Nullify the negativity that tries to stifle your Spirit life. We must speak the Yes and Amen to the temptation to drop in retreat-ism. Rejoice and experience that creativity and release that God has given. (Proverbs 18:14; Proverbs 17:22)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11323
7:30 PM on 8/30/2017


P. Schaller

Some people have said to me this week they feel like they are under some kind of spiritual attack. The others, you’re blessed. I believe that happens. People, even a lot of people also, a church, a family could be targeted and come under some kind of demonic oppression or lies or discouragement or negativity or unbelief or fear. This can happen in the atmosphere and planted in the heart. People struggle with it and don’t know how to deal with it. We’re going to speak about our attitude and how to deal with projections and have authority in your life, and what is on the inside in your heart. We can have corporate prayer. Take a few minutes and pray. Wait on God, worship God, and in the song and offering. In your own way, however you want to do it quietly with your neighbor. Say a simple powerful prayer. The Lord said you don’t have to pray like the heathen, repeating, repeating or the prayer wheels in the Himalayan Mountains spinning prayers. We just say God and believe on him for answers.

Prov. 17, in regards to the devil and a few jokes about him.

Prov 17:22, merry heart does good like medicine. Generally to be happy or merry or to be rejoicing because the most important things in our life have been addressed by God. Our sins are forgiven. God is our Father. We are anointed of spirit and our life has great purpose. I was thinking of having a service of thanksgiving.

I was thinking of one woman who came here on La Gracia from Sweden. Lived by faith, followed God, and went to Hungary, and serves God day and night. That’s Oula. She’s not asking for anything except to walk with God and be a servant. And that’s what she does. We could go around the room. I think the teachers at GGCA who have made big decisions to teach. Angie Wright who has taught there 11 years in 5th grade, not this year, but like Angie and P. Wright and the family together and ministering in Havre de Grace. They are amazing people. I was thinking of having a service where we talk like that all through the service and you’ll be sitting there hoping your name is called! How about Noreen Kennedy. Remember the years she worked at the house with P. Stevens taking care of him. She was right there in the troublous times we had in the middle of it as a servant of God pure in heart and faith. She is amazing. Any single guy interested? See me afterwards! And a good artist. It’s true though that thanksgiving and love and appreciation go so far in life. If I am loved and somehow called out, recognized, doesn’t have to be in a meeting like this, just in the hallway, recognized encouraged.

A merry heart does good like medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones. There are people that don’t want to be healed because they have a broken spirit.

Jn 5 when the man lying there by the pool 38 years, Jesus said to him after been there so long, do you want to be healed? Let’s say, no. I don’t want to be healed. Why would someone say that? They don’t want to be happy, to be blessed, and to change. They don’t want anything different. Been there 38 years and will be there another 38 years. They feed on their resentment sometimes. They feed on their poor self-image. They feed on their hatred. They don’t want to have any change. That’s what we want to speak about tonight. Tuesday I got so much good feedback about the radio. They said you should preach it Wed. night.

Prov. 18:14, the spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity. What will sustain his infirmity? The spirit of the man. Another way to say it is I have a sickness and it would drag me down but I made another decision. I have a spirit and it’s powerful. Another way of saying it: this person has hurt me financially. I have suffered. I have my problems, but I have the Spirit that will sustain me and build me up and teach me and lead me. We are spiritual and the Spirit of God in the man when he said 38 years at the pool, will you be healed? He said yes. This is the beginning of a changed life. I have to look in the mirror sometimes and see how miserable I may be, or troubled that I am and realize I have trouble but can also make a decision. I can decide. I can have an attitude.

I am always saying – I’ll read this piece: “Remember you are made in the inner structure of your being for creative activity. You are fulfilling yourself when you are creative and positive. You are frustrating yourself when you are non-creative and negative. Now that you have decided to become a plus instead of a minus, the sum total of reality is behind you instead of against you. All the resources of God are at your disposal.”

