By the Spirit, our temporal lives is brought into an eternal work. Something given before the world began. God’s Word has a personal effect. We share those words and lives are changed.
(1 Timothy 3:9)

Speaker: Steven Scibelli, Thomas Schaller, Andrew Garner
Sermon 12705
Date: 2024-04-21
Time: Sun 6:30 pm

P. Schaller –

Let’s turn to Psalm 34:2. We had a very good service this morning. The 9:00 and then I really liked the 11:00
myself. I mean they’re both great. Thankful for your love and prayers. It touches my heart when
I see people here in the church that we have a history. I know that P. Chris Arman came back
from Africa and I saw he and his wife over here. She just picked him up at the airport.

Then I see Tim and Rae over here which we’ve known for years. They got married here 14 years
ago and then we ate together in Dundalk. Then, Laura Hoffses and Andrew Gardner got married
and Andrea is in the family. And they feel led to go – we’re happy to be part of that – and see
them go to West Virginia to Morgantown. They’re moving there in a week or so.

I asked if he could share just for a few minutes tonight, just so we could know him and think about him and
them and pray for them as they go out as a family to sow the seed and just share the message.
Yesterday, we were in a parking lot handing out flyers and invitations to church and there were
a couple, a sister and brother, and we talked. And then I said I told them the Gospel and they’re
listening and then have you ever heard that before? The girl said, no. I said would you want
Jesus in your life? And she said, yes. And then her brother said, yes. So, we bowed our heads
there in the parking lot and had a prayer and encouraged them in the faith. Wow! It’s nice to go
to bed at night thinking about that.

And then, Allen and Alta who came from Kentucky – right? Kentucky. Harlan county. Is it? No,
okay. East Kentucky? Okay. So, they are a couple that came here just and they just love to love
people and serve people and go down to Monument Street with the team and share. It’s fun.
It’s amazing.

Then, this afternoon we had Germaine Andreas service. What a special woman. And then, a
group of us, the Bible college students, we went to eat together and fellowship and talk about
the messages and I’m so encouraged to think that the Spirit is speaking to us and leading us in
our faith. Just to sense that the Lord’s work, the Lord’s work is something we delight in,
something we can see happening. And something that we have high regard for. In a couple
weeks, two months or so, we’ll be meeting here for our international conference, convention.
We want to hear these things and love each other and care about each other and pray for each
other. What a way to live. It’s amazing.

So, would you read these verses with me. Psalm 34:1, how could it continually be? Because of him.
Because of him. Anybody here going to go to heaven when you die? Huh. How come? How do
you get there? How do you get there? What? By believing. How do we merit going – how could
we ever, how could anybody in this room? No one of us could ever go, but think about it. God
saved us. God incarnated. God on a cross. God sacrificing. God shedding his blood. God saving
you and me as a gift just by grace. That’s the only ground.

Therefore, if I relate to that, then the praise will continually be in my mouth and if you think
about it, I mean this is amazing. Continually. Thank you, Lord. Thank you. Wow. Thank you for
your grace. Thank you for what you have done for us. We will be with angels. We will be with
the spirits of just men made perfect. We will be in a heavenly city with an innumerable
company of angels. We’ll be there with the blood that speaks better things than that of Abel.
We’ll be in the city. We’ll be there forever. We’ll be glorified in our bodies. We’ll be seeing God.
We’ll be overwhelmed with the reality of it that God exists.

That God is awesome. We know that he knows us, that God knows us. The Spirit of God is in us and God knows us.
Vs. 1-2. My neighbor and I had a talk because a big tree fell down in front of his yard. And you
know what happened? The lamp post and his big tree fell on – I mean the truck of the tree is
this big – and the lamp post survived. It wasn’t touched. It’s sticking through. It’s like it wasn’t
broken. The mailbox was destroyed. The lantern was not touched.

So, I stopped. We talked and this is what our conversation. We talked a long time about God. It
was great. I go, wow. Look at that lantern made it. How did the lantern survive that? Look at
the whole tree. It buried your front yard but the lantern is standing there. Like I’m here! I made
it! I’ve been chosen! I am the chosen one! That’s what I told him. I said every time I look at that
lantern post, I’m going to say that man that lives in that house is chosen. Your life is like that
lantern cause of Christ. That you didn’t choose him. He chose you. He saves you. He protects
you. He is God.

