In Luke 16, we read a true story of Lazarus, a beggar, and a rich man. The rich one’s life ended and he went to hell and was lost. These people are everywhere and they must hear us talk of Heaven and salvation. We are those with the message of life. (Luke 16:19-31)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Drew Wileczek
Sermon 12082
11:00 AM on 4/25/2021

P. Schaller –

As an introductory thought for our morning, I’d like you to turn to Revelation 5. I was thinking when we were singing,
“worthy is the Lamb” – can I put that in there? Yeah, okay. Worthy is the Lamb and thinking of
the great society in the future when we are in heaven and Christ is there in our midst. We
recognize very clearly that there is only one reason why we are in heaven, and it’s because he
was a lamb slain and with his blood he has redeemed us. This morning, we’re going to speak
about lost souls. People that are lost, and this in the context of being saved. That in Revelation 5:9,
we’ll read that. This is actually in heaven and the 24 elders are saying this. We are recognizing
it. The reason we are there is because of the blood that has atoned for our sins and washed our
sins away, and reconciled us to God. That God has made us unto God in vs. 10. You know
when we think of a disaster in this life and I don’t know what disasters you have seen on

There was a shuttle flight that had exploded in the sky. How many remember that? It
burned and the astronauts were lost. It was a disaster. A shipwreck on the beach. You can
imagine it. Maybe you have seen it. A shipwreck. The bottom ripped out. The wreck is on the
beach. All the cargo. The people floating in the water, and washed up on the beach. It’s a
disaster. Chernobyl, a nuclear disaster. Pandemic. One year later, how many millions of people
lost, like a disaster. Terrible loss of life and disasters. But actually when we are singing this song
in heaven or saying these things and realizing our soul has been saved. Our soul has been
saved. What a disaster when a soul has been lost. They are not there. They are lost. They are
gone. There is a hell. There is a heaven. When a baby is born, you are so enamored by looking
at that beautiful child. You think about the child’s future, and without saying the word – often
people say, oh what a beautiful child. And we can say, yes, what a beautiful soul. That child is a
person that will live forever somewhere.

What a beautiful soul. People have souls. Wow! What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his soul? That disaster cannot even compare to the worst thing you can imagine, to lose my soul. I believe it. I believe that life is
more than what we can see. I believe there is a living God that loves us and died for us and
shed his blood so we could go to heaven. This living God is so kind and gracious and he’s
calling out to every human being and every soul that has ever lived, he has cared for them. He
has loved them. He has died for them. What a horrible thing to lose my soul. Not a believer. We
don’t lose our soul, but for a person to lose their souls. That will be our theme. That’s pretty
sobering I know. This is good to be in a church where you can hear the Bible and think about it
and ask God. For all the churches everywhere that are preaching the Bible and teaching that
Jesus Christ is the answer for the human heart.

The Savior. The only Savior. The only wise God. We are now in the month of April. We are heading towards May, graduation month. We have graduations. In June, we have our famous Convention the last week of June, and we are
going to have it here by God’s grace as far as we know. Last year, we canceled it because of
covid but we actually had one at the end of the summer. Now we are back on track. We plan to
have it at the end of June. Brothers and sisters from America are coming and maybe from
abroad too. We’ll see how that goes. There was a wedding yesterday. Alex and Rebecca got
married and the Wileczek family is here with us today. It’s great to have them. So I asked P. Drew
to come up and say a few words and pray for the offering. Welcome, P. Drew.

P. Drew –

Hey, good morning. Great to be here. Great to see my 7th daughter married. What a
blessing. Isn’t that wild. Regina and Jolt are they here. This is our missionary. Regina’s sent out
seven years now in Hungary. Not only is she blessed in the ministry there, but God gave her a
husband. This is her husband Jolt from Budapest. They came in for the weekend for the
wedding. Just thinking of the offering today. The incorruptible seed. What a miracle, huh, that
God would plant this in us, right? I mean we make that decision and it goes in and fades not
away. We were witnessing to a man this past week. We worked together and he lost his wife
this year. Young. In their 40’s. We count that as very young. Rough. Sometimes people out in
the world they are just rough. Rough. We got to love the rough guys, don’t we? Amen. I don’t
mean in demeanor like muscles. Just living a rough life. Sometimes it’s kind of hard to witness
to them. I go, well, what about you and the Lord.

