Elijah got fed by ravens. He was sent to poor widow in Sidon to find food. The widow’s son died and was raised to life. True treasure was found in that place of poverty. Faith came alive there. We should always look for God in each thing. (1 Kings 1:24)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11580
7:30 PM on 11/21/2018



P. Schaller

Someone asked if going to the banquet is biblical so turn to Esther 7:1. I know this is speaking to the single guys. This is going to be tough right now! God is speaking to you, maybe! Do we have to say more? Is that clear. It’s December 4th and we’re all going to bow our heads and let the single guys get up out of their chairs and go to their perspective invitees! Will that work do you think? No. But will the Scriptures speak? P. Ray has a better idea. Let the girls go to the guys! That will be fun. Feel free to participate in that. That’s open to the whole church. We’re supporting our Bible college folks.

P. Adam has been in Botswana, Africa. Is that correct? We love you and your family. Why don’t we have you sit down and have your wife stand up? She’s making the whole thing happen. She’s amazing.


P. Adam Speedy

A moment of edification for my 2 a.m. jet lag. Botswana is new for us except P. Scibelli has been praying and evangelizing for 20 years. God answered that prayer with P. Bernard from Zambia. He came to Eurocon. He came to the Lord under a tree in ‘04 and got saved, went to the church, Bible college, graduated through many trials, moved cities, took a team and planted a church in southern Zambia and now is led to change countries. It’s very hot in the Kalahari Desert. The government is against churches in the last few years, resisting, but they just changed governments. Nevertheless, still these rules. You need 150 locals to endorse your idea of a church. We evangelized and within 24 hours we had a 150 give names and cell phone numbers. Sixty percent indicated they’d like to be part of the Bible school when we start up. There are people sitting at their stands reading the Bible saying what does this mean? You’re hooked. The security guard at the hotel is reading the Bible and asking questions. The taxi driver. The next day he says I prayed before I went to sleep, Jesus save me. Pray for that country and the team moving there. Great time with P. Renaldo and P. Bernard and others that will be moving there soon. God bless.


P. Schaller

If you are a family and have an empty seat at your table and don’t know who to invite, you could go to the entry way and let P. Jason know and his staff. They can give you some options. Maybe we know of some people that don’t have a place to go.

We have a few publications, Hidden Treasures of Europe. This is my level of reading. It’s written for children. The coloring with Karen Jansen doing the artwork. I’m going to buy a box of crayons on my way home! These stories are amazing. This is for your children reading at night or for you. Bedtime story and you find out things about our people around the world. These are real stories. This is Europe. P. Serradji is the head of the project and has done a great job. Honestly, this is amazing. I’m selling it I guess but I’m amazing and excited it exists.

This message is about poverty. A certain kind of poverty that is actually good. There is a good kind and in the faith we often think of our blessings and our prosperity and we are celebrating that in our country and recognizing our history of spirituality with revivals and men and women of God and material blessing poured upon us. We’ll go through the text here pretty much the whole chapter. Not a super long message. Well see what the Lord gives us.

1 Ki 17:1- I will decide if it rains or not. This guy got power.

vs. 2-7. The prophet said there will be no rain. He’s living in the countryside in poverty. Birds are feeding him and he’s drinking from the brook and it dries up. This happens in your life and mine. We do God’s will and things change. As things change, we follow God. There’s no more water. No more rain. Now we follow God. Our Thanksgiving holiday is one of bounty and a lot of blessing in many ways. May God bless our holiday and family times together. They are gifts from God. In this story, Elijah doesn’t have that. He has God’s will. When you do God’s will, there are things that happen that come from God, God’s way. God’s will and God’s way. What should I do? I don’t have any water, Lord? Next step is to be sent to this widow.

vs. 9. In the story, this widow woman is also poor. She has very little. I will send you to a widow woman, not a millionaire. Sometimes Christian workers look for the millionaires or support or financial security. This is a prophet of God. If you are not a millionaire and don’t know one and can’t go to one, you should say praise God. I don’t have that temptation. He can send me to a widow woman. A poor woman. The ways of God and the Spirit of God, the mind of God the work of God is not man’s way. It’s another way. This makes us very thankful. There is a thanksgiving when we see God’s hand.

vs. 10-12. We may eat it and die. That’s how poor we are. This is a poverty but there is another kind. There’s another thing happening. There is something here and we must always look for when we live with God. We should always look for God in the thing. Look for God in the thing because God has sent him. This woman is so discouraged. It’s not a joke. She’s saying I have a son. We have nothing. I have no food for you. You are the prophet. I should give you what I have. I have so little anyway and what I have we will eat it and die. I could give it to you.

I love reading different stories about people that have found God in different ways. I told one recently to the high school. A true story. One of four people that used to be in the Soviet Union and went to our Bible college. He was poor. He got a job moving furniture from one wealthy family in an oil rich country. In the move, they lost a valuable ring worth about $15,000. They could think someone stole it. This Bible college student in the dirt he found it. He brought it to the owner. The owner took it and said, who are you? He goes, I go to Bible college. I am from Turkmenistan. I go to Bible college here. The man said I want to know you. I want to know you. He sent him to school in Scotland to learn the oil business and he became a manager of an oil rig and he got promoted. He’s a Spirit-filled brother in the Moscow church.

