The blessing of God falls upon us through grace. We enter a sanctification that Christ works out in us. He moves us to prepare and receive His glory more and more. (2 Samuel 23:1; Romans 6:19)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Dave Chandler, Stan Collins, Renaldo Brown
Sermon 12311
6:30 PM on 5/29/2022

P. Schaller –

This is great time to be alive and to be sanctified and being sanctified like we spoke about this morning.
Convention is coming up. Some missionary teams are going out for short term. One of them is
San Diego with P. Renaldo Brown and another one to Ecuador with P. Stan Collins. Tonight, we
want to pray for those folks. We want to hear a word from P. Stan and then we have a little
more that we are doing and that will be our service tonight.

I am so thankful for James Bryson in Edgewood and his work there. For P. Mohib and his work
in Salem, New Jersey. Justin in Federal Hill, P. Duane George in Harold, Harbor. I’m thankful for
P. Shibley in Silver Spring. P. Wright up in Havre de Grace. The work going on in Towson and
Dundalk and in the center. One brother went down to the Baltimore stadium at the Oriole’s
game and he just did some street preaching with a team of people and he just had a ministry
with people going into the stadium and then the graduation, the high school.

And Pete Westera sent me some photos of the senior class in the Dominican Republic and
service there in the Dominican and how these young people are in the Dominican and we just
love them and are praying for them. Wow! A lot is happening. Also, we have a deck out there.
Did you notice that on your way in? We got a deck. I mean I am just – graduation was amazing.
Teachers are amazing. I know people may get tired of us saying wow, this is amazing and that’s
amazing, but it really is. It really is. It’s so beautiful to be part of it.

And then people coming in. I saw Matt and Lisa Silva come in from Africa. I saw them this
morning. Missionaries are coming in. Graduates are finishing up. Good times are happening so
we are thankful. Two years ago, it was covid time. Remember that? Hardly. Can’t even
remember. P. Scibelli and I were in here preaching to an empty auditorium. And boy it was fun
actually. It was really good. The love of the Body and the giving in the Body and the attitude and
we’re not quitting, not backing off but we are believing God. We have grown and we are
learning and thinking in terms of meeting Jesus one day. That’s going to happen. Yeah. Wow!
So welcome P. Renaldo right now (group going to San Diego praying for).

Isaiah 6 and in a troubled time in a troubled situation a man of God came to God. And when he
came to God, it seems like the change in his life happened because he came. His words were
not really words of God please fix our nation. But he came to God with a repentant heart. It’s
amazing when you come to God, your idea is to come to him but he always sends you. He
doesn’t say okay taking care of you but I also want to send you. When you come, you also go.
The qualification for going begins with coming. In our nation and in our troubled time, thank
God we don’t just come to God but we hear the voice of God and we go. You heard the young
people are in D.R. P. Love is in Haiti doing services with P. Bill Alexson. P. Gary is going to
Germany. You heard about Ecuador. We’re going to San Diego. Pray for us. It’s the west coast.
Why can’t grace be on the west coast? Why can’t the finished work be on the west coast? Why
can’t we be on the west coast? Pray for us. We’ll have meetings every night.

Soul winning during the day. Raps. Devotionals. Going for God, right? So, pray for us. Thank you so much for
supporting the work of God and being part of this Body. It’s exciting times right now in our
church. Amen.

P. Stan Collins –

In 1 Samuel 13 when Samuel said to Saul, King Saul that you have done foolishly,
Saul had made the offering. He wasn’t supposed to make the offering but I was thinking about
this. David did some things that he wasn’t supposed to do either. I don’t only mean adultery
and murder. But I mean like he ate the bread that he wasn’t supposed to eat right. What’s the
difference? It seems like one is the blessing and the other is not. I think it’s faith.