Here we go! I wouldn’t let him escape. I said, do you have a relationship? Do you know him? Has it ever happened? He stands there for a second and he says, you know, when I was about 12 years old, I received Christ as my Savior.
He said it because he knew it. I said to him, you got the seed in you and that’s what’s going to make the difference. We are either rejuvenating the seed or we are putting the seed by the
grace of God. This is the ministry God has given us. Isn’t it a miracle? He’s facelifted so instead
of being condemned he was like, oh, I got what I need in me. I said, yes, you do. Let’s feed the
seed, right? It’s in there. Just feed. Understood and by the grace of God you know – his name
is Jimbell. Nothing like a Jimbell! And then just thinking of the offering. We also have this
incorruptible seed in our hearts and as we did sing the song and P. Schaller made reference of
who is worthy to open that scroll?

John would weep and we are like sealed books, aren’t we? There’s a lot in there that nobody can touch, nobody can open, right? Aren’t we this way. You know what? He’s worthy, isn’t he? Yes, he is. When he opens it, he can speak this word and Isaiah 5:4 where he says what more could I have done for my vineyard that I’ve not already done.
When we allow him to open, that’s the Word, what more could I do? I’ve done it. Then the next
part he says when I came for the grapes, what did I get? Wild grapes, right? This is us in our
finances. They’re like wild grapes. They’re escaping. They’re running away. It’s like a sealed
book. What’s going on in there? Christ said what more could I do that really I haven’t already
done. It’s amazing when we receive that question from God, we got to say you’ve done it all
because you know what? That’s exactly what he’s done. He says what makes you differ? You
different. I’m different. You’re life’s easier. You know how that goes, 1 Corinthians 4:7. What would
really make you differ from another? What do you have that you really didn’t receive? Another
good question. What do you have that you didn’t receive? And since you have received it, you
know, keep in mind where it really needs to go.

P. Schaller –

I was at Building Up Mission. Is that the name of it? Helping Up Mission on Friday
night and it’s a mission, very beautiful buildings and facility to help men get off of addictive drugs
and alcohol. And the Federal Hill church does a Bible study Friday night and Justin teaches that,
my son Justin. I have been down with him a couple times and we had a beautiful – and I met
some men and there is no doubt God is working in their lives. I’m excited to see. They want to
be baptized, and they didn’t know where to go so I said you can do it at our church. So the
organization there is arranging it. They also have a choir of men so they are going to be our
guests one of these Sunday nights. We’re going to baptize them. One of the illustrations Justin
gave which I remember but it brought it back to my mind. We learned from Israel from P. Ben
who told about an American cowboy who went to Israel on a pilgrimage to see the holy sites.
The cowboy was talking with P. Ben about breaking horses.

The cowboy said you can break a horse by being mean to the horse and beating it and riding it, breaking it and doing it that way. But he said you can also do it a different way. He said that he’s done it. He goes to the horse
with some food and he goes real low and he doesn’t make eye contact with the horse, but he
looks down and puts the food up like this and the horse is curious and social. The horse is also
afraid and it can be mean and angry. It may eat out of the cowboy’s hand. He does this as a
practice. He comes down real low and humble like this and the horse eats, and eventually he
can touch it. He said that actually it can work. You can eventually get a saddle on it and ride it.
He said when you break a horse that way, it’s different from the other way. The other way it may
be broken but it will still be mean and when it gets an opportunity it might kick you. But this other
way is of course, as people, we like to hear this story.

Because I have been mean and rebellious and angry with God. And God said in the book of Isaiah I have stretched out my hands all day long to a gainsaying people. When we see Christ and his humility, then we believe
the approach that God has to us is similar to this one where he is saying, I want to reach your
heart. I want you to know me. You don’t have to be angry with me. I’m the only one in the whole
world that loves you. I’m actually the one that can make a difference. I am the one you are angry
with. You are mean. You ignore me. You stay away. You follow your own way and live your own
life and sometimes, you know, that’s all you know. That’s all you know. And it might be that you
will lose your soul. You will have nothing but only you and your own meanness and your own
selfishness. I came to save you. I’m the one you need. You need to learn my words, listen to my
heart, trust me, walk by faith in me because I love you.

