Our new birth delivers us from the snare of fear. We rest in the comfort that we are by Him who made all things. The fury of the oppressor shall wither like grass. He who first loved us has renewed us and restored us. (Isaiah 51:12-13; Proverbs 29:25)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Devries
Sermon 12054
11:00 AM on 3/7/2021

P. Schaller –

Good morning. Would you turn to Isaiah 2 for a preliminary thought. Isaiah 2:22 thanks to the AV and I.T.
Department that does all the verses and all the words and the graphics and you see Eurocon
“We Faint Not.” What is Eurocon? Europe Convention, those two words put together
abbreviated “Eurocon.” That means that every spring we go to Europe. Why aren’t we there
today? Because of covid. So we do the next best thing which is online here, live services and
we have visitors coming in America from Florida, Kentucky – P. Steve is with us this morning.
Chicago, and New England. We’re going to have a good time. At 1:00 in the afternoon starting
Tuesday, there will be a service here. It will be live in Europe. Also at night at 7:00 a live service.
There is nursery on some days. You can check the schedule. But there is a lot more because of
the weather. Spring is coming. I mean it is coming!

That means the deck out there will be a place of fellowship when it’s 68 degrees and we’ll be out there after, before and Kathy Ryan has a grill fired up. Also, we have a pastor’s breakfast down at the Fellowship Hall in the mornings at
8:30. Workshops at 10:30. A lot going on. Just hanging out and being together in the Spirit and
listening and receiving from each other. This is a great week. It’s a great week to be alive. I want
you to congratulate your neighbor sitting next to you and say, congratulations. You’re alive this
week for Eurocon. You made it! You’re alive. You made it! Now, also, the cafe will have two of
the American pastors will be sharing in the cafe at noon time this week. There will be food there,
too. Come and join us. There’s all kinds of things going on for our fellowship. I wanted to make
that clear. Isaiah 2:22 this is a very short comment here. This is our theme this morning. Why did
God say that? What does that mean, cease from man? Don’t put your trust in man. His breath is
in his nostrils. Man is small potatoes in my life compared to God. God.

Trust in God. Don’t worry about man. Don’t worry about man. Don’t gear your life to man. Government. Money. People.
Opinions. Don’t gear yourself to man. Cease from man who is really a shadow. He is a vapor.
He is passing away. He’s so powerful but he’s going to end up in the grave. The proportion –
he’s talking proportions. So man has high regard for man and he fears man. When it comes to
God, he forgets God. He’s not thinking about God. He’s not in the picture. God is saying get that
back the other way. Have high regard for me and don’t worry about men. They’re not driving
things. They are small potatoes. They’re small potatoes. It looks like they have the authority but
there is a greater authority and we are made in his image and we have a calling that relates to
Almighty God who made the heavens and the earth! Yes, he did. So that’s that. Amen. I’d like
you to welcome P. Steve Devries who was a missionary in South Korea for many years, he and
his wife, Ann. He lives now in Kentucky. I asked him to share a word with us before we do the
communion. Today is communion Sunday. He’ll share a word. We’ll have the communion. We’ll
have a song and then I’ll preach the rest of that message. Okay. Let’s go.

P. Steve –

Good morning. It’s so good to be here. Earlier I was just – it’s amazing to be here. It’s
been over a year and a half since I’ve been to Baltimore. And this is just stupid. I was living
overseas over 30 years being involved. Never missed Convention except this year. There is a
part to it that I’m very thankful for this whole covid thing. It destroyed familiarity in my heart. I’m
not familiar. Familiarity can really destroy my capacity to receive what God wants to minister. I’m
so excited. I’m here all week. Eurocon in Baltimore. If you are around, please be here. Please
participate. There are pastors coming in. Thank you P. Schaller for putting out the call and say,
come. That’s all I needed to hear. Anyway, so, so good to see you and be here. Amen. P.
Schaller asked me to share a little word on the filling of the Holy Spirit in our lives. A couple
thoughts. Looking up this word, this word to fill, to fill something. To be full. There is one
meaning we might have of like filling, filling something up and cramming it in. Cramming it in.
Imagine having a gunny sack, a big burlap bag.

