Salvation is a finished work, but now we live in a new way. This is sanctification. We are given knowledge and peace, a clean conscience, healthy relationships and bodies. We died to sin and made to live for Him. (Romans 6:1-6)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12310
11:00 AM on 5/29/2022

P. Schaller –

okay. Would you stand with me for a moment and we’ll turn to Romans 4 for our teaching today. Let’s rejoice in the
Lord. I mean we are and that song helped us. That was a great song, wasn’t it? Yeah, it was a
good one. Romans  4. Let’s see. (Prayer). Turn to your neighbor and say, thank you Jesus for my
neighbor. Put your hand on them and say thank you, Jesus for my neighbor. Yes. Thank you
Jesus for my sister, my brother. Okay. Alright.

When we got saved, when we were saved, we accepted Christ, we believed in Christ and he
saved us. That actually happened in a point of time. We got saved by the grace of God. What
did we do for that? We believed. We believed. We just trusted. We trusted and then God saved
us. How much did he save us? One percent or two or ten? How do you feel today? I feel like a
ten percenter! I got saved 10%. What does the Bible teach? We have been made righteous.
How righteous? One hundred percent. Totally righteous. As righteous as Jesus Christ. That’s 2
Corinthians  5:21. The righteousness of Christ has been imputed to us, Romans 4 by faith without the law,
without any works. It’s very important. This is called justification. This is salvation. This is the
work of grace. It’s 100%. Are you saved? Alright. If I am, I am. Does that make sense? If I am, I
am. Not partially. I am all the way in. You may be seated.

Here’s an example. You’re in Egypt. You’re Jewish. Moses said put the blood on the doorpost.
The man of the house puts the blood on the doorpost and the death angel passes over. What
does the death angel, what does he do when he sees the blood? Passes over that house. But
how about in that house there’s a worried mother. She’s a worried mother. What is she
worried about? Her child. First born is in the crib or on the floor just sleeping there and the
mother is worried. What does the death angel think? How does the death angel calculate? If he
sees the blood, he passes over. It doesn’t matter if the woman is worried about it. That’s not
the criteria. The criteria was that the blood was on the doorpost. That was all. If you’re in
unbelief and you’re worried about your salvation or you’re worried about God judging you, it
has no power over the fact that blood has been put on your doorpost. You have been saved by
the blood of Jesus Christ. That’s the whole thing. Do you see that?

Look at Romans – we can look at the end of Romans 3. We have two things to say this morning.
One is about salvation which we are saying right now and the second thing is sanctification. So,
we have here in chapter 4 but I want you to look at 3. Sorry I said 4. Four is great too but I want
you to notice this verse, Romans 3:36. I believe in Jesus. I trust Jesus. I got to say that sometimes
I’m very emotional. Sometimes I’m very discouraged.

By the way, I got a verse yesterday. James 3:2, “in many ways, we offend all.” In many ways, we
mess up. Many ways, we sin. Many ways. Are we still sinners? 1 John 1:9-10. Yes. I think that’s
comforting to me. I am a sinner. How about “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy
name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done…forgive us our trespasses.” Why are we saying
“forgive us our trespasses?” As we say this prayer, why are we still saying, “forgive us our trespasses?” Cause we are still sinning. God forbid that we would, but we do. We are sinners.

But am I saved? I am saved. I am justified as a sinner. As a sinner! Incredible! Rom. 5. When we
were without strength, he saved us.
I got saved. I was Catholic, brought up Catholic. I got saved when I was 19 years old. I started to
go to a Pentecostal church and there I learned I could lose my salvation. So, then I moved away.
I’m from New York. I moved up to Maine by the providence of God and I ended up meeting Dr.
Stevens in this ministry. He said you can’t lose your salvation using the Bible and the Bible
verses. I had some Bible verses I thought you could lose it and then I had Bible verses – I had
about 80 of these you can lose your salvation, 120 verses you can’t lose your salvation.