The only way that lantern survived was God. God saved the lantern. God saved it. He did. I
mean there’s no explanation. Totally. So, we had a great talk and I’ll get back to him and you
know in our talk he said – I said I used to live in Hungary. He goes you’re a lot closer to heaven
than I am. He said I tell my kids when I’m buried put a fan in the coffin. What he meant was he’s
going to go to hell and he needs a fan. He said to me cause I was a missionary I’m closer to
heaven than he is.

What’s wrong with all that talk? No. Nobody’s going without Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus
that saves us. There’s no way. Nobody could ever go. No matter how good anybody is. That
lantern’s not standing there cause it’s a good lantern. It’s standing there because God did it and
God saves people and God will save you. God saves you just by believing in him. And he does
believe. He’s Catholic. I’m not sure but we’re talking and we had a good talk.

I want to say something. If you think your karma – this is another conversation yesterday with
an Indian and we had a good talk. I go if your karma’s not that good and you have – you’re good
and you’re bad and your karma isn’t that good and you’re going to be – they believe in
reincarnation many times. They get better karma, better karma. You’ll never make it. Your
karma will never be good enough. It has to be the work of God where he imputes his righteousness to you. He saves you by his grace. We had a good talk. I hope it meant

He said we have many gods. I go, I know but I have one mother. There are many mothers but I
have one that’s my mother. My mom doesn’t want me to say, mom, I got many mothers. No,
knock it off! You got one mother and you got one God, the Almighty God, and he’s a jealous
God. There’s no other gods before him. He is the living God. He’s the one that saves you and
forgives you and washes you clean and puts your name in the book. The one that saves us by
grace. The one that has called and chosen you. Called and chosen.

We will make our boast in the Lord for he has done all these marvelous things. Look at vs. 2.
Wow. Amen. Welcome – Andrew. Come up. Would Laura and Andrea, you want to stand for a
second? This is his wife and daughter and they’re going to move to West Virginia. Thank you,
Andrew. Pastor. He’s a pastor. He’s ordained. We love you.

P. Andrew Gardner –

All right. How’s everybody doing? You like my shirt? Can you see it? It’s
one of my West Virginia shirts. It’s fairly new. Laura bought it for us when we were at the gift
store there at the state forest. I love the forest. I love hunting and fishing, so we love to go to
the forest just to visit and go on hikes. Sometimes we do Bible studies there. Meetings.
So, Bigfoot’s on there and it says this is my running shirt. It’s kind of a joke with my family,
because I always used to tease them Bigfoot is in them there hills.

So, Laura, I’d always tease her that when we went on hikes there, we better be careful we might run into Bigfoot. She’s
say what would you do if you did run into Bigfoot? I’d just invite him to church.
So, we’re up here to share our vision and our mission and an invitation as well to help us out
with West Virginia. About a couple years ago, God had put it on our family’s heart to minister to
West Virigina. At first I was – if you know me any bit, I don’t do anything if God’s not in it. When
I pray about things, I’m very careful. I don’t just say things to be saying it.

So, when God laid on my heart about West Virginia, I was like oh is this God or is it me? Cuz
human fears is like I can’t do that, you know. Past failures. Weaknesses. Human traits. Things
like that the devil would like to use and say you can’t do that. You can’t go minister there.
And so, for a couple years it was on our hearts but I kind of struggled and thought is it God or is
it me? And last year, it got really strong and God gave me a promise and said I felt like in my
heart he was leading us to go there. And Laura felt the same way. And I said let’s pray about it.
So, we kept praying about it and praying about it. And God laid it on my heart to speak to P.
Schaller and tell him my burden and the vision God gave me for West Virginia.

And as we were praying, he said have you ever considered Morgantown? And I said that’s one
of the main spots on my prayer list to check out. So, about a year ago last August, we started
outreach there once a month. And we’d go there and share the message of the finished work
and the grace message with people there in the community and do outreach. And when I got
there, I knew that was where God wanted us. I could just feel it. It’s hard to explain unless
you’ve been in that position, but when you’re in the center of God’s will, you just know.

