Believing in anything is the problem. Righteousness is above people and beyond people. The health of the nation comes through loving righteousness. Our freedoms are based on this. When our leaders forsake this, all that we know is in danger. But if we pray and seek Him, anything is possible. (Judges 21:25: Proverbs 29:2-4; Genesis 11:1-6; Acts 17:26)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Julian Timofte
Sermon # 11708
7:00 PM on 7/3/2019




P. Schaller

Praise God. Amen. Thank you so much. Praise the Lord. Amen. Halleluiah, praise God. Thank you, Jesus.

Before you sit down, make a little group and have a few words of encouragement for what happened here the last two weeks and with Convention and so on. Make a group around you and share a testimony about what happened here on this campus the last two weeks. It’s America’s birthday tomorrow. This is a big birthday cake, and these are the candles. How old is the country? 243 years old.

Tonight, we will share a little about the national entity in our message. We’ll have a good time here tonight. Also, today, 43 years ago my wife and I got married. I am exhausted! My wife is over here. She has made it easy for me. Give her a big hand. Is Bethany here? Cathy? Beth and John John is here from the Marine corps. He is a marine in Hawaii. He’s a great great grandson. I mean he’s an excellent grandson. And I’m very old! I’m exhausted and old.

Our guest speaker is Pastor Julian Timofte. I’m the guest speaker. He’s going to give a message for ten minutes or so. He and I have a history that goes back to the beginning of our time in Hungary. He’s a dear brother with such a commitment to Christ. Natella his wife is here also. He came into the church. He’s Romanian. He learned Hungarian and went to Bible college and the mission field in China. He’s been on the field and Ukraine, Azerbaijan and now in Romania. We love this guy. I asked him to share from his heart on the subject of prayer.



P. Julian Timofte

It has been such a great conference. It’s so interesting I’m coming here, and I know I don’t speak English well. I have a friend who is correcting me all the time. So, I understand it’s – I need more to learn.

You know what? I learn in this conference about grace and the love of God. This really encourages me. Me and my wife have been married 15 years. My promise for her was I will not give you house or a car, but I will take you from country to country and city to city and wherever we go, God will take care of us. God gave me this promise. We learn to live by faith every day. And I told her our life is different. If I need something I need to go to God. If I want to know God’s will, I need to go to him. I need to speak to him every day. It’s amazing how God is preparing the way and how he is leading us that way.

Two things I was thinking about. Let’s pray first.

In Philippians 2:5, let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus. When we think about the Lord Jesus Christ, his life was very simple. Everything he did when he was here, he did what the Father told him. His relationship with the Father was crucial. What he said, he said the words I’m saying are not mine but of the Father. He came in this world and made himself a servant.

He says Ps 40:6 that sacrifice and offering you did not desire. I like that. It says you pierce my ears. You have opened my ears. Burnt offering and sin you didn’t require but you prepared a body for me. He came into this world to serve. He came not to be served but serve. Many times, when he did something, he went before God and prayed. He prayed through the night and before he did a miracle. He always asked the Father. Every time I want to do something, I’m looking for peace. If I have the peace, I know God is there in this. Other thing I’m looking for is fear. I know that there is no fear in love. When I go with God and there is fear, I know it comes from the enemy. God is with me and I’m looking for the peace. When I don’t have the peace. When there is unrest in my heart, I know God maybe wants to close that door. I don’t want to be in the place where God doesn’t want me to be.

I have a friend in [?] and his name is Danny. He was mentally sick about three years ago. I found him in a mentally sick hospital. He was taking 23 pills every day. He tried to commit suicide. His life, he was a wretch. He was a piece of meat. He couldn’t think. He had not capacity for anything. God put in my heart to go and pray with him and tell him when he is in Christ. I went for 1 and a half year and ministered to him. Something happened. His life changed. He believed in Christ and little by little started to come out of the medication. He was saying why God doesn’t heal me. He will but gradually step by step by the word. He learned to depend on the Father every day. His prayer was only me and myself but then I see how his prayer life changed. He became like father I pray for my dad and mom and sister and neighbor. During the conference he called me and said today I evangelized someone. He said I prayed for this neighbor and I see the J. W’s were speaking with her. I waved and went there and started to talk to her. I told her about Jesus. She started to tell me all her life. I told her Jesus forgive her. This is what is changing someone’s life. When we have let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, God didn’t give us a spirit of fear but love, power and a sound mind. We learn how to think with him and listen to him and walk with him in everyday journey.

As we learned in this conference, as we grow, we care not only about ourselves but our family, our country. We stand in the gap. We know God is looking for someone not to be a child but a soldier. We stand and we know who we fight against. We know the enemy, but we know God is greater. God will use us in his plan. I love that.

Please pray. I didn’t know this year God put in our heart this country. I tell you I love Hungary. It is the place I got saved but this country, United States of America is the place I received my daily bread through Pastor Stevens and Pastor Schaller. I honor so much this country and our ministry and portion. God put on my heart to come and travel here and minister to us. We will be here in August and visit churches and people. I can see things are happening. Prayer is so important. I can see miracles happening. I know God wants us to pray. This is how things are happening when we pray, and God is speaking to us and leading us. He will lead us in the works he prepared for us to walk beforehand.



