We underestimate our need to seek the face of God. We become so wrapped in lust patterns that we miss the deep and wonderful fulfillment available to us. Find His treasure. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Speaker(s):  Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11329
11:00 AM on 9/10/2017

P. Schaller

Tonight I’d like to speak on seeking God. But I’m going to speak on it now also. I have some thoughts on it and want to share with you. It’s underestimated what it means when someone seeks God, and they find him. Many of us know about God and some of us who are in the ministry for decades can in a sense lose God. I can lose God. He’s always with us and he’ll never lose us. He saves us and we are secure.

Good to see Rene and Debbie and others from Florida up here with us. There were a couple this morning. We are with you and praying for all the folks down there.

I walk with God for decades, and then I get used to or familiar with what I do in the ministry. Counseling, praying for people, preparing messages, preaching messages but I could actually in a sense lose God. I lose the Spirit of God, the anointing of God in my life. I have found that that is why I’m sharing with you from my heart. It happens. We have a sin nature that is in our hearts. We have an old heart and a new one.

Ec. 3:11, this will be encouraging to us today. You can read this out loud with me. In the Hebrew this word “world” is actually OLAM and it means eternal. He has set eternity in their heart. When he made man, he made man so man would be fitting with eternity. Or we could say God. God and man fit together. God put in our heart the eternal. We are hungry for it. Not really satisfied until I find the eternal. I want it. I feel sometimes people go to the ocean and look at the ocean that has no end in their perspective and somehow it ministers to you because you think of that which has no end. The stars for the same reason. Look at the stars and they are going and going. I’m made for the eternal. I actually want to live forever.

I asked a taxi driver would you like to live forever and he said, no! Absolutely not! I can only take this so much. I mean eternally perfect, satisfied, gratified, eternally righteous like God is. Yes, I would like that he said.

We are made for that. It’s in our heart. When God made Adam and Eve, when God made the garden and put him there, he basically said he made all these trees for them to eat from. He’s saying I made you to eat it all. Eat and eat. One commentator brought it out it was like eat and eat and eat. God did not make us that we would suffer but so that we would enjoy him and Creation. But one tree you cannot eat from. All these trees but one.

Guess what? We gravitate to the one. The devil brought Eve there. She ate, Adam ate and the heart of man became as we draw the picture in Bible psychology class, the heart became empty without God with a big hole in it. How big? Eternal. Nothing fits there. You put a lawn chair you buy at Target and you put it in there and sit in your lawn chair and say it’s heaven on earth for a few seconds or minutes. Look at the starry heavens and you feel a connection. You worship God and it’s gone. Sometimes I return the next night looking for the same experience. You go the next night and see the full moon and it’s empty. Creation is not enough to satisfy the heart of man. Instead we have what we call lust patterns.

Three major ones we have. If you want to memorize them or remember them they can best be remembered by three men’s lives: Cain, Balaam, and Korah. If you are a Bible reader and many of you are, and reading it little by little like many of us do. That’s the best way prayerfully, on your knees, sitting in a chair in quiet with divine concentration.

Prayer. I had a time Friday where I took some hours in prayer. I have a little room in my house and there’s nothing there except a rug, desk, lamp, chair and I sit there and am quiet and seeking God. Seeking God.

What does it mean? This is what we are explaining this way in our message this morning. Because I have this lust nature, I have this design in my soul to seek other things but not God. Like these three men listed on our screen.

Cain had two kinds of lust. Religious lust. He worshipped and sacrificed to God, but he was not humble. He offered the vegetables, the agriculture of his produce, and offered it to God in a religious way and was saddened he couldn’t find the satisfaction. His countenance was fallen. His religion was rooted in his self-life, his religious lust, his need for recognition.

Three men each have two major lust patterns in their soul. The other one is approbation lust. The desire to be recognized by my fellow men. I have a desire for people to put my name on a newspaper or on a brick or drive a car and people will talk about my nice car. The clothes I wear, the job I have, the degrees I obtained. We all know what it is to go into a room and look for people to recognize us and our importance. If I can be known in the club, the golf club, the flower club, the political world, then I will be satisfied. It’s nothing more than a little morsel of this world trying to fit into my heart. Yet I lust for those things.

Balaam had two lust patterns. He had a sensual lust pattern. He taught the Jewish people fornication and material lust. He wanted money in order to curse Israel. King Barak offered money to Balaam. He said I don t think I can curse Israel. I have to say what the Lord says, but I want your money. Idolatry and fornication. Sensuality and material lust. Why don’t people seek God? Because we are seeking these other things. There are two more that are interesting.