And when we were in West Virginia, I remember the peace of God putting on my heart saying
this is where you and your family belong. Sometimes things just hit you right in the face. You
know, there’s drug abuse there and there’s all kinds of things there and people would say, why
West Virginia? Why would you pick that? God picked it. God said you. I want you to go there.
So, we started outreach and that’s where we want to go, and then God put it on our heart last
October somehow we got to connect with people. Going on outreach once a month was good
and we were making connections, but each month you went, there was like someone new. So,
how do you keep connections? How do you build a community into – build a church?

So, we started praying do you want us to go there? Once again, I was afraid and thought, no. I
can’t do that. I was afraid of my own past things. Past failures and mistakes. And God gave me a
Scripture that I want to share with you.

He actually gave me this. I read it a bunch of times, but he shared it with me a couple weeks
ago. Because I already had this set. God said we’re going. We’re moving there. So, we started
working on it last October. We started working towards the goal of moving there to be there
full time to try and start a church or a Bible study or whatever.

And so, just a couple weeks ago, I got really scared. Nervous. You know, human stuff. And once
again, I’m like God I don’t know. Is this you? And he said I’ve shown you this is what you’re
supposed to do. And he gave me this Scripture to encourage me and say it’s not you that’s
doing this. It’s me. It’s my work. It’s my mission, my vision. My Spirit doing this work.

This weekend, we went. I just got back. The family and I just got back from West Virginia at
around 1. A little after today. And so it was an awesome trip this weekend. We went there just
to take our first load to move into our new home that we’re renting and we moved in there.
Already started meeting the neighbors. Talked to the guy next door and we’re like yeah, your
new neighbors. And it was awesome. I mean God is in this.

So, anyways, I was afraid a couple weeks ago and he put on my heart 2 Corinthians 12:9. And he said
unto me my grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Why did
he share that with me? Because just like P. Schaller was saying, it’s not about us. I’m not up
here to promote Andrew Gardner or to promote us because we’re weak. We’re human. But in Christ, we are strong. He has done so much in our lives to put us in this position that it’s not us
doing it. It’s Christ doing it. And when I was afraid and getting worried about things because it’s
a big deal to step out in faith and just move somewhere that you’ve just rarely get to go, but
God said go. And so, we’re going by faith. And he gave me this promise that it’s me, it’s my
grace. He said my grace is enough.

I remember I was laying on the bed and getting ready to take a nap. I think it was a Sunday
afternoon, and I had a lot of burdens on my heart about this mission. And I was praying and I
was thinking of that stuff and that Scripture came right to my mind. God put it on my heart and
said my grace is enough. Because that’s what that means. My grace is sufficient. Paul was
sharing that because he too wanted to glorify God. He was in a time where he could have been
tempted to talk about himself because he was trying to – you know, his apostleship was being
challenged and people were like who are you to be an apostle? And he could have very easily
talked about himself and all the things he has accomplished.

And same for me. I can stand here and tell you how God has prepared me fro this situation, but
in the end, my human things are – that’s vain to tell you my qualifications for the pastor, a
church there or to start one. I’m going because Christ called us. It’s him doing the work. Not
me. I’m not going to, our family is not going to try to make a name for ourselves or anything like
that. Paul shared his message to glorify God and that’s what we’re doing here today.

We’re going to West Virginia because God gave us a vision to minister to the people in the
Appalachian Mountains in that region, and the vision is to reach West Virginia. And I’m just me.
I don’t know how God’s going to do this, but our goal is to reach people in the Appalachian
Mountains and whatever that means. I don’t know. I’m just following God’s leading at each step
of the way. God has been in this from the beginning till even now, and I know his grace is
sufficient. It’s enough for what we’re, what’s ahead. For what’s right now. His grace is already
there. We’ve seen it this weekend talking to people. People are excited.

