Resting in the Fullness of Him


Speaker(s): Pastor Jim Hadley, Pastor John Hadley
Sermon  11759
6:30 PM on 9/29/2019

 #Spiritual Life  




P. Jim Hadley –

Are you folks ready for a Hadley one- two punch tonight? I’m going to give you an appetizer and my brother
is going to bring the beef. Who loves to read your Bible? For some it’s easier than others to
read our Bible but I’ve always enjoyed doing that. I have in the last years have had a hunger
more than ever to read. Do you know what caused that? Adversity. I’m going along and I know
all you folks can relate.

Many things happen that you can’t explain, and you lack peace and joy.
I began to read my Bible out of necessity and now I read it out of joy. Now I can’t get enough of
it. In Heb. 4, it’s a provoking verse. Vs. 11. The Hebrew writer says – is everyone okay, you’re
doing good? – Let us labor to enter into God’s rest. Does that seem contradictory to you? The
rest we are talking about is not a good nap.

The rest I’m talking about is this real inner deep peace that many times I have felt I lacked in my life. It’s how God increases in Jn 3:30 so we decrease. He becomes more and I become less. That’s not always a pleasant thing to happen but it’s part of God’s rest. Here we are talking about laboring in God’s rest. It doesn’t happen
automatically. You have to work at it. P. Renaldo said something this morning that was very
good. He said nobody cares by accident. It doesn’t happen.

You have to make a decision to care. How we all desire rest and God’s peace in our life. God is saying it doesn’t happen by osmosis. There is something on our part that we do. Heb. 4 is referring to a rest for the people
of God. If you study the history of Israel, they didn’t do this so well. God said from the time they
left Egypt; they were a stiff- necked people. In Heb 3, I find this fascinating in vs. 9. They saw
miracles for 40 years and they still didn’t believe.

It would be amazing to see a good miracle but there is something more that we are talking about here. Despite all the miracles and signs, most people still didn’t believe. Did you ever notice where vs. 12 is located? This is a chapter on the rest for the people of God and look where we find this verse we know so well. Vs. 12. Does this
surprise you? You know something? I love my Bible more than ever. My wife will say, what are
you reading now? I’m in the Old Testament.

Have you ever read the gospel of John? It’s amazing. Jesus talks about his Father. I only say what my Father says and do what my Father tells me to do. The whole point of the gospel is God sending his perfect Son to redeem us. No wonder it’s under attack because it’s God’s remedy. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the
word of God. How do you get rest? The word, the preaching of the word. It’s the word in our
lives. It can never be minimized.

I get up in the morning and get my coffee going and I get my Bible and read it. I never was like this before, but I am now. It’s the tough times and things we don’t understand, and God brings us to real rest through the preaching of the word and the word of God. Mt. 11 God says come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden. What will he
give us? Rest.

His yoke is easy, and his burden is light. God’s word will never ever pass away.
Amen. You’re a great audience. Love you guys.

P. Hadley –

Why don’t you have a prayer by yourself or with someone next to you? A prayer
spirit here to start. I was thinking of P. Schaller and he doesn’t say it much. I don’t think I’ve
ever heard him say it. The double honor – I can say it because he’s not here. To give P. Schaller
and P. Scibelli double honor because these are men that lost their lives. They already died. They already had funerals.

Hopefully, we have too. I keep resurrecting again. I want to be dead more than alive. These are men that we respect because of their example. Their spiritual authority comes from their spiritual life. They live the life. They are the example in prayer, evangelism, teaching, preaching and compassion and all things. Do you agree with that? Talk to your neighbor for a minute. Let’s think about that. Look around and see people. let’s look at it from a
biblical perspective.

Let’s go back to a long time ago when God had a plan from the foundation of the earth knowing about the fall and sin and the ruin that would happen and sending the Son. Sending the Son was necessary because God always wanted to share his glory. He wanted to share himself but couldn’t. No man can see God and live. God came up with an ingenious plan. That was to have himself incarnated through his Son. Cover his glory with human flesh.
Anything God does he does so well.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to veil the glory of God and yet he veiled his glory. Philip says show us the Father. Have I been with you so long? If you have seen me, you have seen the Father. Jesus goes, you are looking at him in so many words. You are looking at the Father through the Son. Col 2:9 In him, Jesus Christ, dwells all the fullness
of the Godhead bodily. There is Jesus and the Father, Son and Spirit in flesh and blood and yet
so veiled. Jesus died for our sins.

We don’t want to say that so glibly. He is suffering. What he went through we will never deeply understand the suffering in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22. We will never plummet the depths of knowing what he suffered. Our reproaches fell on him and he was punished for all our sins. Isn’t there a counter in Time Square of the national debt? It is flying.
As sins were accruing, the grand total of sin accumulated from human beings on the earth had
to be astronomical.