Turn to our text which is Luke 16:19. We’ll read this historical story. Why do we say it is historical? Because a proper name is in the story. Lazarus was a historical person. When Christ told a parable, he didn’t use proper names.
A certain man had two sons. Or there was a king who gave to his servants talents. But this is
actual history. vs. 19. We can change the words and take liberty with the text and express
something maybe. There was a certain man who was very much occupied with machines. Maybe technology. And maybe comfort and maybe traveled a lot. Maybe he had many houses
and he was occupied with Netflix and movies and entertainment and traveled around the world
maybe. There was a certain man that was very much full and occupied with his life in a certain
way. But those things that he had in his life blinded him to the deeper things, the more serious
things. What’s the meaning of life? Why am I here? Is anyone saying anything about philosophy
or theology? Is there anything going on? Is there a miracle somewhere?

Is there a message from God in the sky? Or did something happened that pricked my curiosity about deeper things.
No, maybe not. Maybe my lifestyle poisons me. Maybe my addictions with girls and life as I
know it they way I grew up, my happinesses. Maybe it blinds me or poisions me. Or even in
another way in a very interesting way, it starves my soul. You know I’ve heard of people who
can eat a lot of food but they don’t get nutrition. It’s like food but it’s kind of empty food. Maybe
that’s a good example of how people live in this world. They have a lot of food but there is
nothing really nutritious for their soul. There’s a blindness or starving. I’ve been to the party and
another party and I moved to Florida and I moved to Texas and I moved around the world but
I’m starving. There’s no nutrition for my soul. No knowledge of God. No questions, important
ones. vs. 19. I wrote down here iPhones, education, technology, empowerment, good jobs.
People never talk about salvation.

Why do people never talk about salvation? There’s one good reason: they don’t know anything about it. The Bible makes us wise concerning salvation. We are the people that talk about salvation. Remember Jesus said to the disciples when they left and the twelve were remaining and Jesus said, will you go also? And Peter said, where will we
go? You have the words of eternal life. They don’t talk about that at the health club or the bar
room or the comedy show or the neighborhood backyard grill. They don’t talk about it. Who talks
about it? We do. We talk about eternal life. We talk about having it. I went for a walk with my
wife yesterday and I was talking about the city of God in heaven. I said do you think it’s really
there? She said, of course it is. I go I know. I’m just talking. She said, of course it is. I go well, if I
go before you, I’ll meet you at the south gate. She said, why do you say that? I said, because a
guy up in Havre de Grace told me that.

When I was soul winning up there this old man he told me his wife had passed and I told her before she passed I’ll meet you at the south gate. Sweet. Is there really a city, the city of God whose builder and maker is God which has foundations? It has foundations, and we’re going to that place. Who talks about this? We do. We talk about it
amongst ourselves. We talk about it to our grandchildren. We talk about it to our neighbors and
in the hospital and everywhere we go. I mean as it is appropriate as God puts it in your heart.
This man, this man is like many men, many women, many people. This man never talked about
it. He doesn’t know about it. Why didn’t he meet one of us? You know, in principle. Maybe he
did but maybe he didn’t hear it. vs. 20-21. What kind of man was this one? I would say his
poverty and his suffering provoked in him questions about life. Why is this happening to me?
There must be a God. I don’t know what life is about.

My life maybe very short. I am suffering. Why are the dogs licking my sores? Why don’t I have enough to eat. I believe in God. Somebody walked by me the other day and told me about God and I heard everything they said.
I believed what they said. I believed that that’s the way this life is. Though I am suffering, maybe
the suffering is used for me to have an open heart to the thoughts about something more
important about this life. Maybe this life isn’t the whole thing. Maybe if I suffer, maybe I have
something waiting. Not that my suffering is earning any merit. I don’t have any merit in my
suffering. It’s just that my suffering has woken my mind. I am asking the big questions. Is there
life after death. Where do we go? It’s not in the story but Jesus is saying there is a big difference
between these two people. One is a hearer and the other is not. One is believing and the other
is not. vs. 22. How long did it take?

