God smites us so that we are trained to carry a punch and have an ability to stand. He corrects to bring increase to us and so that we would grow in love. It is right that we are chastened. Hear and do the Word. Strike the enemy of the soul. Do not go with the flow, There’s a lion, the devil who seeks to devour. Be reproved and ready for the fight. (Psalm 141:5; 1 Kings 20:35-36)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11858
6:30 PM on 3/22/2020

P. Eugene Davis –

Beautiful time. Amen. For an introductory thought, I was thinking of this today: AGAPE love, Jeremaih. 31:3. In
these seasons, it’s interesting that we find ourselves in a predicament where we are in a place
where we need God to love us. When we think of the attributes of God, it’s who God is outside
of his Creation. God doesn’t need anything to add to who he is but the beauty of it is, he loves
to pour out his love. Because of the situation we find ourselves in, you may find yourself in a
situation where you are out of your norm. Be assured tonight that God loves you. Yes, he loves

This is beautiful. So many times we think my specific circumstances can affect the love of
God. Think about three things, briefly, that are unaffected by the love of God: 1) Time. We just
read from Jeremiah 31, from old I have loved thee with an everlasting love. It means a love not
affected or controlled or manipulated or limited by time. 1 John. 4:8, 16, God is love. John 3:16 for
God so loved. This is beautiful because what it means practically there is not a time in my life
where God doesn’t love me. There’s not an hour, a minute, a second, a circumstance, a
situation that hinders God’s love toward me. 2) Failure.

This morning we heard about Jonah. Jonah says I’m not going to Nineveh. I’m not going. Even in Jonah’s disobedience, what met him? The love of God, on the boat in the belly of the whale and in Nineveh. This is beautiful.
Maybe you are hearing this message or watching this telecast and you are thinking I know God
loves them, but God doesn’t love me. Yes, even you God loves. I love this because in John 21 we
see Peter. Jesus says, Peter, Simon son of Jonas, lovest thou me? If you’re not careful, you’re
looking at Peter doing the loving, but Jesus is asking are your receiving my love. If Peter is
receiving God’s love, there will be a reciprocate, a relationship, a reflection of the love back to
Jesus. This is so important.

You can think of what things can take the place of the love of God? Finances, health, relationships, people. We are in social distancing. If we’re not careful, these can take the place and become more important than Jesus Christ and God loving me personally. Genesis 17 Five times God says to Abraham, it’s me and you. It’s me and you. This time in our lives God is reducing us to me and him. Why? So I can understand God’s love is personal for me, for
my unique situation or circumstance. The last thing I was thinking of that can’t hinder the love
of God is 3) Distance. Daniel 10:2 For 21 days, he is praying, fasting. It says in vs. 10 Daniel was
alone. Maybe you find yourself alone.

Maybe there’s people around you but because of circumstances or fear – as we heard from Pastor Scibelli, fear makes you feel alone. You know what’s beautiful. In 1 John 4:18 perfect love removes fear. Daniel had no strength. Eight times he had no strength. It means no ability. He was fearful. But I love in verse 11, this is how God
speaks to Daniel in the midst of his situation. A man greatly beloved. In the midst of his
difficulty, in the midst of the circumstance, in the midst of his questions, in the midst of his
attack because we know in Daniel 10 he prayed but his prayer was hindered by demonic forces.

When finally the answer came, what was God trying to communicate to Daniel? His great love.
This is the thing that carries us. Romans 8 who can separate us from the love of God. In all these
things we are more than conquerors. This is beautiful tonight. Time, failure, and distance
cannot hinder everlasting love, eternal love, personal love and enduring love. This is what we
need in these times personally to know God loves me and nothing can separate the love of God.

P. Schaller –

That was great. Thank you. Wow! Beautiful. P. Eugene, really good. Very edifying.
Very edifying. I got two brothers over here and two sister in the band and a few brothers over
here and no one in front of me. It’s really different but it’s precious to know people are
concentrating and listening. Are you able to take your Bible and sit and focus for the next 20
minutes and listen to a message? Are you listening? Is the Holy Spirit speaking? We have social
distance, geographical distance between us but God is speaking to our hearts. We are hearing.
The tapping on the pipe that we read about in the prison.

Men in solitary confinement never seeing each other but on the radiator tapping out a message. In a similar way, much better, God has given us this book and his Spirit to teach us and P. Eugene just gave us an excellent
message on God is love. Wow. Beautiful. I’d like you to turn to Psalm 141:5. We are continuing on
our morning subject of maturing and increasing from childhood to manhood in love, God’s love.
Increasing and growing in his love, in the anointing of God, in the Spirit of God, in the mind of
God. We naturally speaking are one degree of maturity like this box, like Jonah and Peter after
he denied the Lord and the Lord is drawing both, the prophet Jonah and Peter into love.