Got to talk to another homeless person and say, do you know the Lord? And I got to share the
Gospel with them this weekend, just this weekend. God is on fire about this and I’m on fire and
we’re going to West Virginia. Lord willing, we’re moving there. We already got the home. We
started moving there this weekend. We’re going again. This is the big move this Saturday and so
the mission and the vision, the vision of West Virginia to reach Morgantown as the goal right
now. To try to start something. A Bible study. And eventually a church. And then, Lord willing,
whatever God’s will is there. But that’s the goal, the mission, is that to go and take the message
that we have.

We’re so blessed to have the mission, the message of grace and of the finished work. Not
everyone knows that message. Trust me. I know. I’ve came from a lot of places. I’ve been in a
lot of churches. I’ve been a part of different denominations and this message is what people need. And that’s what we’re doing in West Virginia. We’re taking this message that we have
here in Baltimore and all around the world, our Greater Grace churches. Taking it there and let
people know there is still hope in Christ. You’re not – it’s not too late. You can still be born
again. You can still be saved. Maybe there’s others there struggling that’s been in religions and
other groups and they need someone to encourage them. Maybe someone’s addicted to drugs
and they just need someone to remind them that God is with them.

I remember our first trip there. We met a guy who used to be a pastor and he was homeless
and addicted to drugs. And stuck there. And I got to talk to him and he said yeah, I’m saved. I
used to be a pastor. And I got to talk to him and share with him the finished work and that God
has not left him. That he still has a chance. He’s not alone. That’s what we’re doing there. We’re
going there not on our own strength, but through the grace of God and the strength of God. His
grace is enough for what we’re working towards, and we want to invite you to come and check
it out sometimes. We’re just in the starting stage. Just a baby church, and we had our first
service today. Just me and my family and P. Gary and P. Bob Colban and helping me try to get

We’re going to try to have a big outreach event in August, the 8 th through the 11 th and if you
want more information, just talk to one of us about it. But we’re trying to do a big outreach
event then. If you’re interested and just come out anything. Check it out. And we’ll make sure
you can come and see what we’re doing there. Yeah, so, and also if God’s putting it on your
heart, a mission maybe. He’s talking to you about something. Bible college. You’ve heard many
of our leaders say this and it’s so true that God is in that. If he’s talking to you about something,
whatever it be, and the devil is trying to tell you, oh you can’t do that. But God says go.

Something compels you. God compels you to just go. So, if God speaks into your heart no
matter the circumstances, just know God’s grace is enough and he’ll help you prepare. He’ll
help you get ready and then he’ll send you. And say you and say go. And you’ll go in the
strength of God and in the grace of God. So, thank you for letting me share and I’ll guess we’re
– that’s it.

P. Scibelli –

Okay. If you’d stand with me and turn to 2 Timothy 1. West Virginia. Wow! I want to go
there in August with a group of people. Can I come? Okay. Thanks. Do I get a hot dog or
something out of it? Wow. Praise the Lord! This is such a powerful verse. The whole Bible’s
powerful, but this verse really struck me yesterday and then again today. I’ve been meditating
on it, 2 Timothy 1:9. Paul’s last epistle to his son, Timothy. And he says this, “who has saved us.” For
some people, that’s enough I guess. Thank God they get saved. They go to heaven, but I love
what’s beyond this. “Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our
works but according to” and I love to say this “to his own purpose.” To his own purpose.
And when did we get that purpose? “which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world
began.” Do you realize your purpose was given to you before the world began?

That’s incredible. Like that would remove anxiety from my life. That will remove fear, doubt,
uncertainty. You know. Wow! I got a purpose from God before this world began. That’s
incredible. Really. When you just think about that, we could stop there and that would be the
end. Before the world began. Just eternal. (Prayer). Amen. You may be seated.

I was talking with P. John Jason today. And it was a joyous and a sad talk cause’ he lost his son this
week. His son who was here in Baltimore with us. When he was here, he would come to church.
Stephen John. And just passed and no one seems to know exactly what happened. Just passed.
And just talking to him about the things and we were fellowshipping around that which is
eternal. Thank God he was born again. Had eternal life, you know, because it’s, it can be such a
– it still is sad and still can be tragic. And he has three young children and his wife. Leaving his
wife, so but we were talking about and we were thinking about that which is eternal. And how
important that is.