All those reproaches fell on him and the Father’ s wrath was poured out. Before he died, he paid all of it. He drank the last drip of the cup of God’s wrath. I made sure I took the last drip and then Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. He died. He was out of his body in the earth and rose the third day. He had great plans. He went away but what about us? God goes I haven’t overlooked anything. The Father and I will send the Holy Spirit. Guess
where the Spirit is going to live?

He’s going to be come incarnated in a lesser sense because we are not God. I will continue to be incarnated through the Holy Spirit through the Body of Christ. The church is called the fullness of the godhead, Ephesians. 4:23. Jesus is the fullness of the godhead and now that he is not here, the church is the fullness of him that fills all in all. What do we think about that? Where do we go from here? Let’s finish with Ephesians. 4:11. If this is where it is at,
where God’s people are gathered together, it doesn’t matter where.

Under a tree or who knows where. What makes us different from an athletic, or some other assembly is because we
are the people of God. The fullness of him that fills all in all is in us…. the first time I saw the
fullness of him that dwells all in all it was badger skin. Let me set the way back machine. Feb.
1976. I picked up a girl hitchhiking in Maine in February and she starts talking about God. God
had been working on me for about 2 years.

She said you want to go to a service. A what? A service station, a gas station? A church service. Sunday night? Yeah, our church has a service. I went into this – we are talking about the fullness of him that fills all in all. It’s not quite what you see. There is so much more. Drive into this place, 224 Maine Street, South Berwick, Maine. I
thought we were going to church. It looked like a gymnasium. We tried to find a seat. It was so
full. You’re talking about a Roman Catholic and Jim and Joe were altar boys.

They still have some incense in their pockets in case you need it! Song leading and people clapping and raising
their hands and I’m standing there like, where am I? I got through that and a man comes out
and no collar or robe. He looks like a businessman with a shirt and tie. He’s preaching about
Jesus and yelling about Jesus. I said I have to get up early for work. I said I have to leave, and I
left. I said that was weird.

Next Sunday, I’m practicing my…karate and something inside me said
go back to that place. I said I’m not going back there. Those people are weird. It wouldn’t go
away. Go back to that place. I drove back and found it. Now I’m psychologically prepared. They
are going to sing and be happy and now this man will come out and yell about Jesus. I’m ready,
hunkered down. Bam! The Holy Spirit.

I will never forget. You will never forget when God showed up. P. Stevens gave the invitation and my hand broke the sound barrier! It went up so fast. Oh happy day! That was the day. That was it. That was the day. Jesus came in. You have your story. I’d love to hear your story someday. Badger skin. I went back after that of course. I
saw everyone quite differently. I saw the fullness of him that fills all in all. The preaching, the
care, the vision. I saw. I was changed forever.

You know what I’m talking about. Let’s give glory to God. Praise the Lord. Eph 4:11, I read this because we got work to do. It’s good. Notice this. In vs. 11. You know what apostles are, the prophets. Some of the apostles wrote Scripture and the prophets were those who interpreted the teachings and the Scriptures of the apostles. And
evangelists. They have been called obstetrics. Bring baby Christians into the world. Do we need
evangelists? I wonder if we have them in here. I’m sure we do.

Shepherds and teachers are the pastor teachers. Most agree this is one and the same office. What do they do? The pastor teachers, what do they do? Vs. 12. They equip or outfit or prepare or we could say condition – I
don’t think is the right word. They equip the saints for the what? What does your Bible say?
Work of the ministry. The pastor teacher what he does is prepare, equip, provide what is
needed so every member in particular does the work of ministry.

Who does the work of ministry? If that is his work of ministry to prepare us for the work of the ministry. One author
used the pastor being the bus driver and all the church members passively sitting in seats going
for a ride every Sunday. The pastor teacher outfits us to do the work of the ministry. He does
this to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and build up the Body of Christ. We are built
up by fellowshipping with one another, having coffee together.

This is what the pastor teacher does. He prepares us for this work, so the work of the ministry gets done by us and the edification of the Body happens. What do you think about that? This does not end because it
continues until vs. 13. Always growing and knowing him. We have been predestined to be
conformed to the image of Christ and that is where it is all going. We are thankful it is
happening the way it is supposed to happen.

To the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. We are not children going this way tossed to and fro but maturing going this way making progress in our spiritual life. We’ll put the brakes on there. So much to say. The football game is over. Okay. As we walk, doing the work of ministry and walk by faith, we are crushing Satan’s
head. That’s how we crush Satan’s head, walking in the ministry God has called us.

We have deposited in us at least one gift from the Father and the Son that works by the power of the
Spirit. When we connect the gift with the power, I’m talking power. Gift and power means fruit.
The boredom goes bye bye. We see this life is amazingly exciting. Let’s pray.


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