Lovest thou me? One time Fanny Crosby, the blind hymn writer visited the…mission in New York. She
asked if there was a boy there who had no mother and he would come up and let her lay her
hand on his head. She was apparently a guest speaker or singer at a public place and asked the
crowd is there a boy here who has no mother? A motherless fellow came up and she put her
arms about him and kissed him. She went from that meeting and wrote, “Rescue the perishing,
care for the dying, snatch them in pity from sin and the grave.

Weep o’er the erring one, lift up the fallen, tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save.” “Some time later when Mr. Sankey was about to sing this song in St. Lewis, he related the incident. A man sprang up to his feet in the
audience and he said, I am the boy she kissed that night. I was never able to get away from the
impression made by that touching act. I have become a Christian.” I feel that in the ministry we
have learned that we have power to bless with our hands, with our prayers, with our smile,
with our heart, with our attitude.

I feel that we have learned by the Holy Spirit to fellowship with each other and in this case by calling, by in our hearts, by prayer, by caring, that we are at an important time in our history as a church and churches across the country on a mission and caring for lost people. Maybe during these weeks when we are not able to gather, you might have a neighbor that you can invite to you home if you are clean of the coronavirus and have
them in your home and have them watch the service or watch a video or a ministry of the
Word. It might be you meet someone in a park, and you may have a word in season because
some people are afraid, and they are concerned.

In this verse, chapter 141:5, it says let the righteous smite me. It shall be a kindness. I’d like to use our picture here and say that God is bigger than you and I and one of the things he does is he, in the King James, he smites us. He
wounds us. He tries us. He corrects us. It seems that this pandemic in the world as tragic as it is
could also be considered a smiting. That God is speaking to people. I think in some way we
could say it is a kindness that God would grab the attention of people and say to them in their
hearts, are you ready? Are you prepared? Can you face reality? Do you know I am a holy God
and a righteous God? Do you know who I am? That I am Christ, the risen Savior, the answer for your life, that I love you. Jesus said I came not into the world to judge the world but to save it. If
I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me. When we see him, we see him smitten of God in Zechariah

Sometimes in our lives we are ministered to by the message of truth from the Bible as the
prophet said it. Amos 5, Jeremiah 5, 6, 7, we read the love of God in Isaiah 44, Isaiah 45. We see
the prophets Ezekiel in chapter 11:5 “thus saith the Lord” and God speaking truthfully to the
Jewish nation. When Jesus came into the world, in a way his ministry was one not only of
kindness and tenderness but of smiting. He was truthful. He was direct. He told the truth. That
truth is what he said would set us free in John 8:32. We’ll be changed if we receive the truth. We
are in a world where many ways in our world we are living life and for many Americans it is a
tough life but at the same time the immorality, the growing cancer of immoral, living in my
heart like I can do as I please.

That in my heart, I can sleep with whoever. That in my heart, I can
take whatever drugs I want. That in my heart, I can do what is done in the movies. In my heart, I
can follow you, see the corruption in government and sometimes these men are very bad
examples to our people. Then God steps in and he smites. The psalmist said it is a kindness
when the righteous smite me. When ungodly people smite me, it’s an injustice. It’s not right.
But when God smites me, it’s good. It’s right. We see forms of that in our world, in a school, in
athletics. We see the coach and in our parenting. We see parents correcting and guiding and
leading their children.

Why wouldn’t it be the same for us as believers, that God would speak
truth to us. Maybe I don’t like it, but I would rather live in “thus saith the Lord” than my
opinion. Maybe I don’t appreciate it, but I’d rather grow up in love and find God. I’d rather
know who God is than to know who I am in Proverbs 18:2. That the fool studies to know his own
heart but he can’t find it in Jeremiah. 17:9. He will never find out what is in his heart or how he works.
He'll never discover who he really is. Jesus said without me you can do nothing in John 15:5 but
through him we can do all things. He doesn’t want us to discover ourselves in that way but
wants us to discover himself.

Know me, Hosea 6:2. If we go on, we will know the Lord. If we make straight paths for our lame feet, we will be healed in Hebrews 12. If we lift up the hands that hang down, then we will be healed along the way and no root of bitterness will spring up and trouble us. I have to say this is the problem with being smitten. This little man can become a bitter little man because self-love cannot handle the trial, the difficulty, the pain, the disappointment, the
discouragement. My small world of self-love isn’t able to handle what life may dish out to me.
This is what makes our – that’s why we have great needs around us.

