Paul saw what he had lost as he sat in prison. He considered Resurrection power and the suffering of the Cross. The fellowship of His death. We have been given the Spirit. All things we count as dung. (Matthew 27:39-42; Luke 24:13-29)

Speaker: Jesse Feyers, Avery Powers
Sermon 12693
Date: 2024-03-31
Time: Sun 6:30pm


Avery Powers –

It’s good to know that’s my claim to fame. It’s P. Gary’s nephew. P. Steve: What I meant to say is this guy
was Leah Vanderwalker’s right-hand guy during the course of the play and so he helped her. She
did a great job directing, but behind every director there’s also a great assistant. So, how’s that
one? Is that better? All right. There you go. It’s better. They called me the assistant to the
director. That’s an office reference.

But no, we just wanted to take this time just if you were involved in the play. I mean like in any
way. Like you handed out a tract to someone. I really do. Like stand up. Like stand up, please.
Please. You handed a tract to someone. You invited someone to an Easter play. Like that – it’s
incredible. It’s incredible. And then if you did, if you did like participate in the play like a little
more. Like you were involved in the play. Please stay standing. I just want to say thank you.
Also, tech crew. P. Matt. Yeah. Thank you to everybody. It takes a lot of people to put than on.
To put that show on. If you saw it, raise your hand. Yeah, even more saw it.

So, we just want to give a huge thanks to those that helped out and put their time and
sacrificed. You know, Bible college class sacrificed. Weekends. Luke and Miles. Are they here?
Luke and Miles sacrificed like every weekend from like January 1 st through and they worked at
the café. So, we had them, you know, Sunday morning they’d be, they’d be, they’d go to the
café to work after the 11:00 service. And we would be waiting, me and Leah, would be here
waiting for people to clear out. Waiting for them to close the café. Come to rehearsal. Rehearse
all day and then they’d go back to the, you know, they’d be here for Sunday night service and
then they’d go back to work the café for the evening service. So, these guys need, like they gave
up their whole weekend and they’re young guys. They’re young guys.

So, I’m sure they felt probably maybe that they could have used that, those weekends for other
things. But thank God that they chose to spend it for the Easter play and it paid off, didn’t it? I
mean they did an excellent job those guys. The chemistry that they had is incredible. It’s
incredible. So, if you see them, just give them a, give them a thanks and I just want, I just kind
of, just going off of that just have a quick thought and just like off of the Easter play.
It was about the road to Emmaus. As many of you raised your hand you saw it. Well, first let’s
pray (Prayer). So many of you know many of you saw it. It starts with the crucifixion which is
kind of an interesting way to start the Easter play. Usually, it’s like the end of the show, you
know. You build up to the crucifixion and you end it. But it’s, you know, you start right off the
bat with the crucifixion and it gives the audience like a shock. Like whoa! Okay. What just
transpired here?

And in a lot of ways, that’s like we realize like Christ was crucified. The reality of what happened
on that cross doesn’t really sink in until like time goes by and we’re like it settles in our heart.
Like what just transpired? And for these disciples, so at the rest of the show is about these disciples.

Of course, you saw it. But like what just transpired? Like they don’t. We have the full
Bible. We know, right? We can read even revelation. We know the future. What’s to come. But
these disciples you have to understand did not have that. They didn’t have the full revelation of
God. They just had this moment that like it changed the course of history to the point where
our, the date is 2024 because of how the impact Christ had that what just happened on this
cross. And they’re so scared. They like, you know, Christ just got crucified. Like we’re going to
get crucified. Like this is what’s going to happen, you know.

And so, they’re fleeing on the road to Emmaus. And so, this whole story is in Luke and P. Love
did a great job on this, speaking on this before the Easter play. But just turn with me to Luke 24
and just kind of think about this again with me. Like these two disciples undoubtedly they
believed in Jesus. Like undoubtedly they were like following Jesus. They were trusting in Him
and then he – this event transpires and they don’t know what to make of it. And so, they think
that okay. Well, we need to get out of here. We need to go to, we need to go to Emmaus.

And so, in Luke 24, two of them in vs. 13 traveling to Emmaus. So, in Luke 24, two of them in vs.
13 traveling that same day to a village called Emmaus. And before this, in the verses before this,
we hear, you know, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Joanna, the mother of Mary in vs. 10. They tell all
these things that they’ve seen. They’ve seen the resurrected Jesus, so they come back into the
upper room and you guys saw that and they saw like this is what happened.