You fill it with dirt. Potatoes. You fill it with potatoes. Can you get one more potato in there? Can you get a little bit more straw in there? Jam it in. No there is no more. What about a half a potato? Jam a little bit more in. But the filling
of the Spirit is not like that. Right? The Holy Spirit dwells within us. I think many times people
may have this idea of the Holy Spirit. O Holy Spirit come, come, come and fill us. This is really
not what the Bible teaches for us, right? The Holy Spirit dwells within every believer. He lives in
us. Why am I not continually filled with the Holy Spirit? Because there is something else filling
me. It’s flesh. This old nature. The world. And kind of connected to this message or this tonight,
okay, I am a gunny sack. What is my gunny sack filled with right now? This thought, this picture of Hebrews 1:3 where it says that everything was created through Christ and he sustains all things
by the word of his power. Everything that is created, this whole universe, everything is
continually being sustained by the Word, by the rhema of God’s Word.

In a moment, that Word can be removed and every atom, every particle is just [noise] gone! Imagine that. Reflecting
back on what is filling my gunny sack is flesh. This old nature. Living in this world, I feel like
living in this world is trying to cram so much garbage. Turn on the radio. Turn on the news. Turn
on this that and it’s trying to cram more and more garbage into me. But what sustains that?
What sustains this old nature in me? Why, and I think it’s also a word. It’s a lie. It’s words that
continue to uphold this old nature in me. It really has no substance because we are new
creations. It doesn’t define us. But for whatever reason, I may allow it to come back and control
my mind and my emotions, fill me and living in the world my mind is set on the things in the
world and it keeps jamming in. The Holy Spirit dwells in us. The Holy Spirit is not like that. The
Holy Spirit dwells in you and He is not like something being jammed in. He is like living water.
So just a couple – Ephesians 4:29, 30. Start in vs. 30-31.

Let those words go. Let those words have no rule, no substance, no maintaining power in your heart and in your soul. vs. 32. We are new creations. Know no man after the flesh. vs. 29. that gives sustenance, that gives energy to the
old man to fill me, to fill the gunny sack. But let it go. Speak words that are true and let that
dissipate. It has no power. Boom! It’s gone. And the Holy Spirit and the Words of God fill us
again and again and rule my mind and my heart and my emotions and my tongue. We have Ephesians
5:18, so many things in this world is dissipation. Useless, foolishness, garbage. Garbage in a
gunny sack. How much more can I get stuffed in there. I’ve had enough of it. It’s enough. Let it
go. Be filled with the Holy Spirit Then in the next chapter, Ephesians 6, right? Were not fighting
against flesh and blood. This is warfare. We are in the midst of warfare for souls and we don’t
have carnal weapons. We cannot expect to win this war with garbage in the gunny sacks, no
matter how reasonable it might be, how good it might be. It has no power. But we are filled with
the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit dwells in you to be filling us continually, filling us like new
water springing up, words of eternal life. These old gunny sacks actually speaking life from them
to one another and we stand against principalities and powers, rulers in high places. We’re
victors. Let’s be filled with nothing but the Spirit of God and his Word. Amen.

P. Schaller –

If I fear men, that’s a trap or a snare. So I asked over here, we have bear trap,
mouse trap, when something grabs a hold of you and keeps you. You can’t get away. There are
financial traps. Anybody identify with that? Financial traps. I got caught. A salesmen said but it
doesn’t work out that way. Government could trap. My friend could trap me. My wife. Child.
Institution. Any number of traps but the fear of man is not a good thing when we fear men. I
have a paragraph here: “At times, the world can be a dangerous place.” By the way, the
purpose of the message is to encourage you. I got to make that clear in the beginning. Well,
actually, it’s going to get good. It’s going to be good. Listen. This is edifying. This is good. “At
times the world can be a dangerous place. We encounter all kinds of strangers. Sometimes they
are kind but sometimes they are not and it pays to be ready.

There are those waiting to lay traps for us. We meet some people who want everything, including what is ours and will do anything to get it. We learn a few things about honesty and dishonesty and choosing the right kind of
friends. These lessons on prudence are important. We discover because the virtues are not
always in abundant supply. In fact, we learn wisdom and virtue from our failure as much as our
success. We will make a few wrong turns and fall into a few traps but – and this is where my
message comes in. 1. Regeneration. Regeneration is a theological word from two places in our
new Testament. One theologian writes, “Few doctrines are more fundamental to effective
preaching than the doctrine of regeneration.” I want to make a point on this. “Not by works of
righteousness which we have done but by the washing of regeneration.” We are saved by the
gift of Christ to us. Christ is born in us when we believe. It doesn’t happen in periods.

