The Great Commission is about seeing others as made in the image of God. His thought is to use us to go to tell the Gospel. He gave the Son and we are free in the Spirit. The woman who gave two mites was seen by Jesus and knew her heart. Hearts like this are everywhere. He died for them all. Their sins were nailed to the Cross to save because of love. (James 3:9; Isaiah 55:8; Mark 12:41-42)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 12666
Wed 7:00 pm


P. Schaller –

Turn with me to James 3:9. Praise the Lord for this night and his grace towards us. Praise the Lord for missions.
This week, next week, we are introducing this week, next week that is missions week. Next
week is missions week and prayer for missions for the summer. I would like you to read this
verse with me. I want you to also do an exercise. But before, let’s pray to the Lord. (Prayer).
Read that verse with me, James 3:9. So, we curse men that are made after the image of God.
That’s the idea there. Who is made in the image of God? Are the people that live in Buddhist
countries? Are they made in the image of God? Muslim countries? Hindu countries? Yes,
they’re made in the image of God.

When I look at the faces of people around the world – different countries – and you just love
them. You look at their face and you can see if you look at it, if you look at the person, you can
see the image of God. What is that anyway? What is that the image of God? I think sometimes
when you look at a man and you look at him and you think does he have a wife, a child? Does
he love his family? Yeah, he loves his family. Would he protect his family? Yes. Is he saved? No.
He’s not saved. He’s not a Christian. He’s not saved. He’s in a Communist country but he loves
his family. Why does he love his family? Because he’s made in the image of God.

Does he know about right and wrong? Yeah, he does. He knows about it. It’s in him written in
his heart. Why? Why does he know that? Because he’s made in the image of God. Everyone in
the world, every human being in the earth is made in God’s image. Are they children of God?
No, but they are – they are not our brothers and sisters in that sense of being in God’s family,
but as Paul said we are all the offspring of God in Acts 17. We’re made in the image of God,
even bad people. Criminal people. Tyrants. Demonized people. They are made in the image of
God and you can’t curse them and bless God at the same time in vs. 9.

It says with the same mouth we bless God and then we curse the people around us. But we
curse the men around us and people around us but they are made in the image of God. I cannot
curse them and bless God, right? That’s what it’s saying.

So, it’s not hard to think of – you can tell a joke in China about a man and his wife and a dog
and they will laugh about the joke the same as in Russia, in Hungary, and here. Why? Why do
we have a sense of humor? Why do we have that? We’re made in the image of God. We’re like,
we’re – there is something about God in us. There’s a similarity. There’s something about us
and God that is similar. We are made in his image. Isn’t that amazing.

When Jesus came into the world it says in Isaiah 55 – turn there with me please to that text. Isaiah
55:8, there’s a couple reasons, a couple things that we catch ourselves with when we know
God’s thoughts, when we learn his thoughts. How does God think about the world? How does
he think about it?

Here’s a short lesson. This is interesting. How does God work? Like two little thoughts, two
examples from the Bible that may provoke your thinking. You have a very good man. His name
is Job. What God does to him is very bad, isn’t it? I mean in the period of time. The sufferings of
Job were bad. But God did it for his reason. He doesn’t even tell us what the reason is. He
doesn’t even tell us. We will learn in heaven. We see Job’s blessing. We see his promotion, but
still the suffering was horrible.

Whenever you suffer in this life, you cannot look for a reason. You have to trust God and his
character. Cuz it doesn’t work like that. You can’t find the reason. You have to go beyond
reason and live by faith and trust him. Later, he can tell you why the suffering was so great in
your life or why you were heartbroken. He can. He probably will. It will be clear in heaven. But
in this life, we see through a glass darkly. In this life, we’re called to live by faith. In one case,
you have Job who is a righteous man and he has a bad time, and then over here you have a bad
man. I don’t know who to use. I’ll just make up – I’ll put here a bad man and God gives him a
lot. He gives the bad man a lot. Maybe we can use Psalm 73.

