free.

Then go to vs. 18. Halleluiah. You know what it is for a young man to look at a girl and think
about her potential? A young man think about a woman or any man looking at a woman and
appreciating her and bringing her honor and respecting her and her future? One day that she’s
to be respected and honored. They are our sisters. They are honorable woman that are walking
around being with us in fellowship. And you have authority over your sin nature so that you are
now a servant of righteousness. And that young lady can feel safe around godly people and
godly men. Godly men that have respect for godly women, for all women.

What a way to live. What an honor that is that God would give us that. Then we have
relationships that are healthy and pure. And then we have a life. We have a future and if God
gave you a wife, how great that would be that she would know that you’re that kind of man
that is a godly man and you’re a godly woman. What an honor that is, isn’t it?
I want to make it clear. We can’t do this except Christ. He does that. He does that. He gave us
this family that is pure and holy and sisters and brothers and the truth in the heart. Deep down
in the heart. Isn’t that amazing? Deep down in our life. How awesome is that.

Then the next verse. Vs. 19-21. What effect did it have when you were coming home in a
drunken stupor? What good was it when you lost your $700 at the casino? What good did it do
when you had one girlfriend after another? What good did it do you when you lost a job
because of your anger, your cursing and swearing? Do we all have a past like that? Do we all
have a sinful past that we have forgotten?

Thank you God that you remove it from our mind, and we don’t dwell there. But let’s admit it.
We could not only have that in our past but continue in it today though I am a Christian living
on the surface. I don’t have the authority over my sin nature until I start to say to God, remove
from me the way of lying. Grant to me your doctrine graciously and teach me who we are. And
let me just watch the chicken fall over. And then I walk over and pick it up and say, lunch time!
Lunch time! We have authority over ourselves because of God’s grace through Christ. In Jesus’
name. Amen.

You know, you just heard one message, but my heart would be that you could hear a thousand
of them. Not me. Not because of me. Who cares about that? I know what a thousand messages
can do. I know what one message can do for my life, and I know as a way of life as you live ten
years, twenty years, how much do I need to be fed? And the feeding is like way, it’s there in the

It says in Hebrews 4:12, the Word of God is living, quick, powerful, sharp, piercing to the dividing
asunder of the soul and spirit and joints and marrow and the thoughts and intentions – it’s a
discerner of the thoughts and intentions of my heart. So, I’m a butcher’s son and I learned as a
little boy in the butcher shop how to cut up meat and cut through joints. Debone chicken. Cut
up deer cause we were in Upstate, New York and breaking down a hind of beef and those
things. And the knife going through the joint and separating and really exploring the inside of an

This is what God does by his Word. He compares his Word like a sharp knife that is able to
pierce through the joints and marrow and is a discerner of what’s going on. That means deep
inside. We live on the surface cosmetically, generally as people. Actually with God, he goes
deeper, and he wants us to know that he knows who we are and what we need and it’s by
messages. It’s by faith. It’s by instruction. It’s by learning. It’s by getting ahold of something in
your heart and carrying it with you and walking by faith and realizing, yeah. My life has
changed. My life has changed.

Jesus didn’t give me a list of stuff to do. Jesus was just with me in my room. He was with me in
the car. He didn’t give me a list. He is with us. My presence will go with you. Remember Moses
said, I’m done. I’m done. I’m not going in Exodus 33. And the Lord said I will go with you. Moses
said, if you go with me, I will go. God said my peace will go with you and that’s okay. If you’re
peace way down in the ocean there, peace in the heart. If I got peace, I can do it. The outside,
they’re rebellious people. On the outside, we’re in a wilderness. On the outside, there’s no
water to drink. The food is a big problem. Everything on the outside got a problem with these
people. These people. These Jewish people that came out of Egypt. I got a problem with them.
They are rebellious and I’m done.

The Lord said, I will go with you. He said, if you go with me, I will go. The Lord said, I will go with
you and my peace will be with you. There it is. That’s the key. In this life, you need that peace
cause of how it goes. We just need that peace. That’s all. Amen. Would you pray with me,


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