The angels were there. They were carrying the beggar. We don’t know about the timing, but I like to think angels are there and when the time comes, they take us. We are not alone. The angels take us to Abraham’s bosom. The angels are sent by God. This universe is spiritual, not only material. We are very good at the material things but the
spiritual things we are weak, especially in our country. But maybe the things that are happening
now in our country is for us to wake up and realize that money and power and influence and a
lot of people and all kinds of different things that are happening around us and different ways of
thinking and so on that this should startle us, alert us, and say God we need angels. God we
need righteous men and women. God, we need a message. God, we need dads that are going
to teach their sons and daughters. We need moms that are praying and loving and learning and
asking for wisdom and guidance in a difficult time. We cannot rely on our machines and our technology and social media and what the world is saying. They are not raising our family. No,
we need the Holy Spirit to raise our family.

We need the Holy Spirit to answer our prayer. We need the Holy Spirit to speak to the hearts of our sons and daughters and sisters and brothers. We need the Holy Spirit to speak to the church. We need the Holy Spirit to open up the Bible
and speak because there are lost souls around us. And that’s a disaster of great magnitude. Go
to the next verse please. vs. 22. Cemetery, but that’s not where it ends. It doesn’t end at the
cemetery. Nobody is home in that body. There’s a body but nobody is home. They’re gone.
Their body is buried but they are not there. vs. 23. Where did he get his eyes? I thought is body
was buried? Yes, his body was buried but somehow he had a body in hell and he lifted up his
eyes in hell. vs. 24. It seems that he would have said let me get out of here. Let me get out of
here, but I think it was clear to him that he could not get out. He did not have that hope. vs. 25-
26. No change of location. It’s fixed. Cannot change.

Cannot imagine what this means only in our imagination when you’ve been lost or in despair momentarily. Imagine that being forever. This is the greatest tragedy in the whole universe is a person made with a soul and they are lost
and cannot change. In this lifetime we know change. We’re always changing Friday to Saturday
to Sunday. We’re always changing. Always we can have some hope. But not when we pass.
Out of our body we are in eternity and it is what it is. But I want to get to this part here, vs. 27. If
he cannot come here with a drop of water, could he go to my father’s house? Funny. Maybe
now he is thinking of others. His brothers. I have five brothers. vs. 28. Something has got to
happen for my five brothers. Something’s got to happen because they may come here. They
may come here. Something’s got to happen for them. For my five brothers. You know when I’m
living my way and I’m the same. We’re all the same. I can get involved with my life as I know it
but beautifully when Jesus comes humble like that cowboy and he’s saying you actually need
me. You don’t realize but you actually need me.

If you receive me, if you believe me, I will speak to you. I will use you. I need you in this world to represent me in the world. To say to the people in the world that God is a good God. I love God. God is not my enemy. God is my best friend.
God gives grace. God is patient. God is kind. I love God. God is good. God gives to you
forgiveness, eternal life. Forgiveness for everything and everything. I was counting sins just for
exercise. I read it somewhere. This writer said in 15 hours a day, 2 sins an hour is 30 sins a day
for I think he did it a ten year calculation. He had 100,000 sins in ten years. I think it’s very little
compared to how I live! Sins that I say with my mouth. Sins and thoughts that I think and sins
that I do. There are so many of them. So many sins that I commit and so many that we’re talking
millions of sins and how many of them are forgiven? All of them. Is this God going like this to
you and me like I love you. I love you. I forgive you of your sins.

Come to me. Trust me. I am for you, not against you. I think heaven is just the continuation of this amazing Spirit of God that is serving us forever and ever and forgiving and forgiving. And of course when we leave our body
we leave our sin nature and never have a sin again forever and ever. Never. Never sin again.
Not one time. Ever. Ever. Because he gave us Christ who is without sin. Lord, your gentleness
makes us great. Psalm 18. Your goodness leads us to repentance. Some people like hard
preaching, like yelling and preaching and telling people what not to do and what to do and so
on. I could have made it for two years with that kind of ministry. I could have survived two years
or three at the most. I wouldn’t have made it. I needed another kind of ministry. I need a ministry
where I learn to know who God is and that love is what draws me in my weakest day and my
most difficult hour. I need somebody to show me that God is so kind and good and forgiving that
it breaks my heart and that I love him because he loves me.