I saw, I was looking over there and I saw Paul and Ginny Buchaeau and I was so blessed just
thinking about them and how they serve God without – selflessly for so long. They housed us
for a year when we were back here in between Argentina and Peru the first time. Faith. Living
by faith. David, it says here in 2 Samuel 23:1, we sang – boy the music was so amazing, so great.
We sang exalt, lift up, let me lift up Jesus with my life, with my words. One of the lines in the
song was we place our life in his hands. That’s a good decision. Boy, that’s a good decision. So
many times, we take it back. He said, God raised him up because – and he says this.

I have a very simple point. You say get to it. Okay. I’m getting to it. The anointed of the God of
Jacob, the sweet psalmist of Israel. Like P. Schaller a few months ago he mentioned this and it
really ministered to me. David was never known as the giant killer. He killed the giant, an
awesome thing but he was known as the psalmist, the anointed of the God of Jacob. And then
he says the vs. 2. I thought that’s the difference. That’s the difference between the carnal man
and the spiritual man. The word is – we can do and say foolishly too like Saul. But I think that
the foolishness is when there is no Bible in our heart and in our speech. Not the Word of God.
We just had a camp. That’s really all I wanted to say tonight was what I just said. I’ll just say this
one last thing. We had a camp recently and I love camps because everybody is there. We get up
in the morning and every morning from 6 to 7 me and a group of guys, me with my coffee and
them. I offered them coffee but they drink matte.

It’s Argentina. A couple of them joined me with the coffee but the main thing was we sat around the table in the morning and the first morning we were out there, there were 4 or 5 or 6 guys, 7 guys, 8 guys. And it’s still dark cause
it’s wintertime in Argentina. It’s not summertime now. It’s nice wintertime. They’re sitting
around the table and these two guys were talking and I was listening. It was basically the
conversation was sort of like I am a warrior for Jesus. Yeah, me, too. I was just like and it didn’t
seem like it was – it was just insubstantial. It was innocent but it was not substantial.
I said hey, let’s do something. Let’s pick a Bible book. Every day for five days what we did we
picked a different Bible book and we just talked about that book for an hour. You know what? It
changes everything.

When you bring in the Word of God, David becomes the sweet psalmist of Israel, the anointed one, the man that is raised up and the Spirit of the Lord actually speaks by us. It’s amazing. What a privilege.
We’re going to Ecuador. There’s a group of 14 I believe or 15 including P. John Hadley. From
here we’re going down so I’m going to ask those guys to come up and we’re going to have a
prayer for Argentina going out. If you are here, the guys going with me. We are going to Quito.
We’ll be one week in Quito. We highly value the prayers of the Body for us during this time.
We’ll be one week in Quito and also in the city of Bunyas. And the second week in the city of
Guayaquil building up the church. The idea in Quito is re-establishing like you saw in the video
at the beginning of service. Like you saw there like replanting the church, a GG church again in
Quito and building up P. Alfredo and the Body in Guayaquil. (Prayer).

P. Schaller –

This evening I met Big Dave in the parking lot and he said the morning message
was really good on sanctification. I said it would be nice for you to share something, so I put
him on the spot. I’m doing that right now. Before he comes up, I want to say the song in
Swedish was awesome, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that a good song? Man! We like the Swedish
language. Do we like it? The sound of it. Isn’t it beautiful?

How many remember when you were a little guy 1950s there was a TV western called “My
Friend Flicka.” Okay. That was a Swedish word, Flicka. Right? It means girl. Finally, we learn
what that means. My Friend Flicka. Did you like that program? It was about a Swedish family
out west and they had a horse and the horse was called Flicka, right?

The second thing that came to my mind – I’m just reminiscing for a minute – is Marie was like a
little girl when we lived in Sweden. She had a nickname Leland, right? Her and Bethany, my
daughter, they would run around and get in trouble and fool around and just have a good time.
I enjoyed so much seeing these little people. I don’t know? How old? How old were you? Four
or five or something. A really young girl. And then I see her singing here, singing in Swedish and
I start crying over there. I call for security! I just have a touching moment. I just praise God
tonight. I’m so thankful. So welcome Big Dave. Come on up Big Dave. You got to – I wonder
what he’s going to say. Here it goes.

