Jesus became our Substitute. In His incarnation, He became one of us and live like us and, yet, remained holy and right. Then, He gave His holy life, becoming sin for us so we could have His righteousness. (Leviticus 14:1-7; Hosea 2;14-19; Luke 23:15-19)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11341
11:00 AM on 10/1/2017

P. Schaller

(Lev. 14). Our theme is Substitution. It’s a doctrine. There is something important I want to emphasize this morning. It has to do with the ugliness. Usually we don’t want to start with a negative in our message, but it’s a negative that is a positive. I want you to think with me about it. Should we start this way? Praise the Lord. We had a Women’s Seminar. Friday night we had worship time here and a word and songs. That was for the ladies in the ministry who came and then Saturday we had excellent speakers. My wife came home and talked to me and talked to me. It was a great day. I was a part of it in the lunch rap. Mission Barbecue catered it. These ladies from PA and different places came. It was rich. I’m amazed at the kind of ladies God has raised up in our church. They are quality people. They are amazing people. I shared in the afternoon and [they] said you have to tell it to the whole church. Let’s see when that happens. Right now I’d like to speak about Substitution.

We will take this text, Lev 14:2-3, we have leprosy. Leprosy is a disease. Neurological, affects the skeletal muscular. In the Jewish law we think of it as unclean, defiled, and is a type or metaphor for sin. We got a problem. We have this subject called sin in life. Just imagine you are in a community in the inner city of Baltimore and you are with a small group of people interacting and you look at someone the wrong way and that person pulls out a gun and shoots you. What did I do? Innocent blood is shed. Because of a phone call, a dirty look, a mistake, a misunderstanding. Murder. Terrible. We could say leprosy. It affects the whole person. We are sinners. We don’t realize how bad it is. In corporate America, maybe they are not pulling out guns but same thing: pride, blindness, educated, powerful people and they can get rid of you with a phone call. You’re in the parking lot and you lost your job. You can’t believe that happened. Sin. Every level of society. All kinds of expression. It is painful and hard. If you have not been the victim of someone’s sin, and I can’t believe you haven’t been, someone mistreats you or is unjust. Or hypocrisy. In religion there is a lot of hypocrisy. We give an impression but behind it is something else. God was angry in O.T. about oppression of innocent people. It was unfair and not right. God was angry with the Jewish people as with all of us if there is hypocrisy in our worship. I love being with people like you who are serious about God. We are learning to take him serious and walk with him. Christ came and saw the hypocrisy and was angry with it. There is sin. Have you been the victim? Has someone taken advantage? Has someone stolen your bicycle or someone lied about you on social media? And then have you sinned? Have you stolen or lied or oppressed people? Have you been that way? Lean over to your neighbor and say yes. Tell your neighbor. You have one minute. It is impossible for many of you to talk for one minute! Tell them that sin is painful and that it has happened. Sin is serious. If you’ve been the victim of it, if you’ve been in jail when it shouldn’t have happened. If someone has ripped you off or lied about you or lost a job or an opportunity in school or something and it wasn’t right, lean over to your neighbor and tell them. It is terrible. It is terrible. It’s sad. If we could see what God is saying when he says I hate sin; if we could see that. I don’t know if any of you in your marriage if your husband or wife cheated on you – I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m so glad you are here. That hurts. They laugh about it in the movies and talk about it in the shops in places of exchange, but if it happens to you, it’s a nightmare. The person I trusted and it’s not a joke. It’s terrible. Sin is terrible. There is so much pain in this world because of it. Highly, highly underrated teaching. Not even many don’t even go there. They want to have a nice, happy church. I want to have a church that is holy where there are tears, where it is serious, where God changes us, where the glory of God is. I want to have a fellowship where Christ is. I want Jesus to speak to our hearts and be real. Sooner or later you will face that reality. We want God. I’d rather be in Noah’s ark than a chimpanzee outside the ark, treading water. Many people, it does happen. Believers, soft pedal, play around, laugh about it until it hits them. When you face a jail sentence for drunken driving or your whole family is obliterated. I’m not condemning anyone. The good part of the message will even be better when we get the bad stuff taken care of!

Lev. 14:4-5 earthen means mud, clay, not fancy silver, gold, or bronze. When Jesus came into this world, he came in an earthen vessel. He in our typology is one of these birds. One of these birds is to be killed over an earthen vessel, over running water. The bird twists the head off, and blood and water goes into the earthen bowl. This is a picture of Christ the Messiah who would be offered over running water, the type of the H.S.