And Paul is making this really clear to Timothy that not only have you been saved, but you’ve
been called and you’ve been saved and called according to his own purpose. Like I had a lot of
things I wanted to do with my life even as a Christian, even as a believer. I was going to do this. I
was going to do that. I was going to live counseling and having homes for addicts and
counseling addicts and that was what I was going to do. And I had, was very convinced that –
somebody once said to me, do you ever think about missions? I said, do you have a headache? I
said I’m not thinking about missions.

I don’t think about missions. I’m doing what I do in America. As far as overseas missions are concerned, I have absolutely no interest at all. Well, what’s, what’s his own purpose? What’s his own purpose? And really for me and for you and for all of us as Christians and believers, no matter who we are, what age we are, where
we’re at in our Christian life, one thing that I think is so important to focus on is that which is
eternal. The temporal is really interesting. We live, we have a temporal daily living but to bring
that which is eternal into a temporal life, into a life that’s daily lived by each and every person.
And this is what Paul is telling Timothy. And this is what we see in the Scriptures. We can see
Moses being very learned, very educated. And all of a sudden, he was called by God in Hebrews

He endured or he held fast to that call seeing he who is invisible. How he saw, he saw
God. He saw that which is eternal. And really, for a church and believers I’m so thankful for this
church like many other great churches around the world. But this church has a view that’s an
eternal view, an eternal perspective because of an eternal purpose.
And so, we really know what’s important based on what’s eternal. What is eternal. And thank
God, you know, I was thinking about if you ever have a desire to come on evangelism any
Saturday, just come down. Meet me down there. Come with me. Never say a word for a month, but just come along. You’ll probably do more talking the first day that’s you’re out there than I
do, but it’s so important. It’s so key. It’s so vital.

We have in front of us, in front of me and in front of you an eternal book. Amen. And that’s
incredible. We have the words of eternal life. Peter said that when Jesus was talking about eat
my flesh and drink my blood. Otherwise, you have no life in you. People went away. Can you
imagine one message and 5,000 people left? Did you ever think about that?

Jesus who’s eternal is preaching the eternal Word and everybody leaves. And then he
challenges them. Will you also go away? Are you going to go away, too? You twelve. Are you
going to go? You know. He knew one of them was going to leave anyway and desert and betray
him. Peter came up with this statement, as interesting as Peter was in his life with his ups and
downs. He goes, to whom shall we go? You have the rhemas. It’s the word rhema there. You
have the personal words of eternal life. That means God has for me and for you personal words
of eternal life. They’re personal. Very personal to me and very personal to you. And he can say
eternal things to you that maybe he doesn’t say to somebody else.

But where are we going to go? You have the words of eternal life and God himself has an
eternal mind and it’s expressed through his eternal Word. And we have an opportunity to just –
what a privilege to get to know God’s eternal mind through his eternal Word being in an eternal

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but whether you believe it or not – I’m sure you do – but
this church is eternal. One day we’ll be fellowshipping some place else. It’s called heaven. Gone.
It’s called the Rapture. How fast do you go up? In the twinkling of an eye. If you believe the
Bible which is eternal Word from an eternal God, in the twinkling of an eye we are going bye-
bye. See you later. But what about my – who’s going to handle, who’s going to proceed, who’s
going to continue with – bye. Goodbye. What about my house? I mean, you know, people are
just going and settled in there like squatters. You’ll be in heaven in a heavenly home. That thing
will not even trouble you. You won’t even have a mind about it anymore.

Living in that which is eternal. Jesus is eternal and his Word is eternal, and so how important it
is for us on a daily basis. Thank God for an eternal Word, for eternal preaching, for eternal
teaching, for eternal fellowship that we have a church that thinks in the eternal. Some churches
think in the political. Some churches think in the temporal. Some churches think in the natural.
Some churches think all kinds of things in the emotions. But I’m so grateful that we are in a
fellowship and there are many, many churches from many different denominations that have
an eternal viewpoint.