Just like Fanny Crosby with this little boy who had no mother and got some love poured out on him and he never forgot it. This blind woman and her arms go around him and wanted to pray for a boy who had no
mother in the town meeting. He never forgot about it. This is the kind of ministry we are
engaged in. It’s a ministry where we expand and grow up even when we are smitten, even
when we are tried. Even when we go through trials, we do not harden our hearts in Hebrews 3 or
live in an evil heart of unbelief. Hebrews 3:5.

Let the righteous smite me. Can you say that prayer tonight? Jesus, you may smite me. You may speak to me. I know your truth is all about love. I know you would not hurt me without also sustaining me. Didn’t Job say that in Job 23. I’m pretty sure he said it in vs. 10 or 12 or 13. Though he slay me I will trust him in Job 13:15. I know if he hurts me, he will come into me and strengthen me in my inner man, Ephesians 3. Ask that
to Paul, as he wrote that long list of trials in 2 Corinthians 11 and you can say, I glory in my infirmity.
For when I am weak, then I am strong. I know when he is smiting me, there is something I am
growing in.

We can say in our country that to take this kind of plague and to take something
bad and turn it into something good, we can say in our hearts, Lord deal with us and humble us
and bring us to yourself. Put it in our heart and our mouth that we would speak as we ought to
in Ephesians 6. That the men of God in our country, the men and women of God and the messengers
of Christ and members of the Body would have a word in season to him that is weary. I have
another little piece to read. It says, this farmer said he was a convert of Billy Sunday in
Scranton, PA, he said “on my farm I rose special stock.

There was not a person around who would not go to great lengths to warn me if one of my prized cows got on the railroad track, yet for 25 years never a man spoke to me about my spiritual welfare.” They would speak to me
immediately about my cows but would not say anything to me about my soul. They would
speak to me day and night about the coronavirus, but would anyone speak to me about my
soul? Maybe we shouldn’t because we don’t want to offend or smite. I don’t think so. I don’t
mean that. I think I don’t mean that exactly like that, but I understand it. We can talk about
cows and many things in life.

We get prepared for weddings and banquets and barbecues. We get prepared for the gym and holidays and vacation but is anyone getting prepared to meet God? Prepare to meet thy God the prophet said. Thus saith the Lord. I want to fill my heart and mind with those sayings, with those truths. Thus saith the Lord. That’s amazing power. Thus saith the Lord. Thus saith the Lord there is a heaven, Mark 9:43-47 everlasting fire where the
worm is not quenched. Thus saith the Lord, whoever believes on me will not perish, but have
everlasting life. Verily, verily, I say unto you unless a man is born again he cannot enter the
kingdom of heaven in John.3:5.

Thus saith the Lord, the greatest authority on the earth. When
God said, let there be light, there was light. Thus saith the Lord. The authority of God, the
authority of the Word of God, the authority of the ministry of God, the authority of God in this
world and one of the things love does is smite me lovingly. It guides us in Proverbs 6:22. Your word
when I wake in the morning it speaks to me. When I walk along the way, it guides me and when
I go to sleep it keeps me. When I wake up, it speaks to me. By reproofs of life, we are walking
and being corrected. It’s a way of life to live by “thus saith the Lord.”

Let me close with this verse and an interesting and strange story. 1 Kings. 20. Please pay attention. We’re almost done. Keep your focus. Stay fixed. Lock into what we are saying. 1 Kings 20 it’s a portion. I’m going to
abbreviate part of the story. An Israeli king is fighting with an Assyrian king. The Israeli king
captures the Assyrian king. He captures him. The king and his fellow leaders reason together.
They say the Israel kings, the Jewish kings are merciful. Maybe he will give us mercy. He was
invited up on the king’s chariot and they were talking.

The Israeli king said you are my brother. From that he understood that maybe he would be forgiven or released and let go. Even in a time of war, he was captured and an enemy and a very dangerous man, but now he is like
released. He lets him go. A prophet tells this story in chapter 20:35. Here we go. This story is
amazing. That verse is wow! It’s a random story, small, two verses. Very small little story in our Bible. The prophet said to this man, this stranger, hit me. Hit me. The man refused to do it. He
said hit me. No, he refused to do it. Then he prophesied and he said in vs. 36. A lion found him
and slew him.

This is such a powerful story. Could you go back to the previous one? Vs. 35. This
is the meaning: the man of God said strike me. I’m telling you, I’m adding, the meaning of it is
I’m telling you from God you are to hit me. You are to strike me. But the man refused so the
prophet said, a lion will eat you. I told you to strike me. That’s what you should do. You should
strike me. Because you didn’t, you couldn’t strike me. Look at our screen. When I’m immature
in God, really, when I’m immature, I have no striking power. I have nothing to say. I have no
message. I have no striking power.

