The stories of everyone listed in Hebrews 11 was personal and specific. Moses, in particular, decided to follow the way of God rather than enjoy the way of Egypt and power and privilege and pleasure and sin. He chose Christ and endured. Hebrews 11

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12601
11:00 AM on 10/22/2023

P. Schaller –

Morning. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord. Thank you, Lord. Beautiful. I was in Florida yesterday. I was there
two days at our conference, and folks from Miami came and Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm. It was
in Clearwater. We had a rich time fellowshipping with Christ at the center. Some of our friends
from years ago came from our Sarasota, Ft. Myers. It was a rich time.

This morning I want to introduce to you the theme here. This is – turn with me to John 3.
Excuse me. John 3. Regarding the new birth. John 3. Excuse me, I think I have to blow my nose
to be honest! I think I have to do that. How am I going to do that now? I got the microphone
on! P. Steve, do you want to read that verse? John 3:5. Here we have the words of Christ to
Nicodemus who should have known this. Christ says that later. We know the story. Many of us
know from years ago when we were born again of the Spirit. This is the key. Born of the Spirit.
You are born your first birth, your physical birth. So, you have the physical birth. Your first one.
This is the first one.

And you will die twice if you are not born of the Spirit. You die twice. You die physically once
and then eternally because you are ultimately immortal. You live forever somewhere. You live
forever. But if you are born again, you don’t die. You die physically. You die once. But actually,
you don’t taste death. You pass through the shadow of death. Under my table here, there’s a
shadow, but that’s not the table. That’s the shadow of the table. It’s not a table. It’s just a
shadow. Death for us is a shadow cause Christ tasted death for every man. What happens to
you when you die? You leave your body. You’re gone. You don’t sleep in a grave.

By the way, like when you look at a dead body, that person is not there. They’re gone. They left.
When you go to the cemetery, they’re not there. Where are they? They are either with Christ
absent from the body, present with the Lord, and you do not die eternally. You are living
eternally. You are born again, born of the Spirit. That means now in this lifetime, you have a
whole avenue, a whole direction of a new life. You have a new life.

I’m going to close this introduction in a minute, but here’s the message. Moses was in Egypt.
He’s going this way. He grew up as an Egyptian. But he saw where it was going. He stopped.
Figuratively speaking, he made a calculation. I’m an Egyptian and I’m also a Jew. Am I going to
go with the Egyptians or am I a Jew? The Jews are slaves and they built pyramids. They don’t
have any rights. They are slaves in Egypt. But I belong to them, and they say and the fathers say
that there’s a Promised Land and that God is real. And I could follow God. I could believe God.
Moses is going this way. This is kind of like us. I don’t know about your life, but this was how my
life was going. It was going in a bad direction. I was living this way. I was going with the

And then like Moses in principle, – we’re read it in a little bit. He made a calculation. He stopped
and he looked to God. God had him turn and he started to say I’m going to refuse what Egypt offers me. I’m not accepting it. I’m refusing it. I’m not going that way. He started to live by faith.
As he lived by faith, he made certain decisions. Our message this morning is about what those
decisions wore from the text. We’ll go word by word. We have seven words and what that
meant in his life.

I want to say that to you here this morning and to myself. And that is because of our new birth,
we have a whole opportunity of like stopping. We believe God. We are born again, and now
God is speaking to us. We don’t go with the same people. We make certain decisions about life.
And what happens is our hearts are drawn to God. We start making these decisions and we live
a different way. I want you to learn about that. Many of us have been doing it for many years.
It’s in my heart as a pastor to tell you that you have a better life. You already have it. Christ
gave it to you. You are born again.

As a pastor, I want to say to you I know about this way in Egypt. I know about it, but there’s a
better way. I mean that metaphorically. I mean Egypt, go back to Egypt means that they wanted
to go back to slavery. They wanted – it’s not a good place. It’s not a good place going back to
Egypt. That means in the world I want to go back to Las Vegas and do the gambling. I want to go
back to partying. I want to go back to my old friends.