Big Dave –

Good evening. Let’s say a little pray here before we get started. Let’s just pray the
Lord would breathe on a few of these words. (Prayer). After church, we’re sitting outside. P.
Ron and P. Schaller and a few of the guys we are just talking and P. Fred. We’re just going over
the message. We hear messages and certain messages really hit you. For me, this one this
morning I thought was really loaded. I love it, justification and sanctification.
I remember I think I was around 35 about 25 years ago when I first came into the ministry and I
learned that a life of bad choices and a life of sin and now because I’m born again, I’m justified.

This amazing one time event that happened in your life that even though I’m guilty and I deserve it for so much of all that I’ve done and God declared me righteous and I’m forgiven.
How amazing is that. Then I’m certainly going to try and listen to this message again. There’s so
much of it that really spoke to me. How pastor said this sanctification is a process. Justification
is a one time event by the precious blood of the Lamb. I’m not guilty. I’m blood bought now and
God calls me his son. And he calls me more than a conqueror and I’m saved and going to

Positionally, I’m seated above. God loves me and I’m forgiven. Wow! Then this whole
sanctification process as we go through life and children and details and everything that life has
for us. Before I got saved, I had a seared conscience. My conscience was seared. I didn’t even
have a conscience and then slowly I have a conscience. Now through the sanctification process I
still deal with a lot of thoughts and images of things that have happened in my past but slowly
because of going forward and I’m coming to church and taking P. Glen’s Bible college class
which, I love him so much. He’s awesome. He’s an amazing man. But my conscience is being
healed. Hopefully, there will be a day when a lot of those images I won’t have to deal with no

And then how pastor talked about this morning about regret. You talk to some people and they
say I don’t have any regrets. I say to myself I have a ton of regrets. I have a lot of regrets. The
fact that my regrets that God can show me that all things work together for good. All these
things that happened that I call regrets that somehow God is going to use them for the glory of
the kingdom. How beautiful is that. My conscience is going to be healed. It’s an ongoing process
of being sanctified. I’m being washed by the blood of the Lamb. My regrets are going to go
away hopefully.

And then I love what he said at the end of the service, too. When he said a lot of folks come and
they are expecting the pastor to be prepared, right? I love that. But then he said but as the
pastor I’m expecting the congregation to be prepared. That really touched me. I said cause a lot
of times when I get in my truck I do it on purpose. I ask myself. I have this little conversation
back and forth with myself. I say okay. Why am I here? What is my expectation? Even with
tithing, I say to myself why am I tithing? I have this conversation back and forth with myself. It’s
the Word. I build myself up with verses.

In closing, I want to say one thing about that what pastor said about being prepared. This is a
verse I’ve been thinking about since Christmas but it’s an amazing verse. Isaiah 43:19, isn’t that
awesome? God is going to do a new thing tonight. He’s doing a new thing. The sanctification
process is a new thing. Vs. 19. I love that. Shall you not know it? I’m going to do a new thing but
are you going to know it? Are you prepared? Is your heart right? Are you ready to receive
something new? I love it. Then he says, vs. 19b. I want my heart as I sit down here, I want my
heart in a position that I can receive the new thing. I know, I know being in this ministry that
one word from the pulpit, one sentence, one Bible verse can heal my conscience. Can heal me from regrets. Can touch and change my life forever and God will make a way in the wilderness.
He’ll give us rivers in the desert. That’s amazing. (Prayer).

P. Schaller –

I’ll do the invitation. Wow, that was a good verse. Isaiah 43:19 Put it up on the screen
again. We are justified and then we are being sanctified and that’s a better life. That was our
message this morning. We have a better life. We live a better life now cause we are being
sanctified. Then it says vs. 19. Do you not perceive it? Do you see it? have you heard about it?
Do you believe it? have you seen it in the family? In the spiritual family of God? Have you
recognized it? have you heard it? Do you believe it? Are you walking in it?