A lion can devour me because I don’t have a message. I don’t have truth in the inner man, Psalm 51:6. It’s related to letting my enemy go. Why would I let my enemy go? Sentimentality. Why would I let my enemy go? Because I’m lacking truth. Because I don’t have conviction, I’m not persuaded. Why do I let my enemy go? Because I don’t
know God’s mind. God’s mind is not to let the enemy go. The Israeli king let him go so the
prophet said let me tell you. This is how the story goes. If you read the rest of the chapter, you
will see more of it there. I want to stay right here for a moment and finish the message and say
you got to have some striking power in your life.

You got to have something to say. You got to have something going on in your heart because God says in Psalm 141:5 the psalmist said let the righteous smite me. It will be a kindness. When we go to Bible college and we go to this kind of Bible college – and classes are going to be online and the college goes on and will be more
fervent than ever. The teachers are very disciplined. We are very serious about our Bible college
classes. You as a student because we are not meeting like we normally do, you got to be very
specially disciplined. Do your classes and be serious about it.

This is where I get corrected. This is where I get fed. This is where my immature love is challenged, that I would become mature. This is where I am able to go to a foreign country with a message that has some striking power,
meaning what we are saying. Fanny Crosby took an orphan boy and hugged him and prayed a
blessing on him and years later in a Billy Sunday meeting said, I’m that boy. That’s love. That’s
truth. That’s outreach. That’s caring. That’s ministry. That’s reaching someone. That’s touching
a heart. That’s a way of life. We cannot just be people that go with the flow and go with what
people are saying and doing. I need to be a seeker of God and seek God’s mind.

I need to be a seeker of God in the Word of God. I need to be a seeker of God in his will, the will of God for my
life. Let the righteous smite me, it will be a kindness because there will be a maturity
happening. When I look for people that I can be submitted to, when I look for spiritual people in
the Body that I can be submitted to, that I can be corrected by their life, by their fervency, by
their love, by their truth, by their ministry. I can find that in the Body and that’s a kindness to
me. This is a blessing to me. What happens when you let the enemy go? He just becomes
another problem.

What happens when you have a man and the prophet said you are to strike
me and the man said, no. So he was devoured by a lion. 1 Peter 5:10 Be sober, be vigilant. For
your adversary like a roaring lion seeks whom he may devour. You know who he can devour.
Someone who has no striking power, no ministry of love, no kindness. When I say “striking,” it
isn’t only a sense of violence. No, it’s a soft answer breaks the bone in Proverbs 15:1. No, it’s a ministry of faithful doing through years and these seasoned men and women.

In these weeks coming, we’re going to have rap sessions here like we do right after the service here tonight. I
asked P. Renaldo to be in it tonight and through the weeks I will ask different ones to come in.
I’d like some of the women to come in also, a woman of God to come in and sit with us on our
little panel, and we have fellowship. I’d like someone from the teenager, maybe a teenager and
P. Peter Westera, P. Love and the youth ministry. This is a point of communicating, our website
and Facebook Live and YouTube is a point as you all know this and are doing. We want to say so
many things. We want to say so many things.

We don’t want to ever lose – understand this correctly – our punch, our godly stuff, our godly effort, work, our godly truth. The world is in a state of deception, Matthew. 24, 1 Timothy 4:1 even the church, seducing spirits and doctrines of devils in the end times. The Spirit is showing Paul very clearly in the end times of falling away by demon
spirits and doctrines that are false. If we can keep on the narrow road then look at Proverbs 4:18. It
says the light of the righteous shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. I enjoyed so
much talking to Charles Hadley today and said high to him and hear about his sweet spirit and
beautiful attitude and him also coming home in a couple of days, and that great Hadley family
whom we love so much.

We have cultivated by God’s grace a more mature love of 1 Corinthians. In
many ways I feel – and let me finish with this – I’m sure many of us have felt how we have failed
having that love or we have let someone down or we are not what we should be. Get out of it.
Don’t live in it. Don’t care a snap about it. Ignore it. Go on. Go on and get up and get moving
and live in God’s love. God is caring about the emergency room. He’s caring about the hospitals.
He’s caring about those dear people in Italy and Spain. He’s caring about Europe. He’s caring
about the whole world. He’s caring about our communities.

He’s caring about what we are doing and what our message is. We are just a voice out in the wilderness saying something important. This world is living in a world of deception. Yet God is saying I love you. I care about
you. This plague is going on but come unto me and learn of me. My yoke is easy, and my
burden is light. Tune in and be part of it. Trust in me with all your heart and lean not on your
own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your path.


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