The filling of the Spirit and walking in the Spirit and sanctification is growing and there are phases and
growth and experiences but regeneration happens at one point in time when you believe and
that holy thing that is born in you is called the Son of God. That’s what the angel said to Mary
when she said, “let it be unto me according to your Word.” The angel said, “the holy thing born
in you shall be called the son of God.” This is the new birth. This is very important in our
theology, in our understanding of our new life. Everyone of you this morning that believes in
Christ, you are regenerated. The word is also used for the earth being changed, Matthew 19:28, when Christ returns and the earth is changed. There is a change in the earth. There’s two times.
At the Millennial the earth is changed and then the eternal age the earth will be changed and
glorified. The earth will be glorified one day. So, it’s just as if a man was dead in a grave and
God by his power raised him from the dead. Did the man do anything to do that? Did he do
anything to have his body raised from the dead?

He did nothing. His body was dead. He was in heaven but when God decided to raise his body from the grave, it was totally a work of God. 100% God. God raised that dead body from the grave. In a similar way, regeneration is not
something that you participate in other than believing in Christ. What is it to do the will of God?
What is it that I must do to inherit eternal life but to believe in the One that God has sent in John
6:28-29. And in believing, you are justified and the work of the Spirit you are regenerated. So
this is important. “Regeneration is found only twice in the New Testament.” I just taught you that.
“but has been appropriated as the general term designated the impartation of eternal life. Only
one of the two instances in the New Testament usage in this sense, Titus 3:5. Washing of
regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit. It’s translated new birth, reproduction, renewal ,
recreation by Thayer the Greek lexicon.

It’s applied not only to human beings but also to the renewed heaven and earth in the Millennium in relation to the nature of man, it includes the various expressions used for eternal life such as new life, new birth, spiritual resurrection, new creation,new mind, made alive, sons of God, translated into the kingdom.” Here is the Gospel.
Man has sinned. He has death in him. A curse. He has a sin nature. He is in a cursed world. It’s
in many ways a dangerous world. We are in a world with a sin nature and we have not any
thought of God. Psalm 10:4. Remember Psalm 10 if you are wanting to learn the Bible.
Remember Psalm 10 maybe for what we see happening in the government of the United States
of America. To be very honest, it happens in every government every where in the world, but
you see also not only in the government, you see it in organizations. You see it in businesses.
It’s not a good story. It’s sad. It’s sad. But it’s been all through time because of the sin nature,
the sin nature of man. Okay. vs. 4.

The whole psalm could be taught. It’s incredible this psalm. God is not in his thoughts. Why? Because it’s not in man. I was in Hawaii on the north shore where there is a lot of surfing going on. I was walking along the beach and I saw two young men with surf boards. I stopped one of them and said, hey, can I talk to you? He goes, yeah. Sure.
What’s up? I go, is it awesome here surfing? Yeah, it’s amazing. I said when you are out there
on the water, when you are out there on the water and this is beautiful the sun is shining and the
waves are perfect, everything about it. Do you think about God? No, I don’t. So I’m thinking
maybe he doesn’t understand me. No, I mean you’re young and healthy and it’s awesome. It’s
beautiful out here, the sky, the clouds. Do you think about God? He’s looking at me like, no. No.
I have no idea what you are talking about. Why is that? Why is that that people don’t think about
God? Why is it? Is that the nature of man? It is. You may not believe it but that’s very, very
common. Now, wait a minute. Before you were saved, there were times maybe you thought
about God just like with that boy. I asked him how old he was.

He said 17. I gave him a word of encouragement and he went on his way with his friend. My point was to share the message of course. I didn’t do it then. I didn’t feel led to do it but I encouraged him. Okay. There were times
that I did think about God but then they were gone. It was not in my thinking. Why? I wasn’t
regenerated. What do you mean? When you are saved, you are given a new nature and a new
heart and a new spirit. And now God is your Father. It says in Galatians 4:6, we cry, Abba, Father.
There is something now that happens through our new birth where we are in fellowship and
communion with God and it goes another way. It’s Psalm 40:5. This is David writing this psalm.
They are more than can be numbered if I counted them. I could not even count the number of
thoughts that I have about you. Where did that come from? It’s the new nature that you have.
You might say pastor, the world is a troubled place and it’s very easy for me to forget God. The
world is a troubled place. There are people that want to steal my lunch and my stuff and I’m
already in a trap or two. I’m in a hard place.