What it means is I can battle with negativity and withdraw and say all kinds of negative things about myself and life. But I can choose. There is some work involved when I choose and make a decision. This is where the Spirit of God that God gave us that we are able to be thankful. Every time I say no, you can say it on the Beltway, negative, negative, unbelieving, fearful, and same old, same old – is simply my flesh. Don’t fight it. It’s what it is. But there is a spirit in a man, the H.S. that God gave us. Every time you say no, say yes twenty times. Yes, God is with me. Yes, I am able. Yes this is good. Yes, God has a plan. Yes, I can do this. Yes, God is faithful. Yes, let’s see the hand of God. Watch what happens. It changes us.

With the negativity what is called by E. Stanley Jones who wrote this, “retreatism.” Retreating, backing off.

In a church like this when things are going well we are very happy about it and thankful but we should be prepared for life when things go bad. How do I process my life when it’s bad? I go to the church with a yes mentality in the Holy Spirit. There are problems – they’re aren’t as I know it, but there are. This is the nature of the ministry. This is an international ministry. We get phone calls from around the world and people are asking and needy and need to receive. We are very happy to be part of the solution in some cases. The demands are superhuman. Not, however, if we have the H.S. who is saying I am doing this. I am with you. I am faithful. I am in your prayer. I anoint you with fresh oil. I renew your mind. We get calls and emails and do all kinds of things that are not possible in a way. To meet everyone’s need can’t happen. That has to be God. To help people looking for help it may not happen. It may not be that someone in the Body is able to help you. This is where our training and teaching is so important. The H.S. is very capable of meeting my deepest need and turn me from retreating.

Ps 55. I take the wings of the morning and fly away to be alone. This is a bad “alone.” It’s good to be alone like Jesus was but alone to retreat. I’m out of here. You cause problems for me. I retreat to the couch, bad habits. I‘ve been thinking of sexual addiction in our country, with young and old, all of us. Believing God will keep me and lead me. I would enjoy holiness and what that means. Not being a perfect man but instead of saying no and retreat into a sexual habit I’m saying yes, yes. I’m Spirit filled. Yes, I’m able to say no to sin and yes to God. I’m able to be built up for the spirit of a man will sustain him in his infirmity. You’re happiness is not going to happen to you through what happens to you. It comes to you from the H.S. I’m going to decide how I think. God is faithful to me. See the creativity part. Woe! What could God do? Woe!

I read a report about this pornography addiction many years ago. One of the first things that happens is man loses his creativity. He lives in a bad habit, and guilt and negativity.

If a man is living in the Spirit and learning not to retreat and go forward, kind of like this godly aggression, like (he’s making a noise!). I don’t know how to say it! I can only groan it. This is fun. Maybe it happened to Peter when he said Jesus call me to walk on the water. Where did that idea come from? It’s from the Holy Spirit say, come and he walked on the water. When the disciples didn’t know where they were going and Jesus telling them they didn’t have much a capacity but after the Last Supper and the crucifixion and resurrection he was with them and he commissioned them. When the H.S. fell on them, it was forward moving. Forward. We are able.

You would be saying to yourself I would be happy if only this would happen to me. It has failed. It’s not the way. Now you are saying I will make others happy. I will begin now. I didn’t get the happiness. I’m taking this life.

When Beethoven, this amazing composer went deaf, a musician of high quality and went deaf, he said now I will take life by the throat. He wrote some of his best music when deaf because he could hear it in himself. I’m taking life by the throat, meaning you can’t destroy my life. I have the Spirit. I have God and he’s my future, my life. The man had been lying by the pool 38 years – would you be healed. No, leave me alone. I’ve been living here 38 years and this is where I’m camping out. No, we have to stay fresh and say in our hearts I can do this. I can believe it.

Our Bible college is amazing. Our church is also. Like other churches wherever this is happening where we learn to process in this amazing positive way of thinking.