We had a brother here we called him “Hang Up The Phone Eric.” Remember that? He was a
drug dealer on the streets of Baltimore, and he came here, and he changed. He accepted Christ.
But the phone was ringing all the time. And I said you got to learn, Eric, hang up the phone. We
called him, Hang Up the Phone Eric.” Remember that? How many of you remember? Okay. A
lot of you. But he died on the streets of Baltimore. But he did hang up the phone for quite a
while. But he couldn’t – Egypt wants your lunch. Egypt wants your life. Egypt wants your –
Egypt is a place of slavery. And Pharaoh is not a good guy. So, Jesus came so we would have
another life and that’s what we are going to speak about today.

We also have a baby dedication. So, we could ask all the kids, all the children that are going to
be dedicated to come up on the platform. After that, we’ll do the song and offering and then
we’ll give the message. So, come on up parents with little kids. Come right on up. Thank you. P.
Steve will oversee that.

Stand with me, please. We’ll turn to the Scripture in a minute. Just stand up. So, what were the
two lines we just heard? I know how the story ends, right? I know how the story ends. How
does it end? We win. We overcome death. We are with Christ. I know how the story ends. And
the other word was I’m fighting a battle that I’ve already won. Wasn’t that it? I’m fighting a
battle that I’ve already won. Could you explain that to your neighbor for a minute? Turn to your
neighbor and just say I know how the story ends.

All right. Praise the Lord. Wow. Great. I know how the story ends, huh? It’s good. (Prayer).You may be seated. We have a text here in Hebrews 11. I’m going to ask you to do a little work on
it. In this text in Hebrews 11, could you turn there? If you are running the slides, go to 11:3. We see
this phrase, “through faith.” Through faith. And the go to vs. 4. By faith Abel. Then vs. 5. By faith
Enoch. Yeah. Wow. Whoever is running that, thank you. Vs. 7. By faith Noah. Vs. 8. By faith
Abraham. By faith, vs. 11. Through faith, Sarah. What are the stories of every life here but what
they did by faith? They lived by faith.

Many times you make a decision in your life and you’re going in a direction, and you see where
it can go. This is not good. I’m going in a direction, and I need more. I want more. I feel that
happened in my heart when I was a young man. I kind of look at what life is about, and I just
thought, no. You mean the Peace Corps had a piece on radio. This is back – I must have been
12, 14 years old working in my dad’s butcher shop.

On the radio, there was President Kennedy had the Peace Corps. It was a story about a young
man lived, got a job, got schooling, got a job, had a family, bought a house, he lived, and he
died. And then it said make your life count. Join the Peace Corps. P. Hadley did. You want to
take a stand, P. Hadley. He went to the Peace Corps. Did you find Christ first or did you go to
the Peace Corps first? Okay. Just before he found Christ. Peace Corps is not the answer. Christ is
the answer.

But the Peace Corps advertisement provoked it in my heart. What am I going to do? Just life the
average life? Like have a job, get a paycheck, have a family, and then die? Is that what life is
about? I go, no, no. In my heart, there’s got to be more. By faith, Noah built an ark. By faith,
Sarah had a child. By faith, Jacob had twelve sons and went down into Egypt. By faith, Joseph
was in prison in Egypt. By faith, Joseph. And then by faith, Moses.

So, we are at the Moses part in this story. I have seven words here. We kind of took it apart. I
just need you to look at it. I don’t want to lose you on this. It’s at the very heart of our message.
Vs. 24. What does that mean? Come to years. What? When he was come to years. It means
when he was 40 years old. When he grew up. When he became an adult. When he was 40 years
old, he made a decision.

Now, listen. I was 19 years old and I said I don’t know what I’m looking for, but I’m going to
stop. I’m going to look to God. I don’t know God. I don’t know who he is. I don’t even know if I
believe in God. But there’s got to be something more. So, God answered me.
I had 19 warts on my arms and fingers. Skin warts. I don’t know where they came from. But
anyway, I was in the shower, and I counted them. And I counted 19. I go, if you are real, God,
take these away. The next day I counted 18. I go I must have miscounted. Within two weeks, they were all gone. And I go, okay. Okay. Okay. If you are there, if this is God, I’m in. I’m ready
to roll. Let’s go. What’s going on?