And they were over here telling that story and these two disciples we’re focusing on them, but
we see how they’re reacting to this news that Jesus is risen again. They don’t know the full
revelation, you know. They, of course, they would have heard Jesus say these things when he
was on the Earth, but that was going over their head, you know. The disciples Jesus chose were
not well educated men, you know.

They didn’t – you know, so they’re thinking okay. What’s this? He’s risen from the dead. What’s
it and it says right here in vs. 11. Their words seemed like idle tales and they didn’t believe
them, you know. Mary, these reputable people are saying we saw. Like think about it. People
you know and love and trust coming to you saying I just saw this. You know, Jesus is risen. And
it seems to them like idle tales and they don’t believe them.

So, these two didn’t believe, you know, didn’t believe this news. Thought it was really bad. If
Jesus is going to continue to be alive, what’s, I mean, if this is, they’re going to be telling people
about this and we’re going to have to, we’re going to have to be facing this. We’re going to be
facing the cross. I mean imagine what they just saw and they flee and they go but Christ – I love
it because Christ meets them on this road as they’re talking together and he and Christ meets
them and says, what kind – in verse 17 – what kind of conversation is this you have with one
another and you’re sad?

Um, I was just thinking like we like, the world has a type of comfort for when we go through like
tragic situations. The world has a type of comfort to offer and it is so not helpful like at all. And
you think about the things you might have heard. I’ve heard these but like all these types of just
phrases I don’t even want to say them. They’re so awful.

But like things that just you hear when you’re going through a tough – if you remember back to
a time when you were unsaved and you were going through a tragic situation or a tough
situation. I feel really bad for people that are dealing with tragic situations. A lose of a loved
one. A loss of a husband or spouse. Something that you know is taken from you and you have
to go through that without Christ. I don’t know how like it’s amazing how the psychologists and
the therapists they have nothing to give people. Nothing.

You know, “time heals all wounds.” Whatever, you know, let like, “if you think of them, they’ll
be with you.” Or like you have a dying relative. “Think of me.” “Think of me.” “Think of me.”
“I’m going to be with you.” When you think of me, I’m going to be there with you. Like are you
kidding me? That’s awful. Like it’s gross. It really is.

And I think that like when Christ is leaving the Earth, before he leaves he says I will send you
another. I will send you a Comforter. I will send you a helper, right? And it’s not the comfort
like, oh, I’m going to be with you when you leave, you know. I’ll be – when I leave, I’ll be with
you. No, no, no. No, no, no. This is like a true comfort. Like himself. I mean you, the Holy Spirit
is a person. He’s sending a person to us and these disciples that walked with him for three and
a half years, he told them this and he did and he sent them the Comforter. He sent them this
person, the Holy Spirit.

We have this same Holy Spirit. We have this same Comforter that comforted the disciples when
the disciples were physically on the earth with Jesus. They walked with him and they were with
him physically and then he left and departed from them. This Comforter satisfied these
disciples after he had risen. And he sent the Comforter. This same Comforter comforts us today.
And I just, that’s like a beautiful, just a beautiful revelation.

Like the Spirit is in 1 Corinthians 2:12. “We have received the Spirit of God that we might understand the things that have been freely given to us.” And this understand is like we will know, we will know experientially the things that are
given to us. Just as much as we know like you go into the cold and you know someone says to
you it’s like an ice, you know, it’s cold. You know what cold feels like. You’ve been in the cold.
This is the knowing. This is the understanding that we have with Christ and um just thinking
about like this morning’s message was incredible. I mean at the 11. I wasn’t there for the 9, but
the 11:00 a.m. just P. Schaller got fired up, you know.

Fired up and it was, it was amazing. And I loved that. I love that and like Romans in Romans 7 and 8 we have like this is, this is the comfort that we have, that we need. Like we’re going through tragic situations. When we’re going through really tough times, I need, I need the Word. I need, I need Christ. I need – if God is for
us, who can be against us? I need, I need – he is, he who did not spare his own Son, how will he
not freely give us all things? Like that’s what I need. I don’t need like I’ll be with you.

No. I need, I need the words of Jesus. I need the words in red. That’s the only, you know, I need – I was in
bondage to sin. I am an evil person without Christ. I give him my unrighteousness. I give it to
him. And he gives me righteousness. What? That’s what I need. And that he will send me the
Holy Spirit. That he’s faithful to send me the Holy Spirit. Those are the things I need.

