God calls us to intercession. We are so tempted to throw things away and give up. We need to come before Him in prayer and stand in the gap and watch Him move. (Deuteronomy 9:18-26; Matthew 6:5-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11247
7:30 PM on 4/19/2017


P. Schaller

Isaiah 65:8. What comes to mind is you have a cluster of grapes and you could destroy it. You could throw it out. But someone says don’t. There’s a blessing in it. In our refrigerator at home, my wife is good at keeping it clean, so there are things thrown out. So I go through the trash! As I go through the trash, I am quoting this verse! That the cluster of grapes don’t destroy it. There is a blessing. The moldy bread. I cut the mold off and toast it, make French toast and say it’s fresh!

How many things in life you would like to throw away. How about it? What would you like to throw away and say not good. I’m done. And throw it out. What do you think? Ask your neighbor. Have you ever wanted to throw out something?

Is 65:8 let’s repeat it. What is he saying? Israel as a nation is somehow like a rotten cluster, a throw away.

In Nu 9 Moses said to God, no, you can’t throw them away. He was interceding and praying. The prophets say destroy it not. What we talked about is throw away things like food, machines, used golf clubs, garbage, things in our basement. Some things are not good but you can’t throw them away. You have to try and save them. Those things are precious to us. A marriage, a friendship, a church.

P. Steve wrote a booklet, Angry with God. It’s a good booklet. How a believer could do all the things that are right and be angry with God because their life hasn’t turn out so well. They could say destroy the cluster of grapes.

vs. 8. I had a Moses and an Abraham and an Aaron and a David and a Solomon. I’m not going to destroy Israel for my servant’s sake. God’s character is not to destroy.

De 9:18+. We have had a great month together. 150 Bibles [given out at the play], 50 salvations recorded, more probably, and 3,000 people in attendance. We had a beautiful time and the Spirit speaking to people. I was thinking about families with heartache. I was thinking of our brothers and sisters here and other parts of the world. You could say throw it out. Get rid of the problem. I cannot handle this anymore. Or throw it out because these people are not a good people. God, I came before you Moses said because you said you’d destroy them and start a new thing. I said, no. What would the heathen say? You are not like a heathen God. You will not throw Israel away. You want to save, heal and restore. In my meditation in a simple way in the last couple days thinking about the Spirit leading us in prayer. When you have a problem in your life, don’t give up. Hear from God. It might be the problem is not a big problem with God. It could be God wants to teach you intercession.

If you put your problem aside in a way, and set yourself before God, when these things happened in Israel, the Lord said in Ezek 22:30 I looked for an intercessor and couldn’t find one. Why isn’t there an intercessor?  The problem buries me emotionally or mentally and I get angry or burdened by the problem. Be like a priest. Take the problem and put it over here and seek the Lord in faith. The Spirit gives us a spirit of intercession. Don’t throw it out. You can redeem it. There is a blessing in it. Along with the thought is the prodigal son and how long it might be before he comes home. We could say he is gone and there is nothing. I don’t care anymore. Not going to happen. Or I don’t know what is going on. We don’t think like that but something could plague you and you give it up. Try to get rid of it instead of saying there it is, my prodigal son. I will put him there. Maybe it takes five years or shorter but I’m going to see that God is able. God can do something. I don’t know what it is but I know God cares for the prodigal son more than anyone in this room cares. God is not thrusting it out. That cluster of new wine, don’t destroy it. That is an amazing thing there. There is a blessing there. That marriage, don’t throw it away. There is a blessing there. We are living in times it is a throw away. By our temperament things start to go bad and we run away. I’m done, finished, out of here. No, intercession is saying I’ll take the lame, the halt, the blind, the mess, the sinners, the drug addicts, the homeless. I’ll take whatever is there. This is the Spirit of God in us. We see Jesus on the cross. I’m out of here. No, I am there and I’m not done. Three days later he will be raised from the dead. Fifty days later the Spirit will be poured on us. I am victorious because God is that kind. He is forgiven, 70 X 7. He is seeking and restoring, and praying, and caring.