We say this is the message for us. This is good. Some of us are learning. We are learning, and if you’re new in this church and you are opening up your Bible and learning the Bible, this will be happening to you these coming weeks and through the Spring. You’ll be learning your Bible, and keep coming. You might say I don’t know
anybody here. I don’t know many people. I’m more by myself. Well, you’ll learn. You’ll get
friends. It will happen. Just stay in there and walk by faith in God because you are regenerated.
Wait a minute. When you were born into this world, you were not regenerated. You were born
the first time. That’s the first birth. That God was there in the delivery room. It says that in Galatians 1.

it says, Paul said that – I want to get it right cause it’s so good. I just evaded my rusty memory
there. It says, “It pleased God who separated me from my mother’s womb.” When I came into
the world, it pleased God that I had the first birth. But a first birth doesn’t give me God’s mind,
God’s heart. It only gives me a sinful nature, a physical existence and a lot of questions about
life, and to be honest, a lot of traps and there’s actually a lot of potential trouble that comes into
this world with my first birth. But my new birth, my second birth, you must be born again, is a
miraculous gift of grace given to whoever believes and that nature of Christ is in you. “I am
crucified with Christ nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives within me.” This is where we are
living now. Christ lives within me. The Spirit of Christ is in us. The fellowship with God and the
thoughts are innumerable like as many as the sand by the sea. There is a new mind and heart
and it will be forever and ever. It starts in this life and this is the knowledge of God is eternal life,
John 17:3, Many people think eternal life is duration.

Eternal life means life doesn’t end. I shared that with somebody that was not a believer. I said would you like to have eternal life? The guy looked at me and said, no. No way! What is he saying? I don’t want this life to continue forever. I
don’t want this life to continue forever. No way. I said what if your life was perfect? What if you
had Christ’s mind? What if you had all your sins forgiven? What if you were made in the image
of God? What if you were glorified with no pain and no sorrow, no sickness and no death and
you are with other family members that had the same thing? That changes the conversation.
The part I want you to notice, we’re not there yet, but it’s Isaiah 51:12-13. This is the closing
part. Before we get there, we’ll cover a few more points here. If a person is born into this world
with only one birth, the natural birth, the normal birth, they have a lot of fear eventually. Maybe
not as a child or a teenager. Usually we are invincible as children and teenagers. We think we
are. We don’t have that many fears.

Then eventually we get hurt in life by traps and snares. Sometimes as adults, parents you stand on the front porch waving goodbye to your adolescent child, the child you brought up and waving them off to school or off to their first job or at their marriage and you’re kind of saying goodbye to them and thinking, wow! Life can be tough. Do
they have what it takes? Do they understand what can happen? It’s kind of scary. Especially if
God is not in the life. Especially if I don’t think about God. I got my surf board. I got the sun is
shining. What happens when your heart is broken? What happens when you have a drug
addiction? When your mother and father die? When you have no home or money or education
or money or anyone that really loves you? What happens in this life? There are so many things
that can happen and already happened. And God is not in our thoughts. Isaiah 51:12, we could stop
there. I, God. That’s so amazing. God. God is saying, I even I. Yes. Me. God. I am here. I am
your Father. I am the only one that really cares about you. I, even I. God. Wow! That’s amazing.
He’s talking to us. Remember at the beginning of the service I said the proportions are wrong.
The fear of man is a snare.

Yeah, God. Yeah, I believe in God. Whatever. There are many gods. The man upstairs. Yeah, I know about that. I know all about that. They don’t know anything. But the fear of man is great. The fear of death is great. The fear of oppression. The fear of the salesman who will steal from me my house. The fear of the government that might
take away from me my rights or my freedoms. Or in some country somewhere they could put
me in jail. The fear of a government or king or leader. The fear of losing money. The fear of
economical collapse. The fear of man is great, but God says, I. See we are regenerated and
through the regeneration we have a connection with God as our Father and he is speaking to
us. This is the relationship that you and I need when our life is complicated and difficult. When
we are hurt. When we are in a trap. Maybe some brother or sister is in a prison today and they
have been trapped. They have been caught. They are not getting out. It’s not going to change.
That’s how they feel. God is speaking. He says I even I God.