So, I said, what is it? I’m listening and I’m learning and it took me a year and a half because I’m a
quick learner! It took me a year and a half to sort it out and figure it out and this is where I
stand. I have no doubt. I believe that our heavenly Father if he saved me when I was without strength, when I was
without covenant and without promise, when I was as a complete, absolute sinful person, he
saved me by his grace. He imputed his righteousness to us legally. And yes, we have our issues.
We fail and struggle in different areas of life. That is true. But if you are saved, and I’m not
saying everybody that says they are, they are. I don’t know that. God knows them that are his.
But if you are saved, you don’t lose it. if you seem to have something, he can take it away what
you seem to have, Luke 8:18. Don’t fool around. Be serious about it and grow in it. That’s the
second depart of the message.

Romans 3:27, we have nothing to boast in except in God. He did it. It wasn’t your good looks. It
wasn’t your sincerity. It wasn’t your honesty. It wasn’t your behaviors. It wasn’t your good
works. It wasn’t your legalism. It wasn’t your good intentions. It was the grace of God that drew
you to that point where you said I need God to save me, Jonah 2:8-9. Salvation is of God by his
grace and he saved you through Jesus Christ. He made you righteous. You are accepted by God.
You are seated in heavenly places. You have died with Christ and been raised with him. For us
to live is Christ. To die is gain. Isn’t that great? We go from this world which isn’t all that bad to
a much better one. And that day is coming in his timing.

Look at Romans  3, Romans  4, Romans 5. Very good chapters. This gift of salvation by one man Christ,
Romans 5:19. By the obedience of one and that was him. So, there we have in the beginning of the
book of Romans we have an amazing teaching about our lost nature and then our justification,
Romans 3, 4, and 5. And this is our salvation. It happened. It’s done. We are in the family. Praise
God. Our name is in the Book of life. I want you to be secure in your salvation because it helps
in our relationship with God. If I can always think that God will never leave me, never forsake
me. God will never cast me out. Of all that the Father has given me I have lost none, John. 6:37.
No man can pluck you out of my hand, John. 10:28. Nobody can pluck you out of my Father’s
hand. John. 10:29.

The Holy Spirit has sealed us. He’s not in and out like a hotel room but we are his temple. He is with us. He lives in us. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Permanent dwelling place. Abiding in us forever. Our bodies, we will leave our spirit – we will be leaving our bodies in Psalm 90:10 and we’ll fly away. Our body will be buried but even our body will be resurrected and glorified. Of all that God has given in who you are. Nothing is lost. Body, spirit,
soul. Praise the Lord. Is that clear? Salvation. It’s one of the most amazing things we could ever
understand. We are saved.

You know when you evangelize, this is important. You say to somebody you should believe in
Jesus. He will forgive you of your sins. And they could counter and say, do you believe in Jesus?
Yes. They say, are you going to go to heaven when you die? I don’t know. Are you going to go to
heaven when you die? And you say, I hope so. Or are you saying these things are written so we
may know we have eternal life in 1 John. 5:11-12. Knowing our Bible and learning it and enjoying
it. it’s great.

Sanctification. This word means “it’s the action of setting” – I’m reading a definition –
“something or someone apart holy, purifying it, dedicating it to God’s service.” We are in need
of God’s sanctifying grace to be made holy as God is holy. Consecration, calling and holiness are
related terms that help us to understand the biblical concept of sanctification. This is process. I
wonder if you feel in your heart and in your life that your life has improved? I wonder if you
have sensed the holiness of God and you actually kind of feel that you are growing that you are
changing, that you are increasing in God? Major Ian Thomas said, “to be in Christ, that’s
redemption but for Christ to be in you, that is sanctification.”

I think maybe I would say it this way. Christ saving us. One hundred percent done. Now my life,
my direction, my sense of – we used it this morning – stability, like a gyroscope. If you’ve ever
played with one. It’s a wheel within a wheel. You know that wheel on the inside that’s spinning
and you can put the gyroscope on its axis on an edge and it has this sense of balance by the
physics of it. It’s hard to knock it over. It’s able to adjust itself because of that wheel spinning on
the inside.

I like to think of sanctification as something that I want because I want stability in my life. My
life can go upside down or sideways. As it goes sideways, on the exterior, I would like to have a
sense of sanctification on the inside. That God is at work in us. We want to look at the Scripture
regarding that and make some brief outlines here. Turn to Hebrews – no, I’m sorry. Romans 6.
Somebody could say I’m saved; therefore, I can sin.