A brother sat down with me with the Bible, and he started to show me the Bible. He led me to
Christ. I said a prayer October 31, 1971, 4:00 in the afternoon asking Jesus into my heart. I don’t
know why. I’m on a college campus, and I got all of my buddies. My drinking buddies and
everything else is going on. I stopped and I said, God. Right? Jesus, are you real? Yes, he’s
answering me and turns my heart. Turned my heart. This is what happened to Moses.

How old was Moses when he said I’m a Jew, not an Egyptian? How old was he? Forty years old.
Let’s read – you got to go to Exodus to find that he was 40 years old – but that’s what
happened. Vs. 24. What does it mean to be the son of Pharaoh’s daughter? It means you are
the next Pharaoh. You are the next Pharaoh. What does Moses have in his future? You’re going
to be the next Pharaoh. And he said I refuse. I’m not going to do that. I’m a Jew. I don’t know
what’s going on, but God is speaking to my heart. I don’t know.

I refuse. I’m not into this. I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it anymore. I got privilege. I got a pyramid. I got a place where they are going to bury me in gold and coffins and mummify me. I got authority. I’m a king. I’m going
to be a king and so on. And he just refused. He said, no. I’m not into it. How did he do it? by

How do you make decisions? The same way. You have to learn to refuse. Come on. You got to
refuse sometimes. You got to say no. You got to hang up the phone. Come on. You got to say to
that beautiful girl or that ugly guy. You got to say no to that opportunity. To that beautiful
opportunity that you have. This is a plus. Like Egypt and Moses and the whole thing coming
together. It’s all coming together. That’s what I want. But why did he want something else?
Because something that God gave him the grace to see beyond a pyramid and he saw
something more. He saw God. And he didn’t know how this would happen.

Let’s go to the first word here. He refused. Deny oneself. Disregard one’s own interest. Not to
accept. To reject, to refuse something offered. I’m sure we know the word. Can you practice it?
Can it be in your heart? Can you say no to something emotional? Can you say no to something
that will be momentary pleasure, but I will forfeit it for the sake of the big run, the long look. I
look down the road and I just say if I can live by faith in God, it’s going to turn out awesome. I
look down the road.

The thing is it’s very tempting. There’s something in Moses’ heart as an example for us where
he was able to refuse. So, that’s got to be in your vocabulary. Is it? Can you refuse something?
Those immediate images. Those immediate fantasies. The things from our own hearts.
You know what the answer is? No, I can’t. It’s strong. It’s in my heart. I’m torn. I got Egypt. I got
God. I don’t know what God is going to give me. Where is the kingdom, God? I can’t see it.

Where’s my future, God? I don’t know. Who are the Jewish people? They are slaves. They don’t
have anything. No power. No army. No military. No money. They don’t have anything. But they
got promise. And they say they have the living God. Where am I going to land in this? What am I
going to do? So, that’s what he’s facing.

The next word is in – if you read vs. 25. Choosing. So, that’s this word. Choosing. To take for
one’s self, to prefer, choose, to choose by vote, elect to office. Choosing. What was he
choosing? Rather to suffer affliction with the people of God. He choose to suffer. Who of us
would choose to suffer. How would we choose to suffer unless there is something more than
the suffering. There’s the calling. There’s the plan. There’s God’s glory. There’s something
bigger. There’s something greater.

That’s why your spiritual imagination is an important part of your faith. You know, you and I can
get locked in and say I don’t have any choice. This is the way I have to go. But wait a minute.
Time out. I have a choice. I can choose. I’ll go with those people. Yeah, but they’re Jews. They’re
slaves. They don’t have anything. Yeah, but I’m going with them. I choose to suffer with them. I
will suffer with them rather than the pleasures of sin for a season.

Vs. 25. Rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Pleasure of sin. How many
minutes? How many minutes are there in the pleasure? How many days. A day. Pleasure.
Maybe a whole affair for three months or a year of pleasure, fascination, intrigue, conspiracy,
lying, cheating. All that stolen bread eaten in secret is pleasant. The whole thing about an affair
is a whole game of intrigue and lying and adrenaline rushes and the whole thing. But where
does it take me? It divides my family. Ruins my relationships. It labels me as an untrustworthy
guy. A deceiver. A liar. What good is it? Pleasure for a season. Then it bites like a viper. Playing a
game with fire and you get burned. You get hurt and you hurt other people.