What does he say to us? vs. 12. I’m going to talk to you. I’m going to comfort you no matter where you are at. I hear the cry of the prisoner. No matter where you are at. By the way, the best thing you could do is make high
priority for learning and listening. Best thing you and I can do. Whatever state you are in this
world, I don’t care who you are or where you are at or anything about you. It doesn’t matter. The
greatest thing a person could do would be to pay attention to what he is saying. And he says I
even I am he that comforts you. How? By talking to us. By anointing us. By the new birth. You
see, we didn’t love God but when we were born again, he loved us first. Now we love God. And
this is the great commandment. It’s almost like the great key to the whole universe. You got the
whole universe and there is a key and it’s to love God. When the key goes in the door, it’s kind
of life everything now is in a way right because God made us and put us here. And if somebody takes advantage of you, God is greater than that advantage.

If somebody cheats you, God is greater than the cheater. If you get hurt in this world, God is greater than the hurt that we have. Cause he is God and he put us here that we would know him and have these proportions
change. Not fear man. Fear God and have many thoughts about God and think about God. vs.
12. Whose breath is in his nostrils in Isaiah 2:22. What is another way of saying that? I’m God
who confronts you. Who are you that would be afraid of a man that’s like, you know, go to a
hospital. Ask to look through the window of the surgery and see them open the body and pull
the cavity back and dig in there an pull out organs and stuff and push them back in and then just
say, are you afraid of men whose breath is in their nostrils? How about a man who lusts after
women? Maybe he should take a good look at her inner parts and the gory bloody organs inside
her body. Would it be worthwhile for me to forfeit my blessing with God because of flesh and
lust? Go to an old people’s home and see what was a beautiful woman now is an old one in a
wheel chair and doesn’t have her wits about her.

Not to ridicule her in any way but only to recognize we are flesh. Look at the verse. Who are you? What are you doing that you would be afraid of man that shall die? Well, his name is Adolf Hitler. Why wouldn’t I be afraid of him? He’s
nothing. He’s nothing. But he has an army of four million men. That is nothing. Yeah, but
thousands of airplanes. Nothing. It’s nothing. Who is he compared to me? I am God. This is the
thing that makes us different in this world. And I hope you can follow it with me. I’m not trying to
exaggerate. I’m trying to say what it is saying. God is saying this is man. He shall die and of the
son of man which shall be made as grass. He’s belittling people. You people are hurt by them.
You are troubled by them. You are worried by them, but it gets better. Look at vs. 13. He forgets
the Lord. You have forgotten God. You’re not built up in God. You’re not thinking about God.
You’re studying men and government and economics and every other thing and trickery and
deception and history even; everything, but are you a student of God?

Do you know who Christ is? Do you know that God came in Christ? That we are regenerated? Now we have another
language. We have another purpose. We have another resource. vs. 13. We see in Isaiah, I’ll
give you the verses here, where we have many times God is. “Thus saith the Lord. He that
created the heavens and stretched them out” (Isaiah 42:5). Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 45:12, Isaiah 48:13, Isaiah 51:16.
What is the point? He’s saying the earth, the whole universe, I did it. I did it. You cling to the
dust,but my Word because you are regenerated will enter into your Spirit and into your heart
and you will worship me. As you worship me, you will know the truth and you will have many
thoughts. But the wicked have no thoughts about God. Their thoughts are nothing. They amount
to very little. They are thinking about – let me say a word about evolution. Evolution totally
contradicts our Bible, our understanding of redemption, salvation. When I was an evolutionist, I
was at the university studying biology and evolution every day.

Every day. Every day I was there. All the time I believed it. Then I just came to the place, I had the posters of Neanderthal man. I had the whole thing in my room. I studied. I wrote papers on it. The whole thing. I was
totally into that. I believe that. Only because it was the only thing I was taught. But then I got
saved and read John. 5. Listen to this verse. Jesus said, “how can you believe what I say if you
don’t believe Moses’s writings?” What’s Moses’ writings? Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers
and Deuteronomy, the first five books of the Bible. And in Genesis it says, “in the beginning God
created the heavens and the earth” and he made man out of the dust by divine fiat, by a decree,
by a decision. God made man. That’s what I read. In one Bible verse, I just changed. I don’t
believe this anymore. It’s not credible that a man would come from nothing. I would rather
believe that he came from God. Period.