So, I’m thankful that that’s what we have that which is eternal. Amen. There are places where
thousands of people are attending church but what they’re hearing from the pulpit is not eternal. I know. I’ve been there. I was in a church one time in a certain state in this country and
the church had 5,000 people. And after the service, I went up to the pastor and I said, have you
ever evangelized in your life? He said, for what? I said for what? I mean people – there’s an
eternal heaven and an eternal hell. I didn’t hear you mention anything about souls. He goes, we
don’t do that. I said, then you ought to close the whole place up. Either get right with God or
close the whole place up.

And obviously, I was not invited back again which is fine with me. But eternal. Having this eternal viewpoint. Does my marriage have that which is eternal in my marriage? Is my single life a life devoted to that which is eternal? When I go to work at my job, do I see it no matter what it is as an opportunity to experience eternal life and give eternal life
to other people? No matter how it takes place through eternal prayers, eternal initiations,
being very creative. Being very creative like, you know, the tree fell and missed the lamp post,
right? Missed the lamp post. I mean it’s an opportunity, right? It’s an opportunity to bring in
that which is eternal.

So, we have an eternal Jesus with an eternal Word and it’s incredible. I don’t ever want to
become familiar with that. Hello? It’s very easy for any of us to become just familiar. I’m going
to church. It’s Sunday. It’s Sunday morning and Sunday evening. By the way, I’m so thankful we
have three services on Sunday because you hear so many unique things in the preaching. The
nine is not like the eleven. Two different services in one aspect. You know the Spirit and the
Word and the Bible. Even if same message verses are used. It’s that which is eternal. You’re all
of a sudden coming into a situation that’s not temporal. It’s not natural. It’s eternal.

And I want to view it like that. Could God change everything in your life in one second? Hello?
Yes, he could. He just brings in the eternal. I got anxiety. Here comes eternal peace – wow –
that passes understanding. It’s eternal. It’s not the peace of some narcotic. It’s not the peace of
having a drink. It’s not the peace of watching so much sports that your mind is shot and I like
sports. But some people go a little too far. Like 9 or 10 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday just
sitting in front of that thing watching people play, wishing that you were them. And you’re not.
So, you sublimate based on the thing that you like cause’ you wish you could do it but you can’t.
Sorry. Sorry about that.

But eternal! Right? Eternal. Everything we do. Eternal. Our friendships are what? Eternal
friendships. I’m going to be Marty Veader’s friend for eternity and that means watch out for my
elbows cause’ we’re going to play basketball in heaven. It’ll be eternal. And you won’t get hurt. I
don’t think. I don’t think so. Eternal. It’s eternal. This is incredible and everything we do. When
we do things in life, I don’t care how minute they may seem to be to you or maybe the enemy
projects. Ah! That’s nothing. That’s nothing. You say a prayer and it’s eternal prayer and a life
can be changed. Are you with me? You pray and God does something. God moves in an
awesome and mighty way.

I mean I remember when Dr. Stevens asked me one time, he said, you ever think about Africa? I
said, no. He said, would you pray about it? I said, nope. Not going to pray about it. I’m going to
Italy so I can eat pizza for the rest of my life and maybe win three people to Christ. I don’t
know. You know. And he said like Africa. And that was God’s eternal call. There was an eternal
purpose to be in Africa. And it’s, it’s really quite incredible. We just planted our 302 nd church in
Africa. Thank God for people like P. Renaldo and his wife and P. Chris Arman. Where are you P.
Chris? Stand up. Stand up. He just came back. Where are you? Oh, left side. Can’t see. Go
ahead. Stand up. Is you and your wife there? Your children are back? Amen. Your wife’s so tired
you can’t stand.

I was just with them. Is it Malawi? I forget where I am half the time, you know. And they’re
doing an eternal work there. And they spent years there, temporal years there to produce that
which is eternal. And you see men and women with lives that are changed and that’s incredible.
God puts an eternal call with an eternal purpose and he does an eternal work through eternal
people and their lives and lives are changed. And people say yes to God. That’s incredible. And
it’s all for God’s eternal glory. The glory of God is eternal. The glory of man fades away. The
glory of man just fades away, but the glory of God is absolutely eternal.