You can choose. No, I’m not doing this. I choose to suffer with the Jews rather than the
pleasures of sin for a season. Vs. 26. The third word is esteeming. Vs. 26. Esteeming the
reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt. I mean, to take up the cross.
People ridicule. Watch our culture. It’s turning on the Christian. It’s turning on people like us.
That’s okay. Because that’s the reproach of Christ. Christ is at the center. He’s the victor. He’s
the answer for the human race. He’s the one that we really need.

But Egypt doesn’t like Christ. Egypt doesn’t like the Jews. Egypt isn’t letting the Jews go. Egypt is
wealthy. Egypt has power. Pharaoh is the king. Moses is saying, yeah. I know all about that. I’ve
been there. I know how empty it is. I’ve been there. I’ve been at the parties. I’ve been at the
university. I know all about it. I’m not into it. I’m going after God, and I’ll take the reproach of
Christ, but then I gain Christ, not the treasures of Egypt. What’s Egypt? They have pyramids
stuffed with gold and coffins and death.

You know, I think Halloween season it’s like in our country – I read that there’s more money
spent on Halloween than on Christmas now. It’s changed. It went upside down. And what is
Halloween? It’s actually skeletons in the yard. Cemetery. Plastic. Big, tall witches. And what is
it? Spirits in the trees. What is it? Joking and all of this. I like the fall season. The harvest night
which we have here. We have a flea market on Saturday. I’m hoping to bring all my junk and
sell it at high prices! And at the end of the day, give it away. Give the rest away.
We’ll have fun. We use the holiday for the glory of God.

But this is what I want to say. Halloween is like people celebrating death. The culture of death.
But Moses is saying, I know there are pyramids in Egypt. I know there is gold there. But there’s
death. There’s death. God is not the God of the – he’s the God of the living. He’s the God of
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and they are alive with God in heaven. They gathered themselves up
to their own people. That’s our celebration.

So, we have a message to the people. I love your cemetery in your front yard. That is so cool.
And the skeleton of the dog. I saw a dog skeleton and two human beings with a skeleton on the
front porch with a dog skeleton. That’s very cool. Wow. That’s great. What do you think about
it? What do you think about death? What do you think about the grave? O grave, where is your
sting? O death, where is your victory?

Do you have something beyond death? Can you celebrate life? Can you celebrate Christ? Have
you become a follower of God? Would you like God in your life? I don’t want to over-spiritualize
the point, but I do want to say Moses is saying I’ve been in Egypt. I know all about it. I’m out of
here. If God leads us out, we’re out of here. Cause there’s something better. There’s a land of
promise. There’s a land where there is righteousness and promise in the Holy Spirit and the
name of God. There’s something better. That’s what I’m following after by faith. I can’t get
there but by faith. I have to live by faith.

You might say, where does faith come from? It comes from the Word. It’s a diet in the Word. A
lot of it. A lot of the Word works in your heart faith, and you start believing God. I went to Bible
school by faith. People make decisions to go on the mission field by faith. I said no to a girl in
my heart that I was attracted to a girl in Bible school days, and I said no in my heart. I made a
decision in my heart. No, that’s not in my life right now. And whenever that happens, that can
happen from God. He could give me a wife if he wants to, and I could look unto God and trust
him for that. And not go in the way of the world but go in the way of God and live like this.
Refuse something by faith. Choose something by faith.

And now, we have this word “esteem.” What does it mean? To consider, deem, account, think,
evaluate. How valuable is it? Is it valuable? I want you to grow in understanding the value of
your faith. The value of your decisions. I want you to highly esteem this decision that you have
made to follow Christ, to believe in Christ. All of us could say I don’t think I could do it. Listen.