vs. 29. Could you pray 40 days and 40 nights? Yes, you could if the H.S. was in it. I’m not saying we are doing that. It’s none of my business. God can do it. God would destroy you but I saw something good in the whole thing that was going on. I saw something good in it. That’s like us planted in America. Thank God we care about our country. We have something we may be burdened about. This generation that is turning away from or careless regarding God. We have prayer for the men of God and women of God that they would have power in the H.S. The only thing that can change anyone’s life is the power of the H.S.

vs. 26….you cannot destroy them. When we say “I do” that’s a marriage. I’m not saying to anyone in particular but by way of encouragement, maybe there is something missing in the church. Maybe it’s called intercession. Maybe there is something missing in my personal life, intercession.

John Hyde was nicknamed Praying Hyde. 1904 missionaries inspired by him formed the Punjab prayer union. Those members signed these five simple principles:

1) Are you praying for quickening in your life, in the life of fellow workers and in the church? Anticipating in prayer. Another thought in the message. Anticipating. What do I want? International students that come here and study. They come here for a year and they study. What are they anticipating when they come? Some do one year and love to come another year. They can go to prayer. Or returning to their country and anticipating. Or regarding the prodigal, anticipating in prayer.

2) Are you longing for greater power of the H.S. in your own life and work? Are you convinced you can’t go on without this power?

3) Will you pray you will never be ashamed of J.C.? Lord, I will be ashamed of J.C. in public, when I have to give an answer, ashamed in front of people, in a certain set of circumstances. We can pray, intercede, pray for each other and believe I will not be ashamed. We will have the H.S. power in our mouth. Anointing by faith. When Martin Luther had to give an answer at the Diet of Worms. What an interesting name of a town. At first, he was so upset he couldn’t speak. He asked to cancel it one day and come back. The next day he got it wrong. The intimidation can be strong. All of this can be an indication of a lack of prayer.

4) Do you believe prayer is a great means for securing a spiritual awakening?

5) Set aside an hour every day and pray until the awakening comes. In one audience he went to a meeting. He wasn’t a preacher but a missionary prayer warrior. He was invited to speak and he said God has not given me any message. Then the Spirit moved and they felt there was something supernatural happening. He became known as this mystical prayer warrior who saw things happen. Going from India to the state he stooped at the British Isles and Dr. Chapman and Charles Alexander, the song leader, were holding services. Very few in the meeting. Hyde went to Shrewsbury to take up prayer. In England, the audience was small… he was known as Praying Hyde. The tide turned and the hall was packed. 50 men came to J.C. I said Mr. Hyde, prayer for me. He dropped on his needs and waited without a single syllable coming from his lips. I knew I was with God. …He said Oh God. Then for five minutes he was still again. When he knew he was walking with God his arm went around my shoulder. Such petitions for men I never heard before. The man who was anointed by the H.S. to pray.” I’m stirred in my own heart on the subject. Could things turn around by intercession? Could they just change? It was God who answered prayer. Could a family come back together? Could it happen by God? Could the thing we throw away, we say don’t destroy it? God is here. God is in it. God can do it. God can do the work. That’s what we believe. Amen? The needs are great.

Mt 6. Jesus teaching on prayer.

vs. 5. I want to say to all the pastors, ladies, godly people, and a couple times this has happened to me. I invite a new believer in my office and say have you ever prayed before? They say not really. I want to teach you. We get on our knees and stay there quietly. Think about God and God loves you and just listen. Be available to God. You don’t have to do anything. Put your heart and mind on God. We get quiet and pray and many times people say that was amazing. I say, did you ever do that before? No, I never do that. Do you know about kneeling down? Not really. Getting on your knees and making confession and bringing sin before God. People can go to a church but not know about prayer. Quick prayers before dinner and in the car are valuable but what about prayer. In Gethsemane, Christ said could you not pray with me one hour? It’s not something anyone can push on someone. It’s not like the hypocrites do. It’s something beautiful.