Vs. 25-27 of Luke 24. And then so in a few verses later, vs. 29-30. As soon as they realized who
it was they were talking to, he’s gone. Jesus. He’s gone. And I think, I mean it’s just, it’s just a
testimony to how we live by faith. He needed to show up physically again. He needed to be
there with these disciples physically showing them as well as Thomas.

And as a matter of fact, the entire disciples, he just, he appears to them but he needed to do
that and then when he taught them and showed them handholding them through this process,
going through the Scriptures with them, showing them, giving them what they need. As soon as
they understand it and they realize it, he goes, he’s gone. Because it’s still not the time. It’s not.
It’s not the full revelation. It’s not the full – he’s not going to bring them to heaven and they’re
going to be all, you know, singing and dancing yet. Right?

They still have to live by faith. They’re still going to face trials. They’re still going to have to live
by faith and learn to trust him. They still have things to learn like you and me. We get saved.
Maybe you’ve gone through and we have experiences that are amazing. And they’re like yes.
But we can’t depend on those experiences. We have to depend on just continually trusting in
God. Trusting in the Scriptures. Trusting in the Word. I don’t trust in my experience. I trust in
the Word, but he leaves them at that time. He doesn’t stay with them.

And that’s just like us. God gives us exactly what we need at the right time but pulls back. He
vanishes. He pulls back at times where maybe we feel like we needed him and we like wait. No,
that wasn’t, you shouldn’t have vanished then. You should have vanished a little bit later.
Maybe continue to finish the meal and you know spend the evening and maybe during the
night vanish ’cause we need you a little longer.

But he vanishes at the right time. The time that he knows is right. Not the time we think. And in
the same way, we go through things and we’re like God, where are you? I need you. You were
there at this time in the past. I remember. I remember you were there, but now you’re not. It
doesn’t feel like you are. And he might have vanished. But he’s not gone. He’s not gone. He will
send the Comforter. He will send the Holy Spirit.

In the same way, the disciples were with Jesus physically. They were satisfied with the Holy
Spirit later when he gave them the Holy Spirit. That is the same with us. We can be satisfied with the Comforter, the Holy Spirit even though we never physically were with Jesus. We have
the Comforter. That’s just what I wanted to share with you guys. So, thank you.

Jesse Feyers –

Amen. Let’s stand first and go to your neighbor or someone by and tell them
something that you picked up this week. I feel like every, you know, Easter that comes around,
I’m getting something new and fresh. So, maybe go and share that with your neighbor real
quick. Get a little stretching.

All right. Let’s go back to our seats. But let’s stay standing for a second. Open up to Philippians 3
please. We’re going to read one verse. You can stand for one verse. The Browns over there.
Come on. One verse. Philippians 3:10, okay. Let’s read it together. Can we do that? Wait. I hope. It’s
huge right here. Let’s do it. One, two, three. Vs. 10. (Prayer).

You may be seated. That was a different translation than what I was used to so I was kind of
like, wait. Is that the right word? Oh, all is well. So, good verse, huh. That I may know him, the
power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings. So, the Apostle Paul is speaking
here. I’ll go through this quick in uh Chapter 3. And he’s going over like his spiritual resume and
he’s talking a lot about loss, suffering. All these things and you could see in vs. 7, but what
things were gain to me those I counted loss for Christ.

So, this is that conversion Paul’s looking back at in his life. He’s like man, I thought I was gaining
things, but I was just gaining them like for my own reputation. And they were not necessarily
like harmful things, but they were more for his flesh and then that conversion when Jesus
showed up in his life. He’s like, wow! Like I counted all those things as loss for Christ and then in
vs. 8 he says, “yeah, doubtless I count all things but loss.” All things. So this is now the Apostle
Paul in the present. At this time, this is like 30 years later and he’s still saying that. I count things
loss for Christ. If Christ isn’t in them, I don’t want them.

And if you go down to the end of that verse but we’ll read more of it. He says, “for whom I have
suffered the loss of all things and do count them but dung.” He suffered the loss of all things.
He’s saying this in prison. Right now, he’s in a Roman prison, so he can say this. How many of us
lost things in our lives, you know. Family members. Uh, money. Um, whatever it is. We’ve lost
many things but he’s saying all things I’ve lost for Christ. And this man has so much joy and so
much power in his life because he knows God deeper.