Why does he give a bad man a good time? Why does he do that? His thoughts are not our
thoughts and his ways are not our ways. Look at Isaiah 55:8. So, you take a homeless man in New
York that has very great troubles on many levels, and God giving him grace. God changing his
life. God saving him. God promoting him. Taking him off the street and doing something like
that that we see in the Gospels where Jesus is doing it. Quite often it’s happening that God is
the God of all grace. This is one thing that isn’t in our thoughts. We are not generally grace
oriented. We don’t know grace. We have to learn grace. We’re predisposed to guilt. I wake up
in the morning – I might wake up in the morning. You might wake up in the morning and be
guilty because it’s our nature.

But God is saying to us and in the weekend, we had the video, His Name, or “He Is” rather. And
all his names – Pete Westera said – all his names are like God crying out to us saying I am
enough for you. I am what you need. I am a door. I am the Shepherd. I am the Rock. I am the
tower. I am the grace. I am the answer. I am God. I am here for you. I care about you. I’m the
Comforter. I am your power, your strength. I am the way, the truth, the life. All those names of
God. Beautiful.

So, I’m excited about missions and the reason why is because in my heart I can see people. I can
see them in our hearts. We can see people. I want God to put it in my heart which people.
Where to go. What to do. How to pray about it. How to think about it. And this is why I am
stirred up about it is because the God, the God of all grace – we’ll put here the word. This is one
of the things that evades us kind of in our personal heart. He loves me. He loves me. I am the
disciple whom Jesus loved. What a way to identify yourself.

The identity of people. I am Dr. so and so. I am pastor so and so. I am the Apostle John. I am the
one that walked with Jesus. I am this or I am Mr. so and so. I am or what did John say? Yeah. He
said it five times I am the disciple whom Jesus loved. Identity.

Here’s the last point here. Why do I want to go to a Buddhist country? Cause they don’t know.
They don’t know that there’s a personal God that loves them personally. That he loves them.
Paid for their sin. I know it’s a different religion. I know about the religion actually. And I can
discuss it and I understand it. I know how they think because you study it. You go there. You
understand it. They don’t have the message of grace. They don’t have it. But we have.

It's exciting to think about it what grace can do when somebody realizes they are loved, they
are forgiven. You know, there’s a way of counting your sin. It’s like this. You could say I have
lied. I have killed, murdered. It’s actually murder in the Hebrew. It’s not killed. And then a line
goes through it but you can see what was done. This is like I sinned. I lied. And then there’s a
line through it.

The other – the way it’s written in Colossians 2:15 is that Jesus blotted out the rules. Not only my sins
but he blotted out even the ordinances. They aren’t even there on the page. It’s like here’s –
there’s the record of your sin right there. There isn’t even a record of the ordinances not to
mention what you have done. It’s scratched out. But this is like blotted out. This is the blotted
out the ordinances that were holding us accountable. It’s over. It’s gone by grace for Jesus took
it. So, we don’t – my thoughts.

We could say to God, Lord, the Great Commission. Really? Like we go? Like really? Can’t you do
it a different way? It seems so pedestrian. So, kind of pedantic I guess is the word. It’s like so
weak. It’s so poor the method. The Lord says, no. My thoughts are not your thoughts. I send
you. I send you to other parts of the world. I send you.

I have to say this tonight because I know that many of you worked all day. You have things on
your heart. You have things in your life and everything, but I want to say something extremely
radical because that’s God. He is so – it is so amazing what he has done for us. It is so radical
what he has done and then equipping us and then saying if you look at those people in India,
they are made in the image of God. My ways, my thoughts are not your ways. Don’t worry
about these things. I will show you. I will send you. You’ll actually go.

You’ll actually go to Vietnam. You’ll actually share the message on the street in Vietnam. People
will actually – they will actually find where your apartment is and sleep outside the door waiting
for you to wake up in the morning. That’s happened to me. That’s not in Vietnam but it
happened to me in Hungary. It happened to me. That was many years ago and those two young
girls that did that are in the church there. And this is a long time ago. It’s not about me.