And so, what is my perspective on my daily life? Do I approach my daily life as, oh, here we go
again! It’s Monday, right? Here we go again. It’s Monday. And the details. I can’t even stand
when – even say it myself sometimes – I can’t stand it when people say it. I don’t like it when I
say, oh, you know, details of life. There’s no such thing as the details of life. That’s life. That’s
life. But you have eternal life in every single thing that’s taking place. Eternal life. Maybe you’re
there and you’re preparing a meal as a wife for a family and what you’re doing is absolutely

Maybe when you give – not maybe – but when you give in the offering, do you know what’s
happening? That money is being used for what? Eternal purpose. It’s not being wasted.
Sometimes people say, uh give. Uh. Can’t get my hand out of my pocket, you know. And they
wonder what’s taking place. It’s for that which is eternal.

Maybe people are buying tracts. Maybe people are paying the rent, the lights. All these things
that we need, so we can continue to see people come to church where preaching and teaching
takes place and eternal. What’s Bible school all about? The eternal. Oh, no. Here we go.
Education again. I’m so sick of school. I can’t take any more school. Really? But have you ever
been in a school that’s eternal? Have you ever been? You’ve been in natural schools. Wow. You
know how many universities I went to? I became a very clever devil cuz I was so educated. The
more educated I got, the more demonic my brain got. The more wicked and more evil things. I
became better at doing evil. Oh yeah.

Then, I came to Bible school, 1978. I saw a class on a twelve inch television set in a room at the
Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Massachusetts and it was the winter time. It was
February and there was no heat. So, you had your gloves on and you take your gloves off and
you write with a pencil. Put your gloves back on before they froze your hands, you know. But I
was listening to P. Stevens. I was hearing something what? Eternal. I’m hearing what? I’m
hearing something eternal.

And when we meet a person, maybe it’s a new person we meet. Somebody at work. Somebody
in a restaurant. Somebody in a place that’s selling things. A supermarket or a Walmart. Is that
what they call them? Walmart. I have a hard time going to stores. I just can’t handle it, but I
don’t. I should see it as being eternal and there’s something taking place there. And maybe we
have no idea about it because we’re looking at things in the natural, in the natural temporal
and God is saying somebody’s coming down the aisle that you could just greet and say hello to.
And before you know it, they open up and maybe there’s a lot of pain in their life.

A lot of trouble in their life. Difficulties in their life and they just need an eternal Word from God that
could change them. Do you realize you have words and we have words in us that can change
people’s lives? It’s called the Word of God. Can the Word of God change anybody? Hello? Come
on. Come on. Are you here tonight? Hallelujah! All right. Come on. You can get a little
Pentecostal. It’s okay. Praise the Lord! Okay. Okay. Are you doing it now? Whatever. That which
is eternal, right? And it’s amazing.

When we bring the eternity into a marriage, there’s not going to be any problems. Well, there
will be things that take place, but my mind is set on the eternal. I see my wife is an amazing
woman of God who’s my eternal wife. Somebody says, oh yeah. When you go to heaven, you
know, there’s no more marriage. What? Do you even know how to interpret the Bible? There’s
no more new marriages. What do you think? All of a sudden you’re going to go to heaven and
your wife’s going to be like a million miles away? You’re never going to see her again? Why
would God do that? That doesn’t make any sense to me. So, how are you interpreting the
Scriptures. No new marriage in heaven.

My marriage is eternal. Amen. Are you with me? Did you say exactly? Somebody said exactly.
Exactly. It’s eternal. You say, well, I don’t know. I’m having a rough time with my marriage.
Well, when you both have eternal life and there’s no old sin nature, it’ll be awesome. Amen. It’ll
be awesome. That which his eternal. Eternal thinking, all right. I have eternal certainty in me.
There’s a lot of doubt that is in this world even in Christianity today. I wonder what God’s going
to do? I doubt if God will do that. I don’t know. You know, there’s a lot of fear. A lot of fear.
Eternal love takes care of the fear, doesn’t it? Perfect love does what? Cast out fear because
fear has torment.

There’s eternal peace that takes care of anxiety. Anybody anxious? Don’t admit it. Tell God.
Don’t tell us. Don’t put your hand up, so everybody will walk over to you later and say, what are
you anxious about? What are you anxious about? Eternal peace takes care of anxiety. Are you
with me? I have a problem. He’s always lying. Well, eternal truth can take care of a lie. Oh,
insecurity. I’m insecure. How about eternal security for insecurity.