Not he’s a tough, old man who is angry with me. He’s a loving Savior who is so kind and so humble that the goodness of God changes your life. Not Greater Grace, not church going, not Bible pounding but God. The God of
the Bible. The God of all grace. The God that gives mercy. By the way, I love hard Bible
teaching and preaching. I love it and I need it and I believe in it. But behind it is the nature of
God who hung on a cross and basically said nothing but “Father, forgive them.” You know what
that is? You know. Let’s finish up here. vs. 28. P. Scibelli, how came back from Africa by the
way and he’s here with us and it’s great to have him back. I remember him one time saying
some young girl in a barroom said to him, God loves you. And then she disappeared. He
thought that was so strange. That young girl had the courage to go into that place and say to
him. There are things that can happen that way and then there are people at your working place
and in the cafeteria or when you are eating lunch or outside or afterwards. There needs to be
some message because they may go to this place.

They may go there, you know. I think we are all concerned about our families that are not part of our faith and the family members and how to reach them. We are all concerned. Let’s pray this year that God will help and send somebody
else. Maybe they will have a dream. Have a dream and God will send somebody else and
maybe somebody will give the message to them lest they go to this place. vs. 29-30. No, they
may not. vs. 31. I’ll tell you a short story and we’ll finish. I used to live in Budapest, Hungary. Our
brother that just got up is from there. I was in “Nugatee.” (sp?) Near there. There’s a
McDonalds there. I was evangelizing on the street and this young man said to me, he spoke
English, and we talked and he goes, the Bible is not true. I said, yes it is. I can prove it to you.
He said, no you can’t prove that to me. I said, yeah, I can. It will take me 40 minutes and I can
prove to me the Bible is true. He said, no you can’t do that. I said, yeah, I can. You want
tomorrow – do you have time tomorrow at 4:00 in the afternoon like right now this time, we’ll
meet at that McDonald’s. He goes, okay.

So I went there the next day at 4:00 and he came. I was surprised he came actually, but he came. We sat in McDonald’s and within thirty minutes, tears are streaming down his cheeks. He’s in shock. He can’t believe it. The Bible is true. He
became my translator. He came into the church. He became my translator for years. We made
an agreement. Every time I come to Hungary, we revisit that for five minutes and we talk about it
because he never wants to lose that amazing sense of appreciation of what God did for him. I
think it was year 27 was our last meeting. Twenty-seven years ago that happened. That was our
last meeting and that was a couple years ago. So it’s probably 30 years ago it happened. He
marks it down. You know what it means? He ends up marrying a believer in our church. He
ends up having children that become believers. He is a servant and walks by faith and learning
and growing. You know what it means? There is somebody not going to that place. But it didn’t
take a man raised from the dead to convince him.

It took Moses and the prophets. And somebody like you and me who can open the Bible and say let me show you this. You don’t believe that? Let me show you this. How come this is about this and how can that happen when
they didn’t know each other. And let me explain this to you and Moses and the prophets it is so
clear. The world is lying all the time that the Bible is an old Jewish book. They are doing it
everywhere in the universities. They are taking the Bible away from people. But the Bible is the
Word of God. It’s God saying to us come to me. I will show you. I will teach you. I’ll give you
grace. I’ll give you eternal life. My Son’s blood has atoned for your sin. Millions and millions of
your sins are forgiven, and I am your Savior. I have prepared a place for you. If it wasn’t so, I
would have told you. I am the answer for you. Please in these days stay alert and stay awake to
your purpose on earth. Our time is short. We just had another brother pass on. Every day on a
regular basis our sisters and brothers are passing on.

We are passing this great ministry of God’s Word by the Holy Spirit onto the hearts of other people and we are here in this world for this reason. There are many men and women that are faring sumptuously every day, clothed in
purple and living a very good life. They are blind, poisoned and lacking nutrition for the
important things in life. Be a church goer. Don’t forsake the assembly. Draw near. Learn and
grow and share your faith.


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