Of course you understand that. This is about enjoying the reality of the living God who has done
something radical for us in giving us his Son.
Did he give us his Son? Yes. What? He gave us his Son. He gave us his Son. And now, we’re free.
We’re free. We’re free in the Spirit. We’re free to believe. We’re free to give grace. We give
more mercy and more mercy and more mercy. To give and give and to live like that. Where
could I go or do you need encouragement? I can help you. I can share with you. Do you need a
word in season? Do you need a good word? Do you need somebody to build you up? Yes, we
can do that because we have been built up. We have been forgiven. Isn’t that amazing. New

Why do we come here? Because we want to hear about Jesus and his grace. We want to be
built up in the Spirit of God. Turn with me to 2 Corinthians and this will be the text. So, I want
you – actually, I think we’ll do it this way. It will be 2 Corinthians 3 and we’ll go into chapter 4 verse by
verse kind of quickly but hit those verses and that will be our message tonight. Now, could you
minister to each other for a minute and then they’ll come and the announcements and offering.
Share with your neighbor and encourage them and love them and minister grace to them.
Okay. You want to just say a word of encouragement to your neighbor for a minute. Go ahead.
Just preach for a few minutes. Okay. You may be seated. Just for a few minutes here. Mark 12.
You may be seated. All right. Mark 12:41, very short I think message. But I’ll tell you right away
what it is. It’s about God’s character, his nature, his love for us, grace, grace. How he looks at
your life, vs. 41.

We just had a Super Bowl. I think $9,000 for a ticket. I heard that number. I had somebody look
it up. $9,000. Big money, huh? Turn to your neighbor and just say, hey. Pick up your game.
Come on! What group are you hanging out with? What group – now Jesus is at the treasury at
the temple. He’s at the treasury at the temple and he’s looking. And he sees the rich people.
The rich people are coming. Big money. Rich people. All right. You’re not used to that I know.
But there are. There are people that have huge amounts and so on and they put the money in
the treasury.

Vs. 42. A certain poor widow. A little woman thinking of – it doesn’t say she’s little but she’s
poor. She threw in two mites which make a farthing. Somebody gave me the little copper, little
pieces of copper metal that were from that time. I have them somewhere in my office in plastic,
right? What’s the meaning here? This woman has a heart. She has a heart. She has value. She’s
made in the image of God. If she’s poor, but God sees her. She’s made in God’s image. And she
has his attention. She doesn’t know it. She doesn’t know but he is drawn to her. He sees her. He
knows her. He knows what’s going on. He knows what’s in her heart. She has a heart. It’s

You know, when God looks at the world, he sees a lot. He sees people. Buddhist people. Islamic
people. Hindu people. He sees Communist people. He sees bad people. He sees good people. I
mean the morally, relatively good when actually no one is in an absolute sense but you
understand what I’m saying. He sees. He knows. He cares. He died for the sins of the world. He
died for the sins of every human being. He died for us. He loves the world. And he says I blotted
out. I take care of it. I remove all of the penalties against you. I remove. Nailed to the cross. I
save you. You are saved by grace. This is me. This is God.

Sometimes we have to step back from our little world of measuring and analyzing and figuring
out and being guilty and worried about things and troubled and everything. Step out of our
world of that small world of guilt and fear and worry and touch God. Touch Jesus. Jesus, touch
us with your grace and tell us what it is. Tell us who we are. Tell us that my two pennies have
your attention. That you care. That you see me. That you know me. That you know my name.
You know my name, Lord! God! You see my face. My face and your face, Psalm 27. Yes. I am God
that loves you.

We become very good at living the Christian life. We are very good at it. We learn how to do it.
We learn how to talk and how to act and everything but inside empty. Inside maybe lonely.
Inside maybe afraid. Inside.

I remember when we were raising our family and I read a little bit about it today from another
book. Not about our family but a man raising his family. His daughter didn’t come home at night
and was taking birth control pills. She’s like 15 years old. He’s a Christian and brought her up in
a Christian family and he’s looking out the window in the middle of the night waiting for his
daughter to come home. And she doesn’t come. How it rips the heart out of a parent. It rips
your heart out.

How did this happen? That didn’t happen to us. But I’m just saying we know as people how
much we can be afraid of things. We know as people how life can go in the way we didn’t
expect. We need to realize that.