Hello? God’s got something eternal for everything that a person could ever go through in their life. He’s got that which is
eternal. This is so important. We have this message in us and it’s not a temporal message. Do
you understand really the direction you are going in without Christ? It’s something temporal
that’s going to end with another type of eternity. Eternity in hell. You’ll be in hell forever.

That’s why we love the Gospel. Why do you, why do you think they call it an eternal Gospel? It’s
an eternal Gospel because it gives people eternal life. There’s nothing like it. Nothing like it. This
is what people need. We think they need this and they need that. They think they need this and
they think they need that. They think more money, a better house, somebody else, my kids
could change. I need a different wife. No, no. You need that which is eternal. Are you with me?
That which is eternal.

Where is my focus? It’s so easy to lose focus. I love Hebrews 12:1-2 looking unto Jesus the what?
The author and the finisher of faith. Doesn’t even say our faith. The “our” is in italics. The
author and finisher of faith.

So, when we get saved, we have eternal life, eternal salvation, because of eternal grace. God
gives us what kind of mercy when we fail? His mercy, Psalm 136. It says it 36 times. His mercy
endures – you got that Jesse? – his mercy endures forever. How long? His mercy’s good for a
month. Yeah, well you did it again. How many times am I supposed to forgive? You ask God that
question. Eternally. He’s got eternal mercy for us. We can fail and fail seven times a day. It’s not
a reason to fail. It’s a reason to keep me from failing knowing how merciful God is.

It’s eternal. We have eternal direction in your life. Do you have eternal direction? Where are
you going? How about the eternal Spirit filling us and leading us? See, I want my focus to be on
that which is eternal, right? I’m not thinking about a bad hip all day. I could care less. I could
care less. Somebody said when are you going to get an operation? I don’t know and I don’t
care. Hello? I do know one day I’m getting a new body. Haha! There’ll be no hip operations.
There’ll be no glasses needed. Hello? Right? Eternal. It’s eternal.

When I think that way, it brings such a peace to my life. When I think that way, it bears such
fruit in our lives and we’re just thinking in the eternal. It starts in the mind. It starts in the mind.
Hearing those things, reading my eternal Bible. Listening to preaching from the Bible. That’s
eternal. Fellowshipping with the Body of Christ. Do you know what the Body of Christ is?
Eternal. Eternal. Halleluiah! Eternal.

What a great, what a great life we can live living in that which is eternal and fellowshipping.
Paul said it to Timothy how important it is. He saved you and called you not according to your
own works but according to his own grace which was given you in Christ Jesus before the world
began. Do we realize what we’ve had? We’ve had it forever. God gave it to me before the world
began. There goes worry. There goes fear. There goes doubt. There goes anxiety. There goes all
these things and they don’t and of course there’s times when I don’t fellowship with those
things and I have to live in the effects of that.

But God has given us that which is eternal. He’s placed us in his Son and nobody can pluck you
out of. I love John 10:27-30. Huh. Right. I give unto you eternal life and you shall never perish.
Neither shall anyone, any man, pluck you out of my hand. You can’t even pluck yourself out of
God’s hand. Isn’t that great? You can’t pluck yourself out. I give you eternal life and with that
life comes so many amazing blessings.

Let’s continue to grow in that which is eternal. Let’s have that be our focus. Let’s not live in all
of the things that are going on. They are going on and they will continue to go on. Daily
situations. Tests. Daily trials. Let’s bring the eternal into them. Amen. Let’s bring the eternal
mind in. Let’s bring eternal affections in. Eternal will in. Eternal conscience in. Eternal self-
image. Let’s bring that which is eternal into the temporal and then watch what happens.

I’m going to test God on that, okay, starting tonight. You go out and there’s a ding on your car.
Well, bring the eternal into that ding and you don’t think about, wonder who did this. And I’m
going to find out from the camera and all this is going on, you know. Just bring the eternal in.
Say thank you for that ding. Thank you for that ding that came from who knows who. But I’m
going to think in the eternal. My health, my finances, my relationships. That which is what?
Eternal. (Prayer).


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