Wealth, what is it? What is wealth? Paul said if we have food and raiment, we can be contented. We can manage our life but we are also looking for God in our life. Sometimes by losing something we gain and find God in life. In the story, this woman doesn’t have much but has faith. She has faith. It’s like us. This is the thing our country needs to hear. We are choking on our prosperity and yet we don’t have it. We don’t have it. We think we have but we’ve been sold something that doesn’t have the content. Is the ring the issue or is it the man that found the ring. The true treasure we are thankful for is righteousness, wisdom, truth, love, faith. Elijah doesn’t have to live with a millionaire. He doesn’t need a big campus, big organization or a lot of TV programs. He just needs to know God in his life. Isn’t that good? That’s all he needs. And we carry this thanksgiving and this spirit in our hearts because we have found not a holiday. We have found Christ in life. We have found wisdom and love.

vs. 12-16. Where did it come from? It came from God. She was living in faith and had received the man of God. That people in our country would find Christ and don’t hold back and share it boldly and lovingly. The barrel of meal is what we are thankful for. It’s not our prosperity in that sense. When Lot saw Sodom and Gomorrah that is the happening place but it was not blessed. It was not of God. Achan saw a wedge of silver in Jericho and a Babylonian garment he couldn’t resist. It must have been Levi tight jeans or a mink coat from Babylon. He had to have it. He couldn’t resist it. It was a curse in his life. There are things that we are looking for that we really don’t need to be looking for. We want the H.S. communion and the presence of God’s will and find his will and listen to what God is saying and the cruise of oil not failing.

vs. 15-17. Her son died. A widow is a special person. A widow has no husband or security. A widow doesn’t have a man in her life. When she has a son, that’s the man in her life. When he died, it’s a huge crisis.

vs. 18. What do I have to do with you, Oh man of God? That happens so easily. Ever since I went to the church, things were good and then my son died. What do I have to do with you people? I remember my sin and my son is dead. What do I have to do with you? This happens. She means what do I have to do with God. I’m angry with God. What do I have to do with you Elijah, man of God? This is the spirit of it. That’s what she’s saying. I’m a believer that when you’re not a believer your life can go relatively easy. It can go any way. It depends on God. Sometimes when I’m a believer, the minute the Holy Spirit starts working in me, the demons are attracted to me. They are realizing I could get serious. Demons start to work. You open a can of coke and the wasps come. A tick can sense from 3 meters away, 9 feet away it can sense a warm body a host and position itself on a leaf and get ready to fall. It can sense the host is nearby. If insects know this, what do demons know about us? They can sense if you are hanging out with Elijah the man of God. It might be they will put in your heart lies. What do I have to do with you? Look at the ministry of Elijah. He said give me your son.

vs. 17-20. Have you done this God? Have you brought evil on this woman? You sent me here and it’s become trouble. Keep your eye on the story. It happens in life. Trouble is part of our life. The point is to find God in the trouble. I can find God in the trouble. Elijah is saying to God, I come to be with this woman and look what has happened. Is this your will? I’m coming before you because I’m not going to roll over and die. Live somewhere with all my needs met and all of this trouble. Instead you have sent me. This is your way. This is the Spirit. That’s what we are always looking for in our lives. None of us can figure it out in one way but we can know when we have God’s Spirit moving in our hearts. We can sense the peace and the authority of blessing…through Christ the power is broken at the cross. We sense unity. We sense fellowship. We can sense and we are growing in the Spirit in our family and it’s very important to us. It’s an awesome part of our lives.

Tim Flint is in Saudi Arabia working and his wife Janet is awesome. He called on radio. He said when he heard his name mentioned in our pulpit it affected him so much because he said I love the family. They are thinking of me and praying for me. The spiritual family.

vs. 21-22. That’s all. Wow.

Sometimes we think the past days were better. No, these are the days. These are great days. Sometimes we wish things were different. It’s okay. They are this way. It’s fine because God is in it. Sometimes we live in regret. No, don’t do it. This is perfect. This is the way it is.

God is here. God is with you and the Spirit speaks to you. You have all you need. We have all we need. We have a living God with us. We can find God in every situation. When the brook dries up, it’s not over. Go to the widow. I go to the widow and she wants to die. I thought she’d come out with a sandwich. I’m in it. I sent you.

Don’t repeat other people’s lives and don’t look to do it. Live yours with God. You are like the prophet Elijah. We don’t have to copy each other. “His life went that way; I wish my life when that way.” Don’t worry about it. Get real close to hearing God in your heart. Get real close to faith. God has something for you.

Elijah takes him to his mother and he’s saying I am so thankful to you. You are the God that shows up, the one that walks with us and anoints us, that takes care of us and feeds us. You are the one that comes to a meeting.

I remember missionaries walking a path and the house was far away. Is it worth it to go all the way to that house and knock on the door? Or carry the sound equipment across town and set it up and two people come. We didn’t even need the sound equipment! Then breaking it up. It was fun. God was with us on the bus in every step of the way.

Be careful how you interpret your trouble. Your trouble is part of the whole thing.

Be careful to be thankful deeply. Your life is big. Your life is recorded in heaven. This is big stuff. Your life has so much value.

vs. 23-24. Wow. Pray with me.


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