P. Schaller

It’s our birthday as a nation. I love that message on prayer. Wasn’t that good? Wow. That was very good. My heart burned a little in me listening to him. Go for it! Keep going. Keep reaching. That was so good. I kind of would like him to do that right now. I guess not. I don’t want to make that decision. It’s a tough one. One of the more difficult things I have to do with is utilizing people and seeing their ministry and wanting them to minister in the Body. How many slots, P. Steve in Eurocon? 72 different speakers. It’s a challenge. I know how you are because you are spiritually minded and listening to hear from God what he has to say. That was very good, P. Julian. Wasn’t it good? When I go to bed at night, I think we haven’t heard from this brother and this one. It’s challenging. Praise God we are doing good things here.

Prov. 29 and Judges the last verse. I think you may know this principle.

Judges 21:25, so there was no government that was really controlling the whole country. You have different tribes something like the United States of America without a president or federal government. Every state is doing what they want to do in their own eyes. In the time of Israel when there was no king, the tribal families were the ones governing the territories. It was broken into many pieces and did what was right in their eyes. Here’s a quote from Chesterton I’d like to put up. It’s on the iPad.

“The trouble when people stop believing in God is not that after they believe in nothing it is that they believe in anything.”

After they become atheist, they believe in anything. In the 20th century there were three examples: Hitler in Germany, Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in China. Stalin and Mao were atheists in their ideology and propagating it and Hitler in his philosophy essentially and the ideology of Nazism. Believing in anything is the problem. When we believe in God, now our world is – now we are accountable to God. We are believing in God. Of course, there are ideologies and religions that believe in God and it produces trouble, war and other problems that are part of human nature. The point I want to make and there are a few of them is in Prov. 29:2.

Righteousness is above people and beyond people. When we have law, law is above personal preferences. Like my uncle may be more important to me than God. The rich man that lives next door may be more important to me than God. My children may be more important than God. In a country, our personal preferences and partiality violates the rule of righteousness. Righteousness is blind to the personal preference we have regarding people. Point of William Shakespeare’s plays and he wrote 38 of them, was that the poverty, the life in the gutter was bad but so was the life in the palace. The king is as bad off as the guy in the gutter. The king needs someone to rule over him as well as the man in the gutter needs someone to rule over him. When we realize this as a people, righteousness is what rules, we rejoice in that. I would like the local judge in the courthouse to be fair, righteous, honest. You cannot bribe him or mislead him or pervert his judgment. When we are in a country where we feel and sense the country is ruled by law, we rejoice in that because then we have a feeling of fairness, righteousness, and righteousness is important to people. You know it in your heart when something is right, and something is dishonest. Many people suffer in the world because of bad government.

Prov. 29:4, in our country and I think I’m a little ahead of myself, we have this constitution. The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 written by 33-year-old Thomas Jefferson opens it up by saying man has certain inalienable, not compromising rights. Certain nature that he is in pursuit of and he wants and that is life and liberty. The pursuit of property or ownership of property but they changed it to the pursuit of happiness, he did. When Lincoln made his Gettysburg address, he referred to the Constitution and said this is guaranteed in our Constitution that people have a right. When it says people, it means people. Black or white or any color. If they are a person, they are guaranteed this. You might say not the slave. But that was the point of the argument. Lincoln would, look at the verse. He made a judgment that if the Constitution doesn’t apply to the slave, the black man then it applies to no one. There is no guarantee for anyone if it doesn’t apply to everybody. My preference in the south is to follow our way of life that we had in Lincoln’s inaugural address. 250 years of slavery that existed in the 13 colonies. The Constitution is higher. It’s the guarantee. This is important to us. The health of a nation is when the people love righteousness.

That’s the thing. It’s loving righteousness. We don’t. Therefore, we do whatever is right in our own eyes, whatever our preferences are. Whatever popular opinion or the media or whatever they say. It’s dangerous for a country. We appeal to the higher rule. Because we are born again this is interesting to us. If not born again, you don’t care about this message. If you are, you are made for this like a fish in the water. I want to know what is right and wrong and true and false. That’s why we fought the Civil war because it was interesting enough and became politically unable to manage the problem, so we fought a bloody, terrible civil war for the sake of the Constitution. The belief that men are created equal. That is valuable and important.

Vs. 4. Bribery. Money is more important than what is right. You can buy me. You can bribe the judge. You can pay the politician. Bribery. It’s poison. All of us are prone to it unless we have something bigger than us, God. When we have God, he is bigger than us. Bigger than our own life and our own way. I’d like to follow God and embrace God and find God. This is the health of the nation’s spiritual revival. People will say I know I can get a lot of money, but I want to do the right thing. I understand that argument, but I don’t feel it’s God’s will in my heart. I have to do the right thing. If there were enough of these people, would Hitler have made it into power. Stalin murdered his opposition and Hitler did too and Mao. This is a decision we have to face at different times in life as to what is valuable and important to us. If enough believers love righteousness, we will vote in righteous leadership which is our responsibility and look for people that will be honest and right.