It was the H.S. that held Jesus on the Cross in Heb 9:14, not the nails. He was crucified by the Spirit. He offered himself willingly. The whole Trinity was involved in the crucifixion. The H.S. kept him there. He was crucified by the H.S. The running water was the doctrine, the water of the Word. Jesus is thinking the Bible as he is on the Cross. The running water has him stay there. Interestingly enough in the historical record when the historian was told the Passover was ending, all the dead bodies had to come down off the cross. They broke the legs. Their legs being broken they would die faster. When it came to Christ, he was already dead. David said not a bone would be broken. His legs could not be broken to fulfill the prophesy…He knew where to put the spear, make sure he is dead and out came blood and water. The bird was to be killed under the running water. In the bowl was blood and water. They took the living bird and dipped it and released him. That speaks of you and I. Substitution.

vs. 6-7. Luke 23, Pilate is interviewed. He interviewed Christ. He sent Christ to Herod who interviewed him. Christ did not speak to Herod at all. The point was to do a review. Is this man worthy of death? By Roman law there had to be some reason for executing. Pilate said to the Jewish leaders, I’ll chastise and release him.

vs.16. If you don’t like him, I did the review. We don’t find any reason, so I’ll just chastise him and release him. They didn’t want that. They didn’t buy it.

vs. 18-19. He was rising up against the Roman authority. We don’t know the detail. Treason is contrary to the government and he was a murderer. Maybe a stealth murderer that could come up behind a Roman soldier and put a knife in him and disappear. On that day, there would be three crucifixions. It was going to be two thieves and Barabbas. But there was a substitution or Barabbas. He went free like that bird. “Bar” means “son of.” “Abba” is dad. Son of the father. A general name. We don’t know who he is. Bar Jonah, son of Jonah. Jesus said to the Jewish leaders your father is not Abraham. Your father is the devil. In a way, so are we. We are the sons of the devil. We are the sinners. We are like Barabbas. Like the young man in Baltimore city who carries a gun and fights for his life and hopes to survive. A funny look and someone calls his girlfriend or someone talks to someone they shouldn’t talk to. This world of subjectivity and feelings. Sin. I wish there was a lot of preaching about it. It’s not our friend. It’s not what we need. Could I learn something else? Like Barabbas. A couple hours later, he sees his couple friends and hears the crucifixion is going on. I’ll whiz by there and take a look. He’s taking a careful look. Three crosses. I should have been there in the middle one. I think that’s the guy they chose instead of me. Close call. Wow. Poor guy. What did he do?

Four things about Christ that made it possible for him to be our substitute:

1) Incarnation. God wanted, God being angry with our sin, our murder, treachery, hypocrisy, emptiness, looking for love in the wrong places; our careless attitude about the Creator. Living dumb and stupid lives. Dumb and just plain stupid. I hate the sin, but I love them. I can change them. I can appear to them. I can save them. I love them. I could give them mercy. I must judge that thing that I hate. I can come into the world. It’s called the Incarnation. That God would become a man. It’s the mystery of our faith, that doctrine. To be everywhere present and be here and not know everything. He was a man. Men don’t know everything. They are not everywhere present. He is God. How humble he is. How self-deprecating he is. How careful he can be. How low he can be to be God and man at the same time in Php 2.

2) He had to be like us in every way. Thirsty, tired, rejected, misunderstood. He was sleeping on the boat, hungry in the wilderness, thirsty. Rejected by his own people in Mt 11. In a way, alone but inside the human race and so unique and different.

3) Though he was in it and to be separate from it. You can be with a group of people and someone is telling a dirty joke, gossiping, lying, and not caring about God. No weight of thought or reality, just a joke, a game, a party. Jesus could be in there. He’s different. Thank God he was separate from men. He’s the only human being where the voice would come from heaven, behold my Son, in whom I am well pleased. He is so holy, perfect, and wise. He’s so humble, quieting living and walking. The difference is the difference that God sees. Oh, he’s different or she is special. But imagine if God looked on the human race and said I have found none. Now I have found. This is my Son but there is no one like him, unique and separate. He had to be to be the substitute for us. Like being at the Ravens stadium at the fifty yard line and on the Jumbotron came up all my sins. Then they took all my clothes off and everyone is laughing at you and saying what a jerk. Then magnified that, increase it many times and you see the sins of the world on the Son of God, stripped naked and hanging on a cross. When lightning strikes, if there is a lightning rod, it’s designed to take the hit. Hit me. The lightning rod is saying hit me. Christ is saying hit me, on the cross. I am sin. I have become sin for the entire world. I will take the hit. I will intercept your judgment on all these. I will take the judgment upon me. I am man, made like them, but separate from them, holy and perfect. I put aside my deity and live like a man so I can connect with them and take on the sin of the world. I would become the one you judge so I would be the substitute and they would go like the bird free, like Barabbas free.

4) When he was that lighting rod on the Cross, he had to become sin to be the substitute.

1 Peter, he had to take the sins of the world on his body, not in his Spirit because he’s God.

He became sin it says in 2 Cor 5:21. He who knew no sin became sin for us that we might be made the R of God in him. Righteousness of God. 100% righteousness of God. We have been made the R of God. He became 100% our sin. He’s not like that. That’s how much he loves us. We might be made his R. That’s how we go to heaven. It’s called justification, reconciliation, and redemption.