Look at this in vs. 8. Let’s read that again. This is amazing. Jeremiah 9:23, who’s up there? Hit me
9:23. This is a good one. Knowing Christ deeper. This is not like knowing him just, you know, we
can know his historical life. We could read through all about that. But it’s something deeper
that goes in. Jeremiah 9:23-24, We know Jesus Christ. Paul’s like everything’s a loss. Knowing Christ is
the key in my life. Knowing Christ through my suffering was the key that brought me through.
And Paul’s just telling this to the Philippian church. He said I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them but what? Dung.

Turn to your neighbor. Tell them, are you playing with dung? Are you playing with dung? There’s some parents here. They’re like yes, Jesse. Every day I’m playing with dung actually! Everything was dung.
Dung had two meanings and it was fitting for both. One was excretion coming out. Your body.
We eat food, right? It takes in nutrients but then it discards what is not needed. That is what he
was saying about things that weren’t for Christ. Or the other version was crumbs or things that
fall off on the table, you know, the guts of the meat or whatever. The fat. It falls off on the table
and you just throw it in the trash. Throw it in the trash. He says whatever in my life that wasn’t
for Christ was just like that but he’s saying but like listen to what he’s saying. Like he’s getting to
know Christ on a deeper level and it is so beautiful.

And let’s go into it. vs. 10. Let’s fellowship into his sufferings for a minute. I’m talking you back
to Good Friday. Is that all right? I need to go back to Good Friday. I need to go back to the Cross
often, right? Cuz our flesh comes up. Things come up in the world. I need to know exactly what
happened on the Cross and we don’t know to a full extent but let me fellowship some more
with that so every time I hear the Cross message preached here on this pulpit or in the
classrooms, it like revives me and fires me up because this is our, this is our faith, right? Like
Jesus Christ, all the sins of the world are placed on his and I’m refreshed because like it’s
finished, right?

So, Matthew 27, let’s fellowship in his sufferings. Matthew 27, um, recently we went to Budapest Hungary
my wife and I. And before we went, I went to the doctor. I had an ear infection for the third
time in like three months. Like not normal, right? Three. So, I go to a doctor. I’m like I keep
getting ear [infections]. He’s like are you swimming in – I was like, no. It’s freezing out there. I’m
not swimming in pools. So, I was like, no. I haven’t been swimming. I haven’t been doing
anything of that.

He tells me he’s like what like are you [have] allergies or something like that? I was like, yeah.
I’m allergic to cats and my wife has a cat. And he goes it could be the issue cuz it could be
buildup of just mucus and so it converted to your ears. So that could be a problem. What am I
saying? You know, we have to die sometimes. Physically sometimes we have to die but why I
love it because she loves the cat. Peanut. She loves Peanut. So, I’m fine with that. P. Renaldo
calls it Walnut! She’s like that’s no small cat. That’s a walnut?

And I bring that story up because I say everyone asks me oh, how’s married life going? And I’m
like it’s great. I’m like I’m dying a lot. And they’re like, they’re put off by like what? It’s true. Like
we’re dying to the flesh. And that’s a funny way to put it.

Another one. Before, a week before we were flying out, we realized we forgot to put our
middle names on the international ticket and that is needed for an international ticket.

So, my wife calls me. She’s like give me the line whatever to call the airline and I was busy so I texted
her number. I gave it to her. She calls and we get it settled and it happened to be a scam
website, you know. You know. Just taking money from us. What happened to Kaylee? She had
to die to the flesh, right? She had to, she had to like let that go. God figured it out though. God
figured it out. Those are like small minor things that I could apply, you know, but our life is
daily. Dying daily.

And how did Christ suffer? I like, I want to fellowship how Christ suffered and let’s look at this in
Matthew 27. So, Jesus Christ is on the cross in vs. 39. He is on the cross now. (Prayer). He’s on the
cross and you could say his weakest moment. You could say Satan tries to get you to give up.
The world tells you to give up and even ourself will tell us to give up.

Look at Christ. He’s on the cross. This is what he came for in vs. 39-40. First point. Come down.
Come down from the cross. You don’t have to die. Look. You did a great job, Jesus. You’re on
the cross like you said but just come down now. Stop suffering. Look at what you accomplished
for God. How can I fellowship with that? Jesus says take up your cross. Deny yourself. Take up
your cross and follow me. You could hear the enemy of the world saying come down. Come
down. Stop taking up your cross. You took up the cross like Jesus said. Now, put it down. And
do things for yourself. Save yourself. Stop suffering and liberate yourself, right? Liberate
yourself. Live. This is the world speaking.