vs. 6. It is so private. Shut the door. Between you and God. Nobody is there. You are God conscious. You shut the door and pray to your Father in secret.

vs. 6. Through the years, I have seen God honor people who pray. They are honored openly because they are praying secretly. They are honored somehow. They live long maybe or maybe they have life kind of easy. It’s just that they are honored by God because they are praying secretly. I’m not saying we don’t know these things but I’m saying it to challenge the people who do not pray. Challenge us when we run from one event to the next. Select the activities and the things because you need quiet privacy. Some need rest. I need privacy. I need to shut the door but also I’m very active. The activity is not derived from our nature or personality. It’s derived from a belief the Spirit of God is with us. The minute I grieve the Spirit or feel the absence of the Spirit, I need to get alone with God. I need to go in my office or go for a walk or seek him or fast for a meal or get quiet and shut down all the machines and everything. You might say I got all I can do to be alive! I crawled in here tonight! I go to work day and night and church day and night. I understand. Do the best you can. Maybe go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Wake up to the sensibility of divine truth in your heart.

vs. 7. Let’s add a word. Much spinning. The Buddhist prayer wheels that blow in the wind…they spin on a prayer in the Himalayan Mountains. They believe the prayers go off to heaven. We don’t need a prayer wheel. God cares less about a machine. He cares about our hearts. God cares about the power and authority of these words. I love you. That is the greatest commandment. God loves you and you love God. Prayer is love. Prayer is showing up and being with God. Prayer is spending time with God. Prayer is believing God.

Sometimes get stirred up in your anticipation. Lord, they want to throw that cluster in the garbage. I want to save it. I’ll cut the mold off and use it for toast. They want to throw that hamburger out. God, save it! Save the thing. Prayer.

We can do business with God with people. We had missionaries meet with missionaries in Hungary. I got to tell you this story. They came together and I sent two of our missionaries to be at the meeting. I had something else I had to do. They went and gave me a report. They said Hungary is an atheistic country. They said they have the statistics on it. Is this the same Hungary we are living in? They said the people are so hard and not interested. I was wow! That was amazing. We had a totally different experience. We really didn’t meet the missionaries out on the street. They might have gotten the statistics from the Communists who said those things. Our experience was totally different.

You and I have to walk to the beat of another drummer. We have to think a different way. Moses said no God. God wanted Moses to say no God…use them and be faithful to them and instruct them and save them and I’m asking you to do that because that is your Spirit and mind. That’s the kind of spirit we have in our prayer. We’re not going to give up. We’re going to believe him for many things.

vs. 8. That’s good enough for us tonight. I don’t know what it means for you. I want you to say in your heart the Spirit of God move us in prayer. Once you get zoomed in on that thing, don’t let it go. You’re right there in the Spirit and the Spirit has your heart and mind in the thing. You’re like a pit bull. I’m believing God for this thing. God move and do something and you will answer me. I believe you for this. I don’t care what people are saying or thinking. I am before you, the Almighty God, and I’m asking you to make a difference and change things. I am serious as a heart attack. People say throw it out. People say throw out the Bible Speaks or Greater Grace. It’s all messed up. Wait a minute. Don’t be so fast. Our God is not like other gods. We are God’s people. We can ask and receive, knock and it’s open, seek and find. We get answers from our heavenly Father. Our God raises the dead and casts out demons. Our God cleans things up. You need the H.S. to fill you, not a new church. What you need is not a new pastor. You need to get on your knees and intercede for the crummy job being done on the platform! Ask God to make a change and bring revival. Start with us here and do it everywhere. Make it happen God.

When Israel was a mess, God said I looked for a guy to intercede but couldn’t find any. They all gave up. Not Jesus. Not you in the Holy Spirit. Me, yes, but not in the Holy Spirit.



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