I can’t do it, but Jesus turns us, and we start living by faith and that faith grows. You see the
value of it. you see the wisdom of it.
God said to Moses, go talk to Pharaoh. And Moses said I can’t talk. They say 75% of Americans
are afraid of public speaking. I can’t talk. I can’t talk. And the Lord said, do it. There’s more to it.
There’s a message there, but we’re moving on. He went, and I can tell you when he went back,
he talked to Pharaoh and when he went out of there, the Holy Spirit was all over it. I’m telling
you. Moses is realizing God is in this.

A month later, God sent him back to talk to Pharaoh. And then when he left Pharaoh I just think
of the Parliament steps like in Egypt. The steps of the Parliament just going up there to talk to
this king. Who am I? But I do it and I just say you got to let us. All of the Jews have to leave
Egypt. And Pharaoh said, are you serious? Are you nuts? They’re not leaving here? Ex. 5:2, who
is the Lord? I don’t know the Lord. Moses leaves. Goes down the steps. I’m making up the steps
part, but I want you to follow.

A month later, he goes back up and comes back down. How many times? Ten times. And then
at the end he goes, God has shown me I will not see your face anymore. Pharaoh said I don’t
want to see your face anymore to Moses. And Moses said you are right. God has shown me I
will not see your face anymore. What is going on? Tell me. What is going on in that story? God
is taking the Jews out of Egypt and Moses is their leader. How did Moses get to that place more
than 40 years later?

Listen. We drew this, wasn’t it? Where is it? No, forget it. He was 40 years old. He was 80 years
old when he went back to Egypt and did this work. When they came out, it was God who did it.
I want to encourage you this morning just in finishing here. I want to encourage you. It’s not a
joke. You’re a believer in Christ. It’s the most awesome thing in your life. It’s not a light thing.
Christ is with you. Be encouraged in that. Esteem it.

And then he had respect. That’s in vs. 26. He put value on it. He got to see it. He understood it.
He had respect for it. This is real. This is salvation. This is glorifying God in my lifetime. This is
leading 2.5 million people out of slavery. This is God forming his nation on the other side of the
Red Sea on the Jordan river. This is the hand of God. I want you to have that in your heart and
in your life. I want you to realize that these words apply to you. You have respect for whatever
it is that God is leading you into. How God will use you. God is using you. How it has value.
Then the next one. He forsook, left behind, departed from, left, to forsake, to leave oneself a
person or thing by ceasing to care for it. To abandon it. Can you let it go? Can you let it go? Can
you leave it? Can you forsake it? vs. 27. We have the word “forsook” and this word “not
fearing.” This phrase. Not fearing the king. The king is going to come after – I don’t care.

You can’t do that. God’s doing it. It doesn’t bother me. I forsook Egypt. I’m not afraid of the king of Egypt. He can do whatever he does. He does his stuff; I do mine. They live their life. I live my
life. They do what they do. I do what I do. I follow God. They do a different thing. That’s their
business. I’m not afraid. I forsook it and I’m not afraid of them. I do what I do. I am a follower,
and I am a believer and I’m learning. They can talk and do whatever they please, but that’s not
my world. That’s what he did. That’s what he did. How about it? isn’t that good?

I don’t know. Does this resonate with you? Are you following this? I’m really trying to finish this
message, but I got these words here that make a lot of sense. Last one. He endured. Let’s finish
with that one. How about the Adolf Hitler? I don’t have that quote. It would be a perfect quote
to put up on the screen. Adolf Hitler, it’s written the words are he thought that Christians were
sweating like sweating dogs when you talked to them and stared at them. He was, he stared
you down like with a demonic stare. Adolf Hitler.

And when he didn’t go after the church primarily, but he wanted to use them as a tool. He had
an assembly of pastors, and he saw them cringe, be afraid, sweat like dogs he said. He
intimated them and could put them under his own authority in the gestapo. The many
thousands of them went with the Nazi party in principle, and they became part of it. A small
group of like 275 churches they stood against him. Mueller was one of them. And he survived
the war and everything. It’s an interesting story.