Korah was the rebel against Moses and managed to get 250 princes to collaborate with him in a conspiracy against the leader, Moses. They came out of Egypt with the high and mighty hand of God. It wasn’t human reason that brought them out. He’s a man of human reason. He said by reason I realize we are in the wrong place. We are in the wilderness. We will die out here. I’m playing this out in a theatrical way. Moses is saying, he didn’t say anything actually…when I seek God, I find something more than human reason. Human reason says this should not happen. No, be very careful. I am seeking God. I believe in God and so on. No, we are talking about something very sacred. You can’t talk about it like that. Like with a spirit of arrogance or mocking or having some attitude. This is not what we are saying today. Korah has an intellectual lust. I used to live in Europe about 20 years. The churches are largely empty. The preachers – there is not much preaching. The formality of organized state religion educates men to be psychologists and administrators and intellectuals and masters of Greek and Hebrew and they go to their pulpit with boring and dull commentaries on politics and so on. The churches are empty. Christ said you will know the tree by its fruit.

If a man or woman of God seeks God, they will find him. There will be something different. There will not be lusts of the heart of men. There will be the satisfaction where God himself satisfied you and you drink of that fountain that is satisfying.

Korah had power lust. Korah had intellectual lust and he definitely wanted to be the leader. He had power lust. Balaam had sensual lust and the material in terms of materialism. Cain had religious lust and approbation lust.

If you can’t read my writing, I said it slow so you can ponder and think about it. Six lust patterns common in our hearts, in our world. Maybe you don’t have an intellectual lust but a sensual one; not religious but approbation. A need to be recognized and important in this life. If you bring Jesus Christ next to it, you say Jesus do you need to be noticed? God is my satisfaction. In the presence of God is fullness of joy. If you hang around me you will find freedom and joy and peace and satisfaction. You’re not particularly religious, Jesus. Those people are kind of angry with you. I have my heavenly Father who made whales and colors like yellow and bright blue and pinks and reds. He made the universe and the seas and birds and fish and insects. You should know God. He is holy and free and powerful. Lord, what are we seeking? You are seeking the sex life. Why are people drawn to the sex life? It’s kind of a transcendental experience out of the ordinary. People are looking for that which is not reason alone. It’s more love or abstract or out of the box or an experience in your nervous system. It’s out of the ordinary. Imagine God made sex. What if I would know the God that made sex and that God has promised to satisfy me deeply. Give me his Spirit which is a Holy Spirit. He is not any Spirit. He is the Holy Spirit. He is the one that this is what we are made for. I said in the beginning there is a hole there. Seeking and searching for what we are made for and we look in all the wrong places. I have found him Friday at home in prayer and quietness, absolute amazing quietness and a prayer like this in my heart with all my heart God. I don’t care about anything. You, only you. With all my heart. Don’t misunderstand me. I’ve got four children and seven grandchildren. I got a lot to worry about. Churches in Hungary and Finland we planted through the years…we have an amazing church here. We have questions and problems and a Bible college that is so much of God. All of it would be overwhelming except when we find God, it is easy. God says the greatest commandment and the first one is to love him. How? Not in words only but with all our heart and mind and soul and strength. But I don’t have anything in me. The gas tank is empty. Great. What do I do about it? I’ll go to the Walmart. Go for a swim. Look at porn, go to the movies, dull my pain by running around with lust patterns of my old man. After you do that for some minutes, hours, months, years and get tired of it and empty and really want me. I’m a merciful God, forgiving God, mighty God. You confess your sin before me and your great sin is that you don’t care about the one that made the universe. You care more about the universe than you care about me that made it. You care more about your life than you care about me. I’m the God of your life. I am the one that will satisfy you. I’m the Alpha, the Omega, the beginning and the end, the Door, the Way, the Rock, food, bread, and water. Seek me. Listen to these verse.

1 Chron 16; 11, remember Moses saw the back of God. That’s how some live. They just see the afterglow. They don’t care about the face. Here it says seek the face. That’s what happens to you. When you put it all down. Now set your heart to seek the Lord your God. Prepare to seek him. I come home but I prepare to seek God. I’d like to seek God. You’ve been with God through the day but now I’m looking for God. I’m going to prepare my heart for it. I take some time. I may go for a walk and think about it. I prepare my heart to seek you. I’m taking care of all the garbage, all the stuff. You wash my feet and you care about me. In my heart, I’m seeking you. I expect by your love and grace I’ll find you. I’ll be refreshed in your presence.

And thou, Solomon, my son, know the God of thy father and serve him with a perfect heart and a willing mind (1 Chron 28:9). What happened to Solomon? Women. Hundreds of them. He’s the king. Can call a woman in his chamber one after another. Is that heaven on earth? Sounds like hell on earth. That’s no satisfaction to live like a dog, something less than what you are designed for. Greatest is when man says nothing here ultimately will satisfy me and give me what I am made for except God and God alone. You got to get this straightened out. It’s Christianity 101. There are many dissatisfied as believers. They haven’t had a time with God and the Holy Spirit and haven’t been sitting in his presence and deeply satisfied at that amazing well. The Lord searches all hearts and understands the imaginations of the thoughts. You can’t have your girlfriend and God in your heart at the same time unless she is the one God has given you. And you are going to marry her and make a commitment. They want this life to happen without God. They want you to be filled with your own ways.