Sanctification in one sense in Heb 10:14 . Also forgiveness. It’s powerful and it happened.

Hosea 2, this has been on my heart. I can’t get rid of it. We want to do a message on Hosea 2 sometime. Read it a few times over and over this week or this coming year. You’ll find God will speak to you through this. This touches me. Adultery is hard, painful for anyone to go through. It’s terrible. God is saying the nation of Israel is like a prostitute. She believed in God and had other gods. Baal was an agricultural god, the weather god, the rain god. They wanted to cover all their basis. We believe in God and then we want to cover all our basis. We could believe in God and then do our thing. Everybody does it. Lie a little bit. We believe in God. We go to church but then I have to cover this thing. You have to be careful with that stuff. It’s a lot of fun when we walk with God and get it right. The Lord will take care of you. You don’t need to full around with sin. You find yourself filled with the Spirit and you lose your interest. It’s fun to believe in God and trust him. Have joy and Tabasco sauce. Some folks are borderline about going to church. Make it a part of your life in such a way that you don’t have to decide it. I go. It’s in my life. You talked about whether you’ll eat lunch today. It’s in the program all my life. I eat lunch. Don’t even talk about it. Same thing with me and my fellowship with you. It’s part of my life. It’s the landscape, the furniture. You got to have that in you life. My life is more than flesh and blood. It’s Spirit. Reading, health club, soccer games, movie, IPad. So much is going on but my church life isn’t up for grabs just like my lunch isn’t…Another warning for us: those things where I am at in regards to sin in my life. I get weak or tempted on Friday night. Go out and have a good time. You got to have something going on in your heart. You got to have some ammunition, something cooking. Because you’re going to be tempted. You’re going to have temptations. Nobody in this room has overcome all temptations all the time. It’s possible you have such a spiritual filling or satisfaction that this freshness gives you an extra edge when it comes to temptation. Like a bird flying over your head.

Luther said this: birds may fly over my head but they are not making a nest in my hair.

Regarding temptation and sin. A crazy thing may come to my mind but bye, bye black bird. Blue bird. I chose what is nesting in my hair, my heart. That’s my choice. Sometimes I get stirred up in it by the things I read, people I talk to and people I listen to that edify me like a punctuation in the end. It’s not fun to live in question marks all the time, questioning my very existence. I remember a guy saying he was a bowl of cornflakes! You’re beginning to look like one and talk like one. Where is Jesus? I need Jesus in my life. You got to have this. You won’t get this by living a naturally minded way of life. Your H.S. concentration and your face in this book and the H.S. speaking to you and encouraging you.

Hos 2:1-13 and then God says what do I do with her?

vs. 14. Allure her.

Refers to tender, even seductive speech in Ex. 22:16 like a man talking to a woman. A lovers attempt to entice a man like Samson. God will talk to her and draw here to the wilderness. And speak comfortably to her. For a couple days I couldn’t study this word out. In Hungarian, it means speaking personally and persuasively to her. Here is a woman and by metaphor she is married to Hosea literally. He wants the prophet to feel what God feels in betrayal. That’s what has to happen in you life. It’s amazing, terrible. God is saying instead of getting rid of her I will speak comfortably to her.

Speak to her heart. Refers to gentle, encouraging words like a man speaks to his desired bride, Ruth 2:13. I’m moved by it. I think it’s amazing. I know that’s how it is. Relationships are powerful. Here’s right and wrong and then there is something more, relationship. You raise kids, right and wrong, right and wrong and then dad. Husband and wife fighting over what is right and wrong and then my relationship with you is more important that what is right and wrong. I’ll allure you into the wilderness and it will be tough but I will speak words personally to you. Imagine a Christian backsliding and God saying you got to know me. You will have a DUI and go to jail and I’ll bring you into the wilderness and I’ll speak to you in jail. You’ll be there and pay a high fine. I’ll bring you there and give you words. They will be personal words. I will love you. That’s right there.

That’s vs. 19. I’m going to tell you what R is. I could care less about all your arrogant crap. Empty wind. You know what R is. I’m going to tell you. You don’t know anything. I am God. Not this other thing. I am God that gave my Son for you so you can be free and not live in this garbage. And in judgment and in LK, CHESED, and mercies. We ran out of time this morning but we have to sit there for a second. See what he is saying? It’s almost unbelievable that God would be like this. I love it so much. Wow. Do whatever because we are hurting people. We’re hurting people inside. So much garbage is said to people in counsel. They go from one pain to another, one girlfriend to another, and this is the thing Jesus wants to say to us. You are free. Fly away. Barabbas, you should hang there but you are free. If it was in reality salvation, that man’s sins would be forgiven by his blood. He would fly away free and be a new man and also when go to heaven would be with God. That is all happening by God’s great love for us.


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