The discussion is over. That was the end. It’s been more than 40 years, 50 years and this is what I’m saying today. The gift of regeneration has made it possible for us to relate to God as Father and hear what he says and live a life that is
different from other people that live in a lot of fear. Let’s finish up. vs. 13. You have feared
continually. Every day. That’s a problem today. They have forgotten God. They don’t know
about God. They don’t have the knowledge of God. They’re not regenerated. They might have
religion but they live in an oppression. Because of the fury of the oppressor. An oppressor can
be a king. It could be a person like a ruler. It could be a government. It could be actually
pestilence, disease. It could be an idea that is oppressing me. It could be covid. It could be a
cancer. It could be any number of things that oppress me because I’m afraid. There’s a great
answer for that fear. That’s the knowledge of God. The Bible is telling us that if we could let – we
receive the Word and let the Word dwell in you richly, admonishing one another with psalms
and hymns and spiritual songs. We have a community.

A community of love that casts out fear. A community. A kind of a smartness about life. I want to use that word instead of the word “wisdom.” it’s a good word. We need wisdom. Okay. I have a stranger that becomes my friend
but I don’t know if that guy – I’m not suspicious but I don’t know. The man could be, may not be
good, so where do you get the smartness to live? Where do you get the smartness to figure
things out? Where do you get that ability? I think by being around people that are kind of smart
in this way. People that are humble. People that are kind of like the Holy Spirit uses them. I
want to know people that have a spiritual aptitude, capacity to think with God, many thoughts
about God. Many messages and many teachings from the Bible. Look at how thick the Bible is.
How much God has to say to us. Many thoughts that come that are comfortable and peaceful
and build us up in peace and say that there is nothing on the earth. I have not made you to fear.
I have made you to love and this love casts out the fear. vs. 13. Then he says, “where is the fury
of the oppressor?” I want to say it like this. This is how I read it. Where is the fury of the
oppressor? Where is it? It’s in your imagination.

Where is it? It didn’t happen, did it? You were afraid you were going to die of covid. It didn’t happen, did it? Where is it? What happened? It never did happen? I thought I’d get cancer and God is saying it to the man without it, it never
happened. You didn’t get it. You don’t have cancer or a car accident or whatever it was you
were afraid of, the very thing you were afraid of continually every day never happened. You
wasted your energy in fearing was all wasted on a mirage, an illusion, a fear that stole from you.
It was a trap. The fear of man is a trap, a snare, and it devours our life. But God talks to us. I,
even I, God, am the one that comforts you. I am the one that sent you my Son and he speaks to
you. I am the one that will take care of you. Do not fear about your future. Jesus said it many
times. Fear not little flock. He said it many times. Fear not. That’s not what we do. The Lord
says you fear because you have forgotten God. You have forgotten the Lord. We are rejoicing
this morning because we are regenerated and thinking with Him and learning this book. And by
the way, you will learn it little by little through months and years and decades. As I get older,
and many of us are getting older.

All of us are, but we’re getting there and as I do, there is one
thing that I so much praise God for is that I had a pastor that was serious about learning this
book. I sat there. I sat where you are sitting and I’m sitting with you as well today. We’re all
together. But I sat and when I didn’t know it or understand it, I kept going. When I didn’t know
anybody I just kept – as I was listening I started to listen to listen and to hear and obedient as
much as I – in an attitude. Then it goes to our children. You’ll be on a front porch waving
goodbye and you’ll be in a way they are leaving the house. You’ll go, yes, yes. On the other
hand, you’ll start weeping and then you start thinking it’s a terrible world out there. How will they
ever make it? Then you go pray and so on. But you know what? They got the important thing.
Honestly. You hope they did. They got the thing that has made our lives different, unique and
precious. They got what you got as it passed on. Deuteronomy 29:29 my secrets I give to you and your
children and to your children’s children. Isn’t that amazing. That some how the grandchildren
pick up on it way down the line and maybe it even goes further. That’s my message today. I
went a little longer. I’m thankful for it and you guys.

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