I want to back track a little and go to the point on Ge. 11. Draw a diagram here. There was a time when all the world had one language. This is Ge. 11:1. The whole earth was of one language and one speech. Vs. 2. By way of not having anything to do with geography, there is a unified world population. They have one language and one leader, Nimrod. Man is powerful. He’s smart. God said – I always think of this when think of an iPhone. In Ge 11:6, I want you to repeat that phrase back to me, nothing will be restrained from them. Let’s do it again. Nothing will be restrained from them. What does God mean when he says I see these people are all one and very gifted and capable. They are building a tower into the heavens. That’s ancient world technology and work. Could we say there is nothing they can’t do. Can they go to the moon? Yep. They can walk on the moon one day. They can make an iPhone. They can put satellites into outer space. These human beings are incredible, made in God’s image. When he saw that, he decided to change it. He decided to slow it down or change it. He wanted it different. Why? Why didn’t he want the world to be one language and one people? Why didn’t he want it to be one? He said because they can do whatever. That doesn’t tell me much. Why didn’t he want the whole world unified in one? Because in vs. 7, he did something about it. Why did he break it up? Why didn’t he let it go the way it was? They were arrogant. I’m going to say it to teach you something. Take it home on the birthday of the United States of America. If Nimrod is an antichrist up on our screen here, if that man is an antichrist, what kind of power does he have? He has power over the whole world. He is an antichrist leader. A ruler, a tyrant, a dictator, a powerful man in control of the whole world. God is saying, I’m going to do it this way. I’m going to break people up into different groups. This is my plan. I’m going to give different languages. If I give different languages, people won’t be together. I’ll break them up. These people will go over here and these people will go over here.

In my opinion, let’s interject this one amazing point. He has in mind one particular nation and particular group of people. Which group is it? How many are there? How many Jews are there? None. But he takes from one of these a man – I’ll put here a dot. What’s his name? Abraham. He says to him, you sir are the man. From you, from your seed, by me, God, I will make known to the world I will as God put my hand on you and everybody that is coming from you, your seed, and they go down into Egypt as slaves. They are nobody’s. There are 70 and come out a couple million. Let’s draw this group this way. Who are they? Not antichrist. They are messengers, prophets, kings, the ones writing the Bible. The reason I believe he broke up the world this way is because of what we call geopolitical balance. This nation is an evil one with antichrist leader. He throws people in jail and murders his opposition. He’s a tyrant. But on the other side of the mountains or across the sea is another group of people. They are seeking God. They have a leader that is righteous and seeking God. They have a man that wants to know about the Jews. Like the queen of Sheba. She travels to hear Solomon’s wisdom. She goes back and says I met him. I asked him the question. I found Christ. I found God.

We have thousands of years of a contest with messengers. One of the marks of an evil nation is when they get rid of Jewish people and Christian people and get rid of the Bible and righteousness. It happens. Some of them came to this country. Our Founding Fathers said they realize this and wanted some government though couldn’t guarantee. There were certain things they were wrestling with. Understand the abuse of power but putting together a constitution that would guarantee us the freedom needed to decide for yourself what you believe. 243 years later, here we are. Our country is in a contest with this principle of are we seeking God, are we wanting God? Do we realize how important God is in our lives? In our nation’s history, in our future. When Lincoln gave his Gettysburg address, he said this contest is whether this nation will survive or perish from off the face of the earth. He’s got it right. It can be lost. It happens. The answer for our country is the gospel, is to go into these places and bring the message. Everywhere we go, there are people spiritually hungry and asking the question, who is your God? Why do you believe in him? Why should I believe in him? How do I know you are telling me the truth? We ourselves are shocked they become believers and are part of a holy nation. Not the U.S or any country on the earth but a holy nation, peculiar, and with God as our Father and we love righteousness. We have a high calling. The end is coming one day, and you know who will ultimately rule this whole thing, Israel and the Messiah and the church.

There will be a new age. This kingdom in the millennium I tasted it before. I tasted it on the earth and in the church and in the convention time. I was with many international people and we had the same spirit and called God our Father. We read from the same Bible and say it’s true and are amazed by it. That’s the comment for tonight. I appreciate so much we are together in this and believe it. Mull it over and consider. I gave the barriers of the countries, Acts. 17:26. The bounds of their habitation. It seems to me that the Lord decided China would be this big. He decided Russia would be this big and Israel would be this big and the United States would be this big. He’s involved in the bounds of our habitation. One tribe would live between this mountain range and another people would live on this side. In every nation he is giving a message. Now he commands all men to repent. To believe in Christ the one God has appointed.

We are enjoying our liberties and freedoms but beware because they are based on the righteousness. When our leaders and people stop loving righteousness, we do what is right in our own eyes and now we are in trouble. They will believe in anything. When that happens, we are in trouble. Halleluiah, we are not there yet. We are busy and active in what we are doing and I’m very thankful for that.







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