But this is the value of our faith. The value of our faith is that we are learning as God speaks to
us that his grace is there. That he’s there. That he’s with us. That he’s with us in this life. And
with this poor woman, she has two pennies but in her heart she’s giving it. This is what Jesus

Vs. 43. I would like to say this about that and I’m finishing pretty soon here. Jesus calls you to
him and he says I want to blow your mind. I want to blow your mind. Come on. Lord, come on.
Tell me. What’s going? Tell me. Blow my mind. I will blow your mind. Do you see this little
woman. This poor woman. Nobody notices her. Nobody knows her, could care less about her.

You can discard her. Nobody will miss her. I would miss her, Jesus says. I would miss her. She’s
so valuable to me. She is so precious to me. Yeah. That’s beautiful.

Look at vs. 43. This poor woman has cast more in than any kind of Superbowl money, any big
contracts, any big bucks. She has cast in more than all they that have cast into the treasury. Vs.
44. All her life, all her living. Let me finish here. I believe if we could know the nature of God,
our joy is inextinguishable. It cannot get rid of it when we find the nature of God. I believe when
we find grace, grace, grace unto that mountain, Zechariah 4:7. I find when God says, out! Out! And
the demon goes out and we realize we are in the presence of God. We have joy unspeakable.
We have a freedom and a liberty. We’re not afraid. We’re not afraid. It’s amazing.

To live in this world and not be afraid is incredible. But you’re not afraid. To live in this world
with real freedom deep in your spirit. You are free. You are free. You run around and enjoy life
and share love and give grace. You are free. When you get hurt and you don’t hate – of course,
you process it but you know God does not hate. God loves. God gives grace. I need to forgive. I
learn about forgiveness. I find that I give mercy, I get mercy. I find as I believe God, I get joy.
And I could say that when missionaries go out on the field and they are sent, they say this was
the greatest time. It was unbelievable what happened, how God spoke to hearts and how the
Gospel was preached and what a joy it is.

But I don’t have to go. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying we have something and that grace is
what we stand in. It’s what we learn. I want to re-learn it. Blow my mind, Lord. Come on! Talk
to me. Tell me. And he tells me in Matthew 20. He tells us in the Scripture. We’ll finish with that.
A guy needed some Latinos to work in his garden so he went to Home Depot. He went there at
8:00 in the morning and got some Latinos there. Best workers in the world. They get in the back
of his truck. He drives the car and two hours later these guys are great. I need more. I go back
to Home Depot. I pick up a couple more. And he does that through the day.

The last hour of the day, 4:00 in the afternoon, he goes to get two more. In the beginning, he
said I’m going to pay you for the day. Whole day wage. One denarius. At the end of the day, he
lines up all his workers. Who does he pay first?

If he wanted to hide it, he could pay the first guys one denarii, one denarius and then later. But
he starts at the end. He starts at the 4:00 guys. The 4:00 guys. He hands them a shovel. They
move some dirt. They have a coffee. They’re done in an hour. He gives them the whole day
wage. One denarius. He gives them the whole day. They get one denarius and they go, why you
give him the whole and we got – he said, didn’t I agree that you would get the day wage? And if
I want to give him grace at the end of the day, that’s my business. Are you calling me evil cause
I’m good? Cause I give grace. I give grace to people that don’t deserve it. People that work at the end of the day, have a coffee, move the shovel from here to over here. That’s all they did.

Then, sit down. We’ll talk. Have a coffee and here’s a whole-day wage. Whole-day wage paid to
you. That’s Matthew 20. Parable. It’s about grace.
We are objects of grace. We learn grace. We grow in grace. We need grace. I don’t care how
long you’ve been a believer. You need to be saturated with grace. And then give it out. And give
out grace. Our country has a problem cuz people are afraid and worried and guilty and empty
but you aren’t. You are filled with the Spirit. You are a gracious person. You are a forgiving
person. You’re a loving person. You have a ministry.

Yeah, you. You have a ministry. You have a ministry from God on this earth to people made in
his image who need him. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me. (Prayer). Would you all just
stand and be very excited in the Lord and praise the Lord and thank you, Jesus. And say, out!
Out! Go ahead. Say it. Out! Out! Out of here! Over. Done. Gone. Then, give your neighbor a big
hug and encourage them in Jesus. You’re dismissed. Or no. Wait a minute. We’re going to sing.
Come on.


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