That’s Romans 6:1. What shall we say then to this teaching that you are saved by grace? You are
justified by his blood. That God did it. What shall we say? Shall we continue in sin? Vs. 1. Shall
we continue in sin that grace may abound? Somebody could say I’ll just sin and that will show
God is giving me grace. I sin and I can live like that and that will be a testimony of God’s grace.
As I am sinning, he’s also forgiving me. That is one way to think about it. You can think about it that way. But there’s problems with it. Sin is not my friend. It’s like poison. Sin steals from me
my creativity.

It steals from me my joy, my hope, my sense of well-being. Sin steals from me. Sin
is not a good thing. It produces death in me. I may do it. Go ahead. Everybody in the world is
doing it. It’s our nature. We are sinners. We have to ask the question, did God save me so I
would live in sin or did God save me so I would be sanctified? That I would be different? That I
would be holy? That I would have joy, peace, life. As we will look in a minute at all of these
great words.

Look at Romans 6:2. What a great argument. You died. What? You died to sin. When? When Christ
was crucified. What? Yeah, the doctrine teaches that when Christ died you died, too. What do
you mean? I don’t feel like I died. Yes, I know. But if you live by faith and you mix faith with
what God is saying, the Holy Spirit will give you victory over, authority over your sin nature. This
is sanctification. Your life will actually change. You actually have authority over the enemy that
is within. My sin that is in my heart. It kind of bubbles up every day. Have you noticed that? The
bubbling up of your sin nature that happens just about every day. What it means to lie or cheat
or have sexual imagination or say things or resent somebody or be jealous or hatred or be
envious of people. How all of that messes up our relationships with people.

How could a man who is impure in his heart and mind work in an office, work at the hospital,
work at a police station, work at a school if he’s constantly dealing with impurities in his mind
and in his heart? Is there a better way to live? Paul says there is. Christ did it. He not only saved
you so one day you’ll go to heaven, but actually he saved you so now in this life he would be
making a difference in your life. He would be giving you what he came into the world to give
you, God.

Look at chapter 6:3. No I didn’t know that. By the way, this is incredible that it’s not preached in
churches. I went to church for 19 years. I never heard that. I never knew that. If it was said, it
was never said in any sense of reality and application. In any sense of forcefulness. Hold it. This
is real that we died with Christ. Look at vs. 3. I didn’t know that. Baptized into his death? Yes, I
was. Tell me. What does it mean? Vs. 4. Do you mean water baptism? No, it’s not that. It’s
you’re going into. You are in it. You are in it. You are baptized into death. You mean when he
died, I died to? When he rose, I rose too? Yes. That’s what it means.

Well, what if I believe this? Well then, the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit is operating. That
we are being sanctified. If you drew a line like a graph. I got saved. Then my life of
sanctification. I have ups and I have downs. I have unbelief and fear. Then I find my way. I kind
of start to listen to what God is saying and I start to believe what God is saying to me. As I start
to believe what God is saying, I sense I have a day of joy or a week of it. A week of joy. A week
of freedom. A week of I don’t know. My sin nature kind of bubbles up in me but I kind of ignore
it now. Cause my eyes are on something else. I’m not acting on my sin that bubbles up in my
heart. I’m not liking it. I kind of ignore it or I don’t pay attention to it. I get my eyes focused on the truth and I make a big deal about it. I build my life on it. I start to trust in it like sitting in a
chair. I’m going to take this thing and put all my weight on it.

I’m in it. I’m believing it like a frozen lake in Finland. It’s ten miles to the bridge, but in the winter you can cut the ten miles off by just driving across the frozen lake and the road goes right across the lake. Cars and trucks go
right across the frozen lake. I’m not doing it cause we have a new car. I’m not doing it cause I
have a new car! That’s like a believer. They will read it in church but will they believe it on a
Monday morning? Read it in their devotional but can they trust God when they are in trouble?
This is all of our challenges. This is it. Go to the next one. Vs. 4.

