Billy Graham’s life is a testament to what can happen when a man is humble and submitted to His purpose. A wise man depends on God and goes to Him in prayer. (Daniel 12:3)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Scibelli, Pastor Steve Andrulonis
Sermon # 11423
7:30 PM on 2/21/2018



P. Scibelli

I had a tremendous day today with the students and we had a prayer meeting with the children. Listening to the children praying. It was precious. This is a prayer week. I know many are working every day and don’t have an opportunity. We have been praying at 10, 2 and 7. That’s Tuesday – Saturday. The prayer meetings are here. If not, join us wherever you may be. It’s been a great time to speak to God. How personal it is to hear these children praying.

Ex. 28 how the high priest had six names and an ephod on his shoulder. Six here and six here. He had the 12 names of the children of Israel. And on his breastplate, he had the names. His names were on his heart and shoulder. I have graven your name on the palm of my hand. How personal God is with us and prayer is so personal. Each one of has an opportunity to speak to God.

Eph 1 he prayed people would see who they are in Christ.

Eph. 3:15 to the end of the chapter to see who they are in the Body and how much they are loved by God.

Eph 6:18-19, his third prayer was for warfare and the gospel. They had a great privilege to bring forth the gospel. I was thinking of Billy Graham. He spoke to 215 million people physically. Not TV or radio or technology. In 185 countries in 50 years.

Four things about prayer he said: 1) Prayer is not just asking God but it’s listening to God’s orders. 2) 1 Thes. 5:17, I am constantly in prayer even when I’m talking to someone or listening to someone. Pray without ceasing. 3) My mother prayed and declared her dependence on God for us to give us wisdom, strength and courage. 4) Faith and prayer can change the course of events. United believing, humble prayer that exalts God can change the course of history and people’s lives. He not only believed in preaching but believed in praying. You can see the results that took place.

We said to the children, so many are concerned what to say and when to say it and how to say it.

Lk 11:1-4 they said Lord, just teach us to pray not how, what, where and when. He hears our prayers. We actually humble sinners saved by grace can speak to an eternal God.

We will have a prayer meeting after church. You are all welcome to stay. When the high priest goes in we are on his shoulder on his heart and graven in the palms of his hands.



P. Schaller

It’s very touching when we hear those words from P. Steve and P. Scibelli and the video on Billy Graham and to use him in our meditation to encourage us. I said to P. Steve, P. Scibelli said Billy Graham in person preached to 215 million 185 countries for 50 years and I said to P. Steve, what have you been doing with your life?!! That godly example is not intended to condemn us but inspire us. How many here saw Billy Graham in person? How many saw him on TV? How about your mother or father said they like Billy Graham? How many grew up in the 50s or 60s and remember Billy Graham on the TV preaching? Being with a bunch of guys one night at a friend’s house and watching and one guy said if you were down there, would you go forward? I remember saying I would, but I didn’t live like – I believe men and women can learn some things from Billy Graham’s life. A woman might say I can’t follow him but you can.

In Daniel 12:3, they that be wise and that’s the key word. Wise.

There was a time in Billy Graham’s life he was a young man in Bible college in Florida depressed and discouraged and went out on a golf course, full moon, and he was in trouble in his soul. He was in a Bible college that was a big legalistic. He was conscious of his short comings and felt he was failing. He had a talk with God and gave his heart. He believed God visited him and encouraged him. He knew God was real. The H.S. does this with us. We have found Jesus and wisdom in this book and in this life of faith. Later when he became more popular, there were film makers in Hollywood thinking of him being a movie star and in politics that he could run for president. His wife heard the rumor and she wrote a letter to him. She said I don’t think the American people would vote for a man who is divorced! Because that is what will happen if you lose your calling and run for president of the United States. He built a team. There is much to be said about his character, his integrity. We appreciate it tonight.

vs. 3. Winning souls is wise. Sharing your faith is. We’re going to speak about it in a creative way in the spring. We have a lot to say to encourage all of us to be comfortable and motivated to share our faith. It is very exciting to lead someone to Christ.

George W. Bush struggled with alcohol. His father was Vice President at that time and invited Billy Graham to their guest house…he gathered the younger Bushes around the fireplace with Billy. The younger George Bush was struggling with drinking …his being with Billy was to have a profound effect. What he said sparked a change in my heart. It was more the power of his example. The Lord so clearly reflected in his gentle and loving demeanor. I knew I was in the presence of a great man. He was like a magnet. He didn’t lecture or admonish. He shared warmth or concern. Billy Graham didn’t make you feel guilty. He made you feel loved. Prayer. When Gordon Conwell seminary was established, Billy Graham met with the new president. He said the key to this college is prayer. The president said…he emphasized the importance of a life of prayer. He said I know how much you’ll have to depend on this, prayer. That struck me at the beginning. I didn’t have anyone who would take that message to me but he kept emphasizing it.” A wise man is depending on God. When we depend on God, we come to God with everything and ask his guidance. One of the things I marveled at in his life was how he chose the cities for his campaigns. One of the leaders had shared he had spiritual intuition of where to go and what city where God was working. He said “I would report my findings back to him about the city or the unity of the pastors and he would pray about it. “In my years of directing his crusades…” – I like this part – “sometimes he would delay making a decision on a crusade for several months while he prayed and consulted others…we could move ahead with confidence that his decision was firm. …He energized the people that worked for him. His track record was awfully good about being in the right place on the right time which was confirmed by the blessing of God on the meetings.”

I think we can take this home with us. I feel that way about Wilmington. When God spoke to our hearts, we have seen the fruit. We have seen people come from Wilmington. Greater Grace Wilmington was on TV. The TV folks have been down here to seek us. Another place we are thinking is Owings Mills. Does God work in different places? Of course we are not Billy Graham but it doesn’t matter. We are us. We are the time and the place. That conversion would change him from an alcoholic to a believer in Christ and a great deliverance. They that be wise and all of us are I think. P. Steve said maybe there is a Pentecostal church in the area that has a Wed. night meeting but most churches don’t. But look at us. We enjoy it. It’s a blessing, a spiritual time, a life of faith, a preparation for living, a leading of God. It’s God’s will. All those thousands we saw on the screen, halleluiah God’s grace saving people. We need a nationwide moving. That was after World War II. People had a kind of old fashioned morality and through troubles of life and depression and war there was a humility in the culture. That is not enough. There has to be prayer, the working of the Spirit, the drawing of people, the conviction of my sin and the need for Christ. That has to happen and it is.

vs. 3. I believe Billy Graham is shining tonight with many others.

There was a time John in heaven in Jn. 19 and he saw this bright, shining and he came and worshipped. And the creature said don’t worship me, worship God for I am your brother. That means that person was a believer. John thought he might be God. He was shining so brightly. Don’t worship me.

I am your brother in Rev. 19:10. That’s how glorious it is.

vs. 3. They that be wise – I don’t think we have to speak to millions but just be wise. We shine as the brightness of the firmament. They that turn many to R as the stars forever and ever. Blessed in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Must have been beautiful when angels received him in heaven. What is possible with our God whether given long or a short life. May we be wise and be a sharer of our faith with other people. We might think they are so far gone but God’s grace is greater. God’s grace is greater than the alcohol. P. Ray bringing in the Midnight Express folks. Those are the precious ones made in Gods image and this is how we are rolling.

Let’s roll with God. Let’s move with God. Let’s be a prayer team. That God would show us where to go and how to do our work. Let’s do more churches. P. George is the pastor now down north of Annapolis. God pour his blessing out. The other works we want to see with our Bible college people. May our Bible college students be edified in the most holy faith. May we do great things in whatever capacity we are in.


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