Surrender your negativism and retreatism into the hands of God. You’re not the center anymore. Give it up. Be Spirit filled. Take what God has for you. Make others happy. Maybe you are the miserable guy that can make others happy. I have another mission. It’s not me. God will take care of me. Why don’t I follow God? Say yes to God and all the things he has promised. Say to yourself this does not depend on my ability but my response to God’s ability. I can respond to God’s ability. God can make me the most positive edifying Spirit-filled deep believer. God can show me things I never understood before. Refuse to think negative thoughts.

On the radio we had P. Chris call from Laconia, New Hampshire who does drug rehab called Dry Dock. He told us about the mentality of a drug addict. He said I deal with them and they are negative, retreat and are so beat up and so guilty. All they want is 20 minutes of peace. Get the drug, take it, and after that’s done all they can think about is when they can get 20 minutes of peace. That’s not the way to live. We know that.

Refuse to speak negative words. Cleanse them from your vocabulary. A certain management engineer takes hold of sick businesses and puts them on their feet and gets ahold of sick personalities and puts them on their feet. He says he cannot get a man started unless he says yes twenty times. He has been saying no for so long that he has become no. You are born of the thing you habitually give yourself to. Now you will be born of the yes.

Go over your vocabulary one by one and root out all negative weak doubtful words and put in words that breathe positive attitudes of faith or we would say breathe truth in the spirit. That’s why we are so avid about this book getting in my spirit. How God changes my life and we learn how to speak about it, think about it, meditate on it, learn it, memorize it.

I asked P. Love how many Bible verses do you know and this is your test and your job depends on it. He said three! No, he said hundreds, maybe thousands. This is a joy. To learn how to live like that and think like that. You can feel it happen in your heart. In that freedom comes that merry heart does good like medicine.

Some have healthy problems because doctors say 85% of health problems are psychologically related. A doctor in Finland works in a clinic and said pastors are so important. People come to see me ask me questions that are pastoral. They say I am depressed or guilty or my son is sick and I’m depressed. Do you have any medication for me? They go to medicine when they need pastoral care. You can change your life by how you think. It’s not positive thinking. It’s Bible thinking. I would say that young people that go to Bible school or Sunday school or young kids go to GGCA or kids that grow up we say a Bible verse and they may never forget it. They hear a message and see a testimony.

I believe – keep repeating to yourself I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Say it the last thing before you drop off to sleep and the first thing when you open your eyes in the morning. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Lastly, I was listening to a message by P. Stevens the other day. It was a Bible college class. He said how many get up in the morning and one of the first things you do is go before God and say God fill me with your H.S. today. There was about a hundred in the class. He said don’t lie to me. How many do that? He counted 15 hands. I think it is like that. He said Jack Hyles said it to his church. You cannot just be natural. You cannot just get up and live your life. You have to say and do this.

This is what I am saying tonight in regards to how we think. I’m not saying anything about people’s weight, weight problem or diet. I don’t care about those things. My lifestyle when I get discouraged, my body and doctors tell you it affects blood pressure and diabetes. Then as I get these problems maybe I get discouraged or depressed. Think of someone unemployed, not healthy, and depressed at home. They are in a whole cycle and can’t get out of it. It may go to relational problems and get angry with family members and don’t want to talk on the phone anymore. They retreat from life. That’s how it goes. They cannot be out of the box creative, rejoicing, and free, loving, sensitive, caring, serving. They don’t have the spirit that will sustain our infirmity.

It’s the opposite that happens by God’s grace. We are not people without troubles. We are people that are saying I want to take life by the throat. I’m going to say yes to God. He will be glorified. God did it. How come you are so positive? God. It’s the H.S. and the H.S. is the one. The fruit of the H.S. is love and joy and peace. It’s faith and an attitude. When you are in this victory you are not a judge of other people. We are recognizing a way of life that God gave to us through J.C. If he that did not spare his own Son, how shall he not freely give me – not later when we go to heaven – but now in this life. Give me this quality, this spirit, this attitude. Why don’t you do drugs? I just explained to you why. Not close in my mind or heart.

We are not perfect people yet we are Spirit filled and learning and finding how to live.



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