I have a little list here of things that happen when you have newness of life. I want everybody in
this room to talk to yourself and believe this that you have newness of life. You have life now.
Life. Like people coming into our church and some visitors come in and I meet them after.
Maybe they come again and keep coming. I say what is it you like about this place? They say,
there’s love here. Or I don’t know. It’s alive. It’s fascinating. They say I understand what you’re
saying in the pulpit. There are many ways we can say these are the things that attract us and we
could say it by using this phrase. It’s newness of life. Not the same old. It’s newness. Not only
once but for years and years and indeed for eternity. It’s newness of life. It goes on and on.
Here’s some verses for it.

Newness of life means a new kind of knowledge. You increase in knowledge and judgment in
Philippians 1:9-11. You are filled with wisdom and spiritual understanding, Colossians 1:9-11. You might say
Pastor, I don’t know. That’s not happening to me yet. I would say it will happen. It’s a
guarantee. It’s part of the sanctification. God has set us apart through Christ for this purpose of
actually changing, having changes. And one of the changes in this area of your being is
intellectually and in the area of knowledge. You’re going to increase in the knowledge of God,
Hosea 6:3

#2. The newness of life affects your emotions. The peace of God rules in your heart. Colossians 3:15,
the peace of God. You will increase.

#3. Your conscience will not bother you. Your conscience will not bother you like it used to,
Hebrews 9:14. Somehow, you don’t have the consciousness of your failure or your personal sin. You
have forgotten it. You forget it. You don’t live there. You don’t live in regret. Regret is a big
thing in the hearts of men and women. We are sanctified. Do you have a conscience? I do and
it’s alive. There are things that may bother me but the peace of God – how about this. 1 John.
3:18-19, if my heart offends me, God is greater than my heart. God is greater than what
troubles me in my conscience.

What is happening? I am, we are being sanctified in our soul, in our spirit, and in our body. It’s
affecting us. The Holy Spirit is affecting us. It’s the wheel within the wheel. It’s the gyroscope
that doesn’t fall over that easily. When it stops, it falls over. When that wheel is spinning, it’s like our life with God. When we are believing God, trusting God, that wheel on the inside and
we don’t fall over that easily cause there is a sanctification that is happening in a very practical
way in our – I got three areas so far. In our intellect, our knowledge, our emotion and in our

Another area you are affected in is in your decision making. Making decisions. You are able to
do it. You are able to make decisions. It’s like fun. It’s fun to say yes and to say no. Not going to
happen. That’s fun. Where did I get that from? No. practice it. No. No, not going to happen. No.
I don’t do that. No. I don’t care about that. That’s not me. That’s not mine. I don’t do that. I
don’t live like that. I live like this. This is the way I’m living. How do you get that fire in your
belly? How do you get that sense of right and wrong? How do you get that sense of God? What
about truth in our heart and mind? How does this happen? This is sanctification that is
happening? This is healthy for us. This is our newness of life. Where do we get it? Jesus gave it
to us. Newness of life. That’s what it says. Decision making.
A couple more.

That was #4.

#5. Sanctification will affect my relationships with people. How come? Cause I’m at peace. I
don’t have a private agenda where I’m pushing people around. I’m not manipulating people like
I did before somebody could say. I’m at peace. I got a hair trigger. Just a little pressure on that
trigger and the gun goes off. People are like that emotionally and psychologically. Put them in
that situation and they are ready to get in an argument. They are ready to fight. They are ready
to drop the gloves. They’re ready to jump on the pile. They are ready to go at it.

When we are being sanctified by God, our relationships are nurtured by our kindness, our love,
our faith, our prayers. We are able to just be easier to be with. Where did that come from?
That’s our growth. I used to fight but now I don’t do that anymore. What happened? I’m
growing. I used to be indifferent, passive. I didn’t care about learning but now I’m learning. I’m
growing. I’m interested. There is something going on in my heart and in my mind. Where did
that come from? That’s sanctification. Christ is doing that. We spent the weekend together, a
lot of us. Some couple hundred people. We had graduations and some hundreds of people
actually and parties and all of us. I sat back to watch and enjoyed to see that this is something
we enjoy. We are being sanctified by the work of grace. I got two more.