Prov 14:14 the backslider is filled with his own ways. Tonight I have two sponges, buckets of dirty water and clean water. This sponge goes in dirty water and will be filled with the dirty water. So the backslider is filled with his own ways. A Christian gets in trouble and not much comes out but dirty water. Christ fills you with the Holy Spirit and the doctrine and people and purpose and plan and then when squeezed, what comes out is the content, the reality, and the edification. That guy’s got something going on in his life. I woke up praying for all those people in those shelters. Imagine sleeping in a high school with a thousand others on a cot in a gymnasium. If the sponge is filled with good water something good will come out. If it’s filled with its own ways, it could be a pretty tense experience. We know what is needed in our country. Turn it off, shut it down, and get quiet and serious. Go after God and seek him and you will find him. That’s amazing. I meet people all the time. People who have been in this church and filled with their own ways. I’m not their judge. I know what it is. I know it in my own heart. I also love this. Hezekiah prayed the good Lord pardon everyone that prepare his heart to seek God, the Lord God of his fathers, though he be not cleansed according to the purification of the sanctuary. He’s saying even if things are not done according to Law, bless these people seeking him with all their heart.

Ps 105 seek my face forever more.

Ps 119:2, Two kinds of Christians: People seek God and find him and they love this book. It will get in you. He wrote the book. Give me a message not from you but from the book. You don’t have to talk to me. I can hear that on radio, TV all day long but give me a message from the book. The Spirit of God dwells in us and he wrote the book. That will build us up and give us a vision. When you are Christian and this book sits weeks and months. I understand this. I got to read the Bible. So filled with your stuff you can’t read it. I don’t know where to start. This big thick book. I know I’m supposed to read. It’s kind of dull and boring. Begat, begat, begat. I don’t get it. I don’t know why anyone would be excited about it. For religious reasons, I have it on my book shelf. Can you find the gospel of Matthew, meditations? Could it happen in your heart that you have so much the Holy Spirit affecting you and start to get into you and goes into your memory and pulsates in your spiritual man? Woe, I got it. God is real and he is giving me his Word. If that happens, you got a sword of the Spirit. That happens.

It says in Ps 119:10-11. Thy words were found and I did eat them…joy and rejoicing of my heart. Ezekiel said God said eat the scroll and then it says his Spirit caused me to eat the scroll. The scroll was the ancient word for the Scripture, the roll, the Torah. I ate it and the Spirit caused me to eat it. Those who seek me early shall find me. Yeah, if you cry after K….the fear of the Lord and in the K of God. If you go after this like they go after the treasure in the ocean. That Portuguese ship loaded with millions of dollars of gold and silver went down in sea. One man spent a million dollars to find it. People try to find an occupation or future or recognition. Be successful. I got a better idea. Seek God with all your heart and his ways. I got a better idea not the flesh of man. Seek God with all your heart and you will find him. When you find him the K of God is like finding treasure in the ocean. We have radio signals or these devices trying to find radio waves in the universe…we are so eager to find out if anyone is out there. I cannot find the satisfaction I am looking for. I’m looking for the signals that come from our Creator that put us here. We are foolish, dumb, sheep gone our way looking for this and that. We are lost and filled with our own ways.

Some get more and more angry and frustrated with themselves and their neighbors in the end times. Because of iniquity increasing the love of many will get cold. Cold love. I love you but don’t bother me. I love my neighbor but I hope I never see him. I love the people in Florida but leave me alone. I love the girl for three months and then cold. Iniquity in my heart is filling my life. I’m filled with my own ways and my life is all about me. It’s about me from the beginning to the end. My life, my ways, my reputation. Are you sick of it? Am I sick of it? It could be about me or however you want to say it. It can be like that. I know it can. But that will never satisfy the human heart. It’s fun to think about it.

Prepare your heart to seek for hm. There is no fooling around with God. He’s pretty awesome. God says you are hiding from me. I know everything. I know all about you. I know it all and you’re not coming to me. I’m angry with you. I know you are because your mother died or brother died or lost your job. Are you going to me and eat crow, humble pie, lose your life, get down before me at the cross where I suffered and paid the whole thing so I can go through. Give me your baggage and your stuff and I will fill you and satisfy you. I will teach you K and anoint you and satisfy you.

I remember in Maine when I got water baptized. I was lying in bed and so spiritually excited. I couldn’t sleep. I was so excited. God was real for me. I was so excited. I don’t know about my future. I’m 19 years old. Jesus is real for me and I never want to lose this Lord. May I always rehearse that. Go back to this whole thing because it’s easy. Give me your heart. Trust me. Amen.


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