Romans 6:19 is a good verse. Can we put that up for a minute. Romans 6:19, okay. This is a different
translation but we got it. Can we go back to the beginning of the verse. What happened? They
changed the text. Go ahead. Change it. Thank you. This is how we used to live. I have my sin
nature and I am yielding by my sin nature I’m yielding to sin. That’s how I’m living my life. I’m a
sinner. I’m living like that. Just as I did that in my past, so now it goes so now present your
members as slaves to righteousness leading to sanctification. That was our message this
morning, sanctification. What is leading to my sanctification? Just as I used to live in my sin, so
now I am presenting my body to God so that my members of my body are members or slaves of
righteousness. I am being sanctified. My life is changing. I think differently.

We had a list of things that change. My intellect, my mind, my emotions, my decision making. I
love that decision making point this morning. I’m able to make decisions. I’m able to live my
life. I’m able to be aggressive in life. I’m a righteous man. It says the righteous are as bold as a
lion. Do you ever feel like that? I’m like as bold as a lion. Even driving here tonight I’m listening
to the Christian music station and I’m doing my arm things and I’m enjoying the ministry of the
song. I’m aggressive in my truck, not driving aggressively but in my heart. I’m going to church. I
have, we are decision makers because we are being sanctified. It has an impact. Do you
perceive it? do you realize what it is? Do you sense it in your heart and in your spirit?

We also said it affects my relationships with people when I am sanctified. It also affects my
physical body. My physical body is affected by the health of my spirit. I have no high blood
pressure. Actually, I have high blood pressure but to some degree. I take medication for it, too.
But I’m healthy. God has saved my life. I had a heart attack. God has saved my life. I’m alive. I
am healthy. I am this moment I am being sanctified. How did you live this way? God. God is
sanctifying us. Isn’t that good? I’m feeling it right now. This is fantastic. He said it in a beautiful
way. It touched our hearts, Dave. It was great.

Alright I’m up here doing the altar call in a few minutes. So, I am honestly believing that our
lives our changing from glory to glory and that’s not just a Bible verse that we quote. I actually
feel and sense that my life is changing in the Body. Another thing about sanctification, the Holy
Spirit does it but he also uses the Body of Christ. We help each other. We share gifts. We have words. We say prayers. The prayers of the Body help us a lot. God is our glory and the lifter of
our head. We are being honored by God. We are being sanctified.

Lastly, when you got two horse pulling a load and the horses are the same. They got to be kind
of similar. The horses have to be somehow similar to each other and in the same way God has
made us similar to himself. We are being sanctified. Both of us are working at it. God has given
us the grace for the sanctification. He’s given the Spirit. And what is my role? It’s to be believing
him. Give place to him. Entertain in my mind and meditation, in my faith. Be believing that God
– it’s much better to believe in God than not to believe in God. It’s much better.

Go to the previous part of the verse. Romans 6:19, just as you presented – you are a sinner and
living with the impulses and desires of sin and so you were sinning and sinning and sinning.
Then you become a Christian. Now what are we able to do? Just as I did as a sinful man, so now
I am presenting my body before God and he is sanctifying us. he’s having an effect on us and we
are being changed. We are increasing with the increase of God. We are increasing in his love,
increasing in his faith. We are increasing in the knowledge of God. We are increasing in our
walk from faith to faith, Romans 1:17. It’s awesome. I’m very encouraged by that.

Thank you, P. Renaldo, P. Stan. Sweet psalmist of Israel. Is P. Stan like the sweet psalmist of
Israel? P. Stan is. We love this guy. He’s a fun loving, happy servant of God. He never stops
living with joy and love and encouragement and edification. P. Stan you can come back and live
here if you want to. You are a joy to be with. Then we have the Swedish song. And we have P.
David. Thank you so much. And now in closing, an invitation.


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