I want to say Moses was not afraid of the king and nor are you. This society is not controlling
my life. How about you? This world is not controlling my life. They’re not telling me what I’m
doing, what I’m not doing, what I believe and what I do not believe. They are not talking to me
like that. I forsook them. They are empty suits. It’s an empty world. It’s a façade. It’s shallow.
It’s empty. It’s a grave. It’s Halloween on steroids. It’s a culture of death. It’s nothing. They have
no message for me.

Do you see it? It’s a party time. The pleasure of sin is for a season. And then you pay your price.
Your game in sin is for a season, and then you pay for it, because the wages of sin is death. But
the light of the righteous shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Your life gets
better. Or you see things better. We’re not perfect, and we stumble and fall but we know how
the story ends. We know what Christ did for us. We’re walking in it by faith. Isn’t that good?

You’ve heard me say it all through the message we’re ending, but now we really are! Vs. 27. But
he endured. Here it is. This is the key. Vs. 27. He endured as seeing. Seeing him who is invisible.
How can you see invisible God? By faith. I see him. No, I don’t see him like that way. I see him. I
see his hand. I see his fingerprints. I see his footsteps. We see him. We hear him. We hear him.
We see him. We endure by seeing him who is invisible. And the world will say to you like what
are you doing? You say, I am living by faith. I’m not going with those people anymore. I’m
walking by faith. I have new friends. I have the Spirit of God leading me. I got the Bible. I’m into
the Bible. I’m learning. I’m patient.

Page by page, I’m learning to live by it. I want to practice it by faith. I want to read it and think about it and see what it says and live by faith. I want the
Word of God to be my new life. I want my mind to be stimulated. I want to hear messages. I
want to hear the Bible. I want to have fellowship with my brothers and sisters. I want to have a
lot of joy in my life, cause that’s what God gives us. The world does not. Have you seen it? God
does. And you will endure.

How many years did this go on for? How many years? How did this go? How did Moses do it?
He was 40 when he said I’m a Jew. He was in the wilderness for 40 more years. He was 80 when
they came out of Egypt. He was 120 when he died. This is the breakdown. Moses was 120 years

What does it say about him at the end of his life in Deuteronomy? Let me read it. it says Moses
a servant of the Lord died in the land of Moses, and he buried him in a valley. Moses was 120
years old. This is vs. 7 of Deuteronomy 34. His eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated. He was not
weathered. He was not all wrinkled up, looking like an old, weathered man. He was fresh. He
was fresh in his life.

I think we do get old, obviously. We do. But wait a minute. What’s in us? That’s renewed day by
day. Our body is perishing, but the inner man is renewed day by day. When you are a follower
of God, you get something the world cannot give you and the world cannot take away. When
you are a follower of God, you have something that is eternal and valuable and spiritual and
real, and you endure hardship because you have the living Christ in your heart. Yeah, we have
temptation, but we go, no! I have something else going on. I’ve got the living God that I’m
following and believing in and I’m trusting him. Amen.

There’s a momentum that happens in church life. What happens you make personal decisions
quietly in your own heart. You make decisions in your heart. You walk with the Lord. You keep
coming to the church. You just keep coming. And it’s between you and God, but your life spills
over and builds us up. We are the Body of Christ, and we have a portion. And so, and then also
feel free to hang out if it works for you in your schedule. Hang out and be around. You can
come here every day, because this church is open every day. We have something. Lunch rap.
We have newcomers on Tuesday night. Bible school class and so, the other thing is I couldn’t
imagine going to church more than twice on a day. But then I learned in this church I have the
morning and then I also have another opportunity at night.

And so, Sunday night if that works for you, too. This way of life is like really fun. It’s a joy. You
find how you use your time alone at the house, at the home, and how to listen and make phone
calls. Encourage. Be quiet. You live your life, your private life. At the same time, I want to
encourage you that this is a real thing. Just like with Moses life. He did have this happening in
his heart, and it spilled over. He was greatly used. Be patient. Realize that you are walking with
the Lord, and the Lord loves you very, very much. More than we could ever imagine. Don’t let

anything come between you and your walk with him. Walk with him. He’s with you. Really.
Okay. All right. I’ll dismiss you. Is that right, pastor? Okay. (Prayer). You’re dismissed.


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