One more is Body life. Body life is a part of this sanctification. A little bit of you will rub off a
little bit on me. A little bit of me will rub off on a little bit of you. Multiply that around the Body
and you have people on the sidewalk, on the deck, on the phone, at the prayer meeting. You
find people talking about Christ and encouraging. Somebody is telling a story and giving a

You know yesterday at the graduation, P. Steve Andrulonis introduced me as the guest speaker.
He used my family as an illustration of something that is amazing. In 1975, I went as a single guy to Finland. I got married in 1976. My wife and I went back to Finland right after we got married.
Then a couple years later, our daughter Bethany was born in Finland. Fast forward, Bethany has
a family. She has a child, Mika. But when we lived in Finland we had a disciple, Yusi Holopainen
and he has a son, Benscu and they are getting married this summer. When I went as a
missionary in 1975, did I have any idea that one day my granddaughter would marry one of my
disciple’s sons over in Finland and on the story goes. You know, that’s a beautiful story that can
be told because of a 40 or 50-year period of time. But we all have this.

As we live longer, we will say sanctification is such a treasure for us cause it affects our lives in
so many ways even beyond what we could imagine or think. As you live with God today, it’s
going to affect your life tomorrow. As you invest in what God is saying to you today, God is
going to do something in the future. Nobody has any control over this except our Heavenly
Father who is saying I not only saved you, but I have given you a new life. I want you to walk in
that new life. I’m going to make that happen. Trust me.

The last point, #5. I lost my count. What? #6. The Holy Spirit who is sanctifying us affects our
bodies. It affects our physical body. Where is that written in the Bible? I Thessalonians 5:24. He
sanctifies us by the spirit, soul, and body. I would that you would prosper and be in good health
even as your soul prospers in 3 John. Proverbs says that the Word of God is health to our bones.
I actually believe that our physical body is under the influence of God Almighty who made
Moses’ face to shine. His face was not abated when he was 120 years old. God is saying I will
give you strength. It will affect your body.

That wheel spinning on the inside, that desire that you have, that guidance that you have, that
understanding, that rejoicing, that peace that you have, that love that you have, that
forgiveness that you have in your spirit and your heart will affect your blood pressure, your red
blood cells, white blood cells. I’m making all of this up! It will affect your bones and your liver
and your heart and your brain and your nervous system. It will affect your whole body however
that is. I’m not saying I know. I just know the Bible says it is health for our flesh. Isn’t that good.

I got one short list here? What is my motive for sanctification? What is our motive? Why do I do
it? Why do I want it. Here’s a good honest list.

I want a deeper walk with the living God. I want to know God. I want to have a deeper walk
with God, so I want to be available to him.

I want to have peace and joy in my life and to be honest I think only God can give me the
peace and joy that I’m looking for. Friday night? That’s nothing compared to all week long
having peace and joy. A binge thing or a flash in the pan, go for it. Do whatever you want to do.
You’ll never have what we got when it comes to God giving you peace in the morning.

Joy in the night time. Guidance in your life and a relationship with him. It glorifies God when you go after
God. You say I want to know you. You’re glorifying God.

There are rewards.

It’s not egotistical, phony, like rewards. It’s nothing like that. It’s a
higher, more noble nature. It’s when somebody recognizes you. When somebody has honor
towards you. When God rewards you. When you go into a closet and pray secretly and nobody
knows, and you come out and the blessing is there. It says I will bless you openly. What you do
in secret will be rewarded openly. How did that happen? It was God that did that. How? Cause
you are sanctified by him.

Then another motive, why not be more effective in life? Why not increase your effectiveness by
being sanctified? Why not have a better conversation? Why not have a better kind of outreach?
Why not have an increase in faith? Why not be a blessing in the church? By the way, when we
come here I think you expect us pastors to be prepared for the service and I want to add to
that, I’d like you to enjoy the service by you being prepared before you come. Come and bring
your holiness with you.

Come and bring your heart and mind. Come and bring your tagged,
ragged self, too. Whatever you do, come. Cause the Body of Christ is part of your sanctification.
Then, the last one is it’s great to live with a clear conscience and to say we are doing what we
can. One day we will see him. It will be fun to think in our hearts we did walk with him. We
were a minority and everybody did it. I lost friends but I gained other friends. I lost some time
but I gained eternity. I lost an opportunity but I gained a whole world with God and God gave
me more than what I could ask or think. He is good to us. He has saved us. Now he is sanctifying
us and we are living like this and we are enjoying it. Amen.


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