And an application. Thanks to a brother, Joshua Harris. He gave me this application in Nehemiah 6:3-
10. When Nehemiah is building the wall, they come up to Nehemiah. They say come down.
Come down from that wall. And Nehemiah said, no. I will not come down from the wall. I’m
doing a great work and it will not stop. Praise God that Jesus didn’t come down from the cross.
Point #2. Keep reading, vs. 41. Point #2. He saved others. Himself he cannot save. We’re told as
Christians we’re supposed to live for others. Jesus said in John 12, unless a grain of wheat fall
and dies alone, if it dies, it then brings forth fruit. It is the life of others. It’s different from what
the world says to live for yourself. Jesus says live for others.

In 2 Corinthians 4:12 it says death works in us. That’s the Apostle Paul again. Death is working in us but life is in you. Praise God for that.

That we could, the sacrifice like Avery was saying, the sacrifice of the whole play, they’re
sacrificing their weekends. They have jobs, families, etc. And they do that. Why? To give life for
others. And many people received Christ.

You know, I talked to Cabo. Cabo was one of the salvation um people who just receive people
after they received Christ. And he’s like, Jesse, they don’t understand what they just did. And
he’s like and I get to be a part of that and tell them that like you have no clue what you just did.
You just received eternal life. And he gets to be part of that. And he’s like I’ll do it. It’s my
favorite time to do this or it’s my favorite part of the year is to be a salvation counselor, an

Christ – Peter said, don’t go to the cross, right? Jesus is like, be it far from, like get behind me
Satan. Don’t let the enemy tell you to stop going for Christ to taking up your cross, to denying
yourself. Don’t let the enemy fool you. You’re giving lie to others. You could hear the enemy
saying stop helping the homeless. Stop teaching kids and kids ministry. You’re wasting your
time. The ministry is wearing you out. Oh, come on. Do you hear this sometimes? Man, cast
those things down cause this is the life of a Christian is amazing. It is difficult. There is suffering,
but there’s so much life and beauty in it that comes with it. Praise God for that.

Let’s go to the third point and close. Vs. 42-43. Look at that third point. He trusted in God, so he
should be delivered. He shouldn’t be suffering. He shouldn’t be going through this pain. If you
trusted in him and you’re a child of God, you shouldn’t suffer in this life. That’s wrong. There is
suffering in this life, right? There’s a lot of suffering in this life.

The apostles after following Christ what happened? What happened to each and every one of
them? P. Scibelli brought it up on one of the Grace Hour’s. They all ended up being dying for
their faith, being martyred. The only one that lived long that was John. But they had so much
joy in carrying out the message and the Good News because they received the Holy Spirit and
they were living for something greater than just saving themselves. And this is amazing.
This is what I’m saying to you today it is that it is worth it. It is worth it.

Jesus said it is finished now I could say it is worth it because he is worthy. He is worthy of all of it. My life. I’ll lay it
down. I count everything as dung. Everything else that I do for myself, it’ll feel good for a while
but it’s nothing. Many people when I was committing to Bible college – plug here – many
people are like saying to me, you’re wasting your life. Like you could have, you have so much
potential they said. Go and start a business. Do all these things and I went to Bible college.
I’m telling you if you have never been to Bible college or you think about it, go to Bible college.
It’s the greatest decision you can make because why? Those there points. Those three points
back in Philippians 3:10. That I may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of
his sufferings. Praise God for that.

You can say, hey, Jesse, I don’t like to suffer. We’re all going to suffer, right? We’re going to
suffer. So, there’s suffering in the world and you know all these things are happening and
they’re just fellowshipping in the suffering. But they’re missing the other points that we have.
We know Christ and how do we know him? We know he’s a good Father. We know he’s a good
Shepherd and all things work together for those who love him. We know him. We know he has
a greater purpose.

And what was the second point? The power of his resurrection. That through death, there is
life. There is resurrection life and it fills us up and we could suffer and we could be like just have so much joy in our life because we get to fellowship with the suffering servant. He came to
suffer. He came to die. And then in the third day, he rose. Friday’s good but Sunday’s coming,
right? The third day he rose again. He rose again and he conquered and defeated death. Oh,
death, were is your sting? Oh fear, where is your grave? Resurrection life.
Guys, there’s nothing better than to lay down your life, to sacrifice, to fellowship with God in
his sufferings ’cause he’s with us. And then there’s resurrection life produced and we get to know
on a deeper level and we get to say glory to God. All things are loss but to get to know him is
just, there’s so much power in that. Thank you Jesus for the cross. (Prayer).


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